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Why guys treat girls soo good for like a year or two and then dump her? Even if the girl gave her 100%

arooshariaz’s Profile PhotoAroosha Riaz
Not siding with anyone or saying it happens from one side only, it's just that when something is new and one is not used to it but likes how it feels, one does everything to keep it that way but sooner or later one gets tired of the feeling and wants something new. 🙂 General human nature, basically.

What’s the real reason guys glance at a woman’s butt? Is it really because they see it as child bearing/fertile or they just like the look

Only a weirdo would see it that way. Not to mention it’s disrespectful to see it that way cause it should be her choice anyway. But many people can’t help but look at something that looks nice, lol. -T

If Your Partner was doing almost everything right since you guys met (treat you so good you have no complaints) but you founded out he was sleeping with a friend. Would you leave or try to work it out?

Depends if that rule was established or not. Can't get mad at them if I wasn't clear sleeping with other people was off limits. If it was, time to leave. Know your worth and respect your boundaries

Do you feel alone in this world?

MalikShaheer’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Shaheer
For some of you, especially the guys, the recent whatsapp update might be no biggie at all BUT GODDDD you guys have no idea how happy I was when i got to know that now i can CHOOSE who sees my pfp and who doesn't. Like God forbid man printer waly sy apni assignments print krwaty itni weird feeling aati thi when he'd open WhatsApp web ugh...

Why guys treat girls soo good for like a year or two and then dump her? Even if the girl gave her 100%

arooshariaz’s Profile PhotoAroosha Riaz
Actually its our imagination if you love someone and he/she is with you for a long time(years) with out giving the offer of nikkah.
And we think he or she could be mine is same as expecting love from a sanke

Hello guys, I just wanted to ask ke ap logon mai se koi gariyon ka shoq rakhta hai? Mujhe kuch information chahiye thi ke mai konsi gari ke neeche aake marun.

ashkhannn’s Profile PhotoAysha Yusufzai
Apki Sehat dakh Kar Lagta Hy app Kisi motorbike KY nechay a Kar Bhi yh kam SAR anjam dy Sakti Hain wasay Aghar shook gari Ka he Hy Tu motorway par chali Jayain or apni Pasand ki gari sy try karyain

https://ask.fm/pekena_ofc_016/photopolls/210395471 vs guys

Dragonlipe’s Profile PhotoFilipe funny
Not sure what you mean by that but okay.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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httpsaskfmpekenaofc016photopolls210395471 vs guys

What would be different if planet Earth was twice it size?

Lots of stuff, I think. Like, the temperature and the klimat would be completely different, the magnetic field would be completely different, maybe the moon would be rings, we'd definitely change mars orbit, the humanity would probably developed much less rapidly. However, I think that it would hardly have seriously affеcted the development of the world beyond the asteroid belt (Jupiter and all these guys).

Hello guys, I just wanted to ask ke ap logon mai se koi gariyon ka shoq rakhta hai? Mujhe kuch information chahiye thi ke mai konsi gari ke neeche aake marun.

ashkhannn’s Profile PhotoAysha Yusufzai
Don't ever say such stupid things. Your life is precious for some people so just live it the way you are happy with it. But don't talk about dying. Mazaak mein bhi yeh baat na kiya karein koi bhi gharri Qabooliyat ki hou sakti hai. Taubah Karein!🙂

Guys pacarku ketahuan chattan sama cewe dan manggil by. tapi kita virtual. Aku kepo pengen tanta adenya. soalnya dia suka bilang adenya tau kalo aku pacarnya.

masih percaya omongan cwo?hahaha gue mh kgk.saran sih,jgn menaruh kepercayaan penuh,belum tentu yg dia omongin benar.cwo jaman skrng ga cukup 1 cwe xixi

Why guys treat girls soo good for like a year or two and then dump her? Even if the girl gave her 100%

arooshariaz’s Profile PhotoAroosha Riaz
Have you ever heard of a word "Lust"? They are just up for it and run away from a Khoobsurat word "Love" or "Commitment".
Ps: Same happens to some guys too. Guys do their best and give their 100% still Girls dump her.🙂

Since we stay in same city , we can start relationship today

Ohh god !!! People !!! Get out of this relationship this relationship thing yar
Why everything starts with relationship over here and ends on relationship only
Grow up guys talk about anything else.
These relationships ain't going to work I'm telling you all hona Wohi ha Jo Allah chahta ha okay ?

It’s too easy for girls to use ask. They post some ordinary question and gets 100+ reply even if they post ‘hmm’ or ‘how are you’ ..They gonna get tons of answers .. but boys, they always got ignored for even good questions too.. why this racism ? Why this beghariti ?

Only few people give answers to my questions...
Maybe it's your wrong assumption...
Or maybe girls are more white or Asian as compared to brown guys..

Hi Tita. My gf recently told her dad that she's bi and is in a relationship. He said he was okay with all of it, but one time he saw us holding hands and seemed upset. How do I deal with that? I love her very much but it's kind of hard to walk on eggshells knowing that I'm not (very) welcome.

You can't expect parents to suddenly embrace you as their child's partner even if they said it's OK. For your sake you both should lay low on the PDA until you're sure her parents are processing the news properly. They have a lot of fears. Of course it sucks, and in an ideal world they would welcome you as their own right away. Unfortunately that doesn't usually happen, even with straight couples. Ease your way into their lives as a consistent and unobtrusive presence, not one where every time they see you they have to confront their feelings about the news. Be helpful around the house. Bring them food. Be thoughtful. Ligawan mo muna parents bago ka mag-PDA with their daughter. Just like guys. In the end it's your GF's responsibility to bring you closer to the family. That means konting kabig muna sa physical touching in front of the parentals.

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Salah gak sih di umur 24thn tapi pengen kuliah di universitas terbuka?

Engga guys, ini bwt semua org yg suka nanya salah apa ga buat kuliah di umur yg udah tua ya. Itu tuh ga salah, namanya kuliah belajar itu kan gaada batesan umurnya, terus jg gaada kata telat. Msh mending telat drpd ga sama sekali sumpah. Cape bgt balesinnya pd nanya salah apa ga😭gapernah salah guys, jd jgn nyerah ya!! Lesgo kuliaahh~semangat terusss
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Heile einen Mann dessen Herz gebrochen wurde und er wird dich für immer lieben Heile eine Frau dessen Herz gebrochen wurde und sie wird trotzdem zu dem Typen gehen der sie verletzt hat..

Find‘s immer lustig, wie ihr Pfei.fen es schafft, in einem Moment das gesamte weibliche Geschlecht komplett zu pauschalieren und auf Oberflächlichkeiten und Klischees zu reduzieren, und euch im nächsten Moment als arme, unverstandene „nice guys“ zu präsentieren, die ja alle keine Chancen bekommen, weil „die bösen Frauen“ ihren „enormen Wert“ nicht erkennen.
Kommt klar, Freunde. Niemand steht drauf, in Schubladen gesteckt zu werden, und die Schei.sse ist der hauptsächliche Grund, weshalb ihr alle gekorbt werdet.
Verinnerlicht das, und macht es besser. Dann läuft bei euch, vertraut mir in der Hinsicht.
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why you say :( we are good guys want to know you like or not ? also good looking man no? 😀

Yesss MashALLAH they are veryyyy good guys. You know jokes beside I don’t like to generalize ppl, so I will not. But what I came to know for sure most of you guys know very well how to flirt with girls MashALLAH…. 😅😂

Stop attacking ppl just bc they are male

teal1140374’s Profile Phototeefy
would you like to walk a mile in our shoes? Just earlier in another comment section, you said you’d “fck me.” I answered a question and you took it upon yourself to turn the convo towards sex. You guys sexualize women daily. You make “harmless” remarks about our bodies, clothing, f*ckability, mental status, etc. You make repeated s*xual advances and don’t stop when we ask. Women and children get unalived at the whim of a man. I could go on and on and on but others will probably do it for me. Have the night you deserve
Stop attacking ppl just bc they are male

guys disini siapa yang deact ig tapi sekarang gabisa login lagi karena error, ada yang udah tau caranya gimana?

banyak yaa yg gini, aku dulu pernah deactive ig trus aku aktifin krn takut lupa pw.
abis diaktifin aku ganti pw biar sama kaya email kerjaan. trus log out sampe skrg hahaha

Guys, minta pendapat tentang pembulyan?

Kalo pas jamanku sih masih dalam kewajaran si ,sering ngalamin sih paling yaa ejek ejekan nama ortu trus gelut , fisik ,kakak kelas dsb itupun yg kuat , kalo ga kuat itu lo yg aku ngerasa kasian , apalagi sampe bunuh diri dsb , yaa kalo bisa sih harus ditemenin yg di bully itu , kalo bakal hilang yg melakukan pembullyan, aku rasa itu tidak akan pernah berhenti .

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