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What do you think about going on hikes? What's a cool place you've gone for a hike at? 🥾🏞️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I love hiking so, so much! I used to love running long distances, but after three batches of Covid and two doses of pneumonia in two years I really struggle. Hiking has come in and replaced it. Luckily my mum and my partner are just as happy to be dragged along, so we’ve done tonnes of the coastal path around the UK, the mountains, and it turns out that we LOVE a Greek island. If it’s deserted, I’m in.
What do you think about going on hikes Whats a cool place youve gone for a hike

Do you prefer the mountain or the sea?

I'm a former swimmer and freediver, let's just say that water in general is my element. That's where I feel my strongest. To me, the ocean is also much more interesting to explore. I'd much rather spend several hours diving by a coral reef than I would go hiking in the mountains. When I got to do that in Australia is one of the highlights of my life honestly 🐠
Do you prefer the mountain or the sea

Apa warna favorit lo? Dan kenapa itu jadi warna favorit lo?

sembilanitukita’s Profile PhotoBukan Dilan
dulu hijau sekarang biru alesannya bikin adem aja.. ganti jadi biru gara2 semenjak suka hijau ulet pada namplok pas sd setiap pulang sekolah ada aja ulet mati gara2 kedudukin bukan sekali tapi sering terus smp sering hiking nah dari berangkat sampai pulang ulet namplok dari yang tidak berbulu sampai berbulu sekarang kalau liat ulet lemes kek liat orang kecelakaan

What does your ideal life look like?

SavvyMae87347’s Profile PhotoSavvyMae
Living a life close to nature in a sparsely populated place (a cabin in the woods/mountains of my design with a bit of land to it?) where I can largely avoid people (and listen to my music freely), and where basic needs are easily met. (Not having to worry about basic necessities or health decline of my loved ones.)
A small cabin with essentials. Grow and eat my own produce. Enough space for my dog (and most likely other animals) to run around in the field.
As well as plenty of time for hobbies like racing and playing the drums.. Living an active lifestyle that involves travel, cycling and hiking and the money to sustain the lifestyle..
What does your ideal life look like

If you could create a new holiday that doesn’t currently exist, what would you call it? What date would said holiday be on? What traditional food, music, activities, etc, do you think would be associated with it? 🎉🥂🎈🎂

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
* The date must be in the middle of the summer! We don't have a lot of summer celebrations.
I'd call it.. the celebration of the sun.
The date - hmmm, july 20? Let's make it last for 3 days.
What we'd do on said day is, we celebrate sun and we all do certain activities. It is a vacation day, so we all just do what we have to do during the day , go swimming, hiking, grilling food, and bonfire.
During the night, let's make it more paganic and include having bonfire, having good food, music, and just gathering around the fire - dancing, having fun, talking until it's light outside. We can make this day a little spookier and include telling ghost stories, going to haunted locations.
It's a combined celebration 😂
Food - grilled meat and everything that is found in the garden, drink - cold drinks.

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Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers of Reddit, what's the closest you've ever gotten to dying?

Jumped of a 30ft cliff after my buddy. Since he went first the Rock was wet at the point of the jump. Fell about 6 inches away from the wall thought I was going to smack into some rocks at the bottom. While I missed the rocks at the bottom I hit the water on my side. Air immediately left my lungs. It was one of those moments where I was swimming for the top of the water and wasn’t sure if I’d make it before I passed out. Obviously I made it, but I really though for a moment that was it! Jumped out of a helicopter when skiing. My skis were stuck in my parachute so I dropped them 4000 feet in the air. This was in backcountry Switzerland so I had to make my way 40 miles to the rendezvous in 3 days hiking. Not a fun trip. Almost fell 4000 feet without a parachute, was frost bitten, almost died of infection, and got sent back to Canada without my personal belongings.
Oh, quite a few times. Surfing big waves blitzed had a few wipeouts where I didn't know where up was... Warzones, for sure, several times... Trying to jump onto a trampoline from the roof to catapult into the lake... Actually trying the stuff with the wagon from Calvin and Hobbes near my parents' house as a kid... Locking us in the camper, starting a fire in the kitchen while I tried to make coffee, and getting stuck on a bunk when the table fell apart when my cousin and I were 4... Waking up on a deserted island after losing a boat after a tequila misadventure... Waking up in a body bag after mixing alcohol and heroin.

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Best holiday you have been on?

Every holiday is perfect because we spend it together 🥰 somewhere at the sea 🌊 or in nature 🏞️, enjoying water, hiking or skiing ⛷️, visiting historic places 🏰, and trying new things 👍
Best holiday you have been on

Jako suchy prowiant co jest najlepsze ? 😉

wyluzowaana’s Profile PhotoDziewczyna z Dobrym Sercem♀❥
As a packed lunch which is the best?
It depends on what occasion? During my hiking trips, I always took sliced bread or rolls and a few tourist tins
To zależy na jaką okazję? Podczas moich wędrówek turystycznych zawsze był zabierany krojony chleb lub bułki i do tego kilka konserw turystycznych
Jako suchy prowiant co jest najlepsze

Kalo kamu pengen nyoba hiking ke Gunung kamu bisa coba dengan trekking aja dulu Ke beberapa wisata alam yg ada jalur trekking nya dengan jalur yg bervariasi Biar nanti bisa kuat untuk hiking ke Gunung Dan paling penting lakuin itu dengan setulus hati & nikmati perjalanan nya belajar mencintai alam

ahmadzuhrii’s Profile PhotoAhmad Zuhri
Pengen nih!! Tp gapunya temennya, terus kek takutttt. Mikirnya udah kemana2 padahal nyoba aja belum😃itulah saya:") kyk seru bgt liat org naik gunung, tp perjalanannya ya begitu ya wkkwkwk

How do you unwind when less busy?

I walk a lot in the fresh air 🆓
I love hiking without any purpose. There is time to think about everything, make plans and dream 🌼
Я много гуляю на свежем воздухе 🆓
Обожаю пешие прогулки без всякой цели.
Есть время обо всем подумать, построить планы и помечтать 🌼
How do you unwind when less busy

Is anyone else in a weird state of mind? Like everything's fine but everythings ... not fine🤧

ammaramalik07’s Profile PhotoAmmara Malik
the kid in you needs to be pampered..
you need to stop worrying about stuff,
and do something you find doing real fun.
could be jumping off the cliff, diving, dancing, painting, hiking, playing.
& you'll be fine.

What's your favorite outdoor activity?

MaryJane214’s Profile PhotoMary Jane
It’s gotta be hiking! I just love it SO much. 😍
Like, being in nature, in general, is so calming and deeply therapeutic to me, and hiking takes it up a notch. It clears my head better than anything else I’ve ever tried, and it just does so much for my mental health. 😌
I think the more challenging hikes I’ve been on have helped me the most. And some of the best ones are from my Hawaii trip in 2018. I’ve never felt more content and at peace than I did while I was making my way through all the lush forests and such. I wanna go back so bad! 🥺
Whats your favorite outdoor activity

Thoughts on putting ear phone in ears listening music on Loud volume and hiking

Good idea ,hike on your favourite places enjoy your time to the maximum but we watchful you are on road ,walk in side don't let random car hit you and walk away 🙌🙌🙌😃
Stay careful and hike ☺️ 😊😊

Suggest some good places or restaurants in Islamabad / Rawalpindi, except Monal and Damne Koh.

If you are interested in junk food then you must visit sector F6,7 or beverly center. If you are nature explorer then you should visit shakar pariyan monument, shah Allah ditta caves or hiking trails even you can visit F9 park. However, Islamabad is beautifull city wherever you go you'll find pleasant environment and you'll enjoy the moments

What’s your favourite sport?

Dianabikbik’s Profile PhotoSweetDianne
@Dianabikbik 🌻 Hi Diana, my favorite sports are swimming, camping, mountaineering, hiking, archeology 👍
📺️ 🎦
Cine 💎 Largometraje 💎 Parte 4

Batman 1 Gotham (1989)

Batman 2 Returns (1992)

Batman 3 Forever (1995)

Batman 4 Robin (1997)

Batman 5 Begins (2005)

Batman 6 Dark Knight (2008)

Batman 7 Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Batman vs Superman (2016)

Battleship (2012)

Beethoven (2006)

Beetlejuice (1988)

Beginners (2011)

Bella y la Bestia (2017)

Ben 10 Alien Swarm (2009)

Bendita ignorancia (2018)

Beso de Pantera (1982)

Bestias del sur salvaje (2012)

Biblioteca de Libros Rechazados (2019)

Bienvenida a Montparnasse (2018)

Bienvenidas a Brasil (2018)

Big Eyes (2014)

Big Fish (2003)

Billy Elliot (2000)

Birdman (2014)

Blackwood (2018)

Blade (1998)

Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Blancanieves y el Cazador (2012)

Blue Jasmine (2013)

Blues Brothers 2000 (1998)

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Whats your favourite sport

During a busy work / study week, how do you usually like to spend your days off? 😌😴

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It depends if I'm stressed I'll go to do something outside in nature. Hiking, beach,etc
If i feel more like exhausted, I'll lay on my bed like the whole day😁😁

If you was given the option to have one organ/body part completely cleaned out so it’s like new and works 100%, what would it be?

Lungs.. cuz dear god mine are useless! -_-
Be nice to go hiking or swimming without feeling like I'm dying after 10 minutes! (I have asthma due to underdeveloped sections in my lungs lol)
If you was given the option to have one organbody part completely cleaned out so

How would you describe your connection to nature? Do you enjoy being near flora and fauna? 🌲🦋🌻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I enjoy being in nature and it gives me peace.
I think I would really enjoy hiking travel and reaching other countries just by hiking. Although I would definitely take someone with me 'cause my orientation sucks. (and sometimes I am afraid of spiders. And bugs that look like spiders.) But I already hiked a lot with my fiancé and that worked well for us.

1. Do you often go outside for a nice long walk? 2.Is it necessary for you to go on daily walks? 3.How do you motivate yourself for it? (4.What if there's absolutely nowhere to go?) 👣

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
1. Usually yes, I love to go hiking but currently, I don't have time for that with the upcoming exams and deadlines.
2. No.
3. I need no motivation I have a high drive for exploration.
4. There world is big and there will always be places that you haven't seen.

drop your thoughts here about anything

Pretty satisfied with today's activities. Kinda tiring but bila tengok atas dia tu, subhanallah lawaaaa gilaaa 🥹🤍 another bukit yang worth to hike, around 15-30 minutes utk sampai puncak, and trust me, it's really worth it! H2O and 0 is a must dkt sini, or else kiok. Might comeback here again in the future. Hohoho.
Baru haritu cakap nak hiking, alhamdulilah rezeki harini dapat jugak pergi. alhamdulilah alhamdulilah alhamdulilah 🤍🏻🤍
Oh btw, dari atas ni boleh nampak pantai, pulau, semua la yang ada dekat besut ni. Lawa gila namampus, tp mampu capture pakai kotak ingatan je sbb phone dkt member. But issokay, ada rezeki boleh datang lagi hiks <3
p/s : Bukit Kluang, Terengganu
drop your thoughts here about anything
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Tell me about a favorite memory.

Went for hiking. Around feb last year if I didn't mistaken. Rindu nak pergi hiking lagi. This place tbh best gila gila for hiking. When we reach at peak, we can see laut selat melaka yang terbentang luas. Best gila. Kalau berangin, lagi best. Bawah tu ada pantai, and ada jalan kecil yang boleh bawa kita turun ke pantai tu. Jalan tu kinda curam therefore elak pakai kasut yang tapak haus/licin. Pantai tu ada pokok redup gila rasa. Pastu ada buaian. Cuma nnti nak naik atas, kena hiking lagi, penat sikit la gitu. Haih. Kan best kalau dapat pergi sekarang :'
Tell me about a favorite memory

Do you prefer hiking or jogging? Why? 🎒 🥾 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
Well, here is the final block of questions
Ну вот и заключительный блок вопросиков
1. Last summer, the spirit of running attacked me, and a day later I ran through the park and along the path at the school stadium, even the warm summer rain was not a hindrance, it complemented the whole surroundings, and walking around the city at night is a thrill, silence ... empty streets , roads and smell, oh this smell of night air... favorite music in headphones...
Прошлым летом на меня напал дух бега, да я через день бегала по парку и по дорожке на стадионе школы, даже теплый летний дождь не был помехой, он дополнял весь антураж, а пешие прогулки по ночному городу это кайф, тишина... пустые улицы, дороги и запах, ах этот запах ночного воздуха... любимая музыка в наушниках...
2. I hate to pay for something that is really not why pay
Ненавижу платить за то что реально не зачем платить

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Do you prefer hiking or jogging Why

شو علاج فقدان الشغف بكلشي!

tuqamashaleh7’s Profile Photoالتُــقَّــىٰ✨
بداية بدك تعرف انه كل الناس بتتعرض لهاذ الموضوع مهنا كان وضعه منيح او لا
اكيد انك تغير جو تجرب اشي جديد و تمارس هواية او تطوري حالك بمجال معين زي دورات او لغة
تطلع رحل او hiking كل فترة منها تجربة جديدة ومنها بتتعرف على ناس جديدة
كثير بفرق معك

🐟what was the highlight of your best ever holiday?

Each holiday there have been many ..
US : Alcatraz , The Food , Universal Studios , Disneyland.
Beijing : Climbing a section of The Great Wall , Tea Farm , food .
Malaysia: Temples , Penang Island , food.
Queensland : Outback Spectacular , Theme Park rides , especially the roller coasters .
Hawaii : The beaches , Volcanoes , Pearl Harbour .
NSW : Camping , horse riding , hiking .
Many more and many to still discover ;)

would you rather spend a day hiking or swimming ?

Sa ngayon kasi sobrang init ng panahon, kaya mas gugustuhin ko nalang mag babad sa malamig na pool, Kesa mag hiking.

What do you like about your friends?

✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
All of them would be there for me if they knew that I am dealing with a hard situation that takes influences my physical or emotional health. But they all have different ways to show it. Some of them would call me immediately. Ask me if I need something or if I want them to visit me. Some of them would just be there for me because not all of them are good with words, they would offer to do something like a game- or movie night or going on a hiking trip with me. I like that they care about me, or that they surprisingly show up in my life. Most of them still can be quite deep in their thoughts and it just feels great talking to them and growing on their opinion of the world. Some I admire for their honesty. Others I admire that they stand up against people who act unfairly towards others.

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Do you like travelling?

I am a tireless traveler. Travel makes me feel good, gives me energy, and makes me happy.
I was just in ayyuthaya (ancient city near Bangkok) I only had a rough idea of how to get around and I rented a bicycle instead of a motorbike cus I was a cheapskate. It ended up being 100x harder to get around and 100x more confusing. But the fun was that I just went where I felt was right. At each of the ruins, I had lovely conversations with other travelers about their trips and the locals are always helpful when I was absolutely lost.
Travelling may bring people joy through many ways. You may like to see beautiful cities and their landmarks, or simply their architecture and general atmosphere. You may want to see how different nature is around the globe and how surprising it may be to see the great outdoors. You may want to engage in different activities, from paragliding to dance classes, from rafting to riding camels in the desert, from balloon trips to hiking on mountains... you may want to experience different cultures and foods, you may want to know the history of the world in museums, or you may just want spend a few days relaxing in a beach or in a secluded lodge... you may want to know people from other places or you may want to go to big parties in a place where nobody knows you. These are some of the reasons why people travel, and only a few of them are applicable to me, for instance. Maybe some of these will appeal to you, or maybe none at all. It's for those moments that you just can't experience by staying home. I just got back from a trip where I could watch the sun come up while overlooking cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde and nobody else was around. There was a buffalo munching on grass right outside my cabin one evening. I've had too many extraordinary experiences to count over the years and that's what keeps me getting out there to places I've never been to.
My main hobby was photography. I then got into travel, and found that they were very complementary hobbies. The thrill of enjoying and taking in some place new is a cool buzz, especially when you have a camera in your hand and want to capture the moment to help relive it later on.
It's really hard to explain to be honest, it's just a feeling of exhilaration and excitement I get when I get to see new places and exploring an unknown (to me) area. It's a kind of passion which I don't really experience when doing anything else. The world we live in is so beautiful and there's so many amazing things to see, and I just enjoy seeing them :) whether it be interesting sights, cities, nature, or just people. At the end of the day we only have so much time on this Earth, I figure I may as well try and see as many interesting places as possible!

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"But if Death mountain were destroyed that would mean the Goron would have no place to live, they survive off a diet of rocks only found on Death mountain. I hate the place too, but it's important to the kingdom."

AngryBlueLink’s Profile PhotoBlue
"Can't we at least guard the place???
Not only is it infested with Hinox and flooded with lava, but it ain't easy hiking up there..."
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What are your hobbies and interests?

Bouldering, singing, playing guitar, playing piano, metal work, making jewellery, writing poetry, sculpting, making clothes, 3D animation, 3D art, writing songs, travelling, hiking, camping, metal detecting, treasure hunting, art, painting, drawing, digital art, history, science, theoretical science, subatomic particle science, fringe science, photography, videography, bike riding, novel writing, illustrating, wood work, cooking, gaming, making people laugh, motivational videos, both watching them and making them, learning about poisonous plants, science documentaries, history and science museums. And so much more

Do you prefer hiking or jogging? Why? 🎒 🥾 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
I prefer currently more hiking, I just don't have a lot of energy for jogging so for me hiking is better. 😸🤷‍♂️
Do you prefer hiking or jogging Why

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