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Haha, the idea with the bag in box wine in a suitcase definitely sounds like something a few people I know would do if it wasn't for us not being allowed to bring our own alcohol into the place where the party is at 😆

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well darn! On the bright side, while I was out on a walk earlier I actually came up with a pretty neat idea for a vacation-themed costume! Hear me out, a cocktail waiter at an expensive hotel bar! The costume itself would be pretty easy to DIY. Hawaiian shirt, shorts, sandals, an apron, and a tray stacked with prop drinks (they don't even have to look realistic, you could get plastic martini glasses and fill them with colourful paper or pom-poms!)
For a dash of humour, you could even attach little price tags to the drinks... Make sure the prices are ridiculously high though! $40, $60, heck, even $100 per drink! Because we all know that drinks on vacation ain't ever cheap. 😆

Tbh- Well idk you much but your answers are lit (specially memes 😅) and your sense of humour is the best. Stay the same 💫 ( ab answers mein bezati na karwa lena 😂)

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Itni tareef k bd bhala mai ku bezati karwaouge wo b jb meray sense of humour ki tareef ho rhi ho ku k reality mein to meray jokes py log srf esi lye hanstay hyn ku k kisi ko hansi nae ati 😂
Btw thank you 😇

Who has more humour amongst your parents? Ammi or Abbu?

Tbh, none of my parents have humor. My dad makes the same jokes he used to make like 10 years ago, and my mum doesn't even make jokes.
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yk u r like only profile here w lit answers and i love ur profile. but when u start spamming ugh i jus wanna unfollow u but then if i unfollow the only account w humour, using ask would be so pointless

Why are you telling me lol I spam when I’m bored and I’ll keep doing that because there is nothing wrong in that, no offence but you can unfollow anytime

♏️ If you had to go on a road-trip with three people from ask, who would you pick and why?

Choosing 3 is hard because I know there is loads of people I would but for the sake of this!
@lightsabersandbows because 1. She’s one of my favourites on here 2. I want someone else to be pregnant and miserable with me on this road trip. 😂
@fabbielousxo because I feel like we would get along pretty well in real life. Our typical British sarcastic humour seems to be pretty similar and I feel like that would bond us.
@allinbloom again , just simply one of my favourites on here and someone I would like to meet up with and go on a road trip.
Also would like :
And probably a few other that I missed to meet us at the end location!

What do you search for in a partner?

In terms of looks, I prefer dark haired guys. I'm a sucker for a man with nice eyes and a cheeky smile. Personality wise, their sense of humour is important cause I can't be with someone I can't have a laugh with. I like honest, loyal, caring mixed with a bit of sass, intelligence and protectiveness 🤌🏻

How would you describe yourself?👀

PreciousB0y’s Profile Photor a ض a
Ahan okay well yes Beauty with brain , confident, competent,accept the challenges, creative mind, helper, loving, caring, adventures, active, i m energetic and eager to learn new things, artist, sensitive, straight forward, sense of humour, motivated, stuborn, simple but stylish, fashionista,i believe on slow n steady wins the race, less talk, less eat, health conscious,hardworking .

If we was friends in real life and if you was single, how could I get closer to you? 😉 If you’re not comfortable answering this, post something you either want to vent about or something you are looking forward to.

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
I like honesty and realness. Be yourself and better not an asshole and it's not too hard to keep me interested.
Kindness, humour and true interest in my person..nothing more to do 🥰

Everyone needs a compliment or ego boost from time to time. So, post what you think is your best picture of yourself (the cuter the better) and see how many people like you. You can even add what you think is your best personality traits too. 🙃

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
I'm not really bothered about who likes me :)
I like myself and I feel good about myself! That's what matters most :3 but either way, here's a raw, vulnerable photo. The only edit is my username.
I love my creativity, as well as childish humour xD just makes things more fun!
Everyone needs a compliment or ego boost from time to time So post what you

Sehri takh koi jaganay wali mil jaye Qasam se shadi kar loon ga😂

saadsk9’s Profile PhotoKakashi
Oh baba itna okha task dy deya arey mai to khud rozay nahi rakhti oh wesay munda ty hai bara sona mona handsome kuch souchna pary ga oh g oh jaga dun gee par agar ask ke sari kurian jagany ko a gai tooooooo?? Yeh na kehna ab k mard to 4 shadian atleast kar sakta hai . Hehehe phir tumhry life mai kitna hungama rehy ga sab biwian kaheen gee saad mere sath mere sath or tumhara haal shohar shohar na raha hehehehe . Bheegi bili ban gaya hahahaha.Don't mind plz just a humour
Sehri takh koi jaganay wali mil jaye Qasam se shadi kar loon ga

What do you look for in a potential partner? If you’re already with someone, tell me what drew you to them.

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
My boyfriend's kindness and sense of humour drew me to him :)
He was there for me during a rough patch. He spent days with me making sure I was alright, which I insanely appreciated and needed.
He was always making jokes and puns, just genuinely wanting to be with me and make me feel better :3
There's many other things but I'm not gonna waffle on for ages xD
What do you look for in a potential partner If youre already with someone tell

What do you look for in a potential partner? If you’re already with someone, tell me what drew you to them.

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
Humour, kindness, honesty, loyalty, understanding etc. Just someone that understands me and accepts me for me, someone that loves animals, kids and photography as much as I do, and has their own intrests of course but where we can talk about anything and everything and not get bored, someone that's affectionate but not too affectionate and can bully me (kindly of course) and just have fun, maybe a little kinky would be nice but mostly I just want someone that loves me unconditionally
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name 5 things that you like about yourself ^-^ (don’t just say nothing, really think about it. there *has* to be one thing at least)

First and foremost, I'd say that my favourite thing about myself is my creativity. I have always had a big imagination ever since I was a kid. Secondly, I like how resilient and strong I am. I am the kind of person who always gets back up after being knocked down. Three, I like my sense of humour. I am funny as hell and not afraid to admit that out loud, 'cause it's the truth! Four, I like how I have found the perfect balance between listening to my mind and my heart. I am empathetic and emotional, but logical and capable of solving my problems in a calm manner.
And finally, on a completely superficial level... I like my tattoos. I think they look badass on me!

What do you look for in a partner?

Here’s 2 lists but just few things
Personality Type:
🌺 Has a sense of humour
🌸 Doesn’t get jealous
🌺 Charming personality
🌸 Loyal
🌺 Kind
🌸 Caring
🌺 Confident
🌸 Honest
🌺 Trusting
🌸 Respects
🌺 Gentleman
🌸 Supportive
🌺 Into gaming sports, outdoors etc
🌸 Relationship goals (research relationship goals Pinterest than Google imagines)
Body Type:
🌺 Height - Tall (taller than me, I’m 5’8.5)
🌸 Strong
🌺 Athletic - can be
🌸 Gym - can be
🌺 Hair Length - short to longish
🌸 Hair Color - any
🌺 Eye Color - any
The list can go on

I’ve been on 3 dates with a guy but I told him on the second that he didn’t banter with me much between dates. It’s important to me. I mentioned it but it didn’t change after that. After third date he didn’t really text for 9 days then text me sorry not playing games just rlly busy rn. What do I do?

I’d say temper your enthusiasm. So often we create this ideal picture of someone in the beginning, and we never update it. If you learn new information, like he’s not very good at bantering with you between dates, and that’s important to you. He doesn’t message you for days on end and when he does he doesn’t ask you on another date, he just apologises for not being around, update your perception on this situation and this person, or at the very least, your perception of how right this person is for you.
And that brings me on to my second point, which is understanding your needs. Know yourself. If you know that you value that initial excitement, and that fun, and that romance, and that person isn’t delivering on that, then be honest with yourself about the fact that this situation isn’t really meeting your needs of your dating life, of what you really want. So again, doesn’t mean this person is a write-off, but it does mean you should temper your enthusiasm about this person.
And lastly I’d say, speak up. If you don’t like something, if you want it to be different, if you just want to express that in order for you to continue to invest, you need it to be different then speak up about what it is that you want or what you’re not happy with. You can message someone who messaged you after three weeks saying, “hey, let’s hang out!” And inside you’re like where the fuck have you been for the last three weeks? You can send someone a message and just say, “lol, you were supposed to send this message two weeks ago.” That’s having a little jab at them in a playful way, but it also expresses your standard. Expressing your standard doesn’t have to come in an aggressive form or any passive aggressive form, it can just come in the form of making fun, teasing someone, a little bit of humour goes a long way in these situations, especially early on when your standard shouldn’t become an expectation. The different between standards and expectations is a standard is about me, expectation is about you. We wanna be wary of expectations in early stage dating. Instead, have standards. Standards mean if you’re not giving me what I need, I’m gonna modify my investment, my energy, my excitement in this situation accordingly. And when I speak up about that it doesn’t make you feel like a bad person for not doing something but it does make you realise the stakes of you not doing something are potentially allowing me to drift until I’m no longer there. Now they start to respect you, not as someone who they’re afraid of, because they’re afraid you’ll bite their head off, but respect you as someone who knows what she wants. :)

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a me il black humor e il sarcasmo troppo ostentato infastidiscono tantissimo. sotto quelle maschere di prepotenza si naeconde tanta insicurezza

Mi ritrovo a concordare sul black humour, anche se difficilmente lo collegherei alla prepotenza, è più una forma di autodifesa. Il sarcasmo idem, se usato nel contesto o nel modo sbagliato è la forma più bassa di ironia.

Do you get most of your traits from mom or dad?

I definitely look like my mum, that's for sure. But when it comes to personality, I think that I take more after my father. I do have some traits in common with my mum, we both possess a keen eye for detail, a penchant for planning, and an intense love of literature. But when it comes to my sense of humour, my mannerisms, and my general outlook on life, I'm a lot more like my dad.
Do you get most of your traits from mom or dad

I got your message about Ulysses' 100th. I did observe it by watching these. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGu5Yy9S1iE&t=8s and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSLubBUbpos&t=967s I hope all is well. I see your sense of humor is still intact. I'm keeping a low profile these days but doing ok.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL_rXp-T4tcprincessali6’s Video 170319925907 wL_rXp-T4tcprincessali6’s Video 170319925907 wL_rXp-T4tc
try this, it's short but perceptive and I tend to agree Gatsby is close,
all is fine ty,
sense of humour is vital to survive on Ask!
I keep an eye on your page and Dani keeps me well briefed,
all you guys be well and safe and hopefully shake off any long term effects of Covid x

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