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https://ask.fm/Mohaimanhassan4708/answer/142601778538 Ab mujhe theek se yad nai k if it was u or Samreen baji with that FLAWLESS horseriding at the Sports Day. I think it was u lol. That was amazing,mashAllah. You're one of the most prominent names in your batch and you're gonna achieve way more iA

yeah it was me. Thank you so much, mohaiman Bhai. :)

bor, lu tahu ga, merek2 tas cewek yg appropriate beside balenciaga? buat hadiah nih. soalnya gua ga suka LV, Burberry, Coach, dkk

Lv gue agak no mbikoz designnya udah basi dan banyak kw nya.
Balenciaga menang di design.
Burberry lebih ngaco lagi, gue setiap ngedenger burberry kepikirannya cashmere scarf dan trench coat instead of bag so maybe no.
Coach price pointnya dibawah 3 brand diatas tapi ga ada yang spesial. Well made sih, tapi yaudah gitu doang.
Brand tas cewe apa yah…
tory burch? Sedikit diatas coach tapi lebih "wah" aja keliatannya.
Gucci jackie-o yang dipake jackie kennedy juga bagus, dan merupakan satu diantara dua raison d'etrenya gucci di luar dunia horseriding (the other one being gucci horsebit loafer, yang dipake john f kennedy).
Dior lady dior (named after lady diana herself) juga bagus, though they don't make it like they used to these days…
Want les essentiels de la vie juga bagus meskipun sedikit orang yang tau.
Or go full baller and let the people goes full wtf when you're carrying this julius dimensional bag:

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bor lu tahu ga merek2 tas cewek yg appropriate beside balenciaga buat hadiah nih

Ok please don't answer this cause she would kill me. Her name is Zoiba. She went for horseriding and told me that since she had trouble getting onto that horse, you offered to help and precisely said, "Aji sunti ho! Blah blah blah

Had to answer this cause you're not unticking so can't get the messge to you
I remember one who didn't climb up i did help her but this aji sunti crap is self made I ain't no pindi boy so I don't hang that way
Rubbish it is 😊

Your shit at horseriding and you just really annoy me. When you walk you like arch your back inwards looking like you just been fucked. You totally faked being injured when you had that term off school last year, you need to et over yourself.

You know what not many people know this full story but you've pushed it way too far so this needs to be heard. Ha that's funny I'm shit at horseriding but I made it to nationals and travelled all the way over to Perth last year when you probably have never even fucking sat on a horse, I'm not trying to bost I'm just trying to get it through your thick head over the years I've gained 5 state championship titles too my name in horseriding so don't you tell me I can't ride a horse. And secondly do you know how much this eggs me when you say I faked having A SEVERE HEAD INJURY last year. I had an unfortunate accident from a gear malfunction during an event on a horse that resulted in me being thrashed several times to the head by a horse to summarise it basically as id prefer not to go into detail about it as to this day I still get post traumatic stress over it. I had countless scans and MRI'S and was diagnosed with a condition called post concussion syndrome and sustained muscle and vertebrae injuries to my neck and lower back. You have no idea how many breakdowns and anxiety attacks I went through, I wasn't allowed to socialise, I wasn't allowed to go outside and do any physical activity, I wasn't allowed to read, not even do the dishes as I had to completely rest my brain if I wanted it to heal. I was on the strongest drugs I could take without passing out and still had to deal with a excruciating headache 24/7. The only thing I could do was sleep really. I slept about 15hrs a day on average I was always tired and as well as the headache I was always in pain from my back and neck. It's not like I wanted to miss out on a whole term of school, do you know how much extra work I've had to put in this year to catch up to where everyone else is. I had a meltdown one time after class talking to my maths teacher about it all. I have to do daily exercises to keep my back and neck muscles strong in order for me to be able to keep functioning properly. Most people wouldn't get back onto a horse again after that, but I was determined to get over that fear. The reason why I may not walk as normal either is because if you've ever thought about it, I compensate my weight differently because of previous injuries and if I walk completely straight backed I get really sore. As I said no one really knows what I went through and I'm sorry but you have no right to make your silly little assumptions before you even have your facts straight. I was strong enough to get through that so I'm not going to let a pathetic little person like you bring me down!

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hihi tbh nat cheung tbh SPCS😍 tbh nuisun 😍😍 tbh dor jais😏 tbh ngo dei gin guor yut Chi haha tbh ngo dei mm hai ho suk lolol tbh gei niceee:)) tbh tung JudyWong ho frdd tbh academics ho ho💪 tbh gayau in everything laa tbh wish u all the best :)) byebyee🙈

yutinoi’s Profile PhotoYTO♘
aww thanks jooo💗😘 nei sin hai horseriding nuisun ahaha😻 hochi nei dor jai d neh😏 ngo academics m hai ho ho😹 thank you so muchh☺️❤️

noniin tytöt nyt kyselen teiltä!😜 pidempi & lyhyempi & saman pitunen?👫 brune & blondi?💇 siniset & ruskeet & vihreet silmät?👀 laiha & pullea?🙈 harrastaa lätkää & futista & säbää?⛳️⚽️🏀 tykkää pussata tai suudella?💋

Lyhempi! Vihreet hiukset, punaset silmät, vitu läski, horseriding ❤️, emmää tollasia hyi ✋🏻

-licks your hand- oops HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. im good, im so bored Dx it did :') its rad af. ive already stalked yours c; ☼

nikita_mae’s Profile PhotoNikita-mae
omf c': hahahahaha gurl you crayy just like me
yeay just like youuu
omgomg let the stalking games beginn-may the odds be ever in your favour
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Hii :)) 1.) What is your passion? 2.) Anong genre ng movie ang pinakagusto mo? 3.) Anong kukunin mong course sa college? Why? 4.) Kung bibigyan ka ng pagkakataon magkaroon ng 2nd life, anong klaseng tao ang gusto mong maging? 5.)One word you think that best describes me. :D

PotatoPiaaa’s Profile PhotoP I A ✌
Horseriding :)))
Scary/ horror
As good as God :)
Yer kind & gorgeous

perks of being a daughter of army officer...........................? seen yr dad in his army uniform level hai tera :3

- you'll learn discipline and how to stay organized.
- free quality treatment in all hospitals belonging to forces. :D
- concession in tution fee in all army k schools and colleges xD
- being treated like a princess, whenever you visit your dad's office B-)
- meeting new people and making new friends after every two years. Because, postings ._.
- you'll get to live in a different city after every two years.
- AND, 50% off on joyland ki saari rides omg XD
- eat mazedar khanay :') army k dinners and brunches are amazing haha.
- once in your life, your dad will definitely appoint a QARI SAHAB for you from his unit xD
- horseriding and polo will become your and your dad's favourite game :'D
- Tambola and dinners on Saturday nights at officer's mess :'3
- functions and functions aaalll the time haha. Bla bla. No event is left uncelebrated :'D
- wanna go sonewhere? Just call your dad and he'll send a driver :')
- seeing your dad in that uniform is literally the best feeling evvver.

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Wow its hard to post things to please people and then u make a caption saying no crit and then a lot of people start hating on u i mean jeez people cant we just support each other as equestrians and except the fact that horseriding is dangerous and little accidents and mistakes happen everyday!!!?

Ya It's not fun anymore when i just Get all this hate for just trying to post something. And when i anwer them back they say i'm rude,a jerk, bitchy etc....and they say what i did wrong but their sayin wrong ITS A REASON WHY I PAY A TRAINER TO CORRCT ME........... i miss the Old days, the fun days...when insta actally was pleasing...

Im great thanks Baby!!!<3 im watching shes the man , its got Channing Tatum in it :-) , yeah it was pretty hard tbh without wifi but no Im back we can chat!! The good thing was i got to go horseriding and look after a clydsedale x Arab , and met a cute guy!!! He waved to me nearly every morning ...

Jorgiaxoxo’s Profile PhotoJorgia Young
Awwwww that's well sweet babe I see a lot of fit boys at my school but there in yeah 11

tbh you are sweet and very nice and extremely gorgeous! and it's really cool that you love horses too! i wish the best for you and your bf y'all are really cute! i'm here if you ever need someone, love you :)

FernandaDolcetti’s Profile Photofernanda
awwww wtf you must be talking about yourself istg you're the gorgeous one. and yeah, when you're going horseriding for the first time tell me okay?? you and Daniel are the cutest though and same goes to you Fernanda ❤️

I love the way your so open and honest about it :) you have such a unique personality :) you are my definition of perfect and I aspire to be like you personality wise and horseriding :)

awh your so sweet :) ya I love my dad and I defiantly see why everyone loves him. he's the most hilarious generous down to earth guy :)
I love the way your so open and honest about it  you have such a unique
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Isnt horseriding unnecessarily expensive and high maintenance for the amount of sport and exercise it provides

Well it's not unnecessary because you are dealing with a live animal which needs constant support and care and that's what makes it so expensive

I really admire you and have no one else to talk to so I've come to you. Basically i broke my hymen during masturbation. I am a virgin but i don't feel like I am. I am so ashamed, I feel like when i do have sex for the first time i may as well just pretend I've lost my virginity already...

"... I just feel so self-conscious about it. I feel I've taken my own innocence. I know Hymens don't necessarily mark ones virginity but it just upsets me so much! I'm just so paranoid about and so scared of the day I actually have sex... sorry if this is badly written.. any suggestions?"
1. Virginity is a social construct. It doesn't actually exist, it's just something dudes have created to keep women in line. You don't lose anything the first time you have sex - you gain experience - and your worth is not determined by how many times you have sex/people you have sex with (or don't have sex with). The concept of virginity is also heteronormative and racist. http://lunarynth.tumblr.com/post/59579793092/why-how-virginity-is-a-social-construct
2. Not everyone even HAS a hymen. Vaginas come in heaps of different shapes and sizes, some people have big hymens, some have small, thin hymens and some have none at all. Some hymens get broken during gymnastics, horseriding etc. It doesn't always take penetration to tear a hymen. And not everyone bleeds. You may have just torn something in your vagina and started bleeding - this can happen if you have long nails or are too vigorous without using much lube.
3. Innocence and purity isn't determined by the state of your vagina. Once again, this is something men have told women to keep them in line. http://jezebel.com/female-purity-is-bullshit-493278191 this is an article you should read!
4. Cis men (and boys especially) know next to nothing about sex and vaginas, so it will be impossible for them to notice anything anyway. They can't actually feel shit that detailed, ESPECIALLY if they have a condom on (WHICH THEY SHOULD. DO NOT LISTEN TO MEN/BOYS WHEN THEY SAY THEY'RE CLEAN. THEY LIE AND THEY DON'T GET TESTED. ALWAYS USE A CONDOM).
5. If you're tight (which men love to brag about lmao) it means you're nervous/not lubricated enough/not aroused enough etc. Sex shouldn't be THAT painful (a bit of pain is normal but anything intense isn't).
My advice/suggestions to you is to keep masturbating if that's what you want to do. Enjoy a happy, healthy sex life if that's what you want to do - you're entitled to it! Have as much or as little sex as you want. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

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not being rude here but i don't understand as to why you think you're so great at horse riding i mean have you ever competed at northside anything

nah thats not rude. tbh I know im not great at horseriding haha. I never said I was im just incredibly proud of how beautiful he is. Didnt know it was a crime to send show photos? No i havent competed at nrothside and I was going to go to the one on the 9th of junbe but my horse is scared of floats and I would rather have a happy horse at home than an extremely stressed horse at a show and also put him in a potentially pyschological discomfort and trauma. So ty for your opinion :)

I love gaming to I dance sing act art acrobatics trampolining kung fu ice skating horseriding and doing fun things and I love to watch glee I love gaming too and im pretty flexible too what is your fave colour

lolalea2233’s Profile PhotoLeila_L0075
Whoa. That's alot of stuff you got there in your life. :)
I love black. Black all the way. <3
Any dark colour actually. :)

you don't groom your own horse? lol you clearly dont love horses you're just in it to win and compete. horseriding is much more than that ;) grooming is almost the best part and riding is just an extra.

I don't have enough time...... And clearly you have no idea what your talking about because if you did you would know that no one at my level has enough time to groom their horses....... So before you say something so stupid then you should think about it and know what you saying;););) and do you really think I would have won a Grand Prix and not have a bond with my horse didn't think so........ So yeah;) hahahahaha

After talking to friends and family, you only wear granny panties and wear nappies for bed, your an A* student and good at riding horses, you have a crush on someone, who you talked too, and your easy to get on with and every bubbles, just some

Um that's not the right person dude... Yeah I do horseriding but that's obvs, sorry to tell you

omg, thnxs anani, my horseriding punjabi dancing, water loving, pll watching, video making, turning american songs into indian dance moves girlie

I lie you more than words :)

Name:_______ Age:_______ Birthday:________ Eye color:________ Nickname:_________Best friend:__________ Favorite Color:_______ Hair Color________ Hobby__________Fav 5 Songs: _______fav 5 films____________where do YOu Live nOw____________ur dream__________

SKa507’s Profile PhotoKhaleD
Name: Amber Lauwereyns-
Age: 12
Birthday: 25 may
Eye color: blue
Nickname: idk
Best friend: laura amber ...
Favorite Color: pink , blue
Hair Color brown
Hobby : dancing , horseriding
Fav 5 Songs: aviccii : wake me up , showtek: slow down , martin garrix : animals , ellie goulding : burn , one direction : best song ever :)
fav 5 films : scary movie 5 :) pananormal activity , twilight , warm bodies , step up 4
where do YOu Live nOw : belgium
ur dream : meet Justin Bieber !!

10 facts about you 9 facts about your crush 8 facts about your best friend 7 facts about your room 6 facts about your parents 5 facts about your hometown 4 facts about your ex 3 facts about your school 2 facts on your enemy 1 fact you want to share

Me- Full names shakira courtney agnes martin, really tall, have green eyes, have a sister & 2 brothers, have a cat and 3 dogs, looove dave franco, used to do horseriding and irish dancing:') never wear makeup, love geordie shore and disney channel! Love food hehe
Crush- it is a boy, he has a head, he has a body, blond hair, plays gaelic, funny, has a face, has a sexy face, has a really sexy face
She's gay, never done laughing at herself, thinks justin bieber loves her, obsessed with pink lucozade, always hits me:(( love her mum:g getting taller hehe just lav herrr
I have to share it with my sister, 3 walls are blue and ones pink, so small weh, always messy, it has a carpet, have a fucking bunk bed, want a new room seo much
My mums called selina, my dads paull, I have a stepdad & a stepmum, my dad lives in england, my mums going to university, dey are cool
Its called ballymena, its shite, only good thing is the mcdonalds:)) lived there all my life, the frankie & benny is cool too hehe
He's really tall, he's in the year below, his name begins in A, he's a faggot hehe jk
Its a shithole, only reason I go is to see brona and kellieeee, I hate mr mussen
Ugly whore
Scientists concluded that the chicken came first not the egg: because the protein which makes egg shells is only produced by hens

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Why do you say you miss horseback riding if you ride in jeans. Not like people who really ride in like oh idk Horseback riding pants????

i didnt know it was such a big deal .. OMG IM NOT WEARING HORSERIDING PANTS SOMEONE STOP HER. I actually used to ride in the barns up in crystal lake with my mom. and I had a horse and an instructor, and i used to wear horseback riding pants.. used to. that's why I said miss it. & the picture on the right was when i went riding in Wisconsin with friends, i didn't have a pair of horseback riding pants on me

you say you love holly yet you probably know nothing about her or her past, trying to be like rob but your not

Laughing. So. Fucking. Hard.
Did you know:
-She has a little birth mark just below her right eye, you wouldnt notice straight away, you have to look closely.
-Did you know that she hates having her hair cut because they never do it right
-Did you know that a few weeks ago was the first time she's wore make up in around 2 years, and that was only to show me her impression of most girls (see picture below)
-Did you know she doesn't like shopping at high street stores because she finds it "cringy" and "awkward" when people wear the same clothes.
-Her favorite food is kfc.
-A couple of her favorite films are "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower" and "PS I Love You"
-Her favorite band is The 1975
-Her favorite song is HNSCC by The 1975 (it has no words.. -_-)
-The only sport she really does is horseriding but when she was younger she used to do gymnastics
-She has some weird obsession with Fanta
-If her tea goes cold she doesnt make another cup she just puts it in the microwave
-She has 2 cats (Socks and Ted)
-One dog (Henry)
-The horse she looks after is Krusty
-She overuses the word faggot but its cute so idc
-The bag she uses for school she ordered plain and died it, she has 2 of them

I could carry on but there's no point, ive proven a point. And i do love her, a lot.
Oh and be like Rob? If i wanted to treat her like shit and be a cunt then i would try be like Rob but i actua;;y care about her so you can fuck off.

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you say you love holly yet you probably know nothing about her or her past

if you went out with a boy from school would you want to talk to them & hang with them around school? and like would you like him to walk you home?:) and what would be your favourite thing to do on weekends together?xx

Of course:) I would actually talk to him ahaha;) Long walks and come horseriding with me:')

advice I can give my friend as they self harm on their stomach and arms with a pencil sharpener because they are lonely and went out with this boy who lied and cheated and my friend wanted to commit suicide but kept self harming and after a year they still think about him and love him n he dont care

Its important for your friend to talk to someone about their problems and to just have someone to simply sit their and listen to their feelings. I used to find it difficult to talk to people and I held everything in and would literally break down in the end because I had no other way of showing my feelings but then I found someone I could talk too about anything, she just sits there and listens while I spill out my feelings. Try and get your friend to focus on something, like aim towards doing something, maybe a personal goal or suggest she starts up a sport to keep her mind occupied and her body healthy. Exercise is proven to stimulate the release of endorphins in your body which helps people feel better about themselves and reduces stress. There is always someone out there for her to talk too, be it a close family member, a friend, helplines etc there are plenty of people who will be willing to help, the important thing is to not keep it to yourself and tell someone how you're feeling whether it is face to face or in written form. Listening to music can also help or taking up a new hobby like horseriding or keeping a pet. Animals can have a 'healing' affect of humans and are amazing at helping to relieve stress and anxiety. Most importantly though, make sure you let your friend know that she isn't alone and there is always someone out there who is more than willing to help.

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Hahaha it sure is awesome:p I'll tell you all about it sometime:D and wow mashalla 3alaik I bet your so good in piano and guitar! I've tried playing guitar and horseriding a few times but I fail terribly hahaha, and wow I wish I spoke as many languages as you can, I only speak two:p Allah ywafgik i

Haha, lol :P Oh come on, I'm sure you're not so terrible, I guess you jst had to give it more effort XD
'nd Thank you (;
Allah ywaf2ak in football too! All the best of luck nshallah (:

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