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Do กับ does ใช้ยังไง

ถ้าประธานเป็นเอกพจน์ (he, she,it) เราจะใช้ does ที่ต้องใช้ does เพราะกริยาช่อง 1 ถ้าประธานเป็นเอกพจน์ verb ต้องเติม s หรือ es ค่ะ) ตัวอย่าง She does her homework. ถ้าประธานเป็นพหูพจน์ (I, You, We, They) เราจะใช้ do ตัวอย่าง They do their homework. หรือ I do my homework.

Wolf; you are a 9 year old thats the leader of a drug cartel, smokes, is a furry, and would lose in a fight against Walter White. Lol

As opposed to a teenager that spends too much time outside of your own reality. Lol. Why don’t you pick up that math homework and learn something real for a change. Though, you strike me as the type that can’t comprehend it. Hm. Too bad. LOL.
- A

Should I invest or save my money

You must save before you invest. When you have enough discretionary income (it doesn't take a great amount to get started), you'll have to acquaint yourself with investment vehicles, financial instruments and opportunities which may be profitable. Assess risk, devise a strategy and consider fees / taxes. The best advice that I can give you is to do your homework, monitor trends closely and read as much as you can. This is a highly complex topic which requires patience, research and the proper attitude. Best of luck.
Should I invest or save my money

High School Life or College Life?

p1ck_’s Profile Photo9h1n
Highschool life yung panahong wala pang k-12, sobrang gaan pa non e. Tipong sunod sunod na homework lang ang proproblemahin mo, walang masyadong stress, kung tamad ka mag aral, palakol lang na grade ang matatanggap mo, mababait at may concern pa sa inyo yung mga teachers niyo. Di kagaya sa college, mapapatanong ka talaga sa sarili mo, kung bat mo pinasok ang kursong ito at kung kaya mo pa ba to malagpasan na buhay💀 HAHAHHAAH
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In school, what student were you?? (I was the student ALWAYS getting kicked out of class🤦🏿🤣)

bcgcrazziiksd1’s Profile PhotoChocolateGawd
I was the person who scored really good on tests, did no homework, slept through class when I bothered to show up, and couldn't stay out of trouble despite passing with an A by years end. Good learner terrible student lol
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What’s the name of a teacher you will forever remember?

grismob_’s Profile PhotoBHonest
Mathematics teacher in high school. Strict woman she could make any student near the blackboard cry 👀
but, she could make any student cry near the blackboard 👀 I often missed classes, so I didn’t understand how to solve homework, they are very difficult. 😶Volkova Nina Vladimirovna, hello to you 🤘

Should I cheat on my wife... Since she did it to me

damienw650’s Profile PhotoDamien Wayne
No. Wtf. This is why shit doesn’t work period. It’s not about getting back at one another. Like if you do that your as immature as her fucking cheating. Y’all both need outside help like a couples therapist so both of you can talk about your pain, and how to fix the relationship, and do the homework for that. God this generation sucks with relationships, this is why I’m old school. Like fuck!!

Tita, would u recommend a couple to live in together first before getting married? For the older gen kasi parang dehado daw ang girls kapag ganto kasi baka kunin lang ang u know. Pero I disagree haha kasi kahit naman di maglive together nagsesex padin. Atleast pag ganon alam mo kung pano talaga sila

Marrying someone without living with them for at least a few years (ideally 5-10) is a huge mistake. And this idea na may mawawala sa babae (but not sa lalake) by having sex is disgusting and puts women at risk while giving men a free pass. Don't sign a lifelong contract without doing your homework. There is no way you will know a person until you live with them daily.

When you're in a bad mood, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

Go for a walk if the weather is cooperating. If not, I cue up some music and zone out. Also, since I'm an artist/crafter, creating something always helps immensely. I like to channel the energy from a crappy mood into my work. I'll write, draw, sew, anything that is an outlet.
I put skin care facial masks on. Their cool and creamy on my fingers going on, and change how they feel on the face as they dry. It puts into a mindful mode because I'm focused on the present. Also handy from distracting me from being hungry.
Rejection: It's tough, I am one to be rejected quite a lot, but you have to find ways to deal with it and move on. For me, talking to my best mate about rejections helps. We have a friendship where we can vent our relationship problems to each-other. We both find letting those emotions out actually helps us recover quicker. Anger: Different kettle of fish. That one I do my best to do anything other than pace back and forth. I'll sit down, listen to music, do some homework. Shit, I'll even do some chores around the house if I need to. For me, anger isn't something to project onto someone else, that one you have to deal with by yourself. EDIT: When I'm angry, it's a great time for me to workout as well--I push myself hard in those situations, not necessarily healthy, but holy shit do I feel better after it. Sadness: Falls into the rejection category. Let the emotions out--yes I know it may seem somewhat feminine, but my god does it help.
When I get so mad that I just need to leave the house for a bit, I drive to a park a half mile from my house. It is across the street from an old historic brick house which reminds me of some kind of Jane Austin type house. It's just so pretty and at night, when I usually get to the point that I need to leave, it's lit up nicely. I sit in my car looking at that house and I feel better.
Go for a drive and listen to music. Unless I have shit to do, which is pretty much all the time while I'm in a bad mood. Correlation does equal causation on this one. Otherwise I fill the sink with water and dunk my head for as long as I can. Near-drowning clears my mind(no I the unconscious sort of way)
Listen to music, wether it be five finger death punch, pink Floyd, or even Taylor swift. Anything that's catchy and easy to listen to will help change my mood very quickly.
If it's just a combination of things or an otherwise unexplainable shitty mood, which happens more often, I try to avoid people. When I'm in that mood, everything irritates me and I'll just turn short term suffering into long term problems by taking it out on other people. If someone has to talk to me, I'd like that they at least be mindful of my bad mood-- I'll casually mention it to them. I don't expect someone to fix it, or even try, but don't start arguing with me over things or ask me to help you with something that will put me out further.

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If the sun gives light on earth..why doesn’t it give light up in space?

Our sun's beams of light - they reflect off objects and that is what we perceive. Since space is mostly empty, there is little to reflect and we perceive the desolate vastness as darkness.
Now, are there other homework questions that I can assist you with? =D
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Have you ever forgotten to study for a test until you arrive at class to take that test?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Unfortunately, the answer is yes. When I was young, I was a bad, bad boy who waited until the last minute to prepare for tests and to submit homework. And yet, somehow I managed to pass my subjects and even graduate from High School. I am still a bit perplexed how such a thing could have occurred. And to this day whenever I reflect back upon it I wonder if my promotions were:
1. an accident.... or
2. social promotion (because the teachers and principle wanted me out of the system ASAP!) lol

Is it okay to throw a VERY small party at my house and invite some people who aren't vaccinated? I won't be inviting more than 20 people, as I said it's a very small party. Some of my close friends aren't vaccinated and I respect their decision, even though I am.

I wouldn’t, personally.
They’re not only risking their own lives *just* to go to a party.. But they’re also risking everybody else’s life in their home/work etc.
Some people literally cannot get vaccinated for health reasons..
So it doesn’t sit right with me that people who CHOOSE not to get vaccinated are still walking around taking zero precautions.. Going to parties etc.
It’s selfish.

What’s your daily routine?

umarawwan’s Profile PhotoUMAR
On weekdays I wake up early to wake my son up for school. While he’s getting dressed I make him breakfast. Then once he eats I drive him to school. After that I go back home and get ready for my day. What I do depends on what I got going on that day. I own a horse grooming business plus I’m a model and i work at a bar in a club where I live. Then usually after work I go pick up my son from school. We usually go to the park for a little bit. Once we get back home I usually make dinner while he does his homework. Then on weekends he’s usually with his dad so I have the weekends to myself I usually sleep in a little later. Once I get up I get dressed and go to the gym. After that it is usually just depends on if I have plans or not. Then Sunday night my son comes back to my place.

Does your life suck?

My life sucks because:-
Im not physically challenged, all my body parts from brain to foot finger are working fine.
I can see, hear and speak easily.
I have my parents who scolds me.
I have food to eat .
I have got a house to live in.
I have got a bed to sleep.
I've got a smartphone and a laptop to answer your question.
my life sucks cause I have all these things and still I think my life sucks. Life would never suck, Never! Life is a series of happiness and sadness and alot more emotions, we don't say life is so good when we get some happiness, we just see the negative side. If we try and see it from the other side, we'll get to know life is beautiful. Like have you ever been to a beach and see the waves coming up? At one moment you feel like you'll drown deep into the water and never come back, at the other, you're safe, and you feel the beauty of the scene. It is just a matter of how we take the situation to be, life would never suck, my friend. Try and be with nature at times, in immense solitaire, and observe the beauty around you, you'll find the your soul in a far away world. I cannot begin to say how awful my life is. Just one year ago I was one of the happiest guys you could ever meet. This year I dealt with the loss of some family members and emotional abuse. I was low, but I knew I could get through it.i was debating whether I was depressed or not and told my mom I wanted to see a therapist. First appointment my therapist says “I’m prescribing you Zoloft, it will retrain your brain.” The though that I could get away from the pain of the death of my family members with just one pill was amazing. I took it for a week and it raised my mood a little bit, I became a little more positive. Then week 2 came. I noticed I wasn’t happy or sad anymore, just felt nothing. I assumed it was my depression and kept taking the medication. I took this medication for a month and became totally flatlined emotionally. It is now two months later and I feel no love, empathy, or happiness. The thought of dying used to terrify me. But now I have no emotions. The old things I used to do don’t make sense to me anymore. I wouldn’t necessarily if consider myself suicidal, but I’m kind of indifferent to death now. I could live or die and not care less. Oh and yeah, btw I’m 15.
I'm fairly privileged, and the only thing I'd want would be less homework, less exams, just less things to stress about in general. I'd like my parents to be less religious, for then to be more accepting, but I can only wish for so many things. I also get picked on quite a lot at school, but I've gotten used to it.
I'd also like a lot more alone time. And a piano. I'm a 12 year old, so I'd say these are fairly reasonable requests. My life is alright, but I've been resigned to doing things I don't want to do for so long that Ive sort of just given up.

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Back when were you in school, what’s the lamest excuse that you’ve given your teacher/s in not doing your homework 📚?

I always did my homework but there were times when I rushed, made careless mistakes or didn't put as much effort as I should have. I was probably more frustrated than my teachers... =P

Do you want someone to do all your homework?

I don't have homework.
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Do you want someone to do all your homework

Men, what makes a woman attractive to you?(Don’t be explicit PLEASE). Women, what makes a man attractive to you?(Once again, don’t be explicit PLEASE). It’s for an homework in my psychological development of human to birth until the death

Aight for me, yk that kind, caring, comforting energy? Like you can rely on them and they got you? Yup that sh is sexy af to me

لو انتي مدرسة هل ممكن تضربي

كنت نزلت شغل مُدرسة من فتره كبيره ف حضانه والطفل اللى مكنش بيعمل ال homework كان بيصعب عليا اضربه ف كنت بحاول ازعق ع خفيف كدا علشان يخافوا شويه لما لقيتهم عيطوا وزعلوا قعدت اعيط جمبهم وحضنتهم وضيعت مصروفى عليهم فِ حاجات حلوة ياكلوها ع اساس بصالحهم وكدا 😂♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Que vas-tu faire de ton dimanche ?

Do as little as possible. It’s my one day where I get to do or not do whatever I want. It’s good to have, considering I’m either working or rehearsing with a band throughout the rest of the week. They don’t call it a day of rest for nothing. I like to go to the first showing of a movie, usually by myself, so I don't get bothered with a crowded theater. After I usually treat myself to about 12 Narragansetts and a bucket of wings from my favorite bar. Yep, productive!
I’m feeling like a lazy slug this afternoon. I really haven’t done anything and it’s so nice outside! I feel guilty for sitting on my ass all day. I enjoy weekends a lot better when I get out and do something fun !
Usually I go to a little bookstore downtown and do my homework there...they've got badass coffee and a nice little spot in the corner to work. On this particular Sunday, I have to be at school in two hours for a matinee...there are going to be so many small children. I'm probably going to suffer.
Well, I try to convince my mom not to make me go to church. If I succeed, I sleep in and finish the homework I didn't do on Friday or Saturday. And like JB said, I get sad because it's going to be Monday tomorrow.
7:00 am - get woken by my two year old son with a smack to the forehead 7:02-10:00 am- research the risks of an outpatient vasectomy procedure 10:01-10:15 am - get screamed at my toddler because we are out of waffles. Get up early to cook breakfast for the husband before he goes off for weekend warrior sports thing. Climb onto the couch with a blanket and read or surf reddit. Drink a meal boost shake & eat a sandwich. End up napping. Look at cat videos from local rescues and fall for all of them. Make lists of things to do. Ponder where to go on vacation. Eat leftover Saturday night pizza for lunch. Ignore the dirty laundry. Read more.
I go to ballet class every Sunday morning. Then I come home take a long stretch and have some lunch. Sometimes, if I'm not too tired from class, fiance and I will play some badminton. If not, I shower and then just chill.
I do a longer shower and skincare routine,usually a hair mask and a face mask if I can afford one. The hair mask from The Bodyshop I've had since Christmas and it's not going anywhere it seems. I run errands,properly tidy the apartment when I can be bothered and maybe squeeze in a tv show episode or two.
I usually put away the laundry and finish up any other housework I didn’t want to do on Saturday. I also sometimes mow the lawn if my husband is busy. Other than that I just chill and play with my dog.
I do a longer shower and skincare routine,usually a hair mask and a face mask if I can afford one. The hair mask from The Bodyshop I've had since Christmas and it's not going anywhere it seems. I run errands,properly tidy the apartment when I can be bothered and maybe squeeze in a tv show episode or two.

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Why do you have trust issues?

buttni_here’s Profile PhotoAmnah
A friend once told me, those children whose parents don't fulfil there promises with them have trust issues as an adult. Like they promise to go out after homework but don't take them out, or promise a chocolate but don't bring one. Beacuse parents are the only trustworthy people for a child & when they create mistrust, these issues go on with child throughout his life, he is never able to trust again.
Be very very vigilant being a parent, your little acts are highly affecting your child's life.

لو انتي مدرسة و طالب قالك مذاكرتش علشان نسيت تقولي ايه و تعاقبي ازاي لو اعدادي و مستهتر

عادي بكل هدوء كده اركنيه جمبك كده بعد ما الحصه تخلص وقوليله ذاكر بقى واديله ورق ، ولو في homework محلوش خليه يحله برده ..

لماذا قد التجأ اكثر الاهالي الى التعليم في المؤسسات الأهلية.؟

eheb08701’s Profile Photoأيهاب الاليخاني
باعتبار اني معلمه بالمدارس الأهليه من ٢٠١٢ واعرف النظام
فأسوء شي هو المؤسسه الأهليه
مستوى الطالب انه بالأهليه يكون احسن هذي حجه عند الأهالي اللي تحب المظاهر لأن الطالب الشاطر والحريص ما يهمه نوع المدرسه
المدارس الأهليه فاشله بالتربيه والتعليم لأن الطالب داخل بفلوسه فممنوع تعاقبه اذا شاغب بالدرس حتى لو چانت المعاقبه واجب بيتي اضافي وممنوع ما ينجح حتى لو چان كسلان واقل درجه تحطله ٦/١٠ والا تجيك الشكاوي وهالشي خلا الأهالي يلجأون للمدارس الأهليه عود يعني من تدليلهم لابنهم حتى لا يتعقد!
ايضا الأهالي لجأوا للمدارس الأهليه حتى يخلصون من جزء من مسؤولية اولادهم خاصة من يكون الأب والأم موظفين وما عندهم وقت لمتابعة اولادهم .. ولذلك نظام اغلب المدارس الأهليه ما تنطي Homework او واجب بيتي ولازم المعلمه تكمل شرح وتحفيظ الطلاب خلال الدرس لأن منو يقري الطالب بالبيت واهله ما متفرغين؟!
انقهر لأن درجات گوتره هوايه طلاب ما يستحقوهه وللأسف العاقبه تكون مصيبه مستقبلا لما يوصلون مرحلة الإعداديه لأن مرحلة الابتدائيه هي البناء هي الأصل.
ما احب التساوي بين الحريص والمهمل او الشاطر والكسلان بس الحمد لله طلابي چانوا يسمعون الكلام ويجيبون نتايج حلوه بدروسي لأن اني اعرف شلون اكسبهم والله يقدرني والحمد لله

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it's children's day where I live! do you celebrate children's day in any way? when was the last time you cherished/uplifted a child (or group of children) who meant a lot to you? 🗓💝🖍🎉

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Great question and might I add, an important one too!
I have three children ages (42, 37 and 14). Two are now adults and we take vacations together, play golf and music together, etc. My 14 year old daughter lives with me and I spend most of my free time guiding her, teaching her and recreating with her. We play golf each week and we also play violin and guitar together several times each week and I answer all questions related to school, homework, religion, society and life in general.
We are working on a book of poetry and Faith is creating most of the illustrations for it. Faith and her mother are also creating an online store where Faith will sell her Artwork. We are involved in every aspect of Faith's life and it is our hope and prayer that as an adult, she will be successful, independent and able to make informed decisions.
For me, children represent our future. The collective future of humanity is dependent upon children and it is incumbent upon ALL adults to care for our children and to acknowledge and celebrate that every child is a blessing from God.

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its childrens day where I live do you celebrate childrens day in any way when

What was your life like growing up?

I had mostly everything I could ask for. I learned how to ride a bike at a really young age. I was born and raised in the west coast so I was always outside doing something like riding my bike around town or playing basketball.
Growing up was pretty shitty. I was a fat kid from a single mom home. Mom worked her ass off for us, but wasn't around too much because of it. Went to school in a not-too-nice area. Wasn't a complete ghetto with bullets flying around, but there was a stabbing on campus while I was there. 2 people I graduated with are now on death row for rape and murder. So it wasn't Compton but it wasn't exactly safe either. 50% of the school spoke no English. Entire classes were taught in Spanish. Was pretty crazy. Got bullied a ton. I wanted to do well in school and I learned that if you fight back you get suspended too, so I just took it. I had kids who would kick/hit at me just to laugh at how white skin changes color (becomes whiter for a second) from the pressure "Look it left a footprint on him!" Kept my head down, worked hard at getting good grades, and got the hell out of there. Went across the nation for college because I wanted to get the hell out so badly. Now life is good. I've got a good job that pays well, a lovely wife, 2 great young kids (2 years and 3 months each). College was a blast. Made all the world of difference to get the hell out of a bad area and into a place where people wanted to be smart. Spoiled only child who got most of the things I wanted, although I was taught not to want too much. Learned to talk and read early, school was a joke, got good grades every year without trying and largely without studying or doing the required homework. Now I am not even a year out of college making good money working regular (7-5ish) hours. Personality is largely unchanged, I'm very nice to most people but also very entitled to my opinion and don't do well around stupid people or people who can't be criticized. Main hobbies include guns, art, music, snowboarding, videogames, weightlifting. Tl;dr, I was a spoiled only child and I think I ended up becoming a pretty good guy (especially taking into account the type of people I see more and more every day. The quality of people I see on a daily basis is becoming more and more disappointing.)
I had a tough time, we were on and off homeless, my mom bailed on my dad right after my brother was born. My dad is back to being homeless My life's not terrible, trying to figure out ways financially to afford college and work in Ca, and I live with roommates. Trying to find a new job so I can struggle a little less, I definitely work too hard to be this poor.
I was hyperactive in grade school and I got yelled at so much by my teachers I started wearing hoodies every day by 5th grade and by freshman year of highschool I had become mostly antisocial outside of my small group of friends. Still don't do well making new friends.

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Describe the difference between liberal and conservative ideologies in American politics.

tell me you're asking homework questions as shout outs without telling me you're asking homework questions as shout outs.
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Quelle est ta routine matinale incontournable ?

Recently I started setting my first alarm to go off 90 minutes before I actually intend to get up. I heard that this helps your body wake up because an average sleep cycle is 90 minutes long, so if you wake up the first time in the middle of a sleep cycle, you can turn off that alarm, complete a full sleep cycle, and then the second alarm wakes you at the end of it. It's been working pretty well for me so far. Some days I feel really lazy and have a hard time getting out of bed, and I lie there with my tablet browsing reddit and other social media sites. Other lazy days I just keep snoozing my alarm until I really absolutely have to go get ready or I'll be late. On "good" days I get out of bed within 10 minutes or so. I always pee, brush my teeth, and soak my ear (piercing) first thing, and tend to any other bodily needs. I usually shower in the mornings so I will do that every other day or whenever I need to. Then I get dressed and ready, whatever that means for that day, and usually eat something before leaving for class or grab something to eat in my first class. On days when my classes start later I like to take my time and do some homework or other reading and eat a full meal before going to my classes. Wake up at 5am Work out for half an hour (by the time I'm done changing and everything it's 5:45) Cold shower Makeup and hair (finish around 6:30) Read my goals out loud Ask myself positive/gratitude questions Have coffee & breakfast Work on courses/website/post on social media 7:30 pack lunch 7:40 head to work I work 8-4:30 at a job I hate so I really love waking up early and setting myself in a good mood for the day. I find I can handle the stress at work a lot better when I do my routine. I got the basis of my routine from the Ed Mylett podcast. I sometimes struggle with the exercise part, and am looking at lane swimming as another option since I live 3 blocks from our rec centre and they open at 5:30am. I've never done it before but I'm interested in checking it out. Wake up at 5am to my Philips HF3520 dawn simulator with bird sounds as the alarm noise (I can't recommend this alarm clock enough, it's changed my life) take medication, then make a green tea and sit in front of my NatureBright SunTouch Plus mood light for half an hour while I read up on local news/surf reddit. Take my meds, brush my teeth then get dressed and have some breakfast - scrambled egg whites or a spinach, green pepper, cheese and green onion omelette. After that it's time to head to work!
I get up at 7AM every day, regardless of what I have to do or how late I was up the night before. I make coffee and catch up on the news. After waking up a bit, I do a set of stretches, which takes about 10-15 minutes. I then meditate for 15 minutes. Now is when I'll make breakfast, if I have time, and pack my lunch for the day. I'll make sure I have everything I need for the day, brush my teeth and wash up a bit, then I'm out the door.

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YO! 🙄 Do you want me to share something personal with you?

Ffs that baby was gonna come over today again, thank God my mom said I was doing homework so they didn’t come lmaooo kids are annoying as shxt
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Did you have a locker during high school? Did you decorate it in any way? Did you tend to store anything else other than school supplies and books? 📚🎒

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I did have a locker in high school! I didn’t decorate it, I believe that wasn’t allowed but not sure. Even if it was allowed, I didn’t feel like decorating it anyways haha.
My locker was at the perfect location: next to my best friends who were in different classes after a couple of years, my ex’s locker was there too I believe but not so sure anymore. It was right in the entrance hall and nearby the gym halls and cafeteria too! 🤩 I even had a bench behind me where I could drop my bag and coat.
I basically only stored my books and paperwork in it. I believe I also had a spare gym pants in case I forgot. I brought snacks and food with me daily so I didn’t store that in there either. 🤭 oh and I used to store my jacket in there, I hated carrying it around lol
I made sure that I kept the books I didn’t have homework or had to study for in the locker. I only took the books I needed with me to home. I also only carried the books for a max of three to four courses a time (switching them during the break) so I never had a heavy bag! 🤗

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Did you have a locker during high school Did you decorate it in any way Did you

Ton plus grand regret ?

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I was once on a train and I witnessed a man viciously verbally abusing a boy around the age of 7 or 8. He was yelling at the kid, calling him stupid, telling him that he was worthless, and no one loved him. When the kid started crying, the man laughed and called the boy a pussy. He told him that his mother didn't love him and that if he was going to keep crying, he should just kill himself.
There are a series of unfortunate events in my life upon which I look back and think to myself, "If only I hadn't made that decision." Thing is, there is always a decision preceding it that ultimately led me down the wrong path anyway. In adult life, I'd have to say moving from California to Texas in an effort to satisfy my wife's insatiable material appetite and buying the big shiny house. Wife's gone now, house is gone now, and I live in a shitty rent house in Texas with no friends, and unable to move back because of agreements on geographic proximity concerning the child. In younger life, I was a very good musician. I got recruited to some really top notch music schools, but I listened to my high school counselor, and opted to go to a regular college in pursuit of a traditional white collar career. Turns out I just don't have the personality to survive long in an office environment, and I've got no outlet to express myself. I undoubtedly would've been much worse off financially, but my very being would have been a lot more satisfied.
Six years ago I broke up with a long time girlfriend, she was coming out of a severe deppression due to the death of her parents in a car accident, we were fighting one night, I don't even remember why, I just remember it was a stupid meaningless fight. It was 2 am, she told me she never wanted to see me again, then grabbed her keys to her motorbike and left. She was drunk too, She drove out to the beach and drowned herself. I still know I could have and should have stopped her.
That I let people (mostly concerned family) talk me out of pursuing computer and electrical engineering in college. Med school never worked out, so if I could change one thing in my life, it would be that. I can't afford another bachelor's, but I'm learning to program now (never too late for that). I generally live with no regrets, but that is the biggest thing that comes closest to a regret.
I wasn't a bad kid. I didn't do drugs, steal, or anything really stupid like that. I was very well behaved. I just didn't do my homework. I was a fast learner, and would get A's and B's on my tests, but since homework was like 80% of my grades in high school, I was failing classes. I knew I wanted to be a software engineer when I was only 15. But since I didn't do my homework, even after spending an extra year in high school, I didn't have enough credits to graduate, so college didn't happen.

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Tips on dealing with people who judge you on forgetting things easily? Something you cannot help because of an attention disorder

•Take advantage of technology
There area lotof apps and smart devices that can help you program your day. For example,Focus@Willhas a dedicated channel to “ADHD type 1” and also includes other channels and energy modes to increase your focus.
•You can also check out this list of top apps for living with ADHD https://www.healthline.com/health/adhd/top-iphone-android-apps
•Use positive self-talk
We all have some internal dialogue, and self-talk can be a powerful tool for organizing your thoughts.
But self-talkcanbe a destructive obstacle to your productivity and self-esteem if you’re too hard on yourself.
So try your best to encourage yourself throughself-talk— and grant yourself a bit of grace if you make mistakes.
•Have a launchpad for when you leave the house.
Trying to remember all the items you need in order to leave the house can be a challenge. I recommend setting a reminder on your phone.
•Leave visual reminders in your environment
“One of the things with ADHD is that it acts on impulses and cues,” explainsTimothy Kelly, a licensed clinical social worker at Propagate Hope Counseling. “Need to take the trash out? Place it in front of the doorway. Need to do your homework? Place it on top of your computer, so you don’t end up playing video games instead.”
Visual reminders are a great way to help you remember a task that you might otherwise forget.
•Create simple systems
“Building routineand structure in daily life makes menial and tedious tasks automatic, frees brain space, and helps people work through difficult emotional blocks,” says Kelly.
Combining to-do lists and daily routines allows a healthy mixture of predictability and variability, which the ADHD brain thrives in.
•Create lists and write down complicated instructions
Learning a new task — especially a complicated one — can be challenging for anyone, with or without ADHD.
If you’re given instructions involving a lot of complicated steps, or if you’re being trained on a

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Did you have a teacher you will never forget ?

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When i was in 4th grade we had this urdu teacher, she used to give the lengthiest homeworks, I always got mad at her k kia itna zyada homework de deti hain and she was very strict aswell . One day we had a free lecture and she said "lets play BARAF PANI" ab hum khel rhy hain and somehow its her turn to catch and we are running. She was running Or maine TAANG ARA DI... she fell on the floor or itni koi heavy awaz ai xD the kids ran towards her, asking "ma'am ap theek hain na?"
She said "ji ji beta Ab bs game time over hogya"
She didn't know it was me 😂
I feel bad for her :p but
I love her for choosing to play with us ;-;
^can't forget her 😂

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