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Greatest strength is not responding to those who consistently will to provoke you to bad things

Have you heard the expression: "birds of a feather flock together?"
Here are several examples to consider:
- Alcoholics hang out with alcoholics
- Drug addicts befriend other drug addicts
- Criminals enjoy each others company
- Marxists work together to advance their Marxist ideology
- Athletes associate with other athletes
- Teachers hang with other teachers
- Musicians play and work with other musicians
What's the point?
Humans pursue their own self-interests, and as a result tend to gather with and associate with other people with similar interests which might be positive or negative depending upon their goals and whether or not they intentionally hurt and destroy other people in the process of attaining their goals.
This is why it is imperative that people learn how to establish effective personal boundaries. For example, if I want to become a professional golfer, I cannot also hang out with drug addicts and alcoholics. To do so would result in me becoming a substance abuser which would ruin my ability to play golf and destroy my dream of becoming a professional golfer. And this reasoning applies to every goal and objective that you are attempting to achieve.
Young people are particularly vulnerable to "peer pressure" which is why my wife and I monitor our daughters activities, her friendships, her online activity and we keep her busy with art lessons, golf lessons, music lessons and performing in golf tournaments and playing violin with the youth symphony and in recitals.
1. Personal Boundaries - Learn to establish personal boundaries to minimize the negative people and self destructive behaviors
2. Hobbies - become passionate about your hobbies and put forth your best effort into mastering those physical and mental skills required to become proficient.
3. Demand excellence from yourself and from those whom you consider to be your friends.
4. Do not associate with criminals and other people who seek to destroy rather than build or who hate rather than love or act cruelly instead of with kindness.
Remember, it is your life and you get to control who is allowed to become part of your life. Choose well!

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Greatest strength is not responding to those who consistently will to provoke

How has life been lately? ☺️

bombdiggityboo’s Profile Photo•Boo•
Hi Steph. How are you?
Things are going well for me although I still battle to keep my sanity in an insane world. Music, poetry and golf help me stay focused. Our son Shawn and his family visited with us for 3 days during the Thanksgiving holidays and we got to play 18 holes of golf.
How was your Thanksgiving holiday? Did your mother and Kevin enjoy themselves? How much cooking did you have to do? Did Steph have fun?

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Happy belated thanksgiving!🥳 What are you most grateful for?

shaireen’s Profile PhotoShaireen
Hello Shaireen.
I am grateful for my existence.
I am grateful for my family and my friends.
I am also grateful for our good health and our good fortune.
Mostly, I am grateful that God blessed us with Faith, our adopted daughter. Faith is our pride and joy and our greatest blessing. She is the reason that I wake up each day with a renewed sense of purpose.
To anyone who is reading this post and wants to have children, please consider adoption. There are literally millions of children who need help and could benefit from stable and loving home. When we first adopted Faith, I made a promise to all those involved i.e. foster parents, social worker, lawyer, doctor and to my God, that I would care for Faith, protect her and provide her with an excellent education, including college and private lessons in art, violin/piano, karate and golf. In fact, by age 12 Faith had already earned her black belt in karate and now at age 15, Faith is an honor roll student who is playing violin in the local youth symphony.
As you can see, not only is Faith benefitting from her environment, but my wife and I have never been more happy together. Trust me when I tell you that there is no greater joy than than the joy felt when helping another human who is in need of unconditional love. And that is my greatest blessing and it is also what I am most grateful for.
Dear Shaireen,
What blessings are you grateful for?

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What are you naturally good at?

Music. I can pick up almost any instrument without really trying. I have guitar, bass, piano, drums, trombone, trumpet, tuna, euphonium, and various others.
All things sport. I'm just one of them people that can pick up any sport and be good at it in a short amount of time e.g. anything from tennis, golf, football (soccer for you heathens), to karting, snooker + pool
Bass guitar. I can play most bass lines by ear.. I dont really need to pactice, it just feels like I am "talking" or painting with sounds. Hard to describe.. I really love playing though and it is quite cathartic.
Imitating people's voices, doing cartoon voices, funny foreign accents. For years I thought everybody could do that, and just weren't as afraid of embarrassing themselves as I was.
Annoying people by succeeding at school without putting the effort in. I noticed during university as they would act a bit spiteful when grades were brought up. Now they joke about how far I would go if I applied myself. To bad I'm lazy as Fuck.
Learning to play video games. Somewhat useless as far as life skills go, especially because my ceiling for skill that much above average. But I love it when a new game comes out so I can play online and figure out all the best tactics before anyone else.
I remember when Monday Night Combat came out, I loved that game, but my friends and I were pretty much unbeatable. I ended up getting #1 on the leaderboards for a little while, it’s an amazing feeling that is just impossible to get with older games.
Adapting to any environment, from playing games, sports, social event, academics, work environment, etc. Can fit into any situation and survive. A chameleon if you will. Not trying to boast, it's just a life skill that I try to harness and develop.
For example: a while back I was visiting my hometown and was calling up a good friend that I had not seen in a while. I could immedielty tell that something was bothering him just by the way he said "Hello" when answering the phone. I asked him is he was okay and he told me something to the effect of, "Not my wife, not my brother, sister or my kids could tell that I've been depressed these past few days but within seconds you called me out on it man." and we had a chat about what was getting to him. I can also tell when people are done talking to me, so needless to say I can tell pretty good when it time for me to shut up and let them go.
I've had friends ask me for recommendations in cities I haven't been to in five or ten years. If I can't remember the location of the place I'm recommending off the top of my head, I can go to google maps, find a spot I know I visited, and retrace my steps back to any point in my trip. Even for cities I've only been to for a day, 10 years ago.

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could you be friends with someone with very opposite political views?

Yes. My best friend, of 50 years, recently passed away from cancer. We had polar opposite views on politics, religion and life in general. I am a Christian and he was an atheist. I supported Trump and he supported Bernie Sanders and Biden. He believed that America was a terrible country and I disagreed because I am a patriot who loves America.
How did we manage to get along? We focused on those things that we both had in common: Music, Golf, Baseball, conversation, beer and we enjoyed one another's company while agreeing to disagree.

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Jakie masz plany na dzisiejszy wieczór? ☺️ Zapraszam na nowe odpowiedzi 🎈

Bednarkowelove98’s Profile Photo♡Sońka
Granie na konsoli ❤️ Ogólnie mogę się pochwalić, że dzień spędziłam miło, bo od razu po szkole udałyśmy się z psiapsi najpierw do pepco, bo słyszałam, że jest tam czerwony golf, a później stwierdziłyśmy, że pójdziemy jeszcze na lumpy i kupiłam w lumpie kolejny golf, ale tym razem czarny. Mam już jeden czarny golf co prawda, ale uważam, że nie zaszkodzi mieć drugi prawie identyczny, bo golfy lubię. No i oprócz tego kupiłam tam też fajną koszulkę, a potem poszłyśmy do maka i wróciłam niedawno, a teraz w planie mam odpalić battlefielda na PlayStation co idealnie przypieczętuje ten udany dzień 🤠

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Texto con las palabras: Hoyo, Salud, Derrota, Trofeo y Demonio

UriarteDaniel’s Profile PhotoDUP
El golfista canadiense John Carlson se disponía a golpear la bola por última vez. Si la metía en el HOYO se proclamaba campeón. Sería su primer triunfo importante. Observa la bola se concentra. Y, de repente, le sobrevuelan los DEMONIOS.
En 1997 se vio en la misma situación, a un golpe de la victoria, pero falló y el campeonato se lo llevó otro, el inglés Donald Beits. Esa DERROTA fue un mazazo para él. Tanto que algunos torneos después anunció que dejaba el golf profesional. Fue su hermano, en un delicado estado de SALUD quién le convenció de volver. Murió 4 meses después, al mismo tiempo en el que John jugó su primer torneo tras su regreso.
Con su hermano siempre presente - Empezó a llevar polos que él diseñaba antes de su muerte - los resultados fueron mucho mejores, aunque aún sin ganar. Eso podía cambiar ese caluroso día de Julio.
Se acercó a la bola, visualizó el golpe. Parecía fácil, pero había una ligera pendiente. Resopló, miró al cielo y golpeó. La bola surcaba el green, se aproximó a la pendiente, empezó a coger velocidad. John se mostraba expectante, su caddie, asentía con la cabeza. "Buen golpe" se dijo. La bola llegó al hoyo, lo bordeó y, como si fuera una broma del destino, tardó en caer. John era campeón. El público aplaudía.
Volvió a mirar al cielo.
- Te quiero hermano - Dijo mientras su rival se acercaba para felicitarle
- Buen trabajo - Le dijo con un buen apretón de manos que duró unos minutos.
El presidente, Horacio Rodríguez, le entregó el TROFEO, una réplica a escala del gran monumento turístico de la zona. Un trofeo que aún no sabía dónde iba a colocar según confesó en una entrevista posterior. Ahora lo que importaba era celebrar el triunfo que le quitaba un gran peso de encima.

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Where's Neo? He should be answering my Gwyneth Paltrow questions. Not playing disc golf. For sure...

thecasualfanrises’s Profile Photocf loves achilles
He spent much of the day in the park. Since he didn’t go there til mid morning, the wait time at Cades Cove was 2-3 hr just to drive the loop. He might try to go Wed morning. Park Ranger advised to be in line 7:30 a.m. That means I’ll have to leave the hotel 7 a.m. We’ll see how I feel Tues night. Here is a pic from the top of the Gap on the TN/NC border. Right behind me was the sign for the state line division
@Applepop Will you be able to be up that early?

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Wheres Neo He should be answering my Gwyneth Paltrow questions Not playing disc

Does it get harder to wake up in the morning as you get older?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
Sometimes yes and sometimes no depending upon many different variables. Here are a few examples:
1. Frequent urination caused by an enlarged prostrate is common in men 50+. This results in waking up 2-4 times each night to urinate.
2. Blood pressure medication is commonly prescribed after age 65 and can result in sound sleep and making it more difficult to awake
3. Restless leg syndrome can keep you awake all night as can an upset stomach or any other disease or ailment that causes pain.
Growing old is, to put it mildly, an interesting process that can be both disturbing and discouraging. Consider the example where your brain functions as it did when you were young but you can no longer bend over, or run, or jump or lift heavy objects. Or perhaps your central nervous system has a few pinched nerves or your hands shake so you can no longer hold a cup, golf, play piano or even brush your teeth without getting toothpaste all over your nose, eye brows and chin.
And the most discouraging aspect of all of these changes is that your brain is acutely aware of each and every change and it laments the fact that it is trapped inside of a deteriorating body that can no longer perform simple tasks or enjoy life as it once did.
Now if you are lucky, you have a loving family who love you, care about you, and watch over you. Unfortunately, for many, this is NOT the case. Instead, many older people are ignored, shunned and insulted because too many people in our society equate self worth and value with physical looks and youth. Those who ignore the elderly or demean and insult the elderly, need to understand that they too will one day be old and they will reap what they have sown.

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Does it get harder to wake up in the morning as you get older

If you had to design a hole for a Crazy Golf course, what would it look like or what features would it have?

jigsaw20216838’s Profile PhotoJigsaw
I want it to look like something from the movie, "Home Alone", with all it's booby traps! :P
I want it to have sort of a "domino effect" and knock off some things and look really cool in doing so! Make it feel like it's "deliberate" and an intentional wit, even if the course itself, was designed that way :P

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If you had to design a hole for a Crazy Golf course what would it look like or

That's great to hear! Did you have fun? And as for me, it's a quiet and lazy today..no big plans. Steph is here lol I thought the same thing but she logged back on. You disappeared off too yesterday as well..or was it the day before🤔

RayVen94’s Profile PhotoRay
I always have fun hitting golf balls. Have you ever tried to play golf? When i was young my friends always tried to get me to play golf but I thought it was too expensive so I opted for tennis, road races and hiking instead. When I moved to Florida in 2010 I stumbled upon a 9 hole golf course and driving range within a mile from my house, took several golf lessons and started playing every week.
What constitutes a quiet and lazy day for you Ray? Do you read books or listen to music or maybe go for a nature walk?
I am happy that Boo enabled her account. Maybe she is getting back at me for disabling my account the other day? :) When I saw the she had disabled her account I was sad/upset and then I thought that maybe my followers felt the same way when I disabled my account, which is why I decided to enable it again. As much as I sometimes want to leave to focus on my music, I also enjoy talking to my friends on askfm. Maybe I will never leave... who knows, right?
Ray, when I first saw your good morning message this morning I thought to myself: "Ray my buddy!" Simple things like that really excite me and make me feel that our time on planet earth is well spent and it is worth it. Without friendship and love, living would be too painful for me and I fear I would completely lose interest. That is why this Covid pandemic was so dreadful. Our government bureaucrats used Covid to divide and separate people for political reasons instead of uniting people, helping people and offering hope, they did the exact opposite. My prayer is that on judgement day, our corrupt leaders and their lapdogs will be held to account for their immoral and unethical behavior.
Have a great day Ray relaxing and enjoying your quiet time.

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if your daughter were in a situation don't know what to pursue in future.. what's your advice on her?

Great question.
I would ask her to close her eyes and imagine what she would like to do as a career. I would also remind her that choosing a career is a difficult task because if done properly, it involves perseverance, passion and creativity and talent.
As a parent, I have provided my daughter with many opportunities and experiences such as: (1) earning her black belt in karate, studying piano, violin, golf and art, so that she would develop sufficient skill in these areas to help her decide what her passion is. All parents can really do is provide the education and learning experiences so their child can make well informed decisions.

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Hola B. ¿Cómo estás hoy? ¿Tienes planes para el día? Acabo de regresar de jugar al golf, lo cual hago todos los sábados por la mañana. ¡Qué tengas un lindo día!

Muchas gracias. 😄
Hoy pinta mejor el día. Ahora estoy con un amigo y nos disponemos a desayunar. 🌯🍛
Wow, qué bien. 👀⛳ Yo solo he jugado minigolf. Supongo que allá es más común que aquí.
Tú también ten un buen día. 👋🏼😊

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Hola B Cómo estás hoy Tienes planes para el día Acabo de regresar de jugar al

Quel est votre sport favori ?

Soccer!! I used to play soccer SOOO much when I was younger. I have stopped for a really long time though, I almost never play it and it makes me kinda sad. I'm planning on doing something about that once winter ends though. I'm really good at goaltending but I'm sure I'm going to need a lot of practice to regain my skills. I've only recently started getting into watching soccer. I used to watch basketball and have watched hockey all my life though. Love those sports too.
I grew up in Alabama, which has no professional team. The university teams (especially Auburn University & University of Alabama) are the highest level, and I actually like watching them better. Going to a game live is really fun. The cheerleaders actually lead cheers with signs and the "mic man" (male cheerleader who uses a PA so the student section can hear and cheer along). Also, I like the halftime shows better (which they don't show on TV because of music copyrights issues) because I'm a former marching band geek.
Play: Basketball. It's basically the only thing I know how to play at a high enough level. (Too skinny to play football most of my life, hate soccer, too weak to actually play baseball, and chose track & field over playing volleyball.) Plus getting a neat little dopamine rush when scoring a lot or doing really impressive things like defensive stops or pinning someone's layup on the backboard, that's also nice.
It's a sport that's still in it's infancy. We're still figuring out how the hell it's all going to work in the long term. I like following along with a sport as it goes through it's "wild west" phase. It can be a complete shit show sometimes, but it's also a mad crucible where we're figuring what actually works in combat sports.
It's a draw between AFL and basketball. Both to play and watch on tv - I don't really like going to either of the games though. AFL has too much of the crowd screaming at the umpires about what call to make whenever there is a tackle and it's always miraculously the call that will give the home team possession of the ball. Basketball is kind of spoiled by the announcer constantly trying to hype up the crowd. I think tennis is my favourite sport to watch live.
I don't like playing sports or watching them, but if I have to, I'll watch hockey or basketball because they move quickly. Hockey in particular. Watching a full football, soccer, or baseball game is like torture to me. I mean, if we're talking less-conventional sports, I used to be good at archery and skeet shooting. And I'd rather watch some kind of auto racing than any ball-based sport. And there's nothing like taking a nap to a game of golf on a lazy sunday.

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What are some of your daily routines, if you have any? 🗓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I get up at 6AM and make a pot of coffee, feed the dog (princess) and shave. Next I work out for about 30 minutes stretching, pushups, sit ups weights. I drive my daughter to high school and return home to take princess for a long walk.
I get on askfm for about one hour to answer questions and to write or post a poem. After writing I do some yard work and practice my guitar before heading to work. Before I go to bed, I work on my music skills and then read poetry, political essays or anything that teaches, informs and educates. On the weekends I play golf with my daughter, and play guitar and bass guitar at several Christian Churches.

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What are some of your daily routines if you have any

it's children's day where I live! do you celebrate children's day in any way? when was the last time you cherished/uplifted a child (or group of children) who meant a lot to you? 🗓💝🖍🎉

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Great question and might I add, an important one too!
I have three children ages (42, 37 and 14). Two are now adults and we take vacations together, play golf and music together, etc. My 14 year old daughter lives with me and I spend most of my free time guiding her, teaching her and recreating with her. We play golf each week and we also play violin and guitar together several times each week and I answer all questions related to school, homework, religion, society and life in general.
We are working on a book of poetry and Faith is creating most of the illustrations for it. Faith and her mother are also creating an online store where Faith will sell her Artwork. We are involved in every aspect of Faith's life and it is our hope and prayer that as an adult, she will be successful, independent and able to make informed decisions.
For me, children represent our future. The collective future of humanity is dependent upon children and it is incumbent upon ALL adults to care for our children and to acknowledge and celebrate that every child is a blessing from God.

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its childrens day where I live do you celebrate childrens day in any way when

Are there any activities that make you lose track of time? 🕰

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
"Arbitrary Time" by Nico
When I play my guitar or when I play golf, I lose track of time. This concept of time is somewhat arbitrary, is it not? Here I practice and play music using a metronome and perform on stage with a drummer, who keeps time; and yet, while pursuing activities such as music, I lose track of conventional time as defined in minutes and seconds. How can that be? How can you lose track of time while simultaneously keeping track of time, so that the music sounds good and is performed correctly. Isn't this ambiguous?
It's as though time only exists as a human construct and has no real significance except that which we (humans) impose upon it. However, attempt to perform music without time and it quickly loses its rhythm and meter while the melody and harmony drift further away from each other until chaos and dissonance increase in direct proportion to the melody and harmony becoming disordered, rambling and incoherent.
Question: Is time arbitrary, and if so, why is time necessary?

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Are there any activities that make you lose track of time

What gets you excited about life?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I get excited about interacting with people who are part of my life and whom I love and care for, and I get excited acquiring new knowledge, playing music, playing golf and sharing my knowledge and experience with other people. Mostly though, I am just a regular guy who appreciates the little things in life and is incredibly grateful that God gave me the opportunity to exist and to experience life.

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What gets you excited about life

Yep, my dad and grandad were avid golfers and before dad passed that was the one thing he wanted most to do was to teach Kevin to golf. I love golf and I’m truly partying he will too!

bombdiggityboo’s Profile Photo•Boo•
If Kevin loves the guitar, he will also enjoy playing golf. The parallels between golf and music are amazing. Both require precise eye hand coordination. Both require focus and concentration. Both require repetitive motion and practice over and over and over again. And the joy and satisfaction you get from playing the guitar and hitting a golf ball are quite similar.
And last but not least, both are incredibly difficult to master.

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Good morning Stephi. Faith just had her golf lesson and we hit balls for an hour and now Shawn and I are going to play 18 holes of golf. Have a great day. Please give my best to Kevin.

How old was Faith when she started golf lessons? I’m anxious for Kevin to start them but I think he’s too young now. Have a great day! 🏌️‍♂️

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This question might be asked to all of the people I follow, but I’m actually curious about all of you sooooo… How are you doing? 😄 any upcoming events and plans? ☺️ I hope you have a great weekend!

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Hello Yentl. How are you today? I am feeling great and today will be playing golf most of the day with my daughter Faith and my son Shawn. It is a lot of fun and I cannot think of a better way to spend time with my family while attempting to hit a tiny golf ball 450 yards and get it into a small hole in 3 or 4 strokes. Crazy...right? :)

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Qué significa en tu usuario los números 397579? Aunque presiento que me dirás qué no sabías que no se podía cambiar el usuario ... 🤣

Wandi12’s Profile PhotoWan
Some random number assigned by askfm when I created the account. I don't really like how that number looks, but have no idea how to change it and so I've trained myself to simply ignore it.
You ask interesting questions. Keep it up.
I am getting ready to play golf and will be offline for most of the day. Nice chatting with you. ❤️

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Neked régen mi volt a családi autód, ha volt? Ha volt, milyen emlékeid vannak vele? Szerinted a mostani, vagy a régebbi autók jobbak? Esetleg van kedvenc autód?

DupleXDreemurr’s Profile PhotoVetnav
Végre egy autós kérdés :D
Kedvenc autóimat lent sorolom majd: De hozz egy italt és rágcsát mert hosszú lesz a lista :"D
A régebb autókat szeretem, ezek állnak hozzám közel (családi autók régi szép emlékei miatt is). Régi, vagy új autók a jobbak? Szerintem a régi autók. A mai autók többsége sajnos túl van bonyolítva. + a régi autókban volt még anyag.
Szóval a kedvenc autóim:
- Lada 2101, 2104, 2105, 2107, VFTS, 1600-os Niva stb..
- Skoda 120 GLS 1982, 105 GL, Garde, 120 LSE 1982
- Kispolszki
- Zaporozsec
- Moszkvics 2140, 412, 408
- Volga M24 és M22
- Wartburg 353, Púpos (312)
- Barkas B100 (bár az inkább kisbusz kategória)
- Fiat 125p (1968 -as széria)
- Audi Coupe B2, S1 és Sport Quattro, V8
- Renault Clio 1996-1997: Tango és Williams
- Lancia Delta
- Ford Escort RS Cosworth, Sierra RS Cosworth
- Fiat 131 Abarth Rally, Punto mk2 (két ajtós), Stilo (két ajtós)
- VW Golf: I, II, III, IV, V
- BMW E30 M3, E36, E39, 2002 / cápa
- Nissan 350Z, 240sx (+ Datsun 240z)
- Peugeot 206 WRC és CC
- Subaru Impreza WRX STi és WRC
- Toyota Supra
- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII
és ezt a listát lehetne kb. reggelig sorolni + nem szeretném az időtöket rabolni :D

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Need to ask you Why is it that the older we get, the fewer friends we have?

One obvious reason is that the older you get the greater number of friends and relatives pass away. The other issue is that it is not easy to make good friends such as friends whom you share common interests, hobbies, ideology, knowledge and activities like golf, music, theatre, reading and writing. There are other reasons too, but the few described here should suffice.

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Need to ask you Why is it that the older we get the fewer friends we have

How do you spend your free time when alone?

Well as a single introvert almost all of my free time is spent alone and I do almost everything alone. I even do dinner and a movie by myself if there's something I want to go see. Pretty much a normal outing for most people I still do, I just do it by myself.
Probably half. I'll become a hermit when I'm completely drained of energy, but when I'm recharged I'll visit friends or sit in public places and read should I still have free time. I used to have a big issue with social anxiety. I'd go a week without leaving the house other than to go to class or work, and I'm secretly terrified that I'll revert back to being that person should I let myself get too comfortable with being alone all the time.
Sometimes I feel lonely and bad about spending time alone, especially if I see people with a bunch of friends. But then I remember that my friends don't really care for a lot of things I love to do. So it's just easier to do things alone than to try and convince them to do this thing that I like. Most of it. Back in the colder months, I often took myself out to lunch and dinner at nice restaurants and was seeing new movies biweekly. I'm not opposed to going out with other people, but that requires me to work with other people's schedules and likings and sometimes I like to just be by myself.
Most of it. I have a bunch of flatmates but I'm around people all day and I'm a huge introvert so my free time is all-by-myself recharging time and I tend to get irritated when someone interrupts that even to ask for a pen. (I don't get outwardly mad at them obviously, I just don't like it.)
I'm working all the time and I'm usually tired so my main hobby is probably video games (should probably knock that off at my age but idgaf) and I recently took up golf, it's really fun! I try to go at least once a week if not more.
I read, watch TV, spend too much time on reddit, spend time with my boyfriend, am learning how to knit, play with my pets, take my dog to the dog park and training classes (once he's a little more adjusted I want to start taking him to the doggy social dates my school runs), cook/bake, go to the movies, go out for dinner/drinks/coffee with my friends, have ladies nights (dinner/drinks/movies/games at someone's house, usually) research career-related things while I determine what my next step should be, travel.
I love to read. I don't really have a preferred genre. It just depends on my mood at the time. I enjoy Sci Fi fantasy novels and autobiographical books quite the bit. I am currently reading the Song of Fire and Ice series. I really enjoyed Slash's autobiography. Anything by Sara Douglass or Neil Gaiman is wonderful. I bake, drink, play vidya games, go running, crochet, study, write. Sometimes my friends come over and we do the activities together and talk about what we've been doing in classes (we like to intellectually stimulate each other and are mostly in very different fields).

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Do you live or survive?

“Eternal Peace: A conversation with death” by Nico, Photograph by Nathan Dumlao.
Age for me does not matter, but I understand that for some, age is a decisive factor. Let me respond by saying this, if I reveal my age, your perception of me would change and that would destroy our developing friendship. And since I have no other reason to talk to you and share ideas and life experiences without asking for anything or getting involved in an intimate relationship, I would prefer that my age remain unknown. I promise that I will only write to you because I consider you honest, sincere, compassionate and with a gigantic heart full of love. Believe me, if I told you my age, you would stop talking to me.
Now for the most interesting question: Do you live or survive? Great question! I do both. When I am happy and handle my emotions and depression properly, I enjoy life creating songs, poems, performing, playing golf, going to concerts, strolling along the beach, taking long walks in the forest, climbing mountains and debating. In fact, I am a true charlatan when I live and live well.
Unfortunately, with me, there are two sides of the coin and the other side is that I can also be quite melancholic, abrupt, somber, distracted, obtuse, unavailable, sad, introverted, downcast, rejected, thoughtful, pensive, annoyed, angry and depressed; for no apparent reason. Nothing. Nada! Zilch!! For me, depression does not make any sense and, nevertheless, I keep fighting against it, trying to hide it from my family, my friends, and the world.
My desire is to live life to the fullest, while actively participating in as many new and stimulating life experiences as possible; but, the reality is that every minute, hour, day and year has been an uphill battle. Sometimes I feel that I will only find peace once I am buried 6 feet in the ground surrounded by a wooden coffin, a concrete tomb, several tons of earth, and a stone that reads: "Here lies a man, who once walked where you now stand. Who has finally achieved his lifelong dream of finding eternal peace, free from: pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, sloth, suffering, disease, poverty, slander, hate and war.

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Do you live or survive

when was the last time you handcrafted something? ✂️🎨🏺

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To be honest, I do not remember. I try to write a poem once each week, but have not written a song in many years. A few years ago I did some oil paintings and before that I build a brick patio and a deck made out of wood. When it comes to using my hands, I mostly either play golf, guitar or write and do not spend time crafting with wood or other material. However I am in the process of writing a book on poetic reflections which will include original poetry, essay's, illustrations and photographs. I am planning a two volume book, but volume one is still about one year from being published. Most of the material has been written but getting the illustrations and photographs will take some time, not to mention actually publishing the material.

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when was the last time you handcrafted something

Have you ever lost someone close to you?

Yes. I have lost my father, my mother and most recently, my best friend Matthew. Matt and I were best friends. We laughed often, played music together (piano/guitar), played golf, attended baseball games, went to high school (F.H.S) college together (Berklee College of Music), we worked out together, went hiking, debated, played chess, enjoyed our coffee and beer, played in big bands, tribute bands, jazz bands, pop bands and wedding bands. We even moved our families next to each other in a beautiful town located near Tampa Bay. Although losing Matt was devastating, my memories of our time together and our non-stop laughter and pranks are forever etched upon my mind.
Matt, wherever you are, I love you man!

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Have you ever lost someone close to you

Tu conduis toujours autant?

J'ai repris du terrain, ça va mieux.
Je suis allée rouler plusieurs fois sur le circuit de Nogaro en Twingo 1 préparée avec les copains.
J'ai acheté une Golf 6 GTI que j'ai préparée aussi. J'ai fait joujou avec une Mercedes SL et une 560 aussi pendant un moment, c'était un pur plaisir. Je suis sur le coup là pour faire mumuse avec une BMW Serie 7 E38, j'ai hâte !

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