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✩ Life: What's your favorite story from the past month? ✩

JustAskUsx’s Profile Photojust ask us
(...) Ihm kam in der grotesken Situation, vor einem Eisbecher mit Streuseln und essbaren Blüten, auf einem rosa Plastikstuhl sitzend der Gedanke, dass er aufgrund der Feierlichkeit mächtig an der Nase herumgeführt wurde. On top hatte er noch einen hübschen pinken Flamingo mit schielenden Kulleraugen im Eis stecken, in dessen Blick der glaubte förmlich ablesen zu können, dass man ihn auf die Schippe nahm. Libi’s außergewöhnlicher Redeschwall verschärfte seine Annahme, weil sie sonst höchstens in zwei-Wort-Sätzen mit ihm sprach. Wenn er sie fragte wie die Schule war, bekam er ein „gut", wenn er fragte was sie für Themen besprachen, variierte es zwischen „weiß nicht" oder „einige", und wenn er fragte wann sie denn gedenken würde ihr Zimmer aufzuräumen, bekam er ein Schulterzucken. Jetzt wurde er in die neusten Jungs Geschichten hineingezogen, die er so genau gar nicht wissen wollte, und kommentierte mit Hm's in unterschiedlichen Tonlagen. Da gab es ein interessiertes „Hm?", ein verdutztes „HM?!" und ein mürrisches „Hm." Nachdem er immer mal wieder verstohlen abwechselnd über die Schulter sah, und nichts auffälliges entdeckte, verwarf er beim Bezahlen den Gedanken, dass irgendwer – im schlimmsten Fall einer der Soldaten – ins Bild sprang, und unlängst Fotos davon schoss, wie er mit seinem viel zu breiten Hintern und seiner viel zu großen Statur auf einem Miniatur Stuhl in Pastellrosa saß und sich regelmäßig die Knie stieß, während er Erdbeereis mit goldenen Zuckerperlen aß, weil er den Eisbecher Paris „UNBEDINGT PROBIEREN" musste. Seine Handrücken waren voll von Lipgloss Spuren, nachdem Libi den Platz auf ihrer Haut ausgeschöpft hatte, doch als sie ihn mit Billie Eilish Parfüm voll sprühen wollte, war seine Schmerzgrenze erreicht. Wohl bemerkt dann, nachdem der Ärmel seines Hoodies bereits für Carolina Herreras Duft herhalten musste. Am Ende musste Libi sich ja dann für den Parfümschuh entscheiden, weil sie nicht die Katze im Sack kaufen wollte; zwar war Matt entgangen, wann die grundsätzliche Entscheidung für Parfüm nach dem iPad überhaupt fiel, aber ehe er sich versah, bekam er eine Einkaufstüte in die Hand gedrückt. (...)

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Life Whats your favorite story from the past month

Are you glad summer is almost over ?

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
Iam sure am gonna miss summers, the sunny warm days the big bright blue skies and everything but it makes me happy whenever winter month approach, cause all the pretty-pretty socks, comfy pull-overs, warm woolen mittens, hoodies, boots and long coats -I love them all. The long dark nights. And I like random warmer days in winters when it feels almost like spring. ♡

What style of clothes do you prefer to wear?

Oh that's so different.!
I don't even have a style, I have 50's style retro dresses, hoodiedresses, formal dresses, oversized Hoodies, fitting hoodies, skinny jeans, baggy jeans, high waist, different shapes of skirts, crop tops, loose tops, leggins..
The only thing that's always the same, I'm colourful 😅

Best thing about winters?

AliAbbasi671’s Profile PhotoAli Abbasi
Everything is best about winters. Those cozy night in by the fire, winter night walks, beautiful sunrise and sunsets, big hoodies, chunky jumpers, freshly fallen snow, warm socks, sitting next to crackling fire with cup of coffee faveeeee. I LOVEE WINTERS 🥶❤️

Do you own any shirts with someone else face on it? (Celebrities, popular people....)

Some promotional band crap / t-shits / hoodies / etc. but not much else and I rarely ever wear those items - a few remain sealed in my collection but most are given to friends.
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I am so proud of me as a strong guuuurl💬

luna_ask_fm’s Profile PhotoK ✞ ☾
The Winter Neutrals Collection is finally coming out on FRIDAY!!! Y’all we started working on this collection 8 MONTHS ago in March. Lisa really wanted to do a neutral colored collection with brown and tan and black and white. (I know, shocking coming from the one with green hair) and I had been thinking for a while that I wanted to step things up with out merch and make it more like apparel. I wanted to add custom tags to every piece, find better, softer, cuter pieces, and try out something new with our designs that felt more chic. We all loved these ideas and originally planned to put out the neutrals collection as a back to school launch in late July. But as you all know things got a little crazy over the summer with Katherine and Lisa BOTH giving birth, and Lisa having a false labor in June, so that did not end up happening… haha
We actually went though so much to get this collection out… We went back and forth over the original designs for weeks, making the tiniest tweaks over and over until it was exactly what we imagined. We went to our merch fulfillment company’s warehouse to try on all of their hoodies, all of their Crewnecks, all of their T shirts to find exactly what we were looking for. We had to find the right fit, the right color, the right sizing and make sure these would all be something we would love and something you guys would love. We spent hours setting up a minimal but festive set up for the photoshoot. We planned out our outfits, our hair, our makeup, the lighting, the poses, the promo video ideas…. We talked about the meaning behind these pieces.
The I Am Enough pieces are meant to remind you that no matter what other people say to you, do to you, or have done to you, No matter what you have done or what you haven’t done in your life, you’re not a failure. You’re not broken. You’re not overlooked. You’re not worthless. You are enough! 🤍🤎🖤
- I Am Enough Tan hoodie
- I Am Enough Black Tee
- Cimorelli Black Crewneck
- Cimorelli Black Joggers
- I Am Enough Black Beanie (Didn’t ship in time for the photoshoot, but we’ll be posting more pictures of it this week)
Out this Friday 11/12 at 11:00am EST

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I am so proud of me as a strong guuuurl

How does the clothes you wear change for each season? 🌱☀️🍁❄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
When it's cold I wear various hoodies (not at the same time ofc). I wear short sleeves pretty much all year round because I become hot easily inside buildings so long sleeves are a pain. I wear dresses all year, too, but with tights when it's cold.

How does the clothes you wear change for each season? 🌱☀️🍁❄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
it doesn’t really change much, haha. during the spring and summer, i wear tank tops and various tee shirts and blouses. in the autumn and winter, i put cardigans and sweaters over those tank tops or i wear hoodies.
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What's your ideal indoor temperature? Do you tend to use heaters, air-cons etc.? 🏠🌡

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My ideal indoor temperature is around 21 degrees. Not too cold that I have to wear layers, not too warm that I can’t wear my hoodies. 😄
We have central heating, but it’s pricey so we tend to save up on it a bit, in my room there is no central heating lol. But I figured that candles can already rise up the heat a bit!
I use sweaters, warm cosy socks and blankets to keep me warm and when it’s really cold I have an electric heater ☺️
In summer it’s way too hot, so I bought a mobile airconditioner last summer! Haven’t really been able to use it, because once it arrived, the weather went back to 20°C all summer 😂😅 but it’s good to know I have one when the temperatures are rising sky high!
Whats your ideal indoor temperature Do you tend to use heaters aircons etc

What was your life like growing up?

I had mostly everything I could ask for. I learned how to ride a bike at a really young age. I was born and raised in the west coast so I was always outside doing something like riding my bike around town or playing basketball.
Growing up was pretty shitty. I was a fat kid from a single mom home. Mom worked her ass off for us, but wasn't around too much because of it. Went to school in a not-too-nice area. Wasn't a complete ghetto with bullets flying around, but there was a stabbing on campus while I was there. 2 people I graduated with are now on death row for rape and murder. So it wasn't Compton but it wasn't exactly safe either. 50% of the school spoke no English. Entire classes were taught in Spanish. Was pretty crazy. Got bullied a ton. I wanted to do well in school and I learned that if you fight back you get suspended too, so I just took it. I had kids who would kick/hit at me just to laugh at how white skin changes color (becomes whiter for a second) from the pressure "Look it left a footprint on him!" Kept my head down, worked hard at getting good grades, and got the hell out of there. Went across the nation for college because I wanted to get the hell out so badly. Now life is good. I've got a good job that pays well, a lovely wife, 2 great young kids (2 years and 3 months each). College was a blast. Made all the world of difference to get the hell out of a bad area and into a place where people wanted to be smart. Spoiled only child who got most of the things I wanted, although I was taught not to want too much. Learned to talk and read early, school was a joke, got good grades every year without trying and largely without studying or doing the required homework. Now I am not even a year out of college making good money working regular (7-5ish) hours. Personality is largely unchanged, I'm very nice to most people but also very entitled to my opinion and don't do well around stupid people or people who can't be criticized. Main hobbies include guns, art, music, snowboarding, videogames, weightlifting. Tl;dr, I was a spoiled only child and I think I ended up becoming a pretty good guy (especially taking into account the type of people I see more and more every day. The quality of people I see on a daily basis is becoming more and more disappointing.)
I had a tough time, we were on and off homeless, my mom bailed on my dad right after my brother was born. My dad is back to being homeless My life's not terrible, trying to figure out ways financially to afford college and work in Ca, and I live with roommates. Trying to find a new job so I can struggle a little less, I definitely work too hard to be this poor.
I was hyperactive in grade school and I got yelled at so much by my teachers I started wearing hoodies every day by 5th grade and by freshman year of highschool I had become mostly antisocial outside of my small group of friends. Still don't do well making new friends.

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Was magst du am Winter lieber als am Sommer?

Man schwitzt nicht wie blöd nach ein paar Metern draußen, bekommt keine Probleme mit dem Kreislauf und kann sich wieder in viel zu große Hoodies vor den Kamin kuscheln. Außerdem ist bald Halloween.😍😍

What's your fashion style? What statement do you guys want to make through your clothing?

I'm a really big fan of hoodies and jackets. For most of the fall I can be seen wearing a really nice bomber jacket (tan colors are the BEST) or a denim jacket, both from J. Crew. I really like the tone of muted colors because of how lowkey it makes me look. I really like having a contrast of colors in between my lower and upper halves, it just seems more appealing to me. For instance, if I happened to be wearing a white t-shirt with my tan bomber one day, I'd put on a nice pair of dark jeans and white shoes to complement it.
My style is very important to me. It's a reflection of my individuality, my interests, my self-expression and so on. Although I'm a woman (or rather perceived as one physically), I gravitate towards more masculine clothing so everything I look at tends to be from the mens' or boys' sections. My style has shifted all over the place; in high school, I was barely figuring out that I liked women and wanted to mimic the girls at my school who were masculine. I failed horribly. In college, I started dressing a bit feminine because I was initially afraid of this new environment, however, after a couple of weeks, I gave that up. My sophomore year of college I dressed more androgynously. I learned more about men's fashion and streetwear. I mimicked a lot of the stereotypical lesbians (and men!) on Instagram who wore those longline shirts, distressed jeans, Nike Air Jordans, Chelsea boots, etc. It was nice; It solidified my status on campus as someone who dresses well, but it didn't feel like me. My junior year I dressed really nicely and gravitated towards more high fashion styles on a budget. It got me a lot of female attention but it still did not feel like me. Now, since I've come to terms with the fact that I'm an old soul, love older music and any styles that are European, I lean towards Mod/Suedehead/Skinhead culture (60's, to be precise). I've always thought that loafers were a bit preppy but after looking at this guy from a Youtube show execute the style so nicely yet classy, it has given me the inspiration to do so. I think it works well for me because I do not like the whole wearing distressed jeans, long tees, sneakers or whatever generic look that a lot of hypebeasts and lesbians (that I've seen) are taking on; I'd like to emulate my sense of classiness, gentleness, and vintage vibes. I want to be unique and demonstrate (not to be cocky) that I can dress better than your man AND your girl not have to succumb to this “new standard of style.”
From my high school days, I still have some jeans and hoodies. I rarely wear them unless if I'm in a rush to complete an errand or meeting someone on a short notice. As for my sophomore year in college, I still have a bomber jacket, ripped jeans and Chelsea boots but I rarely wear those either. I only pull out the bomber when I'm going out and need something to keep me warm at night.

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How long does it usually take for you to decide what to wear? Do you ever prepare what you're gonna wear in advance? 👕👖👟

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I always plan ahead of time what I'm going to wear for the day. I just wear a hoodie and my underwear. If I have a zoom meeting I put on one of those tuxedo t shirts so I look fancy, more fashionable and more presentable. Male. If it's work, < 3 minutes. If it's out to run errands, 3-5 minutes. If it's a job interview or a special occasion, 5-10 minutes. I just take a look inside what’s in my wardrobe that fits and then put it on. I don't want it to drag on forever. Some of the clothes I own may take priority over others. Clothing is one of the areas which I prioritise and usually go for the comfiest clothes I have in my possessions. I feel like clothing for me has always been a huge issue. I really like clothing and I like buying clothes...but I'm so picky about the way things fit. Also, I feel like I have two styles that are completely opposing eachother.
I wear a ton of pockets. Pockets are essential to life. Big pockets too. Inside my jackets I carry books. Only time I don't wear ton of pockets is when dressing professionally or formally or whatever. Then I always wear bow tie and generally a vest. If wearing suit with bow tie, may wear suspenders as they are better, but if you're just walking around with suspenders and bow tie and nothing else you look like your trying to show the whole world how you are great because you're different. Which I don't like.
I really don't care at all. Most of my shirts relate to things that I like or stuff that I just think looks nice. I do have my fair share of "nice" shirts, things like button ups and ties, but I honestly love wearing them just because I try to find really comfortable ones and I think I look pretty decent in them. The thing that I'm always a little aware of is the damn sweaters and hoodies. I realy only like wearing hoodie jackets, and for about 3 years I wore the same one everyday because it was a really awesome Zelda one. That got the point that I really can't wear it because of just wear and tear on it. I don't currently have the money to buy another one, so I'm stuck wearing ones that I've been given for xmas and birthdays and things. I really don't like any of them, but it's better than being cold. And I think that's what it comes down to for me. I dress comfortably rather than stylishly. If it happens to coincide then neat.
Simply put, I wear black exclusively. Mostly I do so because black matches with itself, so I don't have to worry about that, and it is appropriate for any occasion. The only time I am wearing anything remotely expressive is when I wear one which has some sarcastic phrase one it. However, usually I don't even realize what is on them while I am wearing them. One I had said "Keep staring, I might do a trick." Someone actually stared at me for about twenty seconds and asked me if I was going to do a trick. When I asked her what she was talking about, she pointed at my shirt. I realized what it said, thought about it, and responded with "woof."

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Ich mag dein Alphabet auch lesen, deshalb stelle ich dir deine eigene Frage zurück: Wenn du von A-Z (gerne auch kürzer, wenn es kompliziert ist) eine Sache aufzählen müsstest, die dich glücklich macht, wie sähe dein Alphabet der Zufriedenheit aus?

townofcats’s Profile PhotoArī
Vielen Dank!
🌼 [Anime] 🌼 [Bücher] 🌼 [Cafés] 🌼 [Dämmerung] 🌼 [Enten] 🌼 [Freunde] 🌼 [Gedichte] 🌼 [Hoodies] 🌼 [Igel] 🌼 [Japanische Mythologie] 🌼 [Katzen] 🌼 [Luftschokolade] 🌼 [Mythologie] 🌼 [Natur] 🌼 [Opern] 🌼 [Pandababys] 🌼 [Quitten] 🌼 [Ruhe] 🌼 [Schriftstellerei] 🌼 [Tee] 🌼 [Urige Menschen] 🌼 [Visual-Novels] 🌼 [Walter Moers] 🌼 [Xerus] 🌼 [Y'shtola] 🌼 [Zen-Gärten] 🌼

How would you describe your wardrobe in general? Is it organized in a certain way? 👕🧦👖

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yes. I have categories. All the short sleeves are together, then the long sleeves, then the sweaters, then the hoodies and jackets. And in each category, I keep all the blues together, the pinks together, etc.
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How would you describe your wardrobe in general? Is it organized in a certain way? 👕🧦👖

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The Chamber of Doom. Period.
My wardrobe is the epitome of chaos and I (shame on me and my cow) tend to stuff a lot of random stuff in there, just because I don't know where else to put it?
That said: I own mostly black things, sometimes there's a spec of color -mostly blueish or greenish, sometimes white. I'm that kind of person that owns waaaaaay too many hoodies, sweatshirts and flanels and keeps buying more?
But what can I say: They're comfy af and I live in those things. The larger the hoodie the comfier it gets and I also tend to buy a lot of merch as hoodies.
It's chilly for me most of the time, so I almost always wear some of those, even when I'm wearing skirts or shorts (my legs aren't that sensitive to temperatures as my arms and feet). But I also own way to many jeans and I don't even know why, 'cause I always wear the same pair over and over again. Oh well~
Now, talking about organizing my stuff: I think "Chamber of Doom" sums it all up. There's no system at all in my wardrobe. I really tried, but I'm just a naturally chaotic person. Even if I sort my clothes, they're all over the place just half a day later.

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Für was (bei Kleidung) gebt ihr im Schnitt das meiste Geld aus ? Für Jacken, T-Shirt, Hoodies, Sweater, Hosen oder Sneaker? (Ich Persönlich gebe mehr Geld für Sneaker, Hosen & Oberteile aus) 😋

Für Schuhe, Hoodies und Jacken kann es ruhig mal über 50€ hinaus gehen, aber nie mehr als 150€. Bei den anderen Klamotten so 20 - 50€. Reicht auch, würde ich sagen. Alles andere ist nur überteuerter Müll. Kommt halt bei mir auch auf Qualität und Komfort an.

I'm not saying that women shouldn't wear pants or hoodies or men shouldn't wear jeans, but I still believe that classy men wear suits and classy women wear dresses and heels. Somehow it's like an standard in my mind.

majidsalah’s Profile PhotoMajid
Yeah that's called misogyny my dude.
If a man can be classy in a suit, so can a woman, she shouldn't have to wear heels that cause actual harm to your feet or a dress to be objectified in.
Also, clothes Dont determine class or value.
I'm not a trashy person, despite not confirming to dumn ideals I behave in a respectable manner
+7 answers in: “Do you ever wear dress and heels or classy clothes generally?”

Aside from all things pumpkin spiced, what is the one thing, if any, you enjoy about the autumn season?

I love the trees.
The way their leaves change from a vibrant green, to a faded orange, yellow, and red as they say their final goodbyes to this world is just beautiful to me.
Autumn shows that there is peace in the end of things and that it's okay to move on, to keep changing like the seasons.
I also love hoodies and sweaters and finally have an excuse to wear them all day.

Thema Kleidung: Hast du bestimmte Angewohnheiten oder Vorlieben beim Shopping? Wie kleidest du dich am liebsten?

Ich kaufe extrem selten Kleidung ein und bestelle mir höchstens eventuell jedes halbe Jahr ein T-Shirt-Motiv, das mir gut gefällt. Ich lege nicht besonders viel Wert darauf, wie ich aussehe und gehe deshalb leicht in der Masse unter, weil ich nichts Extravagantes in Angriff zu nehmen versuche. Für mich dient Kleidung überwiegend dazu, den Körper zu wärmen und zu schützen. Ich mag bequeme, große Kleidung, die mir fast schon zu groß ist. Meistens wären das Hoodies und Kapuzenpullover oder eben sehr große T-Shirts oder Hemden, die extrem lang sind, weil ich es nicht mag, wenn meine Beine sichtbar sind. Ich bin in der Hinsicht relativ pragmatisch orientiert, obwohl ich gerne einen bestimmten Stil in Angriff nehmen würde. Nur empfinde ich das als unnötig, wenn ich dagegen andere Dinge verwirklichen kann. Mein Aussehen ist mir da tatsächlich nicht so wichtig.

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Hei James <3 .. on your (Instagram) link where you sell your merch, I don't find the sweatshirt or tracksuit, the all-colored one, that you had also put in the last posts.Maybe you took it off? Or the pieces are finished ... I don't know what to think help me

unfortunately all hoodies sold out very quickly. i will try to get some restocked as soon as possible but with covid that’s not easy x

Let’s have a heart to heart since we’re here. Anything you want to get off your chest, you just tell Rocky. I promise you’re the only one I sent this to

RockyTheWild’s Profile PhotoRocky
DMR is an asshole.
No I don't wear the same hoodie everyday that's disgusting nor do I wear hoodies everyday. It's too hot in the south for that.
TSO is the love of my life but I secretly fantasize about having an affair with RSS
I like Bobby more than I'm willing to admit and since you've been revealed as a colonizer, I prefer Bobby over you.
When I finally do get a mansion, none of you will have a room there.

Hallöchen erst mal ein riesiges Kompliment für die Idee zu Elysium und die ganzen Ideen zu den Logos mit den dazugehörigen Gruppen <3 Aber nun zu meinen 2 Fragen: Wo genau finde ich denn die Skizze zu Elysium? Und wie ist in etwa der Kleidungsstil der Leute in Elysium? Griechisch angehaucht evtl.?

Kommen wir zu der Kleidung, hier unterscheidet man zwischen
1) Arbeitskleidung
Die Arbeitskleidung sieht für alle Gruppen fast gleich aus. Sie besteht aus festem, schwarzen Schuhwerk, einer schwarzen Hose, einem weißen Oberteil und einer schwarzen Jacke, auf die das Gruppensymbol aufgestickt wurde. Bei den Warrior of Ares wurden zum Beispiel noch Halterungen für Waffen angebracht.
Die Arbeitskleidung wird vom Elysium gestellt und man bekommt bei Bedarf neue.
2) Freizeitkleidung
Sie ähnelt sehr dem, was wir so gewohnt sind. Es gibt Hosen, Leggings, Röcke, Kleider, Tops, Blusen, Hemden, Hoodies und und und. Wie genau die aussehen hängt davon ab, was den Flowers of Aphrodite gefällt, da sie die Kleidung entwerfen und herstellen.
Die Möglichkeit an neue Freizeitkleidung zu kommen hat man nur einmal im Jahr und zwar an dem eigenen Geburtstag. Hier bekommt man Zugang zu einem großen Lager, in dem man sich als Geschenk etwas aussuchen darf. Neben Kleidung findet man hier aber auch Schmuck, Haarfarbe, Spielzeug und noch einiges mehr, dass zur Auswahl steht.
3) Festtagskleidung
Natürlich gibt es auch Kleidung für besondere Anlässe. Für das Initiationsritual im Alter von 10 Jahren bekommt man etwas gestellt, was man anschließend zurückgeben, da man ja auch schnell rauswächst. Ebenso verhält es sich mit Kleidung für andere wichtige Anlässe.
Mit 18 Jahren bekommt man dann zum Geburtstag zusätzlich zwei Festtagsgewänder, die man zukünftig zu Festen tragen kann. Bei Frauen handelt es sich dabei um lange Kleider aus fließenden Stoffen. Es gibt sie in allen möglichen Farben und sie haben immer goldene Verzierungen, vor allem im Brustbereich. (Das dürfte dem entsprechen was zu mit griechisch angehaucht meinst? Zumindest war das mein Gedanke dabei.) Bei Männern sind es zwei Anzüge, wie wir sie kennen.
Eine Ausnahme dabei bildet übrigens noch die Hochzeitskleidung, dafür bekommt man ein extra Set noch. Bei den Frauen heißt das ein weißes Kleid mit den üblichen goldenen Verzierungen - weiß ist als Farbe Bräuten vorbehalten, weswegen die normalen Festtagsgewänder in jeder Farbe außer weiß zu bekommen sind. Bei den Männern haben die normalerweise schlichten Anzüge ebenfalls goldene Verzierungen. Im Normalfall gestattet das Elysium beim Design der Hochzeitskleidung mitzureden, das ist etwas besonderes, denn sonst muss man eben nehmen was die Flowers of Aphrodite so bereitstellen. Aber nicht jede der Flowers of Aphrodite lässt sich in ihre Arbeit reinreden, also braucht man etwas Glück, wer für einen zuständig ist.

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wenn du dir ein marken tshirt kaufst (sagen wir mal von tommy hilfiger), muss das logo dann klar zu sehen sein oder kaufst du es wegen der qualität und würdest es ohne erkennbaren aufdruck tragen?

emilyshr’s Profile PhotoЭмили
Achte nur drauf das es gut aussieht muss nicht nach der Mode gehen unnötig ziehe oldschool immernoch meistens nike adidas hoodies an oder schlichte Sachen kann mich mit 500€ Oberteile was jedes Kind trägt nicht identifizieren Qualität spielt aber schon eine Rolle
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what are three things that are very much within your comfort zone? what are three things that are very much not within your comfort zone?

HeyGuysWantStuffJustAsk’s Profile Photoeggsy
• hoodies and sweat pants
• uggs
• having my hair in a bun
• having money
• my lil fam
Out of my comfort zone
• spending a lot of money or fear of being broke
• large crowds
• being around my bffs other friends (I’m awkward)
• having another child
• trying new things (food wise)
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what are three things that are very much within your comfort zone? what are three things that are very much not within your comfort zone?

HeyGuysWantStuffJustAsk’s Profile Photoeggsy
Living in hoodies and baggy clothes to hide my body
Following the same routine every day
Swimming deeper into the ocean than I probably should bc I can't swim THAT well and there's lots of things that could contribute to my potentially drowning lol.
Spending large amounts of money all at once, especially on myself
Trying new things that would better my life (that I'm working on doing anyway because I deserve a better life)
Public speaking or being the center of attention

Thema Bekleidung Legst Du Wert darauf, jeden Tag etwas anderes anzuziehen, oder darf es auch gerne 2-3x nacheinander das gleiche Outfit für den Tag sein?Ab wann ist ein einzenes Teil reif für die Wäsche?

Buffalo1970’s Profile PhotoStephan
Unterwäsche wird natürlich täglich gewechselt genau wie T-Shirts und Sweatshirts. Hosen trage ich meistens 2-3 und Hoodies auch ein paar Tage (man trägt da ja meistens noch ein Top drunter).
Aber wenn ich mal nicht aus dem Haus gehe und das Wochenende Daheim verbringe, kann ein Shirt auch länger getragen werden :D

Welche 5 Eigenschaften muss ein Menschen bei dir haben, um eine Beziehung mit ihm eingehen zu können?

leon28796’s Profile PhotoRealtalk By Leon ✟
Ich gehe mal davon aus, dass du mit Beziehung die Liebe meinst. Ich kann ja mal erzählen was ich mir von meinem Freund wünschen würde.
Er sollte mir jeden Tag seine Liebe zeigen
Nur Augen für mich haben
Immer für mich da sein und vor allem in schweren Zeiten hinter mir stehen
Er sollte sich vor seinen Freunden genau so verhalten wie vor mir
Ich muss wissen, dass er immer erreichbar ist und für mich da ist wenn ich ihn brauche
treu und loyal sein
mir seine Hoodies geben und mir 24/7 Aufmerksamkeit schenken. Die Frage ist nur, gibt es heut zu Tage noch solche ?🤭

Так я не про посты, а по собственному опыту и сложившемуся мнению людей говорю) Я знаю, что не все такие! Но добрая часть, уж точно))

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Неееееееееееее)) Я добрая))) Приходите в гости почаще и задавайте вопросики))) Буду рада) Давайте дружить)
Хорошего дня и отличного настроения)))
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Так я не про посты а по собственному опыту и сложившемуся мнению людей говорю 
+1 answer in: “Дівчата! Чому українки такі сварливі жінки?😏 Не подумайте, я люблю і поважаю україночок, але це головна ваша національна риса, після господарності) З повагою і любов'ю🙏🏻💐”

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