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What are the few things exclusively available in your city ? Like I belong to Hyderabad Pakistan so Bombay bakery chocolate coffee cakes are exclusively available in my city

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Yeah having these in Hyderabad plus that hiraabad wala paan, plus wo Gul centre wali biryani, plus boulevard aur autobahn k gol gappay aur al-manzar ki machli.

Vintage vs new furniture ,decoration pieces ,paintings what do you prefer

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I was seeing indian Hyderabad lady vlog she took us to vintage store where are lots of vintage vase ,lamp ,paintings ,chandelier ,furniture
I wish Pakistan also has vintage antique where they keep old 50 years old unique but Pakistan does not have any antique vintage store
Si I can't buy any vintage stuff

What are the few things exclusively available in your city like I belong to Hyderabad Pakistan so Bombay bakery chocolate coffee cake exclusively available in Hyderabad 🌚

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Yeah I answered in question
Apart from this Al fajr world tastiest biryani exclusively available in my city
Sindhi handi craft clothes for women are only available in my city 🌚🌚🌚🙂

Kuch interesting sa batao joh currently Hyderabad mai hora !! Q ki meku bore hora

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The Hyderabad police early on Sunday, April 3, raided a pub in Hyderabad’s Banjara Hills for operating beyond its permitted hours and detained around 150 people, including actor Niharika Konidela niece of actor Chiranjeevi garu , and Bigg Boss Season 3 winner and Tollywood singer Rahul Sipligunj. The Hyderabad police raided the pub at Radisson Blu hotel in the upscale Banjara Hills area in the wee hours of Sunday, April 3. The pub, Pudding and Mink, was raided by Task Force personnel of Hyderabad City Police as it was open beyond the permitted hours.

Today I messed up with an Indian on Twitter.He was saying there is no Kashmir in Pakistan. Kashmir belongs to India.

Precisely the difference between the Indian view and ours. Kashmir doesn't "belong" to anyone except its people. It's people should be given a fair chance to choose for themselves like Junagarh did, back in the day, like Hyderabad did, like Assam did. I could go on and on and on but most Indians wouldn't accept this argument because they're looking at it not from the humanity aspect but the one on the very other side.

Abey oye abhi toh elections mein bohat time hai, abhi toh tickets tak isdue nhi hui candidates ki, toh phir tujy kaha sy mil gayi. ARAB PATI UNCLES DAKKAY Khattay hy tickets leney k liye, toh tuj jese unexperienced kanglay ko kese mil gayi, woh b anounce honay sy pehle.

Ass holes you ain't no shit abt me ask anything new around khi& Hyderabad they will tell you who am I and for you kind info. I applied in GE18 . Get the fuck out here and next time you ask someone have gutts to Untick so the other person can know whom he's talking to.

Yes. With you one has to act insecure not confident to get your attention you like lifting people up as long as it's not your neck on the line. Samjhi GHulame fatIMA FIRST YEAR BDS FROM HYDERABAD FORMERLY FROM PESHAWAR JISKAY ABBA FAUJ MAIN HAIN . 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Wow :)) hailo koi puranay pyary anon. Seems like it's "asha wala parhayi sy mohabbat karnay wala anon"
?? :)
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No offence But Sindh may hum nay sirf Mara Howa bhutto , poverty r corruption e sune ha Otherwise it's good agar medical colg bn gay hain

Bro bro bro? Where are you? :)
Sindh main bohat achay achay medical uni and colleges hain.
Lumhs, dow, jinnah, chandka, gambat, khairpur med colg these are the main gov institutes. Otherwise private tou bohat hain karachi main aur Hyderabad main :))
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Haye.. I know you shifted from Peshawar to Hyderabad started bds. And all I have been asking you about you. So yeah. Cause you helped me once by putting my insecurities to sleep about my looks.

Cute :)) not only you're best at goods but also keeping check on people and yeah it's called "part of cuteness" from my side.
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HAHAH wowww sindhi nikli chori to :D Khariyan to punjab main hai i thought wahan ki hogi... HAHAH bas mjy aur ni aati lekin samjh agai kya bola :D Sindhi larkiyan aur main history is very bad xD

Hahaa :) to change the history i came :p
Yahan tou achi khaasi ban jati hai hamari so acha waqt aa gaya hai ap ka :p
Kharian main tou temporary stay hai :) rehna hum ny Hyderabad hi hai xD
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Just got home. Tiny rain showers and street lights and me walking from the bus stop to the apartment building was posing a nice view and so was the vibe. Dinner time it is now here.

axwell_shm’s Profile PhotoShelby Ltd.
High winds have been coordinating well with strong sunlight, here.
Otherwise Hyderabad hasn't been blessed with rain xD :)
Seems like you enjoy rain? Hmm?
Hhehe, you can continue with your dinner if you want to :)
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Yeah. There is. Classic market. It's huge. But I think they have removed it from there now. 🤔🤔 I haven't been there in ages. Online shopping is the culprit behind my laziness these days. 😶😶

We used to live in hyderabad when i was in 1 class. I don't remember it much but whenever we're on our way to badin tou abba hyderabad sy hi shopping krtay khandan walon k liye. The city's has got quite reasonable rates.
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itna pata ap hyderabad ki ho aur ap ki wall dekhi... aur kafi days se follow kr raha.. but dont know about u actually 🥺🤦‍♂️

Graduate hun main sir or officially berozgar bhi 💔😂
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I am Indian Muslim who supports the rights of Kashimiris. But is this below news true? https://www.theweek.in/news/world/2019/08/14/balochistan-solidarity-day-goes-viral-on-twitter-pak-called-out-as-hypocrites.html

first of all, one does not have to be muslim to be able to support and raise voice against oppression be it in kashmir or any other state.
As for later part, during partition several states were acceded into either of 2 countries without referendum or by any other fair means,such as annexation hyderabad deccan by india; several of them were unjustly granted to india by radcliffe award. whatsoever,it's a thing of past; raking them now is pointless.If ppl now would demand for separation of their respective states,then this would result in nothing but chaos.
besides, ppl of nagaland,a state in india,too have declared separation from india on this independence day
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its funny, and trumph? Where did that come from? Lmao. It was just a simple approach. I really liked that girl at that time and you resemble her I literally searched your username on instagram and read hyderabad in bio that made even more curious and i ended up asking you. Aint a pickup line.

Nawtilicioux_WAsef_Aziz’s Profile PhotoWasef Aziz Ahmed
Didn’t you say it was? Listen we done here. Also it’s trump*
But you do you. Now kindly, leave me alone.shouldn’t be a problem for you.

In Hyderabad for next 2 months. Please suggest some must-visit places or some regional dishes or anything else exclusive to this state :p Any suggestions would be appreciated :D

AkhilRSV’s Profile PhotoRk
Hill Park Restaurant, judcherla, Bangalore-Hyderabad highway. The food is amazing and also, it will be a good long drive too.
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Hey followed you back maybe :) Tbh after ages I saw someone who's using ask.fm that too from Hyderabad °-° khair your I ain't joking or trying to flirt with you but girl your flawlessly beautiful💯😍 nd your answers are too good nd maybe lets a convo someday😉 #Stayblessed ❤

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Thnk uh for the compliment. .. followed back n sure for the conversation someday 😊

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