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If you have flown, what do you think of the general experience of flying? 🛩

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have never flown but my sister in law in Arizona is planning all of us a huge family getaway to Hawaii (she just got back from there and wants us all to go this summer) so I have to get un afraid 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

🐟what was the highlight of your best ever holiday?

Each holiday there have been many ..
US : Alcatraz , The Food , Universal Studios , Disneyland.
Beijing : Climbing a section of The Great Wall , Tea Farm , food .
Malaysia: Temples , Penang Island , food.
Queensland : Outback Spectacular , Theme Park rides , especially the roller coasters .
Hawaii : The beaches , Volcanoes , Pearl Harbour .
NSW : Camping , horse riding , hiking .
Many more and many to still discover ;)

How was your party yesterday? 😃 Hawaii topic? 😁

LarryStylestomlinson436’s Profile PhotoOK, so just Larry
It was a lot of fun! The party was for those who had worked at the student nation I'm a part of this term. The day started with brunch down in the basement together with the team I was assigned to, which was super cozy 😊
Then after that we went up to the activities for the early afternoon portion of the event, which was the part that was vacation themed. They had set up a TV and couches for you to play Mario Kart, gave you the ability to play Singstar and Guitar Hero on a big projector. Outside they had set up a big outdoor bar and then tons of beer pong tables. That event ended with a beer pong tournament, which we won! 🥳
Then I headed back home to change into my suit for the formal three course dinner we had in the evening. We call those a "sittning" and there we sing a lot of Swedish drinking songs together. We had assigned seating and I got to know a lot of new people that way, which is always fun according to me! The ones I sat with really liked their wine and schnapps though so I couldn't help but get dragged in. You could say I was a bit... wobbly at the end 🥴
I would've gone clubbing as well after that if it wasn't for how I was feeling and that I knew I was gonna go practice drive today to my grandma's birthday celebration. But overall, a really, really fun evening I'd say 🥂
Also: This is what I wore for the vacation themed part, if people were curious lol

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How was your party yesterday  Hawaii topic

Have you ever been to Disneyland? I’m taking my youngest daughter there next week! While my oldest and my wife go to Hawaii.. you know I would have liked to go to Hawaii but I wasn’t asked by Lexies Girl Scout troop to chaperone. 😡. So what if I didn’t get certified by their cliquey organization??

mexicanzebra5’s Profile PhotoLETS GO DODGERS!!
Not Disneyland but I have been to Disneyworld. Tbh it was overrated to me. I hope Disneyland is way better. Hawaii may be awesome, but the special daddy daughter time y'all are getting at Disney can't be topped❤️
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Você ainda lembra de alguma(s) música(s) que tinha xodó na adolescência? Se sim, qual(is) era(m)?

blutfurmich2593’s Profile PhotoDraconian Times
Top 10 da Emma na fase roqueirinha revoltada:
• Nirvana - All Apologies
• Sistem Of A Down - ATWA
• Audioslave - Like a Stone
• Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under The Bridge
• Radiohead - Karma Police
• Pink Floyd - Confortably Numb
• Slipknot - Dead Memories
• Linkin Park- Break The Habit
• Paramore - Playing God
• Muse - Time is Running Out
(Basicamente meu gosto musical era ouvir essas dez bandas e essas são as favoritas de cada uma, acrescentando as Bandas brasileiras Pitty, Engenheiros do Hawaii, Fresno...
isso entre meados de 2006 a 2011, depois passei a ter computador e eu ampliei extremamente o conteúdo musical que segundo o last.fm já conta com mais de 4.000 cantores/bandas/grupos, de diferentes gêneros e estilos)

Re'ask: Pag nalaman mong may nagkakagusto sayo dito sa ask.fm, anong mararamdaman mo? lalayuan mo ba o i'eentertain mo parin?

heyoabby’s Profile Photo~Potchiee
Story Time. Around 2017-18, there was this anon na lagi nag shoutout ng mga hate q's, and ako naman minsan pinapatulan ko minsan sumasagot lang ng random, then hanggang sa nag direct q's na siya, and still using anon. Pero after some weeks, isang araw, that anon sent confide na siya nga yung anon and he was sorry kung napag titripan niya ako, sakin kasi wala naman yun like, I've been receiving many hates that time din, personal hates, and he was amazed daw on how I dealt w/ his q's kaya I piqued his interest. HAHAHAH. Then he said he wanna know my TG, and to cut it short we moved to TG. We became friends, he's from Hawaii, tho he is Pinoy. Then may times na nag vc kami ganyan, hindi consistent talk pero we always get back whenever possible. He tells me na he likes me and if there would be time na uuwi siya ng Pinas, he'll meet me. Until I got a bf last 2019, sad daw siya kasi nagkaron na ako ng bf. HAHAHAH. He knows na ayaw ko ng ldr, kaya kahit lagi siya nag jojoke na gusto niya ako ligawan, he knew it won't work. And until today, nag uusap pa din kami sa TG and were still good friends. Tapos nung nalaman niyang single na ko.. 🤣🤣

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Reask Pag nalaman mong may nagkakagusto sayo dito sa askfm anong mararamdaman mo
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Have you ever been to Disneyland? I’m taking my youngest daughter there next week! While my oldest and my wife go to Hawaii.. you know I would have liked to go to Hawaii but I wasn’t asked by Lexies Girl Scout troop to chaperone. 😡. So what if I didn’t get certified by their cliquey organization??

mexicanzebra5’s Profile PhotoLETS GO DODGERS!!
I've never been to disneyland, just disney world.
I was a girl scout for a hot minute but my scout leader asked my mom if there wasn't something I'd rather be doing because I was so snotty about not participating with the Christian stuff so I was essentially asked to quit

Have you ever been to Disneyland? I’m taking my youngest daughter there next week! While my oldest and my wife go to Hawaii.. you know I would have liked to go to Hawaii but I wasn’t asked by Lexies Girl Scout troop to chaperone. 😡. So what if I didn’t get certified by their cliquey organization??

mexicanzebra5’s Profile PhotoLETS GO DODGERS!!
I have!
I went to Disneyland Paris when I was quite young :)
I just don't remember much of it xD
Hawaii would have been fun! Bit you'll have lots of fun too :3
Have you ever been to Disneyland Im taking my youngest daughter there next week

Have you ever been to Disneyland? I’m taking my youngest daughter there next week! While my oldest and my wife go to Hawaii.. you know I would have liked to go to Hawaii but I wasn’t asked by Lexies Girl Scout troop to chaperone. 😡. So what if I didn’t get certified by their cliquey organization??

mexicanzebra5’s Profile PhotoLETS GO DODGERS!!
Been many times and love it! I personally think it’s better than Disney World bc it’s a much more manageable size. You guys will have an awesome time but tbh do will your wife and oldest haha

Quais bandas vc curtia na adolescência ?

YuriChristian’s Profile PhotoYuri Christian®
Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Pitty, Charlie Brown Jr, Engenheiros do Hawaii, Forfun, Tokio Hotel, Paramore, Fresno, Nirvana, The Smiths, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Placebo.
Dessas bandas hoje em dia ainda ouço uns 40%, outras ficaram completamente no passado.

Which is the most exotic place you have been to?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
It must have been that time in school when our class went to South America. What a fucking place! All the delicious food, unbelievable nature and beaches from another world. You could even order drinks with fucking sparklers and shit.
Ah, those were the days! At least that's what they wrote in the fucking postcard. I don't fucking fly, so I had to stay home and study math.
I have read them so many times now that it almost feels like I have been there. I don't know. Maybe that doesn't count.
Let me think. 🤔
Hawaii is another beautiful place. 😍👌 I went there a couple of weeks ago on Google maps. Holy shit! I go there every winter. 😎

Do you have any other series recommendation ?

cssyahia’s Profile Photoyahya
▪️I'm not very good at giving recommendations because what I usually watch no one likes or doesn't know.
▪️Some of the new series I'm watching:
Ghosts US; Peacemaker; pivoting; American Auto;
▪️I'm waiting to premiere:
The Endgame (This is the one I'm most looking forward to)
▪️The ones that are still on the air and I love it:
Nancy Drew
Hudson Rex
Magnum P.I
NCIS & NCIS Los Angeles (There's the new one, which is in Hawaii but I'm watching it but I don't like it as much as the others)
The Rookie
FBI & Most Wanted & International (This one is new but not on the same level as the other two).
Killing Eve
The Equalizer
Vienna Blood
▪️And among others...
▪️I'm watching some older ones (90's-00's) but I think you don't care about these.

Jakou pizzu máš nejradši?

já mám ráda spoustu druhů.. třeba šunkovou, vegetariánskou, s kuřecím masem (heh, trochu funny, že tyto dvě píšu po sobě), žampionovou, se špenátem, tuňákovou,... prostě hlavně tam nedávejte olivy!! :D a hawaii taky moc nemusím, ale kdyby to bylo nutný, tak to sním...
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What is your dream travel destination?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
Maldives. I’ve already been to the Caribbean and Hawaii and they’re both the most beautiful I’ve ever been to, but I wanna visit the Maldives since I’ve never been there before, and they’re so isolated. Some place with good diving & surfing, such as Hawai'i, Fiji, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia.
England! I was able to go in 1999 and since I’d been in love with it from afar all of my life it was a dream come true. Now I want to go back desperately and hope to actually get to move there one day. It felt more like home than anywhere I’ve ever been and my heart will always long to be there.
Oregon for the redwood forests or Scandinavia for the mountainous scenery and culture.
I second Scotland, one of my favourite places for a break, the scenery along the west coast of Scotland around Glencoe, Fort William and the Isle of Skye is some of the most spectacular mountain scenery you will find anywhere in Europe. I've done a few cycle tours around Scotland, but I had planned to visit during 2020 and do some hill-walking, maybe parts of the Cape Wrath Trail and the West Highland way and a few mountains in between, the walk from Cape Wrath to Glasgow would be 650 miles, maybe this year!
Scotland! Luckily, I went about a year and a half ago for three weeks. It was INCREDIBLE. Everything I ever dreamed of. I still think about it every single day and look at my photos and videos often. Half my anecdotes start with, "When I was in Scotland...". I'm that annoying person :) I've wanted to go since I was little. I have always been a history buff, and also thought Scotland was the most beautiful place I had ever seen (I was right). I went to some archaeological sites that were on my bucket list. I was waiting for years for someone to go with me, but my friend circle has the fairly normal Canadian 4 weeks of vacation and they like going to warm beaches. So as a 30th birthday present to myself, I decided to go solo. Hopefully one day I can live there for a bit.
Both are destinations that are so far away by plane that most American tourists have neither the financial desire or ability to go there, as flights typically require a stop in NZ or Australia before you get to the island. As a result, you get far, far fewer obnoxious tourists and a much more authentic, unspoiled tropical paradise than say, Hawaii.
if we’re talking Christmas holiday, on my couch with my dog and cat watching A Christmas Carol and having some cookies and milk.
I really want to stay in one of those "over the water" hotel rooms. Maybe Bora Bora.
Switzerland and Austria. I was supposed to go around Christmas time in 2017, but I got pregnant and cancelled the trip. Someday....😭
I have always wanted to visit Egypt and see the pyramids and other ancient structures. I don't think I will ever get to.
A giant wooden lodge up in the mountains during the winter.

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Ich finde es zwar schade das du anstatt der Sonne von Hawaii ,nun die Kälte von Lappland bekommen hast bin aber sehr angenehm davon überrascht das du die polar Lichter dir angeschaut hast :) ich Höfe du warst warm eingedeckt :) wie hast du dir die Lichter angeschaut ?

bernischultze’s Profile PhotoBerny-Henry-Jaeme's Geißler
Wir hatten mehr warme Wäsche zum Wechseln dabei, haben aber dann am ersten Tag schon beschlossen, dass wir alles auf einmal anziehen. Sonst wäre es bei -30 Grad nicht zum Aushalten gewesen. Das war so kalt, das kannst dir nicht vorstellen :D wegen den Polarlichtern sind wir im Schlitten, der von einem Schneemobil gezogen wurde, auf den zugefrorenen See rausgefahren und haben in den Himmel geschaut. Und da waren sie. Später gabs noch Lagerfeuer mit Kaffee, heißer Schokolade und Keksen.

Udělej někomu radost. :) Označ pár lidí z této sociální platformy, které máš např. rád, líbí se ti jejich odpovědi, přijde ti, že jste stejní, používají mozek etc. a napiš k nim jednu větu, která vystihuje to, proč je sleduješ. :)

▫️ @toptiermochi je prostě láska! na její věk je to fakt chytrá žena (když ji porovnám se sebou když jsem byla v jejím věku 😬) s nikým se nesere, hrozně ráda čtu její odpovědi a v mnoha věcech s ní souhlasím... a držím ti ✊🏼 aby jsi zvládla maturitu!
▫️ @lukynsifty alias 🌕 je zas jeden z lidí, kterého sleduju opravdu dlouho... kdyby měl rád pizzu Hawaii, měla bych ho radši 😏😏
▫️ @ZmrdWalter k němu nemám slov, prostě je to nejlepší medik, o kterém vím!
▫️ @bearus1998 opět člověk, od kterého si ráda čtu odpovědi a můžu s ním v mnoha věcech souhlasit
...a jinak se omlouvám těm, které jsem nezmínila, taky vás mám v srdíčku!!

Buonasera! 🌺 Quale avvenimento importante o interessante è successo nell'anno in cui sei nato/a? Avresti voluto nascere prima per assistervi?

Likeacaso123’s Profile PhotoREĐ
Buonasera a te.
Graziano è nato nel 1973:
14 gennaio – Hawaii: viene trasmesso il concerto di Elvis Presley "aloha from Hawaii". È il primo concerto della storia della tv ad essere trasmesso in tutto il mondo via satellite.
Li sarebbe piaciuto poter assistere.
Io invece sono nato nel 2010:
4 gennaio: a Dubai viene inaugurato il Burj Khalifa, il grattacielo più alto del mondo.
Questo evento è meno interessante.
Quale avvenimento importante o interessante è successo nellanno in

Ehy da venerdi sarò meno attiva iniziando un corso biennale che mi occuperà tempo! Oggi ti chiedo una cosa un po diversa, metti la foto del tuo luogo speciale o luogo preferito e se vuoi parlamene un pochino🤍

L' isola D' Elba.
Ci sono stato solo una volta in vita mia, ma è un posto che mi è rimasto nel cuore.
Ci sono tantissime spiagge tutte diverse.
Spiagge con sassi e spiagge con sabbia finissima.
Pareva di stare alle Hawaii
Ehy da venerdi sarò meno attiva iniziando un corso biennale che mi occuperà

Hay cinco lugares a los que quiero viajar si o si; Japón, Hawaii, Noruega, Alaska y Cuba 🖤 Qué países os gustaría más visitar a vosotrs?

Franrodrii4889’s Profile PhotoFran rodrii
Pues mira concuerdo contigo en japon y noruega. Despues (me quedan tres ya que quiero seguir las 5) me gustaría corea del sur, la india y egipto
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Közvéleménykutatás :D : Hoztam nektek pár olyan ételt amit talán a többség nem igazán kedvel. Kíváncsiságból: Ti hogy vagytok velük? 1. tökfőzelék, 2. gomba, 3. hal, 4. kefír? Tudtok még ilyen ételeket melyek nem igazán közkedveltek? Kiegészíthetitek még a listát(:

SzaboRoxana’s Profile Photo▼яoxanne▲
1. Alapvetően nagyon kevés főzeléket kedvelek, és ebbe nem tartozik bele a tök.
2. A gombát (különösen a csiperkét) minden formájában szeretem.
3. Nekem nagyban függ a hal fajtájától és az elkészítésétől. A rántott hal például nem igazán a szívem csücske, a sült filék már annál inkább, meg ugye alapvetően sushiban minden sokkal finomabb. Kifejezetten a tonhalat, a lazacot és a makrélát szeretem.
4. Szerintem nem igazán ittam belőle eleget, hogy meg tudjam állapítani, hogy kedvelem-e vagy sem. Mivel laktózérzékeny vagyok, és alapvetően nem szeretem a legtöbb tejterméket "nyersen", így nem valószínű, hogy akarnék vele próbálkozni.
Hogy mi nem közkedvelt, azt nem igazán tudom. Bár számomra még mindig érthetetlen, hogy a hawaii pizzával sok embernek mi a problémája - nekem speciel az egyik kedvencem.
Meg, ha jól tudom a belsőségeket se szeretik sokan, mint például a májat és a szívet. Én úgy vagyok ezekkel, hogy, ha megkívánom, akkor szívesen eszek belőle, de utána jó darabig nem érzem a szükségét, hogy újra terítékre kerüljenek nálam.
Nálam undort kiváltó ételek, azok a következők: marhahús, olíva, áfonya, paradicsomos káposzta.

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L’endroit où tu te sens le mieux ?

When my mom acknowledges me for who I truly am. I recently accepted the fact that I was gay after many years of denying my sexuality as a whole and suffering of crippling depression and frustration. I came out to my family last year. I am happy when I get to talk to my mom about a date... about my day... about a boy... I love when she gives me advice... I can tell she is somewhat bothered but I can also tell that she is happy that I am finally coming to her asking her questions about relationships and things that otherwise she would have probably never heard from me. She likes that I am finally sharing things about my love life. Something that pretty much didn't exist beforehand and that she always wondered if I will share with her. She knows that I am very inexperienced and constantly reminds me of my worth.
When I'm listening to a song that really resonates with me, down to my soul. Good music can transform my mood entirely, energizing me and giving me that rose coloured outlook for a little while. I live in a small city in LA county that’s pretty calm, that paired with my little comfy apartment and having my sister & partner around, super safe feeling. Except last June when someone broke into my car & I had never felt so unsafe driving that around. I felt like I was being monitored (maybe I’m over dramatic but it’s like they stole that sense of security from me by doing that).
I've never had social anxiety till last year. Like year before last I would hop a plane (Hawaii, Vegas or plan a 3 day weekend (new Orleans, Nashville ect)without a care in the world. Last year, I can't bring to leave my house. I feel like I'm not even safe leaving my house when I do I wear long sleeves, pants, no makeup and suunglasses. I think being home and watching so much true crime shows has screwed me up.
A close male friend of mine. He's a brown belt in TKD and is the only person I know of who I feel would be both willing and able to fend off someone coming after either of us, with his bare hands. I don't have any other friends like him; I'm in awe of his confidence and purpose when he walks. I don't find him attractive, but he's the only friend I feel safe with. Also my uncle, who was a sniper with the Marines in Vietnam. He carries a handgun and has gotten in many dodgy situations but has never had to use it -- he's extremely smart and physically strong/wiry so if he can't talk someone down, he can fight his way out. He would die for any of his kids/nieces/nephews.
My friend's husband. He's 6'5" and a pretty solidly built guy with the default personality of an easygoing teddy bear, but can be territorial/protective af. He's like the big brother I never had, and he treats me as well as he treats any of his other younger siblings. Great guy.

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Wenn ich im Dezember auf Hawaii bin, schau ich mir die Pearl Harbor Gedenkstätte an. Ich liebe solche geschichtlichen Orte, da könnte ich mich stundenlang aufhalten. Welche geschichtsträchtigen Orte hast du dir schon angeschaut?

Mitternachtsgeheimnis’s Profile Photo*** Sternenregen ***
Wenn man schon mal dort drüben ist kann man das auch mitnehmen. Würde ich glaube ich auch machen.
Geschichtsträchtige Orte hat ja nahezu jeder in seiner Gegend. Man denke da nur an alte Schlösser und Burgen. Die habe ich hier schon alle durch. Zudem die Gedenkstätte Plötzensee in Berlin. Dann hört es aber auch schon auf.
Denke da kommt in Zukunft noch einiges hinzu. Wollte mir noch einige Schauplätze vom zweiten Weltkrieg ansehen. Normandie, Dachau, Birkenau, Oradour-sur-Glane etc. 👍

Wenn ich im Dezember auf Hawaii bin, schau ich mir die Pearl Harbor Gedenkstätte an. Ich liebe solche geschichtlichen Orte, da könnte ich mich stundenlang aufhalten. Welche geschichtsträchtigen Orte hast du dir schon angeschaut?

Mitternachtsgeheimnis’s Profile Photo*** Sternenregen ***
Ich war schon an einigen geschichtsträchtigen Orten, in Deutschland, in Frankreich, in der Slowakei und in der damaligen Sowjetunion. Keiner dieser Orte, mit einer Ausnahme, hat mich mehr berührt, wie meine jetzige Heimatstadt Dresden.
Ich kam nach dem Studium im September 1985 das erste mal in meinem Leben nach Dresden. Da gab es noch zahlreiche Spuren der schrecklichen Bombenangriffe im Februar 1945. Das Schloss, die Frauenkirche und das Kurländer Palais lagen ebenso noch in Trümmern, wie das Stammgebäude der Sächsischen Dampfschifffahrtsgesellschaft am Albertplatz. Zahlreiche Brandspuren des Feuersturms waren stumme Zeugen des Grauens, das sich hier einst abspielte.
Bevor ich die Reise von der Küste in mein neues zu Hause antrat, hatte ich viel über Dresden gelesen, mir den alten „Löffler“ zu Rate gezogen und mir Bilder der Vergangenheit und der Gegenwart Dresden angesehen. Die Realität, die Monumentalität und die Historie der Stadt waren überwältigend. Aber die Wucht der Kriegsspuren, die Gräber der Bombenopfer auf dem Heidefriedhof, haben mich überrascht und fast umgehauen. Ich las auch die Augenzeugenberichte der Bombennacht, sah die Dokumentationen über die britischen Bomberpiloten, ungeschminkt erlebte Geschichte und ich verband sie mit dem, wie sich mir die Stadt zeigte und war unendlich traurig und entsetzt, wie Menschen, anderen Menschen so etwas antun konnten und versuchte den Kontext dieser Zeit zu erfassen. Der Krieg kam heim in das Land, das ihn in die Welt getragen hatte und damit auch das Grauen. Ich ging oft am späten Abend durch die historische Altstadt, vorbei an der Semperoper, die erst im Februar 1985 wieder eröffnet wurde. Mein Weg führte mich in den Zwinger, zum Nympfenbad. Von dort zur Brühlschen Terasse, vorbei an der Kunstakedemie mit dem Blick auf die imposanten Gebäude der Dresdner Neustadt. Ich versuchte mir vorzustellen wie es hier im Februar 1945 war. Mein Gehirn wehrte sich aber dagegen, gegen das Grauen, gegen das Leid, ließ nur Fragmente zu. Bilder aus Büchern kamen mir vor Augen und manchmal sah ich verschwommene Konturen, zu glasig waren meine Augen.
Heute ist von den Spuren des Krieges kaum noch etwas zu sehen. Die Frauenkirche und das angrenzende Quartier sind im alten Glanz wieder auferstanden. Ich war dabei, als sie wieder eröffnet wurde. Sah den prächtigen Altar und hatte die Bilder des letzten Konzerts vor der Zerstörung vor Augen, die ich als alte Filmaufnahmen gesehen hatte. Und als ich im Dezember 1985 das erste mal in der Semperoper war, habe ich auf die Oper verzichtet, um mir die wiedererstandene Pracht dieses unglaublichen Denkmals in Ruhe anzusehen.
Warum ich das jetzt schreibe? Wir alle sind Kinder der Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft. Wir sollten uns an all das erinnern, was uns das heutige Leben, den heutigen Glanz ermöglicht hat. Und wir sollten uns in Demut vor denen verneigen, die das möglich gemacht haben. Dazu gehört auch, dass wir das alles für die Zukunft erhalten.

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Wenn ich im Dezember auf Hawaii bin, schau ich mir die Pearl Harbor Gedenkstätte an. Ich liebe solche geschichtlichen Orte, da könnte ich mich stundenlang aufhalten. Welche geschichtsträchtigen Orte hast du dir schon angeschaut?

Mitternachtsgeheimnis’s Profile Photo*** Sternenregen ***
Es war ein Ort an dem, wie bei dir, im zweiten Weltkrieg ziemlich schlimme Dinge passiert sind. Das KZ Natzweiler-Struthof. Das Vernichtungslager ist zwar nicht so berühmt und bekannt wie Dachau oder gar Auschwitz, dennoch wurden dort Menschen ermordet und unzählige Menschen gequält. Es macht mich demütig, traurig und unglaublich froh, dass ich nicht in dieser Zeit gelebt habe. Und das ist auch ein Grund, weshalb ich Rassismus so unglaublich hasse.

Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever been?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
The Oregon Psychiatric Association located in Oregon. How did you not know about this place, let alone mental health professionals? To get to this place, one has to travel a long distance from the city. To reach the city, one has to take a flight to Portland International Airport. From there, one takes a taxi to the Oregon Psychiatric Association. Be very careful when travelling to here. I would suggest that one not step foot into the woods. There's a place deep in those woods where something terrible happened decades ago. And ever since then, people who go missing in those woods have never been seen again. It's called the Devil's Backbone and it's home to some of the most evil and uncaring creatures this side of the supernatural.
Flew to Italy as a kid for a 3 week family vacation. Skipped our tour plans for the day in Rome and just took a rental car out and got purposefully lost in little towns. Deep into rural Italy, with no English for hours. Stopped at a small town flea market when we suddenly hear English speakers. I get excited, look over and see a boy from my class standing there. He and his family were vacationing there at the same time. We came from a relatively small, moderate income town, no one else I knew had ever traveled internationally. I've never been more surprised. So weird.
I'm from Kansas, and my wife and I both attended Kansas State University. Since we were both science-and-animal-loving hippie nerds, we decided that for our honeymoon, rather than going to Hawaii or whatever other people do, we wanted to go somewhere that we'd get to see animals and insects (the second one mostly for me) that we otherwise wouldn't get to see in most other places, so we settled on Costa Rica. Unique wildlife and insects, rainforest, volcanoes, and we got to do the typical honeymoon-at-a-beach-resort thing. Anyway, one of the days we spent down there, I wanted to go visit an insect place since I was doing a minor in entomology. It was run almost entirely by Americans volunteering for college, and funded by education donations. There was this whole butterfly farm there that had all sorts of cool stuff. I got to hold a Hercules beetle, which was honestly one of the highlights of the whole trip for me. When we walked into the butterfly enclosure, we were greeted by an American college student who seemed familiar to me.
When I was in elementary school we had "yard duties" which were basically school staff that would wear orange vests and monitor us on the playground at recess and at lunch to make sure we were following rules and not getting too rough/rowdy. This was in California, near the Sacramento area. Well once my family and I all took a vacation to San Diego and went to Disney Land too, and we ran into one of the yard duties there. At least she was one of the nice ones. It was just crazy, since we were like 8 hours away from home.

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What has been your all time dream travel destination?

AlexDSODMG’s Profile PhotoAlex
Hawaii because I have family there or the UK because I have a lot of good online friends there id love to actually meet
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Wohin willst du mal Reisen?

USA Nord: New Orleans (Mardi Gras, Voodoo Museum), New York (Studio 54), Supernatural Convention, hot topic,
USA West: Kalifornien (Disneyland), San Diego (Comic con), Hollywood (Viper room, Museum des Todes), San Francisco (Believe it or not Museum, Parade), San Jose (Winchester Mystery house), Los Angeles (Griffith park), Las Vegas (Simpsonhaus, Casino), Country dive bar, Hawaii, Mexiko/Acapulco (Spring break), Yucatan
Italien: Venedig, Rimini, Florenz, Rom (Kolosseum), Capri, Palermo,
England: London (Warner Bros. Studios) - Irland: Dublin,
Griechenland: Santurini - Delphi (Orakel),
Karibik Insel hopping, Kuba: Havana - Tortuga - Kolumbien (Kakao, Kaffe, Koks) - Brasilien: Copacabana,
Aegypten: Kairo - Israel: Tel Aviv - Zypern,
Australien: Sidney - Fidschi
Frankreich: Paris - Belgien: Antwerp - Norwegen: Oslo
Spanien: Madrid - Mallorca (Ballermann) - Lanzarote (Museo Atlantico) - Marokko: Casablanca,
Afrika: Kapstadt (Pinguinstrand) - Madagaskar

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would you rather vacation in hawaii or alaska? why?

I would rather go to Alaska just because that didn't dream of mine I never really wanted to go to Hawaii but if I was offered a free trip to go I would but if I had the choice in between the two I would go to Alaska because there's more untouched land it's beautiful it's cheaper it's more like me and I love hunting I would go up there and did some of that I would check out the native folks and learn how they do what they do up there and learn lots of stuff from them and I just really want to go up there because I think Alaska personally is really beautiful and its place that I have always wanted to go too. 4 years good fishing also. I would also love to learn as much history as I can about the state and the area. They also have beaches and stuff as well. I just think it would be really different and I would love the experience. And I think I would like it more than Hawaii.

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Wie war deine letzte Pizza belegt? 🍕

Uffelmannm’s Profile PhotoSpekulatius
Wie passend, dass ich erst vorgestern welche gemacht habe! Ultrafluffiger Teig, hach.
Meine Hälfte war klassisch Hawaii mit ein bisschen Tomate und Paprika dazwischen, die des Helden war vegetarisch: Mozzarella, Paprika, Tomate, Lauchzwiebel.
Simpel, aber sooo gut. Ich hatte für die Tomatensauce leider nur noch getrocknete statt TK-Petersilie, aber die wurde trotzdem lecker.

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