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the ones you don't even have. diminished Hyderabadi sexuality. chill out hun. you ain't shit. all people do is hear you babbke like a band of babboons.

And yet you‘re the one w no fvcking guts to comeoff(??) Lmao i pity you sweetheart. Also, im the shvt you neither can understand nor can bear so help your ashy dry ass somewhere else. God, your clapback game is shittier than your existence.
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What is the funniest thing you have ever seen a Stranger do...?? Now imagine you laugh on him/her and later that Stranger met you in personal...😁😁 #Staif

moazzy123’s Profile PhotoÉm_nt_úrs...!!
Yeah! I actually did come across with that situation 🤭😂
Once upon a time, this stranger use to always pose in a funny way which made it look like as if it's a malyaali or a tamilian. 😂😂😂😂
But Later on met that stranger almost a year after and found out it's a Hyderabadi 😂😂, eventually became frnds and since that until today I never knew that bond would be so Priceless and the best of all I have had in my life. 🙈❣😂
#Alhumdullilah 💯

Well i did go to Lamoosh and hyderabadi darbar. Mall pe kher family day wali dramaybazi chal rhi thi -.- anyways ek hi din tha Hyderabad baki bhitshah aur matiari scene tha. But autobahn road is good. Sb kuch hi hai udhar ✌

Yea, my fav place to shop and hop🙆♀️
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Prespective yaro,thode haule rehte baakk to sab tehzeeb wale loga hai bacchiyo ku cherdh nai sakte yaha zyada,ramazan ki raunakh,or charminar or bazaar? everything is fine here new city ke bacche ganjattiya rehte doing weed ye wo??

U know proper hyderabadi lol....I rarely visited that area that to for haleem and mandi ..and worst is i never saw charminar ..

Have u ever been to Hyderabad?? If not then how do u know the accent? Did hyderabadis who migrated there during division taught u this accent or what? As u r a Pakistani u would have met some of them.

Haha why are you shocked ? 😂
No pakistani hyderabadi don't speak in that accent.
And the answer to your question is " i live in KSA so we intereact with different indians and my best friend is an Indian too so we can now recognize indians by their accents that from which state/city are they 😄

Happy birthday humorist,i kinda love chats with u that owsome shugal and all that we talk about😂😬 u be my future consultant 😂 18 ka hogua hy ? Ab to bta de usse wo bhi wait krri hy 😷😷 lalay wish to ai hogi 😂😂 acha chor treat lene kahan aon ? 😋 plis no hyderabadi juggaten on this

AhmadSeeemab’s Profile PhotoAhmad Seemab
Thanks Seemab, always willing to destroy a life and feel honoured to be your Dr. Cray 😂 Or hum kahan lucky 😭 Dua kar posting achi jagah aye, treat In Sha Allah dunga :p

Irum Hyderabad aur hyderabadi ladkiyan duniya mein sabse best hain. Especially North ke Chuttar Pradesh ke ghatiya dehaati ganwar zahil namoonon se hazaar guna behtar. Bas aap jaan lein. Aur aapke waahiyat fangirls bhi.

Bhai apke not so kind words ke liye shukriya lekin world ki sari larkiyan best hai :) agar ap kisi or ko neecha dekha kar meri tareef karna chahte hain toh dost I'm sorry aisi tareef mjhy acchi nae lagti :) Dhyan rakhiyega

I don't know what's wrong with @saaaad69 hookingup with these girls @zulkharnain @hafssaa20 @HanahRahman13 what do these girls have that hyderabadie girls don't?

Saad k pas hum hai, aur hamare pas saad hai! Hyderabadi ladkiyon k pas na hum hai aur na saad hai! Aur ek baat kaho tum pehle se he chutiya the ya waqt k koi haseen sitam ne tumhe chutiya banadiya??

so thoughts dena banta hai ab...umm sach aap bhot ache ho yaar💕...mtlb kahi zyaada cute ar polite ho..caring ho❤..ache liker ho..jo hona chahiye hr kisi ko xD...doosro ko smjhte ho..um hyderabadi toh hote hi cute hai😍..ar nature fab hai..d.p ar bg k baare mein keh hi chuka😇.baaki you know ki ap💯

Good? Better? BEST❤
As I already said, you're the sweetest person I've ever known. Thanks Vishal 😁
Stay blessed and yeaaa khush khush. 😄

I looove your deccanistan page.akhir ek ich din me itte funny cheezan kaisa aate dimag me?? I mean like seriously

Well Random Things Creep Into The Mind All The Time So I Just Give It A Hyderabadi Tadka / Twist & Post It With A Hinnnt Of Sarcasm ... Usually Gels With People ( Well , Most Of The Time ? )
Thanks Though For Following The Page , Hope To Keep You All Entertained In Future Too :)

like:if i was your gf: You'll be one of the most lucky person on this planet😂We'll click lots and lots of candid pictures🔥😁Eat alot of pizzas💋and yes we'll travel Hyd and Lko together!okay?😂

Aajao hojaye thoda lucky you lucky me 😸 and kamya hyd mein pizza wali baatein achi nahi lagti. 😛 Hyderabadi biryani taks 😍 and we'll party together 😍

I just scrolled and read few answrs lol you're hilarious 😂 answrs full sarcasm n hyderabadi 😂 I just heard few songs of yours ☺ mashallah amazing voice 😊 I don't really question anyone but your voice made me do so 😊 and that video was really funny 😂😅

Omg..!!😱 Tareef bharr k girr jaari nicche..😵 😛
Thnk u thnk u soooo much..
U juz made my day😍😍
Nd thats really sweet of uh..😊😊

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