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Very solid race and I think we maximized the result with P5 and fastest lap. Under mixed conditions I could close the gap, but when the track dried we had to settle for fifth. Now have some time to regroup and come back stronger in Hungary.
Very solid race and I think we maximized the result with P5 and fastest lap

Name the countries you have visited. If you been to America what states

I've been to France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, The Bahamas, Egypt, Japan, Scotland, The Republic of Ireland, and The United States of America.
The specific states I've visited are Florida, New York, Nevada, and California.

Which destination do you dream of visiting at least once in your life?

waleedelsayed20’s Profile PhotoWaleed Elsayed
I am afraid of traveling 😅, maybe some places in Europe only like
1. Switzerland mountain resort
2. The Netherland
3. Medieval castles in Romania, Hungary and Austria
4. Spain and Portug.
5. Out of Europe Petra in Jordan only. 😁🤷‍♀️
Which destination do you dream of visiting at least once in your life

https://twitter.com/p_zuchowski/status/1788967202902749657 Hahaha hungary

Orban wystraszył się ,,Żymian"? Jednak jestem twardszy od niego, ale że wy ,,podnóżki", Żymian zagłosowaliście za tym by Palestyna dołączyła do tej śmiesznej grupki, (jako państwo i tak uznani nie będą), za to dostaniecie ciężki ochrzan! Jutro ambasador Polinu zostanie wezwany na dywanik do ambasady Izraela na rozmowę o pogodzie!

When it comes to swimming, what are some of your stand out moments/achievements? Ones that you look back on and go “wow, I did that!” 😌🥹

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I wasn't super competitive back in the day, so I didn't really get into the big leauges per say. I did manage to swim 100 m Freestyle in under a minute and 1500 meters at 18 minutes, 17 seconds! I'm pretty proud of that! Also it was nice to go to training camps in Spain and Hungary 😊
When it comes to swimming what are some of your stand out momentsachievements

What’s the worst thing you’ve eaten out of politeness?

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Not necessarily out of politeness but when I was in Hungary for a training camp when I was still a competitive swimmer we got served a pasta dish where the pasta was basically covered in a really sour cream and cottage cheese. Very few of us liked it and I certainly wasn't one of them. But I had to power through it since I knew I needed energy for our next workout 🤢
Whats the worst thing youve eaten out of politeness

Do you know any one from different country?

I know many people from many different countries across the world thanks to Ask.fm 😸
I know people from:
🇦🇺 Australia 🇦🇺
🇦🇹 Austria 🇦🇹
🇧🇩 Bangladesh 🇧🇩
🇧🇪 Belgium 🇧🇪
🇧🇦 Bosnia 🇧🇦
🇨🇦 Canada 🇨🇦
🇪🇬 Egypt 🇪🇬
🇪🇪 Estonia 🇪🇪
🇩🇪 Germany 🇩🇪
🇭🇺 Hungary 🇭🇺
🇮🇳 India 🇮🇳
🇮🇩 Indonesia 🇮🇩
🇮🇶 Iraq 🇮🇶
🇮🇪 Ireland 🇮🇪
🇮🇹 Italy 🇮🇹
🇯🇵 Japan 🇯🇵
🇯🇴 Jordan 🇯🇴
🇱🇻 Latvia 🇱🇻
🇱🇹 Lithuania 🇱🇹
🇲🇾 Malaysia 🇲🇾
🇳🇱 Netherlands 🇳🇱
🇳🇿 New Zealand 🇳🇿
🇵🇱 Poland 🇵🇱
🇵🇹 Portugal 🇵🇹
🇷🇺 Russia 🇷🇺
🇸🇰 Slovakia 🇸🇰
🇿🇦 South Africa 🇿🇦
🇹🇷 Turkey 🇹🇷
🇺🇸 United States 🇺🇸
Do you know any one from different country

How is the summer in your country?

In Hungary it's becoming hotter and drier each year. It's got to the point where it's affecting our water supplies and all kinds of crops, even those with high tolerance to dryness. It's becoming scary, really, and our government is making nonsense decisions like let's cut all the trees even from protected areas, let's not do anything about our 2 big rivers to maintain the natural underground water supplies...

do you travel by train

90% of my long distance traveling to abroad in my life was by car (drivers were my father or my husband or my boss in work and it was to Croatia and Italy mostly) 👍 . Maybe 3x by bus (Greece, Poland, Czechia), 10x by train (Austria, Hungary, Czechia) and 4x by plane (Bulgaria, Israel) 😱... 😅

Selena Gomez,Marshmello-Wolves

DanceTop40’s Profile PhotoDance Top 100 (✔)
"Wolves" was written by Selena Gomez, Marshmello, Ali Tamposi, Andrew Watt, Brian Lee, and Louis Bell.[17] The song was described as a "sticky electronic snack"[18] and "propulsive EDM"[19] which is equally "acoustic-laced EDM and long, lost 80's pop". Caitlin Kelley from Billboard noted how Marshmello's influence in the song can be heard through "subtle trap elements, like the triple high hats buzzing beneath the smoky atmosphere."[20] "Wolves" opens "dark and gloomy" with Gomez singing over a clean electric guitar as Kat Bein from Billboard commented, the build of the bridge is "almost country-pop, but the choral hook is all Marshmello sweetness. In an interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1, Gomez stated that the lyrics deeply reflects what she was feeling during the period she recorded the track. "Wolves" is a song by American singer Selena Gomez and music producer Marshmello. The song was written by Gomez, Ali Tamposi, Louis Bell, Brian Lee, and its producers Marshmello and Andrew Watt. The song was released by Interscope Records on October 25, 2017.
Commercially, the song has topped the charts in Latvia, Poland and Serbia while reaching the top 10 in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Lebanon, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom; as well as the top 20 in Germany and the United States. It was also the second-most successful electronic song of 2018 in the US. The single is certified Platinum or higher in fifteen countries worldwide, including Diamond in Brazil. Selena Gomez,Marshmello-Wolves Popular songs in Selena Gomez in Radio Stations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH4E_t3m3xMDanceTop40’s Video 169763209538 cH4E_t3m3xMDanceTop40’s Video 169763209538 cH4E_t3m3xM

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DanceTop40’s Video 169763209538 cH4E_t3m3xMDanceTop40’s Video 169763209538 cH4E_t3m3xM

Orban will won on Sunday's election :( But for cheering up I've found this gem. An american guy learns our beautiful Hungarian language. pls watch it and you'll have some ideas why hungarians are so perv. :) Greetings from Hungary;) https://www.facebook.com/csilla.varro/videos/361054345880691/

ty for your update,
I have been reading about the election
will you be voting yourself?
lol dude is funny. my fave is mashadick!!
this is a good summary imo

a quick sitrep from Hungary. On the governmentally hand-controlled state TV channel there was a debate about the women's emancipation rights the other day. Believe it or not it was discussed by 5 men including the presenter. No, not a monthy python sketch, it is the absurd reality here :(

I had to google 'sitrep'
I like the word...
Given what you say about that debate, I'm not sure if that means irony is alive or dead,
What is the state of women's rights in Hungary?
Five men discussing " women's emancipation" sounds horrendous, , did they even see the absurdity of what they were doing, do you think?
ty for your message I always like to receive them 💚

DATE 🤗😃☺️😄 “randevúzni”

okay, I see that you're learning hungarian, you're now in Hungary, but when you tap on the ask someone button and read the text afterwards, it says that you have to ask something. the application is for asking people, not for typing random things and sending it to everyone, please use it as you should. good luck in getting friends and learning the language. Merry Christmas dude!

What was your first alcoholic beverage? How old were you?

Pálinka - a fruit brandy which is common in Hungary, Austria, Transylvania and throughout Central and Eastern Europe. I was around 7 yo? I never really cared for it but whenever I attend a gathering back home, it flows from all directions like water... =D

What is your all-time favorite town or city? Why?

Amsterdam / Purmerend
Both of them are beautiful. Amsterdam is a place you have to visit once in your life, a place to party, to feel free and it's just has it's own aura. You have to see it (at night) to understand.
And I lived in Purmerend, it's quiet, beautiful, green. When you take a walk, there are a lot of animals around, you become one with nature. If you smoke a joint while you are walking, it will make it even better. Little ducklings, trees, water, beautiful houses, boats. After Hungary it was a whole new world for me.

List five places you want to visit ✈️

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
🇺🇸 United States (particularly Alaska, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Texas) 🌨️ 🦅 🌵 🌭 🏖️
🇨🇦 Canada 🦫 🌨️ 🍁
🇭🇺 Hungary (particularly Budapest) 🇭🇺
🇦🇹 Austria (particularly Graz, Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna) 🏂 🥐 ⛷️
🇪🇬 Egypt (particularly Alexandria, Cairo and Sharm el-Sheikh) 🏖️
List five places you want to visit

Write places you want to visit 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
🇺🇸 United States (particularly Alaska, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Texas) 🌨️ 🦅 🌵 🌭 🏖️
🇨🇦 Canada 🦫 🌨️ 🍁
🇦🇺 Australia (particularly Sydney) 🦘 🐨
🇳🇿 New Zealand 🥝
🇧🇷 Brazil (particularly Rio de Janeiro) 🏖️
🇳🇱 Netherlands (particularly Amsterdam) 🌷 🍻
🇮🇹 Italy (particularly the Italian Riviera, Milan, Naples and Rome) 🍕 🍝
🇷🇺 Russia (particularly Moscow, Saint Petersburg (formerly known as Leningrad), Siberia, Sochi and Volgograd (formerly known as Stalingrad)) 🌨️ 🏖️
🇵🇱 Poland (particularly Auschwitz and Warsaw) 🥟
🇲🇽 Mexico 🌵
🇩🇪 Germany (particularly Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Munich and Potsdam) 🍻 🥨
🇰🇪 Kenya 🐘
🇫🇷 France (particularly Cannes, Dunkirk and Paris) 🥖 🏰 🥐
🇦🇹 Austria (particularly Vienna) 🥐
🇪🇬 Egypt (particularly Alexandria, Cairo and Sharm el-Sheikh) 🏖️
🇸🇬 Singapore 🇸🇬
🇨🇭 Switzerland 🏂 ⛷️
🇹🇳 Tunisia 🏖️
🇪🇸 Spain (particularly the Canary Islands) 🥘 🥟
🇭🇺 Hungary (particularly Budapest) 🇭🇺
🇨🇺 Cuba 🏖️
🇮🇩 Indonesia ☪️
🇬🇷 Greece (particularly Athens, Crete and Rhodes) 🏖️
🇮🇶 Iraq ☪️
🇨🇳 China (particularly the Great Wall of China, Hong Kong and Shanghai) 🐼 🥟
🇲🇬 Madagascar 🐸
🇺🇦 Ukraine (particularly Yalta) 🏖️
🇯🇴 Jordan ☪️
🇮🇷 Iran (particularly Tehran) ☪️
🇲🇹 Malta 🏖️
🇨🇿 Czech Republic (particularly Prague) 🇨🇿
🇧🇬 Bulgaria 🏖️
🇲🇾 Malaysia (particularly Kuala Lumpur) ☪️
🇯🇵 Japan (particularly Tokyo) 🗻 🎎 🥟 👹 🗼
🇬🇪 Georgia 🇬🇪
🇦🇲 Armenia 🇦🇲

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Write places you want to visit

How often do you travel and for what reasons?

My family isn't that rich so I've barely gone on vacations when I was a kid, like 2 times in my entire childhood and only in southern france, and now that I live alone, I get enough money to travel if I wish to but I'm just not interested in going anywhere, I know it'd probably be fun and nice but I feel like it's not worth and in the end I'd rather stay at home and do whatever I want to do.
I try to get twice a year for a total of 4-6 weeks. Last couple of years it's been South East Asia a bunch of times. I stay home and work in midsummer because the sun is up for 18h anyway and I strive on sunlight. In the 6 darkest months is when I try to go twice because I hate the cold and the darkness.
I live in Zagreb, Croatia, if I drive I can be in Slovenia in 30 minutes, Austria, Hungary or Bosnia in 1hr30, Italy in 2 hrs... And there's reasonably priced public transport too. It's not really that much of a financial commitment, can be even worth it for shopping trips if particular products are cheaper somewhere else.
Once or twice a year. Been outside of Europe two times, Egypt when I was very little and the trip of my life to Sri Lanka not that long ago. When I move out and start earning something considerable, I'd rather switch to every other year to go somewhere more far away.
Twice a year. I usually devote a summer trip to Europe. Then a winter trip where I split time between Europe and somewhere else. Like this past December, it was the UAE /Netherlands (Leeuwarden and Zwolle). For pleasure and meeting up with people.
Think of it this way OP, statistically there are much less chances of something going wrong on a plane than there is on any other form of transportation. In comparison, anything driven on the road is a death trap.
At least 10 times a year for work and my travels are outside of the NA. I can't wait to get out of Vancouver nowadays. Really fed up with this city and all the drama. All you hear is RE is too high, gas prices are too high and combine that will junkies everywhere and gangsters everywhere. No one in this city is actually happy, all locals do is bitch and combine that with the passive racial tension boiling under the surface.
Not since 2009, except for a quick trip to the USA a year ago by car, but I have bought a house and had two kids since then, now travel has gotten a lot more expensive and wasn't possible for a while. I seem to be the only guy I know with an IT job that never gets sent elsewhere for work or training.
At least 10 times a year for work and my travels are outside of the NA. I can't wait to get out of Vancouver nowadays. Really fed up with this city and all the drama. All you hear is RE is too high, gas prices are too high and combine that will junkies everywhere and gangsters everywhere. No one in this city is actually happy, all locals do is bitch and combine that with the passive racial tension boiling under the surface.

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People often talk about how 2016 was their favourite summer. Was 2016 your favourite summer? If not, what year was your favourite summer?

I remember 2016 as a pretty good summer! I was at a quite fun training camp in Hungary. The pool we got to swim in was really good, the weather was perfect and we got to visit Budapest as well 😁
People often talk about how 2016 was their favourite summer Was 2016 your

Have you ever tried playing mini golf? What do you think of it and how good are you at it in general? ⛳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don't know if you have a tradition similar to ours, but we have Children's Day in Hungary when lots of events are organized and parents have a day off so they can spend time with their family. On most events we can play mini golf, so of course I've played it a couple of times. I don't think I was good at it, sometimes it was difficult, but most of the times it was pretty easy. It is a chill and fun little game if we play it with friends, but I wouldn't play it alone because it would be easy to get bored.

Do you ever feel bad for clothes you don't wear or items you just don't use in general? Like "Sorry, today is not your day" 😂👕👟

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
For those I own? Not really. I don't like men's clothing, so I always pick those pieces that don't look horrible, IMO, and I don't feel bad for even those I haven't picked up in 10 years, even if they still fit me. I feel bad for those I don't own for I can't wear them in public. Yesterday I was in a demonstration (about LGBTQ rights in Hungary) and I saw a gothic girl in fishnet stockings, a knife-pleated skirt, a top, and she also wore silver chains and I just really want to wear those, but I can't....

Where will you go on your next trip?

kellykitties’s Profile PhotoMoved to @norakitties
I either want to travel around Europe or go to South Africa!
I haven't really visited some parts of Europe such as France, Italy, The Netherlands, Czech Republic etc. I've only ever been to The UK, Spain, Germany and Hungary. I want to visit places such as Venice and Prague sooo badly! 😭
I want to experience South Africa mainly for it's amazing wildlife! I wanna go on safaris and travel out to the ocean to see great whites! 🤩
Where will you go on your next trip

where would you want to go first? 😊

abiepgonzales’s Profile Photoabie
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
There's a lot I wanna see.
India e.g. I love this country for its culture, it's tales about all kind of love story. Would love to see the Taj Mahal. Learn more about their gods and goddesses and enjoy their food.
I'd love to visit South Korea as well as Japan. Or Vietnam. Taiwan. Malaysia.
Then I would like to visit Spain. I was already in Italy together with my classmates when I was doing my A-Levels. And I loved it whole-heartedly. I want to go there again.
But not to forget Sweden, Norway, Scottland and Great Britan.
And I am also hungry for Greek and Hungary, as well as Romania - of course for its culture.
+1 answer in: “do you have a bucket list and if so, what is one thing on the list?”

Ön szerint a súlyosan értelmi selejtek (használhassák) használhatják a felületet? -Igen -Nem A szavazatokat a fejlődésünkre használjuk, anonym kutatás. A szavazás sikeressége esetén a súlyosan tehetséggondozásra szoruló tagjainkat töröljük. Köszönjük, Candy, ASKfm Hungary - Контролируемый Росси

Én is végeztem kutatásokat, melyek bizonyítják, miszerint Ön egy erkölcsi, érzelmi vakvágány.

Ah yes, the Germans and Austrians certainly know how to pull together a great Christmas market ? Vienna, Leipzig, Dresden, Nuremberg, Cologne, as well as Budapest in Hungary and Prague in the Czech Republic ?

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Yeah !! Christmas markets in big cities are beautiful but overcrowded ? - one experience there was enough haha ?
and this is in January in Prague too - with my husband ??
Ah yes the Germans and Austrians certainly know how to pull together a great
+10 answers in: “If you could instantly become an expert in something, what would it be? ?”

Well, that‘s really cool. ☺️ Didn’t know that it was so popular in other countries as well. Like I did know they were also in the Netherlands, but I didn’t know about the UK. 😅

Yup 😅
They're also in Spain, Switzerland, France, Australia, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Poland, China, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg, Hungary and Slovenia 😜
+3 answers in: “What are your favourite shops? 🙂”

Mi a véleményed a szépségversenyekről? Ha a szépség valóban belülről fakad, akkor a klasszikus értelemben vett szépségversenyeken hogyan tudják eldönteni, hogy ki a legszebb?

Én csak az amerikai gyerek szépségversenyeket szoktam nézni, azt is azért, hogy nézzem a sok hülye szülőt, akik a régen be nem teljesedett vágyaikat akarják a gyerekükre kivetíteni😅 Elképesztő, hogy néha mennyire túl mennek a határokon.
A “rendes” versenyeket nem szoktam követni, ilyen Miss Hungary meg nem tudom miket. Ha belenézek egy olyan műsorba, akkor sose tudom, hogy hány körből áll, milyen ruhákban kell lenniük stb, mert nem igazán érdekel🤷🏼‍♀️ Furán hangzik, de nekem minden versenyző egyformának néz ki, és a 8.után már úgysem emlékszem az elsőre, arra meg pláne nem, hogy milyen nyelveken beszél🙈 Aztán a végén mindig olyanokat választanak meg, akinél szebb is lenne a mezőnyben (aztán itt jön az, hogy ez tök szubjektív).
Szerintem ezek manapság csak a pénzről meg a nagyzolásról szólnak.

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Where I live people basically only pay with card, how's it where you are? Is it more common to use cash or is it the same there? ??

In Hungary it's 50-50 I think. Depends on where in the country you live. I live in a town of ~28.000 people 100 kms away from the capital city. In markets you can't pay with a card of course and smaller businesses might not always have a terminal. But if I can I use my card too. It's easier and safer.

Name Daneil. Itts from Csikágó. Achtunk Kaló Péter. Írtam csajának Selena Gomez bics. Hungary nyelven kurva. ich come Policy and Fbi. Perelt be engem Kaló Péter . 265 milliárd dollár kell fizetnem. Help please. Vigyáz Kaló péter ne írj csajára. Daniel

Péter Kaló
Most sírnék a röhögéstől ha nem tudnám, hogy skizofrén kamus és pszichés beteg emberről van szó aki Selena Gomeznak képzeli magát.

Omg salmon, yaaaas, it's a shame I can't vote lik 5 times. I love it but it's expensive here in the middle of Europe. How about Sweden? :)

noncsii_97’s Profile PhotoNoncsi
Well, it truly depends on what kind of salmon and where you buy it from haha You can get it for like 200-300 Swedish crowns per kilo I think 🤔 (6600-9900 forints) What I learned whilst I was in Hungary is that basically everything is cheaper there than in Sweden 😅
Omg salmon yaaaas its a shame I cant vote lik 5 times I love it but its

Én vagyok énekes Selena Gomaz. járok Kaló Péterel. sokat tanultam töle hungary nyelvet. Sokan irigyek rám én jarok Kaló Péterel . borító képen ö van fent. Csajok hagyátok békên uramat . nem akar töletek semmit . Selana gomez Kaló Péter csaja .

Péter Kaló
"Hát Petikém, akkor találkozunk a bíróságon!" de komolyan ennél röhejesebb viccesebb sőt egománabb önfényezést még én se találhattam volna ki, szóval le a kalappal előtted.
Ami azt illeti szerintem ez azér oda b@sz. Csak így tovább és nagy troll válhat belőled Péter fijam.
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Hungary has winter almost like the whole year I guess? Woww I’m completely opposite cuz I love winters but at the same time I also like sweat ? summers are the best if you want a good shredded body lol wow Hungary ?? I’ve heard and read about it...

yahyarao10’s Profile PhotoYahya Rao
No, not the whole year, I wouldn't probably live here if it would last that long haha :D.
It should be only 3 months, since we have 4 seasons here but now it has changed a bit. Winter was very very mild this year with lots of rain and not too low temperatures - weird.
Usually from May to September it's pretty hot and dry which is just the weather that I like.
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Don't know if I've asked this before but what's your typical Burger King order? 🤔 Curious since I used to work there 😂

Chicken nuggets is one of my favourite thing in the whole world, with ketchup, hot and salty fries for sure and some sprite!
But if we are talking about hamburgers then there's a great one here in Hungary (idk if you have the same in Sweden) but it's name is Deluxe chicken hamburger.
I googled a picture for you, and now I'm hungry thx :D
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It's weird... You're speaking like you have 40 years of experience in this field ? if I have the decision surely I will make you the education minister here in Tunisia, we need people like you... People know very well the problems and are capable to find the solutions

Rio Maestro
I definitely don't have that much experience. However, education is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, it's more than just a job. It's my call. I like to dive deep into things that are important to me, education is one of them. I do it well, or I don't do it at all.
That's a very sweet thought haha, ministers of education suck here in Hungary too. I bet most of the people that are in charge of our education system have never even seen kids apart from their own (if they even have any...). It's sad. Many of us teachers (and soon to-be-teachers) see the problems, but we can't do anything to make a change. Most of us are angry and desperate. The only thing true educators can do is to close the doors of their classrooms and give everything they've got. I mean to give REAL values with methods that truly work.

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I'm so happy, that you liked it:D yes, Hungary is pretty cheap if you compare it to Sweden. What buildings did you visit in Budapest?

Oh, the ones I remember right now are: Fisherman's Bastion (Halászbástya), Heroes Square (Hősök tere), we walked past the parliament building and the Széchenyi thermal bath. We walked up to the the statue of liberty as well haha It was pretty tiring but the view was totally worth it 😁
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