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If you could do crazy gymnastic moves like a monkey would you take up gymnastics and show the other gymnasts up?

Omg yes 😱
When I went to the zoo & saw monkeys move around, I was mesmerized. They are so graceful & kinda didn’t even look real. There was this gorilla & the women was literally speaking to him & he would shake his head & sign back to her. It was incredible.
I also really want a pet monkey.
If you could do crazy gymnastic moves like a monkey would you take up gymnastics

Arrange marriage is scary agar wo Pmln ko support krti ho phir?😂

I recently had a proposal of this guy, he was a relative. He supported nawaz sharif and I was like.. Could this be a deal breaker? Then I tried to be reasonable and non judgemental. A person could be a great guy just not support the right people,right? Besides I don't get to decide who's right anyway so I realised I was being a little too much. 😂
So I said I'd ask him this question first. What mental gymnastics does a person have to go through to support a man who's been robbing our country for years?
I asked him this and he said 'I don't care about how he did, but there was no poverty during his time.'
I said yeah, at the cost of our reputation in front of the rest of the world 🌚
And he was like 'Again, not my concern. I live here not in the' rest of the world'.'
And mind you, masha Allah they're financially well off but he just didn't care about our reputation as a nation.
Then I realised ke if a person is supporting a different party than yours, you at least need to know his reasoning behind it cuz it can tell a lot about his thought process :p

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I really wish you good luck on Monday :) Are you watching Squid Game? Whatever you watch, I hope you will like it:) Right now, I'm watching Breathe - Into The Shadows. Tomorrow I will take a break and watch some football. Enjoy your weekend now <3

Mrjensa’s Profile PhotoThe Untouchable One❤️
Hi, Jons ) Thank you for your kind wishes. I also hope that they will tell me something encouraging there, because in the future I want to make a vision correction. To be honest, I'm a little worried.
As for the films you're talking about, no, I haven't watched them yet. I understand that the "Squid Game" is a very popular drama and many people are hearing it. But for some reason I can't bring myself to look, what is it that everyone admires about her?
Football is not really my sport, and I like to watch it only at the stadium. But to be honest, I haven't seen a single match for a very long time. I gravitate more towards rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming and figure skating. Have a good mood, Jons, and have a good day!
I really wish you good luck on Monday  Are you watching Squid Game Whatever you

In what way do you take care of yourself?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I try to eat healthy food. I do not eat hamburgers, when I have time, I do artistic gymnastics, but recently with my free time it is getting worse and worse
W jaki sposób dbasz o siebie?
Staram się jeść zdrową żywność. Nie jadam hamburgerów, gdy mam czas to uprawiam gimnastykę artystyczną, jednak ostatnio z wolnym czasem u mnie jest coraz gorzej

The wrongful conviction of Jussie Smollett is a painful reminder that no matter who is in power, all American institutions are inherently rooted in White supremacy and systemic homophobia.

Hermanito Ellanberg
> fakes bias incident
> lies to police / authorities
> gets caught and convicted
> somehow, what he was faking is now evidence of it
Oh, you must be a woke progressive - I recognize the mental gymnastics and Alinsky tactics. Nice try, comrade. 👍
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My mother-in-law used to believe hummingbirds made their annual trip south by riding on the backs of geese. What's the craziest "fact" you've heard someone voice?

Did she? I’ve never heard that one before! I suppose the craziest thing I’ve heard recently is the group of people who believe JFK Jr is still alive and will reveal himself soon to run for Vice President w Trump in 2024. The amount of mental gymnastics here is wild. Not even to mention that not only did he die a long time ago, but he was certainly not a Republican…🤷‍♀️

i know its diffrent but the dude is here to plesure you one day i promiss that you become one hahha just no if you a nymphomaniac hahha but i mean the girls that i have have a orgasm :D hahha

well I'm only up to chapter six of the Kama Sutra so you're probably safe on that score
do like a some nice gymnastics in the boudoir
very impressive Mr Dude , not be drinking too mmuch Gosser and get brewers droop in your Wilhelm lol
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What are your plans for tomorrow?

aakash202001’s Profile PhotoDjVampireOfficial
Lately I don't have a "plan" for the days since I am very focused on my studies, on learning and spending ❤✨ So most of the day I study and sometimes I do gymnastics or cook something delicious; although now I can't do much gymnastics because I have a sprained ankle.
What are your plans for tomorrow

He was a psycho murderer at the end of the day so why does it matter? One more reason why he will be burning in hell

Kinda does considering an atheistic world view of good and bad itself is made up meaninglessness. Ask any atheist how they can differentiate between right and wrong and you'll see the mental gymnastics they use. There are no non religious reasons why murder or any sort of crime is wrong.

Are you currently keeping track of what's happening at the Olympics? Do you root for your home country to do well in sports in general? 🏊‍♂️⚽️🤺🏹🏀⛵🏋‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
No. After much effort they successfully alienated me.
Nope. Heard we won a silver in women's weightlifting today tho. Great start tbh, but I still don't have much hope.
On and off. It’s still early doors.
I'll be watching it on all the NBC channels because that's what I have access to. I'll look at finding ways to download some events and games that go on while I'm asleep. I could go with Peacock. I have been planning on a short subscription with them but haven't started yet.
NBC Sports Network, and my cable service comes with a DVR to record events that come on at inconvenient times. If the channel isn't covering an event I want, I'll check the sports app or youtube but this has never been an issue for me. The free NBC channel is outright worthless. You're more likely to get a fluff story about some athlete's third cousin twice removed having a dog that died of cancer while giving birth to a litter of puppies than get coverage on non-US athletes. I’ll get to watch a bit. I’m starting a new job and am in central time so from 6 PM to 9 PM I can watch anything that comes on live if it’s an event I care about like archery or some of the prime time coverage if it’s not. London and Rio were great since the time difference was lower I just had it up in a small window on my second monitor at work all day. I’ll just get whatever YouTube package or whatever I need to get access for the month. Try to overlap a couple free trials then cancel.
Tape as much as possible and don't wander into any results. I'm great at avoiding results. But I know I'll have to watch the high profile stuff on the same day. The more obscure sports nobody is going to blab about the results anyway so I can save those tapes and watch much later, including after the Games are finished.
Let's face it, only gymnastics and figure skating are worthy of prime time network coverage during the trials. Those two sports have huge popularity among women and therefore good ratings. It is the reason NBC cut away from a sudden death playoff in the US Women's Open golf tournament to show the gymnastics trials. They never would have done that for swimming or track and field. NBC will still show swimming and track and field trials during prime time but in increasingly reluctant fashion, because the ratings do not justify it. They do it as a loss leader to build up anticipation for the Olympics themselves.
NBC shows the trials every night... there has been 1-3 hours of air time every night for like 2 weeks now except for Tues/Wed this week where track was off. All finals have been on NBC, just like they do for the actual olympics. You don't usually see the first few rounds of the swimming and track on NBC, it's almost all on another channel or online.

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I mean ppl have a tendency to view a result & trace it back to something they previously predicted. When they're wrong they avoid this exercise or do mental gymnastics to argue that what they were wrong about didn't actually come from their gut -- which is always right. How do not fall prey to that?

depends on the person I guess, many things can color a person's view of others, sometimes it can be deep distrust that can make you paranoid. me personally, my inuition has always been spot on and everytime I ignored it I regretted that very much. For me it's not a gut feeling, I get very vivid dreams that are sort of clairvoyant you can say.
+19 answers in: “What is love to you?”

Am i an idiot to believe a guy who was playing all along during 3 years of our relationship my people tried to tell me with prooofs that he’s cheating and now i am stuck even after 5 months of breakup 😓

Not an idiot. I am glad that you got out. Love can make your brain do the craziest mental gymnastics to justify all the bullshit. I hope your heart finds the peace you’re looking for.

~ ALTERNATIVE ACTIVITIES~ Have you ever been: ⭕️Zorbing? ... ✈️Skydiving? ... 🧝‍♀️LARPing? ... ⛏Axe-Throwing? ... 🏢Done Parkour? ... 🐻Played Pooh Sticks? ... ♿️Played a wheelchair sport? ... or any other less common activity you’d like to share?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
No,no,no,no, some what, no and no . I did gymnastics tho
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With practice everything is possible,I was thinking you are because you body is perfect like a model ☺️

n47stefan747’s Profile PhotoStefan
That's not me. My body isn't perfect but I like it and I feel confident in my own skin. Other people like it too, so... Anyways, it's important to do sport and I try to go on foot as much as possible and do gymnastics at home.
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When's the last time you went to the library? Was it for your benefit, kids or went with someone? What did you pick out? Let's be nosey a bit 😈

lnr87’s Profile Photome lol
Months ago it was for both to check out books and they have a story time for kids. But they only do it on Wednesday’s and Sophia started doing gymnastics that day so we stopped going
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What activites were you enrolled in as a kid, if any? (Sport, music, dance, etc.) Did you enjoy them?

misphire’s Profile PhotoLieutenant Sarcasm
my mom had me enrolled in gymnastics when i was rlly young and i think i recall having fun!
that’s about it, LOL.
i was in brownies and then girl guides for a bit when i got older!
kinda lame,, tbh.
we did lots of crafts.
i switched over to the royal canadian air cadets when i was about.. 14/15?
THAT was rlly fun. i was in the marching band, the drill team, i was captain of the rifle team (lul), we learned all about airplanes, i went to summer camp for 6 weeks etc.
i made a lot of friends while i was in cadets and i got to do a lot of traveling (for free).
i started horseback riding (english) when i was about 16 and i fell in love w that.
i’d probably go back to western if i ever started riding again though!
i have no interest in showing or competing.

“"yes i'm a female but i'm not a girl" lmaooo i mean i guess i understand that a trans man can be a biological female and not be called a woman but it's just funny to me, the mental gymnastics of it. it's almost as if they try to defy logic. ?” yeah this SOO respectful. Trans have feelings.

i'm not personally offended by it. it doesn't affect my life at all, and it's not as if @sweetnothings18 would purposely go out of her way to misgender people or be a general threat to trans people.
y'all are reading into all of this too much. just drop it, it's not going to change anything.
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I like capitalism, does this mean I am evil? It's not perfect but I'm happy living in a capitalist society. I truly am.

If you're "truly happy" with whatever paltry lifestyle you enjoy being built on this much grief & suffering & cruelty, & more importantly with this much wealth inequality in exchange for so little scraps, then yes you are the very definition of evil.
This might seem strange to you because your evil is so banal you assume it can't be serious, but the loudest lesson of the 20th century's atrocities was precisely this banality of evil.
If you don't survive its undoing, if capitalism comes to fail you later in life & leave you in privation, it would be nothing but justice. A restoration of balance. You would deserve that ill-fortune as much as anyone can deserve hard times.
If that's what you mean by evil. I don't know what you think evil means, if you think there's an interpretation of it that leaves this attitude in some kind of grey area. tbh the mental gymnastics you guys go thru to get your hands to seem clean have always been mysterious to me.

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I wanna start dance,drawing,playing guitar,maybe piano,singing and speaking some languages and some part of gymnastics and yoga and meditation and maybe writing and something else but when I start I give up or Im being so lazy to do it and dont care. I am afraid im doing that to fascinate others...

These are a lot of nice things, and I'm so sorry to hear that you like it all, and to take your hands off again. It's so sad and so wrong. Do not do this to yourself. Do something for yourself. You will see that you will feel much better then. It's a much better feeling than when you know you've given up something that attracts you. You do not have to start right now from the hardest things. Try to say that you are enrolling in a dance group, or let's say you're practicing, going to aerobics, fitness, something like that ... But just do something ... and that for yourself ... do not think what the other to think.
There, I decided to change myself, to have a healthier diet and do fitness, and for now I'm doing well. I have bad days too, but that's normal. It goes on and I go on.

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I wanna start dancedrawingplaying guitarmaybe pianosinging and speaking some

I wanna start dance,drawing,playing guitar,maybe piano,singing and speaking some languages and some part of gymnastics and yoga and meditation and maybe writing and something else but when I start I give up or Im being so lazy to do it and dont care. I am afraid im doing that to fascinate others...

I just have a question for you, do you speak or, by any chance, know serbian, croatian etc.? If you do, i can write my answer in serbian so you would understand better. Please reply me. ?
I wanna start dancedrawingplaying guitarmaybe pianosinging and speaking some

I wanna start dance,drawing,playing guitar,maybe piano,singing and speaking some languages and some part of gymnastics and yoga and meditation and maybe writing and something else but when I start I give up or Im being so lazy to do it and dont care. I am afraid im doing that to fascinate others...

Do it in silence in that case. We are so obsessed with social media that it has made us more bound to share our every move with our friends and overall other people. That somehow ends up leaving us confused about whether or not we do something solely with a purpose of impressing other people, which never should be the case. You should train your mind to grow stronger and give up less on everything, but if something just doesn't work out after a good amount of time of trying that out, maybe that's how it's meant to be. A hobby is only worthwhile if you genuinely enjoy it. 💫
I wanna start dancedrawingplaying guitarmaybe pianosinging and speaking some

I wanna start dance,drawing,playing guitar,maybe piano,singing and speaking some languages and some part of gymnastics and yoga and meditation and maybe writing and something else but when I start I give up or Im being so lazy to do it and dont care. I am afraid im doing that to fascinate others...

Well... Life is not about fascinating others! You should find something that means to you, you have to feel that in your heart. I mean, what's the point in dancing or drawing if you're doing that for someone? Why? It makes no sense. I used to be a dancer and I can say, for sure, you're doing that just because of yourself! Who cares about others? Life is about finding yourself and it's not going to happen over night. Take baby steps and you'll see. About laziness...when you want something so bad - eventually you find a way. If you really want to do it, you do it. There are no excuses. 🍬
I wanna start dancedrawingplaying guitarmaybe pianosinging and speaking some

I wanna start dance,drawing,playing guitar,maybe piano,singing and speaking some languages and some part of gymnastics and yoga and meditation and maybe writing and something else but when I start I give up or Im being so lazy to do it and dont care. I am afraid im doing that to fascinate others...

i feel like you can only start developing passion for things when you see progress within yourself/your work, so at least try being persistent in those activities even if you truly are doing them to impress others. one day you’ll be happy to have those skills
I wanna start dancedrawingplaying guitarmaybe pianosinging and speaking some

age? birthday? favorite color? favorite food? eye color? single or taken? like anyone? best friend? play any sports? what's the last thing you ate? what did the last text you sent say?

17, September 21, pink, spaghetti, really dark brown, single, I've wanted the same guy since 2nd grade, someone you don't know, is gymnastics a sport?, pretzels, "yeah but we didn't fuck"

What's something you're really good at?Do Brag! :p

I’m good at bragging about myself xD Like seriously i can’t select a single thing, from the list of things i’m good at, to mention :3
I’m good at sports ( Cricket and Basketball mainly ).
I’m good at coding and science especially electronics.
Convincing people is another skill that stands out.
Gymnastics, running, long jumps.. Khair
I think I’m just great at bragging about myself :33

what do you remember about middle school P.E.? (what kind of activities did you do? what were your favorite games? what was the PE teacher like?)

HeyGuysWantStuffJustAsk’s Profile Photoeggsy
P.E. is mostly overlooked and skipped where I live. I remember though in 9th grade (which is the last year in middle school where I live) we had a cool teacher who actually made us do different stuff every time, I remember I accidentally found out I could do frontal splits during her class. She had a track set with different kinds of things to do and the last step was to try to do splits (which nobody could do since P.E. is totally overlooked here as I said) and I was surprised and slightly scared when it happened since I had not received any training and I didn't think I was flexible enough lol. Obviously that made gymnastics my favorite back then xDD

Hi kelli, you absolutely mean the world to me i love your film raising the bar is it really you doing them stunts? because i know you did gymnastics which inspired me to do gym! i love you

hi baby, these words really mean a lot to me, yes it’s me doing them. and im so glad I’ve inspired you and many more people I hope. I love you💛💛

Tell me 10 interesting or stupid or fun (etc) facts about yourself? I don't want to see anything basic like your age or where you live I want some good facts that we might not know yet or expect to be about you.

TamaraMitchell’s Profile PhotoTamara
1. I did gymnastics for a year when I was a kid.
2. I played the violin for a year, too, and was terrible at it.
3. I didn't eat mustard up until this year because it reminded me of baby diarrhea. You're welcome.
4. I've had all my piercings done twice except my cartilage.
5. I had a pet ferret when I was a kid.
6. I had a pet mouse, too.
7. I've never been called for jury duty.
8. I think Range Rovers are the ugliest cars on the planet.
9. Math was one of my favorite subjects in school.
10. I stuck a bead up my nose when I was a kid and had to go to the ER to get it removed.

RWQ#19 : Do you like extreme sports (like parachuting, rock/ice climbing, surfing... any sport involving high risks) ? Have you ever tried one ?

roxsweirdquestions’s Profile PhotoRox's weird questions
Well I did gymnastics & cheerleading. I know most people wouldn't think of it, but I consider it an "extreme sport." Which cheerleading, you're literally throwing girls in the hair hoping to catch them & not break each other's necks. With gymnastics, you're doing so many flips on bars, the floor, or even on a 4 inch wide bean that's 4 feet off the ground.
RWQ19  Do you like extreme sports like parachuting rockice climbing surfing any

Ah! lol I love how she can say things about you but not say things to you! Oh wait it's because she knows that everyone on here knows what kind of foul person she really is. If her "friends" really knew the things she said. I've never met a more disgusting human being. She's so much worse in person

I always forget you met her in person before! I still crack up thinking about the people Carly knows or who contacted her who dealt with her crazy at Stewart ?
She's a coward. The mental gymnastics she has to use to try to justify attacking me say a lot about her illogical mental state, and it's even more hilarious that she does it while STILL copying me.
#losersgottalose #flailingandfailing
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1. Age 2. Height 3. Do you have a boyfriend? 4. What are your best traits? 5. Any bad habits? 6. Pro choice or Pro life? 7. Dress or skirt? 8. Virgin? 9. Favourite sports 10. Favourite movie 11. Countries visited 12. Do you drink? 13. Do you smoke? 14. Secret skills 15. What is your dream job?

1. 21
2. 5'1
3. Yes I do, we've been together 2 years today ❤ @Loveablemoron
4. I don't know ♀️
5. Always putting myself down
6. I'm pro-life but I respect that other people are pro-choice
7. Dress ?
8. No
9. Gymnastics ♂️
10. Pretty women or love, Rosie
11. Spain, France, Germany, Malta, USA, Corfu, Italy and more
12. Yes
13. No
14. I don't have any
15. Primary school teacher ??

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