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please cover a song again gloor,,,love your voice,,,and wanna know u play a guitar,,,okay,,thats my last request,,,i'll off line today cz i have some things to do. and hopefully u will sing a song while i come back from my duty,,see yuu :) emuuuah (Nt: from pmuja rahasia a.k.a HandsomeBoy from Bali)

Uuulalaa balii , thankiieess well lets seee hihii

خضر :D انا عارفاك من قريب بس مش حساك غريب عنى :D <3 كيووت كدة وعسول غير انك handsomeboy طبعا :D طبعا فى حاجات كتيير جدا عايزة لقولها عنك بس مش عارفة اوصفها :D فاهم انت ازاى :D

SaraNaser283’s Profile Photoسااره . ناصرر
دا احنا عشرت عمر يا سارة :D

LGTBH- hi! yaa, tbh hahaha i dont know you but i like your hair and the way kau gambar/edit pic. tidak pernah melihat wajahmu, esehmen~ hahaha xp but i bet you're a handsomeboy and friendly. :D

Aoooook’s Profile PhotoDk. Shaa
Hey , thanksss. thats so nice of you :') and fyi youre so pretty and v friendly even kita nda knal. haha. once again thankyouu!

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