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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ᙅᗩSᙓ ᖴIᒪᙓS # oo7

░I░t░ ░i░s░ ░a░ ░f░a░i░r░l░y░ ░o░p░e░n░ ░s░e░c░r░e░t░ ░t░h░a░t░ ░a░l░m░o░s░t░ ░a░l░l░ ░s░y░s░t░e░m░ ░c░a░n░ ░b░e░ ░h░a░c░k░e░d░,░ ░s░o░m░e░h░o░w░.░ ░I░t░ ░i░s░ ░a░ ░l░e░s░s░ ░s░p░o░k░e░n░ ░o░f░ ░s░e░c░r░e░t░ ░t░h░a░t░ ░s░u░c░h░ ░h░a░c░k░i░n░g░ ░h░a░s░ ░a░c░t░u░a░l░l░y░ ░g░o░n░e░ ░q░u░i░t░e░ ░m░a░i░n░s░t░r░e░a░m░.░
ᙅᗩSᙓ ᖴIᒪᙓS  oo7

A mai kérdést linkben kapjátok, mert nem fért ki https://ask.fm/alkalmikerdesek/answers/170810294858

alkalmikerdesek’s Profile PhotoAlkalmi kérdések
Jogos kérdés szerintem, de azzal szerintem mindenki tisztában kellene legyen, hogy amit az online világban megoszt (legyen az nyilvános, vagy privát), az már egy közzétett információ, melyet bármikor már elérhet valaki, és felhasználhat ellene.
Tehát, az ilyen stalkerek, igazából nem követnek el büncselekményt (persze mindaddig, ameddig nem alkalmaznak illegális eszközöket, mint a hacking), mégis, jobb lenne, ha ez nem történne meg a világunkban.
Én személy szerint ezt sosem használtam, mert nincs nekem arra időm, hogy mások életével foglalkozzak, így, nem is izgat annyira, csak azokat a dolgokat tudom, melyeket direktben megosztanak velem, vagy random felugrik nálam, akaratlanul.

Do you think there will be WW3?

SlimMan’s Profile PhotoBill Walker
It’s going on right now. It’s a cyber war being fought with hacking, viruses, posers on social media sites and blogs, and disinformation and conspiracy theories.
We are losing- bigly, and as far as I can tell, the government is not even doing much to defend us, let alone fight back.
The good news is, there’s not much in the way of actual bloody carnage, and cities aren't being leveled- at least not in our country. The bad news is, it’s largely invisible, quiet and behind the scenes, so people are complacent and/or oblivious to the huge stakes.
Do you think there will be WW3

How to save your debit card from hacking ?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Keep separate cell phone for using debit card because debit card number ,your secret 4 digit code everything get saved in mobile
Hacked can easily hack your debit card and spend wherever he wants
Like mine debit card was hacked I lost lots of money
What did I do ? I i transfered all money in new bank account new debit card I use in separate cell phone so it's safe 🙌🙌🙌
I learnt from my foolish mistake 🤔

Why do some askfm users, without evidence, blame anonymous people of deleting their photos and text messages by hacking into their accounts? This looks, smells and sounds like a severe emotional problem that requires psychiatric intervention. Provide evidence and file a lawsuit or shut up!

> by hacking into their accounts?
Who made this argument? Falsely reporting "violations" and hacking are two very different things.
> This looks, smells and sounds like a severe emotional problem that requires psychiatric intervention.
Agreed. One particular fellow went as far as "executing a few psychiatric tests." Can you believe it? In light of his persecution complex, he should've heeded his own advice. I hope that he will seek help and get well soon. Little gives me more displeasure than watching somebody suffer so needlessly. Let us pray for this tortured soul... 🙏
Why do some askfm users without evidence blame anonymous people of deleting

Welche Gesellschaftlichen Themen, beschäftigen dich in letzter Zeit am meisten?

DeathMetalPanda’s Profile PhotoSir Panda
-Steigende Preise, Inflation, Lebenshaltungskosten
-Umwelt, Klimawandel
-Gesundheit und soziale Sicherung -Energieversorgung
-Wohnungsbau/ Wohnungsbeschaffung -Einwanderung
-Wirtschaftliche Lage
-Mobbing / Cyber Mobbing - Personalkräftemangel
-Cyber kriminalität / Hacking / Identitäts Diebstahl
Und es gibt noch so viel mehr Themen. Jeden Tag kommen weitere Themen dazu. Es gibt einfach zu viel, viel zu viel, worüber man sich Sorgen und Gedanken machen muss. Kann man das noch überhaupt Leben nennen ?

why pc bruh? can do everything on phone now

> why pc bruh?
High-spec gaming or modding, hacking, multi-boot options, coding, encoding, pro editing and rendering, recording and mastering, 3D animation, compiling, etc. For "power users," there is no substitute for a decent laptop or preferably, a high-spec desktop.
> can do everything on phone now
Simple normie tasks? Absolutely. Most people will not need more than a phone. For the complex tasks, more powerful hardware and software is required. As is the case with most things, it depends on one's work / needs. A great deal can be done with phones but they are still limited in numerous aspects. When my iPhone can replace my bank's servers, let me know.
why pc bruh can do everything on phone now

alguma vez você ja teve vontade de ser um hacker ? '-'

sapossauro’s Profile PhotoSapossauro
Hahahaha curiosamente... Já!
Eu sabia alguma coisa de programação quando era novinho (10-15 anos), era membro das comunidades do Orkut sobre hacking (moderava uma delas), participava de fóruns sobre (inclusive o famigerado Clube do Hardware), namorei uma menina que é toda hackuda, etc.
Hoje acho muito mais difícil e menos divertido, mas sempre tive interesse por segurança digital - e também sei algumas coisas, já que trabalhava com compliance.

*from the dark form, in a matter of moments there's a billowing smoke cloud in their face, and familiar glowing crimson eyes seeped in hate visible through the choking vapors, but when their sight clears, they see the teen has shapeshifted into a dragon, one claw still pinning them*

/Shadow has left the building and joined anonymous lol and I didn't mean the hacking group/
/But after everything Frisk has just witnessed in just the span of a day, they were actually frightened, they haven't been this afraid since they faced the likes of Geno, no, this was far far worse, being face to face with pure darkness that could transform into the likes of a dragon, Frisk picked a battle they were hopeless to win against, the battle system didn't work against this, no amount of items they gathered has prepared them for this, a giant fire breathing dragon? Between being crushed and having a sword thrown in their face well metaphorically, the dragons claws quite literally squeezing the life out of them was no metaphor, the child was at a loss at what to do for once..should they reset the game? They use what willpower they have to summon the game options to reset and reach for the button as best as they can even though with the current situation, it was extremely difficult to pry their arm out enough to reach for the button/
H-how..!? I-I can..still beat the system.. I just need to reset..and hack i-into the files..to change his code.. /But unfortunately for them, Shadow isn't part of their game world/

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from the dark form in a matter of moments theres a billowing smoke cloud in
Liked by: Dust Nova Vio Geno Shadow

/To send more grief their way, a human child steps forth, seems Frisk wasn't letting it go anytime soon that Geno, this Geno, gave them quite a scare by challenging them, it took a lot of effort or rather a lot of hacking on their end but they managed to appear in Reapertale/ IS that idiot here?

*Frisk chose the worst time to barge into ReaperTale.. Reaper is unable to defend Geno and himself...but maybe @BowsOfLights can help? ..Who am I kidding, they're doomed..relying on Dream? He'll probably offer milk and cookies to Frisk*
*When Frisk arrives in the desolate wasteland of the dead, they spot a destroyed house with 3 skeletons sitting just outside of it, 2 of them seemed to be asleep with one just watching over them-*

Was müsste passieren damit du deine Meinung änderst? (Für A S K Niveau ist die Frage zu allgemein gestellt deswegen: Was müsste passieren damit du an die flache Erde glaubst oder nicht mehr, das Gott existiert oder nicht, die Demokratie die beste Herrschaftsform ist, Kapitalismus, ... - geschnallt?)

simonalein_’s Profile PhotoSimona ⁽⁽⁽i⁾⁾⁾
Du ahnst nichtmal wie komplex fortschrittlich und vollständig mein Weltbild ist und wie begründet meine Meinung oder wie sie in Bezug auf alles im Ganzen wirklich aussieht. Ich bin weit vorgedrungen und damit ich sie ändere müsste etwas oder jemand kommen das noch weiter vorgedrungen ist mit noch mehr Wissen, Bewusstsein, Gesamtbild als ich bisher erlangt und zusammengefügt habe und das ist auf einem Planeten wo die meisten fast gar nichts wissen und richtig verstehn und kaum überhaupt bewusst sind mehr als utopisch. Und Demokratie wäre auch nur dann eine der besten Herrschaftsformen wenn es sie jemals wirklich gegeben hätte also eine echte und davon waren wir zu jeder Zeit weit entfernt. Ich habe dir schon oft in einer Antwort mehrere Gründe erwähnt warum es keine echte Demokratie gibt bzw. wie eine echte aussehn würde und müsste die die Bezeichnung Volksherrschaft verdient. Zb wenn wir nicht nur Parteien wählen dürften sondern jeden Kandidaten und zwar aus dem Volk und nicht aus der Bilderbergmaschinerie und Schwabs Schule und nicht für 4 oder 5 Jahre sondern exakt bis zum nächsten Wortbruch nur. Und noch viel wichtiger wenn das ganze Volk per Internet zu jeder einzelnen winzigen bedeutenden Entscheidung überhaupt abstimmen könntzen und zwar so das sowohl wahlbetrug als auch Manipulation, Hacking, betrug im Netz vollkommen ausgeschlossen wäre. Das heisst über jede winzige Entscheidung das ganze Volk direkt abstimmen könnte. Desweiteren dürfte es sowas wie vetternwirtschaft, Korruption und vor allem Lobbyismus natürlich gar nicht geben. Und auch weitaus jüngere wirklich neue Personen aus dem Volk jederzeit Kanzler werden könnten. Oder aber man die heutige Parteienstruktur, Kanzler und Anzugsaffen im Bundestag gar nicht mehr geben muss da das Volk selbst zu allem abstimmt und keine Stellvertreter braucht die von irgendeiner macxht korrumpiert werden könnten da Politiker in einer echten Demokratie gar keine wirkliche Macht hätten und schon gar nicht die Oligarchen, Technokraten und Finanzeliten, Billiardäre, Trilliardäre, Schattenregierungen im Hintergrund. Solange all dies nicht ist ist selbst der Begriff Scheindemokratie noch zu schön für diesen Sumpf. Es gibt ja noch nichtmal ne annähernd direkte Scheindemokratie. Wir können gern über Demokratie reden sobald es sie mal jemals gibt.

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@onryotatarigami @Gorogorogorochan

GoldenLineage’s Profile Photoᴀʀɪꜱᴇ, ʏᴇ ᴛᴀʀɴɪꜱʜᴇᴅ!
ᴛʜᴇ ᴛᴀʟᴇ ᴏꜰ ɢᴏᴅʀɪᴄᴋ ᴛʜᴇ ɢʀᴀꜰᴛᴇᴅ
"The final descendant... A bloody tale, one of some small tragedy and utter MADNESS.
I suppose he had his priorities in the right place, all things considered. But alas, the placing of his MIND is what doomed him.
Godrick the Golden, is what he was known as during his youth. Not a son of Marika or Radagon, and thus he was made recipient of the least of their strength. He was born with a dwarfs body, tiny and frail...
And yet, his ambitions were large indeed, hmn? The young Godrick praised his ancestor Godfrey, devoted himself and prided himself upon sharing his forefathers legacy. But when he looked around... He was disheartened. He had so many relatives, and yet... None of his family cared for upholding their legacy. All of the children of Marika were preoccupied in warring against each other, each one wanting more than one shard of the Elden Ring, each one only caring for pleasing mother Marika and ruling the Lands Between as the next Elden Lord.
None of his family actually cared about Godfrey. About the legendary status he upheld, even now. This revelation despaired Godrick, so much that he declared war against Marika's children himself, and devoted his entire life to upholding his ancestors legacy.
Unfortunately for Godrick however, he would receive only humiliation. Bested by one of Marika's children in combat, he grovelled at their feet for mercy, before being exiled from the Royal Capital and shamed by his own family.
But this was not the end of the Golden. Indeed, the desperation felt by him only served to encourage, and in his delusion, he believes himself to be Godfrey reincarnate.
And to make up for his weakness? He has established himself, he and his loyalists, within Stormveil Castle, hacking the bodies of fallen foes apart and absorbing them into his own skin. Now a giant amalgam wielding a massive golden axe, Godrick the Golden awaits, plotting a return to the Capitol, his soldiers hunting down Tarnished to further augment his and their bodies in a piteous attempt at mad retribution.
And so his family decided. He would be Godrick the Golden no longer.
Now, and forevermore, he is known as Godrick the Grafted."

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onryotatarigami Gorogorogorochan

C'è sempre il modo per vincere con loro . Anche senza usare denuncia o polizia sono prevedibili e io so come ragiona il predatore

Non ha comunque senso, sai perché? Perché queste persone si divertono nel scatenare la rabbia delle persone, più rispondi a tono più questi si divertono e continuano, ultimamente ho provato ad ignorarli e devo dire che sta pure funzionando, anche perché personalmente ho di meglio da fare piuttosto che stare dietro agli anonimi che insultano, ma in qualsiasi caso i loro insulti non mi toccano dato che non hanno nemmeno il coraggio di dire le cose in faccia, quindi non ha nemmeno senso perdere tempo dietro a persone che non hanno nemmeno un neurone funzionante.
Anni fa è venuta fuori la notizia che una ragazza si era sùicìdåtã proprio perché era vittima di bullismo qui su ask, e molte altre hanno fatto la sua stessa fine, eppure non mi sembra che ask abbia migliorato la sua sicurezza in vista dell'accaduto, e purtroppo noi utenti base non abbiamo modo di ridurre al minimo i pericoli, se non cancellarsi dal social, risalire all'indirizzo IP e hacking e logicamente illegale, quindi le conseguenze potrebbero ritorcersi contro.
Ignorare è la soluzione più valida, ma purtroppo non tutti sono in grado di farsi scivolare addosso gli insulti o ignorarli

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Look, just because I have binoculars and spy equipment, it does not mean I’ve been spying on you for the past couple of weeks. Now that’s out of the way, where were you going last Tuesday, around 4 pm, and I wasn’t with you?

> not hacking or using state of the art surveillance equipment
> looks to gain intel through inferior means
I'm afraid there's no room for you in our organization. =D
Liked by: Aisyahpotated

Em đang phân vân giữa ngành quản trị mạng và an ninh mạng. Ttiền bối đi trước có thể review cho em dc ko ?

1/ Theo như hiện nay, làm quản trị mạng thì phải học thêm an ninh mạng mới tuyển Job an ninh mạng được. Nếu học an ninh mạng thì có thể apply được Job quản trị mạng.
2/ Quản trị mạng thì nhiều cty họ tuyển.. an ninh mạng chỉ 1 vài nơi đặc thù mới tuyển ( như viettel, mobifone, trung tâm an ninh mạng... )
các công ty tư nhân tại VN chưa chú trọng lắm đến an ninh mạng. Mang tiếng hô hào nhưng kỳ thực internal vẫn chưa chú trọng. Bản thân người quản trị mạng cũng chưa chú trọng. Họ chỉ nắm tình hình là phải bảo mật.
An ninh mạng không phải là bảo mật, đó là thế quảng cáo, thế mạnh an ninh mạng chính là hacking. 1 trong các vấn đề về tư duy nên các business chưa mở rộng JOB tại VN.

Gibt es etwas, das dich extrem fasziniert?

Computerviren und Hacking finde ich extrem interessant. Ich sehe mir immer gerne Videos dazu an und lese Bücher in diesem Bereich, auch wenn ich mit Informatik nur einen Bruchteil in meinem Studium zu tun habe. Ich hätte es im Bachelor dennoch fast als Nebenfach ausgewählt, aber der Matheanteil hat mich abgeschreckt. xd

"It's Now Legal to Hack Your Own Devices – 2016" Just found it on google. But you're so ignorant for making me google it instead of just telling me. You didn't know, get an education. Bye

Yes because I'm so concerned on the laws of hacking my own things when I'd never need to hack my own stuff lmao.
Stay mad I "made you" take one minute from your oh so important time to look something up ...by the way...it literally took less than a minute since it was a minute between me answering and you sending me this lmao

If you could switch careers today, what would you like to do?

I was always interested in ranking websites because I made my first website in 6th standard. Later I got interested in hacking and those who are following me from early ask days. I used to be a bug bounty hacker. So, I am doing what I wanted to be

Ha feltörték a gmailem akkor hány nap mikor nem tud az ember belépni 1 -vagy több nap? Neked feltörték már.?

Technikai értelemben, amennyiben nem fordulsz magához a Google Support-hoz, nem fogod visszakapni, ha jelszót cseréltek (vagy zsarolóvírus esetén nem fizeted ki az adott x y kriptovaluta összeget).
Általában egy gmail-t feltörni nagyon nehéz, ha normális, ténylegesen erős jelszava van (nem olyan, hogy Marika@1, meg Pistaxd2002, hanem inkább 2003As&^SH19€oSMm+% stb..., melyet nehéz megjegyezni, de ezért jók a bizalmas jelszókezelők, mint pl a LastPass), vagy aktiválva van a 2FA (2 faktoros azonosítás). Ha mind a 2 megvan, akkor technikailag lehetetlen lenne feltörni, csak akkor, ha az ember vérprofi, képes visszafejteni az MD5 titkosítású profi karakteres jelszavad, és még a Google adott rendszerét is fel tudja törni, hogy változtassa meg a 2FA-t, akkor lehetséges a feltörés, de erre egy mezei ,,hacker" nem lenne képes, ahhoz tényleg valaki olyan kell legyen, aki Wow.. de azok meg nem a te kis Email-eddel fognak foglalkozni :D.
Hogyan történhet közvetlen feltörés? Nos, sajnos az interneten nagyon él mai napig a Phishing nevű adatcsalás, amely annyit jelent, hogy egy adott nem bizalmas webhelyre belépve az adataid nem egy külön SQL adatbázisba menti titkosítva, hanem valahova a kis programozó adattárolójába, ahol bármikor hozzá tud férni, és meg tudja nézni. Ezért érdemes vigyázni, hova lépünk be, mit adunk meg, és mit töltünk le. Sose tölts le lehetetlennek tűnő, már már csodával határos alkalmazásokat, vagy lépj be ilyen weboldalakba (pl Official Facebook Hacking app, meg Pl szerezz ingyen pénzt GTA 5-ben ezzel a weboldallal stb... ). Ezekkel nagyon kell vigyázni, mert ezek a leggyakrabban használt csalások, és sok ember nem is tudja, hogy az adott ember nem.kellett feltőrjön semmit.
Visszaszerzése pedig csak a Google által lehet, másképpen soha többet nem látod az accountot. Remélem tudtam segíteni.

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حيدر ممكن اكتب لنفسي خطاب توصية بأسم دكاترة جامعتي واعمل ايميلات باساميهم وابعتها من عليها للجامعات اللي بقدم فيها ماستر عشان هما حمير مش بيعرفو يتكلمو انجليزي ولا الموضوع فيه خطورة؟

هو انا تحولت من مترجم وكاتب إلى مفتي الاونطجية؟ 😂😂
I am neutral about hacking a soulless system. Just be careful with the unintended results.

Was hälst du von "Body Modifications"?

Niemals durch Medizin, Chirurgie, Gentechnik, Chemie und dergleichen immer nur durch Magie und die Macht des Geistes oder gar nicht. Subliminals und Morphische Felder oder Mantren, Visualisierungen sind legitim. Was du damit nicht schaffst solltest du in Ruhe und natürlich belassen. Schönheits OPs zb würde ich auch nur in bestimmten seltenen Fällen ok geben. Ich lasse mich nichtmal piercen oder tätowieren wenn ich nicht die Macht habe es selbst erscheinen und auch wieder völlig geheilt, narbenlos und völlig entgiftet verschwinden zu lassen. Ich experimentiere nicht mit meinem Körper wenn ich nicht die Macht habe es auch wieder in den ursrünglichen Zustand zurückzuversetzen das überlasse ich Jungseelen. Wenn ich aber Biokinesis beherrsche mag es sein das meine Augen lila und meine Haare weiss werden wie in japanischen Filmen. Bio Hacking sehe ich genauso nur was mit magischen geistigen esoterischen spirituellen Methoden geht ist korrekt. Alles andere was transhumanistisch abläuft ekelhaft und falsch.

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طب حد يعرف سبب انقطاع النت وهيرجع امتي

سبب الانقطاع إن servers وقعت وفي خبر منقول عن sky news إن Facebook بعتت فريق لكاليفورنيا علشان يشوفوا مشكلة servers ويحلوها manual مش عارفين يدخلوا بالبطاقات بتاعتهم علشان حتي الأبواب مش عاوزه تفتح علشان system واقع بردة وبكرر ده مش كلامي ده منقول عن sky news وشاكين إن أصلا data بتاعت الناس اتسرقت وحد عمل hacking ووقع servers دي وfacebook كل دقيقة بيخسر ملايين فهما من مصلحتهم يرجعوا الدنيا الثانية دي قبل الثانية اللي بعدها لأن كل ثانية بملايين🤷‍♂️

جماعه هو طبيعي ان يُستهلك من الباقه 180 جيجا في 15 يوم يعني نص المده بالظبط ؟!!!!!!! اعمل اي

من خمس شهور حصلت معايا نفس المشكله لحد مايوم قولت يابت قوم شوفي الشبكة مالها لقيت في سبع أجهزة 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️معانا
اتأكد ان مفيش hacking ع شبكتك ولو مفيش ف دة العادي ايه يعني♥كلهم حراميه
جماعه هو طبيعي ان يستهلك من الباقه 180 جيجا في 15 يوم يعني نص المده بالظبط 

I didn't say that. Turn your anonymous off so you won't get harassed

dasie when I was in little space you told me that im annoying and for me to "act my age" and you told Alicia to "kill herself" and you told me that I can't idolize jensen which is BULLSHIT I can idolize whoever I want too! and you won't stop harassing me and linds and Alicia and all of my friends and I dont believe a god damn word out of your mouth dasie shut the hell up and stop threatening me and linds and Alicia and all of my friends and stop hacking people with ur little hacking app and stop telling me that I cant idolize jensen because thats bullshit and it hurts because jensen is my big brother I have looked up to jensen for 6 years going on 7 now and plus I am his little sister so you can just back the hell off and FYI you cant tell me what to do stop acting like your the president of the united freaking states because ur not and im getting sick and tired of your bullshit and your threats to linds and Alicia telling them to "kill themselves" and "hope they have seizures" and a whole bunch of other shit im DONE WITH IT YEAH LINDS AND ALICIA TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU TELL THEM YOU THINK YOUR SO SMART DASIE WHEN ALL YOU ARE IS A PSYCHOPATHIC COWARD SOCIOPATHIC idiot

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If you could do anything, besides what you're doing now, what would you do?

Learn Coding☺️ & hacking💜, & Taking part in KBC if I have time for its preparation, 🌺 & meeting my fav. & Friendly youtubers including some renowned personalities also & having a chat with them 💜, & doing internship along with my friends or working for a company with my bestiess🤩😍to gain some experience 🥰 & settle my life💜🌺, I also want to practice law :) or look for how they work :). [[[ #self-efficient, #self-love, #self-independent]]]] and always having family by my side, I only want that :)🌺🙏🙃
If you could do anything besides what youre doing now what would you do

Which is safer PIN or Fingerprint? Why?

dodoBluz’s Profile PhotoNo one from nowhere
I’d say fingerprint. All fingerprints are unique. Even twins don’t have the same fingerprints. Both are stored up in the system, both are retrievable by hacking, but with a PIN you have quicker access into the phone after knowing what it is.
Which is safer PIN or Fingerprint Why

https://ask.fm/UtzanarA/answers/167322618697 Así es, hacker y cracker es la forma en como se debe distinguir las intenciones. Aunque también se usó "hacker ético" refiriéndose al bienintencionado, pero no, es mejor usar distintos adjetivos. Y sí, para la mayoría el que hace mal en Internet es Troll.

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
Justamente el Ethical Hacking es un curso que se toma para poder estudiar las vulnerabilidades que se tiene en la red. Ojalá que todas las personas se revindicaran al pensar que un hacker no es una mala persona o un ciberdelincuente.

Apa hal baru yang kalian punya karena pandemi? Entah hobby, usaha, atau minat yang lain? me: Jadi belajar buka usaha dan berani post konten puisi atau deeptalk 😂

deanlynjasmine’s Profile Photodear jasmine
Selama 2020-2021 ini hobby suka gaming, learn coding, learn hacking. Dan lagi berminat buat bikin app sendiri, mendirikan digital company, sekaligus akhir2 ini suka baca berita-berita dari Hacktivist.

Как изменится человек, если установить интернет-подключение прямо в мозг? Если у вас есть вопрос, то мгновенно находится на него ответ. Заблудились, не знаете как дойти до метро? Вмиг вы знаете дорогу и тд. А как изменится человечество с данным изобретениием?

Drifiz’s Profile PhotoDrifiz Munchausen
К self hacking отношусь неплохо, но вот от мысли о любых несанкционированных сторонних вмешательствах в содержимое моего котелка сразу киснет настроение.
Well, c'mon. Даже самая честная и прозрачная политика конфиденциальности гарантиями не разбрасывается — в отличие от предупреждений. А ещё, избавление от накапливаемого мусора — при подключении напрямую кэшировать весь хлам будем куда? И это так, только на ходу возникающие вопросы.
Вы смотрели West World?) Не совсем эта тема, но кое-какая параллель проводится.
Мир не изменится. Изменится контроль над жизнью и процессами.
Как изменится человек если установить интернетподключение прямо в мозг Если у

This perfectly describes you! People with large pupils are more INTELLIGENT, study finds. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/people-with-large-pupils-are-more-intelligent-study-finds/ar-AAKHNE5

But there 're things that indicate that u 're smart without gettin' close to anyone's pupil
u are WEIRDO,hate rules and the status quo. u think laws simply suck,curious about everything ,enjoy breaking things, hacking 'em and even dismembering 'em, love speed,the word “impossible” doesn’t seem to intimidate u and in fact, doesn’t feature in ur dictionary ..
Actions speak louder than the pupils my friend ☺️

Wie stellst du dir die Welt in hundert Jahren vor? Was sollte es unbedingt geben?

Bei dieser Frage muss ich an das Spiel Cyberpunk 2077 denken.
Tatsächlich träumte ich eins davon in solch einer Welt zu leben und mich mit Cyberware zu modifizieren.
In meinem Kopf war dies eine Utopie.
Das Spiel jedoch zeigte mir wie dystopisch diese Welt ist.
Cybercrime - Ausbeutung von Menschen, Hacking von Systemen und Menschen.
Wofür? Um an ihr Chrome zu kommen.
Dazu muss man sich immer wieder updaten, da die Technologie immer verbessert wird. Neue Körperteile, Augen, Chips etc.
In der Zukunft sollte es eher weitaus mehr Natur und weniger Technik geben.
Der technische Fortschritt ist bereits zu dieszeiten unfassbar schnell. Es hat seine Vorteile. Allerdings auch Nachteile.
Die Menschheit sollte sich durchaus überlegen, ob der schnelle Fortschritt wirklich besser ist.
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I think he genuinely was. He would send me so many spam bots, it was all because I didn't want to date him lmao he sent me his ID and everything I've been trying to find it 😂 I remember when I was on Facebook someone from Colorado hacked me that's when I was completely done with that shit 😂👌

I know of a person who makes business by hacking hotels through the free wifi system, showing them all of their customer info and then saying, “you need my help to protect this”. 😂
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what are white and black hats?

Hackers. Generally, "white hats" are involved in ethical hacking and they might work in the public and private sectors looking for vulnerabilities, security leaks and related. Essentially, they help to secure information systems, fix problems, etc. "Black hats" are on the other side, involved in illegal activities - at times for trolling but usually for personal gain.

Did anyone get hacked on Facebook last night or recently ? Apparently there’s identity theft and hackers hacking a lot of people stealing personal information and peoples pictures and making fake accounts of a certain individual . Ik hacking has been around forever but it’s got worse

As long as Big Tech sites continue to force users to use their personal information, they will encourage hacking, identity theft and related issues. If you absolutely have to use their platforms but you'd like to safeguard your data, there are steps you can take to limit your exposure.

iight I’m about to punch a wall who log me out of my Facebook man this is not okay this been happening all day I’m for real frustrated iight man what is wrong with Facebook this happens way too much they need to up their security man tf no one should be hacking we in 2021

imchristianRosales’s Profile PhotoimchristianRosales
Everyone got logged out it's a glitch
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لو بتستعمل الواتساب فلازم تقرا للنهاية الواتس اب حاليا عمل تحديث خطير جدا وهو انه قرر ياخد نسخ احتياطيه من محادثاتك وكل حاجه على الاكونت بتاعك وهيربطها مع شركة فيسبوك والاجراء ده اجبارى يعنى لو ما وفقتش فالواتس عندك هيقف ومش هيشتغل. فيه تطبيق مؤمن اسمه سيجنال كله ينزله قبل ٨ فبراير

you should ask yourself a question first, “Are you really important?” .. LOL, WhatsApp doesn’t care about your private messages, your nudes or whatever .. If anyone wants to (HACK) you, they can do it in minutes or some seconds only and that’s the reality at Networking and social-E! According to new hacking tools at this tech field, they can even hack your phone with a missed call only or with a small virus at there app. So chill, you’re not the PRESIDENT or the fucking important person .. you think that signal app will be able to reblace whats app! LOL, whats app have two billon user at every day!! Are you foolish? Signals' Servers will not be able to bear all this users .. don’t be worried. Data is only used for Ads & MARKETING at Facebook only, that’s it.

When was the last time that you got sick? 🤒 Have you gotten sick less often now during the pandemic? 😷

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I think it was last year. I usually sick every autumn due to allergies. This year I've been lucky so far. I haven't been sick. It's usually post nasal drip that turns into a severe dry hacking cough😷

Idk why they beat ryan. But i had 12 seizures tonight. 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔. Can you please tell demi to get online?

Demisonlygirlx1992’s Profile PhotoDemi Fan.1013. #R.I.P. alexa
Yeah. I think Demi got hacked again though because she can’t get into her account. I’ll ask her to create a new one and to think of a stronger password so that these anons can stop hacking her.

Hello Jensen, how are you? I read what happend with your e-mail account. Really i can't understand the people who make things like this. I think they have a lot of freetime...... How about Danneel and the kids? I hope they are doing great. Have a nice day! With love Kitti 🙂

pekkitti1225020’s Profile PhotoKitti
Other than the hacking of my Gmail account and the deletion of it, I'm doing pretty good! Thank you for asking! Dee and the kids are great! We're all doing great. Tell Tom we said hello! Have a great day!
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اخر ثريد عن ازاي تتعلم وطريقك في ال Hacking وال cyber security بشكل عام .. من الزيرو لحد ما تكون super pro ... الكلام المكتوب ده خبرة وتعب سنين حقيقي فدي معلومات قيمة جدا وقررت اشاركها مع الناس كصدقة جارية ان شاء الله . وبردو لأن فيه تقريبا 5 سألوني امبارح عايزين يتعلموا .

abdokhaled5’s Profile PhotoAbdelrahman | Pentester ❄️
ربنا يوفق الجميع ويجعله ف ميزان حسناتك?

if they have stoled me in that day, i would be literally fucked. they would have my phone, my money, my identity and my work card. ah, 🥴. my friend was robbed. he lost his phone.

I'm glad they didn't rob you back then. Luckily I have no money for anyone to take. ;; A car sticker or something got stolen from us years ago, though. Work card? Imagine someone stealing your phone and hacking into it. :/
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باشمهندس لو سمحت عايز حضرتك تعرفني ايه الكتب اللي محتاجي اذاكرها واتعلم منها علشان احسن مستوايا بشكل كبير في الويب بنتست ؟ وياريت تكون حضرتك قرأتها وعلى علم بيها

بص الكتب مش اهم حاجة .. اهم حاجة بالنسبالك التطبيق العملي الكتيير علشان ده اللي هيعودك وهيخليك تفكر بطريقة افضل ..
ودي الكتب اللي اعرفها وعجبتني كتيير فيه كتير منها مدفوع لو معرفتش تحمله كلمني تليجرام على اليوزر ده @abdokhaled1 وانا هبعتهملك كلهم بإذن الله ...
1. Breaking into Information Security
2. Black Hat Python
3. Bug Hunter's Diary
4. Web Application Hacker's Handbook 2
5. Ghost in the Wires
6. The Hacker Playbook (1,2,3)
7. Gray Hat Hacking (5th Edition)
8. Hacking Exposed 7 Network Security
9. Hacking Exposed Web Application (1,2,3)
10. Hacking for Dummies (6th Edition)
11. Hacking The Art of Exploitation
12. Mastering Modern Web Penetration Testing
13. Metasploit The Penetration Tester's Guide
14. OWASP Testing Guide 4.0
15. OWASP Top 10 (2010 - 2013 - 2017)
16. Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking
17. Red Team Field Manual
18. The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing - Patrick Engebreston
19. The Tangled Web
20. Violent Python
21. Web Hacking 101
22. Real World Bug Hunting - Peter Yaworski
23. Ethical Hacking and Penetration Test - Rafy Baloch
24. Google Hacking for Penetration Testers (3rd Edition)
25. Practical Malware Analysis
26. The Browser Hacker’s Handbook
27. Reversing Secrets to reverse Engineering

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