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Aww yeah it’s tricky! I go ice skating at least once every winter :) and last winter I went like at least 15 times I think! I don’t think I’m good but it gives me much joy :) I’ll show u a vid of me iceskating if you send me a question ☺️

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Well it's like they say, the more you do it, the better you get, practice makes perfect, sometimes it can take a long time but as long as you keep at it and never give up, you'll eventually become an expert 😊
Hold on, I'll send you a question 😊
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+1 answer in: “Ik heb net buiten even een rondje geskeelerd! Skeeler jij? Of heb je vroeger geskeelerd? 🤗 / went outside for a while to incline skate! Do you skate? Or have you done it in the past? 🤗”

[likers get a tbh?]tbh hii tbh nhk❣tbh luddai me still geiduc?tbh mm goi write duo d quotes bei me??tbh dortse neii made me learnt iceskating?⛸tbh nei iceskating yiu gayau ar g dou ma tbh ks gong hoi yau gong LS project deem! tbh wordslimit:( tbh leigun everything dou gayauuu ba? tbh byeee

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heyyyooo?tbh ls project me give up jor?my words are wufud sorry blehh? thanks anw!

Ich weiß nichts über dich.? Bis du schwer vom begriff ich kenn dich lange genug, leider😂 Ich hatte das alles schon durch mit dir. Nach ner zeit war ich dir nicht mehr gut genug&' ich war dir egal. Dann brauchst du auch nicht zum iceskating kommen, ist ja in schließlich in chemnitz.

Mein Gott jetzt sag mir doch einfach mal wer du bist?! Ich komm nur für eine Person, aber ist okay 😅
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1)Hey! Can you help me out? There was once when i was buying food in the canteen and i saw this cute girl.That was when i first saw her, i love her.One day,i asked ask for her phone number and soon we chatting happily. Months later , We went to iceskating and we hold hands. I was so nervously happy

-Abhishek Puri

Inspired by my lecturer from my class yesterday. Name 5 things you like or enjoy doing. You can't say sleeping or eating.

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Tbh: I see u at iceskating all the time and we've talked a bit, your chill to hang with and you don't take sh*t from anyone and your always straight up with them. Thanks for having my back when I needed someone:)

Thanks it means a lot and hey anytime:)

Name your friends Idc care how many😊 and tell me one word that comes to your mind when u think of them💛

Diva awesome Angie my best friend Amelia my chicken Scarlett crazy Alison amazing devin best friend Damian funny af Joe funny Maddie ugh Abbie hmu at the iceskating rink and other friends

hey!! ?? how are you today? tell me something interesting/ happy that happened this week!! ლ(・∀・ )ლ | reminder: you're unique because there's only 1 of you in this world, stay true to yourself and have fun in life. keep going!! ? -

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thanks alot ? although it've only passed two days for this week but yesterday & today went quite smoothly ☺️ grandmama just came back from china yesterday & went iceskating today with jiawen & then ? heheh

kok islam kyk ny jln2x mulu? hmpir tiap hari aku liat km di mall trs kemaren aku liat km di BXc km main iceskating sm temen2 km trs ketawa ketiwi lagi, baca alquran dong kak kali2 atau ngapain gituh yg diperintahkan agama, Dan aku liat km bawa hp sambil skating trs selfie2 sm tmen2nya gayanya fuck

najwa carissa widjaja ^^
serah w lah sapa lu? nyokap w bkn, bokap w bkn, nenek w bkn, kakek w bkn, gausah ngurusin hidup org, urusin aja idup lu yg sempurna keq jadi raja & ratu. kalo gasuka yodah gausah diliat, selesai kan? kurang kerjaan amat lu? w kenal lu aja kaga? capeda capeda -_-
ngomong keq tai kuda 😓

tbh from joycé ? 1. jy iceskating ? 2. leng leng pro pic ? 3. cover pic ho ducyi ?? 4. ho chi ho mature gum ?? 5. gei lengnuii ? chat more if yao chance ??

Ahaha?Thank you very much?Hai ah...seems too mature and yessss:)Reli hou jy iceskating❄️But mm leng nui lah?Chat more lah:P
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likers get a short note 💗 // TINNAA i just wna let u know tht if u hv any problems find me okie 🙆 pls dont keep it to urself its vvv unhealthy tsk jy will alw be here fr u 💖😽 n also!! leggo iceskating once eoys are over huehue 👅 jiayous for eoys!! 💫 jy lovesüuu 😘✨

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AWWWW THANKIEWW 🙈🙆😘😘 HAHAHAH OKIEEE🌚👌👌 all the best for eoy too bæee💓☺️😉

I'll come to meet you on my way back, he said. I'll meet you the next day at 12, he said. And then packed his bag, and headed to the airport, he did. 😏

Well go out on friday he said 😏
well go for movie , iceskating nd lunch he said 😏
went to someone's house instead 😋

tbh ; when I think about either you or lillian it just reminds me of your year 7 Burwood and Campsie days omg and iceskating ahhh! good ol days ^^ u're like the kind of person who laughs at all my lamest jokes out HAHA i miss that :') I've never seen you angry, probably never will hehe be happy 7eva

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HAHAHA i miss those times!!!
Thanks lisaaaaaa ^^ ♡

like for a tbh: hi chan仔 (: tbh kindergarten always arguexd tbh g chin broadway iceskating show was one of our best memories! tbh ks yau sai sik dou dai but now mm suk luu tbh p1 first day nei call me ask ngo chinese1ding2 lol tbh p5or6 tung misspfung barn buzz geh pic jung hai home! nextyrgayaubye!

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Omg broadway😂ngo dey yau take gwo pic with pfung barn buzz meh😳😳anyways thanksss

adaa lah nduyy pokoknya👌 kalo ga dijwb kesel sih abisann:3 yaudah gpp jwb aja biar doi seneng👏👏 udh lamaa ini oraa jogedd🏄💃

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Ettttdaaaah itu maah main iceskating yaaak?-_-
Eh bukan itu apa namanya slancaran yak? Atau apasih? Auah apaan bodo wkwk.
Iyaaaa joget2 sampe dikata2in😂😂*eh* cuma advan yg ngerasain asam manisnya😂😂✌️

Sameeeeeeee but i am even higherrrrrrr i can touch the skyyyy omg i even gone moist cuz i am so highhhhh lets go iceskating bruvvvvv ur eyessss r sooooooo cuteeeeeeee yayyyyyy unicorn for lyf

Come let's go ice skating and thanks 🙈🙈😂😂😂😂😂😂😇😇 it'll be live unicorns are siiiiiciickck 🔥🔥😂😂
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truth: holy shit roo we go back until that day at iceskating and ive been friends with you ever since, even though shit has stained the carpet. im glad to call you a friend because i can always talk to you. thank you for always being there, and i have just run out of room smh

i love you so much hum💖

😀tbh chantellehunggg 😂g chin yud chai iceskating guo ho sai gor nei gei ng gei duc 😛u sing yud yau teacher praise u 😬ur pose today ngo still laughing 😷u so charm have to sit with chloetang 😋bye

😂😂😂吾會再中你計 OMG原來我地一齊溜過冰😂😂😂 Forgot 我都想知d老師做咩呢排成日讚我😂😂 Meh giu so charm have to sit with Chloe bb

rate/ bmss , tbh// your like my bestfriend and I really don't know what I would do with out you. Like fr. it kinda sucks that we haven't hung out in a while but maybe we can do something like iceskating again in the summer. But pretty much your like my bfffflll or how ever you say it😂 and ily❤️

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aww same for you and i love you too! 😘 and yes we need to hang out in summer!!!

tbh BAACOONNNN you're so nice cool and my best friends we have so many memories and inside jokes and ICESKATING is always fun and when we say No Stop lol oh ysah and BACON and our BACON jokes about BACON and even thought I love BACON I can't live without it BACON LY❤️❤️❤️

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tbh squad is so much fun and we all know that we're both in geometry being smarter than everyone else and throwing snowballs at you was pretty funny until I got soaking wet. we gots to go iceskating againn you're also my best friend and your so funnnnnyyy

We got smartical particles. I won. We have to its rlly fun. Ty and ur the coolest
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Yaaah kita sama kok aku ketemuannya juga seminggu sekali, apalagi dia sedang dijajah skripsi hahaha Tapi nanti kalo ada waktu yg pas kita janjian ya! Paling mainannya cp-TA mulu kalo anak binus trisakti mah kaaan hahaha Iya aamiin syg ❤️

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yukkkk kita iceskating an aja... *gayapalingpulangbirubiruwkwk* ayokkk siap teeh hihihi
waaaaah semangat atuh yaaa skripsinya!! :3

better grades than me and lol you were her slave and she always use to throw stuff at you haha. it sucks we don't have any classes together now but it's fun when you fall on your but in ICESKATING lol squadd is so much fun and KIK me sometime!!! MOMO :)

Yea it sucks we have no classes together it was so fun last year
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are you having a birthday party? when,where? & if you are who are you inviting & how many people can you invite

lol yes i am..it's like a whole day like first iceskating then skyzone then dinner idk,i can't pass the limit of 12 but im only inviting marisol,candela,camille,nataly,darlene,miliani,taffy,ketty & idk who else

tbh: fave running buddy, my personal German checker, profesh, AMAZING ice skating skills, hilarious, one of my best friends, hottt ;)❤

hahah anna❤️ilysfm and your iceskating skills are way prrefeshh
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