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Cowok ganteng atau cowok sopan ?

slsars’s Profile PhotoRiri~
Cowok tajir, super ultra rich, taat beragama, enggak punya akun YT, IG, tok tok dsmcmx, badan standar SNI, hobby ngoleksi super car, batangan LM ANTAM, periang, baik hati, giat bekerja, pintar masak n gemar menabung,
Cowok ganteng sama sopan uda banyak berhamburan, ayo temukan cowok rare seperti itu, happy hunting lads!

Happy Autumn/Fall 🍁😄 how are you doing?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Thank you! Happy Autumn/Fall to you as well! 🍁🍂
I’m doing okay! Just trying my best to get through a tough time, as my step-dad unexpectedly passed away almost week ago now, and it’s really just been devastating, and a total shock the last few days.
In general though, and before this week, I haven’t been doing too bad at all. I’ve been apartment hunting, and just looking forward to the general coziness of the holidays coming up! Also, I’m gonna be prepping to go to barbering school in the Spring/Summer, if everything goes to plan! Very much looking forward to that!
How are you doing? ☺️
Happy AutumnFall  how are you doing

If you game, what got you into it? 🎮

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Just life..
There wasn't a special game or moment or something.
We all like gaming, mom is more of a mobile puzzle gamer and dad used to be stuck on the settlers for an eternity. He replaced that with a hunting game that's constantly running on his computer 😅
And my beother and I just grew up being interested in games. We both had the game boy colour and several other consoles and also our own PCs at one point. 😁

Of course I would, I dont forget that easily. *She smiles faintly seeing Horror she doesnt see him as a threat currently as he wears the familiar face of her love* How's the hunting going?

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
*She can only see half his skull as he isn't facing her, but she can definitely see the twisted grin appear on it and creep ever further upwards*
Oh, I get the feeling this is going to be a very successful hunt indeed
*Now he turns to face her, axe extended he tilts his skull so the missing part is nearer the ground as he tugs at his empty eye socket with his free hand, the look in his eye is. . . animalistic*

Would you rather be a fox or wolf?

RedRover_’s Profile PhotoRover
The fox is the most abundant and wide spread predator on Earth. They live everywhere except Antarctica thanks largely to humans. Specifically the British since they brought them everywhere they went cause Fox hunting was apparently pretty big *shrugs*. I adore foxes
Would you rather be a fox or wolf

▬▬▬▬▬▬⠀∫⠀Don't die yet. ⊱ ᴀ ᴅᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ ꜱᴘᴇᴄɪᴀʟ

fangsandstilettos’s Profile Photokatherine pierce.
“I deserve this, I deserve to die.” Damon croaked, the tone of his shivering voice so unfamiliar to Katherine’s perked ears as perhaps even to his own. Standing right behind the door frame of Damon’s bedroom, eavesdropping. She hadn’t even been too careful as to not make a sound on her way in. surely under any other circumstances, Damon’s sharp hearing would have picked up her high-heeled steps immediately, however this couldn’t be further from normal, hence she was there to say goodbye to the elder Salvatore. Her mind casually wandered to their last encounter. ‘You don’t get a goodbye’ well, she was going to get one whether he liked it or not.
Katherine thought about it one last time, reconsidering her latest plan; was it really fair to let Damon believe he was dying when she held the cure in her pocket? Well, he’s the one who wouldn’t do as much as blinking in her direction if it he didn’t need something. She missed her old Damon, or maybe she just missed toying with him a bit.
“No...” Elena argued in a whisper almost matching his own as she slid lower on the bed, meeting his weak gaze with her own steady reassuring one.
“I agree.” Kathrine interrupted revealing herself as she leaned against the door frame, startling them both. As if ashamed Elena quickly gathered herself up and off the bed, both eying Katherine with furrowed eyebrows leaning on confusion. “What?” Katherine pushed herself from the door frame, previously folded arms now released to dangle at her sides as she strutted towards the bed. “Did you really think I’d just let you die and not come by?” eyebrows raised in a questioning manner as she sat down on the bed. “Stefan’s still negotiating with Klaus over the cure, things weren’t going that well by the time Klaus released me.” She breathed out, her words aimed at both as she was sure this was to be their first question. “or decided to give me a head start.” She corrected, knowing better than to think Klaus would just release her like that. She guessed he’d just enjoyed hunting her a little too much.
Elena getting the hint as to leave the room, allowing Katherine to say her goodbyes uninterrupted. Damon would know how to get her to leave if that’s what he wished, Elena thought. Not that she’d be any help removing Katherine from the room if the situation demanded.
“so,” the brunette started relieved of Elena’s presence in the room, taking the liberty to pull Damon’s sleeve up a little to stare at his bite. “oh, you were right. It does look bad.” Katherine admitted, noes scrunched up, referring to their last conversation. “Did the hallucinations start yet?”

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Dont die yet  ᴀ ᴅᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ ꜱᴘᴇᴄɪᴀʟ

With summer coming to a close, what do you have planned for the autumn? 🍂🗓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, nothing is set in stone for me yet, but here’s what I’m hoping for!
-I’m going apartment hunting, and I want to find one that is suitable, so I can at least start the process of moving before winter gets really bad. 😬
-I’m thinking about taking some Cosmetology courses, so I don’t have so much to worry about next year when I inevitably need to renew my license. It’d be nice to get a head start on my continuing education hours!
-On the same note, I’m gonna try to practice my Cosmetology skills more often. Especially things that I’m rusty on, given my health hasn’t really allowed me to practice much.
-I want to build up more stamina and get my health to a stable place, so I can start barbering school maybe by the spring of next year! I feel it’s about time I fulfill this passion that I’ve been wanting to pursue for like 3 years now. 😄

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With summer coming to a close what do you have planned for the autumn
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Ever noticed, 'Humans' are the only species that pay to live on the planet?

Viho_Adams’s Profile Photo༺M_Adam༻
Civilization. For every convenience, there is a price. How many of us are willing / capable of building shelter? Making our own clothing? Farming, hunting and / or gathering food? Those who have the desire to be completely autonomous and live without financial resources and the need to pay for products or services are more than free to head toward the nearest wilderness and show us how it's done. I'm sure that the rest of us will be taking very careful notes... 👍
Ever noticed  Humans are the only species that pay to live on the  planet

What are your plans this weekend? 💓

AthenusVena’s Profile Photoav
Ryan's dashing tonight and probably tomorrow night, there is plot days going on at my papaw's hunting lodge, so we'll probably help with that.
Then at some point we have to take my SIL dress back and get a size up.
Gotta get the rest of our decorations down to where the wedding is being held...gotta get Ryan's shirt and shoes.
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Did you know hunting unicorns is legal in Michigan? 🤔

edraegen’s Profile Photoʎǝɹɟɟǝſ™
Please don't tell me they use it as an excuse to strap a horn to a horses head and use it for target practice -_-
... so I just googled it, and it's a thing.. which comes with the statement of "the pursuit of the unicorn is a lonely quest, we wish them nothing but good luck!"
... what the heck did I just read! xD
Did you know hunting unicorns is legal in Michigan
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Thank you so much for all likes and coins😇👃Hope everything is ok with you❤

Mrjensa’s Profile PhotoThe Untouchable One❤️
Hi, Jens) I'm glad to see you, my friend.What kind of thanks can there be for likes and lights? I was just trying to give you back your so generous reward.
You'd better look at what kind of dog we have now) His friends gave his brother a hunting dog of the Kurtzhaar breed. The dog's name is Ray, and Ray even lived at my house for a few days. He is still small, but since this photo he has grown up quite a bit. And he is just as energetic, and just as temperamental, and a cunning dog, as our last dog was.
How are you, Jens? What's new with you?
Thank you so much for all likes and coinsHope everything is ok with you

https://ask.fm/DEVASTATIXN/answers/171620454530 //feeling the need to protecc this lady-

DEVASTATIXN’s Profile Photo⠀* 血雨探花
Anyone can change if they truly want to.Even the wickedest of demons are not free from change. I don't expect you to understand why but.. Maybe it's my humanity but I can't rightfully justify hurting another to fix myself. I'd be no better then the creatures hunting me. It's no one fault I'm the way I am. It's not fair to have you pay for that.. I'd much rather suffer alone then harm someone else. I fight to protect myself but nothing more. More bloodshed isnt the answer. *her aura is filled with hope despite all the pain she endures she remains hopeful for a better future* I shall not use violence against you unless I've been given no choice. Your life is just as important as mine demon or not. *she looks at him Ripley was probably much different than most humans he ran into she was a rare diamond amongst the corruption of humanity*

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Where are you my handsome? ☹️

Alas! those times when prince used to go hunting with his newly wed princess and then go missing at dawn only to make the princess scream her lungs out with his name in jungle and then suddenly appear from behind with a deer on his horse and make “i missed-you-for-30-minutes-i-was-freaked-out” love and a deer bonfire.

Qué tipo de música escucháis??

armendariznovoroxana7121’s Profile PhotoRoxx
@armendariznovoroxana7121 🏝️ Holi, pásate, tu puedes 🍻
Ettoo... metal, rock, pop, R&B, jazz, tecno, altenativa 😎
🎶 ♫ ♪ ♬

Dalriada - Búsirató

Dark Sarah - Hunting the Dreamer

Dark Tranquillity - Uniformity

Darlingside - The Ancestor

Daughter - Youth

Dead By Sunrise - Crawl Back In

Death - Spirit Crusher

Death Angel - Left For Dead

Def Leppard - Hello America

Def Leppard - Hysteria

Def Leppard - Love bites

Def Leppard - Promises

Def Leppard - When love and hate collide

Deftones - Diamond Eyes

Deftones - Romantic Dreams

Deicide - Conviction

Demon Hunter - Artificial Light

Demons And Wizards - Fiddler On The Green

Desecrator - Red Steel Nation

Destine - In Your Arms

Destruction - Carnivore

Devildriver - Sail

Diabulus In Musica - Inner Force

Dio - Rainbow In The Dark

Dire Straits - Communique

Dire Straits - Money For Nothing

Dire Straits - Once upon a time in the west

Dire Straits - Sultan of swing

Dire Straits - Tunnel of love

Disturbed - Down With The Sickness

Disturbed - Indestructible

Disturbed - The Vengeful One

Dokken - Dream Warriors

Donots - Come Away With Me

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Qué tipo de música escucháis

Talk about a time you went above and beyond?

Looking at the transaction, the cashier hand-keyed it, but voided it, then scanned it again. However, the second and third instance rang the chicken up at the regular price (like, $5). Essentially, we charged this customer $250 for their $5 pack of chicken. Customer paid with a debit card. Actually tracking a customer down by their card isn't an easy process. However, I used another system to research every purchase they made in the last 60 days with that card in hopes of something that might be helpful. They purchased a hunting license a few days prior. I was able to pull the info from that hunting license. It was a younger girl (DOB was listed on the license, I think she was like 16). Pulled the video, confirmed the lady who paid for the chicken was the same who paid for this license. It was. So, I had a name. Asked around. Turns out this kid used to work for my wife. She gives me the number. I call this kid (and call her by her full name, including her middle name, which weirded her out a little) and asked about the person she was with the day she got the license. It was her mother. Awesome. I need her to call me at the store, we owe her some money. Her mom calls from work like 5 mins later. I explain everything and his lady is like "wow, I hadn't even noticed. My husband is with me, and when he's with me, he just throws extra stuff in the cart, so I didn't even catch how high the total was." Like, wow. I would have noticed. :D
Lady comes in, I verify it's the same lady from the video, check the last four on her debit card to compare it to the receipt, and process her a refund. I've had a few. My most recent one was being called up to Service Desk for a customer. He wanted a grill from L&G. I went over and found the grill (L&G associates didn't really care to help) which was up in the steel. I asked around and found the one person in the store who could use the walking stacker, and talked them into helping out (freight was more important to her). We get it down, and take it over to the register. The price I saw online when I looked on the app was cheaper, so I talked the L&G associate through how to price match online, then took the grill and accessories we picked out to the guys SUV, loaded up, and he went on his way. Before that it was one about this lady who needed some meats at about 9pm and nobody was around to help her. Supports and management weren't responding to my requests on walkie so I just dove into the meat cooler to find it. I came out and said I couldn't find it all but I would take one last look for her, went in and finally found the last thing she needed. She bought like $300 of meat (like she bought whole cases of meat). She said last time she was in a similar situation someone said if it's not in the shelf it's out and didn't help her, so she was pleased with me.

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Что тут вообще происходит?

Обязательно к прослушиванию в наушниках !
Сами знаете кому кланяться.
Spiritbox feat. Sam Carter - Yellowjacket (feat. Sam Carter)
As I Lay Dying - Blinded
The Browning - Fearless
Orbit Culture - Carvings
Fit For An Autopsy - Far from Heaven
FEVER 333 - Hunting Season
Bloodywood - Bsdk.Exe.
- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Что тут вообще происходит

Czy w najbliższej przyszłości Marie ma w planach rozpoczęcie pracy nad jakimś nowym projektem?

ryujinpl1’s Profile Photo류진 Shin Ryujin | ITZY Poland
Z tych co nam wiadomo nie zostały jeszcze rozpoczęte prace do „Hunting season” & jak narazie to jedna produkcja, która czeka na rozpoczęcie nagrywek z udziałem Marie.

when was the last time you felt jealous and why?

cciicc_699’s Profile Photoأنا واشياء اخرى
بحب العباقرة وبتمنى أكون متلهم متل بطل فيلم Good Will Hunting مثلاً.. بس الشغلات التانية (المال، الجمال.. الخ) لا عادي كلها أرزاق والله يبارك لكل واحد برزقته.
ندعو الله يعطينا من واسع فضله بدون ما تضيق عينا على غيرنا ولا نتمنى زوال نعمه.

What are your hobbies?

Looking into crime cases/forensic stuff, axe throwing, escape rooms, spending time with my animals, reading, I find things like astrology interesting, music. I love digging into the back catalogues of artists and finding hidden gems or songs I'd not have heard of otherwise, I can spend hours interpreting lyrics sometimes. I think thrifting/bargain hunting is fun too.

Klo kalian lgi pengen bgt resign dri perusahaan nih ya tapi dari perusahaan mengharuskan kalian harus mengikuti peraturan prosedur kek misalnya kalian hrs pengajuan dlu abis itu sebulan kemudian kalian boleh keluar. Sedangkan saat ini kalian udh males dgn perusahaan ini. Apa yg bakal kalian lakukan?

Reina2611’s Profile PhotoReina
Jujur sih, kalo gw ada di tahap mau resign, pasti gw udh persiapan dari jauh dulu, dari mempelajari mekanisme/proses resign di kantor gw gimana; pros, cons & consequences-nya apa apa; ngelengkapin dokumen yg diperluin buat proses resign; dan ngasih rekomendasi rekan kerja yg cocok buat take over tugas gw selama posisi gw kosong nanti ke HR. Sebosen apapun itu atau sejelek apapun hubungan gw dengan lingkungan di kantor pas gw mau resign, gw bakal berusaha buat keluar baik" buat nunjukin profesionalisme gw ga sebatas pas kerja di situ doang…
Intinya mah kalo resign, usahakan dengan baik" & terhormat. Karena kalo lu keluar dengan baik" & terhormat, lu bisa aja dapet surat rekomendasi dari kantor lama lu & itu bisa bantu banget buat your next job hunting. Trus orang" yg pernah jadi rekan kerja lu bisa aja nanti jadi sumber pertolongan buat lu di masa depan…

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Sebagai temen, apasih yg hrsnya dilakuin klo tmn kita lg hampa dan stress berat? Apa yg sbnrnya lg dibutuhkan org yg stress menurut pendapat kalian selain solusi dari masalahnya?

pertama kasih dia ruang dulu, selanjutnya coba mulai tanyain keadaan dia, kalo misalkan dia mau cerita dengerin aja, biarin dia plong cerita, baru kamu tawarin misal dia butuh bantuan apa, kalo dia tipe yg suka jalan-jalan, belanja, atau hunting kuliner, ajakin aja siapatau dia mau dan bisa sedikit meredakan stress nya dia, yg penting kamu berusaha care aja sama dia, supaya dia nggak merasa sendirian 😁😁😁

Kamu baru aja ketemu sama banyak orang di keramaian, ditongkrongan kamu cuman ngobrol. Tapi ketika balik ke rumah kamu ngerasa capek banget seakan-akan energi kamu itu terkuras banget. Kira-kira cara terbaik buat balikin energi dengan cepat itu gimana?

RosesMary32659’s Profile PhotoRoseMary
aku biasanya me time sih kdg tidur, kdg nonton, kdg hunting jajanan lewat ojol wkwk dan berakhir makan, makan dan makan wkwk

What's your favourite Harry Potter OTP? fanfic?

musa_dereliquit_me’s Profile PhotoMusa Riddle
Isolation, my favorite fanfic in the Harry Potter fandom based on the Dramion pairing

Post HBP. Ron and Harry are Horcrux hunting and Hermione has been left at Hogwarts to help the Order make it safe for the other students. Draco is forced by Snape to stay in Hogwarts for his own protection, but he can't leave the room he is given; Granger's room. Hermione is the only student trusted with this information, so her and Malfoy share the small space, and Draco tries to avoid insanity as he becomes increasingly isolated with only the Mudblood for company. Something's going to give...
Mature content and themes, and explicit language.
Disclaimer: Don't own anything...check my purse...Cool, a bat!

Say you got hungry when you had become a Kaiju, what'd you do? 🤔🍗

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My first instinct would be to search for food in the wilderness! I would probably hunt for a forest with fruit trees, and eat those! Or I would go hunting for fish. I would avoid livestock and just farms in general because those belong to someone, and that "someone" probably wouldn't be too pleased if a kaiju came stomping along, ate all their cows or their potatoes or wheat or whatever, then left.

When you are out job hunting, would you say it is necessary to attach a cover letter alongside your CV, or just send your CV, telling them everything they need to know?

SlimMan’s Profile PhotoBill Walker
It is definitely much more professional and polite to attach a covering letter. That way you then give a brief description of why you think that you are suitable for the position. 🙂

@onryotatarigami @Gorogorogorochan

GoldenLineage’s Profile Photoᴀʀɪꜱᴇ, ʏᴇ ᴛᴀʀɴɪꜱʜᴇᴅ!
ᴛʜᴇ ᴛᴀʟᴇ ᴏꜰ ɢᴏᴅʀɪᴄᴋ ᴛʜᴇ ɢʀᴀꜰᴛᴇᴅ
"The final descendant... A bloody tale, one of some small tragedy and utter MADNESS.
I suppose he had his priorities in the right place, all things considered. But alas, the placing of his MIND is what doomed him.
Godrick the Golden, is what he was known as during his youth. Not a son of Marika or Radagon, and thus he was made recipient of the least of their strength. He was born with a dwarfs body, tiny and frail...
And yet, his ambitions were large indeed, hmn? The young Godrick praised his ancestor Godfrey, devoted himself and prided himself upon sharing his forefathers legacy. But when he looked around... He was disheartened. He had so many relatives, and yet... None of his family cared for upholding their legacy. All of the children of Marika were preoccupied in warring against each other, each one wanting more than one shard of the Elden Ring, each one only caring for pleasing mother Marika and ruling the Lands Between as the next Elden Lord.
None of his family actually cared about Godfrey. About the legendary status he upheld, even now. This revelation despaired Godrick, so much that he declared war against Marika's children himself, and devoted his entire life to upholding his ancestors legacy.
Unfortunately for Godrick however, he would receive only humiliation. Bested by one of Marika's children in combat, he grovelled at their feet for mercy, before being exiled from the Royal Capital and shamed by his own family.
But this was not the end of the Golden. Indeed, the desperation felt by him only served to encourage, and in his delusion, he believes himself to be Godfrey reincarnate.
And to make up for his weakness? He has established himself, he and his loyalists, within Stormveil Castle, hacking the bodies of fallen foes apart and absorbing them into his own skin. Now a giant amalgam wielding a massive golden axe, Godrick the Golden awaits, plotting a return to the Capitol, his soldiers hunting down Tarnished to further augment his and their bodies in a piteous attempt at mad retribution.
And so his family decided. He would be Godrick the Golden no longer.
Now, and forevermore, he is known as Godrick the Grafted."

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onryotatarigami Gorogorogorochan

When you are out job hunting, would you say it is necessary to attach a cover letter alongside your CV, or just send your CV, telling them everything they need to know?

SlimMan’s Profile PhotoBill Walker
they only look at your CV and even then probably just the first page, so you need to make it eye catching

I'm so sorry about what happened to your dog. Did someone kill it? So terrible. Are you going to buy another dog now?

Mrjensa’s Profile PhotoThe Untouchable One❤️
Hi, Jens! I am very glad to have a question from you.) Sorry, it was not very polite of me not to answer you right away, but I had to exit the ASKfm application. Today I still decided to correct this state of affairs.)
Thank you, my friend, for your sympathy. You really are a very kind guy, since you managed to understand that the loss of this animal was really a very serious shock for me. I get very attached to anyone, and this dog was really a member of our family for all of us.
You ask, what happened to him? The night from December 31 to January 1 in Russia is usually celebrated on a grand scale, with feasts with the use of unlimited amounts of alcohol.)) This is, so to speak, a Russian tradition. My whole family fell ill with COVID-19 for these New Year holidays, and not only did they not celebrate, but they were lying with a high fever. There was no one to walk with the dog and they let him run alone. He knew the area very well and never got lost, all the neighbors also knew this dog very well, other animals, as I said earlier, he never offended. And yet, it is a very sporty hunting dog that requires daily physical exertion. The fact is that my brother's hobby is hunting. I don't share the killing of animals, but what can I do, it's still a man's hobby, and I treat it with understanding. And the dog was my brother's friend and companion in his hobby. So, the dog was released to run on his own, but he did not return home for a very long time. They already wanted to go looking for him, but the well-being of none of the relatives did not allow it. The dog returned very late and was already in a very bad condition. My brother, a dog handler by his occupation, immediately realized that it was bad. He was taken to the vet, but could not be saved. And an analysis of the animal's saliva showed that he was poisoned by meat treated with rat poison. This poison is sold in general access in Russia, and anyone can buy it. So, poisoning a dog is really the work of a man. And I don't know if it was accidentally or intentionally, or if someone did it under the influence of alcohol.
We are not planning to buy a new dog, Jens, yet. We have come very hard from the loss of this. But we didn't buy this dog either, it was given to us by one of our friends, the breeder of this breed.
I don't speak English, Jens, but I hope that you will understand something from my story.)
пришлось исправить, в текте было повторение. хотя уже можно было и не дублировать.)

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Im so sorry about what happened to your dog Did someone kill it So terrible Are

To balance out and fix the gender pay gap, should we take away the voting rights of men with small ding dongs due to them usually going out of their way to earn way more than most?

Is it even worth unpacking this crap or are you just hunting for rants to post on your blog as 'proof of the patriachy'?
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What are your hobbies and interests?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
Bouldering, singing, playing guitar, playing piano, metal work, making jewellery, writing poetry, sculpting, making clothes, 3D animation, 3D art, writing songs, travelling, hiking, camping, metal detecting, treasure hunting, art, painting, drawing, digital art, history, science, theoretical science, subatomic particle science, fringe science, photography, videography, bike riding, novel writing, illustrating, wood work, cooking, gaming, making people laugh, motivational videos, both watching them and making them, learning about poisonous plants, science documentaries, history and science museums. And so much more

What do you like about your City?🤔

outsidenowthiswar21’s Profile PhotoXhqjd
Zalavruga (Belomorsk petroglyphs) are located in the Republic of Karelia, the city of Belomorsk. These are drawings carved into the rock. It's just an amazing place. Embossed drawings on the rock are the ancient language of our ancestors. These drawings are 3-4 thousand years BC. Basically, deer hunting scenes were carved on the rock.
Залавруга(Беломорские петроглифы) Находятся в республике Карелия городе Беломорск. Это рисунки выбитые на скале. Это просто удивительное место. Выбитые рисунки на скале - это древний язык наших предков. Этим рисункам 3-4 тысяча лет до нашей эры. В основном на скале выбивали сцены охоты на оленей.
What do you like about your City

Language: English