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Tbh.... yhan Kisi se darte Ni ho tum? Answer all of these plz 1:Name an important person you lost? 2:What is your age? 3:Name your bae? 4:That one thing you love the most? 5:People you are recently attached to? 6: person u hate the most on ask?

3)koi Nahi hai
4) gyming
5) few guys from ask :)
6)life is to short to hate people.
And thank you. Untick?

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Asking as a friend/stranger, just need an answer 😢 What would you do? When you love somebody more than anything in the whole damn world, love her adore her worship her don't wanna live without her and then she says she doesn't want you? I'm feeling helpless right now

So sad bro
I know its very hard for you to move on but gym gyming he woh rasta hai jo k tumha ouskay new bf say zada cool bana skti hai
Tou come on boy lift lift lift lift 😎😎 hahaha i know i am very smart 😂

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How to deal with people who always underestimate you just because of weight? Not everyone bt there are few people who keeps cracking jokes on my weight and keeps taunting me! Is it just me or it happens with every fat girl? How to deal with people who keeps making fun of ur weight?#fatgirlproblem😭

You are beautiful just the way you are. Don't pay attention to the people who crack jokes about your weight , block them out of your life. No matter what anyone says ,stay the same (if you are comfortable and happy with your weight, if you are not start gyming )
Love you 🐼

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likers get tbh &compliments - gavar you are an amazing person ..honestly i miss old gavar :p ..you r one unique namuna :p but i must say gyming karke you have build really good muscles ..stay blessed gavar ..keep smiling

Ayye chal haat tu gavar😂😂tu namuni🙊🙊😂😂aww thank you so much gavar😍😍😂😂🙊stay blessed too gavar take care. 😂☺️

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My sister has asthma too! You should try doing the breathing exercises in yoga! They help :) Trust me, I've seen it because my real sister faces the same problem!!!

i am already doing gyming soo my body is more comfortable with it now but im on meditation and medicines and im doing pretty well🌼💋 thank you for your suggestion please untick really wanna know who you are💋❤

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Like- If I was your girlfriend- You will be my first priority. I will be dating the cutesttt guy❤️. We will go on every possible dates❤️ I will be sharing my pizza n chocolates with you. We will do double gyming together 😂😂😂 (P.S- I m already your girlfriend 😏🌍)

juileeshetye’s Profile PhotoJuilee❤⛄
Awww I love you!♥️😘 Double gyming 😍😘 But you're dating my dimples not me!😭

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Like = Sentence Awesome personality, these glasses suits u, bg is damn attractive, i jus love to speak urdu with pathans xD Answers b achhy hain, a bit chubby u r bs thora time gyming karo n ur body shape will be perfect... #StayBlessed (:)

madni_’s Profile PhotoUgly Mugg ✌
Thank you soooo much mady 😍😍 , u just made my day 😄😄 .. ap bhi bohot chikne ho and thanks for the advice . will be in the gym in shaa Allah .. yeah its nice talking to other pathan felas too 😂😂

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tbh ( u didnt like ; i didnt have a qn like this ) : THANKS FOR FRIYAY and u made me vv happy that day cause i thought i was gg home alone but nope :) thanks for the ice cream and THE PICTURE THO . hahaha u shld totally come often cause ur a v fun person to be with ?

Rochelletayyy’s Profile Photorochelle
special tbh for me isit hehe ✨ no problem alright thank you too for everything especially gyming with me ? & yas we gotta treasure our time left ??

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I've seen you lifting. Weights lifted by you are not more than 20kg. You can't have such a great physique by lifting such light weights. It's obvious that you consume protien powder in excess amounts. I am right, ain't I?

Dude which world are you in? It doesn't matter how heavy weight you lift you chut, it depends on how your diet is. If you have no knowledge about gyming and stuff so shut the fuck up. And who are you? It seems you're jealous, you little bitch.

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Ive seen you lifting Weights lifted by you are not more than 20kg You cant have

Answer all of these please: 1) Who is that one person you never want to loose?♥ 2) Whats your age?♥ 3) How many sibblings?♥ 4) Any random girl you want to be friend with♥ 5) Any random boy you want to be friend with♥ 6) One thing you love the most?♥ 7) People you are recently attatched to?♥

1. they are two actually, mom nd dad ??
2. 17 ?
3. 2 big bhais ???
4. skip ?
5. skip ?( why random when i have my loving squad ) ✌
6. gyming , eating, sleeping ✌?
7. amritpal ❤, rishabh ,Harman , @prabhnoorkaur18 . my lifelines ??

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FI in return: Lol.Dekh tha tuje in school 2-3 times But didn't know you're such a big fool😂. Wow it rhymed so lamely. Anyway thanks to da reunion party i got to know ya😆. You're honestly a hilarious genuine person❤ but you're still an idiot n will always be😚. Gyming kro😍#arshitabesoHWAT

VaishnaviKapil’s Profile PhotoVaishnavi Kapil
Tujhe bhi dekha tha in school,
You seemed cool,
Par tab kabhi baat nai ki thi cuz I was such a fool. 😂
Han genuine ton hun, definitely not Made in China, original maal hai pura.
Oh and yeah. I'll never stop 💪.

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Hi, I'm a skinny guy who always wanna build some serious muscle can u help me? I've been gyming for few months but nothing changed. I'm now 15 y/o

Skinny guys usually don't eat enough. Calculate ur cabs and calories intake each meal, try set a weekly target, drop by drop increase ur weight. Get that amount of weights by only eating more meals. Meals in this case is healthy food, no junk food pls. At the same time, don't give up on gyming. With scientific workout programme, u will see the result eventually. Hope to see ur 6 packs soon, eh? ?#flexthoseguns

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When you first started out gyming were you like skinny? I started off around 50kg and now it's been a year and now I'm about 60kg. Do you aim for higher reps lighter weight or lower reps and higher weights? And recommendation on food? How many meals did u have a day and what do they consist of?

I was a fat fuck in year 8 never really did any strength/weight training ever since. Mostly burned all the fat through playing sports and cardio whenever I was committed. As I got older I was more cautious about my body image, in year 10 I began to hit cardio intensely and lost fat dramatically. I started working out halfway through year 10 slowly building up gains. This year though has been the year where I've trained harder than ever, although injuries/difficulties were faced. I weighed 80Kg started and now I'm on 75Kg all year around. Been trying to maintain but also gaining lean muscle, which will mean my weight changes here and there. With meals I don't really concentrate too much, but from your weight I reckon you should intake more calories daily to reach your desired weight. With lifting weights, I do heavy weights-less reps with big muscle groups (chest, back, legs) just do feels right for you! DIET IS IMPORTANT, but honestly I just eat anything but in small proportions ? I don't know what you look like but I guess your athletic. Myself however, I'm not trying to bulk. I eat 3 times (breakfast-lunch-dinner) a day, but having little snacks inbetween whenever I get hungry: -nuts, wraps, canned foods, protein shake (something not fatty). I'm not an nutritionist nor a bodybuilder but I hope this can give you an insight for what to expect to reach my goal, good luck all the best! ☺️

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If I was your gf.. We would go gyming together.. I would have taught you painting and dancing.. And make food for you... We would go on random dates.. And I would make sure that guys are jealous of you for having me.. (Idk if you have a gf.. So..sorry gf.. )

rheaalistic_22’s Profile PhotoRhea Gaitonde
I think now every1 is jealous😂
And i m single af😂
And yeah your ans is💯
But i m nt tht lucky na to date you😂

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