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> i’m already ask married. 🤣 - So if we have Ask children and we get Ask divorced, do I have to pay Ask alimony? In coins? $7.99 per month? You better use Ask birth control and sign an Ask prenuptial agreement! You're NOT getting my guitars! I'm calling my attorney. Sage. At Olive Garden. 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
You didn’t say anything about your Ask guitars. So can I have those? 🤣 No Lexy, I’m a good Ask wife. I got rid of my lesbian lover and braindead crappy flower girl boy for you. 🤣🤣🤣💗

When you've recieved an entrance wristband for like a theme park, concert etc., how long do you generally keep it on afterwards? Are there any which you have saved? 🎟️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
🎵 I keep wristbands from various musical events.
🎸 Many are attached to my guitar case along with lanyards and badges from when I’ve worked festivals (pic attached, they look a bit scrunched up together now due to other people moving my guitars here and there and out of the way, there are more there than it looks!)
🏥 I also keep my hospital inpatient wristbands pinned to my noticeboard.
When youve recieved an entrance wristband for like a theme park concert etc how

Check this out. 🤣 Dude adds orchestral arrangements to Ghost songs. These are actually quite good. 👍 :::calls Tobias::: "Bro, why didn't we think of this?!" 🤣🤣🤣 💗 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzg2CopNmGg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1ASBkpc-Ac https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNDyI3cRX6s

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Nice. Orchestra always sounds great with guitars. Ya know, I always suspected you were one of them ghouls. 🤔😛🤣💗

What relations could I possibly have at my age? You're as nutty as he is. I always knew you guys were wrong for each other. That's why I discouraged it. Find a normal man and forget that weirdo. Plays more with his guitars than women. He's not right in the head, Rachel. Loco en el coco!

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
🤣🤣🤣 I was laughing so much that I didn’t even finish typing the word “relationship.” 🤣 No way Alexander Monroe. Kandy and Lecks are twink flames but I’m just Sage and I’m insane in the membrane. 🤕

> ...looks like to ai that is comes out possibly looking like a certain person - Fascinating! Delete anyway. -Totally not Lex but some other person again. I swear on his guitars! Totally. 🤣🤣🤣 💗

Send me a photo of this mysterious person and I’ll never post his AI lookalike again. 😛 JK 🤣🤣🤣💗
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What's the longest time you've had to wait for something? Like a certain event, a thing you ordered etc. 🕔📦🎟

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Most custom shop guitars can take one to two years to build the instrument to one's specific needs. A great deal of work is involved and I have waited as long as 18 months. There are exceptions. For example, Kiesel usually takes around 4 months and I've never waited longer. They also do excellent work:
Whats the longest time youve had to wait for something Like a certain event a

I'll be your girl backstage at your show, velvet ropes and guitars, yeah cause you're my rockstar in between the sets, eyeliner and cigarettes 💜✨🌈

I'm assuming this is a song.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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Ill be your girl backstage at your show velvet ropes and guitars yeah cause

esp arrow is expensive bruh least i can afford a randy v llol

USA and custom shop models, of course. Both can cost well over $4,000. I paid just slightly over $4,200 for my Black Andromeda "Arrow." Today, it costs $5,200 if you can find it. That said, you can look at their other lines of less expensive V guitars. For example, ESP's LTD line has some really nice "Arrow" models with plenty of great features and they aren't insanely expensive:
esp arrow is expensive bruh least i can afford a randy v llol

How come my home recordings sound bad like I can hardly hear the lead guitar over everything even when I turn it up any advice?

Common issue because the guitar is a rhythm instrument. As such, if you want your leads or certain sections to stand above the mix, raising the volume alone won't cut it. You would have to use a "brighter" sounding guitar and / or amplifier. It may help to use a boost pedal or a simple "trick" which I've learned by trial and error: put a Tube Screamer (or "Screamer type" pedal) in front of your amp or in the effects loop. If you have two guitars, use the "warmer" sounding one for rhythm and the "brighter" for leads. As an example, I might use a Les Paul for the entire song with a Strat or Tele exclusively for all leads. This will create a bit of "tension" and your music may sound more dynamic. There is no "right" or "wrong" way but you will have to experiment with your style of music. Lastly, if your amplifier has a lead channel, make use of it whenever you'd like to "lift" certain sections. You can play with the volume in your DAW *after* for best results. Good luck.

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Recommandez- moi des musiques (rock style red hot chili pepper ou nirvana) ou pop américaine ^^

Désolé c'est pas du Rock mais je profite de ta question pour recommander mon nouvel album Synthwave sorti il y a une semaine (avant ça j'ai sorti deux albums Rock Country).
▶️ Bandcamp : https://skyernaklea.bandcamp.com/album/frnk-nstn
▶️ Deezer : https://www.deezer.com/fr/album/314016387
▶️ Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/album/4B8U6rsQnFHGPK9f9l99Ul
▶️ Amazon Music : https://amzn.to/3Fn1NZ6
▶️ Apple Music : https://music.apple.com/fr/album/frnk-nstn/1621177387
▶️ SoundCloud : https://www.soundcloud.com/sky3rn/sets/frnk-nstn
▶️ YouTube Music : https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mKECCG-I29fh7e6VJUE0H7NCA4HDJgr-M
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU6cTskrLmgSky3RN’s Video 171545963022 tU6cTskrLmgSky3RN’s Video 171545963022 tU6cTskrLmg
Musics : Skyërn Aklea
Additional synths : Masami Komuro, Marty Can Fly, Marvin G., Theo Stark, Quyver
Additional vocals : Isla Fokkens, Remouk, Marty Can Fly
Additional guitars : Marty Can Fly
Graphics : Skyërn Aklea
Photos & filming : Marvin Dauvillaire

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Sky3RN’s Video 171545963022 tU6cTskrLmgSky3RN’s Video 171545963022 tU6cTskrLmg

Hey Lex I found used guitar it says Grover Jackson on the headstock is it a real Jackson? The guy wants to sell it cheap just curious if its real?

Yes, "Grover Jackson" is an authentic Jackson from the early 1990s. It was built in Japan exclusively for the Asian market. Around the mid 1990s, it was rebranded as "Jackson Stars" and sold until the late 1990s. It gets a bit confusing because those guitars had nothing to do with Grover Jackson himself. He was involved with guitars branded as "Jackson." The others were more like licensed models and perhaps as good as the Jackson "Professional" series which was also produced in Japan at that time. Grover Jackson, Jackson Stars and Jackson Professional were all built in the same Japanese factory with similar components, quality standards, etc.
Hey Lex I found used guitar it says Grover Jackson on the headstock is it a real

💳 What is the best & worst purchases you’ve ever made?

I’ve made some really stupid purchases over the years including:
💿 books and music I’ve taken a chance on (pre-internet so no looking them up) and subsequently hated;
🎁 Gift products that turned out to be scams (e.g very tiny print hidden in pages and pages of T&Cs: “the amount you paid for this small pot of cream isn’t just a one off payment but will be debited from your card each month for eternity” thankfully my bank recognised it as a scam and cancelled it);
🏰 Gaming pieces/products that turned out to be non-physical, i.e. lines of code for 3D printing thus useless to me;
🦵 Kickstarter/Crowdfunded stuff that didn’t turn up;
📚 Books and other gifts for people that kept going missing when they reached a particular foreign post office
🎸 Any of my guitars, which I’ve had the most use out of over the years;
🎵 Some vinyl records (music);
🛵 My scooter, though it didn’t last that long (my fault);
🎲 🐉 …?and a lot of my D&D paraphernalia.

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In the student musical I'm a part of there are several sections: Stage, dance, band, prop builders, PR (💙), cooks, makeup, sewing, sound / lights and party-fixers. Imagine you were gonna apply to join, which of those sections speak to you the most? Why? 🎭👨‍🍳📸🎺💃

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Cooking and sewing probably band is usually the wind instruments and I’m horrid at all that. 😂 If it were guitars, I’d be down.

Bruh I found this old Fender but I think it's fake? It has a strat like body but the horns are like a BCRich warlock wit h this these hugeass pickups. Its fake or some custom vintage job?

It's real and super rare. That was a Fender "Performer" which was built exclusively in Japan (but sold worldwide). There was a bass version of it too. They were built in 1985 but it was a bit of a flop. Production was cancelled the following year due to poor sales. There aren't too many floating around and if you collect Fender or rare guitars, you can give it a shot. Personally, I don't like it but the value is sure to increase. What's the asking price / condition? Are the pickups and hardware original? I believe this example has been restored:
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Do you own or play any instrument?

I own two guitars, one I got for my birthday years ago and one belonged to a friend who passed away last year. I can play a little but I haven’t been able to bring myself to play it anymore for years so it just sits in the corner of my living room. It’s only been picked up by two people since.

hi, can u tell something you like about yourself?

nottheusualrheya’s Profile Photoangeluna
Hello! Well, my pseudo name is Psyche. In most of my social media accounts I used it as a username since I've read hers and Eros' story and got fascinated with it. I'm into any forms of art. Be it painting, sketching, sculpture, dancing and music. I like guitars, pianos, ukulele and violins. I am.. trying my best and trying to find who i really am.
hi can u tell something you like about yourself

The world is full of what I like; They are innumerable things, but my room, my coffee, my books, my music are different, in another world to me alone. What are the things that you couldn't give up if you were forced to isolate for a whole year in a hut in a far country?

Esraaashraaf0’s Profile PhotoA L I E N
I wouldn't want to relinquish the things which give me the most pleasure - my books, stored digital content, computers, guitars, amplifiers, guitar pedals, woodworking tools, power tools, skis, my new car and a b!tching home entertainment system which I've installed with my own hands. Oh, and the popcorn machine.
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Do your parents like the music you listen to?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
Nope,they think the devil resides in it. But I listen to just as much classical music as I do rock the devil can't be in both.
In their time, they liked most of it.
My parents loved Simon and Garfunkel, and my dad was a huge Rolling Stones fanatic. They also grew up in the 50's so 50's rock and roll was in constant rotation also. I still listen to Simon and Garfunkel every now and then but that is it.
I just remember a lot of Billy Joel and Elton John on our long road trips, I hated it at the time. Now I think they're fine, I can sing along to some of Piano Man, it's a good song but I don't seek it out, and I couldn't name anything else by them.
I have been able to get my mother into some indie-rock music. Songs like: 'Young Bride' by Midlake; 'A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left' by Andrew Bird; 'Laughing With a Mouth of Blood' by St. Vincent; and some older songs like 'Sour Times' by Portishead; and 'Tender' by Blur.
Yeah, he's done some cool stuff. Hiking and paragliding in the Himalayas, living all over Europe and the Middle East, invented stuff and pioneered process innovations for major chemical companies, been on some advisory boards for state healthcare policy. But you wouldn't know it, he looks like a jolly Tamil Mario who likes his thayir-vadai and goes to bed at 8 PM haha
My mom hates music with electric guitars in it because they give her a headache. She likes Carnatic music and hip-hop because you can dance to both. They don't really care about what I listen to now. My mom would give me a disapproving look when I listened to uncensored versions of songs. She likes that I got into EDM because I can dance to it, lol. My dad used to listen to country music non-stop and so I did too until fifth grade. Now he goes through weird phases. There's been the Amy Winehouse phase, the Lady Antebellum phase, a huge Gwen Stefani/No Doubt phase, a small Black Eyed Peas/Fergie phase, and a Lady Gaga phase. I don't know why. It's amusing but it kinda sucks too because there are a lot of songs I associate with him that no one should ever associate with their father, songs like It Wasn't Me by Shaggy, Hey Mama by BEP... I love those songs but they remind me of him for gross reasons and it makes me feel gross.
My parents only listen to desi music. Some of it is super old and all the female singers have such high voices, it's really hard to listen to. I like some of the stuff, mainly instrumentals, but most of it is not my cup of tea. My dad has this one CD of nadaswaram music that me and my sister will always try to avoid.

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Favourite song at the moment?

“Riot Van” by Arctic Monkeys, one of their older pieces, but I only recently started listening to the album and the song gives me a warm feeling that very few songs ever give. It's Korean but I have yet to find any other artists in any language with this kind of chill, so fit to walk home just after a sunset, after getting off a 30 min bus ride, taking a deep breath of the brisk evening breeze from a long day of work, and looking up, seeing the stars waking up to in the night sky.
He's a garage house artist, and his music makes that clear. He's also worked on the soundtrack for Lethal League. My absolute favorite song from him is Ordinary Days V2. Synthcity and Smooth Arrangements are also really good.
Haha, I absolutely love that kind of thing. I hate trying new music usually, but when I accidentally run into music that I find myself loving it's the nicest feeling. I recall hearing someone playing Paolo Nutini songs in my neighbourhood years back, and I specifically searched him out to ask who the artist was, that's definitely my favourite accidental music I've found lol.
Not my favorite because I can never choose a favorite, I just think everyone needs to experience it at least once. In the dark, with headphones. It’s an out of body experience.
I've mostly been listening to Sonic Youth's album Daydream Nation, which no matter how popular is, I still believe is their best album: a perfect blend of experimentation and accessibility, and a good starting point if you're considering checking them out. I've been listening to their song The Diamond Sea as well, which just puts me in a state of trance, despite half the song being Thurston and Lee messing around and making noise with their guitars lmao. One of my favorite bands for sure. I listen to an unhealthy amount of Phoebe Bridgers and Lana Del Rey, but some months ago I listened to Fiona Apple's Fetch The Bolt Cutters and fell in love immediately! Now I'm getting into her other albums and I liked everything so far, so I highly recommend her music!
Anyway my favorite song at the moment is Faith Healer by Julien Baker, it has that kind of "driving down the highway with the windows down" feeling, can't really explain it but I think that's awesome!

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Horoskopy, przesądy, tarot, karma, wiara... myślisz, że któreś z wyżej wymienionych zdobyło kiedykolwiek w twoich oczach krztę prawdy? Dlaczego?

KochankaSmierci’s Profile Photo·Suna☯senshi·
"""Horoscopes, superstitions, tarot, karma, faith ... do you think that any of the aforementioned ones have ever caught a glimpse of the truth in your eyes? Why?"""
* * * *
~ because we are human . . . . it is all the gospel according to humanity ; we kid ourselves . . . . . we see what we can't fathom as something explained by something bigger than us ~
So , although we say we chill ; the truth is:
~ we cower on the dark side of the room . . .
It's not a comfort zone
I feel so far from home
My blood is never warm
My skin can feel the storm
The lights they flicker bright
As we approach the night knowing
I watch the guitars play
I feel the drumbeat sway
I smell the singers sweat
The song ain't got there yet
The crowd is feeling good
I know from where I'm stood it's growing
You'll find me on the dark side of the room
The road that never ends
The heart that never mends
Will you be scared tonight
Will the birds all take flight
And you might see the moon
From this side of the room glowing
You'll find me on the dark side of the room
Just look and you might find me there . . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DztEKqMIGv4igotamatch’s Video 152809731706 DztEKqMIGv4igotamatch’s Video 152809731706 DztEKqMIGv4

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Horoskopy przesądy tarot karma wiara myślisz że któreś z wyżej wymienionych

Du verspürst Angst, Trauer, Wut oder befindest dich in einer anderen Extremsituation. Zeige deine Reaktion in einem RPG-Text, einem Bild oder Collage.

Silently, Jon stood and watched. His body was motionless for the most part, he was barely blinking, barely reacting to what he saw right in front of his eyes. The squared circle vibrated under the thunder of the loud music that filled the arena, guitars and drums ringing in his ears, but he remained quiet – eyes focused on nothing but that black belt with the golden ornaments which wrapped so smoothly around the waist of the other man. Rollins should enjoy it while it still lasted. He should enjoy the past couple of minutes he would have with the World Heavyweight Championship.
Pettily, the other man climbed on the ring corner, allowing the fans to react but staring right back into Jon’s eyes. There was no fear in either of the two of them, just plain focus. Silence in the crashing storm of emotions that filled the room. Seconds passed and they stared at each other in constant concentration.
For a brief moment, when Seth jumped down onto the matt, both of their figures moved along the slight dip. The brunette came closer and for the first time since the champion had entered the arena, Jon too, moved. Where usually a storm rolled through his mind, yelled at him, slapped his thoughts back and forth, there was nothing but quietness in his brains now. High pressure, extreme expectations, the foresight of violence - the only way to calm down Jon Moxley. Big steps brought him closer to his opponent until their chest bumped into each other. Insults, rants and threats were thrown back and forth, not audible for the viewers around them but very real for the two of them. In here, between the ropes, they were in a world of their own, in a league where nobody could touch them. Seth rose the title above their heads as he was announced the current champion, screaming on about keeping his title but Jon ignored it. It didn’t tickle just one nerve inside of him.
The arena fell quiet, the bell rang and the energy which had kept his body too tense to move in its jerky and naturally uncontrollable manner, it busted free. First and elbows were thrown by the dirty blond, ecstatic screaming erupted, and bodies connected with each other in heavy manner. It was those extreme moments in which Jon found himself at his calmest, at peace even. Focus – nothing but that – had place in his head as the violence took over and hatred increasingly emerged.

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Ever listened to metal? ? I myself love every kind of music as long as its good, but I'll always be a metalhead at heart?

Shirjeel Ashraf
Although I am not a metal fan, generally the lyrics are very meaningful and powerful past the distortion guitars , growling vocals and screaming.❇?↙️
+1 answer in: “What kind of music do u like? other than Jared leto?”

So you know how your a singer, your very passionate about your music and everything? Well, I take care of my instruments, I obsess over them. My guitars string broke and I sobbed for an hour. I’m getting new ones come Thursday. Also my birthday is in 3 days!!

Happy early birthday!!!!!! Yeah, I completely get that. Music became my life, and if something happened to an instrument I owned I would freak out.

My friends ask me why I’m single? I tell I just them pictures of my 27 inch iMac, 64 inch TV, my film and video game collection, my Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 pro and my six guitars and tell them, would I be able to afford that if I had a girlfriend? I’ll just stick with the one offs with women.

You are single because of your fucking bald head mate

My friends ask me why I’m single? I tell I just them pictures of my 27 inch iMac, 64 inch TV, my film and video game collection, my Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 pro and my six guitars and tell them, would I be able to afford that if I had a girlfriend? I’ll just stick with the one offs with women.

Because every girl on earth would want to date your fat ass babe
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