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I try leaving haram things but why i always come back to it

Jab koi insan 5 waqt namaz parhta hai, tab woh poora din wazu main rehta hai. Or jab insan wazu main houta hai uska koi haram kaam krnay ka dil nahin krta songs sunnay ka bhi nhin. I suggest you to offer all 5 prayers. And recite durood e pak. 😄 it will definitely help.

Why do you always go after someone who doesn't want you and then cry on social media? 🌚

saadniazi61’s Profile PhotoSAAD.
I feel sad for people who do this really..they find social media as a thing to make them get rid of their pressure or negative energy, maybe they find someone on social media to help them in something or to listen.. i feel they're in a situation like illness makes them unable to heal .. like they want to get rid of this illness but they can't or don't have the courage to move on.. even when i get anonymous questions about relationship problems, i feel so sad for people who ask like " how can i make this person likes me, how can i move on, how can i forget who hurt me.....etc " these questions make me want to scream and say " don't be stupid please u deserve better!if u don't find who appreciates u then u better stay alone and enjoy your solitude ! .. being alone is much better than being lonely with someone else..

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Share a life hack that worked out for you!

AthenusVena’s Profile Photoav
Avoid them If they have these 08 habits
They only contact you when they need something.
When you try to talk to them about a problem, they interrupt you and start talking about their problems.
They never say thank you for your help but get angry if you cannot assist them.
They only spend time with you when they have no other options.
They cancel plans with you if something better comes along.
They love to talk about everyone and it is never in a good way.
They never admit they are wrong, take responsibility for their actions or accept any form of constructive criticism.
They always blame everyone else and think they are a good person who tried to help everyone.
Share a life hack that worked out for you

Looks like my time is up … I will probably never see you again. I wish so I can get your #

Your time has been up a long time ago… I think it’s best if we both find someone else that can help us grow and make us happy rather than holding onto the thought of being together, knowing it’s most likely never going to happen at this point and it looks like we don’t stand much of a chance due to our different core beliefs/values.

I need to lower a girls self esteem in order for her to date me because I’m not attractive and I have a huge ego

I see. That strategy will fail in spectacular fashion. 👍 Exude confidence and don't worry about your horrid appearance. As far as your ego is concerned, I can't help you...
I need to lower a girls self esteem in order for her to date me because Im not

Can exes be friends?

It's possible for them to be friends following a breakup 👍
It just depends on the individuals involved and the circumstances of the breakup 👀
Factors such as mutual respect, clear communication and a healthy emotional distance can help exes maintain being friends with each other 😌
But if the breakup was particularly painful or there's any unresolved feelings, it may not be easy to establish a genuine friendship 🥴
Can exes be friends

Anyone here? Help me out... I tried learning arabic but couldn't learn... I think speaking with someone is much better than learning.

No I'm not here 😂
How you try ?? Maybe your way is wrong 😅 before speak with someone with foreign language you should know the basics of this language
you can start learning this basics by self education 😅

Can anyone teach me english?

Some guys here have impressive English skills. It'd be awesome if they could help you out,I also learn a lot from their answers I wish I could tag them but the issue is their stubborn attitudes that's why I also keep myself distant from them wrna is se kafi help mil jati khair here you can learn easily from reading people's answers.

Can a man and a woman only be friends?

That's the only type of relationship I have. Until the day Alicia gets divorced and begs me to marry her and adopt her kid. Yeah, because that will probably happen. Damn, I don't know how to get her attention. Yesterday, I came up with the idea of crashing a fucking wheelchair in front of her feet on the red carpet and acting like a retard. Maybe she would help me up and give me a big, warm hug. But then I realised that shit probably gives bad karma, and if I end up like a fucking vegetable, she probably never wants to marry me.
Nah, I think I have to regroup and rethink this shit.

what happans when you block user in ask..can he see you q's or asking you questions or likes your q's ....Any HELP!!

تقريبًا الحاجة الوحيدة اللي بيتمنع منها أنه يقدر يبعتلك سؤال.. غير كدا عادي :")
أبلكيشن سيء في الموضوع دا الحقيقة.

⠀⁎⠀♰⠀⠀tell⠀me ,⠀p͟r͟e͟d͟i͟c͟a͟t͟o͟r͟e͟ .⠀is⠀there⠀any⠀hope⠀left⠀for⠀us⠀wicked⠀?

Patto__Di__Sangue’s Profile Photo⊰⠀A M O ℕ E⠀⊱ .⠀♰
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀there is always hope⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⁄ ⁄ ⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀❯❯❯⠀✞ ⁞⠀Fᵉᵃʳ ᶤˢ ᵈᵉᶠᶤᶰᵉᵈ ᵃˢ ᵃ ᶠᵉᵉˡᶤᶰᵍ ᵒᶠ ᵃᵍᶤᵗᵃᵗᶤᵒᶰ
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ᵃᶰᵈ ᵃᶰˣᶤᵉᵗʸ ᶜᵃᵘˢᵉᵈ ᵇʸ ᵗʰᵉ⠀ᵖʳᵉˢᵉᶰᶜᵉ ᵒʳ ᵉᵐᶤᶰᵉᶰᶜᵉ ᵒᶠ
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ᵈᵃᶰᵍᵉʳ.⠀ ᵂʰᵉᵗʰᵉʳ⠀ᶤᵗ’ˢ ᵃ ᵍʰᵒˢᵗ, ᵃ ˢᵖᶤʳᶤᵗ, ᵒʳ ᵃᶰ ᵉᶰᵗᶤᵗʸ
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ᵗʰᵉʸ ⠀⠀ ᵃˡˡ⠀⠀⠀ꜰ⠀⠀ᴇ⠀⠀ᴇ⠀⠀ᴅ⠀⠀⠀ᵒᶰ⠀⠀⠀ᶤᵗ
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ヽ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ how can we help you?
tellme predicatore isthereanyhopeleftforuswicked

Byliście kiedyś obiektem czyjejś obsesji?

raz sobie na luzie śmieszkowałam z jednym askowiczem, a przecież do tego ten portal jest przeznaczony. jakaś lampucera najpierw zaczęła na mnie warczeć z anonima (dosłownie, pod rozmowami pojawiało się "wrrr" xd), potem ujawniła się z pytaniem czy może mnie stąd przepłoszyć, a następnie przez kilka dni dostawałam 'pytania' o to, czy lubię kręcić z zajętymi facetami
gościu zamiast sam coś z tym zrobić, to pisał do mnie prywatnie "help xd"
jakby... chyba nie muszę już powtarzać, że jest mi tęczowo, nie? z robakami to na ryby, nie do mnie 🌈

What would you do if someone within the online circle has access to your privacy? Are they worth giving a chance or deserve painful punishment?

It depends on intentions and circumstances.
If it's an ill intent to scam (financially, emotionally, physically etc), leave the perpetrator to the authorities to manage.
If it's an obsessibe and posessibe intent (cyberstalking etc), there's a psychological aspect that may serbe as a redeemable trait, provided that the right help is sought out for the perpetrator.
Nonetheless, the victim has to take on a part of the responsibility in ensuring that his/her privacy is well-secured and up-to-date in order to prevent future exploitation.

Define “Man” as in your opinion !? ☠️🥀

salmanleo’s Profile PhotoSalman Shaykh
Hazrat Ali(RA) Was So Strong, that He Lifted and handled a 900 kg Giant door alone, while fasting in Ramadan...
Yet, When Hazrat Fatima Zehra Passed Away, He Said: "Help Me Carry Her."

What would you do if you won 1000 GBP ( or your countries currency) a week for the rest of your life?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
I’d probably be able to actually breathe for once, and sleep without anxiety! I’d still work as normal, but the extra money would be such a godsend to help my family and anyone else who’d need it/I’d like to donate it to! :)

Do you agree with the opinion if a country’s history and past generations committed or supported heinous/inhumane crimes on other countries that the current generations should be made accountable? (Or at least acknowledge it?)

These are 2 separate questions. I think it is good to acknowledge the sins of the past, to learn and grow from it and help make sure those things are never repeated. But I don't believe in a person being held accountable for the sins of their father. We each are accountable for our own actions, nothing more nothing less.

What are the low back pain treatments?

When your back is hurting, using something warm like a heating pad or a warm towel can make it feel better. Heat helps to relax the muscles in your back, improve blood flow, and reduce pain. Just make sure the heat is not too hot, so you don't burn yourself. You can apply the warm pad or towel for about 15 to 20 minutes at a time. It's like giving your back a cozy, soothing hug.Or
Instead of heat, you can also use something cold like a cold pack or ice wrapped in a cloth to help with your back pain. Cold therapy can numb the area, reduce swelling, and provide relief. It's especially helpful for when you have recently hurt your back. To use cold therapy, simply apply the cold pack or ice on your back for about 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Just be careful not to apply the cold pack directly on your skin to avoid frostbite
Remember, everyone's body is different, so you might find that heat or cold works better for you. If one method doesn't give you relief, you can try the other. And if you're not sure which one to try or how to use them safely, it's always a good idea to talk to a healthcare professional for guidance.☺️

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do you think it's wrong of parents to help me financially at 27? i do have a job but i don't make enough to live comfortably so they help me. they pay my rent and bills and other basic needs. i pay for things that aren't basic needs such as clothes, makeup, trips, concerts etc.

Clothes and the odd bit of make up okay but while your parents are paying your rent and bills your going on trips and concerts

Tips on how to un-love somebody?

maryambaig19’s Profile PhotoM A R Y A M Z A F A R
Look at him,
not how the brain wants you to see, but with your wide open eyes to see reality.
1- look for what are his qualities, try to make sure you are not taking help with your infected heart / brain.
2- look at yourself, your sacrifices, your pain, your efforts.
3- calculate, if the wounds and damage given by him/her are worth taking.
4- ask yourself about taking decisions like, keep loving to set aside.
5- don't blame them for hurting you, blame yourself for not being capable to read humans.
6- don't hate them for leaving you, know there is someone more deserving to have you.
7- delete every memory with them each one of it, don't stalk, don't look back,
8- don't rush into a relationship just because you are sad, try to take control over yourself.
9- try to give up on emotions like anger and hate for them, it will take time may be a decade but stay strong.
10- if live at a turn put you infornt of them, don't cry like a baby, or avoid contact, be confident, confront them. Like nothing happened.
There is no going back, no looking back, no just friends forever shit, no brother and sisters, no energy to be their enemy, nothing.
Relax it's just a phase and it will pass! 🕊️

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What 3 facts about you would you say sun you up best, or would be important for people to get to know you?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I don't know, I guess the most important and the things they should probably know is I'm not a normal as they seem to think and I'm not..I need extra help with things. I have a brain injury and it's going to affect me my whole life, it Has affected me my whole life yes I'm not completely stupid but it's still there. anyway I guess I just need help with things that other people would find really easy and we do all have our strengths and weaknesses in different things but yeah, it sucks. Its like one part of my brain is normal but then the other side is dumb as shit or just doesn't work correctly, apparently im the only person in the world that has what I have, or only woman I'm not sure
I suck at communicating with people and have my whole life, it's nothing personal to whoever actually wants to talk to me I just have difficulty with it in general but I'm grateful for the friends I've made and that continue to stick around, I don't know why I'm not that great at it. I guess I'm just used to it cause I've been alone in general for most of my life. I don't know
Um...I don't know, I'm just different

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SERIOUS HELP! August me fee pay krni ha. Plz muje koi authentic online job ka batae bcz I've tried freelancing and n tutoring but it didn't work out. these take time and i don't have much time. Plz help krdo koi. Total amount needed 60k. Abu ki bhi job nhi rhi. Plz koi quick solution bata do. 🙏

You can apply for financial aid programs in your university. I'm sure you will get it if you're fulfilling requirements/criteria.

Do you think... Chivalry is dead?! 😱😓🥀 If so, why do you think that and what could society change/do better? If not, what things/behaviors show that it isn't? 😊

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
I’m not sure how to define chivalry, but let’s say you’re on public transportation and a pregnant woman or elderly person gets on looking for a seat, which are all filled. I have seen both men and women stand and offer their seats. Same with holding doors, both genders do it. It’s really just manners, isn’t it?
Now, the odd occasion when let’s say a woman gets a flat tire by the side of the road. Will a man stop to help her change it? This type of chivalry is in direct proportion to how she looks. If she’s young and attractive, she will have quick offers to help. If she is very elderly, she might also have a pretty good chance. If she’s middle aged, overweight, rough around the edges? Better have Triple A lol
I was trying to think of times I have helped strange men, and it’s always been at the grocery store when they can’t find something. It’s just good to be polite and helpful humans, no matter what gender you are. Within reason, and with personal safety in mind.

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How do you view failure?

•I view failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. While it can be difficult and discouraging to experience failure, I believe that it’s an important part of the process of achieving our goals and becoming the best version of ourselves. When we fail, we have the chance to reflect on what went wrong, identify areas for improvement, and develop new strategies for success. Failure can also help us build resilience and perseverance, as we learn to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward. Ultimately, I believe that failure isn’t something to be feared or avoided, but rather embraced as a natural and necessary part of the journey to success. 🍁

Hey boys! Ive a question, a serious one! I met this guy a year ago and now we are in love. I want to gift him smth can you guys just help me w that? I mean what should i give to him. If its perfumes or watches then what cologne and watch particularly? Assist me please

Gravity by bovlix and Faras al adham, seriously, don't miss the chance to make your man’s special day more special by giving this unique designer fragrances. 🖤
Ask me for product link.

my English teacher gave her breaks up to help kids with there schoolwork wit was fine but had a couple of embarrassing moments

lisaportman1506’s Profile Photolisa.portman
That's very good of her, you have bigger ramifications as a teacher than you think.
Small things make a big difference.
I work at a state school, it's a bit rough with fights and the like.
I walked a student home one day, he had a group wanting to beat him up. It's really hard some days.

Drop your best piece of writing, English or urdu either way or it can be a meaningful line or two

Your Dreamland is a fiction, you can't base your reality on a fiction. It will only make your reality harsher for you. But if you base your fiction on your reality, that will help you contemplate your reality a little bit better a little bit easier.
(Not the best, but it is all I could think of or remember at the moment)

What do u do when you feel so stuck, you are demotivated and can't get out of the phase. Super stressed out of nowhere. The head feels so burdened

Just believe in yourself and request Allah for His help. He won't burden any heart with the weight one can't bear. So, if hardships are from Him, He would make you relieved soon. ❤

Perks of being your friend

I just wanted to share some of the reasons why I think it's great to be friends with me. I'm a loyal and caring person who always tries to be there for my friends, I'm a good listener and I love having deep conversations, and I'm always up for trying new things and having fun. If you're looking for a friend who will support you, make you laugh, and help you make the most of life, I'm your girl!🌻

I’ve been really struggling with my mental health recently. I need to make change and challenge myself, I’m considering studying a Level 3 Diploma online but I’m unsure what subject to choose. What course would you choose and why?

michaelallenesq4’s Profile PhotoMichael
Perhaps start with 'CAB'
They probs can't help , but will direct you to options . . .
Do you have contact with nhs mental health care ?
Or go direct to local college , start enquiries . . . . but with some form of case-worker ; you can have face to face , no-pressure discuss , to help also find suitable subjects to consider/investigate . . . .
You could ask your gp to refer , but stick to your guns that you want to do something positive & stimulating . But having someone to refer to if/when you encounter difficultiesalong the way . . . .
ALSO . . . . I'M SUGGESTING COMMUNITY COLLEGE (eg) , rather than isolating yourself further . I know how strong the longing to 'hide away' can be - but that won't help . INTERNET/online is generally so very bad for mental health . . . . resist isolation ; so long as it is with the right people - understanding . . .
Starting with CAB , I'd recommend starting with phoning national rather than local, particularly if your in a smaller town, eg .
They will research ideas & leads, and call you back - but the important thing is they will say to let them know if their recommendation(s) don't help and they will take it further . . .
https://citizensadvicessw.org.uk/ ~ "Contact Us
0808 278 7874
(All calls to our Advice line are free and impartial)"

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Doctors and hospital is useless 🤦‍♀️ any tips to help my 7 month old with chickenpox?

GeorginaKeemcook’s Profile PhotoGeorgina
Yes so called 'medical professionals' are very stupid. They are just very efficient parrots . And that is an insult to a parrot.
You occasionally may come across a good doc.
Offer your little one extra fluids to avoid dehydration. Use cooling creams or gels on the rash to soothe the itching. Dress your baby in loose, cotton clothes to keep their skin cool which will help with the itching. Bath your baby in tepid water and gently pat their skin dry.
ALSO, important:
Drink plenty of fluid (try ice lollies if your child is not drinking) to avoid dehydration.
Give appropriate infant paracetamol; eg infant (6 month plus) 'calpol' to help with pain and discomfort.
Clip your child's fingernails and put mittens or socks on their hands at night to stop them scratching.
Use cooling creams or gels from a pharmacy.
THE GOOD NEWS CAN BE ; if you catch chicken pox as an infant it can give you resistance against the adult version (SHINGLES) . .. much more serious
Later in life, the virus can reactivate and cause shingles.
PLEASE DO get advice from your pharmacist , , , eg at 'BOOTS' ~ they even have consulting room ~ just ask for pharmacist advice . . . .

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نفسى افهم ليه الشباب كلها بتبقى حاطه عينها ع قرايبها البنات

nadatorky93’s Profile PhotoNada Gaber
nadatorky93's QUESTION:
Nada Gaber:
"""I wish to understand why all the young men keep their eyes on their female relatives"""
I shall sincerely attempt to help you understand, as requested by yourself . . .
~ They desire Pork.
They want to be 'makin bacon'
They are afraid that other men will be 'makin bacon' ~ in their small micro-brains . . . .
Why do you ask, if you please? ?
نفسى افهم ليه الشباب كلها بتبقى حاطه عينها ع قرايبها البنات

What is your favourite way to relax and chill out? 😌 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
My go-to way is to write. I can spend hours writing, especially on day/nights when I’m just having an overflow of emotion, thoughts, etc. It is so calming for me to just let everything out that I need to, and actually, if I write at night, it helps me sleep better. This way, I’m not going to bed with my mind racing. And honestly? It can help me after I wake up too, if I wake up anxious. It frees me of that weight I’d otherwise be carrying with me all day. 😄
What is your favourite way to relax and chill out

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