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What if people are making fun of your feelings? I was in a relationship, and that man was not brave enough to stand for this relationship. But he is also not giving up. This behaviour is causing serious damage to my mental health. What should I do?

U need to back off.. the longer you stay in this, the more you are blocking your blessings and making things difficult for yourself and your loved ones!

What is something that has massively improved your mental health?

amro_hosni_’s Profile PhotoAmro
First, you have to not be angry and stressed.
Second, go outside to nature and do some exercises every day and eat healthy food always and reduce fast food.
Have enough sleep.
Learn something good to be successful in your life.
Talk to someone you love.

What's something you are grateful for? I try to tell myself 3 things everyday as life can fly by us. Humans forget to smell the roses and see the good around them when times are dark.

Ekoorbhope’s Profile PhotoBᵣₒₒₖₑ ₕₒₚₑ
U should be grateful cuz you 're reading my answer..just kidding 😂
If you 're reading my answer, it means I'm fortunate enough to have an internet connection.
If I 've an internet connection, it means I'm fortunate enough to have a mobile phone and WiFi.
If I 've unlimited WiFi, I'm fortunate enough to have a roof over my head ,so I'm luckier than those who 're sleeping on the road in the chilly winter season.
I'm fortunate enough to have a roof to live under so I have 3 square meals a day, I'm luckier than people who 're preparing to sleep Hungry.
If I've clothes wrapping my body, Congratulations! I'm more privileged than those people who are sleeping without blankets on the worst winter nights.
If I 've a mum ,dad and siblings to handle my worthless tantrums , I'm luckier than orphans.
If I've a Heart that is still beating and a good health, I'm fortunate enough to make it through 2023.
Even after having this much I ain't grateful ?? then it's shameful !

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as a health professional, i see alot of people who dont have money for investigations and treatment, and its even more saddening when you can not do anything about it

maazburn’s Profile PhotoMaaz Khan
I feel you man!
Every other person is depressed cuz of finances and then again they can't afford getting regular therapies or psychiatric medications .. Awaam jaye tou kidhar jaye?!

In your opinion what do you think is most important for stable mental health?

Getting out of your room and laughing with your friends.
Makeing yourself busy enough to stop your overthinking.
And do find someone to whom you can talk to about things you can't get your head away from.
(It took me more than a month to get used to it but trust me I will work.)
k bye 🏃🏽‍♀️

ما تقولوا معلومة مفيدة في اي حاجة ...

whatafterthis321’s Profile Photoاممممم
Exposure to natural light stimulates the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in regulating mood and promoting a sense of well-being.
Research suggests that regular engagement with nature improves attention span, memory retention, and problem-solving abilities.
Breathing in fresh air and soaking up natural sunlight contributes to vitamin D production, which is essential for bone health and immune system function.
Nature therapy often encourages social interaction and fosters a sense of community. Participating in group activities like guided nature walks, outdoor yoga sessions, or community gardening allows individuals to connect with like-minded people, share experiences, and build supportive relationships.
Nature can inspire awe, humility, and a sense of wonder, nurturing the spiritual aspect of self-care and promoting a greater sense of purpose and interconnectedness.

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I'm curious about something, how come there are certain folks who, in appearance, have everything one could wish for (money, beauty, health) yet they still seem to be very insecure and miserable?

Because you have no idea what is going on beneath the surface. You don't know that the person isn't struggling with mental health disorders, body dismorphia, invisible health problems, personal problems etc.

What is something that has massively improved your mental health?

amro_hosni_’s Profile PhotoAmro
Here's a few tips from a one who had a mental breakdown before
1st set your boundaries for anyone entering your life don't let them walk on your heart like it's a two way street
2nd don't let your heart take the wheel EVER think rationally with your mind in any situation
Know that you will lose people that way but its worth it you will gain yourself again
3th find a hobby or get a pet or do whatever makes you happy travel or gaming ...etc
Last but not least don't hold up your emotions for too long or whatever it be sadness. Happiness .. any emotions don't hold it up inside because if you do you will have a mental breakdown..

Hello) I'm fine, thank you. I wish you a wonderful time in Russia. I wish you good luck, health and wonderful emotions))

Rainbow_Line’s Profile PhotoFata Morgana
Thank you so much my dear friend, I wish the same for you. Your country is very very beautiful 🌹❤🇷🇺❤🌹May God protect you all.

What’s a charity that you like to support?

I always do the push-up challenge (women’s health) and Movember (men’s health) plus usually the homeless persons and animals welfare charity events.
I am starting a fund raiser for MS in July this year as well. 😇

I’ve been really struggling with my mental health recently. I need to make change and challenge myself, I’m considering studying a Level 3 Diploma online but I’m unsure what subject to choose. What course would you choose and why?

michaelallenesq4’s Profile PhotoMichael
Perhaps start with 'CAB'
They probs can't help , but will direct you to options . . .
Do you have contact with nhs mental health care ?
Or go direct to local college , start enquiries . . . . but with some form of case-worker ; you can have face to face , no-pressure discuss , to help also find suitable subjects to consider/investigate . . . .
You could ask your gp to refer , but stick to your guns that you want to do something positive & stimulating . But having someone to refer to if/when you encounter difficultiesalong the way . . . .
ALSO . . . . I'M SUGGESTING COMMUNITY COLLEGE (eg) , rather than isolating yourself further . I know how strong the longing to 'hide away' can be - but that won't help . INTERNET/online is generally so very bad for mental health . . . . resist isolation ; so long as it is with the right people - understanding . . .
Starting with CAB , I'd recommend starting with phoning national rather than local, particularly if your in a smaller town, eg .
They will research ideas & leads, and call you back - but the important thing is they will say to let them know if their recommendation(s) don't help and they will take it further . . .
https://citizensadvicessw.org.uk/ ~ "Contact Us
0808 278 7874
(All calls to our Advice line are free and impartial)"

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I’ve been really struggling with my mental health recently. I need to make change and challenge myself, I’m considering studying a Level 3 Diploma online but I’m unsure what subject to choose. What course would you choose and why?

michaelallenesq4’s Profile PhotoMichael
You ever thought with you suffering with mental health you like helping others in your situation like a course to do with like social care/ect mental health

https://ask.fm/misswinnquestions/answers/172500977473 - https://gifdb.com/images/high/tobey-maguire-saying-why-g6ld70r0b39tbig8.gif 🥴

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Well I have quite a lot on my plate right now. I’m just finishing school and applying to take my state board exam. Going full time at work again. Looking for esthetician jobs. My bf was in a wreck cause someone blew through a stop sign and totaled his car so he needs a new one. I’m tired of living with people. My sister has been seeing someone for 5 months and they are planning their wedding which he is nice but still makes me worry as her sister, my dads health has declined so fast my mom called me crying. I’m going to be with them on Friday for a few weeks but I live far. It’s just a lot. It’s really a lot. Soooo that’s all. I just needed to get that stuff off my chest lol I’m a very private person. Sorry it’s your question lmaooo

Happy birthday to a beautiful jamila inside and out 💗, wishing you year full of happiness, love, health, joy, peace and prosperity💖💖 enjoy your day<3💕💘💘

lamiaakhalf000’s Profile PhotoCIELO
Thank you so much sweetie 😭😭💞💞💞💞💞 You’re one of those special people to me here even if we don’t talk a lot 💞💞 Wishing you all the best too hun 💞💞💞💞💞

Out of curiosity, see the water from the shower, is it okay to drink? Or is it more sensible to drink it from the kitchen sink?

hannahbethritchie’s Profile PhotoHannah Beth Ritchie
Not the best idea . . . .
There are many modes of operation & sources of water ; even if it is directly mains fed water. instant heat . . . . . the temperatures that you can tolerate , there is a risk of nasty pathogens being stimulated to lethal levels & potency .
But the risk is likely most remote with mains-instant , especially with Scottish water . . .
Privatised English water suppliers , in some areas especially , are ticking time-bombs for health disaster .
The shower below may have lots of diseases ~ dengue , cholera, typhoid, and bilharzia.
berry-berry , malaria . . . .
Out of curiosity see the water from the shower is it okay to drink Or is it more

If u feel unstable mentally will u go seek a therapist?

meemoosj’s Profile Photomary...
Yeah there's no shame in it. First you can share what's bothering you with someone you trust the most like any close friend of family member. If that doesn't work and you feel the same then surely you can go to a therapist. When I went through mental health issues and there was constant severe headache and fatigue day and night I visited neurophysician. It made me feel better so yeah never hesitate in seeking help.

সারা রাত জেগে থাকলে চোখের কি সমস্যা হবে?

mdshabbirahmod’s Profile PhotoSabbir Ahmod
Staying awake through the night takes a toll on physical health. Fatigue and low energy levels are more frequent when the body's muscles and organs don't have time to recover during sleep. Impaired physical capabilities have been evident in research that found worsened performance among endurance athletes.

Klo boleh nanya cinta kamu abis ke siapa si ? Padahal sama aku 5 tahun ko masih tega nyelingkuhin aku

Abis di orang terlama dan berakhir sia" wkwk. Gue juga putus di 5thn hubungan tp hubungan gue kandas bukan karena perselingkuhan atau terang"an adanya org ke-3 (maybe??) tp kalo flirt ke lawan jenis ya ada tp bukan selingkuh yg extreme gitu loh *BUKAN GUE YA* tapi itu jg termasuk selingkuh gaksih?? Agak tolol bedainnya emang.
Dan gue bukan type org yg suka memulai semuanya duluan, i will take my turn after u (agak pendendam emg).
Walaupun gue jg bukan orang yg lurus" aja dlm hubungan, tp gue selalu berusaha untuk mempertahankan. Im a lover not a fighter but i will fight for wht i love, even pasangan gue ngelakuin salah yg berulang bahkan sampe dititik gue merasa tidak dihargai dan dia tidak merasa bersyukur memiliki gue, gue akan ttp berusaha ajak dia duduk dan bahas permasalahannya supaya menemukan way outnya (walaupun sbnrnya dia lebih sering gamau bahas dan ga prnh tuntas)
Dulu jg gue sempet kepikiran sayang hubungannya kalo diputusin dan bukan waktu yg sebentar juga tp gue juga mikirin my mental health semakin dipertahanin semakin cape dan nyiksa keadaan juga.
Ya walaupun butuh proses panjang buat gue memutuskan hal itu, tp stlh putus gue jadi semakin sadar untuk mencapai hubungan yg stabil itu butuh komunikasi yg baik antar 2 arah kalo cuma 1 yang berusaha jatuhnya mandeg, sm kyk hubungan gue sebelumnya. Dan gue jg semakin yakin kalo kita gabisa maksain atau ubah seseorang jadi seperti apa yg kita mau, krn dorongan dari pasangan guenya juga gada perubahan makanya gue memutuskan untuk ganti orang baru :)
*kok curhat ya btw* wkwk

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Potraficie oszczedzac pieniadze?? 💸💳

aniamisiaa245’s Profile PhotoAnia Stefaniak
Can you save money?
I can save money. I don't save money on health. If I buy something to eat, then I try to buy healthy food, and such food is expensive
Potrafię zaoszczędzić pieniądze. Nie oszczędzam na zdrowiu. Jeśli kupuję coś do jedzenia, to staram się kupować zdrową żywność, a taka żywność jest droga

It seems like 100% of people on askfm fit one or more of these categories: a) at least 1 mental health disorder b) history of childhood or early 20s trauma c) education less than a college degree or trade certificate. Are you an exception?

I guess not, no. These things are rather common in life though, and in relation to the first two; I don’t think anyone truly escapes childhood and early adulthood scot-free, so to speak.

What's something you wish people knew more about when it comes to mental health?

That it’s not always visible, and that some folk prefer to keep their true emotions and feelings under wraps, for fear of judgement. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to pretend that everything is perfect lately, with knowing that so many folk are waiting for me to finally slip up and fail. Pretending that I don’t notice and increasingly becoming more depressed (whilst maintaining a happy demeanour at work) is becoming exhausting, aha.
Sorry aha, I’m just ranting really, because I’ve been acting as a manager for the last few months with no training, so it’s getting a bit much 😅

Can't write negative words here properly. How am I supposed to spread negativity then???

muzzaf999’s Profile PhotoMicro.7
It is always recommended to focus on positive and constructive communication, even when discussing difficult or challenging topics. If you are struggling with negative thoughts or emotions, it may be helpful to seek support from a trusted friend or mental health professional.

Is it red flag if you the man you were hypothetically married to hides his relationship status on Facebook or don’t wear his ring in public?

Not posting it on Facebook would not necessarily be a red flag, cos some people are more private on their social media. If you had that showing but then he suddenly hid or removed it? That’s different. 🚩 As for the wedding ring, why is he taking it off in public unless his job requires it (health and safety/gets his hands dirty a lot) unless he is trying to appear available to other women? If he has always worn it and suddenly has stopped? 🚩If he has hidden the status and got rid of the ring at a similar time? 🚩

Share an unpopular opinion you have!✨

I can share a common unpopular opinion among some people which is that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have a negative impact on mental health and wellbeing. While social media can be a useful tool forcommunication and networking, excessive use of these platforms can lead to feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression.While not everyone may agree with this view, it is a common opinion that has gained more attention in recent years.

اعلمي يا أمي أن عيد الأم بالنسبة لي هو كل يوم، طيب الله أيامكِ بالخير والصحة والعافية. Know, my mother, that Mother's Day for me is every day, may God bless your days with good health and wellness

اما عن امي فكل الايام والعمر لها، فلا اقتباس ينصفها ولا نص يكفي لوصفها، هي الخير والفضل هي الحياة لي، هي الكل، طاب بك العمر يا سيدة النساء🖤✨

What do you like about where you live?

SlimMan’s Profile PhotoBill Walker
I live in a town, but in a residential area with lots of greenery. I live right next to two fields and a pond. It's great for my mental health. I love when the weather is warmer, and I can just go for a nice walk in the woods. It's literally a minute walk from my house. The area I live in certainly has its downsides, but seeing the view makes it worth it!
What do you like about where you live

I think people should go back to book reading and story telling phase. Social media of today has become complex, boring and limited by the latest algorithms. Your thoughts?

Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
In actuality the limelight on social media attracts ppl in a way that everyone wants to be a part of it,ppl are getting intensely involved in different social platforms just for getting fake fame no matter what they are actually going through in their life which results in more depression ,anxiety....thts the only reason ppl have 0 interests in books,novels and good activities....bcz limelight is more important thn good health for all of us...we cant do anything bcz we all are stuck with this sad fact😊

Does a person's appearance imply how happy they are?

My brother once said when you don’t have discipline in your life, it shows, in your dressing, your health, and how you talk and conduct yourself. So that’s what I’ll go with, happiness is a big part of it but discipline is what shapes it all.

(pet owners) Do you think your pet has helped keep your mental health in check?

daveb2186’s Profile PhotoDynamarmite
YES . /. . .
But don't forget , 'pets' were not created by GOD , ie , they did not naturally evolve ;
~ they were selectively bred . . . . created by us , Homo Sapiens . . . . we have a divine duty to CARE for them .
They are our people .
A shrink once told me to 'get another dog'
I told her to fukkov , I said , "get ye hence, satan , for thou art not worthy to exist"
*my dog ~ rest as you wish xxxxx*
pet owners Do you think your pet has helped keep your mental health in check

10 wise life tips you want to share

xoseph0112575’s Profile PhotoEquesTemplar ⚔️
1. Your health is the most important thing in your world.
2. You find purpose by giving, helping, and listening. You find purpose through service.
3. It’s fine to take but make sure you give more.
4. It’s fine to talk but make sure you listen more.
5. Be kind. We are all in this together. That’s how we build humanity.
6. The best relationships are the ones where people don’t count. They give because they love.
7. Don't be afraid of being afraid
8. Listen to learn. Learn how to listen. You can't learn anything when you're talking
9. Life's good, but it's not fair. The delusion that life's supposed to be fair is the source of much unhappiness.
10. Believe in yourself. The way you see yourself is the way you will treat yourself, and the way you treat yourself is what you become.
these are just some of my opinions

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Do you think health forums can be toxic? I understand some people want advice and to talk to people with similar symptoms, but they shouldn't substitute doctors. Like real doctors. I personally know someone who had a panic attack bc they read on a forum that their pain is a symptom of cancer lmao

I search up a lot about health issues on the internet, but none of the results ever led me to have a (near) panic attack. 😅
I suggest people only search up things about health issues if they really know what they’re feeling and what it looks like. This so they don’t wind up with the wrong kinds of ‘possibles’. And I also suggest that you don’t search up things unless you know not to see the worst in everything or believe in the worst outcome. This to protect yourself for being anxious over something that was/is very minor.
If you ever have any doubts, just see your doctor.

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