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How did you met your husband/wife? I love romantic couple stories❤️

I “hope” to meet her like this.
I hike up a local peak to watch the sun rise. I get there before sun up.
While sitting on the peak I see a headlamp of another hiker coming up the trail. It gets closer and closer.
It is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. We say hello and chuckle about reading each others minds about watching the sunrise.
We share the sunrise together and after hiking down the trail we make a date to come back for the sunset tonight.

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Apa yang harus saya lakukan untuk mengurangi jiwa2 kegabutan selain olahraga, membaca, dan main hp? Jangan bilang main dengan pacar, karena termasuk kaum saya zomb-lo

andaaa893696’s Profile Photoandaaa andaaa
Sebenarnya banyak sih kegiatan yang bisa membantumu mengurangi kegabutan. Seandainya kamu bosan dengan kegiatan seperti olahraga, membaca, ataupun bermain hp, coba deh kamu lakukan hal yang sedikit ekstrim tapi bisa membuatmu jadi bersemangat. Sebagai contoh, coba kamu hiking sama temanmu atau paling ga hal sejenisnya deh

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What does your last text message say?

aribasultan1998’s Profile PhotoAriba
It was..
Jgr sun? Rubiya ke behn ka operation hua wo udr jy g mjburi ha uski
Sahar ny walima na khaya czn ka tou usy moat ajy g uski majburi rubiya sy 2 hath agay ke hai
Tou hm sb fr aesa kerty Saturday ko khany ka plan kr lety jahan decide hua ak khana university sy pehly rakh lety hain Ya hiking ka scene ker lety. Input de apna

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serius nanya nii jwb yaa, tp ksh tau ya jwbn klean itu opini ato valid. jadi, akutu kdg nyoba maen skipping dan bbrp kali udh hiking ke bukit & gunung yg ga trll tinggi (mnrt org"). nah, tp akutu kek gampang ngos"an tp sbnrnya ga ngerasa cape cm engap ajaa tp bukan sesak. kenapa y?cara ngatasin??thx

darah rendah mungkin?

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When was the last time you felt truly physically exhausted, like you had to catch your breath? What did you do? How often is it that you reach that point? 🥵

TobbeAsks’s Profile Photoᛏᛟᛒᛒᚨ
I've been really tired and out of breath from things like hiking up mountains and generally exercising and pushing myself, but the worst was when I went to a kickboxing class, I pushed it too hard and actually felt my throat closing 😬 couldn't breathe properly for an uncomfortably long period of time

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غ. س يا دكتوره هو انا لازم اعمل حجامه لو بشتكي من حاجه معينه و لا عادي؟ حاجه تانيه انا ضهري بيتعبني لو قعدت فترة ع المكتب أو لو بلعب بطن او في الجيم يوم الضهر دا الحجامه تعالجه و لا ايه وضعه؟

عادي مش لازم تكون بتشتكي من حاجة
حط مخدة صغيرة عند ضهرك من تحت وانت قاعد وكل ساعة قوم اتحرك وارجع اقعد وهات كرسي طبي
في الجيم انت بتلعب التمرينة غلط وبتعمل hiking بنسبة كبيرة وانت بتعمل التمرين ف الضغط كله بيبقي ع الضهر العب التمرين صح وخلي الكوتش يوريكا بتتعمل ازاي
اول حاجة أتأكد إن عضلات الضهر مفيهاش شد
الوجع مستمر دائما ولا في الفترات اللي بتقولها دي بس ؟
فيه وجع أو الم في رجلك؟

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+4 answers in: “يعني إيه تاني و تالت كلمة ف البيو؟”

Hola! Todo bien? Te molesta o preocupa saber que las redes sociales obtienen tu información personal para las empresas, gobiernos, partidos políticos, instituciones religiosas, etc.? Ok, si quieres pregúntame, deja un MG a mi nueva respuesta o si lo deseas ?.. Hasta la próxima ;)

JonasRiquelme’s Profile PhotoJonás Gabriel
It doesn't bother me much. They're usually wrong about me, anyway. Google thinks I'm 25-34 and care about hiking and camping, lmao. Not true at all. I don't use my full name for emails or anything, so the most they can get out of me is probably search history. That's for personalized ads, but I have an adblocker anyway. Sucks for them.
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I've never been hiking before. But i want to try it someday. It sounds interesting. Is it your first time went hiking or you've been going hiking for several time?

hemeraaceso’s Profile PhotoEcha
That's my second hiking. Prau is safe for newbie, trust me. Even kids or baby can hiking to Prau with their parents. But first, you should prepare ur physical, you should jogging or walking. It help you to prepare before hiking. And read about what you can do and you can't do during hiking

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What kind of weather do you hate most or what kind of weather are you most reluctant to go out? ⛅⛈️☁️🌥️🌦️🌧️🌨️🌩️☀️

I hate it when it starts raining while I'm outside if it wasn't already raining when I left the house. Minus 40 temperature with high wind blowing... or plus 40 temperature with no wind blowing. I hate hot humid weather. Snow, only if I have to drive in it. I love when it's super hot here as long as I'm somewhere with A/C and/or water. I think 90-105F can fuck off, but 106+ is just dandy. 90-105 is just teasing with extreme weather. Of course anything higher than 95 puts a damper on hiking during the day- but pre-sunrise hikes are pretty awesome anyway. I hate snow. I don't care that it's sparkly and pretty and Christmas-y. I hate snow and cold. I can't stand wearing socks or boots or 5 layers to go anywhere. Or that I have to wake up early just to brush it off my car.
Fav- fall. I am the happiest in the fall to be honest... I dress better, I feel better. I don't know, I'm in awe of the world around that time of year. Least favorite is definitely the summer. Especially since I've moved to the south. It's disgustingly humid. I'm from the west, I've been in the south for (about to be) 10 years and I'm still not used to it. It's so hot it makes me nauseous and extremely dizzy. I can't take humidity, it somehow makes my asthma act up, too. I stay indoors w the ac at 50 and I will be under covers in my own home. I am grumpy as fuck in the summer. Until it gets to a decent amount of humidity. I love sun and heat and really intense rain storms, especially thunderstorms. My favourite temperatures are between 10-25 celcius. I hate snow and cold. And since I wiped out on the driveway last week, fuck ice. Which sucks because I live in Canada so for a good chunk of the year I'm completely miserable. I've seriously considered leaving a few times. We have similar tastes, haha! My favourite season by far is autumn, with the cool crisp air and the beautiful leaves. It isn't so hot that you feel like dying, and it isn't cold enough to have to bundle up in multiple layers and worry about frostbite and wait 10 minutes for your car to warm up. And yeah, I dislike it when it gets really hot. The worst, IMO, is the sticky, humid, oppressive kind of heat, where, without air conditioning, you feel like a pillow is being pressed to your face. I used to live near Toronto and every damn summer had at least one heat wave like this. I live further north now and summers aren't quite as humid or sticky, so it's a nice change.

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Hey, have you ever partied all night and still smashed a shift at work the next day like a really trooper?? 👊👌

I'm not that person. I despise the concept of partying all night long and doing useless shit like that. I'd rather go on a late night crazy adventure, like hiking on a jagged mountain top and dying yk or swimming in an ocean. All the good, thrilling stuff.

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Actually we are getting 18 to 20 degrees in April which is great. July and August have been as high as 21 to 22 😁

elley1234567’s Profile Photoella lon
The majority of the time, Irish weather is the type of weak misty rain that you look at and think "sure that's fine, I don't need an umbrella" and after five minutes outside in it, you realise that it's soaken into your bones and that you will never ever be dry again. It makes the cold colder and the warm unbearably humid. Basically, it's mostly grand. You just get used to it. Most important thing is a good pair of mostly waterproof shoes. Other than that, light rain jacket. If you're hiking or hill walking, you'll want decent chilly wet weather gear, and bring it even if it's clear and sunny when you set off; the weather is very changeable here and in the winter it's cold enough that you could be in trouble if you're out in the middle of nowhere and get soaked by a sudden cloudburst without proper clothing. If you're just wandering around town, a cheap raincoat will do fine; you could buy one here easily enough, especially if you ain't a fatass like me. Umbrellas are sometimes useful, but it tends to be very windy in the winter, so it's often too breezy for an umbrella to work properly; a good long raincoat would be better. It rains on most days. The rain is normally not heavy, and only lasts for a short time. We do get some days or even weeks that are complete washouts with near constant moderate rain but these are rare and only happen in the winter months. The time you're going (September-January) would be the wetter part of the year. Depending on where you're from, the rain may feel like nothing compared to what you get. Don't bother. It rains pretty much every day, but that means short showers. So you get 15 minutes of rain and then the sun may come out again. As long as you're not trying to go hiking you can save on that. Sure there's days when it keeps pouring but that's rare.

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Fair enough ahaha I had a Skype call with my best friend last night, lasted 5 hours! I’m not a video-call type of person but it’s what we need during this time

loriishere’s Profile PhotoLori
Yeah, with how it is in the UK I get what you mean 😷 Sweden is a bit more relaxed so I and a group of friends are planning on going hiking soon since our ball and trip to Germany got cancelled 😥

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Fair enough ahaha I had a Skype call with my best friend last night lasted 5
+3 answers in: “How long has your longest ever phone call been?”