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Have you ever experienced a friendship breakup? what did it teach you?

liquid_sinn’s Profile PhotoSinn
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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More than any other kind of break up I believe.
It taught me that:
╰ sometimes, no matter how close you feel to your friends, they are not a regular part of your life, they can just leave, just like family or any other close person to you
╰ promises mean nothing because when circumstances change, people find it difficult to keep up to their word (So that's why you shouldn't bring that into a friendship, no matter how much you are afraid to lose someone, because in the end; what wants to go, goes with or without a promise)
╰ people are more honest at the end of a friendship than at the beginning
╰ you should always observe if people act according to what they say because some people like to talk one day, but don't do what they tell you and even forget it on another day
╰ friends who can't treat you with a bare minimum of respect, honesty, empathy or loyalty will always tell you that you have too high standards that no one can fulfil - the thing is, just because they can't fulfil them doesn't mean that your standards are too high and that no one else could live up to your standard
╰ friends can break your heart and then act like it's your fault at the beginning
╰ if lies are a "go-to" for a person because they hate arguments, it indicates that the person has no healthy way to discuss something peacefully until the argument is solved
╰ don't argue with people who subconsciously believe they are always right
╰ don't hold on to a person because she/ he was good to you in the past but mistreats you in the present
╰ people treat you exactly how they feel about you, don't believe you can change that by showing more empathy, loyalty or what so ever...if the person would care, she/ or he would just show it accordingly

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If u r alone in front of the sea what would u scream with ? Take a min to think and say it ..and u can delete it later

Dear heart, let's wash your sadness by this ebb and flow waves now, and let's weep to the fullest, let's cry over everything that is massively hurting you, let's face the facts you keep denying, and after let's forgive your endless mistakes, your wrong choices, your ignorance of what you really need, and let's honor your fragility, your tender ability to love, your honest beats, your struggles to keep your purity, your refusal of hate, let's take a break and relief you from all that tire, let's mend all those bleeding scars, and hope for a glowing new journey where those scars should make a better version of me.🖤

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Does the idea of a guy shoving his thing inside you without your consent turn you on? Be honest. Answer in the next question.

This 365 days shit doesn't apply in real life. No-one wants to get raped. Put this very basic information in your tiny pathetic mind. There's nothing hot about being disrespected and disregarded like this and stop sending me such questions and triggering my Anger.

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Should a man be handsome to get your interest?

I look for both to be honest. Mostly beauty on the inside and a little bit on the outside. I don’t want the most handsome man, no. But I mean he‘ll be my man my husband so of course I should find him attractive in a certain way. But good looks only has never a chance by me.
He could be the most handsome man I still wouldn’t like him. What’s truly important is his heart. His inner beauty. That’s what makes me fall in love with a person. His soul. Because this is what lasts. Everything else fates away.

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*Geno just looks sad, he knows that @GrimReapings will have to reap Papyrus for real soon, removing him from his timeline to an afterlife forever, outside resets, in truth his time has long passed but Reaper left him alive since Geno cares about him (tbc)*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
/As the creator of this AU, I don't want him kiIIed off permanently, to be honest, I was hoping someone or maybe a Sans would adopt him and teach him what it's like to have a real brother or family, saving him from his AU, I thought it would be sweet and cute/

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Boleh tak bagi kata2 semangat.. tgh down teruk skrg

I am not sure what I could possibly say to make you feel better, but perhaps the fact that I am writing to you might help. We humans are a strange species because our emotions are constantly in motion, never fixed, but fluid and ever changing.
Here is something I wrote some time ago that always brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart.
Imagine standing in front of a mirror asking yourself:
Who's the happiest of them all?
"Mirror, Mirror On The Wall" by Alex
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who's the happiest of them all?
Show me a smile that won't fade away,
Or a pleasing laugh that will make my day
A kind word that is honest and true,
An accurate reflection from me to you
And when the sun begins to set,
Please do not be upset
For my mirror on the wall,
Was the happiest reflection of them all

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Boleh tak bagi kata2 semangat tgh down teruk skrg

If a guy says he's off the market does it mean di ka lang nya type or may iba syang gusto or di nya priority ang relationship po?

What does it matter? If he said it to you that means he's not interested in pursuing anything with you. Whatever the reason is, you need to respect it. Kasi kung gusto ka niya at all, no matter his constraints, he'd say something else to let you know. Sorry if it hurts but it's better to be honest up front than to make you think there's something more.

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You are a different person to different people. Annoying to one. Talented to another. Quiet to a few. Flawless to your lover. Stranger to some. Insecure to others. The best to your friend. The worst to your enemy Someone to one. The one to another. Smart to a few. Daring to others.

hira2140’s Profile PhotoHira Noor
No no no. I love myself i love my emotions i love my life i m honest true sincere kind with me. I m a positive person.i only care about myself.but others don't know about me and my all things , only Allah knows me very much well who i am. I don't have need to prove myself to others k mai kis kis relations k sath kesi hun .

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salah ga sih cewe ngungkapin duluan?

IdulFitria’s Profile Photoduls
g salah kok, itu kan bentuk kejujuran manusia
jd ya sifatnya manusiawi sekali 🐻‍❄️

tbh. aku jg ce & aku pernah d posisi sbg pihak yg act lbh dl, meski tdk ad cerita bahagia d ending nya
At least, I tried to b honest, baik k diri aku sendiri & k doi, dan tdk aku sesali jg 🐻‍❄️

What does your man love the most about you?

My man loves everything about me. But he loves how real and honest I am. Loves how I’m always supportive. Loves how he can vent to me about anything. Loves the way I think( because he will say somethings and it won’t make sense but I say another way and he will be like I that way better) loves that I make him feel. Loves that I treat him like a king. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t treat him like one. He loves that I can be myself all the time. Just everything.

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🌹🍀مـ.ـسـ.ـاحـ.ـة 🌿🦋

shaza_alwrood’s Profile Photokhulood
People don't love you because you're beautiful, nice, honest, pure-hearted, smart, helpful.. NO. People love you because Allah blesses you with such love and he is the one who puts love into people's hearts towards you "حب الناس رزق من ربنا" Never ever take it for granted or take full credit for yourself. A gentle reminder: if you love your parents, siblings, friends, families, partners.. Please tell them and always remind them with your love to them. Remember this beautiful Hadeeth ( إِذَا أَحَبَّ الرَّجُلُ أَخَاهُ فَلْيُخْبِرْهُ أَنَّهُ يُحِبُّهُ )

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What kind of approach do you usually take when you start at a new workplace? 💼 (My first day as an intern is tomorrow)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The first thing that I normally do is to understand the company and the job responsibilities. Set an expectation and to have mental preparation. Next is to have a mentor and allies, they are such a big help in your career journey.👌🏻Always observe, listen and ask questions. Accept the tasks if you can, be honest when you can’t, and don’t let anyone take advantage of your awesome work ethic. :)

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Would you like a big social media following or do you prefer to be more private?

asbeckyis’s Profile Photobecky
I have a following of 3.47 K here (transparency!) and I am also private about certain aspects of my life.
My only preference in my presence on social media is that I am honest. And if I don’t feel like sharing, I won’t do it. If i do, I will. :)

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(sent on 1/15/22) how do you handle a friend who constantly complains about things but does nothing to change their situation?

I used to just keep giving them advice but now I just give them an honest opinion and if they don’t change I normally don’t keep them in my life because negativity isn’t welcome in my life anymore

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(2/2) and this app its not worth it.. i am not blaming you sorry if it felt like that .I am saying this anonymously so that you would know that its an honest suggestion I dont have any other intentions..best wishes…

I'm using this app for 6 years now on and off I found the best humans here. Yeah obviously the standard has been dropped but I don't take things seriously here

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What is one "popular" (or common) opinion, that you do not agree with?

MadamoiselleMoriarty’s Profile PhotoJM
The weird af notion that young kids shouldn't know the proper names for genitalia & shouldn't know what sxx is. So many people use weird nicknames for genitalia and wait until sxx ed in school & imo that's actually endangering the child. Obviously they don't need some super detailed explanation, but they DO need an age-appropriate explanation, any questions they have should be answered in an age appropriate but honest manner & it's EXTREMELY important for them to know the proper terms for genitalia & to have a talk with them about it. If a child is being sxxually abused & tries to talk about it but uses some weird nickname instead of the proper terminology, people aren't likely to understand what the child is really saying. I really think my entire life would've gone differently if my parents hadn't just avoided ever talking about sxx tbh.

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My ex fiance was already cheating on me before he proposed. Am I the side chick or is she? And why do men do things like that? Be honest

> My ex fiance was already cheating on me before he proposed.
With this knowledge, you still accepted?
> Am I the side chick or is she?
Does it matter?
> And why do men do things like that?
Only men cheat?
> Be honest
Do the same. Start by being honest with yourself. Good luck.

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It's a true supporter here, & that doesn't mean you gotta praise everything he does. We're being honest and telling the truth cuz we don't want him to loose his followers when hes boutta release new music! Ty

I’m not praising everything he does. He’s a grown up and makes his own decisions himself. If he loses followers than that’s his problem but at the same time you’re unfollowing him for what? Snowing a piece of skin because that’s a bit jealous on you

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Do you think men can be faithful in their marriages? Be honest.

spiritualgirl212’s Profile Photospiritualgirl212
Yes, and faithfulness applies to all. It's natural to be attracted to others but what one does about it determines the course of relationship or marriage.
In this case, communication plays an important role - evaluate wants and needs, have civilized dialogues and work together towards common goals. Another layer of assurance may be added by reducing distractions, aboid subjecting oneself to precarious situations unnecessarily - maintain strict boundaries, lower the gaze and appropriately cover up. It's essential for both parties to have the understanding and willingness to adjust in order to make things work for the long run. After all, you're sharing your life with the one you love, make the efforts worthwhile.
Of course, there are the rebels amongst us and most act out due to underlying insecurities. Get them to face and work on their personal challenges, and there's a possibility of higher marriage satisfaction.,
Nonetheless, it boils down to an individual's choice to be faithful, not gender or any intrinsic characteristics.

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Do you think it is difficult to live as a vegetarian/vegan?

I've been a vegetarian for a long time so I don't even think about it to be honest, just take extra supplements to make sure I'm getting what I need and that's about it. It helps that meat did not always agree with me cause it means I don't miss it but new veggies that enjoy meat might find it more difficult

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What do you value the most in others? 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ᵀᵉⁿᵃᶜⁱᵒᵘˢ ᵀᵒᵐᵐᵃʸ™ ✌ ♚ ☻
I most value in others:
- when they are honest, reliable, loyal and I can trust them
- they like me the way I am
- when they can make me smile, laugh and happy
- when they didn't forget about me
- when they have a sense of humour
- when they don't manipulate, critize, use, humiliate and bully me
- when they give me a real hug
- when they don't give up on me
- they are in place just in time
- when we are there for each other
- when they can understand and help me
- when we can talk about anything
- when they stay with me in better and worse times
- they aren't fake, mean and they don't play for something they aren't

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Do you have any art, pictures, posters etc. on your walls? What kinds? 🖼

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I do! I’m really due a revamp of my bedroom to be honest, as the posters I’ve got I’ve had up for years, and I’d like to make it a bit more arty. They’re film posters - Two Marvel ones and one of Back to The Future (that one is definitely staying!).
I bought a print last year of Van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night, 1888, which I need to buy a frame for. I’d like to complement it with another of his work too, to complete that side of the wall :)

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Do you have any art pictures posters etc on your walls What kinds

oh I see the validity in some of their points, but you never have anything critical to say about them. you say community, I say cult. you may have had many of those viewpoints, but your answers were unlike *anything* I came into contact with b4 your ideologies totally overlapped with theirs.

Give me an example of some of the ideologies you don’t agree with, I am actually curious what you think.
I would say they do have some kind of “cult following” but they do not fall under the definition of a cult. Also, theres a LOT of celebrities/video games/fictional characters/musicians ect that have a “cult following” it just means a group of people are highly devoted to whatever it is they do because they either like whats being said/done or they believe in them. But, lets be honest how are they gonna get paid if people didn’t have that kind of devotion?

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What cell phone number do you know besides your own?

To be honest, I'm not very good at numbers and rarely call someone. There are messengers. Every time I go to visit someone, it's a whole saga - I need to find the person's number and save the address, because none of this is stored in my memory. I can remember that the house is red and there are two 7's in the phone number.
but I remember the numbers of bank cards, the numbers of all white nissan qashqai in the area, the numbers of all parcels that I have ever sent / received (absolutely useless information).

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