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What kinds of activities make you lose track of time? 🕖

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
• Jamming sessions
• Dancing
• Researches
• Cooking
• Photography
🌟Jamming Sessions
When it comes to losing myself or fully immerse myself to the point that I forget about the existence of time, one of the more commonly performed activity in groups would be jamming sessions.
Given that the world isn’t plagued by the pandemic, I used to gather a handful people that are experienced in music and the uses of instruments with another handful of people that has zero knowledge in music. Then, I’ll leave the floor open to everyone’s choice of music as we jammed to the songs we may or may not heard of.
This can be challenging as everyone has to be very open and accepting of others’ choices of musics — However, this is also one of the methods I used to pull them out of their depressed state as everyone tries to jam in the songs of their choice, it allows them to feel that their opinions is valid and they could feel ‘alive’ again.
I’m bad at choreograph dances but mimicry is my best teacher. This puts me in my flow state entirely and I lose my senses of time after I’ve managed to make a few steps into any choreographed steps or even just freestyles itself.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten the time until the sky went dark 😂
This is relatively very random, but more often than not this brain of mine would just pops up a question in which I have no answers to, and that would eventually be the things listed on my ‘future researches’ list.
This is where I tend to learn more and even went out of bounds most of the time, far away from what I was taught back in school, college/university, or even in my workplace alone. With the help of Google, knowledge is free.
I am bad at cooking. Still bad as I’m still an amateur cook. But that doesn’t mean I can’t cook myself so I tried to research recipes myself and try them out.
Sometimes, once I’ve learned how to cook without the recipes, I would eventually find a way to modify the recipes to cater for various tastebuds, or to see if there will be a birth of a new item. This is where I draw the line and called the things I cook through experimentations: FrankenFoods. Judging by the name, yes, the ingredients can be very odd at times 😂
But alas, to every meal that I cook, I tend to have a crafty mind to articulate the meal themselves to make them more presentable (even though I don’t sell nor work at a restaurant in the time being) and that brings us to the next thing that makes me lose the trails of time.
It’s self explanatory, but as I take photos, the essence of perfection comes into play as I want things to ‘look presentable’ and not just to trash them onto any social medias to tell what I’ve been doing, but more of a photo that is presentable even to the point that it can be on magazine covers.
Well, magazine covers is a little too far fetched but a kid could dream. And I won’t take a bad picture and excuse myself from trying again.

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What kinds of activities make you lose track of time

If you moved to a completely new area permanently and you knew nobody there at all, what things would you do to meet new people where you live?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Look for local climbing groups and go to them. Chat to people online who where from the same area and then meet up.

is the freedom limited or absolute here? what do you want to change when it comes to "Freedom"?

Weirdonist’s Profile PhotoWeirdonist
It’s both limited and absolute. When it comes to laws and religion it is limited but there are groups of people here and also everywhere; who have an absolute freedom in the world. In his great book “History and Utopia” Cioran says: “It (Freedom) escape us at the very moment we try to grasp and formulate it: no one can enjoy freedom without trembling. Freedom is desperately mortal…” I remember his idea of freedom mentioned in “A Short History of Decay” يقول إن الحرية مبدأٌ إيطيقي من جوهرٍ شيطاني.😆 sometimes I feel that freedom is a wast of time because it’s one of thing that truly exist yet everyone likes to wonder does freedom exist or not?! Just by asking that question we proved that it does exist. Maybe that what i want to change… for that question to disappear so we can focus on what to do with that freedom rather than keep questioning it. Going back to the first part of your question, I quoted Cioran (because i like him) because he can say how freedom and be both limited and absolute in one society or civilisation… but either ways i feel like people fear freedom.

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is the freedom limited or absolute here what do you want to change when it comes

If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ тєηα¢ισυѕ тσммαу™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I have a very diverse taste in music, I used to go to various informal concerts and knew all the performers, oh, nostalgia attacked, such as Мясо Boogie, Platzdarm, Shimata, Tears Appliqué, Amabilis are the main ones and many others, now these groups have not been around for a very long time, but sorry ^^ and I saw the rest, but I don’t personally know them again, they are not for everyone: Amatory, Jane Air, Psyche, Dolphin, Remorha, Apokefale is the one who made a strong impression, the strongest energy🔥🤩💫
У меня вкус музыки очень разнообразный, раньше я ходила на разные неформальные концерты и знала всех выступающих, ох ностальгия напала, такие как Мясо Буги, Платздарм, Шимата, Аппликация слез, Амабилис это основные и многие другие, счас этих групп нет очень давно, а жаль^^ а остальных я видела, но лично не знакома опять же они не для каждого: Аматори, Джейн Эйр, Психея, Дельфин, Ремора, Апокефейл это тот кто сильно произвёл впечатление, сильнейшая энергетика💫🤩🔥
https://youtu.be/HptDHmh8ObADeep_Six666’s Video 169362119687 HptDHmh8ObADeep_Six666’s Video 169362119687 HptDHmh8ObA
https://youtu.be/N9PNCCW7hvoDeep_Six666’s Video 169362119687 N9PNCCW7hvoDeep_Six666’s Video 169362119687 N9PNCCW7hvo
https://youtu.be/pclobVRFTh0Deep_Six666’s Video 169362119687 pclobVRFTh0Deep_Six666’s Video 169362119687 pclobVRFTh0

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If you could meet one celebrity who would it be

Do people learn more through their experiences or by age?🤔

noorulhudakashif3’s Profile PhotoNoorulhuda kashif
It depends. People with critical thinking don't like to follow a particular group's movement as they're capable of developing rational decisions, they are eager for knowledge, they ask questions, do their own research, and thus they are always learning due to their flexible behavior whereas those with herd mentality never learn anything novel neither through new experiences nor by age because of their irrational thinking. They never question their beliefs and simply follow the traditions and teachings of their ancestors. They never try to think out of the box. Because it takes an in-depth reflection, a proper thought process to form individual opinions on certain things or topics. To see things with new angles, talking to people you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with is quite important. It helps you to build different perspectives on life.

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Do you think it's okay to have a satanic after school group?

If one is familiar or deeply interested in philosophy or belief systems, I would not be opposed to a pragmatic evaluation of Philosophical Satanism, Theistic Satanism, Luciferianism or esoteric disciplines / orders. However, I do not believe that children possess the necessary patience or capacity to comprehend such complex topics and they might be better served if they study simpler subjects which could give them a firm foundation to evaluate more intricate motifs / notions when they are older and seasoned enough to do so. After school study groups / activities should be *age appropriate* and despite current trends in "education," they *must* meet with the full consent of parents / guardians.
Do you think its okay to have a satanic after school group

Have you ever given monetary support to something which was in development? Like through kickstarter, patreon, early access etc.? What do you personally think of giving that kind of support? 🤔💵

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I apologize in advance for my long winded answer.
I am not familiar with the products that you mentioned. Years ago, as a young engineer, I did get involved with the development of hardware used to build the internet i.e. modems, multiplexers, routers, switches, management systems, firewalls, etc. Most of my career was spent learning these technologies, educating users, designing networks, installing equipment, configuration and troubleshooting network problems.
I did not get involved much with applications; however, I am interested to see how Elon Musk will rebrand and redesign Twitter and I am also interested in what Trump is creating with the Trump Media and Technology Group.
I never thought that the networks I implemented would be used to suppress free speech and to determine election outcomes. So I am committed to investing my time, effort and finances to help develop any network and associated applications that support free speech and will give all humans a voice in determining the future for our planet and humankind. I believe in culture, tradition and national sovereignty and I do not support the World Economic Forums radical agenda and their stated goal of a New World Order, Great Reset or One World Government. Each nation should determine it's own destiny and all decisions should be made by local governments and NOT by a centralized government that does not answer to the citizens of each country.
This is why we need parallel networks that support the will of the worlds citizens and not the will of tyrannical governments, globalist billionaires orspecial interest groups who want to force their will upon the citizens of the world. I will therefore support any organization that believes in free will and freedom of speech and who are willing to confront and compete against Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tyrannical Governments, NGO's, Special Interest groups, Legacy Media, Hollywood, the Globalist Ruling Class, WEF, WHO, United Nations, Intelligence agencies or any other entity or organization that is attempting to control the world through violence, pandemics, war, disasters, food shortages, disease, taxes, mandatory lockdowns, suppression of free speech, Open Borders, Hyper-inflation or any other clever and nefarious strategies and evil schemes that these globalist tyrants can imagine, plan and implement without the expressed consent of the people.

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If you workout, do you have a pre / post workout routine? Like, do you warm up, stretch, have anything special to eat afterwards etc.? 🤸‍♂️🍌

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I always do a little warm up focussing on the muscle groups I’ll target during the workout session. I usually grab a light weight and just make controlled movements with them.
I know I should stretch after, but I never do it, I always seem to forget about it 😅 oop.
When I get home I usually drink up my sports drink to hydrate and I eat a protein rich meal.
If you workout do you have a pre  post workout routine Like do you warm up

No one does that tho?? People no longer pierce their babies' ears, unless they're probably from some tribe from an underdeveloped 3rd world country like africa or middle east

they definitely do lol. people pierce their babies ears all the time. it’s a hot topic that’s often banned in mom and due date groups.

Why do you like to travel?

For me, it's about fulfilling a sense of wonder about a specific place. Unlike some travelers, I don't go to a place because it "sounds nice". I only visit places that intrigue me for one reason or another. I may have watched a documentary or a movie or read a book and suddenly I'm hooked. For instance, I loved British comedy when I was a kid. I had to go see England. So I did. It was everything I expected and more because I was interested in the small details of the place. The brick architecture. The hedgerows. The musty air of an old pub. The gray slate skies over the Channel. All that stuff. I've been to London twice. Still haven't seen Big Ben or Parliament. Why? I just don't care about them. I've read a lot about Roman history and the great Slavic migrations, so I visit those places. I probably won't visit Sweden because it just doesn't hold any allure to me. I'm sure it's nice and I even have a very good Swedish friend. But I'd rather go to Turkey. Or New Zealand. Or Argentina. Those places intrigue me. That's why I tell new travelers on this forum to think hard about what place holds that magical appeal in their minds. GO THERE. Once you do, every moment becomes special. You aren't just plodding from one tourist site to the next. You are instead immersed in a dream come to life. That's why I travel. Being completely immersed in a culture you have no experience with and people who speak a language you dont know is incredibly fun.
What I mean by perspective: these are the tourists who want to see something that they've heard about or read about all of their lives, and they want to see it for their own eyes rather than on a page or a screen. Times Square, the Mona Lisa, the Pyramids of Egypt, etc are typically the things that these people want to see. Examples: people who sign up for tour groups and spend 10 days on a bus going from tourist trap to tourist trap. Very few people fit perfectly into those three categories, but you can define a lot of travelers by how they fit across those categories. I'd say I personally am about 15% adventure, 15% hedonism and 70% perspective. I travel on my own, without a minimal set itinerary or guide, but the places where I travel tend to be fairly sedate and within an easy walk of toilet facilities. While travelling I indulge a little, but not much more than I would at home - it's about indulging in different things. And I'm 70% perspective: I want to be able to see thing with my own eyes so that I know what it really looks like, without the perspective filter that books, movies and video games put on places.

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Do you think the sense of freedom tht prevails in the european part of the world is more ideologically driven than the one which prevails in the states?

No, I could not affirm that it is "more" or "less" ideologically driven but the mindset, perception and ideological bent can be vastly different between Americans and Europeans. As a dual US / EU citizen with residences and life experiences on both sides of the Atlantic, I've observed that preconceived notions, expectations and unique perspectives can abound in both camps and while they may share certain values, the contrast between Yanks and Euros couldn't be greater. As a person who can identify as an "American" or "European," it is interesting to note how differently both groups can view my personal convictions regarding freedom, independence and inalienable rights. Speaking in the broadest terms, individual freedoms aren't as greatly valued in the "old world" as they seem to be in the "new world," but that's another discussion for another time...

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Do you think the sense of freedom tht prevails in the european part of the world

What's your favourite conspiracy theory? 🤯

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
I generally don't like conspiracy theories. The internet has made it possible for all kinds of groups to apppear who all think they've just unearthed "The next big secret" and I can't stand it.
So in turn, my favorites are the most stupid ones 😂 Like how the moon landing was shot in a studio. The shots taken from the lunar missions would've been impossible to fabricate considering the technology they had at the time.
I'd be writing a full on novel if I was gonna explain the hows and whys of why that is. But here is a video that Corridor Digital made where a bunch of video professionals explain it far better than I could have 🌚:
https://youtu.be/_ML2ZYYFOnITobbeAsks’s Video 170361257337 _ML2ZYYFOnITobbeAsks’s Video 170361257337 _ML2ZYYFOnI
Whats your favourite conspiracy theory

When did you know you were part of the LGBT+ community?

The only group I am a member of is the group called "Humanity." I do not believe in dividing humanity into groups based upon religion, skin color or gender which only serve to sow the seeds of division and hate. We must learn to love one another because we are brothers and sisters who are all children of God.
When did you know you were part of the LGBT community

Ur reading / telling a family kid a story ...what story is it ?

The best stories are always how couple meet each other 🥰, today on family celebration I heard story how my niece met her boyfriend, 2 groups (boys and girls) were walking on the beach at evening, she and he accidentaly bumped each other and he looking at her told: Gosh, I have never seen such beautiful girl 😍🙂
Ur reading  telling a family kid a story what story is it

Has your cheerfulness and positivity been ignored by ignorant people or groups of people, that actually deemed harmful to your spirit?

Luv_freckles’s Profile PhotoM. Adam
A few people or should I say more than a few people have tried to
bring me down and have succeeded to have others believe their lies about me🤨that’s when you see the true colours of others ..but that been said I will not allow the negativity from others to put my light out 🔥 🔥 ❤️❤️

How do you take care of yourself mentally and physically?

cciicc_699’s Profile Photoاكسو
- I eat micro- and macronutrient dense foods that don't inflame or trigger my GIT
- I started taking the health of my GIT more seriously
- I avoid eating fast foods or highly processed calorie-dense snacks
- I keep my food intake under control: I don't eat due to boredom or for fun (rare exceptions)
- I walk a lot, do zone 2 cardio, and lift weights
- I make sure to get as much sunlight and nature exposure as possible (safe degrees)
- I take good care of my skin and use the appropriate products/medications for it
- I brush my teeth daily and floss
- I use sunscreen and protect my skin from excessive exposure
- I join active groups for dancing, hiking, etc.
Note: I am interested in sports physiology and nutrition and have been a serious athlete before. I can create my own dietary and exercise programs.
As for the skin, I am up to date with what can be prescribed/which products I need.
- I maintain a good relationship with my boyfriend. His presence in my life has a huge impact on me.
- I also maintain good relationships with my family and friends.
- I found a less stressful working environment with agreeable colleagues
- I keep educating myself and challenging myself in different aspects
- I put active effort into cutting out whatever decreases my overall quality of life, while simultaneously focusing on anything that enhances it.

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How comfortable are you speaking in front of large groups of people?

Not at all. It makes me anxious.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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How comfortable are you speaking in front of large groups of people

اخر كوبي اخدتوه ايه ؟

( Chrom = color, phore = carrier). They have unsaturated functional groups (double or triple bonds) such as -C=C, -C=O, -N=N, -C=N and etc..., responsible for π-π*and n-π*electronic transitions, thus, they are capable of absorbing UV and/or visible light (200 - 800 nm) and imparting color to the molecules. The absorption of the molecule is the sum of absorption of all its Chromophores
- Auxochrome:
 Auxochromes are saturated groups which possess unshared electrons such as -OH, - NH2, …..etc.
 An auxochrome doesn’t itself absorb radiation but if present in a molecule, it can enhance the absorption by chromophore or shift the wave length of absorption when attached to the chromophore. They function by entering into resonance interaction with nearby chromophore , thus increase the extent of conjugation and shift the λ max to longer wavelength.
Absorption spectrum
It is a plot of the absorbance (A) against the wavelength (λ). Each substance has its characteristic absorption spectrum which depends on its structure. It has characteristic shape which shows λ of maximum absorbance [λmax]. There are two parameters which define an absorption band :
1) its position ( λmax) on the wavelength scale.
2) Its intensity on the absorbance scale.
 ( λmax) is characteristic for each molecule according to its structure and consequently types of transitions. Therefore it is used for:
- Identification of a chemical substance - Quantitative measurement

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Is it revisionist history if in a movie set in a past century people of color are not portrayed as racially discriminated?

I actually think it is if the movie is clearly meant to be historically accurate and we know discrimination did occur but it is diliberatly not represented. It's a difficult one as representing history accurately can mean preventing some people from playing certain roles based on skin colour and this also seems unfair. I'd be interested in hearing views from the affected groups of people on this 🤔

Type "i am single because" and let your keyboard complete the rest. 😸

I am single because of my family life mein I love the idea that I will never be a Chartered accountants in a lot more detail in my current process gets completely down and down as I am currently in my final week of work until all the time and I have been working with my client and we have had to wait to see you for the first round as they are in touch and I will let me help them are the same as they were the last thing they were working with me in a couple dance groups with the girls in a similar position to the rest kro and a few others on a similar one in a
Dafaq 🙄

How long have you been using this app? (Any opinion on it)?

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
On and off, since I was 17. Seen alot of changes. ▪︎For everything thats starts out with good intentions, leave it to humans to figure our how to mess it up.
▪︎On the good side, meet some really amazing people. Most everyone has a story to tell.. Inspiring stories, inspiring photos, inspiring thoughts.
▪︎There were a herd of Amish people that were on here a couple years back. Fascinating people.
▪︎I've known 8 people who have met and married on here. One now have 1 child; the other 2 kids. Seem extremely happy, too.
▪︎Realize I'm not alone, there's a lot of quirky, witty people, with similar interests.
▪︎Me? I try to learn how to have small talk. In real life, I'm 100% work oriented. Officers sit on one side and enlisted sit on the other side. School study groups is all about studying, no time for learning the art of small talk.
▪︎Unexpectedly this year a Canadian logged on and...

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Would it be interesting to see who follows you on here?

ErinTheSaint’s Profile Photoㅤ⚢ Butch
Gave up on that 10 years ago
You have 3 groups of followers
The interested, in a positive way
The indifferent
The interested in a malevolent way
The first show themselves one way or another
The indifferent you'll never know
The malevolent . . . . you don't wanna-know
Would it be interesting to see who follows you on here

Should a person saying I don't want children be enough for them not to be asked a billion and one questions why? Also should saying I don't want children be enough to be steralized when speaking to a doctor.

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
1. Generally , yes ; no-one should be bullying ANYONE into having offspring .
If it's your partner, it's reasonable to discuss what you both want from life ; but what I'm picking up , is that you are being pressurised unreasonably .
It is admirable & honourable that you stick to your guns .
2. Sterilisation is a mighty big thing . . . . your doc is likely scared . . . .
I think you need the support of a mighty good social worker ~ (unfortunately there are so many not-so-good ones)
Maybe a good lawyer , for support in persuading your doctor.
I'm sure you would qualify for Legal Aid .
There are many support groups . . .
Citizens Advice Bureau - is a great starting place (C.A.B.)
*a happy family, is a sustainable family*
Should a person saying I dont want children be enough for them not to be asked a

【⚠️】* What she might be able to perceive would be footsteps following her, also a voice coming from one of them apologizing as he had bumped into a woman on the way, and even someone using a communicator: "ᴛᴀʀɢᴇᴛ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʀᴏꜱꜱʜᴀɪʀꜱ," said with a very low voice. *

*she casually enters an enclosed market area, no way for possible snipers to get a bead on her, she stops at various food stalls, and picks up some snacks* "これなんぼ" *After being given the price she pays and makes sure to stay close to large groups of people, careful to keep her ears still as she filters out the sounds of the crowd to listen to the people tracking her*

Ok so I have this problem that Im underconfident. Like i get so nervous in social gatherings that i start to act awkward. I have nothing to talk abt and if someone all of a sudden ask me a question everyone’s attention is on me, I just go blank. Dont know what to say and then i act like a kid. Help?

Practice talking in public. As in, try to join groups of people and start conversations about topics that you have enough knowledge about. I know, this is like stepping in your worst fear but once you practice it enough, you'd get used to speaking among many people. Don't be scared of making mistakes, people forget within hours or days max. Nobody would even remember the embarrassing mistakes you made while talking. Just for the sake of those little moments, you can't stop your growth right?

Why are some people not thankful?

There are many reasons one could attribute to those whose inability to be thankful for their greatest blessings and their existence affect every aspect of their life and ability to maintain healthy and productive relationships. I believe this failure is a disease of the soul that is caused by a lack of humility, gratitude and appreciation of and a passion for living.
Consider the following questions:
- Why are some people grateful to be alive while other people wish they had never been born?
- To be or not to be, that is the question, right?
- Why do we exist?
- What is our purpose in life?
- Does our life have any meaning?
- Live or simply exist?
- Be grateful for our existence or be ungrateful for our existence?
- Live a life full of peace and joy or live with negative and self-destructive thoughts and behaviors?
- Accept intelligent design as the reason for our creation or believe that our existence is meaningless and therefore purposeless?
The researchers sum it up this way: "Materialists are less happy in part because it is more difficult for them to be grateful for what they have."
The work of Jo-Anna Tsang and her colleagues has explored the relationships between these three emotions. A 2002 study by Tsang found that people who self-reported a low tendency toward materialism and envy also reported being more grateful. Another study by Tsang and his colleagues looked more closely at the negative relationship between materialism and life satisfaction; This study found that lower life satisfaction among materialistic people could be explained by the fact that they reported lower levels of gratitude.
Narcissism seems to be another powerful inhibitor of gratitude. A study by Lisa Farwell illustrates this relationship well. In that study, participants were told that their results on one test were combined with those of an anonymous partner, and that their composite score was better than 85 percent of other groups. More narcissistic people reported feeling less grateful to their partners than less narcissistic people.
Narcissism, materialism, and envy can even cause people's gratitude to degrade over time. A 2017 study by Rebecca Solom, and Phil Watkins found that undergraduate students with higher levels of narcissism - along with cynicism, materialism, and envy - at the start of the study were less grateful two months later, even after controlling their gratitude levels at the beginning of the study.
Practicing gratitude can increase brain activity related to predicting how our actions affect other people. "To the extent that one predicts and evaluates the likely effects of one's actions on others," they write, "one might be more willing to direct those actions toward having a positive impact on other people.

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Are you the life of the party, someone enjoying it, or the person who wants to leave?

a mixture of "someone enjoying it" and "someone who wants to leave," lmaoo. i like being with very small groups of people, but anything more than 4-5 people becomes very overwhelming to me.

i can’t deny i did/do have left leanings but the left have been a disappointment. issues i feel strongly about include affordable housing, health care, prison reform & living wages. i loathe when people say those performing menial tasks or “unskilled labour” deserve to live in poverty 1/2

Let's be clear - the problems which you've highlighted could be very easily remedied *without* punishing the productive elements of society. That seems to be the Left's "solution" to everything. I would agree, the Left has been a monumental disappointment but not due to inaction. If those issues were addressed and rectified in a reasonable manner, would the Left have any purpose to exist? Of course not. It forcefully presents "solutions" which make matters worse - it creates constant division and envy among people along ALL lines (racial, ethnic, gender, economic, etc.), it squanders billions of dollars on "programs" which have NOT lifted people out of poverty, it panders to certain groups while it constantly demonizes others and so forth. I may have a few "Leftist" leanings as well (Classical Liberal / Libertarian, to be more specific) but the modern Left chooses to pour fuel on every fire in its path and it won't be satisfied until the entire world is scorched in order to remain in power. The modern Left's formula is as old as mankind: divide and conquer.

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Do you procrastinate? What do you do to try and avoid it? 💼📚🥱

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I dont usually because to do things as soon as possible gives the freedom to your mind 😁👍 but this your question reminded me to sort my many table cloth to 4 groups finally 🤣 1.cottage, 2. Big table, 3. Smaller table, 4. Xmas & Easter... soooo.... thank you!!!! 👌😅💙
Do you procrastinate What do you do to try and avoid it

Do you think life is easier when you’re young or older?

MrScorpiooo’s Profile PhotoM͓̽⒭͓̽ S͓̽⒞͓̽⒪͓̽⒭͓̽⒫͓̽⒤͓̽⒪͓̽
When we are older, we think life is easier for kids. All they have to do is eat, talk, sleep and go to school, they don't have any responsibility. But honestly it's not the same for all kids. And there's a different between a child's brain and adult's brain. Life isn't easy for kids either. Life is supposed to be difficult. However the level of difficulty is different for different age groups and individuals. God doesn't burden a soul with more than what it can endure.

Are you the life of the party, someone enjoying it, or the person who wants to leave?

Leave. I do not like being around large groups of people. Even when I perform, as soon as the performance ends I leave as quickly as possible. I am an introvert by nature and it takes a great deal of energy for me to socialize. I prefer solitude over socializing in groups of two or more.

Which group started Heavy Metal in your opinion?

I don't believe that one group in particular deserves credit but certain musical elements were introduced by bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. None of them could be defined as "Heavy Metal" but they helped to lay a foundation which other bands could build on until the genre developed and became easily identifiable. Groups like Saxon, Motorhead and Judas Priest pushed boundaries further and while their earliest efforts weren't "Heavy Metal" either, they certainly moved in that direction and I would consider them as being among the earliest pioneers. In my opinion, the Hard Rock band AC/DC deserved some credit too. As far as the earliest reference to "Heavy Metal" is concerned, it is found on Steppenwolf's debut album from 1968 in their song "Born To Be Wild." Their style was typical Rock music of that era and while there was nothing "heavy" about their music, the song was "catchy" and I'm sure that it inspired a few ideas which became commonplace in Heavy Metal circles. ;-)
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Do you often use public transport to get around where you live? If you don't, what would make you start to use it? If you do, what improvements would you still want to be implemented? 🚆🚍🚋

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Yes, I often use public transport.
Hmm there isn’t much that I’d like to change actually. The trains here are quite advanced with different sorts of coupes in each train.
The differences can be class, a full on silenced coupe where you’re not allowed to talk/call/make noise, different sort of seats: group seats of four for groups or people with lots of bagage or 2 seats in rows.
I think maybe an improvement would be that they installed a system that shows you exactly where the doors are going to be when the train arrives so you stand at the exact spot. At Schiphol Airport station they already have two platforms with those systems working, but I feel like they should be used everywhere. 😊
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You asked "what controversial questions"? Here you go - why your country is so poor? Interesting did you learn anything about that in your political science classes?

I'm assuming you are referring to Pakistan..? I don't live there so I don't get to study about that in school. However I do know that there are many causes behind it; lack of literacy, unequal ownership over land, and unequal division of wealth. The rich are too rich, and the poor are too poor.
As for Canada, recently I've been working on the relationship between poverty and race. It appears that racism is still deeply embedded in society and racialized groups have a harder time accessing health care and face workplace discrimination. Income inequality is also an issue contributing to poverty among racialized groups.

haha yes she loves nights out haha, i go out sometimes but all girls are scary together lol, some of them would not want me their, some of her friends are okay. no she was not sick thanks nat x

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I swear groups of girls can be more intimidating than the guys sometimes! That's sad that they wouldn't want you to be there cause if they care for her and you treat her well (which I'm sure you do) then they should want you to be around sometimes x

Are you happier alone because you enjoy being alone or because you prefer it to being surrounded by horrible people?

I have always liked time on my own cause I get tired easily and as an introvert with anxiety, I need time to recharge and be left alone for a bit. I prefer hanging out with just one or two people at a time rather than big groups. but for sure there are some not so great people out there who have made me feel like shit for not wanting to go out every day/every night!

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