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How often do you usually have dessert?

When I was a kid we used to have some sort of cake/tart and a piece of chocolate every Sunday morning when my parents drank a cup of coffee (and cake again in the evening) and ice cream after dinner. On other days a piece of candy every day when we came home from school and a dessert (yoghurt/"vla" which is a type of thin and often flavoured custard) every day after dinner.I wouldn't call sweets/candy desserts though. And in my experience cake is not generally eaten as a dessert but as a snack. If you say dessert people will probably assume you mean some kind of dairy product. Yoghurt, vla, ice cream, pudding, etc.
I still do the cake and the ice cream on Sunday though not as consistently as we used to. Dessert after dinner only if I feel like it which isn't very often. And I rarely eat sweets or chocolate these days. Growing up we definitely had more (homemade) dessert on holidays and special occasions, mainly because it was very holiday-specific and also took time and effort to make. Back then, confectionery-bought cakes had a reputation of being not very fresh, or made with dodgy ingredients (my mom still thinks that only lazy people buy cozonac instead of making it at home lol). Outside of that, my mom would sometimes make a tray of brownies, sponge cake or some crepes, nothing too complicated. During summer, ice cream and watermelon are a classic dessert after lunch. We also had chocolate, biscuits, candy etc at home but they were more like a sweet snack, not an actual dessert after a meal. Every day I have something sweet after dinner, usually a bar of chocolate or a hot chocolate. An actual dessert though like a brownie and ice cream or apple pie or something like that? I'll have that any time I go out to eat, am not super full after the main course, and other people want to get a dessert. So maybe like... once a month or so? Probably a bit less.
I don’t really have desserts unless guests are coming, but i have sweet snacks like chocolate, biscuits, etc a couple of hours after lunch so not sure if that counts. I love desserts though, especially ice cream and cheesecake. Every evening, but it’s usually something fairly healthy like fruit. Occasionally, we’ll have it with a little ice cream or custard; sometimes we’ll have something like a piece of cake or some sort of pudding (apple crumbles in winter are great). Most nights, though, it’s fresh fruit and perhaps a small biscuit with a pot of tea.
I haven’t eaten it since the last week in May. I lived 21 years and 11 months and suddenly I developed lactose intolerance. It really really sucks. I’m now 22 and it sucked I couldn’t even eat ice cream for my birthday back in June.

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Is the occupier the same as the owner?

Can be , but not necessarily . . . .
Can be:
An occupier who rents
An occupier who squats
An owner who lets
An owner who leaves vacant
And . . . . (as we are) 'an owner-occupier'
And there's: 'holiday-lets'
Owner , occupying for occasional fun , holidays
Is the occupier the same as the owner

Have you had any experience of taking care of elderly people? Whether you worked in elderly care or in your personal life. How did / do you find it? 🧓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yep, I used to go at my Grandma's during school/work breaks and holidays to spend time and help take care of her. Also volunteered sometimes at the home for the abandoned elderlies that's founded by my uncle. It just breaks my heart to witness their health decline and that none of their families actually cared for them.

Is your country's national day considered a big deal? Why is it during said day and how do you tend to celebrate, if you do? 🌲🇸🇪🐟

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
We have two national holidays that everyone in America celebrates i.e. 4th of July which celebrates Americas independence from England and Thanksgiving where we thank God for our blessings and good health.
Independence day is celebrated with cookouts, fireworks and music. Thanksgiving is typically celebrated with a turkey dinner with family, friends and neighbors.

What kind of entertainment did you do with your family when you were young? Do you think it has contributed to who you are today?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
I was born and raised in Saudi, so my childhood was a really quiet one because of the lifestyle there. For entertainment we used to go to park. Shopping was also entertaining to us as kids who are in the house all the time. Hmm what else 🤔 I think in the holidays when we came to Egypt we used to go to the sea but not so often tbh. I barely remember such thing. So yeah it was kinda quiet activities. It definitely affected on who I am now, but I don't think in the same way. Like it's expected that I'll keep loving the really quiet lifestyle, which is true for some parts of me, but inside I'm dying to go out there and see the world. I want to be part of interesting adventures and do scary stuff. Which I don't know how much real is that. I keep thinking maybe it's only beautiful in my head and it'll turn out something else if I get to do all of that. But tbh I want to throw myself to such things to make sure if it's as exciting as I imagine. Huuuh Donia.

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What kind of entertainment did you do with your family when you were young? Do you think it has contributed to who you are today?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
In my childhood days, I usually went to park with my family and on holidays, going to a mall which was popular at that time.
Mostly in vacations, visiting relatives house and staying there for some days.
The most catchy one was when my whole family finally planned a tour to a nearby hill station and it was my first realisation towards the beauty of nature. (: 😇
I always played with my brother's friends😂 so maybe it improved some skills. 🙂
Yes, I think it has contributed towards my self-development and building some sort of confidence into me.
What kind of entertainment did you do with your family when you were young Do

Do you like to have things planned out or are you more spontaneous? How does that apply when you're gonna go on a trip for example? 🗓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I mostly like planning things , except , holidays . Of course I plan where I’ll stay and where I would like to sightsee but I enjoy having no strict plans or timeframe and just enjoy and be spontaneous .

Do you like to travel?

Depends on what kind of travel lol
I really like going to places on holidays etc! But if I have to fly to get there... oh boy xD
But mainly yes! Just haven't really had much of a chance to in the last few years!
Do you like to travel
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What do you do in your holidays?

Before covid I used to go away during the Easter holidays, and for a month in the summer. People underestimate the cost of it though! I can only really go away for a month in the summer because we have a 2nd home (my family is dual-national), so I pay flights but not accommodation. My rent and bills don’t stop just cos I’m out of the country and school hols are a really expensive time to travel.
I will go on the odd break away. My friends are going inter railing in august so I’ve managed to arrange it to join them for some of that, for example. But otherwise, I just relax. I’ll catch up on some of the series I’ve not watched yet, I’ll go for long drives to listen to my music, I’ll go for walks in places I like, or I do some of the arts/crafts I’ve been too tired to do during term time (for example, I like diamond painting, but I’m still currently on the one I started towards the end of the summer because I haven’t got the energy or patience to sit down and complete it at the moment). You may be different, but I really find I need time to just switch off.
I go on holiday. Every holiday except Christmas. Usually book a flight for the friday evening and aim to be back 3 days before work to do the work I told myself I was going to do and my washing! I sadly have no plans yet for the summer and due to rising bills I probably won’t be able to afford anywhere.
This hobby is also useful for completely shutting down most students when they ask you what you did over half term when they should be getting on with something. Just give them an honest, cripplingly boring reply. Works every time.

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Questions from your mom that irritates you but she will still keep on teasing u with it 😂?Like "Mobile pr konsi parhai ho rhi h "

dictator_1059’s Profile PhotoThought snatcher
Not mom but dad still gave an emotional attack
Yrr pta bh h uni student h phr bh
Khair even abh final d kr free hue Eid tk holidays h or kl h Abu ne phr attack dya prho uth kr
Mean k mtlb Kuch bh yani kya kru main mar jao mjhe literally apn baba k ye adat nh achi lgte mne keh dya saaf abu ab hum uni level p hn school level p nh k teachers ya parents pkr kr spooning krwae hmari

Do you think money can buy happiness?

I think it can tbh haha if you're struggling that is. I mean money can buy therapy, counselling. Treatments, holidays to give you mental clarity, make it so you're able to buy a house, live anywhere you want. Not struggle with money or any debts as so many do.
I think if you use it for the right things it can make stuff a lot easier. But saying that it depends on the person. If you're rich already, it will be meaningless to you.

Do you like giving or Receiving Gifts 🎁 , when it isn’t Xmas or birthdays ?

fattbboymedic’s Profile PhotoFatboy93
sure. i think a person doesn't have to have a reason to give and receive gifts, you don't have to do it just on holidays or birthdays. it's really nice to receive gifts when you don't expect them, to know that person has thought of you, to feel special. i'm not talking about big or expensive gifts, it can be anything (food, something handmade etc...) because, as i said, the thought of the fact that that person thought of me while they was giving that gift is so nice

What is your fondest memory from your childhood?

LouiseDooley’s Profile PhotoOrion The Huntress
Every year around Christmastime, my grandmother would host a buffet party for the family. She would save up for months and buy a tonne of delicious food, and arrange it all on her kitchen table. She would also plan party games, and trivia quizzes, and choose songs for us all to sing together.
I absolutely loved it. It was so much fun.
Her parties were always the highlight of the holidays for me.

Welches Essen ist für Chile bekannt und würdest du mir das empfehlen? :)

ShortMan679’s Profile PhotoSergej Fährlich
Oooh you make such good questions! 🤩 This is gonna be long:
In Chile the most common dishes are either streetfood or home-cooked . It's usual to eat Empanadas de Pino (meat dumplings) which are normally eaten at home with the family for the national holidays. Completos are also common and loved, it's the chilean hot dog, it has the bun, the sausage, avocado paste (we call it palta) and tomatoes and you can buy it in almost every corner for around just 1 euro. But we also have different dishes that are broth based, like Paila Marina which is seafood with its broth or Cazuela de Vacuno which is a beef soup with different vegetables. But the most delicious thing for me besides our traditional lemon pie is the bread. The bread is very different but soooo good.
Also, an easy way to incorporate chilean food to your cooking is doing our traditional tomato salad, which is done with peeled tomatoes cut in quarters, onion, salt and oil. It's soo simple but sehr lecker. You can eat it with rice and fish or meat 😎
The End

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You've booked into a hotel in London; isn't that rather expensive? 🌆💸

Thankfully no!
Like most places, the price differs depending on when you go! So if we went during the Easter holidays, it would have been much more expensive! But we're not lol
We're also not staying in the heart of London, because again that would have been crazy expensive lol
Youve booked into a hotel in London isnt that rather expensive

Snapchat keeps sending me notifications when someone new joins Snapchat - even leaves a notification number by it, I hate it. Wish it would tell me when someone adds me on Snapchat more, even if I rarely use Snapchat 😅. Do you still use Snapchat or gone off it?

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
It's very rare that I will use it!
I normally have a look at it around the holidays when cute filters come out lol. I do have some filters saved on there :)
But most of the time, I just don't use it! I maybe open it once every 4 or 5 months haha
Snapchat keeps sending me notifications when someone new joins Snapchat  even

Are you good at crafts and making art?

I recycled an UGLY beer clock that I won at work in a contest to see who sold the most highlighted entrees of the day. . .
I had some Christmas ribbon left over from the holidays and wove it into sheets and cut out apples, that’s my kitchen theme. . .
I just love doing crafty things,
I may not be good at them,
but I’m fine with that. . .
Are you good at crafts and making art

I'm so sorry about what happened to your dog. Did someone kill it? So terrible. Are you going to buy another dog now?

Mrjensa’s Profile PhotoThe Untouchable One❤️
Hi, Jens! I am very glad to have a question from you.) Sorry, it was not very polite of me not to answer you right away, but I had to exit the ASKfm application. Today I still decided to correct this state of affairs.)
Thank you, my friend, for your sympathy. You really are a very kind guy, since you managed to understand that the loss of this animal was really a very serious shock for me. I get very attached to anyone, and this dog was really a member of our family for all of us.
You ask, what happened to him? The night from December 31 to January 1 in Russia is usually celebrated on a grand scale, with feasts with the use of unlimited amounts of alcohol.)) This is, so to speak, a Russian tradition. My whole family fell ill with COVID-19 for these New Year holidays, and not only did they not celebrate, but they were lying with a high fever. There was no one to walk with the dog and they let him run alone. He knew the area very well and never got lost, all the neighbors also knew this dog very well, other animals, as I said earlier, he never offended. And yet, it is a very sporty hunting dog that requires daily physical exertion. The fact is that my brother's hobby is hunting. I don't share the killing of animals, but what can I do, it's still a man's hobby, and I treat it with understanding. And the dog was my brother's friend and companion in his hobby. So, the dog was released to run on his own, but he did not return home for a very long time. They already wanted to go looking for him, but the well-being of none of the relatives did not allow it. The dog returned very late and was already in a very bad condition. My brother, a dog handler by his occupation, immediately realized that it was bad. He was taken to the vet, but could not be saved. And an analysis of the animal's saliva showed that he was poisoned by meat treated with rat poison. This poison is sold in general access in Russia, and anyone can buy it. So, poisoning a dog is really the work of a man. And I don't know if it was accidentally or intentionally, or if someone did it under the influence of alcohol.
We are not planning to buy a new dog, Jens, yet. We have come very hard from the loss of this. But we didn't buy this dog either, it was given to us by one of our friends, the breeder of this breed.
I don't speak English, Jens, but I hope that you will understand something from my story.)
пришлось исправить, в текте было повторение. хотя уже можно было и не дублировать.)

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Im so sorry about what happened to your dog Did someone kill it So terrible Are

How often do you dream? What kinds of dreams do you usually have? 😴💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Hm... My dream was a wedding - it came true. Now I want to fly to Japan for the holidays. Probably, now my dream is a promotion. I want to get more money so that my family is provided for. Dreams? Sometimes terrible dreams, sometimes good and sweet...

If your partner or date told you that they don’t ever want to talk about their job, how would you feel? (You can still talk about your job, but they don’t want to discuss work…unless it’s about holidays or days off)

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
Mhm, I don't know.
I would feel weird about it but maybe there's reason. So I would ask for that, if there's not..I would be mad.
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If your partner or date told you that they don’t ever want to talk about their job, how would you feel? (You can still talk about your job, but they don’t want to discuss work…unless it’s about holidays or days off)

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
It doesn't bother me :)
I know full well that a lot of people are in jobs that they don't enjoy. It's simply a current way to get through. And if it makes them miserable, I wouldn't blame them for not wanting to talk about it!
Heck there's days where I don't want to talk about or think about work xD
If your partner or date told you that they dont ever want to talk about their

Have you ever had a moment where you managed to do an incredible lot in very little time? Like when you had to hit a deadline? 🕐📚💻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yes, I’ve had moments like that.
There was a moment where I had a big assignment due. At the same time I also had to enroll for my minor (which was also deadline bound), but it went wrong technically so I had to mail back an forth a couple of times, this was very stressful.
I also had to hand in my minor assignment once and on the day of the deadline I basically went to Antwerp 😂 pulled an all nighter and worked on it further in the car on the way to the city. Basically ran on caffeine that day.
Packing for concerts and holidays is very stressful in my opinion, because lots of things can’t be pre-packed and have to be done at the last moment. You also have to check if everything you need is there 😬
Have you ever had a moment where you managed to do an incredible lot in very

How's your life going so far?

I'm 33 now. In my teens I showed alot of promise. Highly intelligent, lots of genuine friends, physically abnormally attractive. The sky was the limit. Then, slowly, over time, the very worst parts of me began to flourish and the very best parts of me began to die. I lost sight of who I was. I became arrogant and coasted on my natural gifts. Friends began dropping away. Opportunities stopped knocking after I squandered enough of them. Women stopped giving me the time of day.
Hey, thanks for asking! Better than before but still bumpy. This summer was my second year as a wildland firefighter, and the second winter where I was immediately unemployed. Turned it around at got a decent job helping mentally disabled people. Some days its great some days its terrible. But its helping me be a better Taoist, which is something I needed a boost with. On the negative front my lady and I have been a little distant lately, she's been depressed and I'm super frustrated that I can't help her more. I really wish I could.
I've bounced back from two suicidal episodes where I was moments from taking my own life, I'm currently probably the happiest I've been in a while, and I'm celebrating 6 months on Sunday with my incredible girlfriend who is the main reason for the first two things. :)
i’m engaged to the guy of my dreams, have a job that I actually enjoy, & we’re planning to move out of state at the end of next year. everything is going exactly the way i’ve always hoped my life at 25 would be, but sometimes I wake up with a wave of sadness over me & I have no idea why. i know i’m loved & I don’t have anything to complain about, but i’m not sure why I feel this way.
Tested positive for the sick but I feel alright. I'm stuck indoors for a few more days ugh. I was so excited to give the kids thier Christmas gifts hang out with me family. What is worse is I got my partner sick cant see family that can in from out of town. What of they can't run the marathon they get that lung damage or fatigue then what ...
I'd give it a 6 right now. I finally quit the job I've hated for 2 years, I enjoy my new one a bunch more, and I managed to lose my quarantine weight just with the new commute. Unfortunately the new job pays 30% less, takes an extra hour each way, and probably (definitely) gave me the plague to close out the year.
I feel amazing! I have work I love and can’t believe I get paid to play. My kids are pretty awesome little people. My husband is nothing like my crappy family. We don’t have to spend any holidays with family since we went no contact. Life is GOOD.
I think about suicide every single day. I think it's not a matter of if but when I'm going to do it. It seems like an inevitability. I can't see myself ever being happy or being anything. I wish I had never been born. I literally pray weekly to a god I don't believe in to give me some disease so I don't have to do it myself.

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Quel est votre plus grand rêve ?

This is going to sound ultra lame but I'm a 24 year old University graduate working a low-ish paid job and I just want to be able to own property. I'd love to not pay ridiculous rent to a landlord who doesn't need my money. I just can't afford a £10,000 deposit.
Man. I would farm all the produce and livestock to be sourced to local restaurants as well as supplying the bistro on my property that would be open from 11am-3pm. This farm would have working brew site, grape vineyards, and a distillary. Absolutely I would also do my part for the war efforts by planting acres of hemp.
I work internationally and the money is good but living in a foreign country long term eventually becomes a bummer. It's fun in your 20s, it's embarrassing for a middle aged man. Like I am 38 and have no my own home, jump through a million hoops to sort out the work visa paperwork; always looked at as a foreigner, because there is no racial diversity in Asia. Some day I'd like to own a home in a warm resort town. I want to set up my own paint studio and just paint for a living. I do not want to work my full-time job I do now untill I retire. I'm only 21 and I just graduated college, I'm working on setting up my studio and I really wish it gets some attention so I can paint full time in a few years.
To be a good animator with a successful animation-based YouTube channel with my original animations and it looks like it’ll take a while for me to do that because it’s hard being an animator on YouTube since I can’t post everyday and so far my stuff is only a few seconds long I can’t even monetize my channel yet because I only have 10 subscribers
Realistic dream: To have a place in the country close to my mom, get married with a decent man and have kids and lots of dogs. Unrealistic dream: have over 100 acres. Get married have kids. Move my mom and stepdad in their own place on the land. Also move both my brothers and their wives out there. My aunt can move out there too and any of my cousins who want to. Everyone has their own house spread out enough to have room to live our own lives. Have it in a wagon wheel shape though and in the middle a large log cabin esque dinning area. Inside of it a LONG dinning table and rooms for people to gather, and a room for kids to play in. Just a place for "Sunday dinners", birthdays, holidays, etc. That would be nice. Oh and a HUGE stocked lake on the property for fishing. And since it's unrealistic, throw in an income of $10,000 a month 🤣
I got in a awful accident and couldn’t use anything but my arms and hands at the time, and I discovered them when all I can do is play mobile games on my little iPad Air and watch YouTube on it. This is when I was 11. Now I’m almost 18 and I’ve gotten a tiny community on twitch and YouTube. But nothing big. But finally, my intention is to help the younger generations or anyone as a matter of fact, out of their darkest places and times where nothing else would cheer them up.

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Tag your favourite people here on askfm and say something to each of them!

@pharmacistmostafa9 - best of the best. Thanks for always being here for me! Thanks for caring so much and thanks for having my back 🥰
@redoasis2017 - lovely person, good laugh, always happy to have a chat with you. Thanks for always making me smile 🥰
@hamzatariq0407 - not really talking much lately, but you will always be my best pal 🥰
@Apeshitz - lovely and protective person! Thanks for always listening to my bullshits! 🥰
@ilovebrills206 - awesome person, always protecting me when some idiots asking bullshits. Can't wait to start our project 🥰
@iamnotdoctoranonstar - we don't really talk, but you always been so friendly with me! Thanks for that 🥰
@robertoroberto6 - great friend! Always care about me, thanks for everything! 🥰
@AsRoma01072019 - amazing person, always checking up on me. Having lovely talks and supporting each other. Thank you 🥰
@MACAWolf17341 - haven't talked with you outside ask, but you are great person! Looking after everyone, just don't forget to look after yourself too 🥰
@MartinWhh - funny guy, great taste and I am still waiting for holidays 😂🥰
@zactc - caring person, always making sure I am ok 🥰
Yes, I know they are all guys :)) I getting better along with guys lol. Thanks to you all to making my days better 🥰🥰

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Salut à toi, la Saint-Valentin est elle un jour spécial pour toi ?

I love it. I’ve been single and in a relationship during Valentine’s Day and it doesn’t change at all. Single: I get to witness all the love around. Go see couples being cheesy and celebrating their love. It makes you want love all the more, which I think is a good thing. Relationship: be a fucking dork with the person you love. Go all out. Roses, presents, treat them extra special, maybe even organize a day off!
I think it’s really nice to celebrate your love for someone, but vday is pretty overblown. The first year we were married, my husband and I went out for a hibachi dinner on vday. As I looked around at the overcrowded restaurant and the limited, overpriced “special occasion” menu, I realized we were paying a premium to spend a “special” day with a bunch of strangers.
It's a nice thing to celebrate. But I feel like people place way too many expectations on it and are unnecessarily negative about it. If you have someone to celebrate it with, great! If that person doesn't want to celebrate but you do, then you need to communicate with them and not try to ruin the day for others who are festive. I'm personally really festive so any holiday I will hype up like crazy. When I was single I would have "date days" with my friend/s and do the exact same shit I would do as a couple, bar sex of course. If I'm in a relationship I will do whatever my partner is comfortable with, and explain that it isn't something I place high expectations on as a holiday of love, and it's more so about how festive I am.
It's always been a holiday I've dreaded because it's built up as the pinnacle of romantic holidays, and I've never been with someone on Valentine's day who really seemed to care about me and make an effort to make it special. Even if it's small and cheap like a nice dinner at home and a flower I'd be happy.
Everyone in my circle knew how much I loved them. A guy who was a casual friend showed up at our apartment and had roses, a huge box of chocolates, and an assortment of Soundgarden merch for me(a t-shirt, poster, and LP, two of which I already owned). I laughed but it was very flattering. It was a really cute way to show someone how much you like them but at the same time, reeked of high school desperation.
Being single for most of my life, I used to hate it, but now I kind of enjoy it as my own little private holiday to celebrate the freedom of not having to participate. My non-single friends will complain nonstop about having to make plans and buy gifts. It's a nice reminder that being single/not-single is a choice and both choices have pros and cons.

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What is the sound you love the most?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
I love sound of nature the most. The wind in the trees makes me feel alive and free. The sound of the ocean-waves crashing to the shore. The sound of no sound on summer night — looking up the stars and the moon, just a moment of silence- gazing at planets. The sounds of laughter from family or loved ones, people cooking in the kitchen, making dinner. Especially during the holidays. Toddlers giggling and laughing with joy. And the purring of my cat. 🌻

Hi, Do you know a Muslim person?

mo123987’s Profile Photoم!!
Yes, I do. She's a really lovely person. She even wished me a merry Christmas this year, so a big 🖕🖕🖕 to those people that moan "oh we won't even be allowed to call it Christmas anymore, it'll be happy holidays". Shut up, idiots. No one is trying to take Christmas off you.
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What is your favourite family tradition?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
the annual barbecue/picnic at the beach with my maternal cousins, their children (my nieces and nephews), my aunts and uncles during the lunar new year holidays. 🏖🍢🎇
however, we haven't been able to gather for the past two years because of covid restrictions. 🥺
What is your favourite family tradition

Do you have any holidays or anything exciting booked for this year?

vitnul’s Profile PhotoWhitney
I currently have tickets for:
8 gigs
2 gig/convention weekends (1 UK, 1 Lisbon)
1 West End musical
2 exhibitions
1 day out at Hampton Court Palace
1 friend's party requiring an overnight stay in a hotel.
I'll probably have a couple of holidays too, but I'll book those nearer the time.

Did your dad spend his childhood there or did his family move to England before then?

My nan and granddad moved to England before my dad was born from what I understand. I think they use to go on family holidays to Ireland regularly though, but when my nan died it kinda stopped, this is what I understand though from what my mom had told me, my dad doesn’t really speak about my nan, and I assume there’s a reason so I don’t really ask. I just know I’m named after her

It has been almost half a year since I’ve been on here… what’s been happening in your life over the last 6 months? How were your holidays? How are you? Any big plans for this year?

AmericanLass’s Profile PhotoC.
Hiya' C! *waves excitedly* :D... Eek!! I'm SO happy to see your return! It's been a long time coming!
Nothing too crazy has happened to me! Just been a manager at my jerb for awhile (almost gonna hit the 1 year mark, surprised I survived all those poofy haired Karens this long, tbh, lol) ...
My holidays were fun and fast! It's always great to get family and friends together, especially after the hellish two years that covid gave! lol. Can't believe it's already 2022! :O Where does the time go by? At this rate... I'm gonna make it to age 82!!! *GASP*
No big plans, as of yet, this year... Though a nice two week vacation NEEDS to be in order, lol. I feel worked to death! Need an escape! Maui would be nice... or maybe another cabin in the woods? We'll see! :P
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