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سؤال لأي شخص عنده خبرة ف ألعاب البي سي: انا منزلة لعبة ع لابي بس تعلق و بطييئة وايد.. هل السبب اني يالسة العب ع لابتوب و مش بي سي؟ مع اني لعبت لعبة ثانية ع اللاب و اشتغلت عادي.. افيدونا.

KyuHyukGirl’s Profile Photo~.بنت الوهيبي.~
Is it a laptop?
If so, laptops are always a bad choice to play games with.
Especially if it’s a mac, that’s a big no no for games.
The reason that is, laptops do not have sufficient power nor sufficient air flow. Another reason that is, some games which are heavy will run in low effort to save your laptop energy. Try connecting your laptop to a charger to fix that issue.
If you have a full pc as a set up, you will need to check on numerous things.
Your operating system, your RAM, your graphic card. Also, your computer setting can affect the gameplay overall.
This is just a brief of what I assume the problem may be, more details from your side will result in a better answer.

How the hell do you work four jobs. I can barely work my one job

I'm a farmer, which is a lifestyle and a job within itself. I'm a full-time admin coordinator and director of training and education. Part-time graphic design assistant (which is a job that allows me to express myself creatively and wind down), plus I do seasonal at a greenhouse.

Kindle or paperback?

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Admittedly I don't read very often. I do love reading but my adhd is so debilitating in that regard that reading is near impossible for me most days (not the ability to read. But the ability to concentrate on the words I'm reading).
However when I do, it's usually graphic novels and I buy them as paperback. I love flipping the pages of books it feels really calming. The smell of the pages is really charming and soothing too. So I always opt for a physical copy if I have the choice.
I do have a kindle that an ex gave me. And the kindle app on my phone too, but honestly I rarely use them these days if at all ha. They're handy if you wanna travel and have various books to read but don't wanna pack heaps of books. So I usually use it if I'm going somewhere and want the option to read things. When at home though, or a always paperback for me 📖💖

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Ocen okładkę nowej książki Renaty Czarneckiej "Korona w złocie i krwi". Kontynuacja Dwa królestwa jedna krew. Jest zapowiedź

"graphic design is my passion" tak w skrócie. Nie podobała mi się pierwsza okładka tak i nie podoba ta z tomu II. I jak bardzo kocham kolor czerwony, to wszystko wydaję mi się tutaj takie nijakie. Zamysł na okładkę ciekawy, ale wykonanie takie sobie. :/
Ocen okładkę nowej książki Renaty Czarneckiej Korona w złocie i krwi Kontynuacja

What are some of the worst crime cases you know of?

Ah there's quite a few I could mention, any involving kids are the worst. In terms of people committing the worst crimes it's got to be david parker ray (toybox killer) the transcripts of the audio he played after abducting women is extremely graphic and it messed with me for days after reading it or albert fish, I couldn't get far into his crimes without feeling sick and having to stop. He wrote letters to the parents of his child victims that describe in detail how he killed them and cannibalised them. I think hello kitty case and junko furuta have to be up there too!

انا في كليه مش بحبها و قررت احول منها و في نفس الوقت محتاجه اشتغل و عندي هواية الرسم لو بدأت استغل الهوايه و اشتغل بيها ابدا ببورتريهات و لا لوح للبيع ايه المتاح و اللي عليه اقبال حاليا ؟

تنمي هوايتك وف نفس الوقت تكملي الكلية .. كنت مكانك بس ركنت موهبتي على جمب وكنت فاكرة إن مفيش فرصة أو طريقة استغلها فيه غير إنها متنفس ليا وقت الضغوط .. لغاية لما اكتشفت الفوتوشوب وillustrator وازاى توظفي موهبتك من خلالهم .. تقدري ترسمي comic stories .. تتعلمى graphic designs .. تتعلمي رسم illistrations لكتب الأطفال .. وكل ده محتاج وقت ومجهود وطريقه طويل .. فاستغلي سنين دراستك في انك تتعلمي الحاجات دي وف نفس الوقت بردو تكملي الكلية ايا كانت مجالها .. لا مانع من وجود الاتنين .. ولو هتشتغلي ممكن تبدأي بشغل خفيف مياخدش كل وقتك .. عشان تقدرى تلاقي وقت تطوري من نفسك .. أو تنزلي تتدربي مجانا في أى مكان خاص بمجال الرسم والجرافيكس.

If you were to live in an underground bunker for several years what would you take with you for comfort?

I'd take lots of art and craft supplies, for various hobbies. Like stuff for clothes making, painting, cross-stiching, customising items/furniture, clay making, drawing etc. You can pass loaddddssss of time with art, and if you don't have Internet access or electricity, you can still do it. So it's a great thing to stock up on.
Books /graphic novels too would be a good one.
If Internet or electricity was in a good flow, if there was a generator down there, then I'd bring game consoles, games and films etc to play or watch.
Lots of cosy blankets, pillowssss, cuddly things for comfort too!

Do you put any value in the idea of "virginity"? Do you think there's a specific sexual act that makes someone no longer a virgin or is it more general sexual contact? Was/is losing your virginity a big deal to you?

It was not a big deal for me but I do think it is nice that it was with someone that I loved and ended up being with for a decent amount of time. That even now 20+ years later I could contact, even his mother and siblings. As for specific act, without being graphic, I think of it in the typical sense.
Do you put any value in the idea of virginity Do you think theres a specific
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If you had a chance to take anything you want from a store/mall/market - under one condition - you have 10 minutes to throw everything you want in a cart. What kinds of things would you go after?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
things from Spencer’s lol. they have cool graphic tees, shot glasses, w33d jars. they also have adult things too.
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Do you prefer living in the city or county and why?

Country. Because I never have to drive in traffic ever in my life. Can leave in the woods and still be 10-15 minutes from any type of store you would need. I'm an outdoors person, nature is just beautiful to me. Creeks and rivers you can swim in, they're plenty out here. Ever seen the night sky out in the country compared to the city? You can see everything including the milky way going across the sky, it's beautiful.
As I grew older, and the credit I was building by my behavior was actually positive, it was nice to move to a small town. Walking into a bank where the manager knows your name, getting greeted at the post office and not going through a hassle picking up packages, etc. Once, I even had a wallet returned to me because the lady recognized my picture from church. Mind you, there are less opportunities. My wife worked as a graphic designer for a bit, and demand wasn't terribly high or lucrative. Non-city life makes it a bit easier to be a part of the community. Bedroom communities. They're small towns that are close to large cities. Most of the people that live in these towns don't actually work in these towns. You get the feel of the community of a small town, people know you, yet you still have stuff to do that isn't too far away.
I generally have much more in common with city people. I also like concerts, theater, public transportation and good restaurants, and that really only comes with cities. I like visiting the country but have no real interest in that lifestyle.
Rural within easy reach of a city is ideal for me. I live in a city currently (for university) and I really struggle with sleep because there is always light and noise coming from outside, also I hate crowds. I'm from a small village originally and much prefer the peace and quiet, and the green countryside
Rural, because I was born in it. I've problems when I'm sleeping at friend's house because I'm used to the noises of the cities(and I'm talking about small cities <30k citizens), for instance my grandma had problems sleeping because they opened a railroad that passes almost 2km from our house, but you are able to ear it in complete silence. Also the idea to have a garden or to walk outside without the traffic, I feel like I'm in a box while being in cities like Milan.
Being in a larger city can be nice sometimes, but I would never live in one. I just find it too crowded, too hectic and very weird if you are just surrounded by city. I like small towns/cities, something around the 30-60k population mark. You have enough people there that the place isn't totally empty, but it's not too crowded, the city is small enough that can easily bike everywhere and the city is just large enough that you can do some stuff in it. I grew up in a city with around 30k people living there, and I just like the feeling there.

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🍂 Saturday 10th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"We will remember you with fondness for as long forever is."
- Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh, Daily Geaphic.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "We will remember you with gratitude today, and tomorrow, and all through the days to come."
- James Taylor, Everyday Psalms.
• "Gone from our lives but alive in our hearts."
- Ransford Tetteh, Daily Graphic.
Saturday 10th September 2022

I love to talk about money. . .Suggest me a way to earn dollar online, i am really interested. I am searching for opportunities, Give me the realistic ways to make money online. . seriously, i will appreciate ur help.

First develop any skill, either it's content writing, graphic designing, web development or whatever , once you get hold onto the skill then go with freelancing marketplaces

Some get to know you Qs a) age + height b) highest level of education you COMPLETED c) what you do for work d) single or taken e) what happened with your last relationship and why f) fave TV show g) fave movie i) last place you went on vaca j) how many tats u got and which is your fave

a) 26 and I’m just under 5ft 3
b) a MFA Masters in Fine Art
c) my two day jobs are as a barista and market seller, I’m a freelance graphic designer and my true calling is being an artist (I just haven’t had any time lately to actively be one!)
d) single
e) he didn’t treat me very well and I had to walk away
f) Sleepy Hollow ⚔️
g) Back To The Future
i) North Devon, England
j) n/a

نعمل ايه بعد اخر امتحان 3 ثانوي

كورس ف اي حاجه من التلاته دول هينفعك جدا
Graphic design
وممكن كورس ف التداول وتاخد فكره عن المجال دا عشان هينفعك لو حابب تشتغل وممكن كورس ف لغة زي الانجليزي لو ضعيف فيه او لغة تانيه لو حابب تكتسبها وربنا يوفقك 🙂💙

✨️ we're seven months into 2022. what have you accomplished so far this year? what are your goals for the remainder of the year?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh; ✨️
Wow, it’s quite scary to realise that, it didn’t quite hit how far we’re into 2022 until seeing it written down! 😅
In terms of what I’ve achieved… it’s hard to say really. Everything that I’ve been doing, especially the last few months, is hustling as hard as I can, for a major deadline that if all goes well, means that it will be a colossal burden lifted for my family. So while that’s not exciting to do or read about even aha, everything that I want to do (art, etc) is kind of shelved until I can get that done, on my part.
In terms of more interesting things though!
✨ I’m very close to finishing a painting I’ve been working on for @nurbzee! As to the above, it’s been difficult carving out the time I want to give towards creating, but I want it to be to the best of my ability and because she deserves the absolute best! 💫✨
✨ I’ve now finally seen in person some of the work I did way back in last December that was graphic design, in terms of designing chinaware (teacups and saucers primarily), and such. I saw two of the designs on Friday and I’m so, so chuffed with how they came out! Actually selling them to people was the most amazing feeling. Unfortunately I can’t post them here due to my contract, but I’m glad that the hours spent on them paid off! 😄
My goals are to continue what I’m doing, finish my painting and hopefully some of my own personal work as well, and if everything goes okay, I can then start looking properly into garden studios to do my art!! 🎨

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how's your day so far?

jen473’s Profile PhotoAiko
today, I was invited to be part of new charity foundation for the benefit of children and youth, and as much as I want to be part of it, I'm quite hesitant since I'm already working with 2 side hustles, and handles one charity organization na rin. I cannot commit full-time, pero gusto ko, gustong gusto. Sana kayanin ng oras ko at ng katawang lupa ko.
The only commitment I can assure this time is to help with graphic designs, and postings for social media contents, since I can always make time for these things naman.
I can't commit 100% as an officer or member, but I'm willing to be a volunteer for the time being, para sa mga kids! 💗
I'm excited and my heart is happy!
hows your day so far

Are there any minor things that annoy you? For example, it annoys me when youtube ads are silent since that makes me think something's wrong with the audio 😑

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I feel like it depends on my mood.ni can have extreme patience and ignore anything but more often than not i am easily annoyed by sooooo many things :'D everything starts to annoy me haha
What annoys me the most are people. Drunk/high people? I get annoyed. Direspectful people? I get annoyed. Unintelligent people? I get annoyed. People making noise or anyhow disturbing me? I get annoyed. Horny people? I get annoyed. Sluty people? I get annoyed. Victim card/self pitying people? I get annoyed. Big ego/full of themself people? I get annoyed. People not caring about the planet like making unnecessary waste or harming living things? I get annoyed. People not being on time - being late? I get annoyed...
And since you mention adds well i hate it and get severly annoyed by how many nsfw adds there are -.- like every second add i get while playing game son phone is of some game where you undressing mostly female character or where things are based on sexual interactions between characters or at minimum smugg graphic stories...it makes me wanna stop using phone all together because i have seen those one too many times 🙄 and the worst thing is icant even block them (used to be able to?). Iam already annoyed by adds in general cuz they are too common and interupt things (in games, youtube etc) but those are just the absolute worst and it instantly ruins my day -.-
Public wc's annoy me. more so repulse than annoy tho. Cuz they are always nasty. I rather not go to the toilet all day than go in those nasty smelly trash holes. The only exception is library. The toilet there is always spotless 😅 the only public toilet i will use honestly haha
I could go on but i am sleep deprived and starving atm and my patience battery was completely drained while battling my kid to make him sleep so right now i feel like EVERYTHING annoys me. Like existance itself annoys me :'D so i dont feel like my answer will be realistic in curremt state. But what i did mention always annoys me :'D

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If you're working atm, what is your job and how did you get into that line of work?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I’m a barista and a graphic designer, currently! The latter I’m not doing for money and is to help set up my mum’s business and the former, I kind of fell into. I’d been applying for art related jobs for months and never hearing anything back, and I just needed the money, in truth! I heard on a whim that the coffee shop was hiring and it went from there really :)

Tell me 5 intresting facts about yourself

Aha well I’ll try, I can’t promise any of it will be interesting!
~ I studied at uni for six years, and I have a BA in Costume Design for Theatre and Screen, and a Masters in Fine Art.
~ I once had a piece of artwork selected to be shown digitally at the LA premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (ultimately it didn’t in the end, as they only wanted to show American artists 🙈)
~ I had individual and team coaching lessons of tennis every week religiously for 8 years, from ages 8-16.
~ My day jobs are currently being a graphic designer and a barista, to help supplement my art.
~ I have two wonderful doggos, Cody who is 14 (a collie/springer spaniel mix) and Teddy who is 2 (a cocker spaniel) 🐶✨
Tell me 5 intresting facts about yourself

Sooo, let's say you're significant other is chatting with the other gender online, nothing too graphic or deep but it still makes you uncomfortable.. should they have to stop?

If you're getting that bent out of shape over a very appropriate & civilized conversation between your partner & the opposite gender, than you're controlling af.
Your partner is allowed to have friends of the opposite gender as are you. If you don't trust your partner, then just leave the relationship.

Why can't I do anything good in my life

You know the dilemma of being alive today?
Say you're a kind soul who is helping others, spreading joy and happiness. Your friends and family love you for your emotional, moral and physical presence.
Yet, the photoshopped, scripted and unrealistic social media has led us all to have impossible expectations of ourselves.
I watch teams of graphic designers work whole days to photoshop pictures of models after every shoot. The same models that inspire girls to go on unhealthy dieting.
Behind those best selling motivational speakers are sad little people who never became anything themselves. Why can't they read their own books and start their own start-ups, earn millions and run countries?
My parents used to point at a neighbor who got more marks than me. I asked them to let him go through everything I've went through and then get the same results.
We all have different inputs, how can we compare the outputs then? We all have different questions, how can our answers be the same then?
What is "Good" to you? I say, if you are a kind soul, who is honest to yourself, empathic and hardworking. You are good enough. Try, and leave the rest to God.

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