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What was a small act of kindness you were once shown, that you'll never forget?

Back in the early spring of 2013, a guy saw I was upset after I had just walked out of a thrift store I worked at the time, and asked me if I was okay, and so he actually sat down with me and actually listened to what happened, which was that the people at the thrift store decided to wait until after I got there to tell me they didn't need me ,again, as it was not the first day they did that to me, and so I really appreciated that he didn't just ask the question, but asked and then really listened. It's so rare when people listen.
What was a small act of kindness you were once shown that you will never forget?
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What was your best / worst movie-going experience? 🍿📽

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I went to Deadpool with some annoying guy once. Didn't know Deadpool was quite gorey too and I can't handle blood. So I sat on my phone for most of the movie.
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What was your best  worst moviegoing experience

I'm quite a bit bigger than you, a guy, but no judo experience. How easy would it be for you to beat me?

Given I intentionally throw off my own balance in order to use my momentum to plant my larger opponents face or back first into the mat, easy would be an understatement.
Never underestimate smaller opponents, we tend to have a lifetime of experience in clowning our enemies and generally have zero time to waste on not being taken seriously.
Whenever someone smirked at me, I made sure to use their own momentum to royally fuck them up.
Im quite a bit bigger than you a guy but no judo experience How easy would it be

I've been flirting with this dude for a week out of boredom and now I don't want him anymore he's aggy. I mean this might sound bad but whatevs. He messages me daily. I don't want to just ghost him thst isn't decent behavior. How do I banish him to no contact island in a cute non rude way? Help

Wow. You need to be honest with this guy, he's not a toy to ease your boredom and then discard, he deserves to atleast be told the truth and not waste his time

i am 27 single good looking smart guy if any widow wanna marry me then we can talk further

A good looking and smart guy doesn't have to beg for grieving women on the Internet.
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i am 27 single good looking smart guy
if any widow wanna marry me then we can

Worst first date stories?

A guy I went on a date with stared intently at me with this sinister smirk on his face so I asked him what is it and his response was "I like staring at you but don't worry I won't kill you because I like you". I sat speechless for a moment before saying "okay well bye!"
He then said how he wanted to walk me back but I said I was fine and that was the end of that and I never saw him again. He also spoke with a squeaky voice like a mouse 🤣

تحب تشوف مسلسلات او افلام رعب.. و اللي ما يتابع افلام.. تحب تقرا قصص مرعبة..؟ ✨

KyuHyukGirl’s Profile Photo~.بنت الوهيبي.~
To be honest? Most horror movies are thrillers and most of them lost my respect.
Generally speaking, that is.
A horror story to me MUST include paranormal activity in the plot.
A random masked guy chasing you down is not a horror in my list.

Która współpraca Justina Ci się najmniej podoba?

wszystkowopisie’s Profile PhotoPytania, Quizy, Loterie | All.
Oj, kilka jest takich. 😁
Nie podoba mi się najbardziej Lolly, Pyd, Next To You, We Are, Wait for a Minute, Right Here, Bad Guy Remix & Up All Nigt.

Have you ever been bitten by a dog? What's that like?

I was bitten by a poodle once. I was a dumbass kid (maybe 4? Possibly 5), and I can't quite remember what my thought process was. But I think I thought its tail couldn't possibly be real (it was one of those poodles that had been selective shaved and styles so its tail looked like brocoli and sections of its fur were shaved off completely to make it look fluffy around the ankles and neck). I was part of a group of boys that were reaching out and tugging its tail. The dog didn't care for it and started snapping at us. I was a little to slow when I gave its tail a tug and it managed to catch me. I got bit by a random stranger's dog as I was walking down the street. It was painful and I was keen to just get away from the situation. My parents were worried that I didn't get the owner's name or phone number. The stress and frustration of everybody else freaking out about whether the dog was vaccinated or if it had been aggressive to more people was worse than the actual bite itself.
I was bitten by an Alsatian once. It tore my hand and arm up. Very painful. The dogs owner was a really bad owner though, people knew he abused it and it was unfortunately put to sleep. I love dogs still though. If the owner wasn't such a prick the dog would never of done it. Just a quick little story. I used to live opposite a shop that was always busy. It was good for people watching. I was drinking a coffee whilst gazing upon the general public one morning when this guy walks up to the shop with his dog. The dog pulled towards something and the guy full on cocked his leg back and toe punted the dog right in the ribs. The Yelp the dog made was horrible, my wife saw it too, looked at me and said "please don't do anythi....." I think he was in a bloody pulp on the floor before she even finished her sentence. There were legal repercussions but I didn't care. I fucking love dogs. 2 days ago I was out walking with my 14 year old (who is bigger than me) and one of the down the street neighbours (who is a bit of a nut , long stories but everyone knows "Petal"), so Petal is walking her big dog, we are on the other side of the street and dog pulls it's leash right out of Petal's hands and it runs towards me and my son. I immediately step in front of my bigger the me son, shielding him as the dog is circling. Petal is standing there saying, no no, dont do that, I tell her to step in his leash to stop him circling and she does, picks up leash , then she lets it out of her hands again and the dog is back barking, circling, snarling. I kinda lost my mind at that point..my son was behind me and I charge the dog screaming NO BACK NO BACK and sure enough the dog backs up, then comes back..and Petal is just standing there mouth hanging open, tell her again.

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boys are so much obsessed with height but why they always like short girls

tabraizali9’s Profile Photozara sheikh
Hugs are perfect when her is shorter than him. When a girl hugs, his guy can easily put his arms around her so she can get all the warmth, comfort & feel safe also at the time she is closest to his heart.
Lol i am kidding there is another reason....😈💩

Jakbyś miał sam stworzyć album z samymi hitami Lady (solo), to jakie utwory by się na nim pojawiły? (max 10) 😁

natiix2231’s Profile Photonatalia
Dziękuję za takie pytanie. Trudno mi było wybrać tylko 10. 😅😊

1. Paparazzi
2. Bad Romance
3. Love Game
4. Born This Way
5. Alejandro
6. Judas
7. G.U.Y
8. Alice
9. Million Reasons
10. Shallow

*using her large wings to protect herself hiding her skull and most of her body inside the upper feather protrudes out like spikes they would lessen the bow but ultimately not completely stop the oncoming assault* Sh!t this guy really isn't a joke.. *she tried to think how to get out of this*

AnarchySkeleton’s Profile PhotoAnarchy | Ana
D͐o͍ͮ̾ͅn't͓̪̾͛ ̯͙͇̆̂̇b͔̦loc͌̅k ̘yo͗u̫̭͖r̘͖̩̒ͯͩ v͎͓̹̐̊ͧie̝̓w ̣͈̭̈̽̄an̺͓o̺̗ͤ͆m̻̌al̳̥̦ͣͫͫy͈͉̥ͬͫ̓
*the voice comes from right behind her, while she was shielding herself and her line of sight was interrupted he had teleported right behind her, several Error blasters at his side, before she can reorient, they all fire off*

Ap k life ka sb se bara Uturn?

pirzzz’s Profile PhotoPir Fahad
[2/2] (cont.)
for example the guy in my class who actually does not study and still gets highest in all courses and everyone thinks he’s untouchable smart god, but he’s actually just someone who was into coding since 8th grade, when most of us didn’t know what that even is.
Smartness is always about these other things.
It’s a result of effort and consistency and focus and attention and a lot about privilege.
It’s also about confidence. Especially in non-technical subjects. Anyone who knows how to link two things and present a conclusion can bullshit their way through any non technical exam and you would think, wow they are so smart.
There’s never something wrong with you but some thing wrong with what you are doing, always. So next time you’re feeling like shit looking at smart people around you, think about what they are able to do and put in, and how your situation and condition stops you from doing so. Otherwise you would also be where they are.
-Note to me lmao, feeling like shit over this sucks

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Are you a guy? Why did you vote for the guy. I mean, who will kiss me - a girl or a guy, not the one who should be kissed. 😅😅😅

Oh, whoops. I thought it said whom would you rather be kissed by. So I went for the guy. 🤣
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Are you a guy Why did you vote for the guy I mean who will kiss me  a girl or a

What are your preferences when it comes to marriage?

fatehahsan171’s Profile PhotoFateh Ahsan
Understanding for me is the key
It’s the little things,it always comes down to the little things in marriage
It lets you know how much your partner love & respect you
Majority of girls don’t want to face the hardships of life & responsibilities of being a life partner & build a future together.
They want things on a platter without any struggle leaving their partner to hunt alone for their future together (A big reason for breakups)
For a guy like me it would be hell if we don’t have the same level of awareness & understanding.Everything else is secondary to me.
What are your preferences when it comes to marriage

My gf cheated. I’m upset but I don’t want to break up. She went on a business trip for a 1 week conference and she said she cheated with a guy at the hotel. She gave me her ig and snap passwords to make up for it. Should I still stay with her?

Well, that's a choice you have to make for yourself. Do you genuinely love her and believe you two can get past this or not? As a stranger it's easy to say break up with somebody like that but I know it's a difficult decision to make in the moment because of the love you shared with your partner. Either way, you're the one making the final decision not a stranger.

i’m trying to find an excuse to contact my ex. hear me out. we dated in the beginning of quarantine. i was going thru alot. i wasn’t in a great headspace at the time & ended things very badly. he’s an amazing guy. i just want to fix things & maybe form a friendship again :(

Why do you need an excuse? If you want to talk with him, get in touch and express your feelings. Don't complicate a simple matter...
im trying to find an excuse to contact my ex hear me out we dated in the

Don't u think it's all about whose flaws we choose to ignore and whose we don't ?

dictator_1059’s Profile PhotoThought snatcher
Absolutely 🌚
Ya know one of my closest friends, eldest brother is married to one of my seniors. It was a love marriage but before it took place she did ask me how that lady was in person and I told her, she won’t be a right decision but as they say, love is blind. 🌚 That guy literally overlooked every shit she had done which literally all awam knew about. The family was against them getting married but when they guy wants to marry a certain woman, nobody can make him change his mind period. They did got married. I even attended it. 🌚 Now they don’t have a father and their mother is one of the NICEST women I’ve known in my life. So
Polite, so mannered, so caring so respectful. I honestly love her but her daughter in law, legit ruined not just the atmosphere of the place but their peace of minds as well. She’d argue, she’d fight, she’d make a fuss out of nothing, she’d even curse everyone including her husband. All this bullshit for what? Not cause she was bothered in anyway but because she wanted a separate house. It was a love marriage ffs. She could’ve said it before but nah! She did what she had to do, afterwards.
They have a very adorable son. No matter what shit she throws at him or even if she asks for divorce (over and over again) to emotionally blackmail him, he just won’t do it. It was a love marriage. Like we all knew from the start that this woman is using him but he didn’t wanted to see it back then nor he wants to see it now. I keep saying, one shouldn’t have children till they are very sure, they’re with the right person. Now they’re trapped. Shit never stops. It’s just sad. So very sad.

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What to do when your boyfriend prefer his friends over you?

Ayesha141’s Profile PhotoAyesha141
Just remember 1 thing we unfortunately lose our loved ones when they die, we live our life after sometime we get used to it. Then why you’re adjusting with a guy who isn’t even preferring you over his friends? You deserve everything. So, leave him *with his friends* & live your life.

Don't u think it's all about whose flaws we choose to ignore and whose we don't ?

dictator_1059’s Profile PhotoThought snatcher
Totally, a guy with good face and alot of money can flirt with you and he'll be cute but if same thing will be done by someone who has somewhat bad personality would be called a tharki/harsser. Lol

I think you should know that @Kelvintheguy is a fake profile. He is using photos of Toni Mahfud. This guy takes advantage of women on here. Thought you should know!

Ah thank you for letting me know!
I did think the dp looked a bit... weird cuz of the "chat" bit at the bottom...
If any of my friends want to block / report this person, then please do so! I don't want any one to get hurt or taken advantage of by a fake profile!
(also yes I did follow this up before replying!)
I think you should know that Kelvintheguy is a fake profile He is using photos

why do guys do this? there's this random guy to whom I talked Anonymously, he then unticked (I'd like to mention he hasn't posted his picture) we talked for an hour almost he asked for my WhatsApp, I usually don't add up but I kinda wanted to add him, and the other day he ghosted me!

Giving ur whatsapp to someone u talked for an hour? Are we really doing this?? Is this what it has come to?🥶 scary timess

What are you most proud of and why should I remember you?

I'm a super shy person, but recently I've tried streaming my games and have actually had some success. I'm so proud of how far I've come and how much more confident I am, but gaming is still kind of a stigma... I interviewed for a job a few months back and these were the first two questions asked of me and damned if I stumbled trying to answer them. Ever since then I've been turning those questions over and over in my mind trying to come up with and elegant way of answering them and I can't really think of anything. I'd string together the two questions and give a singular answer. So for me, I'd probably say, "What I'm most proud of and the reason you will remember me is my personal investment with projects in that any time my work is reviewed, you will know it is quality and that I put my best effort forward in completing it." I can't really say anything for the first one, but everyone remembers me for my awful jokes, and I guess the interviewer would probably ask for one and I'd come up with nothing and start to fumble with my words and still be out of job...
That's the thing with a lot of people: the need to be remembered. And honestly, if that's how this system works, you're going to have a lot of people that are doing their best in hopes of being recognized. Because of that, the value of effort is going to be inflated, and what we would have considered to be great work is now just good work. And it's always an effort of being able to one up the other, to be that guy that the boss is going to remember some day down the line. Sure, the increasing quality of work is a good thing for the company, but it really only makes the hiring process a lot more difficult for people entering the workforce. But really, the only ones that are really remembered are either the radicals or the troublemakers. Everyone remembers the guy who attempted tax fraud. Everyone remembers the guy that broke some things out of anger on his way out of the office when he got fired. Troublemakers aren't remembered for the wrong reasons. As for the radicals? Well, they're the revolutionaries that changed things in the system. And the thing about radicals is that they're either already on their way to the top, or they're categorized with the troublemakers. It's a dog eat dog world out there, and they'll tear you down on the spot when they get the chance. So how am I going to stand out? Honestly, I probably won't. I'll stay on top of everything, do all my work, and make it quality work at that. That's where my pride lies—my work ethic, being sure to get things right the first time and learning from it and trying again if I don't. Because when you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all. So I'll be the one employee that comes in, shows off quality performance, gets on the good side of fellow co-workers during breaks and lunch, maybe even comes out to annual picnics and such.

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Have you ever been in a situation in which you were hanging out with someone but the other person thought you were dating or in the reverse position?

Sort of. Guy got the wrong idea and it got really awkward when I told him we were not a couple just because we hung out at my house once

Pic of your new cat. Details please

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoNeo
Keep in mind I still have to take this little guy home! As attached as I've grown to this skrunkly little gremlin, I still have to see how the pups are going to react 😔
Anywho! Little guy got himself stuck under the car. Like proper stuck. We had to take the tire off and grease him out with baby shampoo. After a bath and feeding, we kept bringing him around to see if mama cat returned, but she didn’t.
Now he won't leave me alone 😳 🤣 And neither bro nor his gf asked for pet inclusion in their leases 🤦🏻‍♀️
He's a bitey little heathen, too, so I'm not too confident in his chances for adoption at a shelter. Soooo... yeah...
Pic of your new cat Details please
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Czy facet po pięćdziesiątce z ładnie opalonymi nogami ma szansę u 20 latki?

Does a guy in his 50s with nicely tanned legs have a chance in a 20-year-old?
After one fifty, the chances of a twenty-year-old girl are modest, but after four fifties or half a liter of alcohol, the chances are very much higher
Po pięćdziesiątce u dwudziestolatki pięćdziesięciolatek ma skromne szanse, jednak po czterech pięćdziesiątkach albo po pół litrze szanse bardzo wzrastają. Im więcej dwudziestolatka wypije alkoholu tym większe szanse ma pięćdziesięciolatek

Your dream travel place 😍✈️

SoCal. Too bad Biden is fucking this country up and SoCal is super expensive. I have future plans to move there and this clown is fucking it up. I might actually vote for whoever the Republican nominee is in 2024. I can't stand this fucking guy. He sucks. Biden belongs in a home, not in the Oval Office.

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