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I’m so pissed off right and so is my partner. A relative got a dog, that we live with, I told them from the beginning that I’m allergic so I can’t care for a dog, let alone having one in the house, they got him anyways and they expect me to care for him when they’re working 8 hours shift…

UsagiWhiteNight’s Profile PhotoAlex
Time to move into the Doghouse . . .
In which no dog ever entered
Get your neighbour's Lion to regularly pee all around ~ I'm told dogs can't stand it
Im so pissed off right and so is my partner A relative got a dog that we live

Os gusta el estilo metalero en las chicas o lo veis poco femenino??

LunaBonica’s Profile PhotoLυɳαBσɳιƈα
@LunaBonica ❤️ Holi LυɳαBσɳιƈα, ya te sigo, pásate 🍷
Ettoo... se puede ser músico profesional de cualquier sexo-género, con cualquier orientación y gusto personal 😎
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Arch Enemy 👉 Halmstad, Suecia 🤘 https://www.archenemy.net
Alissa White-Gluz (vocal), Michael Amott (guitar, voices), Jeff Loomis (guitar, voices), Sharlee D'Angelo (bass), Daniel Erlandsson (drums).
Metal, progresivo, death metal. CD 1996/2022.
Ficha y videos: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/142333390137
🎵 🎙️
Arch Enemy - Dead Eyes See No Future (2003)
https://youtu.be/B6_21Jwd1pwsalquial’s Video 171138353977 B6_21Jwd1pwsalquial’s Video 171138353977 B6_21Jwd1pw
🎵 ♫
Arch Enemy - Stolen Life (2014)
https://youtu.be/gB4uhCqOH2ksalquial’s Video 171138353977 gB4uhCqOH2ksalquial’s Video 171138353977 gB4uhCqOH2k
🎵 ♪
Arch Enemy - Reason To Believe (2017)
https://youtu.be/0kJdWJXxF3Ysalquial’s Video 171138353977 0kJdWJXxF3Ysalquial’s Video 171138353977 0kJdWJXxF3Y
🎵 ♬
Arch Enemy - House Of Mirrors (2022)
https://youtu.be/1DvDjeRs-_osalquial’s Video 171138353977 1DvDjeRs-_osalquial’s Video 171138353977 1DvDjeRs-_o
🎵 🎸
Os gusta el estilo metalero en las chicas o lo veis poco femenino

I’m so pissed off right and so is my partner. A relative got a dog, that we live with, I told them from the beginning that I’m allergic so I can’t care for a dog, let alone having one in the house, they got him anyways and they expect me to care for him when they’re working 8 hours shift…

UsagiWhiteNight’s Profile PhotoAlex
Nah, I wouldn't have that. If you told them before they got a dog and they still wanted to get one they should have made arrangements for the dog to be taken care of when they are working. If they're not willing to find someone who does not have allergies/put them in doggy daycare then they shouldn't have the dog in the first place. If it's your/your partner's house that they live in then they should have respected your allergy and waited til they got a place of their own.

Call me old-fashioned but I was raised to serve my husband. I clean the dishes and cook him food. I do whatever he says because he is my husband and he makes the rules around the house. he owns me. if he ever cheats on me it's because I was lacking.✋🏻😳

Sounds like you have a humiliation fetish and daddy issues. Get therapy and stop preaching this shit to young girls, especially in the wake of cases like Noor Mukaddam and Sara Amin. Allah hidayat dey.

Какое любимое лакомство было у вас в детстве? 🍭

whitelila’s Profile PhotoЛилия Белая
"Alyonka" chocolate brings my memories from kindergarten. When my grandma would pick me up and we would go to her house, visiting the "ATB" supermarket on the way, she would buy me this chocolate.
But my favorite was always MilkyWay 😋
I used to get it more often as I was a kid, but I still buy it whenever I see it in a store.
Какое любимое лакомство было у вас в детстве

Te mit tennél azzal a csoport vezetővel,akiről megtudnàd hogy a hátad mögött pofázott rólad és nem szép dolgot?

Dr House karakterének mottója, hogy mindenki hazudik. Legalábbis sokan gyakrabban, mint kevesek ritkábban. Na ugyanez igaz a kibeszélésre is, mivel kevesebben vannak, akik magukról beszélnek és többen, akik a támadhatóság téveszméjétől behugyozva inkább a másikról pofáznak. Rosszul esne, de lehet, hogy én ugyanúgy kidumáltam az ő hülyeségeit és megérdemelt szituba kerültem.

Call me old-fashioned but I was raised to serve my husband. I clean the dishes and cook him food. I do whatever he says because he is my husband and he makes the rules around the house. he owns me. if he ever cheats on me it's because I was lacking.✋🏻😳

Okay the last line kind of took me by surprise. If he's cheating its not about what you lack girl its his character. Kya ho gaya?

If you got to design the theme park of your dreams, how'd you make it? Like, what it would be themed around, what rides and scenery it'd have etc. 🎢🎡🏰

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I'd want to create the world's largest haunted amusement park. Cutting edge digital, holographic, projected and physical FX of every type, covering every possible genre of horror. This would be an adults-only park, so there would be no shortage of gore, torture, unsettling imagery, etc. A waiver would need to be signed, pre-entry, to ward off the faint of heart. Every single ride would be horror-themed in some way, even the more typical stuff like the ferris wheel or gravitron, etc. There would be intensely scary, death-defying rides, as well as differently themed haunted house walkthroughs. Monsters & creatures of every shape and size and sub-genre would be wandering through the park, terrorizing patrons. All concessions and other merchandise would be scare-oriented, as well.
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🌹 hello sweetness, are the leaves starting to go rusty over there? Fall is coming, I hope you have a nice warm house 🏡 🤗🤗💋

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
My bear 🐻 ❣️
Autumn has come very unexpectedly, yellow leaves, and tomorrow they promise the first snow 🥲
May I complain? You know what's embarrassing? it's cold outside, it's hot at home, but at work they don't want to give heating
hello sweetness are the leaves starting to go rusty over there Fall is coming I

Call me old-fashioned but I was raised to serve my husband. I clean the dishes and cook him food. I do whatever he says because he is my husband and he makes the rules around the house. he owns me. if he ever cheats on me it's because I was lacking.✋🏻😳

A man is only gonna treat you like sh*t if you behave like this & let him walk all over you. Respect yourself first & set boundaries. It’s okay to help your hubby & do housework but behaving like a doormat & slave isn’t cool. You don’t need to belittle or degrade yourself to please your man. A marriage is a union between two people, a partnership of love. It's NOT slavery. You deserve to be loved & cherished as an EQUAL, not as a SUBSERVIENT. “If he cheats on me it's because I was lacking”.Girl, one day I hope you value yourself, see your worth, love & respect yourself better than to blame yourself for a man with no self control for cheating. Men & women cheat bcz they have no respect for their relationship & bcz they want to. Please stop putting yourself in positions to be or allowing yourself to be trampled. You deserve better that that. ✌️✌️✌️

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Che serie stai guardando attualmente?🥰🛋️

EssenceOfLife’s Profile Photo☽ mintlau.
Guardo settimanalmente House of dragons e Gli anelli del potere, mentre porto avanti Haunting of hill house con il mio fidanzato. Per adesso House of dragons mi piace molto, nonostante mi pesi l’assenza di sarcasmo che tanto ho apprezzato nel Trono di spade (non a caso il mio personaggio preferito è stato dall’inizio alla fine Tyrion Lannister, il portavoce del sarcasmo); Gli anelli del potere devo ammettere di non detestarlo come hanno fatto in molti ma anzi, mi sembra per ora (sono arrivata alla terza puntata) di apprezzarlo; Haunting of hill house, invece, la trovo carina e scorrevole ma nulla di che, una serie piuttosto leggera 🧚🏼‍♀️

1. How environmentally friendly are you? 🌾☘️ 2. Do you recycle?

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
We have two recycling bins at our house and both are always overflowing in the fortnight between them being emptied. My mum shouts at my stepdad if he doesn’t put stuff in recycling when he should 🤦🏻‍♀️

Are girls really into big house, a civic and son of a billionaire? Is it everything to you? Mehran wale ka koi chance nahi?

The girl loyal to the boy maybe don't give importance to wealth or car or house but it is reality that now a days money wins against all other things like kindness loyality
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Привет . Расскажи о себе ?

Добрый день)
Мне 23, живу в Карелии)
Работала медицинской сестрой с 2019 года, сейчас буду искать новую работу:)
Очень люблю читать, особенно изучать психологию. Нравится насыщенный образ жизни и саморазвитие.
Люблю душевных и мудрых людей. У кого можно чему-то научиться, вдохновиться. Самобытные и яркие люди.
Нравятся фильмы с глубоким смыслом. Детективы, и на реальных событиях про преступников.
Музыкальные вкусы очень специфичные)))
house, восточные мотивы, радио шоколад, интересный блюз и т.д, живой саксофон и другое))

Call me old-fashioned but I was raised to serve my husband. I clean the dishes and cook him food. I do whatever he says because he is my husband and he makes the rules around the house. he owns me. if he ever cheats on me it's because I was lacking.✋🏻😳

You shouldn’t be lacking!! Be good at kitchen and in bed both but guess what? Even that won’t stop him from leaving or cheating on you. 🤪

Yes, but with the housing crisis in NL and financial problems in the EU it’s not happening soon. We’re also waiting till we’re both graduated

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
House prices are falling in Sweden, very unusual. People have less money and the interest rate has been raised. The sellers must lower the price. Although it will be more expensive once you have bought the villa due to the interest rate.

Call me old-fashioned but I was raised to serve my husband. I clean the dishes and cook him food. I do whatever he says because he is my husband and he makes the rules around the house. he owns me. if he ever cheats on me it's because I was lacking.✋🏻😳

Wesy akhri baat pr tou bnta hai k tmhara gala kaat diya jaaye aur uski taangein tor kr usky hath mein de jiaan.

I read, the first day of fall is the season of letting go of things we don't need. Whats something you don't need?

Viho_Adams’s Profile Photo༺M_Adam༻
I don't need any illness in my life. I am letting it go now. I am freeee! 😄
If we are talking about material possessions, I don't have things that I don't need. Ever since I became a minimalist, I gave most of my things to my sister, even the biggest room in the house, which was mine. Now, I live in the smallest room in the house, have an almost empty closet, and I'm happy😁
I read the first day of fall is the season of letting go of things we dont need

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week? 🤔

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I found a really relevant article for the thesis I'm currently writing so it was exciting to see that they also brought up a few of the struggles I've been writing about and basically validated my point 🥳
Also, a lot of things happened in the last episode of House of the dragon 🤯
Whats the most interesting thing youve read or seen this week

I saw you play DDLV? Have you done anything decorating wise with your house?

I started decorating outside... but now I thinking of moving my house to the meadow!
I have decorated outside Mickey's house... but now the gap is huge lol
Also thinking of moving all the orb stones to the meadow to make a feature of them :)
I saw you play DDLV Have you done anything decorating wise with your house
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Do you like to sing?

I enjoy singing as a means of passing the time when I'm alone in my own house, cooking, or doing the housework. The idea of singing on a stage, in front of people, is not something that appeals to me though! In fact, I'm pretty sure that would be considered a form of torture...
Both for myself and the poor souls forced to listen! 😂

Why we always forget that our purpose of life in this world is nothing but a temporary illusion. And whenever we loose someone close to us,we start focusing about it🥺

snowden007’s Profile Photoاحسن جاوید
Because society and media is selling us dreams about ideal house, ideal couple, ideal lifestyle etc. Allah told us the reality and it’s not sugarcoated at all. It is beautiful yet full of pain and struggles. People don’t want to deal with the idea of struggling and growing together and so they are running for the hills.

Dlaczego zaburzenia odżywiania są tak trudne do wyleczenia?

Fruubus’s Profile PhotoF.
Mnie osobiście ogólnie rozbrajają osoby, które dają Ci dibre rady przy zaburzeniach psych.
"Masz anoreksję? Po prostu zacznij jeść", "Masz bulimię? To nie wymiotuj", "Masz depresję? Idź pobiegać".
Tak, a jak masz cukrzycę, to nie jedz cukru.
If you're homeless just buy a house. 🤦🏼‍♀️
No tak, tak właśnie działa świat, na co nam psychologowie i psychiatrzy?

What is the craziest idea you’ve ever had?

doctoranonstar’s Profile Photoᴏᴍᴢ ♤
The idea of purchasing a decent amount of land, some which has a river flowing either through it or beside it!
Then building a tiny house, create a section so I can grow my own fruits and vegetables, maybe keep chickens lol. Then harness the flow of the river, as well as the sun and possibly wind to create power and fill power banks so I could potentially live off grid!
Also get water vats to collect rain water etc etc etc!
It is possible! Just need the money to do it and a place which would allow a permit for that!
What is the craziest idea youve ever had

How many times per day do you shower? I used to shower everyday in the morning but after pandemic hit I'm also showering when I come home from work because I fell much clean. How about you guys?

About 4 times a week I believe, sometimes would do more, especially if it’s hot but it’ll just be a body wash mostly. I would shower everyday I just don’t want to wash my hair everyday as I don’t think it’s good to do so (for me at least).
Don't feel bad for that... there are a lot of factors, the weather or the type of clothes you use are some of them... in winter I can shower every other day while in summer I can actually do it twice per day! (Actually I took 2 showers yesterday, in the morning and in the afternoon after the gym... and then again this morning, although I did it just because a fast shower is often faster than using the sink). When I was at college I didn't shower that much, I used much more confortable clothes that didn't make me sweat that much, now I daily wear suit, shirt and tie... it's terrible. But if you don't feel dirty and you don't smell, then why showering?
I can relate. I was in the hospital at the start of the year and I just couldn't get myself to go there. It was clean and everything, but just the fact that there where always people buzzing around stopped from doing my duty. So I went as soon as I got home and boy I feared I would tear open my operation scars from the pressing. Felt like having a baby... through the butt.
Often it'll be three times in summer because I'll shower again before going out in the evening. It's so hot and humid here in summer that when you get out of the shower, you never really dry because you start sweating again straight away.
Once a day, in the morning. Twice if it's hot weather (like the 30 degrees that we had in southern Germany today). I don't like going to bed without a shower if it was warm. I also shower after a workout, obviously.
I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the US. We have a very huge Finnish population here and it's the norm to have a sauna either in your house or at your camp. I used to sauna at least twice a week while I lived at home. Definitely my favorite way to bathe.
I try not to shower too much because my skin is really dry (but my hair is super oily so that sucks). weekdays because when I come home from work, I don't like to sleep or sit in my chair when I am really "dirty". the sort of" don't wear outside clothes" on my bed sort of person.
Once a day, usually at night/evening. In the morning, just use deodorant to keep myself less sticky and smelly,since I need to rush to school sometimes, using deodorant save both water and time. Anyway I don't sweat a lot and do not emit any body odour even though SG weather all year long is humid.

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Hi. I feel wet can we talk?

okay anonymous let’s talk about….
as strange as it may sound…. i roughly know that a lot of girls are in love with me….
And everyone probably know my attitude to gays….
( i answered a lot of times….
on questions about gays….)
and i know that a lot of guys of none-traditional orientation love me….
and i respect and love them too….
but anonymous…. I’m generally a natural absolutely natural girl….
and i love only men….
and it’s not beautiful…. i’ve seen everything you’ve written to me here during this time
it’s not beautiful….
and i wouldn’t answer…. but I want those who don’t know to know….
I’m real girl…. and will be real woman…. and i’m proud of it….!
and I understand that for some people ( not for real guys…. and lesbians….)
who are bi this is some kind of fashion tribute…. do not rush guys fashion is changeable….
I have a story …. some years ago….
i will try to write abbreviated if i can….
i’m very beautiful girl…. really beautiful ….
and you know guys….
imagine i’m very beautiful inside and outside…. and fashionable girl….
and really little….
million of guys are in love with me….
i drive everyone crazy …. ( it’s absolutely true….)
but i’m like a prince from Cinderella…
( how he didn’t pay attention to other princesses…. so i don’t pay attention to the guys… no of course i liked that such guys fall in love with me…. as soon as they see me…. And one day I come home …. and i see a letter ….
opened…. and o my God….the letter was written by a married woman….. and she wrote that she hates her husband…. and the first minute she saw me she fell in love with me…. and she crazy about me…. there were so many epithets….about my beauty…. that she never had seen such unearthly beauty and purity….
and she wrote that she is very rich ( it was true…)
and had a big country house….
a few country houses in different countries….
and if i will not like that house…. she will buy me a huge house personally issued to me….and she will buy another one …. for us …. and we will live there together …. and she divorce her husband….
o my God i was shocked…. you know guys after i was afraid to leave home alone….
you can’t write such things to girls …. and honestly it was very unpleasant for me to read it all
it’s like person really gone crazy but in bad way ….
i showed letter to my family….
the end of story …. they moved …. her husband apologized to my family…. I say her once God what a desire was in her …. very frightening…. after one adult man start walking with me …. he didn’t show that he was guarding me but he was guarding me…. and the reason for this was not only that woman too many men were immediately interested in me …. and at home began to fear for me….
after time we are moved too
i love girls … and million girls love me …. but as a friends…. i never looked at any girl like …. o my God…
and for you anonymous…. don’t write me anymore….
i wish you find you your true love …. because it’s not me….( it’s so strange to write this a girl….)

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Make an onlyf@ns and in a few years you will live in a huge and happy big house with a lot of money and a whole life resolved.

I have no interest in making an onlyfans account. It's never going to happen :)
Personally that would feel like I'm objectifying myself. And it's not a road I want to venture down!
Make an onlyfns and in a few years you will live in a huge and happy big house

If you had to move away from the country where you currently live, what things would you miss the most? 🛩🏠😕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My nieces, my sister, my house, pretty much everything about my state especially the beaches and year round warmth, the imperial system and Fahrenheit lmao, the food. Also like the drink sizes in fast food....Idrc about serving size of food as much, but I LOVE the huge ass cups that we call larges. I drink a LOT of fluid in a day, mostly soda lol I like the big cups. Gets me by longer.

How do you spend time when you are alone

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
My house consist of two floors lower portion is of parents ,upper floor is mine I am mostly found in my upper portion
spend hours on your favourite activities do what you like , enjoy your own company to the maximum and lead happy prosperous life .Mohammed Ali baloucch
I have ocd problem so I deep cleanse my room I do dusting of my bed ,dressing table I put all perfume bottle on floor clean each and every bottle with vinegar put it back on dressing table
Clean window with glass cleaner
All tshirts are folded kept in clothing cupboard ,all shirts are hanged in closet
I love seeing everything organized ,super clean 😃😃😃🙌
I watch fear files (indian horror drama based on real events ) on YouTube and walk
I make break fast to dinner by myself 😃😃🙌
Like today I made mushroom stir fry : take fry pan add mushroom slices diced bell pepper onion rings salt pepper paprika garlic powder onion powder chicken powder Sriracha fry it serve with rice
Lychee Tea : take tea pan add lemon tea bag lemon juice grated ginger lemon zest 2 cup water boil 4 minutes put strainer on cup take out add quarter cup lychee juice

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Что хочешь на день рождения?

I want to go somewhere in a house with a view of the mountains or the sea. Buy wine, light a fireplace and look at the view. It would be a great birthday
Neverlove — Депрессия
Что хочешь на день рождения

What was your outfit today? Do you happen to have a picture of it?

You wanna know what I did today?
I woke up at 4 am, and have yet to go to sleep again ( and it’s almost 10 pm) I’ve listened to my baby cry most of the day, I’ve looked after my other child who has a little cold but is very dramatic about it, I’ve cried most the day myself too, I’ve cleaned the house in between all this too, Washed the uniforms ready for Tuesday. So no, I don’t have a picture of what I wore, because I didn’t even get to have a shower.
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Hladgerd, 5 things that are always with you?

dragonkiss_’s Profile Photoᴄᴏʀᴇʏ
ahahahaph, made me laugh🤣
oke, I'll tell you what these things are...🔥💫🧝‍♀️
and so: the keys to the house, the phone, the clip for money and cards, lip gloss and headphones
I can say this is what goes into a clutch or a banana bag, or into the pocket of my oversized jacket
I fold everything else as needed, maybe a water bottle, a comb, dry and wet wipes, an umbrella, a hair straightener, even pills and nasal drops, disposable masks, as now, for example, sometimes a case with glasses
Increasingly, it is planned and, as far as it matters, packed into a bag of any size💫🔥🤩🧝‍♀️
ahahahaph, рассмешил🤣
оке расскажу, что за вещи... 🔥🤩🧝‍♀️
и так: ключи от дома, телефон, зажим для денег и карт, блеск для губ и наушники
могу сказать это то что входит в клач или сумка-банан, либо в карман моей оверсайз куртки Все остальное я складываю по надобности, может быть бутылка с водой, расческа, сухие и влажные салфетки, зонт, утюжок для волос, даже таблетки и назальные капли, одноразовые маски, как сейчас к примеру, иногда чехол с очками
Все чаще всего спланировано и по мере важности уложено в сумку любой величины💫🔥🤩🧝‍♀️

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Hladgerd 5 things that are always with you

If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep. What genre would you pick? Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess ha

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Oh really? this genre helps you fall asleep? that's something. Don't know if it's strange haha but it's really something new to me, since I am all ears, eyes, heart and everything when it comes to thriller/ crime/ psychological/ etc. Do you have any recommendations by the way? They are my favourite genres.
Talking about it, that reminds me of a funny story 😂 years ago I was at my (maternal) grandparents' house, and I was watching (at night) the film of 'Bride of Chucky' whilst my grandmother was sleeping. Suddenly she opened her eyes, and saw a damn scene 😂 aaaaaa ****** (some bad words), what the hell are you watching?
😂😂😂 I don't blame her, it wasn't a pleasant scene to see when you suddenly wake up (in case you watched it, it was when chucky's bride was giving birth).
To answer your question, maybe something calm like romance or comedy haha. I guess this kind of genre would help me fall asleep.

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If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep, what genre would you pick?

Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess. Something without a laugh tract or loud music. I find films from the 30s or 40s are fairly mellow - no war movies. Maybe a drama? I was raised in a small house, so I was used to falling asleep with the distant sound of the television. Spirited Away. Wonderful movie, I've seen it a million times and the adventure never gets less breath-taking. But when I want to fall asleep it's perfect. Soft yet rich colours, whimsical, airy and childlike tone and that wonderfully soothing soundtrack
The Ring The muted color palette and the abundance of rain makes me feel super cozy under the covers. Once you've seen the movie a dozen times there really aren't any more scares to be had and I usually fall asleep during the first half so miss some of the jump scares of the second half.
John Wick. I know the movie so well I probably quote it in my sleep. I always enjoy watching it but I know it so well that missing parts of it while dozing off doesn’t bother me. I can fall asleep 20 minutes in and then start up from the same point the next night
I see I'm not the only one who does this exact same thing. I put on movies that I know well so I can follow them in my head as I try to fall asleep. 3 that I use quite a bit are Jerry Maguire, Fools Rush In and The American President. Maybe give them a try, they work for me at least.
Anything by Apichatpong Weerasethakul. I say this as an admirer of his films: extremely pleasant to watch 20 minutes of and then just drift off. They're slow-moving, gentle, and have really engaging sound design so they work like a charm. Most of them tend to have pretty dark/subdued color palettes too so it's not a strain on the eyes.
I’ll be the one to actively not post movies in the movie group. I listen to podcasts a lot at night. Less exposure to blue lights when trying to sleep, infinite topics to pick from, most don’t feature abrasive audio. They are usually a steady stream of lower voices. I typically put some smaller ear buds in so that it’s not uncomfortable so the volume can be adjusted as needed. Hell, I listened to a movie podcast last night with Edgar Wright and Quentin Tarantino. If you do specifically want movies, I will always throw on Fellowship of the Ring on a sleep timer. Love the movie and seen it a billion times, so the pressure/desire of staying awake to watch it is minimal. The opening and set up is just long enough that before they even leave the shire I am typically out.
I also have tinnitus, add very bad insomnia for extra bonus points. I also use movies to help me fall asleep- and when a movie is working I'll start it every night when I go to bed until it quits working (I have an android tablet set up by my bed with both USB and microSD, with several medium with many movies on them). I'll also restart the current choice when I inevitably wake up several times through the night.

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If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep. What genre would you pick? Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess ha

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I dislike noise while sleeping or while trying to sleep.
There is usually something that comes up naturally. Either a remake, an anniversary of a films release, maybe a famous actor dies. Sometimes a friend mentions they haven't seen a movie and you decide to watch it together. Sometimes you just check you list and see what's available on your steaming sites, and what's available you watch.
I sometimes take ages to decide too. The only time I would know was if maybe something new was added to a streaming service that I wanted to see. It varies. Sometimes I want to watch a horror, or a sequel or even try and get though someone’s filmography. You can use the shuffle thing on your watchlist to give you a random thing. But in all honestly I’m terrible for choosing when I don’t have an idea in mind can take up to an hour sometimes
I make a psychotic amount of lists. I have a list of every streaming service I subscribe to with any movie currently on that service that I haven't seen and am interested in seeing (go to films--->sort by streaming service). Specifically, every month I make a list of the films leaving the Criterion Channel that month that I would like to see and try to watch as many of them as possible since I find once they leave Criterion those are the most difficult to find again. I will also sometimes challenge myself to watch an entire filmography of a director (I've done the Cohens and Scorsese in the past) and sometimes I'll use an upcoming release as an excuse to watch movies (for example, Soderbergh has a new movie coming this week, so I will probably watch 4-5 of his movies I haven't seen yet). I too was finding my watchlist becoming unmanageable so I make a list called my top 100 watchlist. I went through my current watchlist and picked out exactly 100 movies that I really wanted to watch and made a separate watchlist that I know has movies that on any occasion I will be happy I watched. I've gone through a few of these now and I find it helps me really knock of movies that have burning a hole in my watchlist for a while.
I generally choose based on what mood I'm in. Sometimes I know I won't be able to handle a very acclaimed arthouse, so I see something more comforting for me, a musical or an animated movie. Other time I just want a real mind fuck, or a silent film, or something short. I recommend you trying to analyze what you are feeling, not only by what you would like at the moment, but also what you think you can't handle. Hope this helps!
I usually have a general sense of what I'm planning on/interested in, mostly stuff I'm trying to check off my list. But sometimes I'll just be surprised by something that catches my eye. I watch that new Netflix movie The House on a whim and It's one of my favorites I watched in January. So mostly just based on vibes and random guesses about what I think I'll be in the mood for.

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سؤال اليوم، لماذا الفتاة تقبل الفقر في بيت أبيها ولا تقبله في بيت زوجها؟

مصطفى الخميس ⭐
When You lived richly in your father's house and you can never choose a poor life that you can’t do what you want, and maybe if you live poorly in your father's house, you don't want to live that life again and don't choose that life.🤷🏻‍♀️
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Dlaczego Bey nie wypuszcza teledysków do nowych piosenek?

Ta era znacznie różni się od poprzednich. Wygląda na to, że Beyoncé w ostatnim czasie pracowała jeszcze nad visualami, dlatego pewnie nie jest jeszcze gotowa na ich publikację. Pamiętacie, jak w lipcu pojawiło się nagranie tańczącej Bey na ulicy w zielonym stroju? 🐝 Pojawiły się spekulacje, że to nie była ona, a potem jej wytwórnia Parkwood kazała usunąć ten filmik i dostaliśmy teaser ,,I'm That Girl" , w którym widać Bey przez kilka sekund między innymi w tym stroju. Napiszę parę nowych newsów dotyczących całej ery:
🌼Visuale mogą wyjść w Halloween! Skąd taka teoria? Kelly Rowland, przyjaciółka Bey z zespołu napisała tweeta, w którym pytała się o to ,,jakie piosenki przychodzą nam do głowy, kiedy pomyślimy o Halloween", jeden użytkownik odpowiedział, że album Renaissance, na co Kelly odpowiedziała: ,,Z pewnością ,,All Up In Your Mind!".
AUIUP brzmi trochę mrocznie, poza tym jest to gatunek house.
🌼Teoria z Twittera⤵️
Niektóre sceny z nadchodzących visuali mogą być powiązane z horrorami. W filmie ,,Lśnienie" w scenie rozpoczynającej film dostrzegamy samochód jadący w stronę nienznajej lokalizacji, w teaserze Beyoncé również jest w aucie prawdopodobnie tej samej marki i
nie wygląda na szczęśliwą.
W ,,Lśnieniu" bohaterka wykonuje różne zadania domowe w kuchni i rozmawia przez telefon, Bey- robi to samo. Jak to w horrorze, pojawia się krew - na zdjęciu, które jako pierwsze rozpoczęło erę B7 (nadal nie wiemy, skąd pochodzi) widać krew na palcach. Jeżeli popatrzycie uważnie na zdjęcia z ery Renaissance, to zauważycie podobieństwa (kolory scenerii, podobne pomieszczenia). Warto zwrócić na czcionkę w teledyskach z tekstem, wygląda jak czcionka która pojawia się na maszynie do pisania (ten element również pojaiw się w filmie) - tutaj daję link do całego threadu https://twitter.com/BEYZHIVE/status/1570102872888713216?t=VERBZj8GMWtqMHYMWTL52g&s=19
🌼 Biorąc pod uwagę fakt, że drugi akt ma wyjść przed Bożym Narodzeniem to podejrzewam, że do początku listopada powinniśmy dostać visuale, a Halloween może być najbardziej możliwą datą 👀

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Dlaczego Bey nie wypuszcza teledysków do nowych piosenek

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