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La ( supposée) montée dans les sondages d'Éric Zemmour vous inquiète t-elle ? Ou bien au contraire vous en réjouissez-vous ?

hanotelthomas’s Profile PhotoLamothe Henri
Ce n'est pas tellement mon bord politique.
Je comprends que le profil plaise : journaliste médiatique passé sur les plus grands médias qui joue de la fibre "anti-système" à la Trump, solutions simplistes à des problèmes complexes sur fond de discrédit général de la classe politique, comme nous le rappelle l'énième condamnation de Sarkozy ou les moults affaires d'un Bernard Tapie, pourtant presque canonisé aujourd'hui.
La marche reste toutefois haute. S'il se présente réellement. Il lui faudra d'abord éliminer Le Pen qui chasse sur le même terrain : sécurité, immigration. Et a un électorat similaire plutôt hétéroclite : des jeunes, des vieux, des classes populaires, des classes plus aisées, des diplômés, des non-diplômés, des cadres et non cadres...
Ensuite battre Macron, encore donné vainqueur dans toutes les configurations. Ce qui en ferait le premier président français réélu depuis 20 ans. Pas mal, pour quelqu'un qu'on ne connaissait pas encore en 2016.
Amusant de constater que les LR ou les gauches n'ont toujours pas compris les enseignements de l'élection de 2017 : Macron a été en grande partie élu grâce au dégoût des populations pour la classe des politiques et le rejet des vieilles étiquettes.
Plutôt que de faire évoluer leurs pratiques (plus de cumul de fonctions, moins de corruption) et se recomposer un socle idéologique, les vieux partis ont tablé sur le fait qu'Emmanuel Macron était un épiphénomène sans lendemain qui disparaîtrait rapidement.
Résultat : pour le moment il a de sérieuses chances d'être réélu. Là où les LR sont à la peine et ou les gauches ne passeront même pas le premier tour à cause de leurs divisions internes.

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Why does Joe Biden want to bring all of the people in Afghanistan to America ? Who is the real president ?

Obama is the real president.
The Globalist billionaires are the ruling class puppet masters.
The reason Globalists want unlimited immigration and no national boundaries is:
1. Slave labor
2. To change the nation's demographics to ensure the ruling class maintain the power, wealth and influence.
In short, it is called greed!

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Is there a way to stop Illegal Immigration

Yeah! Stop with the "it's racist" bullshit, and enforce the laws that are already there. Have an orderly and inclusion process. Vet the potential immigrant. This doesn't have to be a shit-show. Keep the MS-13 scumbags out, along with the drug runners, human traffickers. Screen the people that want to come to the US. Welcome them, but do it legally! I have friends that came here legally and are PISSSED off with what's going on with the ungodly numbers of illegals coming over the boarder, many whom are NOT being screened for Covid- This really doesn't have to be a shitshow at all.

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What can schools do proactively to show parents that their children are welcome, regardless of their immigration or citizenship status?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoLucas
By treating everyone the same. No discrimination = positive environment. Don't treat someone unfairly because they come from another country, and don't favor someone because they come from another country. Everyone is treated the same way. I believe that's the best and only way to show inclusiveness.

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Do immigrants undercut wages, decrease property value, increase the crime rate and terror threat, import diseases (corona), import negative aspects of the third world whilst simultaneously refusing to integrate and adapt to their hosts new way of life?

No. Employers who take advantage of immigration undercut wages. People who trash places devalue properties. Our interference and destabilisation of other nations increases terrorism. Tourism and holidays abroad have caused corona to spread. Your racism is based on flawed logic. Be better.

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Is there a certain period/era in history that draws your interest the most? How come? 🏺⚔️🛡⚖️⛵️🗺🗿📺🚂🚀

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
World War 2. I've always found it fascinating at what happened during the war, how it happened, and the fact it was so active and volatile. WW1 was decent, but I feel WW2 was an even more interesting time in history. It's the main reason why we have nuclear weapons, why nuclear power exists, etc. It introduced a whole new field for people to study and work in. It also gave the world another reason to think about how the world will end lol.
I can also relate to the time period as my grandparents lived through the entire war in Italy and survived. I imagine that factored into their immigration to Canada as there was basically nothing left in Italy. Even to this day the economy's a struggle, particularly in the southern part of the country. It's like the anti-Japan lol.

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What's your favorite thing about your country? What's your least favorite thing?

My favorite thing about the country is that we seem to have just about every kind of biome and place on the planet across the whole country. We have metropolitan, coastal and beaches, mountains (albeit not massive ones), snowy regions, semi and arid deserts, tropical and sub tropical, savanahs, temperate and more. Just an amazing place to travel and explore! New Zealand is close by which is also amazing but we would never tell them that. And then there are ways to get to the Antarctic as well but not cheap or easy.
As an Aussie, I would not call NZ too expensive. I mean, if you can afford living and travelling in AU, then you can probably afford NZ as well. Flights are pretty cheap, especially if you book well in advance and watch for deals. Daily necessities like food and fuel are a bit more expensive in NZ, but the difference is not dramatic. Airbnbs and car rentals can be found at roughly the same prices as in AU. Favourite thing is the multiculturalism. Sure, there's some racism here and there, but since Australia is so reliant on immigration there's people here from all over the world, and they bring with them fascinating culture and art and yummy food. Really brings the whole place alive.
My favourite is felling relatively free and secure. No substancial violence or hate crimes. Tolerance from most of society. The ability to build yourself up if you are willing to work for it. What I think is my least favourite is today’s society has lost the sense of community and being able have a relationship with your neighbours. But that is western society in general. Not a unique Australian thing. Goes without saying its a beautiful country, but my favourite part is we always seem to somehow weather the storm. GFC we were one of the few countries in the world to avoid recession, while not having one since the early 90s until last year. We also earn a pretty decent wage, employers are forced to pay 10% of your wage into a 401k on top of your wage, we have really attractive females and blatantly the best coffee in the world and violent crime is pretty low in most parts. Least favourite thing is that it costs a small fortune to fly to any other country than new zealand. Scenery. Wales is a beautiful country. Too bad it's also a shitty country. Our government are actual idiots. Even England is handling covid better than us. The only thing we have done better than England is vaccinate. We weren't even allowed to buy clothes for like over half the year. I have been wearing an extra small jumper for school for a while because schools were open but places to buy uniform weren't. Like what is that fucked up logic.

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Can someone who immigrated to Canadian and got citizenship say I'm an Canadian? (Like someone born in Canada)

Yes. If you immigrate here, and get citizenship, you're a Canadian. If you're the child of an immigrant, and you were born in Canada, you're a Canadian. You may not be a Canadian by blood, but you're a Canadian by citizen. Therefore, you have every right to call yourself a Canadian. My mother is a Canadian citizen, but she has no Canadian blood at all - she is 100% Italian. However, she can call herself a Canadian because that's what she is - a Canadian citizen via immigration. Same for me. Even though I'm 50% Italian, and I was born here, I still call myself a Canadian because I was born here.
In short: It's not incorrect to call yourself a Canadian. It's also not incorrect to say you're Canadian but you're an immigrant from another country.

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A good school in Egypt worth like 30k per year. I can't afford that. Besides, healthcare in Egypt is bad. Everything here is worthless. I applied to Canadian immigration and still waiting for the miracle to happen despite having a non-competent CRS score. If I stayed in Egypt, I won't afford kids.

if that's your opinion about the things you MUST afford for your kids then I guess you should wait then, or adopt.

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+8 answers in: “Are you anti-natalist?”

What piece of culture/trend has died out, but you would like to see it make a comeback? (Example: I’d love to see the scoubidou strings back) / Wat cultureel iets of trend is allang verlopen/vergaan maar zou je graag weer terug willen zien? (voor mij bijvoorbeeld de scoubidou touwtjes)

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
The whole Dutch culture. I feel like The Netherlands has lots it's culture completely due to the massive immigration system. It's a shame.

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What piece of culturetrend has died out but you would like to see it make a

What do you think of the American election? You think you're gonna get a bunch of immigrants soon? 😅🤣

It's gonna be a wild night that's for sure - regardless of who wins. It'll be interesting to see how things unfold, and if it might be a repeat of 2016 or not. I remember in the last election Hillary took the early lead, but then Trump won Florida and the whole mood shifted. It was crazy watching it unfold live. I even fell asleep for the first couple hours, and woke up around midnight and that was when the whole Florida saga started. I guess I woke up at the right time.
I'm a bit more concerned with how people will react though. Regardless if it's Biden or Trump winning, people will likely start protesting, maybe even rioting, and that can do way more harm than good. However, the fact that people have prepared for that alone just tells you the current state of American politics. It's toxic, it's divisive, and it's polarizing. It doesn't matter what country you are, if your politics are that toxic, then that's a sign you're going in the wrong direction. Politics really should be tame and boring because that means you're doing everything right lol. The less drama, the better. All we need to do is listen to the politicians, formulate an opinion, vote, and if we support different parties, we can agree to disagree.
With that said, I'll be very surprised if we have anyone immigrate here because Trump/Biden won. We had the same noise last election, and nothing happened. It was so bad that the immigration website crashed lol. That was nothing more than panic though. I'm expecting the same stuff tonight.
Plus, it's not as easy as hopping over the border to immigrate. People think that because Canada is friendly to immigration, that anyone can immigrate. You gotta go through the process like everyone else. In fact, Canada has one of the more complex immigration laws in the world. I'm not entirely sure on the process since I was born here, but I can imagine it's extensive. They could try to apply for asylum, but they'd probably get rejected. If they try to illegally immigrate, then they'll just get arrested lol.

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Internalized racism??? Lol, you're so racist. Trump made it clear that he's against ilegal immigration. And for good reason! You need to control who enters to your country, it's pure logic.

how is pointing out internalized racism an indication that i'm racist? it's very commonplace.
i always found the contradiction about immigration to be amusing, tbh. y'all are against people entering other countries, yet when people such as myself express their disapproval for how trump conducts himself, y'all immediately tell me to immigrate to another country.

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+19 answers in: “Would you change your nationality if you were given a chance? Why? / Why not?”

How do you see the World ?

alizeh7777’s Profile PhotoAlizeh
- THE WORLD is increasingly designed to depress us. Happiness isn't very good for our Economy. If we were happy what we had, why would we need more? How do you get people to vote for a political party? You make them worry about Immigration. How do you get them to buy a new Smartphone? By making them feel like they are left behind. How do you get them by watching a TV show? By making them worry about missing it.
To be Calm becomes the kind of Revolutionary act. To be happy with our own non-upgraded existence. To be comfortable with our messy, human selves, would not be good for business. "

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I’m looking for a new tv show/series to watch. Any suggestions? If I end up interested in your choice I’ll give you 500 coins! 👍🏻😊

introgeeky’s Profile PhotoGeekette
90 Day Fiancé is an American reality television series that follows couples who have applied for or received a K-1 visa and therefore have 90 days to marry each other. The purpose of the K-1 visa is to allow time for the couple to make arrangements for and have a marriage ceremony, not to give the couple time to decide whether they will marry. Each couple has already signed document(s) stating that they have promised to marry, and given the signed document(s) to the US Immigration services.

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Im looking for a new tv showseries to watch Any suggestions If I end up

L immigration au France ??

Je ne sais pas grand chose sur l’immigration en France, je sais juste que la France est un très ancien pays d'immigration. En juin dernier, une majorité de Français estimait que la France accueillait trop de migrants. Les migrations augmentent avec les révolutions industrielles et politiques du XIXesiècle.Les besoins de plus en plus pressants des mines et de l’industrie en main-d’œuvre attirent vers la France de nombreux étrangers, le plus souvent venus de pays voisins : Allemands, Belges, Polonais, pauvres, venus chercher du travail. C'est tout ce que je sais 🇲🇫

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So true, every word of it. I can't even travel to any arab country without a visa which most likely won't happen, I was going to apply for the immigration program to Canada but the epidemic ruined everything, gonna try next year. I really hope that everything works well for you and stay in Canada.

do u have Palestinian, Afghan, or both citizenship?
the epidemic 'll end and everything 'll return to normal so
I hope u 'll succeed this time
yuuup I also wish that cuz I don't wanna go back to square one

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+11 answers in: “كم طولك ووزنك؟”

Unsere Welt wächst immer mehr zusammen. Noch vor 100 Jahren waren Reisen über größere Distanzen eine Seltenheit. Wächst das Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl auch oder kommt es sogar zum auseinander Leben? Wie ist es mit virtuellen Kontakten im Gegensatz zu Kontakten in der realen Welt?

Aufgrund der Tatsache der Ballungen und der immigration befürchte ich, passiert genau das Gegenteil.
Extreme Mischkulturen führen zwangsläufig zu Identitätsverlust. Für eingereiste und einsäßige... Es bildet sich eine völlig neue die Uneinigkeit im Übermaß hervorruft.
Wenn ein Deutscher 14 jähriger Phillip seinem 13 jährigen Kollegen Felix, "ey Bruder" zuruft... Finde ich das ziemlich abstoßend.
Aber auch wenn ein Mehmed nicht mehr perfekt seine Sprache beherrscht und in die Türkei reist.. Wird er als so genannter Alamance bezeichnet... Er ist in Deutschland Kanake und in der Türkei ein Deutscher..
Die Politik hat es versäumt, vor allem in den 90igern Integration zu leisten, man ging nie davon aus, dass Gastarbeiter auch hier bleiben möchten.
Auch die großen Familien der ausländischen Mitbürgern bringen große Probleme mit.
Generell halte ich Verbindungen in an andere Kulturen für wundervoll.. Aber die Nebenwirkungen davon halte ich für kritisch... Nicht nur für Deutschland... Generell für jedes Land.

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Have you ever been violated at the physical security check at Pakistani airports? Share your experience

Haha this reminds me when i went to Pakistan with my wife lately, the person on the immigration counter went on to ask her, "Picture mein toh aap alag lagti hain asal mein alag hain'. I went on saying bhae meri picture dekh le bharosa uthjayega zindagi se apni. And endedup with a complaint regarding the attitude of this person. Sickness all over

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Einen wundervollen Sonntag wünsche ich euch! :-) Was bedeutet Kultur für dich & was macht Deutschlands Kultur aus?

Kultur ist für mich:
- Baustil
- menschliche Gepflogenheiten
- Geschichte und Herkunft
- Sammlung an Musik, Literatur und Bilder
Zum Baustil kann man sagen, dass die moderne sich mit vielen alten Elementen zusammen fügt (leider nicht immer schön, nicht immer vorteilhaft, recht oft "zu" modern, aber das kommt immer auf die Architekten und Städtebauer an)
Wenn wir uns die Literatur anschauen, war sie noch nie einfach zu lesen, aber sie sind immer noch mit die besten, die die Welt hat. Der Trend zur klassischen Musik geht langsam verloren, aber es gibt immernoch einige, die in diesen Genuss kommen und auch gerne mal in ein Theater oder Philharmonie-konzert gehen (ich mag klassische Musik auch!). Bilder sind davon unberührt geblieben und verkaufen sich mit ständig rasant wachsenden Preise, da diese Unikate sind und zum Kult(us)status gewandelt haben.
Menschliche Gepflogenheiten sind aufgrund von Immigration und Multikulti sehr sehr weit zurückgegangen bzw verloren gegangen, denn viele von uns besitzen nicht nur eine Kultur, sondern meist zwei oder drei. Viele können sich als Deutsche nicht identifizieren oder wollen es eventuell auch nicht... ich selbst habe auch polnische Wurzeln und lebe auch diese Traditionen und Kultur, aber ich bin auch deutsch und kombiniere beide im Einklang! Man sollte seine (Heimat-) Kultur nicht vernachlässigen aber seine neue Kultur niemals vernachlässigen, denn diese hat auch Regeln und Gepflogenheiten des Zusammenlebens und dieses sollte JEDER mittragen!!! Nichts ist schlimmer als in Deutschland leben zu wollen, aber sich nicht deutsch zu geben sondern seine Heimatkultur durchzusetzen oder eine "künstliche" und "verfälschte" Kultur/ Verhaltensmuster darzustellen! Es ist ein sehr kritisches Punkt innerhalb der Kultur und was man erwarten darf und wo es zu weit geht.
Und Geschichte? Dank des (1. WK weniger) vorwiegend 2. WK ist die deutsche Kultur ziemlich leicht angreifbar und es fällt sehr leicht, jemanden als Nazi zu bezeichnen...

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Hattest du unterwegs mal einen "Was-zur-Hölle-Moment?" In welcher Situation auf einer Reise oder im Ausland kam dir nur "WTF?!" in den Sinn?

es gab zwei momente, wo sich die welten umgekehrt haben, wenn man das so sagen kann. wo ich mal die war, die anders war als alle anderen: weiß.
ein flug nach atlanta, georgie. immigration officers. eine ganze halle mit passkontrollstationen, fingerabdruckscannern, pipapo. ich war weit und breit die einzige weiße. wtf. so ist das also. später in georgia mit dem zug unterwegs, alleine. durch die stadt, aus der stadt raus aufs land. nachdem alle anderen ausgestiegen waren, auch hier wieder alle poc, außer mir.
eine durchaus heilsame, nachdenklich stimmende erfahrung. und eine absolute empfehlung fürs alleine reisen.

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What does motivate you in life? What is your definition of success and failure? How do you view your life in the future? Do you see yourself as a wife and a mother? Do you think egypt is a suitable environment to raise a kid? Is immigration one of your plans?

-A purpose and a genetic drive to survive.
-to succeed or fail to achieve my goals regardless of societal definitions.
-I see many possibilities & I am not attached to any one of them.
-I see it as a possibility.
-if u have lots of money, Egypt may be suitable to raise kids based on my desired life standards for my hypothetical kid which includes foreign curriculums.

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Good day po. Gusto ko lang po malaman how is it leaving ph? My gf and i plan to migrate but never know where to start. We are equally frustrated how ph does not acknowlegde us as partners in hospitals or establishments that require info like that. Do you have any advice on where do we start?

Research! Look at countries that have the culture and legislation you want and what the requirements are to move there. I know that Canada has a great immigration program for educated people and they have great healthcare and LGBTQ laws. I highly recommend living away from the Philippines even for a short time because it teaches you so much about yourself. It will be very difficult but it's doable with a lot of preparation and persistence. Do your research. At any point you think it's too much to do, I'm just warning you that what you see isn't even a quarter of it. It's not for the faint of heart.

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I have a way to keep control of immigration and multiculturalism. Non indigenous British people won’t be allowed to claim benefits and they would have to pay to use the NHS, they’d also pay an extra 12% tax and one’s with criminal records or those who preach hate would be repatriated.

Just a quick thank you to those who have been listening and streaming my songs I luv you all so much and I'm forever thankful for the love, feedback and support ???

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Just curious what your opinion on::gun control?abortion?border wall?universal healthcare?free college?gay marriage?transmilitary ban?

• gun control - i believe that background checks need to be more extensive and that they need to include a mental health evaluation before anyone purchases a gun or obtains a license. i also think that the issuing of licenses needs to be different, maybe more like how we do driver’s licenses. a 6 month to 1 year “learners” period where you can only carry or go to ranges in the presence of someone that already has a license. an actual test done on a range. showing that you can use it, load it, etc properly. routinely have relicensing periods where another mental health check is done. and there needs to be gun storage laws.
• abortion - im 100% pro choice, always.
• the wall - i don’t support the wall. there’s so many other ways we can fight the immigration issue. one of which being we can make it easier and less costly to become a citizen, that way the people can be documented and start paying taxes (which seems to be everyone’s major problem). setting up government stations on the border where people can apply for a visa and having agents be able to fast track applications, removing unnecessary questions out of the test, etc
• universal healthcare - i support this but i believe there are major flaws to the projected plans and there needs to be changes
• free college - i fully support allocating our taxes to benefit the people
• gay marriage - i fully support gay marriage. i don’t think that it should be legal for businesses to deny services to people just because they’re gay. and i don’t believe that states/counties/judges/clerks should be able to deny marriage licenses to gay people based on their own beliefs. i also don’t believe gay people should ever be expert from adopting because they’re gay.
• trans military ban- i don’t support the military but lol if someone wants to be in the military then let them. military personnel, most military leaders, and most soldiers don’t agree with it because it truly doesn’t matter the gender of who is fighting next to you and i completely agree.

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What's your personal opinion of the Trump wall? Do you want it to be built? Why/why not? (I will be following up some of your answers with more questions too)

I think like most western countries, America has significant immigration issues.
It needs tighter border security but also decent processing for legitimate cases (re: people seeking refuge).
I don’t think a wall will do too much but we will see.

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I believe in capital punishment for those caught illegally entering the U.K. or caught illegally living in the UK, I also believe in involuntary repatriation of non indigenous British people and a complete shut down on immigration full stop, am I a fascist?

Закъснях за изпит по философия, на изпита се запознах с преподавателя, защото не съм му влизала в никоя лекция. Защитавах есе, писано от познат, защото нямах време да пиша сама. Преподавателя и писа 6ца с думите, че текста не струва, но съм мислела и разсъждавала прекрасно, благодари ми за разговора и пожела да продължавам да се развивам все така.
Повече такива дни.

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I believe in capital punishment for those caught illegally entering the UK or

If the government won’t do anything about immigration and the persecution we face by theinvaders then we have to take the fight to the streets, what other alternative can you suggest to me? I’ve tried politics and this democracy is flawed, I’ve tried becoming a pressure movement it didn’t work.

I think you must not despair in your attempts to raise your concerns within the laws allowed by society. Certainly take to the streets in protest and do keep up your efforts both in politics and in the pressure group.
I know nothing about your situation but I am concerned that you are not perhaps fearing something which is not real.
You see immigrants as invaders and of course they might be but often these are really people who are more in need of help than anything else.
Often our fears are based on lack of knowledge. Perhaps along with everything else that you are doing you might do some volunteer work which will bring you in touch with ordinary immigrants.
Do you think there is any chance that you yourself might become an immigrant? How do you think you might feel if you were forced to move to someone else's country?
I sense that you are in really quite a desperate situation and would really like to try to help you even if it is by lending an ear to the problems that you face. It would be far easier to do this if you came off anon and i could ask you questions.
Many, many prayers and blessings! I do believe that we ultimately all belong to one homeland and that is heaven.

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Whats your opinion on immigration and the impact is has in this country?

o_devo’s Profile PhotoOscar Devo
We are a nation of immigrants. The entire US is comprised of immigrants. And this nation was built by immigrants. My dad and 3 of my brothers work in construction, and from their personal experience, the Mexican workers are the hardest working members of their crew. You take a man that is willing to travel 2000 miles, just for a job to feed his family, has my highest respect. They volunteer for every hour of overtime, and for every holiday that the company is working. 99% of these people simply want a job.They are not asking for welfare. They simply want a job to support their family.

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