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﹅⠀ʟᴠᴄɪꜰ⠀︰⠀♡﹒❛ ʰ ᵒᶰ ᵉ ˢ ᵗ ˡ ʸ⠀ˢ ᵘ ᵐ ᵐ ᵉ ʳ ☀️ ‣Czy kiedykolwiek było odwrotnie i to Cajuna obrabowano?

REVERIE__ARCANE’s Profile Photo♡﹒lvcif
♤ Widząc to pytanie, przypomniały mi się słowa, które Rem skierował kiedyś do Rogue:
─ Look at dis here. I be de thief, chere... and dere you go off stealin' my heart.
Oczywiście nie była to ani pierwsza, ani też nie ostatnia przedstawicielka płci pięknej, która się takiej swoistej kradzieży dopuściła, bo ważnych dla Gambita kobiet było co najmniej kilka.
Tak więc myślę, że można dać tu odpowiedź twierdzącą.
ʟᴠᴄɪꜰ ʰ ᵒᶰ ᵉ ˢ ᵗ ˡ ʸˢ ᵘ ᵐ ᵐ ᵉ ʳ  Czy kiedykolwiek było odwrotnie i to Cajuna

One of the reasons I am asking is because you’re also from the old times of ask, 7-8 years ago waala time, only a few people are left from that time here. So I was just wondering if it’s possible to get to know you better

You can get along with new people as well. this oldie doesn’t have enough energy anymore to handle new friendships.

Any of you doing anything special this weekend?

fifteenandstronk9’s Profile PhotoStronk
No but next weekend, we were invited to tag along with another family friend to go to an amusement park but my grandparents might come by then so we aren’t sure if we’ll go or not. My parents think it would be harder to go if they arrive here and I heard my uncle’s family were also coming so the house might be a little crowded.

Have you ever had a lot of money? What did you spend them on?

I am about to get a “huge” heritage of 5 million euros from a dying lady in Nigeria. It has been a bumpy road, but I can almost taste them now. So close.
First, I had to pay my lawyer for his trip here. Unfortunately, the authorities arrested him at the airport for attempting to launder money, so I had to bribe them.
After that, when he got out of prison, he got kidnapped. So I had to save his ass once again. Poor guy. Lawyer Saul Goodman, the guy from “Breaking Bad,” for god’s sake. I love that series.
But those kidnappers were the nicest people you could find. They told me I could keep the bag with the 5 million euros if I only paid them a few thousand euros for a new AC. Their hostages had been complaining about the dry air there. The bargain of my fucking life. They told me they knew how it was to live without money. You know you are poor when people in fucking Africa want to give you money. A big fucking shout-out to them. If you want to be kidnapped, contact those guys.
Anyway. When they released Mr. Goodman, he had to go to the hospital after suffering from a heart attack. Yeah, I cried too. I asked his doctor if there was anything I could do, and he told me that there was, actually.
They had to bring in an experienced cardiologist from abroad, so it cost extra to get him there. Otherwise, there was an 80% chance that Mr. Goodman could die.
Well, so I paid for his salary and flight. And since he hated to fly, I paid extra for a first-class ticket. It was a serious surgery, so the doctor couldn’t stress enough how important it was that this guy felt relaxed. Luckily, this doctor knew of a magnificent hotel. Like the doctor asked me:
“What is money compared to the inner peace of saving someone’s life?”
Shout out to Dr. Frankenstein's monster as well. I’m sorry. Dr. Frankenstein's cousin. I thought he said, “Dr. Frankenstein,” but only an idiot would have believed that. Didn’t Dracula kill him a long time ago? No offense to stupid people, but I feel sorry for you.
Now, he is on vacation—it’s a doctor’s order. I have paid for a few relaxing weeks on the Samoan Islands, and whenever he feels cured, he will deliver my money.
All this cost me a shitload of money, so I had to sell my house. But since I don’t own a house, I sold my friends' house. Oh, boy, they will be in for a surprise when they return from vacation. They think I’m watering their flowers. I did. Until I sent them to the hospital in Nigeria with a “get well soon” card for Mr. Goodman. There is no need to panic. I will repurchase it when he arrives here with my money.
Before publishing this, I got a message from Mr. Goodman: Unfortunately, he and his luggage went on different flights.
But coincidentally, he lives at the same hotel as Ace Ventura’s older brother, Big Case Ventura, and his son, Trace Ventura. I must leave because I need to pay for their flight to Paris.
Thankfully, I will get all the money back again when they sue the airport.

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Have you ever had a lot of money What did you spend them on

Okay, If a witch transformed me into a 1000$ pair of shoes and delivered me to your doorstep, would you spend all your time and money to turn me back into a human, what Would you do? 😆..

Expensive shoes ain't my cup of tea sorry. You wouldn’t be coming back. Rest assured tho ur sacrifice would mean new shoes for the homeless so you wouldn't have di.ed in vain. Just think of all the dirty and smelly feet being shoved into u, day and night until you were worn out and thrown away. That’s a far better use of ur carcass than ur current hobby of thinking up stu.pid shitposts here 😁

Do you own many shoes? Footsies? Can we do a foot comparison? Are you ticklish? Are you open minded? Do you shoe shop often? :L:L

Open minded, yes. However, that does not mean I am willing to indulge f*tish questions. That's not what I'm here for. I also don't appreciate being spammed. Over the last hour you have sent me multiple messages saying the same thing, over and over.
Now, I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt since you have sent me a couple of genuine questions in the past (and a few earlier today which I will get round to answering). But I am going to make my boundaries very clear to you, right now:
If you continue to spam me with multiple "hi/hey/hello" messages, or if you send me anything related to feet or shoes or tickling-- then I won't reply, I will just block you.
I hope we have an understanding. 😊

Yar Pakistan main koi insan kuch bhi seeekhna kyun nhi kuch chahta. Har insan ustad bana hova he Kia Waja Guys?

Our people feel entitled when we are the worst performing countries in the world. We have to come out of this egoistic bubble, humble before you stumble. Just because we have cash, cars, homes, businesses, beauty doesn’t mean we should flaunt about it and consider others as lesser humans. Every person here is worshiping their “self-created” internal God instead of trusting Allah.
Are we integrable people?
Are we accountable of our actions?
Do we own any responsibility?
Are we fair with others?
We never will be because we are worshipping our desires.
Boutt parasti say nikal aiyn haan loog lakin nafs parasti may parr gaiy ha, Khuda bhi kehta hoga kitna na shukra ha yay shaqs.
Think about it, western are not better because they are liberal and always talk about rights, they are better because they are credibility and integrity societies. Yes, they do have societal flaws too such as immorality but our society has adopted their worst(because it makes it makes you modern) and ignored what they are doing best.

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When does seasonal depression occur for you?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Mid August especially if i didn't fulfil my summer schedule. Students here go back to school in September so i'm sure seasonal depression hits some students in August as well
Liked by: Kasumi Lottie Merve

There's a cute shy person here on ask I've had the biggest crush on .... I don't want to confess (n I can't cuz I'm a phattu) n I'll loose the zra si friendship we have .... But I like him from more than a year now .... Is it normal

If the friendship is more important to you than your other feelings then you should just crush that crush and keep on being friends with them,IMO!

I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer I hate summer

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What’s your primary use of this app? [Examples: venting, socializing, journaling, entertainment, etc.]

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I've been here on this app for years now. I often take breaks, but my close friends are here. Some of them have my phone number, while others have my Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and Viber. We all have mutual respect for each other, and our conversations are generally on general topics. I wish them all the best.

What’s your primary use of this app? [Examples: venting, socializing, journaling, entertainment, etc.]

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I registered here a long time ago to communicate, find new friends, but at first I kept a blog as a personal diary, but without details about personal things.
I had no one to have a heart-to-heart talk with at that time; there was no person at that time who would emotionally support me.
So I decided to create my own world, a blog, where I can just be myself. Now I’m rather out of habit, because many people from that time are no longer on this resource.
Whats your primary use of this app Examples venting socializing journaling

It is nice to see that you are still here. I hope that you are doing well

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile PhotoŞωεεT† ɮȩ̷̠̝͙̎̑̆ℓℓล ♡♪
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Hey Bella! It's nice to see you again here!
I am well, a little busy because I am currently doing my bachelor's degree but I am fine and I hope you, your boyfriend and your dogs are well too!

Tell us some good news ✨

NineGDxFour’s Profile PhotoGabby♡
I got a new LG washer and matching dryer. They are grey. Got a pull out shelf too. Happy with them. Love. Still feeling like I need to hang them to dry 😂😂 gotta get used to them.
My pup Molly is almost 2.
This Mama bird on my porch that laid her eggs and hatched and raised her babies is now teaching her babies to fly and yeah. They are good which is great.
Am getting alot of veggies from my large garden outside. Which is good.
Going out with friends this weekend.
Hope to gmgo back to the beach soon as well.
Things are good here. Hope the same for you.

What's your favorite memory of AskFM?

HaleyValkert’s Profile PhotoCaptain Cosmos
Joking around with @redoasis2017 on here. We stay goofy. Meeting him and other awesome people on here. I actually joined this app originally a looong time ago.. over 12 years ago to help someone. They didn't havt their mind in tbe right place and I was trying to help them think positive. Eventually I think they just disappeared and I just stuck around. Love the apo and all it's memories. Just took a big break. Needed time off. To focus on life. Life is busy. Which is a good thing. But yeah. Definitely fun times with him and @illin_ahmed and many other friends. Thanks for that yall!
Whats your favorite memory of AskFM

Je suis tellement triste et déprimé et maintenant, découvrir que ce site est rempli d'un tas de robots qui recyclent les questions encore et encore. Je suis encore plus déprimé. Je vais juste aller chanter, ça me fait toujours me sentir mieux, alors si N'importe lequel d'entre vous, les robots, peut

tellementperdusans’s Profile Phototellementperdusans
People on here aggravate my soul sometimes… why would I like someone who I haven’t talked to since like 2017? Who is more so like a brother to be than anything? Yall are ridiculous always trying to get someone in trouble and start drama just to break someone up as well.

If someone blocks you on ask they might be able to see your questions and Wall?

'Dekh dekh ker tarpein gay, lekin awaaz nahi puhancha sakay gay'. ☠️☠️
The block feature is a joke. It's unlike Instagram and Facebook, and they can pretty much see everything without making a second/fake account here. Bus they won't be able to send you messages/questions anymore.

What types of personalities do you tend to gravitate towards? Why do you think that is?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I like people who knows how to make me smile 😁... And why? Because real life is too serious and it is perfect to meet someone who can make it easier by humor, funny flirting or other smiley interactions 🤷‍♀️😂 I can say that some people I have met here helped me to forget about and to overcome some serious life moments 🥰💟👍
What types of personalities do you tend to gravitate towards Why do you think

When interacting with others, do you tend to rely more on gut feeling, or prior knowledge about the other person?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
It is individual. Sometimes I feel that this is the person it could be funny or interesting to talk with. Sometimes it works and there is sympathy and chemistry from both sides a nd sometimes not. .....And usually when some person is contacting me as a first, I tend to check her/his wall here to know from answers something about her/him just to know what can expect :)))

When interacting with others, do you tend to rely more on gut feeling, or prior knowledge about the other person?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
Prior knowledge makes the topic of conversation easier .... But usually people don't just give away information especially here .... So going by the gut and being respectful towards people's privacy and secrets is what I usually find as the best option
How about you?
When interacting with others do you tend to rely more on gut feeling or prior

When interacting with others, do you tend to rely more on gut feeling, or prior knowledge about the other person?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I don't know anymore honestly. Might try to go by my gut and my instincts of the person as well but hey I don't know anybody here supposedly oh excuse me I don't don't let me start sounding delusional again I'll get knocked back off the leaderboard.

How do you react on receiving toxic anonymous questions on here? Are you the type to answer it sardonically to antagonize the questioner or do you just delete and ignore it? 😈😇

To be honest.. I used to answer them. I don't now. I have been on here for over 11 years aaand.. yeah I used to answer them and I literally got a temp ban for answering someone else's question and my answer was cleaned. The question was crude. So yeah. Watch what you choose to answer or just skip cause they will get you for literally anything. Just advice. Take it or leave it. I learned from experience.

Did you take Chemistry in High School?

David_Blanes’s Profile PhotoJluen (Dante is dead)
Yep... Teacher literally.. let us all pass.. we did nothing. :/ sounds awesome but no.. when your in there for hundreds of days doing actually nothing.. it makes you think.. why am I even here? I wanted to mix sh and stuff 🤣🤣 i wanted to do labs! We did 1.. never another.. yeeeah. She got fired.. she was kool but didn't wanna teach and do her job so yeah.. oh well
Did you take Chemistry in High School

what is one thing life has taught you?

x3_bebesota’s Profile PhotoJazMarie ✨
- You don't have to do anything anyone tells you.
- You have choice.
- You can be tall.. thin.. big.. gaystraightbi idc a man or a women.. off.. here.. there.. an animal.. my brother.. my buddies friend or whatver. Idc.. if your nice to me. Ima be the same back. It don't matter.
- Stand up for yourself.
- Be open minded. You can make a friend from anywhere in this world and outside of your country. #Onelove @illin_ahmed @redoasis2017 and more maaany more.
- Being alone is ok. You do not have to be with someone just to make you happy.
- Don't put yourself down for someone else.
- Don't be selfless.
- Nor be selfish.
- You can go out and have fun. Nothing or no one is too busy! Stop. Plan. Do. Enjoy. Relax. You deserve it. All humans do. No excuses.
- Don't have excuses. Just do!
- You can forgive and forget. Fact.
- Give 2nd chances. Depending. Try.
- Children are innocent. Teach them right always. Teach them early to be kind and to love and to love correctly.
- Respect doesn't HAVE to be given to give or the other way around.. just learn to be the bigger person.
- Respect your elders.
- Do your best ALWAYS. REGARDLESS.
- It is never too late for anything.
- Nothing is impossible.
- Practice can make perfect.
- Stop telling people everything about you. They don't have to know sh-
- Don't fight people. It isn't worth it unless you are defending yourself of course.
- Overlook childnessessessss.. infact.. walk away.. you win automatically.
- Ignore ignorance.
- If being bullied.. bully the bully 4x back harder and then tell them.. Don't feel nice do it? Wins everytime.
- Get out there and earn it.. then nobody can tell you they gave u sh-
- Be you. Its the best thing. Even if you think it isnt. Well guess what. It is. Be you. Not anyone else.
- Confidence is the biggest thing hated these days. Rock it proudly.
- Nothing wrong with expressing yourself and it be ok
& so so much more life has taught me. These are just some. What has life taught you? Stay tuned -Bella

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what is one thing life has taught you

Did your high school look like a prison?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
It LOOKED like . . . .
So every day , we would do a jailbreak . . . . a gaol-break ~ & go to a wine-shop . . . buy lots & lots of beer , go up the old railway & drink & drink . . . & then go down along the street go into shops & do lots of pranks ~ it was such fun . . .
But much L8er in life , there came period where I did prison visits ~ for 12 years , visiting every 2 weeks . . . . it was the most disgusting thing I ever did . . . . I realised I was wrong about school ~ at least I could walk out any time . And , the wardens at school were pussycats
Here , are some pranks !
I hope you like them !!!!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSNEFNSYJTYigotamatch’s Video 174314368378 GSNEFNSYJTYigotamatch’s Video 174314368378 GSNEFNSYJTY

It's time to let go of the past and move forward.

waleedelsayed20’s Profile PhotoWaleed Elsayed
What a gr8 idea !
But , move forward to where ?
Don't you know, there is no future , no future at all !
The people, you . . . and I . . . . and everyone . . . have been voting for ~ all this time ~ have taken it , and broken it in a million pieces . . . . and now , they are gone . For ever , leaving total war !
So , I think I'll just sit here, in the past , safe in all the disasters I already know . . . .
What ? ~ Oh! No! Don't tell me that's gone as well ?
Its time to let go of the past and move forward

What do you usually do during a blackout? 🕯️🔦

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Usually a blackout happens here in the evening or during the day.
During the day I’m often not at home so I’ve never really experienced it.
In the evening it sucks, because everything gets pitch dark, my phone needs to be charged to function as an alarm the next morning and in the winter it just gets so freakishly cold.
Also, in the past with the radio alarm clocks, for some reason I absolutely hate it when they’re completely off and also when they turn back on they start to flash the ‘0:00’ time or the time it stopped. It’s my irrational fear lol! 😂😅 it just makes me feel sooo uncomfortable and unsafe.
First thing I do when there is a blackout is to check if it’s only our house, if it’s the street, the neighbourhood, the place I’m living in or bigger. Then I will unplug most of the electronics for safety reasons and then I wait till it’s over. ☺️

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Why do think this platform is good or bad than the other social media platforms?

Things I find better on here than on other apps:
💛 it’s a unique way to communicate with people from all over the world.
💛 It’s not based on private messages. I really don’t like private messages.
💛 you get to know a lot of different people their perspectives on subjects.
What I think is worse on here than on other apps:
☹️ bad blocking system. I dislike the fact that people can still see your account when you’ve blocked them.
☹️ it’s so very slow often!
☹️ anonymity brings out the worse in some people.
Why do think this platform is good or bad than the other social media platforms

Do you ever get a bad vibe or a feeling that someone doesn’t want to talk to you for reasons you don’t understand?

I don’t understand why certain people have things against me, mostly on here. Paranoid I guess. Accuse me of things when I don’t even pay attention to them.

Why do think this platform is good or bad than the other social media platforms?

I think this platform is better than other social media platforms because you can be more authentic on here by sharing your thoughts/feelings. On other platforms like Snapchat or Instagram, people tend to mainly share their happy moments (which can be deceiving) and those apps are more for posting pictures whereas you can post pictures and write on here. People complain about anonymous users bullying them on here but I don’t even consider disrespectful individuals who can’t even show their profile as bullying but rather immature and not to be taken seriously. Don’t get me wrong tho, I do love the anonymous feature since I like asking questions without being known, especially in times when I don’t always want the attention to be on me. I’m more insecure when it comes to posting on other social media platforms whereas on this one, I don’t worry about being negatively judged. This platform helped me make friends when I didn’t have any other way to make new friends and so far, I have had mainly good experiences on here.

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