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Se você pudesse bater um papo com qualquer pessoa que já existiu ou existe , quem seria?

andrebarbosa1992’s Profile PhotoAndré Barbosa
Cara, que pergunta difícil! rs
Difícil no sentido de eu não ter ídolos ou endeusar a figura de alguém assim, nem mesmo grandes personalidades.
Mas acho que se tivesse a oportunidade disso ia querer falar com Siddharta Gautama, a deusa Kuan Yin - Bodhisattva da compaixão, Guru Ram Das - o quarto dos dez gurus siques, da religião Siquismo.
Sei lá, sempre me encantou a espiritualidade oriental, a Índia antiga, a China, os caras tavam espiritualizando a humanidade bem antes da chegada de Cristo, sei lá, acredito nessas coisas, ia ser uma conversa bem proveitosa. :)

Cosa ti piacerebbe comprare se i soldi non fossero un problema?

SimoSk33051’s Profile PhotoSimo
Casa, ristrutturarla, chiedere al mio collega una libreria fatta a mano, comprare tutti i manga che mi mancano, andare in Giappone, Turchia, India, Cina, Canada, Messico, Sudafrica, Nigeria, Egitto, prendere un biglietto per la finale di champions, per Wrestlemania, per il gran premio di Spa Francorchamps, Monza e Melbourne, fare regali a parenti e amici, comprare funko pop, andare in ristoranti stellati, e altre cose che ora non mi vengono

Soooooo who's she investigating and better yet... WHY?? We're not Yeti-Creatures like her.... I'm much freakier and still have my teeth.

Apeshitz’s Profile PhotoApeshitz
I have no clue. People were talking about it in Lax’s chat thread on his page yesterday. We were trying to set her up with this random guy Jeremy that showed up in the thread. We are like how did you end up on the page of a guy in India? He said it was on the home page. 🤔🤣

Que es desagradable ?

Mañana 8 de marzo cualquiera se burla lo juro después lo muestro 👌 en latam ,🇺🇲, España,🇬🇧🇷🇺 sudeste Asiático Dubai y otros lo que más desea una mujer es ser prostituta y maquillaje ! Ejemplo en nuevo león las mujeres prostitutas y los hombres se la pasan matando mujeres y viol** es como si fuera la india no pueden ver a una mujer en la noche que ya la quieren 🔥es igual que sudamérica, centroamérica y otros lados losas urgidos monos ,España Francia y otros🦍🦊 las mujeres son baños públicos la mayoría dice: que asco ,Da risa la comparación derecha con izquierda por eso se la pasaba diciendo en México ,latam 🇺🇲 y otros lados no existe la belleza también no son bonitas casi
Que es desagradable

What is something you would never spend money on, even if you could technically afford it? 🙅

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I'd never buy plane tickets to Dubai! As an urban planning student, I cringe every time I think of that city. It embodies everything that can go wrong in urban development 😒🏙️
Sum of it is, they built a city in the middle of nowhere with the only purpose of attracting those seeking luxury. Incorporating many of the worst urban planning practices in the process, such as vast American style suburbs and huge highways dividing the city. This makes cars the only viable way to get around as there is no public transport to speak of. Then there are the flashy and completely pointless skyscrapers, including the Burj Khalifa which doesn't even have a functioning sewer system. Every day tens of trucks arrive to suck everything out. They have endless golf courses which require an absolutely eyewatering amount of irrigation to stay alive. To top it all off you have the palm islands, built by destroying acres of coral reefs, the one biologically diverse area which was worth saving. Instead of building on the endless amounts of desert space, they're left with an island chain which is sinking for everyday that goes and is very vulnerable to climate change. Soon it won't just be the famous hotel on there which will be called Atlantis.
They had all the money and space to spare to make a truly unique city, one which could've been a celebration of Middle-Eastern culture which would still attract tourists but for a different and more meaningful reason. Instead they chose to cater to the worst in society. Cherry on top, it was built on sl@ve labor, desperate people from places like India and Bangladesh are tricked to come and work in construction. Passports are taken and wages withheld for months. Not earning nearly enough to send money to their families, often relying on borrowing money to even survive, making a return home even more impossible.
(Not my picture. But look at that suburban dystopia 😨)

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What is something you would never spend money on even if you could technically

Sudamerica, Muslim ,black ,indian , Africa cities etc promedio ❓

I was checking posts from my city or state 💚 and they always speak well 😚 always European, the videos with millions tens of millions of views from my city 🌙 (the majority think like me: Muslims, blacks, Indians from India, Africans and the most latinos are pests) those from western europe take away their house or their wife and do nothing, they are assholes like the spaniards, beautiful and rich people think like me ( hasta se burlan de 🇺🇸= 🦍🦊 igual que latam y otros lados ,de latam hablan que está lleno de prostitutas y hombres de la vrg ) de mi estado siempre hablan bien hasta viven muchos de países buenos ,el norte de México o sudamérica la mayoría es plaga y hasta decenas de millones de inmigrantes.
Sudamerica Muslim black indian  Africa cities etc promedio

¿Cuál es tu película favorita? ¿Te gustan los musicales? ¿Cuál es tu favorito? ¿Qué género de música es tu favorito? ¿Cuál es tu cantante favorito? ¿Cuál es tu canción favorita?¿Qué serie le recomendarías ver a todo el mundo?¿Cuáles son los 5 libros que más te gustan? ¿Cuál es tu comida favorita?

1. No veo muchas pelis, pero seguro que alguna de Miyazaki. Mi vecino Totoro, por ejemplo, es una peli a la que me encanta volver.
2. Tampoco soy muy de musicales, pero en parte porque no me ha encartado. Recuerdo que me gustó mucho ver Los Miserables en directo, por ejemplo.
3. Escucho música muy variada, no puedo elegir solo un género. Me encanta la música disco de los ochenta, escucho pop, rock indie, también metal sinfónico, bandas sonoras de película...
4. Tampoco tengo canción ni grupo favoritos, así que te diré qué estoy escuchando mucho últimamente: como grupo diría Vetusta Morla y como canción Más Suerte de Second (escucho mucho más indie desde que fui a un festival de ese género).
5. No me gusta ver series, así que no tengo una recomendación, y menos una general que pueda gustar a todo el mundo. Las series las veo más porque me entretengan o porque me las pongo ahora que como sola que porque me parezcan realmente buenas. Me gustó Los Bridgerton, por ejemplo xD.
6. Elegir cinco es realmente difícil. Pero podría nombrar: Lavinia (Ursula K. Le Guin), Orgullo y Prejuicio (Jane Austen), La parábola del segador (o algún otro de Octavia Butler), Todos quieren a Daisy Jones (Taylor Jenkins Raid), Cuando ellas fueron dragones (Kelly Barnhill), Circe (Madeline Miller), Mengele Zoo (Gert Nygårdshaug), tal vez alguno de Brandon Sanderson, Piranesi de Susanna Clarke... En fin, no acabaría nunca.
7. Comer me encanta, así que nuevamente es una decisión difícil. Me encanta la cocina italiana, me encanta la cocina india, la marroquí, me encantan las croquetas y las albóndigas, adoro los arroces y las carnes en salsa...

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India culture anyone that didn't know about it how would you describe to a person who never visited India ?

missygls’s Profile Photoᴳᴸメ
Incredible India they say ! It's the cultural roots and diversity of traditions that make this country standout from a tourism and business point of view! And as far the people here who think of Indians as creepy in the first impression... Well look around askFm there are creepy people from all regions, language and religions in bundles here! So that exists everywhere around the world 🌎
India culture anyone that didnt know about it how would you describe to  a

Que es desagradable ?

Inmigrantes o personas feas de cualquier lado .The videos are what the ones I don't like look like 🔥 bye, the photos say what I also say ✨ the majority are 🦍🦊 in any country also because of those many immigrants, the majority are like plagues but more Muslims, blacks, Indians of India. , from South Asia, South America and others. Almost all 👌 Palestinians, instead of asking for help from other Muslim countries 🤔, ask for help from the West and leave as immigrants even though they hate Christians and 🇺🇸 that's why the United States is already full of ugly people (Women from various countries who go 🦊 to other cities or countries, for example, Russian women, while hundreds of thousands of Russian men die, it seems that in Latin America or South Asia and other places, in Sinaloa, men die and Sinaloan women go 🦊 they criticize that Russian woman just because she is Russian, they think that most Russians are🦊 also the same as those from other countries, in my state, millions of immigrants from Muslims, blacks, Africa, Asia, South America and other parts of the vrg and

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Que es desagradable

What drink doesn't appeal to you ?

missygls’s Profile Photoᴳᴸメ
These are or were real drinks, and none appeal to me, and not just because I’m vegetarian
❌ Baby Mice Wine (China)
❌ Coffee pooed out by palm civets (Indonesia)
❌ Palm Civet poo beer (Denmark)
❌ Whale testicle beer (Iceland)
❌ Stag Semen beer (New Zealand, thankfully discontinued)
❌ Cow Urine soda (India)
❌ Pig placenta drink (aka Placenta 10000, Japan)
❌ Tuna Tears (tuna eye lenses in gelatine, South Korea)
❌ 3 Pe*is Liquor (China)

islamphobia q phelatay han log? It all starts deep down JB wo dekhty h k Khuda unki prayers nahi sunra koi response nahi arha to wo unreligious r aggressive hojaty hn dosro ko Islam follow krte dek kr unhe aag lgti h phir wo wo krte hn Jo India pak k sth kia Jo Jews christns ne palistine k sth kia

Musalmano k molvio se poocho. Ko live tv pe bethke bolte Dr Israr Ahmed ki baat karrha k agar musalmano k paas power ajaye to dunya me jihad qital karenge. Ab ye sunke doosre mulq kia karenge ap khudhi batayen

islamphobia q phelatay han log? It all starts deep down JB wo dekhty h k Khuda unki prayers nahi sunra koi response nahi arha to wo unreligious r aggressive hojaty hn dosro ko Islam follow krte dek kr unhe aag lgti h phir wo wo krte hn Jo India pak k sth kia Jo Jews christns ne palistine k sth kia

Dua ki acceptance kiya hai? Yeh to Allah k sath insan ka taluk ban jata hai jab wo dil se usse btata hai apni duaen. Allah knows the best k ap k liye kiya behtar hai kiya nahi.
He is the one who knows k hamain kiya aur kis waqt chaiye aur dua k sath sabar ki talqeen bhi ki gae hai. Insan dua to karta hai lakin jald baaz ho jata hai isi lie phir jab usse azmaya jata hai to wo Allah k bare acha guman rakhna chor deta hai.
Dua ki toufeeq milna khud hi dua ki qaboliyat ki nishani hai. Aur insan asbab pe nazar rakhe baghair Allah se mangay to wo to ata karne wali zaat hai.

islamphobia q phelatay han log? It all starts deep down JB wo dekhty h k Khuda unki prayers nahi sunra koi response nahi arha to wo unreligious r aggressive hojaty hn dosro ko Islam follow krte dek kr unhe aag lgti h phir wo wo krte hn Jo India pak k sth kia Jo Jews christns ne palistine k sth kia

Mostly aisa nahi.
Log sirf apni duniyawi khawahishat ko mukammal karny kay liye pagal ho jaty hain jesa kay...
Haraam kaam karna,
Haraam rishty rakhna,
Nudity and scams,
Oper sy log fact ko per nahi atay just apny elders ko follow krty krty zindgi guzar dety hain.
Ye log sirf blind followers hain jo na sochty han na samajhty han or na hi amal karty han.
Or phir Allah jisy chahy hidayat dy.

What's a historical period you find particularly intriguing, and what aspect of it captivates you?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
13th century India must have been a place to be. Im a spiritual person and in my limited knowledge, i think this was when spirituality really flourished here.
Also, i find ancient Egypt quite fascinating.
And as a muslim, had I been alive 1400 years ago in Arabia and witnessed our Prophet SAW’s rise! Hard to put in words

Que pais te gustaria visitar?

magadelcaos’s Profile Photo༺⎳❥♡❤️ ƘԼƛƝ MƛƝƖƛƘƠ
España, Italia, Alemania, Rusia, China, Japón, Corea del Sur, Emiratos Árabes, India, Kazajistán, Polonia, Países Bajos, Reino Unido, Canadá, Brasil, Argentina, Arabia, Egipto, Israel, Argelia, Francia, Grecia, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Estados Unidos (otros estados que no sea Texas),Finlandia, Suecia, Suiza, Noruega, Filipinas, Indonesia, Singapur, Malasia, Australia, Nueva Zelanda etc y tú?

Si tuvieras que elegir entre Rusia y USA para ir a trabajar, cuál escogerías?🇷🇺🇺🇸

Lo que muestro es de adorno 🤔si esos 2 países quiero que queden 🔥 Rusia estos días si ,los millones de inmigrantes prefieren ir a 🇺🇸de gatos y según lo odian en lugar de Rusia dónde tratan peor a los latinos o como si no existieran los que viven en ese país ,ya dije que en el futuro no existira la belleza en 🇺🇸 científicamente comprobados aparte que puros npc y tiroteos es llenos de indios de india , Musulmanes, negros, chinos ect 👌 Rusia en mujeres bellas🤍 pero ya como las latinas sus hombres los manda a la guerra y sus mujeres se van a prostituirse a otros países pero muchas ,es triste por las niñas que quedan sin sus padres 🍃y su país se llena de asiáticos de la vrg .

Sab marnay walon ki tareefayn kyun krty hain aur zinda bndy ko poochta koi nai? Kisi k chlay janay k bd uski qadar hoti hai k ilawa iska koi jawab hai?

Burai kryngy tou murday ko gusa ajaega phr wo inko b sth e lyjaega ya fr mr india bn k inko maza chakhaega 🤝🏻 islie tareef kr k khush rkhty yk😭ik lame hgya sorry🤧

Your ASKs are great 👏🏽

McDoquinha’s Profile PhotoJoão Henrique
Thanks, my friend <3 I really mean it. You guys are the truly great people around here. Maybe one day I will come back and do the jokes again. But I don't know. This app is like living in Fucking North Korea. I'm surprised they haven't sent any nuclear bombs already. Maybe they did. I used a lot of Indian IP addresses back then when I streamed Hindi series, so maybe they sent them over there instead 😬😬😬 Does anyone know if India is still a thing?

What kind of fear does this Palestinian scenario gives you?

India can draw motivation from Israel waging an asymmetric warfare on hapless Palestinians and can pull Pakistan into a protracted and disproportionate war . And unfortunately when that happens, no muslim country is gonna pay heed to the hoarse cry of Pakistanis 🥲

Why do Pakistani people hate Afghanis?

ahk42’s Profile PhotoAحmed
There have been conflicts between Sindhis and Pushtuns due to increasing competition for resources that are becoming scarce because of population growth. Although it was never this apparent before but due to the recent economic downturns, people are getting frustrated. Also, i have seen a lot of posts surfacing on social media regarding afghanis being majority of the armed robbers snatching stuff from people in Sindh because many phones, after tracking their location, were found in Afghanistan. They are also blamed for the increasing violence in the country; the reason why the undocumented refugees have been sent back to Afghanistan. Another factor is the Afghanistan's increasing shift towards India in recent cricket matches

Anche te quando sei sul trono per i tuoi bisogni senti la necessità di aggiornarti su tutto dal tuo smartphone? Quale app usi di più?

dogtheblog’s Profile PhotoUn cane di nome Stan
Be il voglio aggiornato sul fatto che comunque ora stavo leggendo dei fatti che comunque sai dicono che nei 2050 sai pare che comunque non vorrei dirtelo però pare che sai l India supera il Giappone. Poi sai l Africa sarà pure lei una popolazione che cresce. Stavo pensando che sempre più regimi non democratico vogliono entrare nei brics e dico sai il fatto che comunque pare che sai non vorrei dirtelo però pare che sai l iran e poi Arabia Saudita io non voglio che entrano nei brics. Poi sai voglio aggiornarti che Zelensky ha licenziato la comandante delle forze sanitarie e poi sai pure del sostano di servizi informatici. Poi vorrei dire che kiev è riuscita a mandare indietro gli occupanti russi delle città vicino s dnipro.

Professor, recomendado quais livros para estudar História?

JussandraGomesdaSilva’s Profile PhotoPedro Vini
Em nível superior:
"História da Civilização Mundial" - Max Savelle - 4 vols -Itatiaia - 1957. O bom é que também aborda História da China, Índia e Japão.
"História Mundial" - Philip Parker - Zahar - 2011.
"O Livro da História" - Vários autores - Globo - 2017.
"História da Civilização Ocidental" - Edward Burns - 2 vols. - Globo - 1968.
"O Mundo até Ontem" - Jared Diamond - Record - 2014.
"História do Mundo" - Geofrey Blainey - Fundamento - 2008.
"Grandes Civilizações do Passado" - Vários autores - 46 vols. - Folio - 19xx. Uma obra de fôlego para historiadores e professores de História.
Ensino Médio:
"História Geral" - Cláudio Vicentino - Scipione.
"História" - Marcos Napolitano & Mariana Villaça - Atual.
"História do Mundo" - Jeremy Black - M Books.
"História Global " - Gilberto Cotrin - Saraiva.
"História Conexões" - Alexandre Alves & Letícia de Oliveira - Moderna.
"História" _ Patrícia Braick & Myriam Mota - 3 vols. - Moderna.

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What's a place you've always wanted to visit but haven't had the chance to yet?

ateebvirk’s Profile PhotoAteeb Virk
Taj Mahal 😍😍 Just look at this place. It's beautiful 😍
Taj Mahal is on my list since I was in class 2 and I had a chapter in my Urdu book which was about various attractive mahals of past kings. It included the Taj Mahal as well.
The way that writer described the beauty of the Taj Mahal in that book, it just captured my attention.
But my bad luck is that I am a Pakistani and Taj Mahal is in India 🥹 I don't know when will I get the chance to visit Taj Mahal in my life.
Whats a place youve always wanted to visit but havent had the chance to yet

Personaje ficticio que te caiga muy mal

Como me cae mal que estén en mi estado esos ! ,Todos esos 💩🍕 negros, musulmanes, indios ,Rusos chinos ,latinos la mayoría no todos , africanos ,asiáticos y demás (( en la vida Real quedan 🔥)) links sinaloa vs sinaloa ❤️‍🔥 aparte Rusos contra Rusos peor a los que quiero que dejen de existir negros , musulmanes, indios de india y otros 👌https://youtu.be/vCOQLOaz9DE?si=COfNNRDaP1h5NAlCGermanleyvajal’s Video 174226760056 vCOQLOaz9DEGermanleyvajal’s Video 174226760056 vCOQLOaz9DE
Personaje ficticio que te caiga muy mal
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If nazar is real why doesn't it affect these travel bloggers and luxury lifestyle influencers? Can anyone explain...!! 🙃🙃

Ayesha0a’s Profile PhotoAyesha0a
Sb hota h or yh sb bht manipulative and fake b hain .
I personally know a blogger who's home is near my house . She is currently popular in UK as she lives there also in Pakistan and india.
The stories she tell about her family and what she shows is completely different from actually her family is.
Her family gone through alot in past worst case scenario. But she always tell otherwise and her sister too.
I was shocked to know about her Because I personally liked her mindset. Once I saw her here in a shopping mall I thought it's just me thinking this way and it was actually her 😂😂😂😂she pretends that I'm from lahore etc . All lies.
Hota h sb inki life mh show ni krwaty apni baysakoni

Your prediction for worldcup final?? Mine india vs pak!

chaoo2’s Profile Photochaoo!
New Zealand is in full form and I believe they are showing full traits of a winner this time. Also they are the most deserving ones looking at their overall performance and unfavored luck last time. On the other side, Pakistan is the weakest team right now. Idc what others feel but no chances of Pak to even qualify this time. It would either be some miraculous journey or just average performances. It's not about giving PCT hate by any means, because everyone gets a dark phase in their life and I do support them but Kiwis are actually deserving this time. Deserving and in form. After Pak, I'll go with NZ or I don't want Pak vs NZ Bec I can't see both of them losing this time.

We used to compare ourselves with India and how we are better. I just think now they have crossed us in so many ways and that's just sad.

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
They have worked their arses off to be where they are, so they truly deserve it. I don't even know why we compared ourselves to them for these years in the first place when half of their institutes are ranked in the top 100 to 500, which is world class. Their people usually go into engineering or technological sectors whereas we just want to do a degree to impress others or to get married. They want to make a name for themselves and be independent. Every individual they have wants to contribute towards the nation. Notice the difference.
They are more in population, and yet they have a higher literacy rate. Their economy is doing well because there is little or no corruption in terms of everything.
There's nothing to be sad about, this is to be taken as a learning curve to motivate ourselves to do better and follow the examples of countries like India which once wasn't as great as they are today but they worked hard to be where they are today whereas we didn't.

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Vivirías en una Ciudad fría o una ciudad con playa?

Mi ciudad sensación 50❤️‍🔥 grados y en la tarde llueve ⛈️,mi otra ciudad clima frío❄️ aveces granizo que parece nieve y en el invierno cae nieve algunos años ,ya subió bastante esos 2 videos de mi estado 🤍 las limpias mejoran México 😚 si no sería como arriba derecha la mayoría de latam es! Mi ciudad llena de turistas 🤍 y limpias más la tipo Romana ,En el norte sus ciudades semidesierto muchas se ven como esa ,en octubre será como primer foto 🔥 en mi estado decenas se pueblos de unidos desapareción y los inmigrantes, ahora será todo México pero nuevo león , sinaloa, sonora , durango y otros ,el 20 de enero del 2025 como en medio no solo yo pienso eso 🇺🇸 los odia a días estados y la mayoría de Países , Perú Colombia , argentina y la mayoría es como india .
Vivirías en una Ciudad fría o una ciudad con playa

No te gusta el norte ?

No, los de Guadalajara les da en su M a todos sus vecinos y norte del país 👌 en el sur solo a Michoacán pero ya es suyo 🤍 algo que no puedo soportar son las canciones de la 🍕 se creen que son los que mandan 🤡 y solo tienen a sonora partes de durango y su estado Sinaloa, los de Jalisco en todo lados 😚 por eso me gusta la violencia significa eso mi nombre ✨ el 20 de enero empezó el exterminio de los judíos y 11 millones de personas, con razón quiero que pase eso en México y todos los demás Paises excepto en 🇺🇦 los de mi signo puro líder narco 🤍da risa los de Culiacán que dicen a sus mujeres agarras a una india fea derecha en medio, cae mal eso por qué sus mujeres son putillas ya no quieren a las de su estado🤡 también ellas saben que las matan si son infiel y por eso van a otros estados y vinieron al mío y me afectaron con mujeres que las tenía de adorno 👌

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No te gusta el norte

Que Streamer (Twitch) o Youtubers Sueles Consumir Su Contenido

DJCheChyTruxPeru’s Profile PhotoJulio Espinoza
Mira Corazonsito!!!💕💕💕
Uno es este chiko q te coloq la imagen.. y si No lo conoces??.. se llama: El Scorpion Dorado!!!
Otro es Franko Escamilla!!!
La Cotorriza!!!
La India Yuridia!!!
Sofia niño de Rivera!!!
X mencionar algunos.. es q en este momento only recuerdo a Ellos!!!
Jajaja 😄😄😄
Que Streamer Twitch o Youtubers Sueles Consumir Su Contenido

How many languages do you know? If you know more then 1, how did the others come about? Like.. what make you learn the 2nd or 3rd one?

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile PhotoŞωεεT† ɮȩ̷̠̝͙̎̑̆ℓℓล ♡♪
I know total of three languages. One is Hindi which is my native speech primarily spoken in North region of India (: Other is English which is good to learn as it's international so it's beneficial only to know.
I studied the third language due to my regional state. 😊
Thought of learning a new language but found it difficult at that time so didn't tried learning it very well 🙂

What accd. to you will be the most probable reason for World War III?

It'll be 1000 years from now. I'll be born as a handicapped child in New Delhi. I'll gain power and kill all the netizens of Pakistan. Be the King there. I'll change all the laws n punishments and entire constitution of Pakistan and change the nation's name into 'The Republic of Cannibals.' I'll buy cannibals from all diff. countries and forests and protect them in my nation. I'll prepare a highly skilled military force of cannibals and use these cannibal soldiers and my new nation to serve India. Criminals who commit crimes in India will be sent to the Republic of Cannibals and tortured until they join the cannibal military force (they'll have to become cannibals). Severe criminals (rapists, murderers, treacherers, terrorists) will be cooked and eaten on festivals. Cannibal soldiers can have max. 2 children, (the 3rd one will be cooked and eaten). I'll write the new National Anthem of my new nation. India will grow much prosperous than ever under me. Cannibals will be respected all around the world. But later after achieving massive success n power, I'll become greedy and shake hands with China. Now I'll use my special military force to serve China just for power n money. China will throw atom bombs in many European countries and World War 3 will start. China will be responsible for massive destruction all over the globe. I'll realise my mistake that I shouldn't have been greedy for money n power and helped China. I'll commit suicide out of extreme guilt. China will continue to threaten the world. A great scientist will be born in India at that time (reincarnation of APJ Abdul Kalam) and he'll finally invent the formula to be invisible. The Indian Army will use this formula to be invisible. India will join the European forces to defeat China. China will be destroyed by the Indian forces. India will become the most prosperous country after World War 3. The Republic of Cannibals will be included in India as a new state under the greatest scientist and leader (Kalam).

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