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Lots- life; my ohana; and the gift of frienship. It is very inspiring to hear about Faith. I also do hope for more people to consider adoption and to shed some light on someone's life in this broken infected world, and to bring full healing, showing them the love of family and God in a stable home🙏

shaireen’s Profile PhotoShaireen
Thank you for your thoughtful response. Have you ever contemplated what judgement day will consist of? Will we meet God face to face and then have to explain or justify what we did or did not do while we lived? I know this might sound odd, but the closer I get to my final stop, the more I consider how I will account for my behavior.
One question I am expecting to hear is: "During your life, what was your most significant contribution to humanity?" For me the answer will be the adoption of Faith. Just imagine how much good could be achieved if every stable and loving family agreed to adopt one needy child? We could make this world a much kinder, gentler and more loving world to live in. And yet, I still meet people who will declare: "I could never adopt because an adopted child is not of my flesh and blood." How misguided, short sighted and tragic is that opinion? And when I attempt to explain that I love my adopted daughter as much as my biological children, they still refuse to consider adoption as a viable option. So this begs the question: why is it so difficult for some people to understand that we are all brothers and sisters and therefore ALL life matters and every human that exists has value and is loved by God? So, if God loves ALL of his children, shouldn't we do the same? I believe that the answer to that question is a resounding... yes!

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Lots life my ohana and the gift of frienship It is very inspiring to hear about

Miten huollat mieltäsi?

hyvillä sosiaalisilla suhteilla..
🐶 Rakkaat karvakaverit mukaan lukien.
🧘 Meditaatiolla & Mindfullnesilla.
🚶‍♂️Liikunnalla, jaksamisen mukaan.
🖼 Ilmaisemalla itseäni luovasti(musiikki & kuvankäsittely jne).
🎭 Ilmaisemalla tunteitani sallitusti.
💊 Syömällä mieltä parantavia tuotteita.
📸:Paras ystäväni Santtu (Hoitokoira)🐕
Good social relationships..
🐶 Dear FurFriends included.
🧘 Meditation & Mindfullnes.
🚶‍♂️Excercise, as long as I have strength
🖼 Expressing myself creatively (Music & photomanipulation etc).
🎭 Letting me Express my feelings.
💊 Eating mind healing products.
📸: My best friend Santtu that I nurse🐕

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Miten huollat mieltäsi

Km mau healing? Udah aku kasih waktu buat me time-mu. Km mager kemana2, mager ngapa2 in, gamau diganggu, yaudah aku ga ganggu. Mau sampe kapan? Sampe aku jadi eneg? Ntar klo aku ngilang, jgn salahin aku yaa.

Bukan gitu ayang nanti aku kecup jidatmu
Aku lagi urus orang tuaku lagi sakit kalo aku gak ngurus dia aku akan menyesal nanti kalo dia udah meninggal jangan egois gimana kamu mau jadi cewe aku kalo egois

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What’s the one thing you want to say to your ex? Remove your frustration!

I wish him all the love, there were parts of him that needed healing and parts of mine, and I wish my ex finds someone like I've found for myself,
It's not necessary to keep frustration just because something end, something between us existed is enough reason for me to carry the good things about him!
I've known him for 7 years and I regret nothing about it

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Have you ever felt low at some point of your life? If yes then did you ever visit a psychologist? What did you do to handle your situation?

Well yes i was at my lowest, my health just went down the hill, day by day I became worse ended up being in the hospital for seven days straight finally wanting to be alive after months of wishing to be dead. I did thought of visiting a psychologist i still think about it but i guess that was the worst time of my life if i can overcome that on my own then this is much more easier also my mother was always there for me if she wasn't here i would have not been alive today. And yes for anyone who is going through the same thing and even worse I suggest you to visit a psychologist its never too late to think about yourself i never knew i could make through that time but i did and here I am it's been 2-3 years I'm doing better pain and grief doesn't goes away in a second... It takes years to heal and I'm still healing from that if i can do this you can too :)

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Ka wahyu udah beli buku self healing karya ka ardhi nggak?

Alhamdulillah sudah.
Buku ini selain bahasanya yang bisa menarik anak-anak muda untuk membaca buku, ilmu yang ada di dalamnya sangat bermanfaat. Cocok untuk orang yang sedang berusaha untuk self-healing tapi selalu ada yang mengganggu.
Buat teman-teman yang punya hubungan yang kurang baik dengan orang tua, buku ini cocok untuk kalian.

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Ka wahyu udah beli buku self healing karya ka ardhi nggak

Early MMFF Edition follow Friday ❤️ Gibt es bei euch MMFFs, die ihr aktiv verfolgt obwohl ihr keine Ocs in ihnen habt oder nicht mitgemacht habt?

Lostgirl_inidenty’s Profile PhotoDonata
Uhhh aber natürlich!
Auf Platz 1 liegt da tatsächlich @nevereversea “obsession”. Ich bin sooo eingefangen von dem Schreibstil und den Übergängen - die haben mich immer sehr beeindruckt. Außerdem habe ich so eine richtige Stimmung durch diese Fanfiction und fühle mich wie ein Teil des Campus. Einfach schön. ✨
Dann werde ich auf jeden Fall “the emblem of truth” von @Hanna_Blub weiterlesen, weil ich das dark academia Setting mit dem Mysterium so schön finde und auch ein kleiner Sucker für Großbritannien bin. Abgesehen davon dass auch Tiere mit eigenem Willen und Macken drin vorkommen und das ist immer ein Grund der mich einfängt. 🕸
Und dann gibt es natürlich noch so viele mehr, aber welche ich auf jeden Fall noch lesen will ist “the art of healing” von @artofaveline und bei Blackmoor Manor von @BonnieEldritch möchte ich nicht den Anschluss verlieren, aber da habe ich einiges aufzulesen.

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Sana pwede singilin yung ex pambyad ng therapy na siya naman dahilan kung bakit ka nasa therapy

Accountability is the first step to healing. Ex is ex. No matter how much pain and trauma they caused you, that's independent of your responsibility to yourself. The moment na tumigil ka ng kakasisi sa iba and you learn to focus on what you can do for yourself, your life will improve. Lahat tayo nasaktan. Karamihan ng tao ay gago. Pero kung habangbuhay maniningil ka, hindi ka uusad. What are you going to do for yourself without blaming others?

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*suddenly blue magic grabs the knife Ganz had taken, it is plunged into the glitch's ribcage, piercing his fragment of a soul, causing him to cough up a massive amount of blood* I wasn't bluffing

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
Gz: What the fųck are you doing!? *he takes the knife and pulls it out of his soul while Mel forces him to eat healing items, shoving them in his mouth*
Mel: Come on, you'll love it here if you give it a chance! Sensy and your friend are both happy here

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What were some of the turning points in your life? 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo❆❆❆❆❆ †êñå¢ï𵧠†ðmm奙 ❆❆❆❆❆
✨ My brother being taken from my childhood home when I was 7 brought on a loneliness that lingered for the next 12 years; I never really felt like I fit into the family unit after that.
✨ Dating an ab*sive p*do at 16/17 f*cked me up, but also taught me that I'm more resilient than I ever believed I was.
✨ Moving out at 19 after a physical altercation with my stepdad allowed me to start acknowledging the extent of the ab*se and neglect of my childhood home, which was the first step of my healing process.
✨ 2014-2015 (ages 19-21) in general: my most loving family members (my grandparents) passed away; I lost an entire friendship group, which had become quite toxic; I had relationship issues which were greatly exacerbated by meddling, which caused yet more friendship fallouts; my mother passed away; and I didn't graduate my course due to my mental health being so terrible. I went though a lot of loss and pain over those years, which caused me to become isolated and scared of making attachments. My romantic relationship should have probably come to an end as well, but I ended up falling pregnant at the end of 2015.
✨ Becoming a mother at 22 required me to shape up and grow as a person. Though I certainly could have done more, I felt pressured to prioritise my roles of parent and partner, so I didn't feel empowered to leave the house and improve my daily life and, subsequently, my mental health.
✨ Getting married at 24 eventually showed me that I don't actually want a relationship to take a traditional path. I had to be something I'm not, and the discomfort of that lead to the events of this year...
✨ Separating from my husband at 26 could only be done I had finally healed enough to acknowledge that the life I was living wasn't for me, and I was repressing my true self as well as my pain (that wasn't being recognized) to make others happy. This went hand in hand with the revelation that I'm polyamorous, which has also been a significant change.

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Money can't buy happiness 💯💸

SorrOwsoO’s Profile PhotoMaham
Healing & breaking generational cycles is extremely sacred work.
Psychedelics are real, living beings with a consciousness that is far more expanded than yours.You are not just taking a drug to get high, you are forming an alliance with a non-human intelligence.Pain, trauma & illness is an initiation to healing & awakening.

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Money cant buy happiness

*Vio can't look at Life right now too focused on the darkness seeping demon at his side* "I suppose Demon isn't really accurate, Majora is a God of Chaos, but it needs a host, hopefully the fact it got in a fight with Shadow means he stopped it from getting a host from your worlds*

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
It's a God from your world? Then..I think the best option would be to send one of our own after them to help stop them, Death here, having similar powers to your friend there, should be a good candidate *Life sees Vio is very worried for Shadow and hands him a life flower* Use this..it should help, I originally made them for Death since my power harms him..this way, if it's in a different form, it shouldn't deal damage to either of them while still having healing properties..but um..can I ask something? Has he always leaked that liquid?

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Hi Tita. Paano ko ba mapapatwad yung part of me that allowed myself to be mistreated & used by my ex? Got rid of him, I have a better career now & I look better but somehow may galit pa din ako sa old version of me na hinayaan gawin yun lahat sa akin.

Anger is part of the process of healing. It allows you to reflect on your own actions that led to this outcome. Actually it's very healthy to go through this process because you are holding yourself accountable, kesa i-blame mo lahat sa ex mo ang nangyari. This way you know how to avoid the same mistakes next time. Sige lang just be angry and reflect. Every time you feel mad at yourself, write down what you will do better next time. Congratulations on your journey. You are on your way!

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*Nova escaped the blast by AU traveling, she hits the ground in the classic timeline, clearly she had been up against Reaper, and her body is completely mangled, bone shards erupt from her chest where her ribs splintered, long compound fractures visible in all 6 limbs*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
Good heavens! *Life is in shock to see how bad Nova had been maimed, she even covered her mouth in a gasp* What in--you look horrible! I don't think I've ever seen you wounded so badly! How did you even manage to--e-enough talking, Life stay focused..*she switches from healing magic to using her Life aura so she's able to heal Allura, Nova and Geno @ToxinTale her aura covers all 3 of them*

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"Stop being a p-ssy he's your husband you have to figure out how to fix this" *She pulls her arm away as @BowsOfLights drops her, the bite healing quickly*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
*He gets up after having his episode of panic* I AM NOT A PŲSSY BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO MY DREAMY!? ARE YOU A VAMPIRE NOW!? AAAAAHHH!! *more chipmunk sounding screams while he starts shaking Nova like a raving lunatic* WHO DID THISS!? WAS IT DEATH!? I'M GOING TO KICK HIS SORRY AŞŞ!

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Posisi aku cewe tiap ada chat dari cowo ku atau bales chat dia bawaanya selalu nangis kayak baperan gitu, entahlah kenapa bisa perasa gini hampir tiap hari bawaannya ovt. Ini termasuk hubungan gak sehat/toxic? Aku bingung :(

Coba cari tau awalnya kaya gitu tuh pas ada apa, nah dirunut deh kejadiannya. Kalau memang kamu ngerasa itu toxic ya udah coba healing dulu aja, komunikasiin ke pasangannya yaa

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Best way to deal with stress?

◇ Allah ko dil ka haal batain, praise him first , then start with 'Allah apko sub pata hay na and let it all out. (It works for me everytime)
◇ Recite durood as much as you can.
◇ If comfortable or have someone trustworthy then share.
◇ Baqi you can also let your stress out on your wall here on ask, but for fast healing you must have to go to Allah.

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family all of sudden message me after never hearing from them. they have change toward me and wish reconcilliation, should i give it chance?

Firstly please seek therapy, it does help.
Personally I'd be suspicious if I were you, which you are, otherwise you wouldn't be asking. Unfortunately, rarely do they ever change, it's all a mask. They probably only need or want something from you whether that be draining your energy, to see if you have money or wanting gossip, second chances for people like that only make room for people to harm you twice, it isn't worth it, it is a waste of your precious time. It's best to ignore them and block them, never to return ever again and never look back.
Wishing you healing and happiness. All the best 🦋

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What was the best thing that happened to you today? ☺️

FatimaMalhii’s Profile PhotoFatimaa
I was really heartbroken yesterday night about something and I wanted to cry but I couldn’t then at Fajr, I went to my drawing room, turned on 1 yellow lamp started listening to call to prayer (Azaan) and my heart got so heavy that crying became very easy. I started crying out loud asking for help, healing and divine guidance. I then opened my archive stories or as I’d like to put that I was made to open my archive stories and what I saw blew my mind. A miracle has happened. I got a sign that too so soon that my prayer got accepted because I met all the conditions mentioned in the Hadith of Holy Prophet PBUH. I got so happy satisfied and yk overwhelmed even typing all this is making me emotional as the time right now is the same. It’s Fajr prayer time. I got my sign because I prayed from all my heart and so desperately that only this could bring me peace. After that I talked to my friend regarding the issue I was facing and I’m so happy. My day went too smooth. Alhumdulilah! When I narrated this incident to my friend she said see Allah neeyat dekhta hai.

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What was the best thing that happened to you today

*Nova gets a sick grin extending one wing and summoning her blade she slices it right off, laughing as the blood gushes forth, soon the skeletal structure for a new wing erupts from her back quickly wrapped in muscle, skin, and full length feathers* "Not the first, not the last"

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
..Wow, your just like me after all..! You don't have any problem ripping yourself apart do you? *Geha then gets a very sinister grin* But I wonder..do your healing powers have a limit? If I continued tearing your arms off over and over ..would there be a point where it stops coming back?~ *Socket radar goes off--xD red alert another Socket is here*

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بتموڤوا ازاي ياريت اعرف

بشغل وقتي اربعه و عشرين ساعه مش بقعد لوحدي ، اول ما ببدأ افتكر اي حاجه بغير تفكيري و أكلم اي حد ، بقلل كلام عن الموضوع ، اول ما احس اني مش قادره أتحمل الزعل بصلي احكي لربنا كل حاجه و اعيط مش بكتم زعل و بسيب الوقت هو اللي ينسيني ..
Time is healing 🖤

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I feel sorry for what happened to that close person you spoke of in your last answer. I'm sending my prayers and hope that the doctors might help her!

Lady_Eloquent’s Profile Photoʟᴀᴅʏ ᴇʟᴏQᴜᴇɴᴛ
Thank you so much. 😔 I honestly think she would really appreciate that. She’s probably one of the most kind/generous/loving women I have ever met.
Please send healing vibes to her ✨ I am not ready for her to go.

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kalo seandainya boleh request jodoh, kalian mau berjodoh sama siapa?

sama ex gue plss dia manusia yang susa banget gue lupainn, mau mati matian healing sana sini sampe uang tabungan gue kering, jalan sama cowo baru berasa lagi selingkuhin diaa padahal gue sadar dia udah punya cewe HAHA- dahlaa gue emg tolol banget kalo soal cinta selalu dapet cowo yang gasabaran eh gadehh dari 4 ex gue salah satu dari antara mereka yang ngertiin banget gue tapi sayang manusianya "ragu an kek gayakin gitcuu sama dirisendiri" yaudaa gitu deh #mendadakcurhat

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Are you truly proud of the person that you are?

Albellii’s Profile PhotoAliya.
nope! proud is for an achievement & i am struggling for it.
there is still
a lot to mend, to leave, to let go,
a lot to listen, to understand, to cry on,
a lot to fight for, to shout on, to kill for.
a lot to live for & a lot to die for.
i am better from what i was yesterday.
but these mending, repairing, restricting, repelling, attracting, processes of healing will be following me still its the last dawn of my life. 🌚🥀

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Is there a person you hate for no reason?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
absolutely NOT
. . . . without reason ; is unreasonable .
- a reason a reason a reason
Where no reasons seems to exist . . .
In amongst the rings of confusion
Silencing the thought powers one by one
It seems all so incredible
Our own ability to confuse - to sacrifice
To enlighten like a Shakespearian play
We foolish and happily hold on to sanity
While all around the pushing
And prodding of our feelings
The twisting and turning of our hearts
Displaying an almost indefinable strength
Of purpose - a reason a reason a reason
Where no reasons seems to exist
Yet, as in a vision, a voice transcending
All our imagination, jewel of life
Guiding light heralding a joyous new dawn
Clear and gifted time
Divine Nature - Super Nature
The supreme gift of knowledge and space
In this cacophony of life
Peace will Come
Peace will Come
Peace will Come
Will Come
Peace will Come
Peace will Come
Peace will Come
Will Come true Horizon
Come true Horizon
Come true Horizon
Come true Horizon
Peace will Come
Peace will Come
Peace will Come
Will Come
Peace will Come
Peace will Come
Peace will Come
Will Come true Horizon
Come true Horizon
Come true Horizon
Come true Horizon
Peace will Come
Peace will Come
Peace will Come
Peace will Come
Will Come
Reach for the starlight
Reach when it calls you
You, you are the reason
If you want
You are the answer in the end
La La La's...
Sweet music, and your secret heart
Both have the healing grace
Sweet music, and your secret heart
Both have the healing grace
So, again, a change, it comes
Our world desires a way
Touch a child, who's lost, afraid,
It lifts you to true emotion
True feelings, be the light
All that is good in this life
Is good, good is good
Oh everlasting dream, Oh future come alive
To witness comes that time
I just can't help but believe in life,
All in all I just can't help but believe there is a way
For us to give, A way for us to live
A way for us, A way for us
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSIr5mx3YA8igotamatch’s Video 168187235194 OSIr5mx3YA8igotamatch’s Video 168187235194 OSIr5mx3YA8

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Is there a person you hate for no reason

kalo lagi capek karena kerjaan atau tugas sekolah/kuliah biasanya kalian ngapain?

Healing. Lakukan segala hal yang ingin kamu lakukan. Nikmati hidup kamu. Lakukan me time, jalan-jalan keliling kota, cari jajanan, melakukan hobi yang kamu tekuni, melakukan hal-hal baru.
Istirahat. Jika lelah, pulanglah. Kamu butuh sandaran untuk melepas penat.

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"Well I'm a creature a darkness, kinda like y'all's dad is, beings like us normally can't use any form of healing magic but watch" *He kneels next to Raven, a dark aura filling his hands as some of the injuries Edge gave him heal, though he seems exhausted* "I-I h-had ta learn but's not easy"

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
W-what--*Raven looks pretty shocked, not just at the fact he has healing magic either* ..You learned that and you used it to help me..? But..why? If your friends with Death..and he doesn't like me..I don't get why your being nice.. and..you don't look that good after doing that..*he then stares at the ground*

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