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What kinds of wall decorations do you have in your home? Maybe post a picture of one of your favorites? 🖼

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
We have several pictures bought during our vacations with the topic of sea mostly but this picture with sunflowers I appreciate very much because it is handmade embroidery made by one aunty in our family 🤩, it consists of 17850 small crosses (I have calculated the approximate content according to the number of crosses in 1 cm 😅) and it was very demanding on work and time. 👌
What kinds of wall decorations do you have in your home Maybe post a picture of

*need I remind you of https://ask.fm/NinetiesNightmare/answers/154414935979 there is a reason @LustfulSans is terrified of him*

NinetiesNightmare’s Profile PhotoFresh
*No wonder the hand-made Fresh children are so dark ._ . Yes Sci is also responsible for the other monstrosities created, the one on the right is a Horror Fresh child-created by Sci*
need I remind you of httpsaskfmNinetiesNightmareanswers154414935979  there is a

Apa hadiah paling best utk birthday perempuan?

Paling best tu tak dapat detect sebab masing² ada taste tersendiri. Tapi selalunya perempuan ni dia tak kisah pun dapat apa lagi² benda tu daripada orang yang dia sayang an.. dia terima je. So, kalau orang tu orang yang kita rapat, mesti kita dapat detect apa dia suka atau tak. Then bagilah something yang dia suka tu.
If memang tak tau nak bagi apa tu kan.. antara benda yang boleh saya suggest tu macam:-
1. Handmade stuff
2. Giftbox ( coklat, tudung and etc)
3. Bunga
4. Handbag/sling bag
5. Jam
6. Casing phone
7. Engraving stuff
Haa tu antaranya la. Kalau ragu² dia macam suka tak suka tu bolehlah tanya dia terus apa dia nak.
Apa² pun, all the best ♡~
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Do you like giving or Receiving Gifts 🎁 , when it isn’t Xmas or birthdays ?

fattbboymedic’s Profile PhotoFatboy93
sure. i think a person doesn't have to have a reason to give and receive gifts, you don't have to do it just on holidays or birthdays. it's really nice to receive gifts when you don't expect them, to know that person has thought of you, to feel special. i'm not talking about big or expensive gifts, it can be anything (food, something handmade etc...) because, as i said, the thought of the fact that that person thought of me while they was giving that gift is so nice

Have you ever had a love letter written to you?

My junior year of high school someone taped a love letter to my desk before my first period class. The letter was written on patterned paper in red thin tipped marker. It mentioned how pretty I was and how I had a great sense of humor and a really nice smile, and that my laugh was infectious. The writer said that they really liked me, but I never gave them the time of day. It was signed, "Your Secret Admirer." To be honest, I was horribly creeped out. I didn't find it sweet or endearing, I found it unsettling. I asked my teacher if he knew who wrote it, which he did, but said he wouldn't tell me, but that the individual was in our class. My teacher finally ended up telling me after several days that it was this kid that I had little to no interaction with. It creeped me out even more to know that this kid I barely knew was lusting after me and thought that this juvenile display of interest was the best way to win my affections. I have a box full of them back in my old room at my parent's house. Ahh, high school! I love them all. They were all from serious boyfriends, telling me how much they cared about me and how I made them feel. The most important thing is that they were sincere and from the heart. Each one is unique, because each person and each relationship was unique. I still read over them every now and then and smile, because we had great times while it lasted and learned valuable lessons. No regrets, even the scumbags and idiots. When I first got them, I thought they were adorable and I would read them all the time when I was missing my boyfriend.
I received quite a few really beautiful ones from my significant other, primarily when we first started seeing each other. The part that stays with me from those is the glimpse into how he really felt and that he shared the wonderment I did about falling in love. I do still have them, but wouldn't feel right about sharing the details of something only meant for my eyes originally.
I have had love letters written to me. My first was in 7th grade. Pretty sweet, but I thought at the time it was a tad creepy too. More recently, my ex husband wrote them to me before we started dating, and they really made me feel special. These love letters included poems he wrote about me. He stopped writing them right after we began dating and never wrote another one. I still have those he wrote me though, somewhere.
I've never received one. The closest I ever got was because of an assignment in my honors humanities class in high school. Everyone had to write a valentine poem to whoever's name they drew out of the hat. The guy who drew my name made a giant card and a handmade mirror in the shape of a heart. Unfortunately, he was just an overacheiver as I actually had a crush on him.

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I don't trust people who say their love language is recieving gifts that's materialistic af to me and a red flag lol. Gifts are nice but there's a limit

It's not just the materialistic gifts that are bought. They love the handmade with love gifts too. It's also about "hey, I was at the store & immediately thought of you" gestures.

Bist du gerne was Mode und Technik an geht auf dem neuesten Stand ?

xMarkoxxx’s Profile PhotoMarko
Neuer Stand? Das kann ich nicht, weil 2023 schon beschlossen und genehmigt ist. Das ist der Stand der Dinge, er muss nur noch verkündet werden. Alles andere ist von gestern und wird so gut es eben geht in die ehrfürchtige u. kaufwillige Masse geschmissen.
Meine Kleidung ist oft handmade, habe ausreichende und funktionierende Technik. Ich bin schon länger nicht mehr bereit, dieses sehr durchdachte und total überflüssige Spiel mitzuspielen. That's it.

Did you have a good birthday, lovely? ☺️

origamibirds’s Profile Phototea.
@musicalprincess5491 Figured I'd tag you since you both basically asked the same question 😄
I had a great day thank you! On my actual birthday I had a delicious dinner together with my closest family 😋 I got an activity watch and an assortment of various other things from my parents, chocolates from my sister's boyfriend and last but not least: A set of handmade Dungeons and Dragons dice from @LunarHuntress and her boyfriend! They had tiny ships inside to reference the pirate game Sea of Thieves which our friendship strengthened around 🥺🥰
@kittiemeowsie Might as well share this with the only one on here who I know also plays D&D Haha These will for sure be my go to dice from now on! 😄
The Saturday after I celebrated with the rest of my family, got some clothes, a board game and a new large mouse pad. We had ordered chinese food through catering and after that we had cake 😋 Sunday I went to my grandma and had a small coffe break so she could get to give me her congratulations in person 😊

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Did you have a good birthday lovely

Pap of your handmade food.

Okay So Its Something About Food That Makes Me Go Crazy And Wild I Can Write About Food All Day Long And It Will Sound Like I Am Saying Few Romantic Lines About My Lover. From The Food I Made To The Cakes I've Baked I Am In Love With Every Moment Of It. Just The Way How Salt Bae Enjoys Cooking And Sprinkle The Salt On Top Of Food Just Like The First Snowfall Of The Year. Even Though I've Made It And I Still Feel It (The Taste) On My Tongue And The Fact That I Just Had My Breakfast, Its Still Giving My Mouth An Orgasm 😂.
Pap of your handmade food

Jaki jest waszym zdaniem najlepszy prezent dla waszych dziadków? 👵🏻👴🏻

clear_glance’s Profile PhotoIrresponsible.
Najlepszy prezent to taki, który jest od serca. No dobra... pomijając swój czas, oraz obecność jestem zdania, że fajnymi prezentami są te, które można wykonać samodzielnie.
Jeżeli nawet nie mamy manualnych zdolności, aby wykonać coś fajnego, można po prostu zamówić parę słodkości i samodzielnie stworzyć chociażby swój koszyk ciekawych produktów, a do środka dołączyć karteczkę z życzeniami.
W poprzednim i tym roku właśnie tak zrobiłem - zamówiłem parę produktów, w tym czekoladę wykonaną metodą "handmade", dorzuciłem suszoną pomarańczę oraz opakowałem to wszystko w folię dołączając kartkę z życzeniami. Taki prezent sprawia o wiele więcej radości, niż drogi produkt wzięty z marketu.

How long does a good pair of shoes usually last you?

How long do your shoes last, and at what point do you "give up" on them?
I'm trying to pare down while also upping the quality of my wardrobe but I feel lost on shoes. How long do your "nice work shoes" last? How about your every day flat? Heels? Do you take your shoes in for repair, and at what point do you give up and buy a new pair? What’s the longest amount of time you’ve had a pair of shoes for?
My boyfriend and I were getting ready for an art gallery and he told me to guess how old the shoes he was wearing were. I guessed 5, and he told me he’d had them for 12 years. He got those shoes when he was seven. My oldest pair is 4. So, what’s the longest amount of time you’ve had a pair of shoes for? How long does a pair of sneakers last you?
I wear the same pair almost 3 to 4 days of the week and noticed that they wear down to the logo (the logo on the heel from converse, vans, etc) within half a year. I have flat feet so they wear down unevenly too. I have to get a new pair every year. I'm not sure if it's the way I walk or the shoes I buy not being of good quality that causes them to wear down so fast. I was wondering how long these sneakers last for the average person with moderate to heavy use. Do you notice them wearing down? Do they normally wear down evenly or unevenly? And how long do these sneakers last you? I had a nice pair of Footjoy's that I wore all the time and they last a year or two before I had to begrudgingly give up on them. But I have alot of shoes that have lasted for years that I wear not so much. I have to replace shoes once or twice a year. I wear boots for work, and they wear down and break apart. My running shoes start to hurt my feet when they’re ready to go.
My shoes last ten years or so. Hand-made quality shoes. I never buy any "fast fashion" stuff.
My favorite industry-made ones are Birkenstocks. They may not look sexy but they will keep my feet pretty and healthy, as opposed to "sexy" high heels.

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Gdzie urządzasz swoje mieszkanie? Skąd pochodzi większość dekoracji w Twoim domu?

Większość ozdób, które znajdują się w moim domu pochodzi z Pepco. Czasem kupuję też coś w Kiku, Action, Homli lub innych tańszych sklepach. Mam jednak sporo rzeczy handmade, głównie zrobionych przez moją mamę, która ma swoją działalność związaną m.in. z tworzeniem ozdób.
Gdzie urządzasz swoje mieszkanie Skąd pochodzi większość dekoracji w Twoim domu

พี่มิวช่วยหน่อยครับ พอจะมีร้านในไอจีแนะนำไหมครับ เป็นของขวัญวันเกิดครับ เป็นพวกขนมอะไรแบบนี้ก็ได้ ช่วยหน่อยครับ

ทันไหมคะเด็ก พี่มิวไปหามาให้แล้วนะ
- overthemoon.cake (เค้กน่ารักมาก แนะนำสุดๆ)
- homm.bake (blueberry cheese pie น่าทานมากค่ะ)
- saintcroissantbkk (ครัวซองต์ร้านนี้มีหลายแบบมาก)
- pine.after (เทียนหอมขนาดกำลังน่ารักเลย เหมาะเป็นของขวัญดีนะคะ)
- ifoundsomethinggood (ของกุ๊กกิ๊กหัวใจ มีให้เลือกเยอะ)
- littleflora.g (handmade พวกแหวน สร้อย กำไล แต่ดูเหมือนทางร้านจะงดรับงานไปแล้ว)

List 10 things that make you really happy 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
- good health of my loved people 💪
- while we all 4 live in one flat 💗
- morning with good coffee ☕
- every holiday 🏖️🏞️⛷️
- when someone makes me smile or laugh 🙂😃😂
- russian ice-cream 🍦
- buying small things I like and which decorate our flat 👍
- sleeping after lunch during free days 😅
- surprising people by handmade gifts 🤩
- watching talent shows, series or movies with good thrilling story or my favourite actors. 👌

ขอตารางอ่านหนังสือกับตารางชีวิตในแต่ละวันของพี่ราเมลหน่อยค้าบ 🌷🌷🌷

คิดผิดแล้วที่มาขอตารางอ่านหนังสือกับเค้า55555 เค้าขี้เกียจมากเลยเธ๊อ! แต่ถ้าเป็นตารางชีวิตปกติช่วงเช้าเค้ากินน้ำผลไม้ปั่นทุกเช้าแล้วก็ออกกำลังกายฮะ ถ้ามีclassเรียนก็ออกไปเรียนเลยแต่ถ้าวันนั้นว่างชิวก็จะออกไปเที่ยวข้างนอกพาตัวเองไปที่ๆชอบ ถ้าวันไหนอยากอยู่บ้านก็ดูหนัง ฟังเพลง ทำ handmade หรือแบบหาอะไรที่แปลกๆทำให้ตัวเองไม่เบื่อคับ ส่วนช่วงดึกๆเค้าจะว่ายน้ำออกไปเดินเล่นในหมู่บ้าน อย่าถามว่านอนตอนไหนเพราะว่าเค้าใช้วิชางีบอย่างเดียวค่ะ55555 อ่านหนังสือแล้วก็หลับตาแล้วก็อ่านหนังสือ งงมั้ย😂

Say you were to start your own business, what kind of product / service would you sell? What makes you think that'd be the best fit for you? 🏷💵 (If you don't already own a business I mean lol)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I wish to have a cute little art shop someday, which has stuff like paintings, handmade jewellery, home decor, wall hangings, candles etc...

do you celebrate teachers’ day where you live? if yes, how did you show your appreciation/gratitude for the educators in your life? 🧑🏻‍🏫🏫📒

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Yes we do , usually students distribute chocolates or perfumes with cute notes for teachers :3
I show my appreciation through leaving cute hand-made notes and by being the best outcome of their teaching :3

Is there anything you’re looking forward to within next couple of weeks?

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
The end of September I get to see a band called ‘The Lathums’ at a gig, they’re amazing. They’ve become one of my favourite bands very quickly. I’m super excited 🥰
I also get my dreadlocks too, they’re currently being handmade but they should be here hopefully by the end of September too. I’ve wanted them for years so I’m super excited ☺️
I also ordered an ‘oodie’ a while back, and I think that ships in the next few weeks. It took abit longer because I ordered the Rick and Morty one and there was a high demand for it😁

Quelle est le meilleure repas que tu as mangé cette semaine ?

Last May my partner and I went to Iceland for a month. We were recommended this restaurant in Ísafjörður, a town on the north-western coast. The restaurant was called "The Tar house" and basically, it was a grilled/fried fish restaurant where you ate whenever the ship came back in with the day's catch. It was absolutely unreal. We ate cod, haddock, wolffish, rockbiter and many more I can't even remember. I like fish quite a bit, but I never new fish could have such different textures from each other... The sauces and spices... Halfway through the meal when I started getting full a sadness came over me as I realized I'd never eat this good again. So I doubled down and ate till it hurt, spent the night breathing heavily on my side. 10/10, would do again.
My fiance's family is from Puerto Rico. We went and visited them for Christmas 2016. Her cousin knows a guy who runs a burger stand. The burgers were huge and they were far and away the most delicious burger I've ever had. You can put up Five Guys, Jack in the Box, and fancy steakhouse burger you've had. I guarantee you could have one of these burgers and these would become your favorite burger. I'd put money on it. The quality of the meat they use and the way they grind and grill the meat is far superior.
It's probably going to sound crazy, but our very last night in Japan, we went to Torikizoku. It's a place where everything (food, drinks, EVERYTHING) is 280¥ and it was just incredible. It's almost all yakitori and my god. It was just an endless parade of delicious, tender kinds of meat on a stick, several drinks, and then a delicious dessert of vanilla ice cream with roasted soybean syrup and matcha powder over it. But if I had to pick a single thing... we went on a food tour of Osaka and the last thing we got was something so simple. It was shaved ice (so fine it was like eating snow) covered in roasted soy bean powder and then you poured condensed milk over it. It was a little bitter, a little sweet, just absolutely a perfect delight.
Miyabi 45th in Wallingford, Seattle. Just a transcendent experience. Started out with 5 bites of sushi, each with the most screamingly fresh fish. One tasted so much of "flowers" in my brain that I just started laughing. Next we had steak tartare with wasabi creme and fresh rice puffs for dipping. The perfect texture and the perfect heat. Main course was soba with foie gras sausage, smoked duck and a sous vide egg. The standout was the noodles. You could tell they were handmade, and taste the actual grain they came from. These were a part of the dish, not just a sauce delivery platform. We left happy and giggly.
We were holidaying in Sweden and my parents took me to a pizza place where they served the thinnest pizza I'd ever seen. I don't remember the toppings, but I think it was red, so it might have been made with just sauce and ham.

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Buna as vrea sa îți cer un sfat pt ca am văzut ca ai o gândire buna..ce sa fac dacă nu găsesc nimic de munca, nu ma pricep la nimic..nu as vedea ce as putea face iar singurul lucru care ma pasionează nu as putea face bani mulți..plus ca stima de sine e scăzută din multe puncte de vedere..

Buna, uff, am trecut prin aceleasi stari cand mi-am completat CV-ul :)
Cea mai buna metoda ar fi daca ai face un curs de calificare profesionala, de initiere si apoi de specializare, altfel e infiorator de greu sa-ti gasesti de lucru. Dureaza cateva sapt teoria si apoi practica in unitati de profil, si la final dupa examen te poti angaja fara probleme. Si aici gasesti din toate domeniile, poate iti plac masinile, poate te intereseaza curs de mecanic auto, tinichigiu-vopsitor auto, electrician auto, poate iti place mancarea, bucatar, ospatar, barman, brutar, patiser, nu stiu daca esti fata sau baiat, daca esti fata poti gasi cursuri de manichiura, machiaj, cosmetica, masaj, frizer/coafor, croitor, florar, sau in constructii, sunt un milion de cursuri pt calificare profesionala. Ar fi mult mai simplu sa inveti o meserie de la zero, la alegerea ta, altfel nu stiu ce poti gasi.
Daca ai permis auto, poate reusesti sa te angajezi curier sau sofer de taxi/uber/bold, daca nu, mai greut un pic.
Livratorii sunt peste tot in ziua de azi, intereseaza-te ce cerinte au pt a deveni si tu livrator. Pe jos e sfarsitul, daca ai macar o bicicleta sau o trotineta electrica, ar fi mai ok.
Ce studii ai? Poate ti-a placut conta in scoala, sunt cursuri pt contabil sau secretara.
Daca stai cu laptopul in brate 24/24, vezi ce poti crea digital, poate poti vinde pe Etsy de pilda, chestii printabile, nici nu trebuie sa expediez nimic nimanui, fa ceva handmade si pune-le pe astfel de siteuri, poate poti vinde in alte tari mai mult decat in Ro.
Sau poate iti place un anumit centru comercial, daca iti place atmosfera de acolo, intreaba daca au locuri de munca
Nu stiu din ce oras esti, iti las siteul asta din CJ sa te orientezi un pic. https://cursuricalificare.ro/cursuri/
Altfel, mai sunt articole pe google despre cum sa iti gasesti de munca, despre primul interviu, cum sa-ti construiesti cv-ul, fa-ti cont pe site-uri ca LinkIn, e-jobs si altele care se ocupa cu oferte de munca, inclusiv siteuri de anunturi gratuite etc.
Am avut si eu parte de o tona de anxietate cand m-am vazut in fata unui CV, si mereu traiesti cu teama de un refuz, dar incearca sa nu o iei personal, asculta ce ti se spune si daca te refuza dintr-un motiv, vezi la ce anume se refera si lucreaza sa elimini defectele. Conteaza sa te imbraci curat, sa cunosti limba romana cat de bine se poate.
Poti cauta afirmatii pozitive pt loc de munca, poate te ajuta sa te relaxezi si sa devii mai sigur/a pe tine, stiu ca e stresant, orice e placebo ajuta.
Also sunt tot felul de tricuri sociale, cauta despre ele si adopta cateva, o sa ajute cand te astepti mai putin, de ex, daca ai de vb la tel, poti sa mananci un jeleu sau o bucata de ciocolata, zaharul ala imediat iti intra in sange si te vei simti mai energic si mai spontan, studiaza un pic si limbajul trupului si gesturile non-verbale.
E greu cand esti entry level, dar toti incepem de jos.
Sper ca tot km scris de mine sa te ajute macar un pic.

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If you could change something in today's society, what would it be?

H2o_o2H’s Profile PhotoArchie
The lack of common sense.
I wish people were kinder. Everybody is sarcastic and mean.
Cooperation. Just look at how, we, as societies, evolves in 50 years. Now, imagine if all of us would actually cooperate. There's no telling what we could accomplish. But that's impossible and that's sad. At least in the US, our obsession with work. We do not need to be working as much as we are. We do not need to measure the worth of ourselves and others by how much we work ourselves to death.
The social acceptibility of white lies. There are delicate ways to tell the truth ('that haircut doesn't flatter you') without lying. Truth is good, I'd like to see more of it.
The education system is seriously flawed at least in the United States. Like you said, trade schools are a great way for people with lower grades to get really good at something and be successful with it. For example, in Germany, a large percentage of students become apprentices in a certain trade rather than going to university. Socialization. Of all the basics, not just libraries and roads. Food, water, education, healthcare. Leave luxury products on an open but regulated market with demand for higher standards, repairability and zero waste as a goal.
I know people will hate me for saying this, but if everyone went vegan, it would reduce a lot of air/water pollution, cut methane emissions that are contributing to global warming, and allow us to make MUCH better use of arable farming land & fresh water. Meat production is pretty wasteful and polluting per calorie of food it provides.
Slowing people down - even slightly - might create an environment where the BUYBUYBUY marketing technique isn't nearly as effective. This would lead to (hopefully) a balanced and useful approach to advertising focused on the merits of a particular product or service. Following that, if consumers are looking more into the actual benefits of any given thing the demand for quality will likely rise, over-consumption will drop and with it the culture of excess and waste, and the world will be a better place.
My mom was a teen mom, my grandparents who raised me were subsistence farmers, and we were POOR. Our clothes were hand-me-downs or handmade, most of what we owned was ancient and we recycled things over and over again. My favorite toys were blocks of leftover wood that my Grandpa had sanded and painted bright colors. But we were clean. We didn't litter, because it costs nothing to throw your litter in the trash can instead of on the pavement ten feet away. It costs nothing to refrain from tagging all over the businesses in your neighborhood (in fact, it drives business away, making your neighborhood more crime-ridden and poverty-stricken than ever.) It costs nothing to refrain from breaking windows. We certainly never went around doing that. It’s obsession with finding someone else to blame. Fewer people decide to be an example of something good.

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تصويري للقمر فوق المدينة الآن بدون تعديل 🌙 https://www.instagram.com/p/CRo-1UpHQ2c/?utm_medium=copy_link

Waddaa_Alathar’s Profile Photo‏﮼آَرِنْ ﮼عبدُالرحمٰنْ
سؤال ملوش أى علاقة بالموضوع لكن فى كيان زى ال art mate بس خشب ولونه أخضر متقسم بخطوط طولية وعرضية
ده بنستعمله وقت شغل ال handmade أو الرسم زى بورد كده
ممكن أعرف اسمها إيه لأن مش كل مره هوصف الوصف ده😂🤦🏻‍♀️

What really makes you angry?

Cannibal21’s Profile PhotoAbdul Saboor
IN THIS CULTURE HARAM IS always accepted, and appreciated NOT HALAL IS always accepted.
govt. should make universities that provide dgrees for each skill, other than just doctors and engineers.
there should be colunary arts, salad decoraters, crafters, handmade cards makers, pottery, sculpture, ceramic, tiles painting, cooking, baking. and every one dispite of their gender could get enrolled in whatever they like. WITHOUT BEING JUDGED. 💔
kasai, chaprasi, peon, guard, darzi nayii,cook, chef, driver... these are all proffessions. same as artists, doctors, engineers, archeologists, phsycologists...
what is unacceptable?
the kachray wala makes it possible for us to keep our houses clean, the jamadar makes it possible for us to survive without touching our toilet drains.
the darzi makes it possible for us to wear what we want, imagine if you could only wear what you sew half planet would roam naked.
the naayi cuts hairs the way you like, imagine you doing your haircut.
like doctors help you survive when your life is in danger, they help you with your daily routine works.
stop going to universities, stop taking subjects you do not like. choose what you like, whatever makes you happy.
we have 7 billion population on this planet,
not all can be doctors, to be a doctor their should be some patient to treat,
stop being stupid to judge jobs.
i am an artist my single painting at times worth more than a doctors monthly income. 💔
its not about who you are, and what the world sees you its about you only.
your happiness, your satisfaction, your interest!
am i asking for a lot?

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ما هي هوايتك المفضلة؟

ما بعرف اذا هي هواية بس كتير بحب شغل ال handmade الاشياء اليدوية وكنت اعمل اكسسوارات وهيك اشياء بالشمع وديكورات بالبيت🌸
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هل واجهت مشكلة عملية من قبل؟ وهل وجدت الحل؟

آه دايماً.
وآخرهم في الفيلد وإحنا بنحاول نطلع جزء فيه Wear في مضخة سائل الحفر أو Mud pump الجزء ده قعد حوالي 5 ساعات عشان يتحل ويطلع، والناس تعبت لحد ما طلعت. أنا كنت أول مرة أشوف الجزء ده وهوّه بيطلع لإنه نادراً ما بيتغير، ومتخيلتش إنه بيطلع بالطريقة الغشيمة وقولت أكيد اللي مصنّع الـ Pump مش قاصد لما تييجي تتغيّر تطلع بالشكل ده.. دورت في الManual ودخلت على النت لاقيت فعلاً الـ Manufacturer، اعترف بصعوبة تطليعها ومصنّع Tool خصيصاً شغالة Hydraulic عشان متتعبش الناس في خروجها واستبدالها.
طبعتها ووريتها للسنيور ميكانيك (مهندس الميكانيكا في الفيلد) وعملنا واحدة Handmade بفكرة مماثلة وطلعنا نفس الجزء في pump تانية وأخدت معانا 5 دقايق... اتسيطنا في البريمة واتبعتت الفكرة للشركة والـ Engineering Department هيشوفها وهيعممها على مستوى البراريم.
الشاهد في الموضوع: البحث يا انون، لازم يكون ليك نظرة في الأمور وحدس يقولك إيه المنطقي واللي مش منطقي، ونمّى عندك الحدس ده بكثرة السؤال، وهتوصل لحل مشاكلك خصوصاً في الجانب العملي من حياتك.

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هل واجهت مشكلة عملية من قبل وهل وجدت الحل

Przeglądając Instagrama, wolisz oglądać zdjęcia bliskich znajomych, czy znanych gwiazd, których nigdy nie spotkałeś?

Wolę ogladać lidzi z inspirujacymi kontentami czyli zdjecia z nawiazanami do słowiańszczyzny, bookstagramy, magii, subkulturowo outfitowe, mejkapowe, rysownicze, kulinarne, tatuazowe, handmade itp.
Ale ludzi znajomych też lubie odwiedzać 😊
Przeglądając Instagrama wolisz oglądać zdjęcia bliskich znajomych czy znanych

Что ты считаешь искусством?

Я начала создавать handmade вещи из экологичных материалов.
Да здравствует моя творческая натура!
Разве это не искусство? Месяц назад я не знала, что такое столбик с накидом и как держать крючок. А сегодня развиваю Инстаграм, принимаю заказы и обучаюсь новому каждый день.
На очереди сумка.
Искусство - это мы. 🌸
Что ты считаешь искусством

Live your dream, and it will come true. The only thing you will have to worry about in the future is managing all the framing and matting and shipping for all the lithographs you will be shipping worldwide much sooner than you ever thought possible. I think you have the marketing & soc. media down!

well yeah, thinking about the shipping and all gives me some anxiety, but I'd live to have a tiny shop of my own in the downtown someday, it'll have cute handmade stuff and paintings, even scultpure maybe, wall hangings, painted shirts, jewellery, candles, and everything.
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