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that rule has been all over the place tho incl a very dodgy Toon postponement, wasn't there a Cup game where Villa were forced to field a reserve team? be interesting to see the NLD verdict, I thought Ars fans felt Liverpool pulled a fast one with their 'false positives' lol

princessali6’s Profile PhotoMáire Ní Einstein
but liverpool never used the excuse that they had players over in Africa, I think Ars could still field a strong team & Spurs have several major injuries too.
If we keep cancelling games they will end up playing 3 a week later on, then only the teams with huge squads will benefit

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How do you people even fall for someone online? Like how?

falling for someone is not in our control !
falling for someone isn't bad,
its just a lot to have feelings for someone who's not even aware of them!
be aware.
in a blink these feelings (illusionary magical wings) take you to skies, in a blink they disappear.
just maintain a safe difference from ground!
expect injuries, as they heal, but scars they never fade.

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How do you people even fall for someone online Like how

https://ask.fm/ToManyDamnIrkens/answers/170590020493 ❤💀

ToManyDamnIrkens’s Profile Photoฬєภ๔ץ Շђє ฬєภ๔เﻮ๏
❖With the end of Bruce's bandages, Harley had raised her blue, clenched irises to the creature who was talking to her and apologizing at the end. The blonde's expression had changed to a smoother form now after that. She'd let air pool in her lungs, letting them out in a light puff. Her head shook in the negative and in a whispering tone she said:❖
ℋ.ℚ:: ─ ❝All right...❞
❖Even with the blonde not being able to identify the right expression of the creature, seeing her walking away, the clown would occasionally change her gaze to Bruce's state and around the room, where she would have to clean up that bloody mess. She would have a lot of work to do now and leave her sleep for later. After hearing the creature's voice protesting in hunger then, Harley soon understood why Wendy had done that, she was after flesh and blood, both fresh to satiate that great hunger of hers, the blonde deduced that that was only what the Wendigos fed when they got out of control. Harley then let Bruce recover from her injuries and walked slowly towards Wendy, who seemed to have calmed down. Soon, it crouched, already close to it, watching every undecipherable trace of the creature, with its blue irises, still curious. Hands with colored nails lightly touched the other's face to feel it. Gradually, Harley lost her fear of the creature.❖
ℋ.ℚ:: ─ ❝But... what the hell... are you? Wait! Your belly is empty, no? I think have an idea... What if I was going to go after what you want? It's a shame I don't have it here, as Bruce consumed everything...❞
❖And bad could the creature know that the person Harley bought her spotted hyena from didn't have a very nice ending to having become one of the victims of the wild pet's dinner.❖
ℋ.ℚ:: ─ ❝If you want, I can go right now. I promise not to take long...❞
❖Harley added, expecting an answer from the female creature when she offered to help her.❖
ℋ.ℚ:: ─ ❝And then...?❞

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"I don't know what happened, Shadow lost consciousness after falling out of the darkness, he couldn't tell me where the injuries came from, looked a lot like some form of t0rture though. Just let me deal with him."

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
Someone t0rtured him!? That's really serious! I hope he's okay! *Red gives a worried look* If you need anything, you have the colors to help Vio.. we're all like family, aren't we?

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Is it true that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

Please allow me to ask you several questions that might help you discover a satisfactory answer.
1. If you experience a heart attack and lose 20% of your heart muscle, are you stronger or weaker?
2. If you are addicted to drugs, are you stronger or weaker?
3. If you fall asleep while driving, and hit a tree at 60 mph suffering major internal injuries and ending up on life support, are you stronger or weaker?
4. If you are an atheist who believes God does not exist and humans have no purpose and therefore no hope, are you stronger or weaker?

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Hope you've had a fantastic day! I won't even engage anti vaxers, especially on here. So ridiculous. I was confident of beating Arsenal until I've seen the list of injuries. You have probably seen me say it before but I'm not interested in International games, it's so poor and players get injured! X

darrenearl45’s Profile PhotoDarren
Hey Darren,
yes ty good busy productive day,
haha I cant resist a good old bust up but you are correct re anti vax , some of the stuff is not worth engaging with......
real club fans detest international football,
it puts their players in danger of injuries all the time,
maybe a draw?
not sure if Arsenal have injuries too

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Your death touch wouldn't work on me, Here let me help you. *Geno bandages her injuries, with him so close she can feel the magic from his fragment of a Soul, and it feels familiar*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
Why wouldn't it--h-hey!! Your helping the enemy! What do you think your doing--!? *Geha would attempt to squirm or at the very least swing her scythe but Reaper did nail her pretty good--though it was weird for Geno, her "enemy" to be nice and feel familiar to her* ..I don't understand..this..

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"Well I'm a creature a darkness, kinda like y'all's dad is, beings like us normally can't use any form of healing magic but watch" *He kneels next to Raven, a dark aura filling his hands as some of the injuries Edge gave him heal, though he seems exhausted* "I-I h-had ta learn but's not easy"

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
W-what--*Raven looks pretty shocked, not just at the fact he has healing magic either* ..You learned that and you used it to help me..? But..why? If your friends with Death..and he doesn't like me..I don't get why your being nice.. and..you don't look that good after doing that..*he then stares at the ground*

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Pošlete nějakou historickou fotografii a uveďte její kontext. Jakoukoliv fotografii. Může být z vašeho archivu nebo můžete najít něco na internetu.

embraceyourawesomness’s Profile Photoembraceyourawesomness
Operace Babylift se uskutečnila v srpnu 1972. Šlo o masovou evakuaci osiřelých dětí z Vietnamu a jejich převoz do zemí jako Francie, Rakousko nebo Západní Německo.
12 minut po letu došlo k výbuchu v zadním trupu, který způsobil rychlou dekompresi. Posádka se pokusila otočit letadlo a nouzově přistát na letišti, ale havarovala v nedalekém rýžovém poli. Letadlo se rozpadlo na čtyři části. Z 328 (250 dětí, 78 členů posádky) na palubě přežilo 175.
Žena, která v tomto příběhu musí být zmíněna, je nadporučík Regina Aune. Přežila a jejím prvním instinktem bylo hledat děti a další přeživší, brodila se hlubokým bahnem a snažila se na zbytcích podlahy za pomocí přikrývek a polštářů zajistit aspoň trochu pevnou půdu s vědomím, že letadlo se hroutí a ona musí vymyslet způsob, jak se o všechny postarat.
Pomohla dostat 149 dětí do bezpečí a teprve poté přistoupila k záchrannému týmu se slovy "Sir, I request to be relieved of my duties since my injuries prevent me from carrying on." Vzápětí upadla do bezvědomí.
Měla řezné rány po celém těle a několik zlomenin.
Poté, co se v saigonské nemocnici uzdravila, ve svém povolání pokračovala. Do důchodu odešla v roce 2007 a stále vyučuje na akademiích. :)

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Pošlete nějakou historickou fotografii a uveďte její kontext Jakoukoliv

You are a doctor with 6 patients. The first has fatal injuries and will die if untreated. The remaining 5 are in need of an organ transplant. If the first patient dies, you can give their organs to the other 5 and save them (A). However, you have medicine that can save the first patient (B). A or B?

chadikharouta’s Profile PhotoChadi
This is what the doctor will look at. He will make 5 times as much money, by letting the first die. It will be a no-brainer for him.

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Machine Related Injuries Toms River NJ - 732-240-2428

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http://ask.fm/aimenaime/answer/137317227105 Tbh- Okkk Sir,I'm following you from a long very time. Tbvvh I love your writings In-fact I read them 👌🏻👌🏻 Your skills are perf.

Surrounded by the blood that pools at her feet,She is numb to the pain as her last tear silently weeps.The blade slips from her grasp, falls to the floor.
The abuse and violence she will feel no more.No more will she flinch at the sound of his voice. No more will she be confined by his decisions, his choice.. No more will she hide the bruises, the burns or the scars.. No more will she lie how the injuries where caused.. She hears his key turn in the lock.. Looks on from above as he stops and stares at her in shock.. Watches from the safety of heaven as he sinks to his knees.. Hears him cry out her name, hears his pleas.. 'Baby don't leave me, I love you, what have you done?'.. She whispers softly from her view in the sky.. 'To hear the words I love you I had to die, why couldn't you see the tears I cried, why couldn't you see that enough was enough, all I ever gave or asked for was love'...
"Love kept them together till it tore them apart...."
-Arslan Nawaz ✒

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