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What worries you the most?

ddrr0910’s Profile Photo❀ DANABELLA
Not knowing what to do with my life. I've only worked in the restaurant industry most of my life. It's gotten where I don't even want to go to a restaurant now because of being triggered by all the traumas I've been through working in the industry. I just want to do something I love. I didn't mind the restaurant business because I thought I was helping people but it turned out I was just being used and I paid dearly for it. I still want to help people more than anything, but somehow I have to figure out how to heal myself first.

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Do you have an OnlyFans? Why or why not

No and I never will.
First off, I'm not fond of the porn industry. It always in danger of eating itself from a business standpoint and the 'characters' involved both in front of and behind the camera leave a lot to be desired.
I mean, consider for a moment how many guys in that business die from suicide or drugs.
As for the platform, I've talked about how insane the churn rate is and how hard you have to hustle to make a decent living from it. Very few guys make real money on OnlyFans. The ones who do spend a great deal of time on the mechanics of running it and I don't have the patience or time to get that deep into it.
I like life just the way it is. I see who I want to see. I travel when it sounds interesting. My mind and body are healthy.

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Why should health insurance be free for all citizens?

It would benefit everyone. When one is sick, they cannot work and pay taxes. Or pay their bills. Their employers lose....the people they owe loses. Every European nation, has free health care for it's citizens. The US could do the same....but the health care industry will lose profits. And our health care system, doesn't want to lose a dime of profit. And there is the rub. Greed.

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How do I get ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor certification?

To become an ISO Certified Auditor you must have at least four years of experience in process management and Quality management, of which at least two years on a job related to information security.
You must attend a certification course and pass the final exam you must have the following skill requirement to become ISO certified auditor.
To have Ensure good prior experience.
You must Attend ISO lead auditor training program.
You should have reasonably good understanding on quality management principles & concepts and basic requirements
ISO 27001 is an international standard on how to manage information security. ISO refers to the International Organization for Standardization.
ISO 270001 Certification is needed in this modern era. Training and certification will give an itemized comprehension of review philosophy including meeting methods, inspecting hazard appraisals, guaranteeing fitting restorative activity, and rehearsing new aptitudes.
The value for this certificate is more in the corporate world
ISO 27001 was developed to help organizations, of any size or any industry, to protect their information in a systematic and cost-effective way, through the adoption of an Information Security Management System (ISMS).
The importance of ISO 27001 lead auditor certification are as follow :
Get hired easily.
Learn Leadership responsibilities.
Learn how to perform Internal ISMS audits.
Master in ISMS improvement techniques.
Control objectives and controls.
As I have one reference for an ISO certification course I found one course on google they provide ISO 27001 lead auditor certification.
The cost of this is $400 and they also provide training too. This certification is made by GSDC.
To know more in detail about ISO 27001 Certification Visit our website: https://bit.ly/3wgDvuj

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How do I get ISOIEC 27001 Lead Auditor certification

How would the world be different if everybody was vegetarian?

I guess in some aspects people would be healthier (although there is plenty of non meat/animal product junk foods).
We wouldn’t have the mass meat industry though so animals would probably be treated better.
But we’d probably over-farm our soil I feel like so we’d have a lot of gmo and pesticides instead of the hormones and antibiotics.
So it’s a toss up. And that’d
probably hurt forests more since crops I feel like need more room.

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Is it ethical to eat meat?

What is or isn't ethical is not so simple as to make a blanket statement. Is the meat industry ethical? No, not really. Is eating meat ethical for someone who can't otherwise get what they need in their diet? Well, yes. They aren't directly responsible for the wrongdoings in the industry, they have no control over it, they are reliant on it.

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Lots of anonymous explicit content creators are on onlyfans or pornhub for more “explicit” contnet while keeping their identity hidden.. ever considered it?

Short answer is yes, I’ve considered doing something on chaturbate or onlyfans. But I’m not going to do it.
There’s a whole debate about sex workers in the pandemic. Those who’ve been in the industry for years and years and rely on it as their main income were obviously hit hard by the lockdown. They didn’t qualify for any government benefits, had no employee rights, or business protection and didn’t have a resume that qualifies them for other pandemic-friendly jobs.
Onlyfans got popular which would have helped BUT they were bombarded by a ton of other ppl who’ve suddenly decided to dabble in it during the pandemic. People who’ve never done sex work and have other incomes or supports. They just had free time on their hands.
Not only are these people saturating the market, but they’re also giving away too much for very little or for free, therefore destroying the entire business model of the industry and starving the real pros.
Sex work is not my main gig. I have other incomes and I’m living comfortably. It makes zero sense for me to go in and bombard others.

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Would you rather live without TV or music?

askfm’s Profile PhotoASKfm
Without music i'm doomed you know? hahaha watching T.V. is not a "day by day" thing for me. I prefer to get my headphones, watch videos or social media and also and most important listen to my favorite bands and artist. Also i love to discover new songs, artist and people who is starting in the music industry right now. Funny thing, If it weren't for the music, I wouldn't be here in @askfm :D

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BTS is a fraud can we all agree ???

izaz_outlaw’s Profile PhotoIzaz
No (?) But how their industry treat them and everything, that's badd. Saw a documentary on it, how they can't get in relationships (one they wan to), can't eat what they want and yk restrictions on everything. So idk if u mean it like that (?) 🤨
Also maybe you're talking abt how their industry got so famous, how so many people are now consuming their entertainment. Kinda SuSpiSuS 🧐

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Bei welcher Sache hast du dir zuletzt völlig umsonst Sorgen gemacht, weil am Ende doch alles super gelaufen ist?

gedankenrakete’s Profile Photokovu
I was really worried when I dropped my lingerie collection after years of hard work and dedication. I thought people wouldn't like what I'm doing and don't want another small fashion designer in the industry. But it turned out great!! I've got nothing but love and appreciation for my work.

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Bei welcher Sache hast du dir zuletzt völlig umsonst Sorgen gemacht weil am Ende

marriage is becoming obsolete. a piece of paper doesn't guarantee commitment and wedding industry is a financial scam. so why do people still wanna get married?

it’s their own decision — if someone wants to get married, they have the right to do so. a lot of people still believe in the true love aspect of marriage, which is absolutely fine.

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When you've taken a picture and you want to post it online, do you usually edit it first in any way? What do you use to edit with? What do you usually like to achieve through your edits? 📸✂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile Photoᛏᛟᛒᛒᚨ
i try to make my pictures the least edited as possible. sometimes i use the gritty filter but other than that, i like to look as natural as i can possibly can because i cant stand the industry of photoshop when it comes to people. its such false advertisement.
sometimes i look like such garbage that sometimes not even a filter can make me look good lol.

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lol it is a serious question though. What are your thoughts on porn as a muslim? do you think there is anything wrong with porn industry or is it the wrong act of allowing porn movies to be made in the first place? what are your thoughts on it. I am an atheist and I would like to know your opinion?

All the Holy books didn't convince u to convert to any religion... Do u think I 'll convince u that this 's wrong and it's considered a sin in any religion whether in Islam, Christianity or even Judaism ?!!!!!!
My talk would be about the logic in these books which u already don't believe in
So any discussion would be a waste of time and energy
But Anyway Away from my religion principles and beliefs
I think this industry is a SILENT RAPE
Every person who works in it suffers from humiliation but prefers silent cuz he knows at the end he gets money
It 's slavery in a devil level but the name has been changed to keep pace with the times
What humiliation and harm more than that?!!!!!

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Oww u r a beginner too young one day i sitting with a heamatologist doctor , she said the doctor's that graduate now they don't know anything not all of them in general, they have a spelling mistake or they don't write the age especially for a children or they don't know how to diagnose it😌

Aslan our doctors are so impressed by our knowledge and logic and say don’t be like us and change health industry 😌

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I currently feel stuck in my chosen career. I have been moving from diff companies only to get the same wretched feeling every time. I'm not sure if this is a sign for me to move on to another industry or is it me being weak and intolerable. Is it okay for me to switch careers if I feel miserable?

You can switch careers, industries, homes, relationships, countries, friends, and almost anything for any reason. You don't have to justify it. How about taking a sabbatical? Take a step back, maybe a few weeks or months off (hello, emergency fund) to think about your next steps. You don't have to act right away but make a plan. Maybe you have to save some money first, find a different job, but at least you'll have a plan. Good luck and let us all know how it turns out!

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In one paragraph, tell me the story of your life. I just like hearing about people and their life stories.

I was born in Alabama as an accident baby to two loving parents. I had an amazingly happy childhood, but desperately wanted to fit in in middle school. I started dressing in all black and listening to shitty music to fit in with the emo kids and my parents thought that was a good reason to lock me up in a mental hospital. Around the same time, my mom left my dad for a rich old guy, so I was released to an angry father who saw me as a punching bag. I suffered from depression, an eating disorder, OCD, and horrible anxiety. As time went on, I began to stand up for myself, take better care of myself, and I forced myself to have better self esteem. That's when I realized that my current situation wasn't entirely to blame for my problems - I have PTSD from being in the hospital. I'm currently in therapy and trying to figure out how to to live life with PTSD.
Born and lived in the States. Never knew how to speak Vietnamese and could not get along well with the Vietnamese community in America - or at least no one treated me with respect. I have a twin brother, but he is so much smarter than me - it just sucks. We've had the same group of friends, and up until college I realize I don't know what I want to see in a friendship and I start making a ton of mistakes. I don't know what my interests are, I force myself to make small talk, and I just get people bored. I was born in Staten Island, the forgotten borough of New York City. My father went to prison when I was 3 for robbing a cab driver at gunpoint. My mother remarried when I was 6 and that guy abused my mother, sister and myself verbally and physically until I was big enough to do something about it. Because someone finally retaliated, he scurried off and now he's living in the midwest somewhere. I never let any of that stuff get me down though. I just use those experiences as lessons on how NOT to live. My mother and I are kind of like a team. I decided I wanted to have a career in broadcasting, so I dropped out of college 2 weeks in and signed up for a trade school. The trade school was a scam but I still managed to bust my ass enough to get into the industry and I still love it! Oh, and I lived the first 23 years of my life thinking I was straight until I realized I liked dudes last year. Born in Ohio. Parents are happy to have child. Grow up being the good kid. Single child. Get all the shit I want. Become spoiled. Get older. Go to high school. Tall as fuck. Switch to vocational high school half way through to get a better education. Become certified in computer tech. Got bigger. Graduated at 6'7" 250lbs. Never recruited by football team. Mom upset because I never became a football player. I don't like football. Start college immediatley. Went for Biology. Hated it. Switched to CAD. Hated it. Parents divorced. Move to new area. I lived in the old area for 15+ years. Start college. Switched to media design. Loved it. Got first job at Taco Bell. Fuck taco bell. Quit first job after a month.

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دكتور هوه حضرتك عملت ال phd في حاجات more practical ولا كلها research ونشر في مجلات وهكذا ، لأني حابب اشتغل فال industry وكمان بفكر لما اخد ماستر فال Ai يكون في حاجه عمليه يعني تكنيك جديد ويكون في صناعة تانيه غير ال it يعني مع interdisciplinary team مثلا في حاجات طبيه أ، ميكانيكية ممكن ابدامنين ادور

I finish Phd in Computer Vision
Published 3 top tier papers elhamd lelah
As AI is popular in industry nowdays, I found a job and made use of what I learned

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"Karens"... A retail workers favorite meme, lol. Have you ever had to face one? Have you ever BEEN a "Karen"?

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
my first job in the museum was in the customer service industry and I came across "karens" from time to time. in my current job as teacher, I don't come across them as often, but some parents that I meet can be serious "karens", with no thought or consideration for our staff and students. it's extremely disheartening to see because they are setting a terrible example for their children who observe them on a first-hand basis.
I've never been a "karen", and I hope to never be one.
not unrelated, but my friend released a song called, "Karen for Each Other", and you can listen to it here: https://open.spotify.com/album/2h6r1jTk9FyczIZ4N9BWyU

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Karens A retail workers favorite meme lol Have you ever had to face one Have you

حيدر كيف تجربتك بالبحث العلمي؟ نشرت ابحاث؟ و هل تفضل academia or industry ؟ و كيف نظرتك للبحث العلمي في المانيا، هل تمشاية حال ام في اشياء مثيرة للاهتمام؟

أي أكاديميا وأي بحث علمي يا رعاك الله؟ احنا ماشيين بالستر..
انتهيت من كورسات السنة الأولى فقط، ومسؤول برنامج الماجستير الذي أسلكه لا يتعاون أكاديميا إلا مع طلاب معدلهم 1.5 فأعلى* (على ضوء امتحانات شفهية في غاية التنطع والإجحاف). ولهذا استغللت فترة كورونا للتعافي نفسيا من الماراثون الجامعي، لعلي أستطيع التقدم في اللغة الألمانية خلال الأشهر القادمة وانتهاز أي فرص عمل قد تظهر بعد انفراج الأوضاع.
* المعدلات في ألمانيا تبدأ من 1 (ممتاز) هبوطا إلى 5 (مقبول).

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not all prn is rpe and assault tho,, there are many sx workers out there who work by choice, and some of them work independently as well. i agree that the industry is awful but also i feel like to say that ALL prn is rpe and assault is kind of an incorrect blanket statement,, idk.

i never said all of it is
but a significant amount of it is - so when you consume prn, there is a very, very high chance that what you are watching IS rpe/ássault.

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It is a tag called #ライブハウスを盛り上げよう and wants to protect an amusement complex from now on not #ライブハウスを無くそう . Will there be the music industry for a big crisis now? Thank you.

Ни черта не понял, если честно:))) По-русски слабо написать?:))) Шото про музыкальную индустрию...А шо - я нихт ферштеен....Г##но вся эта индустрия нынче если честно:)))

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