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In the darkest of nights, hope may seem lost,
But keep your faith, no matter the cost.
For when tears are fallen and prayers are made,
Strength and resilience will never fade.
Hold onto the light that shines within,
And soon the journey towards healing will begin. .

How do we mend our broken hearts?

omishqa_abbasi’s Profile PhotoUmishqa Abbasi
Dealing with a broken heart can be very painful and challenging, but there are several things we can do to help mend our broken heart.
First allow yourself to feel your emotions, look after your physical and emotional needs, practise self-compassion, try new things, and perhaps think about getting professional assistance if necessary.
Remember that healing takes time, so be patient with yourself and allow yourself to go through the process at your own pace.

Ich weiß noch ist Mittwoch aber ich bin grad im Fragen flow. Throwbackthurday gab es in den letzen Monaten Jahren eine MMFF bei der ihr bereut euch aus mangelnder Zeit nicht beworben zu haben? Oder ein OC Kozept das ihr noch nicht umsetzen konntet weil noch keine Möglichkeit war?

Lostgirl_inidenty’s Profile PhotoDonata
Tatsächlich schon, ja! Und zwar "The Bielefeld Conspiracy" von @artofaveline <3
Nicht nur, weil sie gut vorangeht, sondern auch, weil mein Konzept der "schusseligen Sekretärin, die immer unterschätzt, ob ihrer Tollpatschigkeit belächelt und dadurch kleingehalten wird, obwohl sie sich echt entfalten könnte, wenn man ihr die Möglichkeit gäbe" mit Triz Pariz als angestrebtem FC (mit Brille!) mir immernoch sehr gefällt und deshalb auch noch auf ihren Einsatz wartet.
Und ja, ganz unbedingt auch "The art of healing", das mir dmals durchgerutscht sein muss - denn hätte ich es gesehen, hätte ich mich zu 100% beworben!
Heiler*innen haben in den meisten meiner Steckbriefe einen Auftritt oder die OCs sind selbst Heilerinnen <3 T-T

have there ever been moments in your life where you felt the need to take a break from social media? if you're comfortable talking about it, what was happening?

if you know me and have been following me for a while you know i’ve struggled a lot with my mental health in the past. i have sadly hit rock bottom a few times and done things that could have been irreversible and tragic for the people in my life and obviously for myself. i am very open about mental health and the stigma around it and i can say i am not completely recovered and i don’t think i ever will, although i am in a much better place now than i was two years ago. with this being said, yes i have felt the need to take a break from social media several times and i did so. not only from social media but even from the world and everyone around me. dealing with anxiety and depression isn’t easy (and any other mental illness) and the recovery process is a lot harder than what it looks like to outsiders. the last social media break/detox i did i remember i was at my breaking point, and when you suffer from illnesses like this you constantly compare yourself to people you see on social media and wonder why you can’t be like them, why you can’t look like them, why you can’t have their lives. i remember going on an “influencers holiday” to dubai and i would spend all my days and nights sitting in my hotel room crying and hating myself and having panic attacks while everyone else was out partying and living their “perfect lives”. at that point i felt like nothing made sense. i didn’t even relate to that lifestyle anymore and i felt so out of place and alone. that was effecting me really badly so i had to step away from social media, focus on myself and my healing, my happiness and learn how to love myself again and accept that we are all at different stages in life and that’s perfectly fine, you are not better or less than someone just because you haven’t achieved the same things they have.
remember it’s okay not to be okay and it’s okay to take a break to focus on yourself. you’re not alone and it does get better 🤍

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What were some of your best moments of 2022?🎆

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
🎨 Finally finishing my Horseman painting! (I just need to do some minuscule touch ups and photograph it again, but it’s 95+ percent done!
☕️ Being offered a promotion and being handpicked by the area manager at work
🌿 Working at the RHS Shows - both Chelsea and Hampton Court - they were both really lovely for different reasons, and there’s such good energy at the shows!
🎄 Running a Christmas show by myself for three days, which was pretty unusual as the majority traders had numerous folk on hand! It showed to me at least, that I’m good at working under pressure in a really busy environment! Aside from that, it was quite electric and upbeat in terms of atmosphere, and it was lovely to see some familiar faces and meet new people!
🐾 Codes will always be such a colossal loss as he was my best friend and it brings me peace to continue talking about him at home, but I’m also very grateful for gaining Woody this year. He’s a very mischievous but loving pup, and he’s incredibly sweet!
⛸️ ice skating with my pals from work was a riot; it was a really good team building exercise! I was happy to make a fool of myself to make the others laugh (not that I tried hard at all, since I can’t skate to save my life 😆).
💗 I’ve been slowly curating a gift box full of various trinkets and items (and other things that are a surprise!) for @nurbzee and whilst I’m incredibly sorry she’s had to wait so long, I truly hope it’ll be worth the wait! I just need to write my letter and wait for the mail strikes to end, and I’ll be sending it asap! Trekking around London finding items that I think she’ll (hopefully) like has been such a joy ✨
🙏🏻 It’s not necessarily a happy moment, but this past year I’ve really dedicated to healing and self development, and I finally feel that I’m so close to achieving my goal, of processing a lot of heaviness from my past. I know healing isn’t linear, but I’m also tonnes better compared to this time last year! It’s been unpleasant, painful and gruelling with the pain physically manifesting in my body, but finally having that inner peace will be such a blessing.
🌊 Last but not least, my family holiday to Devon. It was a much needed respite and we truly lucked out with the weather. Being by the sea is so good for the soul, and I wish I lived closer to there tbh! 🐚

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I do have childhood inner wounds but how would I go about healing them? I really dont want to tell my parents what happened to me when I was younger so I hope I dont have to do that?

Let meditation be your guide. It may take some time but it can be healed. There is much to be learned in a meditative state. After coming out of very deep intense one as I write this, I can assure you that answers can be found. Don’t force it. Let it flow.
I do have childhood inner wounds but how would I go about healing them  I really

Anyone here to talk? Don't want to drown in Stromy sea of depression with I am seeing from distance. Overthinking sucks. Feeling panic attack or anxiety don't know

I will give everyone an honest advice. Please, for the love of God, if you're suffering from depression and anxiety, and feel suicidal, please seek professional help. You don't have to suffer. It's a disease, get treatment, be kind to yourself. You owe yourself to be healthy and better. Please save enough money, prioritize your well being. There's no harm in getting medicinal or therapeutic professional help. Please! Don't suffer. Talking to people, venting and ranting, complaining about your pain will only reduce your importance and charm, please don't make fun of your own life. Take care of yourself and get help. You don't have to suffer. Prioritize your well being. May Allah bless you with complete health and healing. Aameen.

Can you talk about your future art projects?

I can!
The main one which I think I’ve spoken about before, is continuing to expand my Sleepy Hollow series, so it becomes a mural of 5 paintings - three in the middle to connect Ichabod and the Horseman. It’ll involve the Revolutionary War and it morphing into cyberpunk/time travel, etc.
That aside though, I’d like to finish off my mixed media painting/embroidery of 1800s footwear, to match the close up of the jacket tapestry I did, during uni.
In terms of new pieces though!! There’s lots of images and ideas floating in my head, but I haven’t properly articulated what I’m going to do (I can see it but I haven’t connected the dots, if that makes any sense?!). The themes off the top of my head are botanical/mythology & folklore/ancient healing properties inspired/witchcraft; etc etc :)

(cont) "V-Vi" *he snaps his fingers causing his tunic and undershirt to vanish, there's a deep hole in his back, there's no sign of any internal organs, but it's clear, this would have been fatal to anyone else* "I'm not healing well. . . I don't wanna but-"

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
(this returned to my inbox for some reason)
*Vio's eyes widen in visible shock, which is a big deal given his usually muted reactions*
"If you're not healing well then yes that would be best, when you're done you're explaining what happened though"
*Shadow seems reluctant but bites into Vio's neck, his wounds begin to knit closed, seems blood will heal him, no wonder he doesn't want to talk about it*
cont VVi he snaps his fingers causing his tunic and undershirt to vanish theres

How do you deal with a mental breakdown?

memoonanasir77’s Profile Photoمیمونہ
Stop torturing yourself while saying "Sabar" It's effecting your mental health in some way. It really does.
Have sabar, but help yourself; Have sabar, but free yourself from that toxicity; Have sabar, but embrace healing; not the sabar and smiling with your soul living in void.

Wasn't that the medallion from the front of the book the never ending story ?

Auryn is a powerful medallion belonging to the Childlike Empress, which protects its wearer from all harm. Whoever wears AURYN becomes the representative of the Childlike Empress. Auryn appears on the cover of the in-universe book Neverending Story.
The symbol of two intertwined snakes appeared early in Babylonia and is related to other serpent symbols of fertility, wisdom, and healing, and of sun gods. This staff of Hermes was carried by Greek heralds and ambassadors and became a Roman symbol for truce, neutrality, and noncombatant status.
What do the snakes symbolize?
Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. The ouroboros is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life.

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Wasnt that the medallion from the front of the book the never ending story

*his injuries almost immediately close and he pulls away, healing Vio's neck* "S-Sorry, I hate having to do that, but you saw the injuries, it was more than I could deal with on my own considering how weakened I am at the moment" *he goes on to describe the events of last night*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*At some point during the retelling Shadow had come to rest in Vio's lap*
"Shadow I don't care, you needed help to recover, I told you before, I'm fine with you needing my blood if necessary. @PyromaniaRed is fine with it as well, I know you also know that, but what you encountered, that sounds highly worrying. . . and I'm sorry I revived you in such a way that you need to do this to recover."
his injuries almost immediately close and he pulls away healing Vios neck SSorry
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Are you healed or you just don’t want to think about it?

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"Healing makes you realize some people don't deserve to be around you, no matter how much you love them. Unconditional love doesn't mean unconditional tolerance of abuse, disrespect, or bullshit it's not unconditional boundaries.
This is one of the hardest things about healing.

Cutting ties with friends and family, the unhealed version of you always had time for these individuals. The unhealed version of you put all these people first not matter how you were treated in return.

Breaking ties with people, is a part of healing that isn’t talked about enough.

For the person that is cutting the ties or breaking the cycle it is painful, it’s lonely it’s grief. It’s not all roses and butterflies, we are not floating around thinking we are better than anyone else. We are trying to heal ourselves and being around certain people, personalities and traits, is deeply damaging to our mental health.

It’s no fun, it’s not easy but we do it for ourselves. If you have spent a lifetime putting other people first it’s one of the most difficult things you can do. “Put yourself first” it’s does get easier. It is hard, but healing isn’t easy it’s definitely worth it."

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People on your life you love but have Trouble forgiving or understanding why ?

Jake .. will always love him but he hurts me so much I can’t keep being up and down… he won’t love me and support me and stick up for me and treat me how I deserve to be treated and it hurts me so bad but I need to focus on healing my heart for the sake of my son 😭
Ben … the h killed you it hurts so much
So many others but just these two I’m so hurt with it’s like all you want to do is (well Jake anyway) tell them how much you love them but it’s like fuckkkk I need to respect myself and my heart a bit more??? Idk idk idk help 😭😭

‏آخر ملحوظة كتبتها بالملاحظات ؟.

Try to be good at turning grief into productivity; study harder, work harder, exercise more, tire yourself out so that you drift off to sleep before 10pm. Sometimes this only prolongs the healing, sometimes you need to feel for a while.
Tame your heart:
1. Immerse yourself in the reason for which you ache.
2. Put this aching to good use.
آخر ملحوظة كتبتها بالملاحظات

Mi tud ugy elszomoritani,hogy attol offon vagy akar orakon/napokon at?

10 éves koromban hunyt el édesapám, az volt a legnagyobb töréspont az életemben. Amióta abból felálltam, azóta nem visel meg különösebben semmi. Minden elenyészőnek tűnik, nem időzöm sokat a negatív érzelmekkel. Átengedem magam neki, megértem, aztán pedig kitessékelem magamból gyorsan. Persze mindig van egy healing phase, de nem vagyok "offon", egyszerűen csak bebábozodóm.

Cho em xin một trải bài i

Cho những ai nhìn thấy 😂
Bạn đang handle quá nhiều thứ hoặc đang để tâm/ chịu trách nhiệm quá nhiều vấn đề hay công việc cùng một lúc và không có việc gì nó “ra hồn” hết. Về lâu dài (cũng không xa đâu) quá sức sẽ làm kiệt quệ đi một số năng lượng dẫn đến mất mát, vì sự không phân biệt đc đâu là việc hay ng quan trọng cần tập trung nên sẽ có vấn đề xảy ra. Sau đó cần nên vực dậy tinh thần, bạn cần tự nuôi dưỡng vết thương bên trong, kết nối với người mình cảm thấy thoải mái hoặc có năng lượng healing. Bạn sẽ lấy lại năng lượng bị mất và lúc đó hay sắp xếp lại hành trình của riêng mình 💛
Cho em xin một trải bài i

How can I find life happy if there's so much pain and suffering in this world?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
Try to focus on the good things and you will radiate positivity onto others. And they will do the same. Healing within oneself is healing of the all.
How can I find life happy if theres so much pain and suffering in this world

*uses the healing items @SkeletalRemnants gifted them to treat Reaper, he'll worry about the god's memory later*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
*Aw..**Reaper looks really relieved when Geno used the healing items on him, he was doing a lot better now, it was almost as if that battle with Chara never happened, almost..
He still had a scythe wound from Chara that would need to heal on it's own but other than that, he was alright now- can't say Geno won't still be in overprotective mama Geno mode xD - he's probably still freaked out over everything..he deserves a gift basket full of ketchup and Grillbys at this point-*
*Also..it's not the scythe that deals huge amounts of damage, it's the person behind the scythe, if you don't believe in the RT Gods, you can deal huge amounts of damage to them, Renrink said they're weakened against anyone who doesn't believe in them and apparently, Reaper can actually screw the Gods and himself over if he reaps any Souls that aren't on his reaping list- it actually weakens their powers if he decides to misbehave and reap anyone he just feels like reaping since he'd be taking out a good number of people that belive in the Gods..
There are monsters and humans in their multiverse that don't believe in them but the number of ones who do overpowers the ones that don't, so if Reaper decided to go crazy one day and destroy half the multiverse..it might be kiIIing a lot of people who happen to believe in them..
I did not know this until I looked at Renrinks blog posts..Renrink didn't add it in the comic yet but says she plans to and wants to show outside the blog posts how important it is for the Gods to have people who have faith in them, now that I think about it.. their AU is very complex and I can see why it hasn't been dragged into Underverse yet-*

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How do I get over my ex when I still see her every weekend (same friendgroup) and shes clearly moved on whereas I am still in love with her. We were together for 5 years and I spend every waking moment thinking about her and ways to get her back...

I’m going to be honest: under those circumstances, it's not healthy or helpful for the healing process to be in the same place as your ex. My best advice would be to focus on yourself for the time being, perhaps try out new hobbies or fill your time with things that interest you, and when you want to hang out with your friends, try doing so separately. So that means hanging out with your friends when your ex isn't there because you want to move on, right? Like, I know it’s not going to be easy for you, but if you want to move on, it’s best to keep on pushing forward and don’t look back, so good luck to you, friend 😇

Healing is so painful. It seems like your world has shattered. Nothing gets you excited anymore.

There are times where you spend years believing a particular thing that you later find out was a hoax. You can spend years thinking you love someone and then all of a sudden you find out k you never did, it was a false alarm inside your head. And the regret of lost time, emotion, energy and forgiveness is pretty great in itself, k you wasted such important sentiments on someone who was never even important to you. Someone who was just a concoction of your anxious brain that you were tricked into being with all these years. Healing from a failed relationship where things didn’t work out or where the future went bleak but love existed nonetheless is easier imo. You dont have to live with the regret of wasted time

Who’s your favorite X-Men character and why?

RealSteveButler’s Profile PhotoSteven Butler
It’d be a tie between 3 of them: Quicksilver, Wolverine and Nightcrawler. I like Quicksilver because he has super speed, I like Wolverine because he has his healing factor and can heal from just about anything, and I like Nightcrawler because he can teleport.

What's the best way to start a new relationship I've been single 2 years and in a bad relationship previously, which killed all confidence what's best way to start new if I'm lacking confidence

Honestly, stop thinking about being in a relationship. You need to work on you first, get happy with who you are, do the healing you need to do, before you get into a new relationship.
If you feel like you've done all that and just need to build your confidence back up, then I'd suggest going on a few dates with people from Bumble or Facebook Dating or something. Gives you a chance to get back into the dating scene without being too heavy on confidence.

Healing is so painful. It seems like your world has shattered. Nothing gets you excited anymore.

But trust me it's just a phase, it will pass. And once you are full healed the person that you will become that matters. Failures help us grow, they polish our personality, change the way of looking at the world. So chin up, try to keep yourself occupied with the stuff that provides you joy, put this negative energy into something positive and you will see the change in sometime. Give yourself some goals, aims and try to achieve them. 💫🌸

Healing is so painful. It seems like your world has shattered. Nothing gets you excited anymore.

ہر ایک مسکراہٹ مسکان نہیں ہوتی
نفرت ہو یا محبت آسان نہیں ہوتی
آنسو خوشی کے غم کے ہوتے ہیں ایک جیسے
ان آنسوؤں کی کوئی پہچان نہیں ہوتی۔۔

Well. You're right. Nutrition has a vital role to play with thr human biology. I started looking into it amid my fitness journey and was most surprised to see that one could almost regulate their entire body system via diet. I also learnt the importanfe of each macro in our diet. (1)

Part 2 of vitamins and minerals importance:
Minerals are vital substances for every living being to live a healthy life. They are like little warriors which help the body in regeneration and repair of cells, energy transmission, nerve signaling, strengthening muscle and bone, healing wounds, boosting immunity, and much more. Thousands of mechanisms in our body like performing day-to-day activities smoothly need the necessary amount of different minerals. But are we aware of which minerals are essential and how they play a crucial role in our body? And how can one take minerals via food instead of medicine?
Vitamins are continually consumed within the body and must be repleneished continually.
Vitamins are Organic Nutrient- Most of which are not made in the body and mainly obtained through food. Each of the vitamins have specific functions in the body, for example
Vitamin A: Essential for Healthy Eyes, Healthy Teeth, Skin and General Growth and Development. Natural source: Carrots and other Citrus Fruits– all of which get their hue from the carotene pigment.
Vitamins B: For Immune Function and Iron Absorption. Natural source: Whole grains, Potatoes, Bananas, Lentils etc
Folic acid – Vitamin B9: Helps in Preventing Birth Defects in Pregnancy. Natural source: Dark Leafy Greens, Asparagus, Broccoli, Citrus Fruits, Beans, Peas, Lentils, Seeds, Nuts, Cauliflower etc
Vitamin C: Give Skin its Elasticity, act as an Anti-Oxidant and helps in Iron Absorption. Source: Oranges, Guava, Red and Green Peppers, Kiwi, Grapefruits, Strawberries, Sprouts etc
Vitamin D: For Strong Healthy Bones. Natural Source: Spending out few Minutes in Sun, Eggs, Fish and Mushrooms.
Vitamin E: For Blood Circulation, and Protection from Free Radicals. Natural source: Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Tomatoes etc
Vitamin K: Helps in Blood Coagulation Natural source: Leafy Greens Vegetables, Sprouts, Broccoli, etc

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اتصرف ازاي مع شخص علاقتي انتهت بيه وبحاول اتكلم معاه تاني بس هو شخص قاسي اوي في كلامه وردود افعاله وزعله ومش بيلين؟

متتصرفيش ارجعي لنفسك
بصي هتكلم بصدر رحب بقا ف الموضوع ده عشان الناس نص مشاكلها بتبقى هنا
دلوقتي انتي علاقتك بيه إنتهت
بالنسبالي هقسم ال breaking up ل ٣ حاجات
1 realization
3 and healing /growing
١الريالايزيشن دي انتي هتحسي ان انتي بتفركشي بس انتي لحد دلوقتي مش مستوعبه يعني احنا دلوقتي مفركشين وخلاص وي ار نو لونجر توجيزر وبتاع بس ان يور هيد يو ستيل ديدينت بروسيس يور ستيل لايك اوكيه بس احنا لسه بنتكلم وممكن لسه هنرجع صحاب وبتاع واكيد ده مش هيغير حاجه ف ديناميك بيني وبينه وكذا وكذا وكذا، بس للي ف عقلي الباطن انتي عارفه انه هيبقى صعب اوي ولكن هتقرري انك هتحاربي وبتاع عشان تفضلو مع بعض و حاجه ف قمه التضحية وهو هيحارب عشان ترجعوا ع الاقل صحاب و وا وا وا بعد كده هيعدي بتاع شهر كده اند زين يو ويل ريالايز ذات يور اكشلي بريك اب وانتي والشخص ده مش هتبقوا مع بعض تاني وكده وهيبقى فيه حدود ومش عارفه ايه
٢ بقا البين او هتحسي بألم ووحده وكتله مشاعر مش متوافقة تجاه الشخص وبتاع والفترة دي مش هتبقى احسن حاجه بس اوعي تتصرفي فيها اي تصرف خالص غير انك تعيشها عشان تدخلي ع المرحله للي بعدها ف سلام
٣ الهيلينج والجروينج اب بقا ودي التحافه كلها هتبدأي تنسي وتشتغلي ع نفسك وشكلك يكبر وتعرفي قيمه نفسك وتحبيها وحرفيا المرحله دي انا بسميها(عايز ترجعي بعد م احلويت)
متأسفه ع الانجلش المعرب ده

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*Shadow chuckles, indicating the holes in his clothes left by attacks and the fully healed flesh beneath them* "I heal real quick, especially in a place like this, where the darkness is plentiful. Are all a y'all doing ok? I probably should have dealt with it faster so y'all didn't get squeezed"

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
/The taller skeleton was a bit relieved to see that Shadow was alright, he took the most damage out of everyone there currently, second place going to Allura with her wounds from Nightmare/ W-WOWIE-A-AHEM..I MEAN WOW! I HAD NO IDEA YOU HAD HEALING MAGIC LIKE THAT! MINE..ISN'T CAPABLE OF HEALING ANYONE ANYMORE..I'M GLAD YOUR OK EITHER WAY! I WAS ..A LITTLE WORRIED.. I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO STAND AGAINST FLOWEY LIKE THAT BUT WE SH-/Just as he were about to suggest going to help the others, he hears Shadow ask about his well being and..actually being concerned for everyone else as well? No, he didn't have time to think about that/

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When it stops hurting and your heart goes to beautiful self again, don’t you dare offer the healing to the same person who broke you.

Or to anyone else. Never waste your time on someone who will ask for your help but still ends up doing stupid things again.

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