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I dreamed once of having a Native American-looking friend that could teach me the ways of Dancing with Wolves while I teach him the 4 Gs of 'Murica: Gold (money), Guns, Girls, and Ganja. Never worked out in the end.

The murder rate of Indigenous women is three times higher than non-Native women. It is the third leading cause of death for Indigenous women; over 84 percent of them have experienced violence. As you probably know, the Savanna act was named after Savanna Lafontaine-Greywind, who was murdered in 2017 at 22 years of age. She is one example of too many Indigenous women and girls finding the same fate.
I dreamed once of having a Native Americanlooking friend that could teach me the

A girl can judge a guy on his wealth but a man cannot judge a woman on her beauty. A girl can leave a guy because it's worth her mental peace but a guy cannot otherwise he's a mysogonist and liar and womanizer. A girl can question a guy anything about her ex but when a guy does he's unattractive.

Ofcourse lots of men judge women on their beauty, what are you even talking about? If a guy gets criticized for judging a girl's looks, then women also get called a gold digger all the time.

a drop of blood | teaser eins

Da ich es endlich geschafft habe, das neue Kapitel von obsideo zu posten, möchte ich euch sogleich mit einem teaser zu meiner geplanten Tribute von Panem - MMFF nerven 😉 der ein oder andere weiß bereits, dass ich in dieser Hinsicht wilde Pläne schmiede... deswegen nun das erste Moodboard und außerdem eine kleine Kurzbeschreibung 🎆 hope you like it ❤
Die See ist tief, die See ist alt, und wenn sich der erste Blutstropfen mit ihr vereint, dann wird sie hungrig. - Wir schreiben die 98. Hungerspiele. Der Präsident heiratet seine große Liebe, die diesjährigen Tribute dürfen natürlich dabei sein und überhaupt: Diese Spiele sollen eine Feier der Freude, ja der Versöhnung werden und ein neues Band zwischen Kapitol und Distrikten knüpfen. Doch nur weil etwas glänzt, muss es nicht unbedingt aus Gold sein. Die Braut wird zu ihrem Glück gezwungen, eine Spur aus Leichen zieht sich bis ins Kapitol und eine rätselhafte Krankheit breitet sich aus. Denn etwas ist erwacht. Es regt sich. Es wird dich holen.

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a drop of blood  teaser eins

Lmao “you stay the heck away from my pearly whites” 🤣🤣 this shit is GOLDEN. Ahh, I’m going to bed now but Miles you made my evening so much better. I’m basically gonna call you my Master.

jjfujimori5’s Profile Photoᴊᴊ ꜰᴜᴊɪᴍᴏʀɪ
This would make for a funny Comedy Central series 😂🤦🏻‍♂️. This is simply comedic gold. I love moments like these.

What is your strange obsession(s)? 🧐🤪

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
The possibility of time travel. Here’s my plan: arrive in the late 1800’s because I want to see the Chicago World’s Fair. I would cash in everything I own now for gold and bring it with me to buy property, invest, and use for currency. From Chicago, I want to go to visit two particular ancestors. One on my maternal side, they lived in Connecticut and owned a bakery. From there, to Ohio to meet my paternal ancestors who almost all died young of tuberculosis. I would smuggle back vials of vaccines to prevent this. Darn the consequences. Can’t decide if I would try to prove I was their great great great great granddaughter from the future or just jab them in their sleep with the vaccines. My mind works in strange ways. Lol

Did you watched the Final match last night? Was it good?

alpharean’s Profile PhotoChatter Box
Sunday the King played and completed football. God’s favourite, an angel, adorned in a black and gold cloak kissed the ultimate gold, the worldcup trophy. It was written in the stars, as the great man said himself. Football destiny, and football justice. It was the fairytale ending to the greatest footballing story and one Leo Messi truly deserved. GOAT. 🐐
However, every story needs a villain. It is only fair, then, that the greatest football story should have an equally great villain. CR7! Always portrayed as the devil, the angel’s nemesis. God’s second favourite. Lucifer. To have played at the same time as the GOAT, and accomplish what he has for a decade and a half, while being subject to the constant hate, the little boy from Madeira deserved a fairytale ending just as much as the little boy from Rosario. However, for the greatest story to have a fairytale ending, the villain must be defeated, must fall, must die trying. And for that crucification, Ronaldo will always be a GOAT!

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Did you watched the Final match last night Was it good


Ja odkąd powiedziałem miłości Goodbye My Love Goodbye @Kibic_Legii_Warszawa mam święty spokój, nie słucham już zrzędzenia i ciągłego narzekania dziewczyn, jestem jak Denis Russos, na tej stacji kolejowej, wolny jak ptak, nic i nikt mnie nie ogranicza! Żegnaj miłości, żegnajcie laski, żegnajcie Gold Digerki i Feministki, Goodbye! https://youtu.be/f4LKlOyC-Tolunatic__living’s Video 171601863125 f4LKlOyC-Tolunatic__living’s Video 171601863125 f4LKlOyC-To


Tu widać silną rękę Panny Roksany! To czym je mamy zdobywać jak większość chce kupę siana, mercedesy, wille z basenem, i wakacje w Dubaju 4x w roku! Gdy byłem biedny, w sumie niektóre laski mi pomagały @Kibic_Legii_Warszawa tak jak jedna Marysia z Zakopanego, więc po części się zgodzę z Karoliną. Wysyłała mi po 2 tys haha, ale jednak większość to Gold Diggerki!

Do you have a favorite Christmas tree ornament? 🎄🎅What does it look like? Pap? 🤪 (Please feel free to ignore if you do not celebrate Christmas)

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
I always loved the 1960s baubles we had on our old plastic tree (like the ones pictured, plus others).
I think ours has bland gold coloured orbs on nowadays in some attempt to coordinate with the tinsel, but in the ‘60s and ‘70s the tree was wilder and more fun imho.
Do you have a favorite Christmas tree ornament What does it look like Pap

Are you having enough time in life these days to watch sports like FIFA worldcup 2022? ⚽🏟️🥅

Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
Heart breaking match ever💔💔💔. They all deserve to play the final. They dared to dream. They fought till the final whistle. What they have achieved extends to far beyond the football pitch. Their names will be written in gold. Morocco has taught people how to dream BIG!
Even in defeat they prostated to Allah.Be grateful even if you lose. This is something we call, sabr mai shukar ada karna!
May Allah bless them.
Are you having enough time in life these days to watch sports like FIFA worldcup

Went through a terrible breakup with a guy that drove an Alto and didn't have anything except a mediocre job and got called a pathological liar, narcissist and gold digger by him. My entire family warned me against him. They didn't accept his proposal maybe they just saw him for who he was :)

i feel sorry for you but it was needless and disrespectful of you to add that he "drove an alto and had a mediocre job." he might be an ass but there's no need to bring up his financial situation. :)

Went through a terrible breakup with a guy that drove an Alto and didn't have anything except a mediocre job and got called a pathological liar, narcissist and gold digger by him. My entire family warned me against him. They didn't accept his proposal maybe they just saw him for who he was :)

yeh jo aapnay banday ki description di haina. 😂😂😂ouffo maza agaya sunke. also khud hoga GOLD DIGGER AUR LIAR. aap tou queen hou. 🥺

Went through a terrible breakup with a guy that drove an Alto and didn't have anything except a mediocre job and got called a pathological liar, narcissist and gold digger by him. My entire family warned me against him. They didn't accept his proposal maybe they just saw him for who he was :)

not much concerned about what he said to you,
but your words are spinning around my head
an ordinary guy that drove an alto and had a mediocre job...
had a fight with an ordinary girl who's a liar, narcissist gold digger
love is respect, respect is love.
if over a fight, or after a fight this is what you have for each other..

Went through a terrible breakup with a guy that drove an Alto and didn't have anything except a mediocre job and got called a pathological liar, narcissist and gold digger by him. My entire family warned me against him. They didn't accept his proposal maybe they just saw him for who he was :)

Well be thankful then because you got saved & being a toxic person has nothing to do with what they may drive or have as material possessions.

Was ist deine Lieblingsfarbe bei... 1. Kleidung 2. Auto 3. Wand 4. Licht 5. Geräte 6. Möbel 7. Tattoos 8. Schmuck 9. Deko 10. Küche 11. Schuhe 12. Blumen ...?? ♡

Nadii_ne’s Profile Photoɴᴀᴅɪɴᴇ ♡
1. Schwarz/beige momentan
2. Mint
3. Mint oder beige
4. Warmes weiß oder dunkles lila
5. Sowas wie Handy? Weiß, Schwarz oder Pastellfarben
6. Kommt drauf an was für Möbel. Ich mag alles solange es nicht zu bunt ist und dieses orangene/gelbe Holz ist nicht so meins
7. Schwarz
8. Gold
9. Beige/Pastell/Schwarz/Weiß zur Weihnachtszeit auch gerne rot und Glitzer
10. hier auch wieder schlicht aber ich mag hell und dunkel
11. schwarze Stiefel, weiße Sneaker
12. Flieder, Orange, Pink, dunkles rot

Was ist deine Lieblingsfarbe bei... 1. Kleidung 2. Auto 3. Wand 4. Licht 5. Geräte 6. Möbel 7. Tattoos 8. Schmuck 9. Deko 10. Küche 11. Schuhe 12. Blumen ...?? ♡

Nadii_ne’s Profile Photoɴᴀᴅɪɴᴇ ♡
1. Kleidung: Da mag ich eigentlich alle Farben, kommt immer darauf an, um welcher Kleidungsstück es sich handelt und wie es genau aussieht.
2. Auto: Da bevorzuge ich silber, grau, schwarz, weiß und rot.
3. Wand: Hier finde ich weiß am besten.
4. Licht: Normales weißes Licht kann schön sein, buntes hat aber auch etwas.
5. Geräte: Hier bevorzuge ich eher schlichte Farben wie z.B schwarz und grau.
6. Möbel: Ich finde weiße Möbel optisch gesehen am besten.
7. Tattoos: Definitiv schwarz, bunte Tattoos treffen überhaupt nicht meinen Geschmack.
8. Schmuck: Silber und Roségold. Obwohl Gold auch gut aussehen kann.
9. Deko: Hier mag ich alle Farben, muss nur zu der jeweiligen Deko passen.
10. Küche: Ich finde weiße und graue Küchen am besten.
11. Schuhe: Kommt immer auf den Schuh an, knallige Farben mag ich nicht aber ansonsten kann jede
Farbe gut aussehen, kommt auch immer auf die Art des Schuhes an.
12. Blumen: Ich mag rote Blumen am liebsten.

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Something on your mind?

AwaisSahil’s Profile PhotoAwais"
Log gold medals lety aur University ky 4 years mein 4 naam haasil kiyai hain main ny. Mery professor ny first semester mein mera name CLOWN rakh dia tha last semester mein mujhy WOBBLY kehny lag gaye thy, Ma'am mujhy ZOMBIE kehti thi, senior mujhy CHARSI kehti thi. Fine arts ky department ki senior mujhy drugs bech rahi thi main ny usko nah kerdia toh kehti tum mujh sy lena nahi chahti kisi achay bandey sy leti hogi drugs tum. 😂

What would you say is the nicest thing you've ever worn? Do you enjoy dressing up fancy like that? 🤵‍♂️👩‍💼

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoIt's my birthday!
The nicest thing I’ve ever worn was probably my Deb dress
However my favourite outfit at the moment, something I look awfully pretty in, is
Black slacks, a black turtle neck, a elegant belt with a gold clasp, my coat and my knee high stiletto boots. My fav jewellery, a tiny bit of make up
I love to dress up, I love looking elegant and sophisticated because I feel like I look quite young most of the time.
So it’s nice to look my age once in a while
However most of the time I have no where to go or anyone to take me

What type of jewellery do you like?

If it's a necklace then dainty, I don't know why but I don't like wearing anything tight on my throat. I like dainty rings too but also love a good grungy/goth design from time to time. I only wear black and silver, I'm too cool toned for gold and it's never visually appealed to me much.

Do you know anyone or have known someone who wasn't a bad person deep down they just ran with the wrong crowd

So many. I used to coach/tutor the "bad" kids at the local high school - the ones who were sometimes there, sometimes suspended, that kinda thing.
But for the most part, they had hearts of gold.

Do you think giving/receiving gifts are important 🤨

Wrankaary’s Profile PhotoWrankary
In islam the gift giving culture is very much appreciated. It is a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and he recommended Muslims also do this. Aisha (ra) said: "The Messenger of Allah (saw) used to accept gifts and reward people for giving them." Gift giving should be an act of love and care rather than a formality. And while we are at the topic if you give something to someone while you're in a relationship it's a gift. You did it out of love ( if he/she didn't asked for it) , if you breakup with them later on it won't make them a gold digger. Calm down hamza,raheem,basheer! You didn't have the gold for her to dig it. 🥂🌚
Wow, phlay part mein islam ka reference dia aur dosre mein haram baat krdi XD. Pakistani awam ka kuch ni ho skta.

*Poor Majima xD**Umeko stops for a moment and stares up at Goro, a smile starting to appear on her face, him and @forgottenfifth had stopped her from crying* R-really? Thank you for letting me help! *she then hugs both of them* I'll do my best! I won't let anyone down this time!

ShrinePriestess’s Profile Photo静香梅子
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀🐍【⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ⠀】⠀⠀╱╱

⠀⠀He nodded as best he could to ensure the answer, feeling somewhat regretful inside. This definitely wasn't his thing, but it happened...he gave in because of that deadly weapon of women: tears. Those damn tears that convinced anyone, even someone like him. Even a demon.
His heart of gold was still as fragile as it used to be. He could have given a radical change to his own life, but that compassionate and supportive one-eyed man never disappeared.
Majima turned a little pink in the cheeks surprised by the hug. He hasn't received this kind of physical contact in a long time. He totally succumbed to it. Umeko's smile was worth it.
This was embarrassing… what was he doing?
⠀⠀❝Y-ya ya...It's nothin'...❞ He brought a clenched hand close to his mouth to pretend to cough, a sign that he needed to break free of affection now. That was enough for today.

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Do you ever feel the random urge for a change? Lately I've been thinking about retro renovating my kitchen, I want a vintage, mid century kitchen with a multitude of colors like desert beige, starlight blue, pastel pink, avocado, harvest gold. The modern, grey minimalist style feels cold&soulless.

Yes! I'm like that a lot!
Though I don't tend to act on it much cuz money lol
But that sounds like an awesome kitchen idea :3
Do you ever feel the random urge for a change Lately Ive been thinking about

Do you ever regret buying something? When was the last time that happened? 💸😒

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoIt's my birthday!
Last week, I bought a pair of gold earrings with my mom's influence. Later I didn't like the jewellery as I don't like golds and send it back to the shop. And now I feel relax. I think I shouldn't buy anything next time which I don't like. Always listen to my heart what it wants and it's helpful for me.

Почему люди, так мало говорят о своих чувствах напрямую? Это ведь бы много решило

idrommattixd’s Profile PhotoMiniZlo
Dies würde noch mehr Probleme verursachen, bis hin zur Zerstörung der Zivilisation an sich. Schweigen ist Gold.

Как ты , давно не виделись ?

-Беспричинная тревожность захватила,поэтому не то чтобы очень. Впрочем,всегда может быть хуже.🌚 Почему бы не пообщаться лично,раз так?
•Как планируешь провести сегодняшний вечер? 🙂
-Ничего нового чтению,фильму/сериалу,Аску или 🎮 я не обозначу.
•До какой поры можно прощать человека? Давать шанс снова и снова..
-Пока сами не захотите перестать. Решаете вы и ваши мысли: можете опустить что угодно,даже самое тяжкое,или же уйти ввиду мелочного конфликта.
•Вам нравится имя "Сабина"? Назвали бы дочь таким именем?
-Нейтрально. Для дочери выбрал бы другое имя.
•Три вещи которые всегда с тобой
-Как правило,телефон,часы,вейп. Но может быть иначе. Не значит,что я не могу оставить эти вещи и пройтись без них.
•Что может убедить тебя снова начать общаться с человеком из прошлого?
-На то моё желание должно быть,иначе может ничего не помочь. Навязчивость 100% оттолкнёт. И по ситуации: некоторым людям из прошлого и не пришлось бы меня убеждать. Сильный поступок можно обозначить как,думаю,гарантированный вариант. Какая-то неоценимая помощь или чуть ли не спасение жизни,приводя как самый мощный пример.
•Финал какой книги оказался для вас наиболее предсказуемым?
-“Некромант” Говарда,как пример. Знал,что в данной книге Кабал,представленный злодеем (хотя такой уж он злодей,если может испытывать любовь и верность ей,бороться с иным злом?),добьётся своего,собрав нужное количество душ. Однако на интересность чтения это не повлияло.
•Пробовали шоколадку с начинкой арахисовой пасты ?
-Пробовал. «Alpen Gold».
•как спалось?
-Сегодня вполне хорошо: без ненормальных и напрягающих снов-кошмаров.
•Будешь праздновать Хэллоуин? Как относишься к этому празднику? 🎃 👻
-Праздник один из самых любимых. Будет иметь место чувство атмосферности и,возможно,просмотр фильма на данную тематику. Других празднований не предполагается. Не российская это традиция,а затраты на украшение съёмного жилища не оправдывают себя.
•Самая дорогая квартира, которые Вы снимали? Стоимость)
-13000 + счётчики. Далеко не самая дорогая. В Москве можно снять квартиру за 0,5 🍋 Кажется,в таком случае лучше купить 🏠.
•Часто ходишь за продуктами?Где чаще всего покупаешь ?
-Примерно через день захожу. То одно закончится,то другое нужно докупить. Чаще беру что-нибудь вкусное.🌚
•Как тебе машина KIA RIA ?
-Достойный автомобиль. Можно рассматривать для покупки.
•Тебе бы хотелось, чтобы к тебе однозначно относился хотя бы один человек? Безо всяких выпендрежей и перемены настроения через каждые пол часа?
-Смотря в каком плане однозначность: перемена настроения кажется лучше лютой ненависти и постоянных агрессивных конфликтов. Первого человека будет проще вычеркнуть из жизни. Если в положительном плане однозначность,то конечно,дорогого стоит иметь настоящих друзей или истинные взаимные чувства.
•Что ты думаешь о профессии баристы?
-Сейчас эта профессия больше ассоциируется как временная подработка для молодого поколения.

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Как ты  давно не виделись

「ПД」 ⇒ Твоя задача - оценить песни по 5-ти балльной шкале. ⇒ Джарахов — Радоваться мелочам ⇒ kostromin — Люди ⇒ SQWOZ BAB — Татарский богатырь ⇒ Тайпан, IL'GiZ — Дикая пантера ⇒ Tolan Shaw — Gold ⇒HARU — Отгоните рассвет ⇒Артур Бабич — Маяк ⇒ Джарахов — Copacabana.

YaKilka’s Profile Photoᴳʰᵒˢᵗ ᴮᵘˢᵗᵉʳˢ ⸢ВД⸥
Наконец-то я добралась до этого вопроса. Извиняюсь за ожидание.
⇒ Джарахов — Радоваться мелочам — 4. Уютная песня, но я подобное слушаю редко и в моём плейлисте она бы не задержалась.
⇒ kostromin — Люди — Нашла только песню "Люли" этого исполнителя. Возможно опечатка? 1. Вообще не моё, я даже не дослушала до конца.
⇒ SQWOZ BAB — Татарский богатырь — 2. Вроде задумка какая-то есть, но текст для меня вообще бессмысленный, а я такое не люблю.
⇒ Тайпан, IL'GiZ — Дикая пантера — 4. Кажется чем-то танцевальным и популярным. Возможно, что я где-то просто её слышала. Неплохо, но, опять же, не моё.
⇒ Tolan Shaw — Gold — 4. Довольно спокойная песня, как мне показалось. Вроде даже смысл у текста имеется.
⇒HARU — Отгоните рассвет — 4. В моём плейлисте есть пару треков исполнителя, но эта песня не запала в мою душу.
⇒Артур Бабич — Маяк — 3. На мой взгляд, человеку нужно учиться вокалу хотя бы немного, потому что этой работы здесь не вижу. Это скорее волна, когда блогеры и тик токеры все уходили в музыку. Текст вроде и с задумкой, но какой-то глуповатый. Ориентировано на подростков, наверное.
⇒Джарахов — Copacabana — 3. Тоже кажется чем-то клубным, танцевальным. Не моё.

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ПД  Твоя задача  оценить песни по 5ти балльной шкале  Джарахов  Радоваться

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