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I prefer a brain instead of a heart, said the Scarecrow, because a fool would not know what to do with a heart. "I will take the heart" replied the tin man, because intelligence does not make a person happy, and happiness is what most beautiful in the world. Which would you prefer, Brain or heart?

"If I Only Had A Brain" de Harold Arlen y Yip Harburg
I could be out the hours
Confer with the flowers
Consult with the rain
And my head would scratch me
While my thoughts were busy hatch
If I only had a brain
I'd unravel every riddle
for any individual
In trouble or pain
With the thoughts you'd be thinking '
You could be another Lincoln
If you only had a brain
Oh I could tell you why
The ocean is near the shore
I could think about things that I never hit before
And then I would sit and think some more
I would not be just a nothing
My head full of fillers
My heart full of pain
I would dance and be happy
Life would be a ding a derry
If I only had a brain

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I prefer a brain instead of a heart said the Scarecrow because a fool would not

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segun @Javiynoeliaparasiempre es MARIA DE LAS FUENSANTAS jajaja
No hay una en concreto
Robeer y David
Mi amor platonico
Que va
Esta mañaa de mi nenikaa
Muchisimos:Cuchi cabesa loka lopes srta.lopez la risas happylife santuchi puff nosee tengo mil apodos
hacer deporte
de peque me encantaba el chocolate pero ya no mg jajaja
ultima llamada con mi cabesa
texto puff luego

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Si tu veux te rassurer de l'expérience "Blissesque" du "je te saute dans les bras", je fais un crashtest vendredi, normalement, il n'y a pas de risques !

Evalrin’s Profile PhotoGrumpy Bear
Elle a l'air si mignonne en plus, on dirait un personnage de dessin animé quand elle rigole ahah, c'est juste moi qui ai un souci avec le tactile fort. Honnêtement elle est tellement trop happylife je pourrais pas la recale.
Elle fait partie des personnes sur Ask avec qui j'ai vraiment envie de parler hors virtuel parce que c'est toute l'image de sa personne qui me plait. ET SES CHATS BORDEL DE POILS SES CHATS C'EST PAS POSSIBLE ON DIRAIT DES PELUCHES!!!!
Tu as beaucoup de chance de pouvoir la voir de temps en temps, moi j'aimerais bien la voir au moins une fois.

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http://ask.fm/AbdulAhad255/answer/1258717089 like= If I was your husband then we could see the world together, we could go anywhere as birds, when I bacame angry you tolerated it bit and whenever you got upset I exerted my all efforts to make you happy in-short we could pass a happylife a dreamlife

AbdulAhad255’s Profile PhotoAbdul Ahad ⚽√
I’m Already taken by Books. -_-
Wese hi Accountancy ny dimagh kharab kia hua hai upar se aur Ishq sawaar kardo! :’3 xD

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la happylife te va ponieno a parir,Es una falsa,te utilizaba por que en los recreos si no fuera por ti se qedaria SOLA

HAPPYLIFE: oooh:) como me encanta que pierdas el tiempo hablando de mi jupe:') GRACIAS:) Se que el anonimo que a escrito eso tine una vida muy llena! jajajaja envidia de una amistad verdadera e:) que no me voy a poner a explicarte lo que es pero en resumen: algo que tu no tienes por que si no, nos entenderias!:) jajajaja vale, entonces la falsa soy yo y tu el anonimo valiente va?? :) Jajajaja^^ sigue en anonimo anda que menos mal que existe para que retrasad@s como tu se oculten detras de el:') BIEN! Le das buen usoo:) Agradece que te aya respondiido vale?:) Pero la proxima vez ponte a pintar en un papelito o a jugar con tu mama y me dejas a mi y a Nicol empaz CHII???:") lalala(8 HAKUNA MATATA XD XD

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because your feelings mean a lot to me so I hate seeing you feeling depressed or anything like that you only deserve a happylife with no sadness but sara your parents would end up for giving you because they love you but I really hope that everything works out soon so you can enjoy life انشالله خير

Thankyou really! Inshalah and i Reaally Hope they do! Next time i would think before i act x

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i really love you But you do not want me :( Because you do not love a one you want to live lonely ?! why If you have a lot of the boys loves you I want you to Think a little bit for you <3 and i hope for you happylife with anyone :)) i will tell you who is me in fb bye :*

im sorry because ,rejected ur luv but ! i don't want any1 and i don't want also !! to interfere in my life $ any1
i knw , how can i deal with a boys for me , no need 2 ur words, because i do not make me game 4 any1 this me if u don't like ma words normal, no need 2 ur like and like them also :)

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Aww, sweet ni anon.. Nakakailang sorry na hahaha =)) Okay lang ANON. May code name ka ba? Para hindi lang "ANON" tawag namin sayo. Hahaha. Pakilala ka na kasi. =)) Kbye, take care and godbless you anon. =)) Wag mo ng uulitin yun ha? :) Bati na tayong LAHAT! Okay? Lahat haha. =))

jodimarishania’s Profile PhotoJodi
Lol Jodi. XD ahahaahahahahah, Oo nga give us yer codename para hindi lang anon tawag namin sayo. XD. Hahahah okay bati na tayong lahat. :* happylife c;

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