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Our handsome PM studied at Oxford but his mindset is still of a typical paki man!!! STOP BLAMING WOMEN FOR EVERYTHING, STOP JUSTIFYING WRONG WTH

No one's justifying wrong.
And if you're a girl, then a girl Aroob Masood who has deactivated her askfm posted on her Instagram about Imran Khan and according to her what he's saying is right. And many other girls are supporting him too. And if you're a boy, then obviously mard ki tharak aurat ko kam kapron mein dekh k hi poori hogi baghair shaadi k, so koi besharam mard kyun chahay ga k Prime Minister esi baatein karay. Don't come up with lame long long paragraphs if you want to reply, be honest and unbiased.

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What do you think about Imran Khan's statement regarding impact on clothing on men; leading to increase in rape cases.

Honestly just speechless! What saddens me even more than PMs statements is PEOPLE JUSTIFYING THIS STATEMENT!When your Prime minister and the scholars you look upto BLAME THEY VICTIMS They give the RAPISTS FREE PASS OF DOING WHATEVER THE PLEASE because self control naam ki chez tou Allah ne banai hi nahi hai inke hissab mei!

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Agr ap ignored ho rhy ho Musalsal Aik insan sy .... br br... jab pocha jaie to yahi jawab milay kay buzy ignore ni ... to kya krna chaiya ... jab br br dil kry ky pochun khtm krna to kro .. Likan galat Hum hi sabat hun... Kya koi itna buzy hota aik msg ka time ni hota phila pora din kasy bt hoti thi

Watch a cooking channel, make something delicious, turn on your laptop, watch any movie or season, and then think about what you want to do for yourself instead of wasting time on others.

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Hola! Por qué el cielo es azul? ☁️ Hi! Why is the sky blue? ☁️ Ciao! Perchè il cielo è blu? ☁️ Hallo! Warum ist der Himmel blau? ☁️ Salut! Pourquoi le ciel est bleu? ☁️ Oi! Por que o céu é azul? ☁️ Привет! Почему небо синее? ☁️

AstroBoyAstroBoy’s Profile PhotoAstro,Boy
Hola 🙋🏻‍♀️ bonita mañana ⛅
El cielo es azul porque es niño 🥺
Jajaja no sé, recuerdo que una vez alguien me explicó pero me he olvidado 🙃
Saludos 🌿🌺

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Hola Por qué el cielo es azul  Hi  Why is the sky blue   Ciao  Perchè il cielo è

Hast du heute gute Laune?

Jepp! Ich krieg zwar nix auf die Reihe und hab totale Probleme, mich auf irgendwas zu fokussieren (say hi to the weird side of depression), weswegen ich den Tag irgendwie nur vorbeiziehen lasse und nichts Sinnvolles damit anfange, aber dabei hab ich immerhin blendende Laune! c:

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Hi tita. I'm with a new girl, but I'm scared bec I'm suddenly feeling sad seeing my ex happy with someone else. I want to be a good partner, and so I wanted to assess if this means I am not ready to be in a relationship yet? I don't want my ex back, I just want to be honest to myself. Any opinions?

Being sad because your ex is with someone else doesn't mean you're not over them or that you're not ready to be in a new relationship. It just finalizes the breakup when both exes have someone new. Trust that your ex also felt that way about you. Hopefully you'll come to a point where you can be friends and enjoy each other's company again. Will it stop hurting? Will you stop loving your ex? If you loved them once, you will always love them, and it will always hurt.

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Jesy sughar aurat hoti hai..wesy sughar mard kesa hota hai? Kesy kamon sy? Sughar(سگھڑ) matlb saleqa mand(سلیقہ مند)

monaswift’s Profile PhotoMona Swift
Khana khane k bad apne khanay k brten khanay ki jgha pr hi chor kr janay ki bjye kitchen mn wash basin mn rkhay.Wet Tolia bed ya ghr k andr phenknay ki bjye duup mn dal k aye.apnay room ki chezon ko bakayr kr rkhne ki bjye sleekay se rkhay.ksi ko ma behn ki ghali na de or hr female ki izzat kre☺️

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Confess something? 🌸

RAQ1198’s Profile PhotoRamsha
The amount of prayers, love and support I got and I’m still getting after the question i posted in which I talked about the incident which mentally drained me. Well It got solved that very day but till date I’m getting encouraging and uplifting questions and answers that restores my faith in humanity every now and then. I must say achay Loggon ki koi kami nahi hai dunia me. I believe ap sabki duao ki waja se hi wo masla bhi us din sort out huwa tha.

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Sirf aj nhi Roz is trha k jawab mil rhe hain jesay pta nhi kia bigar dia hai apka. Dari nhi to darna bhi mat. Na mai ne apko badnam kia hai na krunga Lekin tumhari trha hi tumharay sawal k jawab dene lg gya to smj ajayegi izzat kia hoti hai aur beizzati kia hoti hai.

DawoodJunaid328’s Profile PhotoDeeJayyy
Lolz deejay bro relax I know tune izat khrab nah k meri mana m rude Hu zyda h kuch
But tu bh Bcha nh ab simple reply aise ques k na dya kr bs
Ab nakhray na kr bawaseer k Olad chhl sorry 🤣😂

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20/06/2021, hôm nay cậu thế nào ?

trsa6’s Profile PhotoQuỳnh Thư
Hi chào bạn, mượn ask của b nói lên lòng mình.
Mng ở KTX về hết rồi vì trường cho thi onl. Nhưng mình vẫn chưa về nhà được vì hiện tại sân bay Cát Bi đóng băng mất tiu rồi :(( vé mua trước cũng bị hủy luôn ...
Thật sự rất muốn về nhà, tính đến giờ cũng gần 2 tháng kẹt không về được rùi huhu.
Vẫn mong từng ngày trôi qua thật nhanh. Hy vọng sang tháng 7 mọi thúe sẽ ổn và mình được về nhà.
Nhớ cơm mẹ nấu lắm rồi :((

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