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hometown ครับ เป็นซีรีส์แนวสืบสวนสอบสวนมีความสยองขวัญด้วยดูแล้วลุ้นว่าเรื่องราวมันเป็นยังไง สนุกดีครับ

Is Ismailia your hometown or do you just live there currently? If it's your hometown, please could you tell me about it? Like what it's known for? 🙏 I hear about it quite a lot alongside Cairo and Alexandria 😇

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Unfortunately it’s not my hometown.., Although Ismailia is not as beautiful as Alex, but the calm here makes your sadness disappear and you can find peace while sitting on a beach.

How do you feel about your former classmates who offended you in your hometown, that you had to leave for the Crimea? @vladimirputinofficialpage

Ты поставила ссылку президента России в вопрос, он может через ссылку прочитать ответ на вопрос ты это знала? Ну если для тебя это так важно, то я отвечу. Мы уехали в Крым, потому что они меня обижали, и мне названивали на мой номер очень часто, поэтому и пришлось уехать чтобы не обижали. Отношение моё к ним, такое же как и им ко мне - пофигистическое.
Если бы они не оскорбляли меня каким - то образом, то я думаю что может быть, у меня было бы отношение лучше.
Мне просто интересно, почему учитель поощрял, и не объяснил детям, что избиения, буллинг и прочее - это очень глупо. Дали бы ребёнку нормально учиться, и всё. Зачем названивать на уроках? Находить в городе? Оскорблять.
Очень страшно, что учителя вместо того чтобы объяснить ребёнку, что буллинг - это неправильно, ещё поощрял то, что кто - то кого - то обижает в классе.
И никто за этим не смотрит. В особенности если мама с папой не дали этого понятия ребёнку, то объясните кто - то из вас, что его действия категоричны.

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Society seems to treat fat people badly. They are seen as lazy, undisciplined etc. How do you feel about fat people? Do you have prejudices about them? I think I do, unfortunately, but I try to treat everyone with respect.

Fatphobia is just a way of the system, unfortunately. There is very little love for fat people, regardless of whether or not they enjoy being fat, they put on weight while recovering from an ED, they have medical issues that caused or contributed to weight gain, etc.
I have internalized fatphobia, as I've always been, at the very least, on the chubby side. It's a doozy to unlearn, as I've been taught my body is wrong - even when I was healthy and walked to get around my hometown instead of taking transport (and would have people hollering out the side of *cars* at me to exercise and lose weight, imagine that!) Now my medical issues make it easy to gain and hard to lose weight, rather than the weight being the specific cause for my ill health in the first place. However, as long as I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle with nutrition and exercise, my health picks up somewhat and I feel better within my (still fat) body.
De-stigmatizing fatness and changing our perspective that fat automatically means unhealthy will help people of all sizes, tbh. Also, as fatphobia is a tool of capitalism, it's very cool and anticapitalist to do so.

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czy chłopacy nagrali jakiś ost do dramy?

Tak, całym zespołem nagrali piosenkę pt. „The Story That Will Never End” do dramy „Extraordinary You”, a oprócz tego Seungmin wydał OST do jednej z najnowszych dram pt. „Hometown Cha Cha Cha”.
czy chłopacy nagrali jakiś ost do dramy

Поделитесь своим плейлистом, пожалуйста. Интересно, какие песни вас согревают в холодные и не очень дни.

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Здравствуйте. 😊
🎼 Cassete - My Way.
🎼 Daniel Elbittar - Estoy Vivo.
🎼 Полина Ростова - Прости.
🎼 Dj Antonio & Aris - End Of The Road.
🎼 C - Bool - Golden Rules.
🎼 C- Bool - Higher.
🎼 Alina Eremia & C - Bool - Red Lights.
🎼 Nightcore - Hometown Smile.
Поделитесь своим плейлистом пожалуйста Интересно  какие песни вас согревают в

Have you visited any castles?

Many. My favourite experience was near my hometown. It's ruins of teutonic knights' Castle from 14th century. The gates normally open for school trips and organised group visits, but it turns out, that for as little as a bottle of vodka, you can get your way inside for the whole night! 😆 At least, me and friends had that privilege.
Have you visited any castles

Name 10 band from your state? I bet you can't do it. If you can get 10 I'll tell you the 10 from my state

ZZ Top
The Mars Volta
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Los Lonely Boys (How Far is Heaven)
Bowling For Soup (my hometown)
Errrr.. can’t name 10.
Oh! Buddy Holly!
You win
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What's the happiest you've ever been?

As a kid my family and I used to go to a family restaurant called S&S Cafeteria, which served home style food in a sort of cafeteria setting. It was an amazing buffet without the endless trips. I would always get their hamburger steak and jello as a kid and always loved it. But around the time I was 8 or 9 they closed. Until 2 years ago I thought I would never eat there again. Apparently they had a sister location about 3 hours from my hometown. So when I found out I had to go there, this time by myself as a grown adult. I got my tray and suddenly I was a kid again with no troubles in the world. I got my hamburger steak and jello, and didn't feel any shame in the fact that I'm a grown man eating jello by myself. It was perfect. It couldn't have been happier. I think it was when I bought my house a few years ago. I had saved up cash for it and I own it outright. It wasn't too expensive but I own it and have amazing neighbors. It's a little bit of a fixer-upper too. The day I moved in I walked into an empty room and did a sort of "carpet snow angel" on the floor.
I had an Italian girlfriend a couple of years back and we went back there to stay with her old friends. The next morning I had a realisation that I had woken up in a house in the centre of Venice sharing a room with 3 incredible-looking Italian girls. At that moment I knew life wasn't bad and I could brag about that to my grandkids one day.
It was about three years ago. I had been informed that my master thesis was approved. My girlfriend was away on a bachelorette party so I was alone with the kitten we had received the day before. I spent the entire evening watching Archer, eating pizza and snuggled with the cat. It was wonderful.
Probably family bbq's when I was a kid. Grew up on a street where everyone knew each other and had family that lived on the street as well. That sense of community is really what my life is lacking these days. As a kid, you never think that the community will disband and family members would move away.
I get comments on my intelligence fairly often (i'm decent at maths and remembering facts. I'm not really that clever) amd my mum calls me handsome, but people complimenting my eyes is the only genuine compliment i get that i actually agree with.
When I met my current girlfriend IRL for the first time, when we fell in love for each other, in December last year, after knowing her for about 3 years on Discord. She's a golden person, I love her so much.

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When was the happiest time of your life?

25 until now, soon 29. Why? I am an established, independent man, university is behind me, with a hot girlfriend, great career, financially well off, great work life balance. Enjoying life's fruits, travel a lot, meet friends, have hobbies. Am also the strongest and fittest I have ever been. It's like, I wish it would remain like this forever.
I'm 36 now and without a doubt happy and mostly content with the wife and kids. I don't mean to sound like I'm having an early mid life crisis or any regrets because I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's. Just remembering back, I was too busy having fun to realize how much fun I was having. For me, everything up to 18 kinda sucked because I was not happy at home. I was awkward at school, confrontational, and was on edge 24/7. but university was great for me (17-21) Sure I was broke, but so was everyone else. I grew into myself, became a more confident, positive person, and made friends with people that I actually liked and not just random people from my hometown that I tolerated.
Not any age, but at my happiest when I was truly loved. I think it was only three times in my 50 years. The first was my true love from HS, the third my 1st wife, mother of my kids. My 2rd love loved me, but I didn't love her back. Still enjoyed that feeling. I was respectful and ended it, so she could find happiness with someone who truly loved her.
Probably back when I was 5-8 years old. I was baby sat by some pretty mean people when I was young so when I was able to take care of myself it was better. Then around when I was 8 my parents went through a rocky time in their marriage which lasted through highschool which really made me hate being home because I was afraid of hearing them screaming at each other. Then I went to college and lived on a banquet meal a day and didn't do much there. Took me forever to get a bachelors degree. Now I'm just living off rice, eggs, and bacon trying to get a job in my degree field.
I remember walking a mile to the store to buy a sobe drink at $0.99 a bottle. Good times. Also buying a 3 pack of cheap pizza for $3 and eating ramen noodles cooked or just dry with the packet sprinkled over the noodles. I was really close with my cousins during that time and we would play in the woods all day and just chill. Coming back from Afghanistan after 13 months. I haven’t felt so light and heavy at the same time. Feeling light because I’m finally done for a bit… and heavier when you think about what you just came back from lol.
I went from a very confident, social, independent person to someone completely different. I wound up in an extremely emotionally abusive relationship that really, really did a number on me and I fell into such a deep depression and had PTSD to the point that I had to stop working. I became a shell of myself.

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What do you like about your City?🤔

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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I originally come from a city that is built close to the ocean. Now that I study I live close to the mountains, which I don't enjoy as much as in my home-town. I especially miss the ocean air and that summer is never really too hot.

What is a fun or interesting fact about your hometown?

The memories, the sunrise and sunset breeze & scenery, the friendly people, the cheerful environment, the flowers and smell, the foods and welcoming hand, the small stalls that sell ice blended & the traditional steam bun I like, the evening bicycle riding, the long rows of palm trees throughout the way to go back home...
Everything, honestly. It was just me who didn't experience everything wholeheartedly, cause I thought I always have time. Haih. Tgok dan sedih balik 😪.

11/3/2022 2:41AM

Mới xem xong 2 tập đầu tiên của Hometown Cha Cha Cha. Một bộ phim có nhiều điều nhỏ bé tươi đẹp. Và mình chưa muốn ngủ vì có nhiều suy nghĩ lộn xộn trong đầu.
Mình nhận ra sức mạnh của cảm ơn và xin lỗi lớn đến thế nào. Có nhiều việc cần 1 lời xin lỗi chân thành thì sẽ không dẫn đến tương lai xấu xí. Như trong Alice ở xứ sở thần tiên, nếu Nữ hoàng trắng nhận ra lỗi lầm kịp thời và xin lỗi Nữ hoàng đỏ thì quan hệ của 2 người đã không tệ đi đến mức như vậy và không gây hại gì đến mọi người xung quanh. Và 1 câu chuyện tương tự, 1 lời xin lỗi thật tâm là chìa khóa để mọi việc tốt lên, cũng xuất hiện trong Hometown Cha Cha Cha.
Một lời cảm ơn chân thành cũng có thể thắp sáng lên một ngày của ai đó. Lời cảm ơn cũng là món quà to lớn nhất nhận lại khi làm một việc tử tế. Khi làm một việc tốt, nhiều khi cũng chẳng mong được đáp lại điều gì, chỉ mong tấm lòng của mình có thể được cảm nhận bởi người thụ hưởng điều tốt và việc tốt đó thực sự có ích. Họ biết ơn thật tâm và sẽ tốt hơn nữa nếu họ nói ra câu cảm ơn - như một minh chứng dễ thấy hơn cho lòng biết ơn của họ.
Người ta bảo "chỉ là lời nói thôi mà", "lời nói gió bay", mình không nghĩ thế. Lời nói có sức mạnh to lớn lắm. Nhất là lời nói xuất hiện đúng lúc, đúng nội dung, đúng người.
Sao chúng ta phải giấu lòng mình đi khi mà chúng ta có thể yêu thì cứ nói yêu, không thích thì cứ nói không thích, giận thì bảo giận, vui thì bảo vui,.... biết ơn thì nói cảm ơn, tội lỗi thì nói xin lỗi...
Con người có tâm tình phức tạp, vậy mà chẳng thể hiện ra bằng một dấu hiệu dễ thấy hơn để thay cho quan sát, lắng nghe rồi phán đoán những điều đang diễn ra trong nội tâm nhau.
Một người luôn tin những mối quan hệ lành mạnh có thể xây dựng từ sự thấu hiểu và thành thật, một ngày, thấy thế giới thật khó hiểu.
Không ngại nói ra lòng mình, chỉ ngại những tâm tư của mình vô tình làm người khác tổn thương

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mintaaa recommended drakor dongg, mau aku list2 nih

ZefanyaGab’s Profile Photofluppylones✨
Oke ini yang aku lagi tonton sekarang dan ada juga udah aku tonton gak terlalu berat kok ada twenty five twenty one, thirty nine, forecast love and weather, hometown cha cha, mr queen, hotel del luna, snowdrop, start up, nevertheless, hospital playlist, racket boys, love alarm, dong yi jewel in the crown, our beloved summer sama business proposal fix harus wajib nonton semuanya.

What is the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make, and how does it affect you today?

Deciding to move. I had a job and good friends but no career in my extremely small town. I decided to move over 1500kms away to be nearer my family and to attend university, when my son was almost 3. Hardest decision ever. I regret it in many ways, but also don't, because I got my degree and a career, just have minimal friends and one family member still around here, everyone else moved away! My son loves it here and refuses to consider moving back to a place he doesn't even recall. I can't afford to move back anyway.
Left owning a franchise restaurant, to become a police officer. I had pretty good money coming in, power over decisions, "status", and a " guaranteed future" (not to mention all the alchol and drugs at my disposal). I decided to leave it all and become clean (still drink but quit cigarettes and drugs) . I chose this path as I was always sold on the fact that making 100k+ and having status was the goal in life but as I got to that level, I realized life is what you make of it and you should spend your time doing things that you want to do and that you seem valuable. I always wanted to be in the military/ police but was always told I was too smart for that and that I should go to business school so I did, but that's not what I wanted . So now here at 26 years old (which is still young imo), I'm finally doing things for myself instead of "what's right"
Cutting my brother out of my life. He threatened to hurt my daughter after years of being a bully to me, that was an easy decision. The hard part is sticking by that decision when my parents and family refuse to accept this and use every pressure/manipulation to sweep it under the rug and make me change my mind. Sorry I’m not going to pretend my unemployable 35yo brother who spends his days smoking pot, gambling and gaming is normal and there’s no way my kids are growing thinking him and his behaviour is normal either.
Moving home after my house and workplace got torn up in a typhoon. I had to choose between roughing it out with not enough money to move, and the prospect of living without power and possibly without water for the next few months; OR moving back to my very small hometown with little to do, very few job prospects, people who never liked me, but with a free house and car at my disposal.
Breaking up with my first girlfriend. For the first few years it was really difficult. So difficult that I don't even clearly remember those years. 18 years later I had an "episode" and started remembering our relationship more. I wound up having panic/anxiety attacks first the first time in my life and had to stay in a mental hospital for 3 days because I was constantly crying. Dem medz helped a lot... Love makes us do crazy things...
Now, a year later, I’m in a loving relationship with an honest man. My past sometimes does rear its ugly head, but my boyfriend is very understanding and supportive and helps me to let it go.

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Do you often use public transport to get around where you live? If you don't, what would make you start to use it? If you do, what improvements would you still want to be implemented? 🚆🚍🚋

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yeah, I either walk or use public transport since I don't have a car and am too anxious to ride a bike in the city. 😅 As for improvements I would appreciate ... my hometown could definitely use better connections in public transport, especially in the evening and at night and especially to places a bit farther outside the central city. It also should be way more accessible in multiple ways, and I think it should be way cheaper, if not free.

What is your favourite family tradition?

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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
When I visit my hometown, my fiancé, her mom and I always go to the ocean together and there is a restaurant that makes so delicious ice cream. So when we are all together we always visit this restaurant and watch the ocean waves together.

(sent on 1/16/22) as a child, what did you want to do with your life? have things gone to plan or changed?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
I wanted to be a professional esports player. That dream has subsequently died.
I remember when very little saying I wanted to be an artist, a scientist, an a drummer. None of it happened, although I am a former very good bad poet..
I wanted to be a nurse. I wanted to find my true love. Move far away from my hometown and my family. None of it happened
Be a veterinarian. Then I found out it is harder to get into vet school than doctor school and also I realized I'd still have to deal with humans all the time anyway AND I would see injured and upset animals.

Drakor apa yg bagus?

• Crash Landing on You
• Moon Lovers
• Goblin
• Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
• While You Were Sleeping
• Descendant of the Sun
• My Love from the Star
• Vincenzo
• The Devil Judge
• Navillera
• Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
• Mine
• The Penthouse 1, 2, 3
• Sisyphus: The Myth
• River When The Moon Rises
• True Beauty
• The K2
• The Heirs
Banyak lagi sih

طب رشحيلي مسلسل توكلنا ع الله 😂

mouse دا اكشن وجريمه وممتع بس اسمعه كدا ومتزهقش في الاول عشان ممكن تحس انك مش فاهم حاجه بس حلقتين كدا وهتتعلق بيه أوي 😂♥️
واسمع hometown cha cha دا رومانسي ومن المسلسلات النادرة اللي خلتني اعيط 🥺♥️
thirty but seventeen
globin ودا عظمه خلاني اعيط بردوا ♥️♥️
الثعلب ذو الذيول التسعه دا عظمه بردوا زي globin كدا وخيالي زيه بردوا
اسطورة البحر الأزرق
Mr , Queen
الطبيب الغريب
حياة الطبيب كيم
happiness بس دا لسه بينزل منه حلقات وبيتكلم عن وباء منتشر
فتدق ديل لونا ودا بحبه اوي ♥️
عقارات ضخمه
لنقاتل ايها الشبح
والاتنين اللي في الاخر دا اشباح وكدا بس ممتعين وبيضحكوا بردوا
واسمع globin او الثغلب ذو الذيول التسعه او mouse الاول عشان دول أقربهم لقلبي ♥️
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What are you naturally good at?

Music. I can pick up almost any instrument without really trying. I have guitar, bass, piano, drums, trombone, trumpet, tuna, euphonium, and various others.
All things sport. I'm just one of them people that can pick up any sport and be good at it in a short amount of time e.g. anything from tennis, golf, football (soccer for you heathens), to karting, snooker + pool
Bass guitar. I can play most bass lines by ear.. I dont really need to pactice, it just feels like I am "talking" or painting with sounds. Hard to describe.. I really love playing though and it is quite cathartic.
Imitating people's voices, doing cartoon voices, funny foreign accents. For years I thought everybody could do that, and just weren't as afraid of embarrassing themselves as I was.
Annoying people by succeeding at school without putting the effort in. I noticed during university as they would act a bit spiteful when grades were brought up. Now they joke about how far I would go if I applied myself. To bad I'm lazy as Fuck.
Learning to play video games. Somewhat useless as far as life skills go, especially because my ceiling for skill that much above average. But I love it when a new game comes out so I can play online and figure out all the best tactics before anyone else.
I remember when Monday Night Combat came out, I loved that game, but my friends and I were pretty much unbeatable. I ended up getting #1 on the leaderboards for a little while, it’s an amazing feeling that is just impossible to get with older games.
Adapting to any environment, from playing games, sports, social event, academics, work environment, etc. Can fit into any situation and survive. A chameleon if you will. Not trying to boast, it's just a life skill that I try to harness and develop.
For example: a while back I was visiting my hometown and was calling up a good friend that I had not seen in a while. I could immedielty tell that something was bothering him just by the way he said "Hello" when answering the phone. I asked him is he was okay and he told me something to the effect of, "Not my wife, not my brother, sister or my kids could tell that I've been depressed these past few days but within seconds you called me out on it man." and we had a chat about what was getting to him. I can also tell when people are done talking to me, so needless to say I can tell pretty good when it time for me to shut up and let them go.
I've had friends ask me for recommendations in cities I haven't been to in five or ten years. If I can't remember the location of the place I'm recommending off the top of my head, I can go to google maps, find a spot I know I visited, and retrace my steps back to any point in my trip. Even for cities I've only been to for a day, 10 years ago.

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rekomandasi drakor terbaik yg anda liat?

Itaewon class, hometown cha cha cha, vincenzo dan masih banyak lagi pokoknya ga abis drama mahhh kalau yg bagus. Yg must watch banget Hymn of Death, cuman 3 eps tapi bikin nangis bangettt

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/dasalvatorebrothers/answers/167771284720

dasalvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀(⠀⠀damon⠀&&⠀sarah ⠀⠀/⠀⠀ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ₆⠀⠀)
⠀⠀a loud laugh escaped from Sarah's lips after hearing Damon's statement about wishing to see her protecting him.⠀⠀❝yeah, ━━ that would be fun. I'm stronger than what I look like❞⠀⠀a funny grin was formed on her face as she flexed her arm in a sign of strength.⠀⠀❝If we make it a habit to come here at night, ━ then, that is more than likely to happen.❞⠀⠀matter of fact, jokes apart, with that being said, Sarah wanted to make sure that both of them would be together even when the NIGHT WAS OVER.
⠀⠀the Cameron girl dubiously bit her lip as she thought about the answer to Damon's question. Why did she move to Mystic Falls? Was there even a real reason? Sarah's family had a house there, but they also had buildings in other places from America, so... why Mystic Falls? Probably because of sentimental value and nostalgia⠀⠀❝when I was a child... I used to come here with my family. There was a time when we were actually happy❞⠀⠀ her brown eyes gleamed longingly, turning to look at Damon.⠀⠀❝Mystic Falls is my mother's hometown so I guess I'm kind of attached to this town as well❞⠀⠀the corner of her rosy lips curved shortly, trying her best not to feel sad.
⠀⠀❝so... Mystic Falls is your hometown, huh? Too bad we didn't meet before, Damon. I got the feeling my whole life would have been different ━━ in a good way, of course❞⠀⠀ Sarah honestly replied, her smile growing bigger.⠀⠀❝and you've moved around a lot... have you ever visited the Outer Banks, North Carolina? That's where I'm from. Such a good place to find troubles❞⠀⠀

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ httpsaskfmdasalvatorebrothersanswers167771284720

❀ damon⠀&&⠀sarah : https://ask.fm/kookprxncess/answers/168410937094

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A boyish smile appeared on Damon's face as she complimented his kissing, although the bigger compliment was her astonishment afterwards, which meant that it was actually true. ❝You should see the other things I'm good at.❞ The vampire implied with a mischievous smirk and shortly lifted eyebrows. As Sarah agreed with his suggestion, a decent smile was shown. ❝Let's go then.❞ OBVIOUSLY they'd be heading to the Salvatore Mansion; where else would they go where they could enjoy themselves in privacy? Holding hands felt wonderful — almost as if he was a teenager and that his first contact to something close to a relationship. As they started walking the Salvatore couldn't prevent the laughter at Sarah's words. It was a fact that he'd protect her if there was something to protect her of; yet the animal attacks were attributable to him, so there was no danger. ❝I'm not wishing for an animal but I have to admit I'd really love to see you protecting me. After all I'm a mysterious man in black, I think that'd make an interesting scene.❞ With his head turned to her he spoke, the amusement due her joke visible by a smile. Only the imagination of that made him chuckle — a petite woman protecting a rather rogue looking man, who wouldn't want to have a look at that?
❝So, Sarah, tell me, why Mystic Falls? There are so many beautiful cities and towns, and you chose THIS for a fresh start.❞ He sincerely wanted to know why someone would choose Mystic Falls over any other place in the country, if not even world. Many times the vampire seeked for a fresh start, visiting a lot of cities and yet it always had the same end; a trail of corpses and the return to his hometown, as if he was drawn to that bloody town. ❝—if I may ask. I'm just trying to understand why somebody would voluntary move here. I've moved around a lot, yet lived here throughout the time although it's my hometown so it wasn't quite my choice of where to return to.❞

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Why do some people never travel? Ik ppl who never leave/have left their hometown. I've been around the world, my parents are avid travelers so ever since I was a child, they've been taking me places. This world is so beautiful, so many wonders to be explored. It's a shame to rot in one place.

Some people are just homebodies. I agree that travelling is nice but also though I'm not a big ole snob about it.

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»» ━━━━━━ lydia & kiara ║ chapter one ━━━━━━ ««
⠀⠀Lydia Martin, once a queen B in Beacon Hills, now a full KOOK living in figure 8, the upper-class Northside of Kildare Island, OBX. After all the dangers she faced during her stay in her hometown, the strawberry blonde decided to move alongside her family, taking a well deserved year off as she enjoyed in the islands. All she wanted to do was relax and have fun. It wasn't so difficult (at first).
⠀⠀Her first day there, she already met those who would become her best friends: Rafe Cameron, Topper Thornton and Kelce. They kindly welcomed her and taught everything she needed to know. Of course, the guys made sure she hated The Pogues as much as they did. All of them told her about many fights kooks and pogues shared, including one where the so-called JJ aimed a gun right at Topper. That was enough for Lydia to hate them all. Now, having earned her own reputation in honor of her old days as a queen B, Lydia was officially one of them.
⠀⠀Finally, the so expected party took place. Kelce was busy flirting with his love interest ━━ therefore, Rafe, Topper and Lydia were alone at the moment the Cameron guy laid his eyes upon Kiara.⠀ ❝Come on. It's gonna be fun❞⠀ Rafe muttered maliciously, assuming Topper and Lydia would just follow him. At first, the banshee disliked the idea of annoying Kiara while she was ALONE. It just wasn't fair... YET, she had a reputation to uphold and the rest of the pogues would probably run to her as soon as they saw the scene.⠀ ❝Kiara... sweetheart, what are you doing here, all alone?❞⠀
⠀⠀The kook female moved Rafe to a side, standing herself in front of the pogue female, face to face.⠀ ❝Why do you assume we came here to bother you? Can't we just talk to you as decent persons would?❞⠀ she heard both of her friends laughing by her side, but she ignored them. Her attention was now completely focused on Kie.

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How well do you know the area where you live? Like if you know what fun things there are to do, the area's history etc. You think you'd make for a good guide if you were to show someone around? 🗺🏡

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"How well do you know the area where you live?"
if you're referring to the country I live in, I would have to say that I know it pretty well. however, I definitely have not explored my current hometown enough. 😅
"Like if you know what fun things there are to do, the area's history etc. You think you'd make for a good guide if you were to show someone around?"
oh, for sure! 🤩🇸🇬
How well do you know the area where you live Like if you know what fun things

Каролина в стране кошмаров

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Хорошо, +10🔥 (только "кора.. " 🙈)
🍁 Угадай мультфильм 🍁

А откуда этот кадр?

Первому 10🔥
Остальным по 3❤️

– hometown
Каролина в стране кошмаров

Ещё будем играть? 😱 а ты не устала,зайка?❤ — ᛕɼﻝรɭﻝกค🌿

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Неет, о чём речь. Игры с вами вообще редкая вещь, а я это люблю больше всего на свете 😏🥰
К тому же, в планы входил весь день игр с вами, "на прощание", скажем так 🥺😌

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выходи гулять со мной выходи

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Отлично, +10🔥
🍁 Пропуски 🍁

Т_ вд_хн_шь п_лн_й гр_дью и л_г_е б_д_т

Первому 20🔥
Остальным по 10🔥

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выходи гулять со мной выходи

Малиновый закат стекает по стене.

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Отлично, +10🔥
🍁 Пропуски 🍁

Пр_щ_ всё з_б_ть

Первому 10🔥
Остальным по 5🔥

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