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Panik ga sih umur 21 blm ketemu sama yg bner' cocok 🙃

stay calm&cool sisturz hehe
perbaiki dirimu, upgrade kualitas dirimu semoga kelak yang datang padamu pun yang terbaik, insyaaAllah. paham bgt gmn gundah gulana nya lihat teman udah bawa gandengan, hangout brg, segalanya brg kitu intinya mah. prinsipku teh ”tetap teguh di era gempuran ayang2an” hehe. yuk, jangan hanya risau perihal jodoh kalaupun sudah waktunya pasti Allah pertemukan di waktu terbaikNya.
reminder QS. An-Nur:26
”perempuan-perempuan yang baik untuk laki-laki yang baik, dan laki-laki yang baik untuk perempuan-perempuan yang baik (pula).”

gimana cara mengasah skill sok kenal, sok akrab sama orang baru? gw ngrasa skill ini perlu bgt di lingkungan kerja, tp gw introvert dan sgt susah utk melakukan ini 😅😂🤣

Pelajari dulu karakter²nya, setelah itu lakukan pendekatan emosional secara perlahan², misalnya kamu ajak diskusi, makan siang bareng, hangout, dll. Tapi jangan memaksakan kehendak, kalau orang tersebut kurang nyaman, kasih ruang 🐥
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i wish i had a single friend who i could talk to about what i feel inside but honestly no body cares its just so unfair sometimes knowing that ur just all alone and then u see other people posting status hanging out with their friends and u envy that but u cant even do that cuz u got insecurties

First of all you’ve to understand that people who hangout with friends and post pictures may also feel lonely.
I’ve been there I’ve had lots of friends but still there are things you can’t share with them not because I’m embarrassed to do so but because I know how sincere they’re.
So I’d suggest you to stop feeling bad for yourself make Allah your best friend! 🌸
More power for you 🤍

Yar boys listen mera aik dost bana he is older than me a bit tu agar hangout karun tu weird tu nai lagyga? Ya izzat khrab???

If you two are both adults, then it should be between you guys to decide what to do. Izzat kharab hone ka kya mtlb? You mean when you will hangout with him tou you want validation from others?
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Do I look good in my profile pic? be honest

KatieDavis65079’s Profile PhotoKatie Davis
Love everything about this pic! I love that you look like you are having fun and I think you'd be great to hangout with. Most of all you look like a real person not some filtered, photo-shopped version. That makes me feel you are authentic and wouldn't judge me. Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't enough.
Do I look good in my profile pic be honest

How to overcome dissapointment

When I was dissapointment, I effort to sincere and pray to God. Because that will make you calm. Furthermore I hangout with friends to tell and jokes with them additionaly take photo with them be able make being happy . Continue I did assignment and focus on study, next I was listening music to back my mood from badmood being good mood. That all are good way me to relieve dissapointment so that your life would be colourful and enjoy.

Does weather change your mood?

ShehZada1’s Profile PhotoUsman Mughal
Yes it's. I had one experience about it. When I was hangout with friend the weather is summer. However I was on the way to home suddenly rainy. I should stop and waiting rain on bus station . That condition make me from good mod being badmood. I should back to home because the time shows almost 9.00 PM. I was feeling bad if I was arriving surpass 09.00 PM at Home. something like that.

Is it normal for your girl to get super angry, if you ask her you want to hangout with your friends now, after we've been texting for more than 2 hours continuously? (PS: we're in LDR)

Personally I've not been in a long distance relationship.
So I can't really help with this... sorry! Just talk to her and tell her how you feel :)
Communication is key! Good luck!
Is it normal for your girl to get super angry if you ask her you want to hangout

Is it normal for your girl to get super angry, if you ask her you want to hangout with your friends now, after we've been texting for more than 2 hours continuously? (PS: we're in LDR)

Hmm in my opinion no.
I mean being upset is one thing and acceptable in my opinion, but being super angry about it (and towards you) is not okay.
You are still two individuals with your own lives, just trying to share a lot of it together 😊

الواحد بقاله فتره مش بيحس لا بيفرح ولا بيحزن .. ايه الحل 🙄🙄

AhmEdlAa788’s Profile PhotoGriezmann
🌷 Thanks for the translation and sorry for the late response. It's too long but I hope it'll help you.
When that happens, everything that's keeping you busy in life is making you feel too overwhelmed with emotions, to the point that it numbs you. Possibly, temporarily blinding you too of who you are and what is your real purpose in life. The solution which I can suggest to you is to step back, away from being too available to everything and everyone. Change your physical and mental state first. Prioritise what will keep your body, mind and soul healthy. Remember that the short term gratification and validation which we get from this dunya (especially from social media) are momentary, in comparison to the rewards of the akhirah. Which what we should be seeking and looking forward to instead. Don't allow the negativity of others to get into you, ignore those. Don't waste time and energy on them.
Go on with your daily life, but change your priorities and choices. Begin with food (eat healthy), do some activities which can help release dopamine in your brain (exercise, play sports, hangout with friends and learn to enjoy spending some time alone to reflect, rest / sleep, read, pray or watch something funny) and talk to your parents or look for mentors who can help you (listen to Muslim speakers, stories of the sahabas, or try to join / travel with jamaat). And most importantly, change your mindset in regards to every purpose of why you do what you do.
Make an intention to do things for the sake of Allah. Even for the littlest thing, like smiling to others (it's a sunnah and considered a charity). You won't get disappointed, because you don't have to expect validation from others but only from Allah. Remind yourself that above everything else you are a Muslim (servant / worship & obeys Allah), you won't feel lost because that role / purpose doesn't leave nor dies, Allah is Al-Baqi. Learn more about your deen and make duaa to have a stronger iman, insha'Allah💙

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Relate sama circle milenial apa circle gen z?

Both, kalau aku sih nggak mandang generasi (gen X, Y/millennial, ataupun Z) atau diferensiasi lainnya, kalau nyambung ya kuy hangout/touring. Aku juga kadang diajak hangout bareng circle abang/kakak/adek ke resto/cafe ataupun touring naik mobil/motor. Kadang lebih seru hangout/touring dengan circle mereka karna banyak yang terealisasi 🙃
Relate sama circle milenial apa circle gen z

Who else has an incredibly low tolerance for socializing?

I have a lower threshold for enduring social interaction than anyone I know. I need huge swathes of alone time to be able to function, and if I can't get them I feel like I'm going to implode. There are no exceptions to this rule. Even time spent with my boyfriend, whom I adore and who is one of my favorite people, depletes my very limited supply of social bandwidth, and once it's gone I'm exhausted, tense, and irritable. I also don't realize as it's happening that my supply is being tapped out because I'm usually enjoying myself in the moment. It's like pouring from a pitcher and only realizing it's getting low once it's totally empty. After that I feel the need to hide out for days. I think what exhausts me the most is that I am constantly running and rerunning simulations and analyses of everything to figure out how I'm fucking up socializing...not that I am, but in my mind every interaction with everyone is a mine field and I will surely step on all of them. After leaving social situations I'll be sure there was something I did wrong that I just don't know about and drain myself even further trying to review all my interactions to find anything. Of course I know that all of this is unproductive rumination but it takes a ton of time and practice to unlearn those thought/behavior patterns. I've had even more social anxiety since I've been devoting way more energy to personal work but I'm okay with that since that's how I'll eventually gain more ability to form relationships. Mostly I'm too tired or anxious to talk to anyone over phone/text/internet, and I only really like to make plans to see people in person a couple times per month probably. I also had to come to terms with the fact that right now I'm a magnet for energy vampires so I'm totally okay with being stingy with my time and energy so my progress doesn't get knocked off track by yet another person who wants to suck all of my empathy dry and give nothing but confusing unneccesary conflict back. Usually when I return home from such occasions, I'm completely exhausted. The problem is, that being alone doesn't even allow me to recharge because I'm never really alone. I'm always being barraged with obsessive thoughts about interpersonal relationships, ruminating over perceived mistakes that I made in my last hangout or imagining catastrophic future scenarios in which I offend or hurt someone so deeply with my 'toxicity' that I am abandoned and rejected.
Most of the friends I have made also had really dysfunctional pasts, which was a double-edged sword. On one had, it was great to have people who understood what it was like. But on the other hand, we were always horrible influences on each other because we would get ourselves in really risky situations without caring about what could happen. It makes me hesitant to try and make friends because of all of the bad stuff I've done in the past.

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What do you not a agree with?

My mom telling my sister she will send me 20k to buy a different car and i told my mom no because i bought her a car in the summer and my sister thinks its to old when it's literally a 2013 and my mom doesn't like to listen, i told my sister shes not getting a new car and she said she will go back to Germany and i said go ahead i'll drive you to the airport tomorrow lol maybe her and Elizabeth need to hangout together they both get mad when they can't get their own way

Why do girls usually go for needy angry losers wannabes instead of a bit serious but not jerk independent men?

why do guys usually go for annoying ass jealous hating stuck up bitches instead of a dudette who just likes to hangout and laugh ? oh & smoke
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Were you looking for love when you met your SO or did it just happen?

I wasn't, I mean in the back of my mind I had hoped to eventually find someone someday but I had gotten out of a long term relationship not long after i met my current SO and was in my "slut" phase. He just caught my eye more than anyone I had been seeing at the time. Now he's the healthiest and happiest relationship I've ever been in.
If anything love was the last thing on my mind. At the time i was getting over a friend of mine (we were basically FWBs but very close to becomming an actual couple) anf a few months after that i was going through a slutty phase. I guess i was just tryna fuck the pain away at that time...i had gotten used to it and the second a guy showed any intrest in me that was beyond sexual id never talk to him again. Then i met my bf. It was at a party with mutual friends and our mutual friend introduced us. I didnt think much of him at all. To me he wasnt really cute or anything...aftermeetong a second time we gpt buzzed and wound up sleeping together. He was the same as me and wasnt interested in feelings so we started hanging out a lot since we both liked what we were doing... the first moment i knew i started to feel sonething was when a fuckbuddy would call to hangout and id decline his offer to be with my bf. The same was going on with him. Eventually we were together almost every weekend. We had gotten so close it was like we were already bf/gf. 5 months later on new years was when he asked me to be his gf....6 months later we told eachother we loved eachother...and now we are going on our 2nd year. We went to high school together and never talked. He was a part of a group that were "popular" so I made sure to avoid him. After high school graduation I started working at best buy a month into my job I walk into work and see him standing at the register. Turns out he got hired. I was not happy but what could I do?
I was actively avoiding romance because I didn't want anyone tying me down to the area I lived in at the time. He was in the process of divorcing his crazy, cheating wife and defiantly was against being with someone. I played D&D with my best friend and her husband. Her husband met a nerdy guy at work and invited him to play with us. They decided that we were perfect for each other and pressed the issue until we caved. We've been together 11 years, married 5.

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I recently made a guy friend at my college and the first day we met was also the day he asked me out for a movie hangout. He even saw my picture and said Im pretty in chat the day before the hangout. Just the day after hangout, he suddenly stopped texting me but still added with my social. Why??

There are multiple reasons why a man might behave like this. Keep in mind that when people first meet, first impressions are critical and often are the basis for the continuation or termination of the fledgling relationship. Here are the most obvious reasons:
1. After hanging out and going on the first date, he decided that he did not want to pursue a serious relationship and instead decided to categorize the relationship as "friends" which resulted in you being added to the "friendzone" and also to his social network. Now we can also evaluate his real intentions and motives, but without hard evidence and actually talking with the young man it would be conjecture at best or gossip which I personally detest. I am going to add a second possibility because I have a daughter and whenever father and daughter discuss boys, our discussions inevitably address the issue of raging hormones and sex.
2. Sex - it is well know that young men are easily aroused and many times motivated by this innate need to mate. This male sex drive is something that young women must be aware of whenever entering into a relationship with a young man. If the young man is well educated and trained properly, meaning to respect women and their basic rights, he will utilize his ability to reason to control his elevated levels of testosterone. Unfortunately... many men, and some women would argue most men, lack the awareness and self control required both to control their sex drive or their respect and consideration for women's rights.
It is in this context that many young women can quickly find themselves in a uncompromising and often dangerous position with a man and his desire to dominate and control the woman for his own selfish needs and gratification. I only point this out because the man might have had an ulterior motive (sex) when he talked to you and went on a date with you. His expectation, as is the case with some men, might have been that if he spends money on you that you "owe him." I know this behavior sounds insane, sick and disgusting, but I personally have met men who demand sex after taking a woman out to eat. I don't mean to digress here but please bear with me for a moment.
My wife knows older women who are single because their husbands have passed away. These women all hang out together and refuse to date men. Why? According to my wife, many older men behave and act like young men. Unfortunately some men expect that if they spend money on a woman, that woman owes him sex. How outrageous is that! In my mind, that behavior needs to be condemned and the men who behave in this way need to be held in contempt and shunned!
Now I am not saying this young man is bad, and in fact, he is probably a kind and decent young man. I do not have sufficient information to judge this boys intentions. Just be aware that some men are NOT kind, considerate or loving, and they see women primarily as sex toys to be played with.
When dealing with men, trust but verify.

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ngga mau aja kehilangan gitu, pliss dong :(

dalam pertemanan, datang dan pergi itu sudah biasa. semakin dewasa kita juga pasti akan lebih banyak mengalami fase kehilangan teman, entah itu mereka menjauh karena sikap kita yang kurang cocok dengan mereka, atau menjauh karena masing masing sudah punya kesibukan sendiri hingga lupa meluangkan waktu untuk sekedar hangout dan curhat curhat seperti dulu, kadang mereka juga menjauh karena di lingkungan barunya dia punya teman yang mungkin lebih sefrekuensi dengan dia.
so, kita juga gabisa maksa dia terus terusan buat tetep temenan sama kita, pasti dia sendiripun punya alasan tersendiri kenapa dia ingin ngejauh dari kita.

Guys, do any of you prefer to hang out with groups of girls?

I don't have a social preference for either gender. I was in a project with a group including both genders, and I was able to talk nerd stuff and video game stuff with the guys, and we hung around the power tools. At a certain point of the day I ended up moving to where most of the women were working and joined them. I ended up learning some important info about the system under which we were operating because of female gossiping. I laughed at a comment of "whats up with men and power tools?".
I think people's ability is (obviously) dependant on how well they click together as friends, when doing other stuff than sexual things. Since some FWB-relationships are also just friends, that hang without getting sexual all the time. In terms of conversing, about any topic, I think both parties do get on the same topics, but typically if I'm talking to my buddies, someone always ends up making a joke/starts bragging- and typically puts you in an awkward social situation in the future with the info you've talked to him about, regardless of subject. In my experience, girls seem more open to any kind of topic, and often more playful in their wording. And I have never experienced any bad experiences from talking about serious topics with girls. At first I am rather shy in what I'm willing to share/say, but typically after having sex (This probably goes for many with a girl, I always feel like I can just be myself, and be comfy- thus letting me open up a conversation about any topic, and enjoy the hell out of it.
I prefer to hang out with a group of girls to a group of guys. I've noticed that guys are 1)more likely to be sexist/incredibly immature/annoying in groups and in particular 2)guys tend to settle on largest common denominator interests like sports. Girls have gone out of their way to include me, sometimes even making me the centre of attention. It's fun!
When I hang around girl's I usually feel comfortable if I know all of them, if one of them is unfamiliar I stay to myself (I hate feeling like a creep, and with my friends I do make alot of very sexual jokes which I don't feel comfortable with when there's a stranger who can misunderstand.)
It varies from person to person, but I do find that guys talk more... abstractly than girls. And they tend to make arguments where there aren't any. Girls are more literal, in my experience. Not that I can't have philosophical conversations with girls, but guys are more prone to dwell on these topics.
I grew up with 2 older sisters and 2 younger sisters. I prefer to hangout with women because I generally understand them more. I am not a sports guy nor am I a guy that can fix anything or build stuff. I am much more comfortable around females.
I don't personally, but a good friend of mine does (the irony in that statement). He hangs out with guys a lot too, but his main friend base is girls. I don't know how much nurture has a part of this, because his younger brother is a socially awkward boy.

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If a guy talks to a girl in a bossy attitude but still show love/lust and suddenly calls her a 'bitch' if she refuses to tell about herself What should be her response ...

There's no explanation of a guy talking to a girl in a BOSSY ATTITUDE. one shouldn't treat a girl like that. I don't even find a reason to be even talking to a guy like that by a girl. She simply shouldn't be talking to that guy in the first place itself. PERIOD.
AND GOD, even if the guy show some love after talking in a 'bossy attitude' there shouldn't be any hope of this girl conversing with this guy!😑
And really LUST? You can see if i have denied a chance of talking even with love the there's no point of talking again even if a guy shows LUST. You, yourself were even confuse or whatsoever that you put both in question. LUST IS NEVER GOOD AND DEFINITELY LUST IS NEVER LOVE, IT'S JUST LUST.
And it's people choice, their life so they can choose whom to speak to, whom they should hangout with and whom to share their personal details with.
If this girl refuses to tell this guy about herself then yeah it's her choice and no one can force her to tell about herself to anyone, if she doesn't feel like it, that's okie and if she feels like sharing then also it's okie. What's not okie is that a guy calling her bitch for not telling him about herself.
See, that's her life, she should be comfortable to talk to someone and tell about herself, if she's not comfortable then she can refuse to tell about herself because that's her life and she can choose whom she finds comfortable to talk to and tell about herself.
If that's all true what happened with you, then first i would like to tell there wasn't even a point to talk to someone who has lust for you or maybe love but talks to you in a bossy attitude. And then let's just say for whatever reason, this guy is calling you a 'BITCH' and that too beacuse you refused to tell about yourself then your response should be to block this person from everywhere onlie and offline.
To be continued....

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If a guy talks to a girl in a bossy attitude but still show lovelust and

If you had 24 hours to live, What would you do?

Tauba kr k, will eat my favorite food, a chicken steak maybe. Hangout with friends, prolly watch Barca glory moments, play pubg, re-watch some of my favorite movies n season scenes.
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