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If you'd write a book, what kind of genre do you think it'd most likely be in? 🖋📖 If it was a novel, would it be set in a certain kind of setting? 🌍

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I'm writing two books. One is an educational book about shrimp and the other is crime and erotica (plus romance). Its setting is a fictional version of Japan (in that it has elements of Western houses and such).

Imagine that world stands still for 24 hours, you are the only one able to move. What would you do?

The first thing I would do is go back to bed. Extra snooze.
Then I’d probably go and explore. Just see who’s door is open and just sort of wander in and out of peoples houses and see what kind of stuff they have. Snoop a little.
If there’s anyone I was mad at, maybe just go and like mess with stuff so that when time starts again it just creates a wreck😂

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Depends on the project. If you go for “italy 1 euro”, you’ll pay initially 2000 in legals then anywhere between 10-20k refurb. Some schemes in italy, italy offer 110% of what you put in toward the refurb! So if you put in 10,000, they give you 11,000 - split between people can be affordable!

But that's if you live in Italy or you're good with business and are able to invest in some of their houses. ✔
But abandoned houses here cost more than 30k €, and I don't want to imagine how much would the total be, after the 100% renovation 😄

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+15 answers in: “If you could rule over one country which would it be? 👑”

There are so many, most would be easy and quick to destroy because they are small. They should destroy buildings that are no longer repairable. The buildings tried to see if they can recover if not bye bye. How did they get like this? Russians?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Because like 80% of Latvians are broke. They just can't maintain the house and leave it, but not all of the houses are owned by someone. no one wants to demolish them, and they just leave them be.
The worst thing is, a large portion of them get sold. Like, really expensive. 30k euros for a complete wreck. I think that houses like these are only sold in Latvia. 😅😂

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+15 answers in: “If you could rule over one country which would it be? 👑”

I loved your answer, you answered more than I asked. 😍 I went to google to see some images of these abandoned buildings and there are some buildings that could restore and could bring money from tourism. Is tourism in your country good? The idea mentioned in the question below is very good. 😊

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Some of the buildings can be restored, yes ✔
But nobody wants to. I grew up in Riga, I've seen so many abandoned buildings. One used to be right next to a huge shopping center named "Domina"
It used to be a world famous mini camera / radio fabric. But it was already collapsing, I have been in the building we took a tour, it was illegal to go in it, it was cool and frightening 😂
But they took so much time to bulldoze the thing.
I'm looking for a picture, but can't find any 😥😥
There's a webpage with abandoned houses 😂 but it's in Latvian. https://grausti.riga.lv/ you can click around and see the pictures of how bad the situation is. 😄

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+15 answers in: “If you could rule over one country which would it be? 👑”

السلام عليكم لو سمحت يا شيخ ماجد متزوج ومقيم بشقه ايجار، ومعايا مبلغ حوالي 200 الف، وهاخد سلفه من زميل عشان ادفع مقدم شقه، هل عليا زكاه في ال 200 الف، ولو بعت ذهب زوجتي عشان اكمل باقي المقدم، هل تجب الزكاه في الذهب امولا؟؟

نعم عليك زكاة في الاثنين.
٢٠٠ ألف مصري تشتري بهم بيت كامل بحديقة في بعض المدن الكندية 😀
"12 Incredibly Cheap Houses for Sale in Canada" https://www.hgtv.ca/real-estate/photos/12-incredibly-cheap-houses-for-sale-in-canada-1924455/

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Are you and all okay after the fire issue? Must have been quite a surprise. Our thoughts to you and yours. Reminds me....I have to wind my clock and change the time. Thank you friend. I get forgetful at times. See ya' friend.

Alicia861’s Profile PhotoAlicia + Jenni
We are all okay. All I know is it was definitely a nightmare coming to life that I did not want to. We were at work when it happened so we were definitely confused. Apparently my neighbor went outside and was trying to burn some of the Twigs large Limbs and trees that happen from the ice storm. Honestly everybody has been doing that for the past few weeks because there is so much debris there's no other way to get rid of it other than using it and your fireplaces to cook with and to just burn in bonfires. So he was outside trying to burn some of it and he went to throw gas on a part of the fire that was not list and instead I guess it kind of was lit and he just didn't see it and the fire jumped onto the line that he was throwing from the gas into the gas jug and then it got on to him and started burning in arms hands and face and then he got rushed to the hospital and then the fire got out of control on accident because he had to hurry to the hospital and it blew a truck up and then it started a fire in the forest and then it came over to our yard and started burning our trees and yard down in our fence and then it went over to my neighbor's yard and started burning their yard down. It was honestly a nightmare. Then we had to get a bulldozer to put a big fire lane in for safety reasons. It was crazy so much smoke big fire very hot but everyone's okay no houses were ruined and nobody else was hurt other than my neighbor unfortunately but I think that he's doing. Thanks for your care we're definitely trying our best.

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~BOUNCING~ Have you ever been on/in: 1. A pogo stick? 2. A trampoline? 3. A space-hopper? 4. A bouncy castle? 5. A bungee jump? 6. A zorbing ball?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
🌸 I have used a pogo stick, though wasn't too great with it lol
My sense of balance is not the best hahaha
🌸 I have a trampette here. But in high school, we had trampoline classes during our P.E lessons. Didn't really rate it much lol! But I do wanna go to one of those bounce houses where there's trampolines everywhereeee xD
🌸 I use to have a space hopper as a kid xD
🌸 Weirdly, I did not like bouncy castles much! But I think that is because I went on them when I was very little, and couldn't stay upright because of the bigger kids around me lol
🌸 I haven't had the chance... and I think I would be terrified haha
🌸 I have no idea what a zorbing ball is xD

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Have you ever been onin 
1 A pogo stick 
2 A trampoline 
3 A

⠀⠀ » @servussslave

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ https://justpaste.it/4rxnq
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Sometimes, you will find
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀friends in different Houses and places.

⠀⠀⠀⠀╱ ╱
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀To have someone, is never a bad idea.

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Was ist Balsam für deine Seele?

things i really enjoy in life:
people who are brutally honest. when people laugh so hard that you can no longer see their eyes. when food tastes sweet and salty. my best friend's giggle. music that is played in barbi films. friendships in which you don't see or hear each other for months. in which one has no responsibility to maintain the friendship because everything is the same as soon as we meet again (love an unproblematic friendship). leafing through old books. when strangers smile at each other. the water droplet racing on the car window while driving. songs that make you feel nostalgic. when people talk about their passion. the feeling of being on the way home in the dark when the lights in the houses are already on. the crackling of autumn leaves and the smell of rain. people who are fascinated by little things.

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haha 'in not trying to brag' UMMM GIRL u just told everyone you go to a private boarding school, have two houses in expensive areas and your dad has a private jet...

my moms family have had that house in nantucket since before she was born, my dad didnt buy it, and he doesn't own a private jet, I never said that! & I didnt just randomly talk about this stuff, I was answering questions bcause people thought we were being unsafe when we weren't.

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+3 answers in: “u literally go away on vacays so much, it isnt fair, plus covid....”

Hola! Todo bien? Te vacunarías contra el Covid? Y ya que estamos: Cual es tu opinión sobre las vacunas en general y la industria farmacéutica? (Crees que esconden curas para su beneficio?) Ok, si quieres pregúntame, deja un MG a mi nueva respuesta o si lo deseas.. Hasta la próxima ;)

JonasRiquelme’s Profile PhotoJonás Gabriel
In my country generaly - children are compulsory vaccinated for various dangerous diseases already from year 1950, so my attitude to vaccination is positive.
In relation with Covid in my country vaccintion is going like :
- the 1st group - medical staff - doctors, nursers, people working in social houses for old persons
- the 2nd group - government people
- the 3nd group - people above age 85
- the 4rd group (nowadays) - people above age 75
........ so I must wait ...... in my age it will be possible in April or May maybe ....🤔🙄

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Only the ones who fight are at risk tho. If they're higher ups the only risk they face is getting caught for corruption.

Lmao every country invests the most in military and defense, their people won't talk shit about their military. It's just the mediocre thinking of typical Pakistanis like you who themselves don't achieve anything in life but would always have pain in their arse when they see someone from military living a better life. You'll always think it's because of corruption but I'll throw some facts in your face so next time you'll remember this. We have no medical expenses, our educational expenses in a military-based institution are as low as your mindset. Since our childhood, we military brats are so privileged that we have access to almost all the sports in the lowest prices which usually don't exceed Rs 500 loll. Then there are concessions in plane and train tickets, electricity bills, no parking fee, we can get free passes to every possible event you can think of in Pakistan. Ofc retirement me plot alag ghar alag. Then there are houses provided by military you don't have to give rents lol and oh staff cars for which petrol is for free to some extent idr. Itnay privileges k bad corruption ki gunjaish nhi rehti. Agli bar apni choti soch ka istemal mt krna wrna bisti hi hogi. Krna bhi hwa to thori research kiye begir bakwas ni krna. Idhr koi idara nhi jidhr corruption nhi hoti har koi apkay abba ki trha corruption nhi krta.

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+1 answer in: “y army brat are so spoiled”

I guess you don’t care about your future honey ain’t nothing annoying about what I said I care about my life and future me and world issues I have freedom of speech 🎤 if you didn’t like what I had to say honey U didn’t have to answer and be so doggone rude have a blessed day child

REALmommaredd’s Profile PhotoREALmommaredd
My future is perfectly fine considering the man I'm marrying and I are looking at houses to buy, he works and makes enough so I don't have to work, etc. My life is perfectly fine. Yours however isnt if you take something that was said about shout-outs and get offended when it was a general statement. Yikes

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+1 answer in: “It’s shameful and it’s you whom I actually feel sorry for you can stay mad at you want and have different opinions but you need to go to extremes we are hurting dis world because y’all think killing and hurting people is da answer and it ain’t ! Why do u wanna throw ur life away like dat tell me”

some houses in UK, like the standard houses for the lowclass, look so ugly inside and outside. they totally look like huts. They look so last century, for real. How do you guys even live in those atrocious huts?

So not only are you attempting to insult people who are struggling, but you're attempting to insult me by making assumptions?
Is there really not enough negativity in this world without you running your screwed ideas?
Zip it! -_-

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some houses in UK like the standard houses for the lowclass look so ugly inside
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You’re now the president, but you can only make changes that improve the lives of cats in your jurisdiction. What three things would you change to support the felines in your community?

edraegen’s Profile Photoʎǝɹɟɟǝſ™
1. In each city, I will build houses for cats and install machines that accept plastic and give food to homeless animals. 2. I would build a cafe where cats will live, they can be petted, fed and photographed with them for free, anyone can leave a tip to cats that will go to the rescue of animals. 3. For a discarded or escaped animal-pay a fine, the owners are obliged to monitor and take care of these cute creatures.

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Youre now the president but you can only make changes that improve the lives of