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Czy Twoim zdaniem uczciwość zawsze popłaca? *Młody*

kocurtv_’s Profile PhotoMłody
PL: Nie, czasami za bycie uczciwym jeszcze się oberwie. ;_;
Biednemu to zawsze wiatr w oczy i ch** w d**ę. 😔
ENG: No, sometimes you will get hit for being honest. ;_;
It's always a wind in the poor guy's eyes and a d**k in his a**. 😔

To be honest! have you ever truly fallen in love?

Hahah meri aik bachpan ki muhabbat thi. I was his crush. He was mine. When we used to play chupan chupai i was the first one he used to seek. 😂 and i used to take hours to get ready before meeting him or going out. 🤦🏻 but then... He disappeared and shifted somewhere else. Sad. :'(

I have a crush on my best friends little sister. The feelings seem to be mutual but my friend has already accused me of creeping on her. Do I pursue it or forget it?

Be honest about your feelings and tell your friend that you’re serious about pursuing her if you really want to be with your friend’s little sister. If you aren’t serious, don’t bother saying anything and try to stay away from her so your friendship doesn’t come to an end over playing with her feelings/being a heartbreaker.

Should celebrities be entitled to their privacy ?

I think that everyone deserves privacy regardless of who they are but, if you’re a celebrity and do everything in your power to hide your child’s face from the world, I find that absurd since your child will most likely be exposed to the public eye when they’re older anyways. It seems quite pointless and stressful for celebs to go out of their way to hide the fact that they got surgical/cosmetic procedures done, their child’s face (if they have a child), and deny the fact that they’re dating someone since it’s more liberating to be honest with yourself and others rather than deceiving others for the sake of having your own “privacy” as a celeb.

Why do some Men want to control everything the woman is doing

mariahbambiimikaelson2’s Profile PhotoNeoQueenNia
Most likely because they’re control freaks and can’t stand the thought of a woman being her own person and walking independently. I think it’s misogynistic if I’m being honest but of course that’s not the case with every man. Some men are controlling by nature and think that they know best.

Would you, Kiddo and Fella be in the Matrix? 👀 As in you'd be redpills hacking into the system and wearing cool sunglasses and helping free people? 😌

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I'm torn on that to be honest 😂 because on the one hand, freedom and whatnot, but on the other hand the reality that we would be offering is a really depressing one 😂 people should have the right to live free and in principle I agree with that, but is it actually the morally correct thing to do to pull people from the lives and world they know just to throw them into a desolate war zone where they'll spend their lives pointlessly trying to fight an unwinnable fight until they inevitably lose? Would it be better to try to improve the Matrix itself so that those within it can live happier lives, even if none of it is technically 'real'? Especially given that what they experience in the Matrix is very real to them, so what difference does it ultimately make?

*Space for picture you want to showcase* 📸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I just wanted to take a second to appreciate the friends in my life who reach out wanting to make plans and don’t always follow through. I know there’s this culture of detaching from people because “if they wanted to, they would” but hey, I’m overwhelmed with life right now too and can’t always follow through with my own plans, so I get it. We’re just moving through a time in our lives that doesn’t allow much room for catching a breath, and if all we can manage is the honest expression of our intentions, that’s doing okay. I’ll still hang in there for a time when we can do more.
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What are you most attracted to in another person that isn't physical?

MaryJane214’s Profile PhotoMary Jane
Passion. I love to hear people rave about what they love, and seeing how their faces light up any time you bring up those things. In my opinion, that is one of the most attractive things about a person. And I think the way someone pursues their passions is very attractive, like, it makes me so happy to see someone just striving for something they want so fiercely. 🤩
Another top one for me is integrity. How they treat people, if they are honest and do the right thing even behind closed doors, stay true to their word, being accountable etc, is all very telling. It really attracts me to someone when they are consistently authentic to themselves, their morals and values. ☺️
What are you most attracted to in another person that isnt physical

Do you think it's inappropriate for a guest to stay at someone's house past midnight? The host might be polite and not straight up tell you to get the f out of their house. Do you have to be self aware and realize when you've overstayed your welcome?

Hahaha, I’m in the “It’s gone ten, PLEASE let me go home” class 😂
I think it depends on the party, to be honest. I grew up regularly finding people in peculiar places - we had an ex-foreign sec under the billiard table on one occasion and a lesser royal tucked up on the garden furniture. All fun and games 😅

Are you afriad to tell the truth?

jakeskelter9’s Profile PhotoSake Felter
Usually not. If someone were to ask me what I genuinely thought about them, I’d most likely be completely honest (to the point where I come across as blunt). But, if I were to be in a situation where I feel intimidated, I would probably lie to protect myself or to get away from an uncomfortable situation. I remember lying to my 6th grade teacher once and how she called me out for lying about bringing my own book to class rather than picking a book off of one of her shelves (which I did). She embarrassed me in front of the class and I never lied to her again. The only reason I lied in the first place was because I forgot my own book in my locker and didn’t want the teacher to think I was irresponsible but when she called me out in front of the whole class, not only did she see me as irresponsible, but she also saw me as a liar, which was worse. These days, I do lie to my parents about studying in fear of their reactions when/if they were to find out that I’m actually not. My dad usually sees through my lies about studying but he lets it go. I wish I didn’t have to lie about it but I also can’t get myself to study, knowing and being well aware that I’ll have to face the consequences for that eventually.

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greene_’s Profile PhotoElizabeth Greene
" Hey. I know it’s been a while. I’m gonna be honest, I forgot about you. After the farm, we were always moving, but something happened. Something good. Finally. We found a prison. Daddy thinks that we can make it into a home. He says we can grow crops in the field, find pigs and chickens, stop running, stop scavenging. Lori’s baby is just about due, she’ll need a safe place when it comes. The rest of us, we just need a safe place to be. I woke up in my own bed yesterday. My own bed in my own room. But I’ve been keeping my backpack, keeping my gun close. I’ve been afraid to get my hopes up thinking we can actually stay here. The thing is, I’ve been starting to get afraid that it’s easier just to be afraid. But this morning daddy said something: “If you don’t have hope, what’s the point of living?” So I unpacked my bag and I found you. So I’m gonna start writing in you again and I’m gonna write this down now because you should write down wishes to make them come true. We can live here, we can live here for the rest of our lives."
— Beth Greene, The Walking Dead.

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Hey I know its been a while Im gonna be honest

When you do chores, do you do anything to make it more entertaining? 🎧📺

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I almost always listen to Youtube videos, Twitch streams, or podcasts. Rarely, I’ll listen to music, but I don’t prefer that necessarily. I’ll be honest, my most popular things to do chores to, are Ear Biscuits, Sims content on Youtube, and D*ad by Daylight streams. Those, for some reason make me the most productive. 🤔😆
When you do chores do you do anything to make it more entertaining

حبيبتي صباحك فل ويارب يكون يومك جميل شبهك🥰 بعتذر لكِ جدًا لو ضايقتك بحذف الثريد، مش قصدي حاجه والله بس الريبلاي في الأبلكيشن ده شكلها مستفز جدًا بالنسبالي لذلك بحذف الثريد علشان ميبقاش مكرر، حبيت اوضحلك عشان متزعليش مني وتفهميني غلط، منوراني دايمًا يا جميلة القلب والملامح 😘🥰♥️

MaLaK98094’s Profile Photo✨ мαℓαĸ
Good afternoon !And I wish you a wonderful day too 🌸 I don’t quite understand rules in this application and to be honest it’s not a problem for me that you deleted messages :)

Your personal take on "Mulk kese theek hoga?"

"All day long beating you over the head in their media telling you what to believe, what to think and what to buy. The table is tilted folks. The game is rigged, and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. Good honest hard-working people -- white collar, blue collar, it doesn’t matter what color shirt you have on -- good honest hard-working people continue -- these are people of modest means -- continue to elect these rich cocksuckers who don’t give a fuck about them. They don’t give a fuck about you. They don’t give a fuck about you. They don't care about you at all -- at all -- at all. And nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care".
~George Carlin.
My take is sem sem. Not voting. Democracy is a rigged system. Of the few, by the few, for the few.

Your personal take on "Mulk kese theek hoga?"

✅️Jab sab departments k log honest reh kr kaam kren gy aur kisi bhi tarah ki corruption nhi kren gy aur apnay hal'f py qaaem rahen gy.
✅️Jab state k 3 main pillars Judiciary, Executive, Legislature apni apni hudood me reh kr kisi dosray institution me interference k baghair sirf apna kaam kren gy aur apnay Ikhtiyaaraat sy tajaawuz nhi kren gy.
✅️Jab favoritism aur sifaarish ka concept nhi ho ga. Ameer ghareeb ka farq nhi ho ga. Koi prejudice ya bias nhi ho ga aur opportunities sab k liye equal hon gi aur selection merit py ho gi.
✅️Jab basic rights sb ko mil sken gy, chahay kisi bhi gender, class, religion, ethinicity se belong krta ho. Sab citizens ko equal treatment milay ga state se.
✅️Jab personal gains se zyada national interests important hon gy.
✅️Jab media independent ho ga aur kisi k pressure me reh kr kaam nhi kry ga aur 'freedom of expression' jesa right actually milay ga aur media is ka sahi use kry ga.
✅️Jab Accountability aur Justice System theek tareeqay se work kry ga. Ameer ghareeb ka farq nhi ho ga. Ghareeb ko bhi insaaf milay ga aur ameer ko bhi sazaa milay gi.
✅️Sab se barrh kar jab Hukmaraanon samayt har insaan k dil me Khof e Khuda ho ga. Srf wahid is aik baat se har problem ka solution mil skta ha.

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my boyfriend says I do not give him enough of my time but I'm having problems at home I need a break from this relationship what do I do?

iloceanblvd’s Profile Photobklllfckkk
you should be honest with him and tell him to be patient with you till these problems pass away💁🏻‍♂️or if you take a breake from the relationship for an extra time for your day it's actually a break up🤷🏻‍♂️

ما آخر شيء لاحظتَ تغيُّره في شخصيتك؟

I no longer take the random thoughts I get for granted, thinking that "anyone could come up with this". Or to assume that everyone would naturally come to the same conclusions I would if they were presented with the same data.
I thought that it would not be that special if I didn't exert much effort into it.
Now, I exploit that fact and make people believe that it's the hardest and most special discovery and that they would be idiots if they didn't worship the outcome that would "change their lives".
Sometimes, I do revert to my automatic behaviour. So to avoid slipping up, I keep some distance and some air of righteousness. I also try to keep my mouth shut and observe more than I react or speak up.
It's harder than it seems to be honest, but I have to do it, otherwise, I'd be exploited by my superiors and colleagues.

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Hi Khadija? I have being following you since a long-time and it is always fun looking to your answers. I have to say that you're a such sweet human. I just want to ask what tone do you find most attractive in men? Dusky , medium dusky or fair?

Thank you so much for such a sweet compliment and this thoughtful observation. 😊
To be very honest , my first priority is not looks, it's all about the nature and MINDSET of that individual which attracts me the most. Looks are least priority for me :)

Who still buys CDs or DVDs nowadays?

To be honest, I don’t. I want to buy physical album copies from certain artists, but I do not have the proper CD player anymore and I just rather have a digital copy I can listen to anywhere.
I’d only buy the physical copy as a collector’s item.

Ap kitni shadia karo gay??

I used to think ma apnay banday ki 3 or shadian khud karaon gi 😂yes, i wasn't normal. not now. 😂but to be honest i dont think its a big deal. If Allah allows it, its fine. As long as a man knows how to have balance between his wives. I don't know how I'll feel when i become a wife. Normally i don't feel jealous but i think being a wife is different. I might feel jealous and now when i think about it... yess, I want all the attention of my man to me but still i think its hard but, Acceptable.

Hey are you online??

so today marks my 25th birthday… and you can now pre save the most honest song ive ever written “25”
out feb 9th
this is my first song as an independent artist and i couldn’t be more excited for the rest of this year. even though i mention “quarter life crisis” a lot in this song 😂 i genuinely have never felt so positive about the future
i love you guys 🥳
25 can’t be that bad can it?
Hey are you online

Since you happen to be back, I really wanna ask you. Years ago, you mentioned that you really enjoyed the content of a certain lady. I think that her name was Phyrnna. What do you think of her now?

KoiIzqdeSalama’s Profile PhotoKoiIzqdeSalamaOfficial
If I have to be honest, I still feel the same way. Phyrnna is a very talented and genuine person. And I am proud that I got to know her when I had the chance.
During my years of absence, Phy retired from her VTubing/streaming activities. She went on a hiatus in order to focus on the things in real life. And I fully respect that, because I have experienced a lot of things myself.
No matter what happens next, though, I will continue to respect her and enjoy her content. True creators deserve that kind of treatment, and she is definitely one of them.

My ex keeps asking me every few months how am i doing n if am ok n happy.... He genuinely cares idkw..... The reason for breakup was that is dad said no to marriage and then we broke up, never fought or anything just broken hearts 😭🥹

meemoosj’s Profile PhotoTina
The worst kind of people are the ones who cannot decide whether they want to stay or not cause they'll just waste your life. They'll maintain a weak link with you, a text here and a text there not because they care but because they want to have an option to come back cause they know you'll still be here waiting for them.
This guy is doing the same, he cant be with you and he isn't letting you move on either. Incase no one gave you an honest opinion- He doesn't care, its not that hard to convince one's family, he just didn't want to be with you, you cant see it cause you're still stuck on him. So move on, and next time he texts have a little courage and ignore it or just simply block him. Don't give him an option to come back.

What was your favorite class back when you were in college?

A lot of them were so much fun to be honest! Like when you’re studying for something you really want to be working in, you do it with so much passion.
But if I have to go for one, it would probably be aphasia. I really loved the neurological side of it.

One thing you like about us paki girls personality n one thing u hate? Honest answers only

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
I dont like about how they are following TV actress and western culture in every format e.g
Fav Dishes,
Using abusive words for coolness,
Showing off and all.
They only thing I like about Paki girls they are just pretending like a strong woman but deep inside an innocent clumsy one...

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