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لو قلت تحدث عما يجول في خاطرك وكأننا نعرف بعضنا منذ مدة ، ماذا ستقول ؟

I can no longer explain things , life is not like what it’s used to be. Harder than ever yes! But also you can’t really decide the right choice you gonna make, people are so fake you can’t trust no one everything is so miserable. I seem unstable at the first glance but trust me im the most stable person you”ll ever meet , sad face sometimes but ok at most cases don’t get me wrong im just thinking way too deep about things , looking for details those small details in things just like how her hair moves by the wind as she walks in front of me ❤️

What's your side of the story?

maazich’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Moaaz
Two of my friends have hormonal imbalance (it’s pretty common in women) it can lead to a variety of problems, one being PCOS. It’s not fatal but it can cause you to gain excessive weight, have acne, mood swings, unwanted hair growth on usual places. Women have peach fuzz on their face but if somebody has hormonal imbalance, they end up having dark hair. Two of my friends get dark hair grown on their chin and neck and ofc being a woman, they feel very uncomfortable about it. Sometimes when they come around and they haven’t gotten rid of those hair, they really show up and say “mei bohat buri lag rae ho” we calm them down. Tell them it’s okay. If we’re not bothered and we’re not pointing it out or making fun of it, why are you so uncomfortable? Breathe! They eventually get better. 🤍
Then there’s this old group fellow. She was so into this one guy from the group. We all knew this guy digs two things only; money and beauty. After like 4 years, when she joined for MBA we couldn’t recognise her.
She legit learned how to do makeup, took a damn course!
She joined gym, lost weight.
She used to do abaya, she gave it up.
Idk what she did to herself but she was on the darker spectrum of “tan” and she changed her skintone.
Lastly, got a new haircut, got highlights.
Even stopped being her normal self and started being more composed and started talking less.
In short, she became a different person. She became unrecognisable. If this was all for herself, I would’ve been happy for her but it was for that guy, it was then when he got interested. They got married but he still ends up telling her “you don’t look nice. Fix yourself.”
She cries. I told her this guy is not the right choice but back then she was too blinded to see it.
I’m just trying to say is that
What good is someone that only cares about you on their terms?We read as children; “All that glitters is not gold”
But people don’t get it, do they?

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Do you tend to remember your dreams? Maybe give an example of one you've had recently or that was particularly memorable? 😴💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
One I will always remember is when I was pregnant with our daughter (didn’t know at the time of dreaming), I kept dreaming of a little brown hair brown eyes little girl over and over again. I knew that was my grandma showing me my daughter I was carrying. Found out I was having a GIRL and now she’s 4 with long brown hair and brown eyes 🥹🥹🥹

Do you prefer having short or long hair?

anonsynth’s Profile Photoanonsynth
I prefer having long hair. It's comforting to me to feel the pressure on my scalp from having my hair up in a tight bun. So I need my hair long enough to put back in a bun. I look nice with short hair but I just feel so anxious without that comfort adjustment

As a gay male, I find it weird when, in today's world, STRAIGHT men wear pink, dye their hair or do their mani. They'd bully us for that kind of stuff 12-15 years ago. So now, that heterosexuals do it, it's fashionable. We so need to start gatekeeping traditionally fem things to women and gays.

Strongly disagree. I understand the frustration of something that you were bullied for becoming "fashionable" to those who bullied you for it, but gatekeeping further reinforces the problem. Breaking down the stereotypes and boxes that society shoves us into is a good thing.

What do you judge people by ? Iike chewing loudly or bad grammar etc

TheRealPeach13962’s Profile PhotoTheRealPeach
I'm not one to really judge people, I'm accepting of most stuff or let things slide.
If I had to say something though I guess, usually poor hygiene a bit. I don't judge judge them, but like if im at a job or out somewhere and someone there smells like they didn't wahs their uniform in weeks, and hasn't washed their hair etc, i can feel a bit off about it haha. Mostly because it's unpleasant to smell them haha more than it is a bad thing.
If someone's come from the gym, or had a tough day or been ill etc then it's understandable. But some people just barely ever wash and makes them look less professional in my opinion.

Are you a picky eater?

I haven’t counted but it would probably be around 30 as well. My food issues were a primary driving factor that made me realize I could be autistic, and I discussed them with my psychologist. Having an explanation makes it much easier for people to understand and respect my food tolerances and intolerances. For years, I would start with “I’m a vegetarian” and then get offered a full plate of vegetables that I couldn’t eat, and it was always awkward. I’ve switched to “I’m autistic and struggle with eating a variety of food. I’d be happy to eat before the gathering / bring something for everyone to share.” Much better.
Today I wrote a list of all the foods I will eat because I’ve been told I’m a picky eater and I wanted to find out if I actually am. I included things I make myself eat to stay healthy (like vegetables.) I broke down full dishes into their ingredients, but I counted pre-made things like chips or peanut butter as 1. In total my list has 33 things on it. I’m curious to know if anyone else has done this and how many foods do you eat? There are 3.1 things I refuse to eat. Kale cause it's bitter, Celery cause it's like trying to eat hair, Figs cause of the wormy texture, and the brown part of a banana because it looks gross.
I’m extremely picky and therefore eat extremely unhealthy since vegetable, some fruits and other healthy food are a big no-no from me❌ I used to be a really picky eater - everything had to be plain (no sauce or spice) no foods touching etc. I think that was a learnt trait though because white my parents were eating other foods later in the evening after work, my brother and I were fed by the babysitter 5 nights a week who made us plain pasta with tuna on the side or potatoes and fish fingers - those kinda meals.
I only have one food that's linked to a bad experience and that's yoghurt. Was made to eat it once by a teacher cause it was the only thing left in the canteen at lunchtime. Despite insisting I hated it, she forced me to - came home after school and puked up all night long. The thought of it and texture just make me want to puke to this day (this happened around 13 years or so ago). I'd say expose your child to as many flavours as you can and let them try your meals if you are eating something different. I gradually came around and now at 21 I'd say I like quite a wide variety of foods - mostly due to moving out and experimenting with what I want to cook. For me, I think it was lack of exposure to a variety of foods, and being forced to eat. My mom rotated the same 3 or 4 meals for dinner, and would always include something she knew I didn't like. To this day I despise sweet potatoes because she would force me to eat a pile of them at dinner. I didn't even have the option of going to bed hungry, which I think I gladly would have taken.

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Hey Nat, do you like scalp massages with the neck kisses? 🤗

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
If I’m getting my hair touched in a gentle way then I’m probably falling asleep any moment and would get annoyed if my neck was being kissed cos it’d be disturbing my relaxing hair tickles and much loved sleep 😅

Напиши ми няколко реда. Нещо малко, неангажиращо, вдъхновяващо или просто... нещо.

heartfullofdreams’s Profile PhotoКапчица радост (:
"Sweet little words made for silence not talk
Young heart for love not heartache
Dark hair for catching the wind
Not to veil the sight of a cold world".
Nightwish - While your lips are still red.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

So I keep seeing this guy in my dreams. His features remain blurry to me but I do know that he got curly hair, he's pretty damn tall and he got a good voice. I fancy myself half in love with him already so I believe in love before the first sight.
Spoiler: He's prolly a fragment of my imagination, an element that keeps popping up in my sleep and yes I do realize that I sound very neurotic lmao.
Do you believe in love at first sight

Kas tev patīk savā ķērmenī?

❉ Hair and tattoos 😌
And honestly my scars too. Thry remind me of a lot of things and why i am the way i am today.
And i am nowhere near done with tattoos. The more i get the more they make me like my body.
Kas tev patīk savā ķērmenī
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Jakie odżywki do włosów polecasz?

Z tych zwykłych drogeryjnych bardzo lubię odżywki marki Cien z keratyną, OnlyBio (Hair in Balance), Vianek, Anwen, Pantene, Yumi, dobrze wpływają na moje włosy. Są też takie odżywki i takie firmy, których po prostu nie trawię. Oczywiście każde włosy są inne i to, że na mnie coś działa nie znaczy, że komuś innemu też to podpasuje.

Well 71 in my case but I will most likely live to be well past the age of 100 because of my good health. I can provide her with a good living and great s_x like she never could dream of so I believe she would enjoy me if she could just look past my age

Your answer reminds me of the blind Delta pilot who was upset that some of his passengers demanded a refund when they were informed that he was blind. The pilot explained to his concerned passengers that eye sight was overrated and not necessary to fly a plane. To prove his point this pilot informed his passengers that the best pilot he knows is a good friend of his who is deaf, dumb and blind. The result? All of the passengers demanded a refund and refused to fly on Delta anymore.
Perhaps you should explain to this 18 year old woman what you have to offer her besides sex:
- high blood pressure
- blocked arteries
- diabetes
- protruding abdomen
- erectile dysfunction
- irritable bowel syndrome
- hardening of the arteries
- early signs of dementia
- enlarged prostrate
- arthritis
- hip replacement
- low sperm count
- loss of hair
- tooth decay and gum disease
- type A personality (it's my way or the highway)
- snoring
- bad breath
- urine leakage
- fixed income mostly SSI which is projected to be bankrupt by 2030
- intolerance of children
- prenuptial agreement requirement so children from previous marriage inherit all property and financial assets
After revealing your intentions and requirements to this 18 year old girl and her family, I would let her form her own conclusions and determine what is in her own best interest.

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What horror film scares you the most? 😨🤗

BradJones427’s Profile PhotoBrad
The story is this, I was afraid of horrors until I was blue in the face, and this is "It"(my brother showed it to me, after that we were simply terrified), "Pet Cemetery" (at that time it was very scary), Freddie, yes there was a moment that I was afraid of him, and then he became a cool antagonist for me, "From Dusk Till Dawn" (I slept with my dad for 2 weeks, because I was afraid that vampires would drag me away), well, and later it's Japanese horror ^^ "Call" and " Curse" (the hair and the sound that the girl made just caused fear)
now Asian horrors make me worry, and the rest I can predict everything according to the plot, even when and who will die😄😉🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️☠👻👽👾🤡
История такова, ужасы я боялась до посинения в детстве, а это "Оно" (мне его показал брат, после этого в нас просто вселяло ужас), "Кладбище домашних животных" ( на тот момент было очень страшно), Фредди, да был момент, что я его боялась, а потом он стал для меня прикольным антагонистом, "От заката до рассвета" (я спала с папой 2 недели, потому что боялась что вампиры утащат меня), ну и более позднее это японские ужасы^^ "Звонок" и "Проклятие" (волосы и звук который издавала девочка просто вызывали страх)
сейчас меня заставляют волноваться азиатские ужасы, а остальное я могу все по сюжету предугадать, даже когда и кто умрет😄😉🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️☠👻👽👾🤡

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What horror film scares you the most

Саш, чем пользуешься для ухода волос?

Шампунь Masil 3 salon hair CMC и маска того же бренда 8 seconds salon hair
Отвечаю на последующие вопросы : это корейский проф. уход , брала в Летуаль

🦋 ﮼لَك ‏ ‏﮼يا ‏ ‏﮼جميل ‏ ‏﮼الروح 🦋

mohammedsuper’s Profile Photoمـــحـــمـــد
The colour of your skin , texture of your hair, weight of your body ,your grades ,tall, short or what you wear doesn't define your worth .you define your worth who you are🤍 and make sure you put your standards so high and never ever let anyone bring you down
لون بشرتك، ملمس شعرك، وزن جسمك، درجاتك، سواء أكنت طويل، قصير أو ما ترتديه لا يحدد قيمتك. أنت من تحدد قيمتك فتأكد من وضع معاييرك عالية جدا وألا تدع أحدا يقلل من قيمتك ❤

Space, post anything you want..

I have writer's block on my main story. The last thing I wrote was chapter 12 of Is this Hell? I'm not a fan of the word limit on here. So annoying.
You walked into the store unnoticed. Well, you thought you did. You had only been in the comedy section for a few seconds before you felt like you were being watched. For a brief second you thought it was Billy or Stu, but when you turned slightly around you were met with the smirk of Steve Orth. You almost did not recognize him at first. His hair was styled, and he was wearing jeans and his football varsity jacket.
Ignoring his crowd of friends, he focused his attention on you.
"Hi there, beautiful, he said when he got close."
"What do you want, Steve?" You said bluntly.
For a split second, Steve looked startled, but he covered it up quickly. "How do you know my name?" "We went to school together, Steven. A long time ago. But you also need to know that I am not interested in whatever you have to say. So can you please leave me alone?" You paused and took a deep breath to steady your nerves.
Two shades of red appeared high on Steve's cheeks. "Drop the act, you do not have to be a bitch." he commented.
"Trust me, it's not an act." You said with a laugh. "What would Casey think about you hitting on other girls?
Steve's jaw dropped. "What did you just say? he hissed. You shook your head in annoyance at him and started to walk away when he grabbed your arm harshly. Your head snapped in his direction. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" You fought to control your emotions, to find the strength not to rip his head off. Then you heard him chuckle darkly then leaned towards you and whispered. "I could make you feel so good, baby. I bet that is why you are being so mean."
You looked at him in surprise. "Is that so?" you asked. He released your arm and a grin spread across his face. "Absolutely," he spoke.
You looked at him with a smirk. "One: I am not interested in sleeping with you. Two: You are a disgusting excuse of a guy. And three: The very sound of your voice makes my vagina run as dry as the Sahara Desert.
"You...bitch" Steve shouted.
You simply gave him a smug smile, "Did I hurt your little ego?" He stormed past you seething with anger out of the store, his friends following him.
You slid your sunglasses down over your eyes and walked over to your group of friends. "Hey, guys. How is it going?" Randy's eyes snap to mine and I see his body visibly stiffen. Sidney purses her lips like she is deeply uncomfortable and does not know what to say. My eyes glance towards Billy and Stu and I see they have their eyes trained on the door watching Steve. "Well, I will go first, Tatum says. "What was that about? Why did Steve Orth call you a bitch?" You shake your head, a smile growing across your face. "He was doing a poor job of flirting with me, and then dared to ask me to hook up. I told him I was not interested."

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I'm going to a party tomorrow and the theme is "Vacation". If you were going to said party, what'd you wear? You can interpret that theme however you wish 😎🏝🛩

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
An long orange sundress, an earring in the form of a cherry, earrings in the form of an orange slice, a straw and an umbrella in my hair - I'm a harvey wallbanger cocktail. The beauty of decision is that it is served even in Murmansk. Or, if the dress is midi and blue, "blue hawaii".
a Google maps navigator suit would be more logical, but I've already drawn so many of them that they make me siсk

عاوزه اجيب هديه لخطيبي بس بلاش ساعه وبرفن والنبي😂💔

شوف هى بتحب أيه ومهتمة بيه مثلا حاجات زى skin care, hair care
لو بتحب القراءة تجيبلها كتاب أو رواية، ممكن مصحف ومعه خاتم لطيف كده، البنات أبسط حاجة بتفرحهم كفاية فكرة الاهتمام.

What would you do if you were the opposite sex for one day?

Let me think here 🤔 I would do my hair, fix my makeup, put on my nails, get dressed, dance around a bit, drink some coffee, call all my girlfriends to have the latest gossip, watch myself in the mirror and probably have fucking nervous meltdown and start all over again. Holy shit! I think I need more fucking days. Can I have more days?

I have self-hatred. I don't know how to get better 😔

jimin899’s Profile PhotoPoppy
Love is the complete acceptance of someone, You accept both the good and bad in this person. Love is not about controlling or trying to change someone. But how can you accept others if you are not accepting yourself?
Self love is not about ego and to think that you are better than anyone else, self love is to accept who you are as you are. For example I’m a bald person, imagine if i’m not accepting that fact and i just don’t like my look without hair. How could it be possible to accept others’ if i’m not accepting myself?
“Yes, but i want a better version of me” some of you might ask this question. And yes, most of us want to develop themselves to be a better version. But there’s a HUGE difference when you’re doing that because you’re loving yourself and when you’re doing this because you just don’t like yourself. What we want to do is to accept our dark side and recognize it, if it is something you can change so you will do it. If you cannot do it. So you have to live with it! Because simply we’re humans, we’re not perfect!
The moment you can love and accept yourself as who you are, you will be able to love and accept others without trying to change anything in them.
Peace and blessings for all 🙏🏽

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I have selfhatred I dont know how to get better
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Anyone! Long hair or short hair? Or medium hair for girls? Ano bet mo?

Para sa akin, yung long hair kasi parang ang bigat tignan at nakakamatured. Maganda lang yon para sa mga taong magaling mag alaga ng buhok, tas magaling pa mag ayos ng sariling buhok. Mas bet ko yung medium hair lang, saktong haba at iksi, nakakabata DAW tignan, tyaka di rin ako pala ayos ng buhok, panay pony lang ako, kaya mas okey sa akin na ganon lang kahaba HHAHAHA

Would you like to remain blonde or be brunette?

MarceloFreitas308’s Profile PhotoJONNHY CAMOMILA
I am blonde all my life but I like comb. blue eyes & black hair, so in my age 30 I colored my hair into dark and after question of my 3 y.o. son 👉 Who are you and where is my mom? 👈 I changed it back to blonde after one week 😂😅

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