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Sometimes I see someone posting something cool but I say "no, I already gave him many likes today, they're going to think i'm inlove with them"😂

ash_here2001’s Profile PhotoEsha irfan
Well just saw your question and it's a coincidence that i was also thinking about the quality of questions on ask fm. I remember those old days 4-5 years back, when i used to receive quality questions, mature people were there. But nowadays I can only say "IMMATURITY PERSONIFIED".
I must say, stay calm.
Best wishes and prayers.

What's your favorite old songs?

Pag may nababasa akong "old song" naaalala ko yung kantang "Ordinary song"🥰. Di naman yon yung favorite song ko, pero yon yung unang sumagi sa isipan ko nung binasa ko ang katanungan mo eh.
"Just an ordinary song
To a special girl like you
From a simple guy
Who's so inlove with u."
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You're the most interesting person on here! I'd love to know more about your pets 🙂

Aww 🥰 thank you! Ask me anything! I have 4 pets, 3 white tree frogs, & my Alaskan Husky mix Bentley who’s 5 years old. I had a fat orange kitty named Taz, but I let my roommate adopt him cause they’re literally inlove with each other & I could never separate them ☺️💕

what would be your reaction if someone told you that you have been in love with someone for 5 years and that you entered her Instagram profile yesterday and stopped loving her after seeing her without makeup

Yikes! I’d say I definitely dodged a bullet on that one then! 😂 sure you should find your lover attractive but it’s not all about looks 🙄 everything about them, who they are as a person, is why you love them.. thats what should make them attractive aside from appearance. If not, that should be a sign you’re not actually inlove, that’s infatuation.
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Why do people fall inlove quickly

For the same reason they turn on a movie and then get one bowl of ice cream and wonder when the movie has ended why the one gallon of ice cream is empty. They ask, who ate the all of the ice cream as the dog smirks knowing that there is nobody else home and this dog doesn't eat ice cream.
Or how about this example: the person who goes "looking" for a new car at the dealership after promising their partner they are only "looking." And after 4 hours of "only looking" drive home with a brand new $80,000 vehicle that they cannot afford because they are unemployed and are already several months late with their mortgage payment.
Why? Human behavior is irrational.

Hi tita. How do I move on from my fear na baka may makilalang iba yung boyfriend ko who share lots of character similarities with another girl? I met this girl and its like a 'girl version' of him. It hurts me to think he'd be inlove with someone else.

Your partner will meet hundreds of people over the course of his life. Many of them will be attractive and better than you in all respects. Right now he chose you. Spending time being afraid of other people coming in to steal your partner is a waste of time. He'll only go for them if whar you have is not good. And having a jealous and insecure partner is not good. It actually makes everyone else more attractive. What you need to accept is that all relationships end. The end is the only guarantee. How you spend the time you do have is what matters. Will you spend it worrying about other people or building the best relationship you can? PS. Similarity doesn't mean compatibility.

Hi I just wanna ask HAHAHAHAAH how to save urself on not falling inlove? How to not fall? How to not feel being safe with someone? How? Btw, good eve!!!

Good eve toooo! that's a tough question, but I have an easy answer for you. And~ for you only ^__^.
1. Prepare money.
2. Hire an Assassin.
3. Pick a person to kill (it's either you or him).
If you pick yourself, then that prevents you from feeling anything. If you pick him, then that prevents you from getting attached further. Although you may feel for the death of that guy, it is only temporary.
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How will you know if you are already inlove with someone? I am not sure wheteher to tell if I am inlove with her already but she makes me happy just by her being close to me, I even find her flaws beautiful, I get nervous around her and I think of her a lot almost everyday am i?.

Aw, that’s really lovely. Truthfully, I’m not the best person to ask. I always try to keep an element of emotional detachment (internally this is, not actually showing this to someone I care about), as I’d be veryyy reluctant to admit I love someone, aha. But that’s particularly because I always see them as friends first, lovers second, if that makes sense?
Anyways, how stable do you feel the relationship is? If everything’s going well (and it’s not in the very early, new stage I mean and it’s had time to develop), then I don’t see any reason as to not tell her! I’m sure she’d really appreciate it and it’d feel special for her to hear that :)

i have a questions 🙈

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I think people fail to realize people grow apart from eachother, things change as well as people. Paths separate and lead to different places but sometimes years later they cross again...
Meaning that while someone used to be highly inlove with eachother .... grew apart one day and just dont feel the same that they once did.
I'm happy, I'm focusing on what really matters, yes I may be single right now but I am happy.
So please stop mentioning my name to my exes, please stop pressuring them into contacting me and most of all stop suggesting they get back with me 💜 let them live life and find their happiness with or without me

Who keeps you going?

My precious fur babiesss they are my whole wide world. They will always be there for you when everyone else leaves. They are there in the end and love you always and forever loyal. Fur babiess mama 💙 So proud and sooo inlove with my pets 😌😍 Love them sooo much I would do anything in a heart beat for them! My handsome baby boy my bestfriend the best gift ever to recieve he fills my heart with sooo much joy and i'm complete because of him! I don't know how I ever lived without him 😭💚 My man my boyfriend. The father of my baby boy. I'm sooo inlove with him. We are soul mates and meant to be 💙💙💋 He was my bestfriend before he became my lover and that right there is what sets my soul on fire and why we are so good together 😍

Is it easy to fall inlove?

For some it is easy, but for some it is not. But blessed are those who always choose to love, to give love despite of the fear that they have in their hearts, despite that their love is not paid off.
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Love, marriage and divorce ( more about relationships) A korean odessey (about Jin a young girl let go+ she sees dead ppl) About time( a girl sees how long ppl will live by checking their wrists) The immortal king(he’s a king from a different century he falls inlove with a girl out of his century

tiffany5876’s Profile PhotoDiana Abdallah
thanks aloot! 💙💙
on what website did you watch them?
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Mine says that celebrities are real people. But I don't believe so. yes, they are but I'll never meet them, let alone talk to them or make them fall inlove with me. So they're real, but they are not real 😂

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▪️It’s the same thing I say 😂😂
Mine says that celebrities are real people But I dont believe so yes they are
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I think I'm inlove with my bestfriend but don't know if I should tell her. Does anyone else cuddle with their bestfriend like full on spoon and snuggle into each other? Or is that just us? 🥲

I mean I've slept in the same room as my best friend once and me and her were drunk and were a little gay but we never spooned or cuddled

tita i have a boyfriend but im inlove with someone else, pero im afraid if i will broke up with him i will exprience regret..

You will experience regret either way. You will lose the one you're with when he finds out. You will lose the one you love if you don't leave. You will lose something no matter what you decide. So choose well.

Tita we were friends before, na inlove kami sa isa't isa and nagka aminan din but sadly nag fade feelings niya sakin. Sobrang sakit, friends na lang pala tingin niya sakin. until nalaman ko na lang iunfriend niya ako sa fb. Gusto ko makipag ayos tita kaso baka magmukang kawawa or needy ako? Help po.

Makipag-ayos? They rejected you and made it clear na wala na kayong connection. Hence the unfriending. I know it hurts but how about giving the person the time and space they need by respecting their decision? Masakit talaga pero heal on your own and not trying to reverse the decision of the person who already disconnected from you.

Is it possible ba na ma inlove ka sa kausap mo ng hindi mo pa nakikita? Maliban sa fb nya? Pero buong araw kayo mag kausap everyday.

Yes, malaki ang chance na mainlove ka sa kanya lalo na pag nag enjoy ka kausap sya. If you like his/her humor maybe you're starting to feel something for that person. Ito tatandaan mo, pagdumating yung time na mamimiss mo kapag hindi mo sya kausap kahit saglit lang, sign na yan na may nararamdaman ka na para sa kanya. Pag naghihintay ka na magchat sya. Yung tipong nag notify si messenger at expected mo na sya yun pero hindi pala bigla kang na disappoint kasi akala mo sya na yung nagreply.

You my Queen beautiful ❤️i have the biggest crush on you. I see your page everyday but im afraid to talk to you but i know you have a boyfriend so I didn't talk to you sorry for bothering you i just fell inlove with your personality with your answers hope you don't think im playing

I don't have a boyfriend 🥴,but you're sweet♥️

What is something your SO did that you definitely weren't used to, but you're absolutely inlove with it now? (I.e Ryan's taking care of me and I'm not used to it and I love it, and I've fallen more inlove with him lol)

reachel_n’s Profile PhotoReachel♥️
Actually supporting me for who I am. He listens to me when I speak about what I need, what I want etc. and does his best. We both do that for each other but I was always so used to giving so much and never getting supported by partners before.

What is something your SO did that you definitely weren't used to, but you're absolutely inlove with it now? (I.e Ryan's taking care of me and I'm not used to it and I love it, and I've fallen more inlove with him lol)

reachel_n’s Profile PhotoReachel♥️
He’s helped me accept the way my mind works which is something my ex never did.
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What is something your SO did that you definitely weren't used to, but you're absolutely inlove with it now? (I.e Ryan's taking care of me and I'm not used to it and I love it, and I've fallen more inlove with him lol)

reachel_n’s Profile PhotoReachel♥️
I am not used to someone I am dating not giving up on me, caring about my health, let alone buying me gifts.

Would you go to a College hospital (a hospital that has mostly students and medical teachers)? I went to IU north tonight and I'm absolutely inlove with them even though they are the college hospital!

reachel_n’s Profile PhotoReachel♥️
mhm i probably would but i’d be a little freaked out
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Which is worse, to be loved by someone you don't love or to love someone who doesn't love you?

justbaekcause_’s Profile Photoearldom
To love someone who doesn't love you might probably the worse because it's like you're begging to be loved and it's degrading and for me I think to be loved by someone you don't love there may come a time where you may develop your feelings and fall inlove and it gives you a reassurance because that person already loved you so when time comes when you feel like your falling inlove with that person, its worth it ? Well, base on my experience though ? ???
Which is worse to be loved by someone you dont love or to love someone who

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀✵ ˚ · ✫

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀◈ ⋅ ∗ ────── ⠀can⠀you⠀believe⠀me⠀for once?
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀'cause i'll be in⠀love maze,⠀no matter what others
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀say, don’t listen, just let’em talk, whatever they say,
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀the ⠀more ⠀they ⠀do, ⠀⠀the ⠀more ⠀i ⠀am ⠀sure.

Di ako naniniwala sa katagang, “pinagtagpo pero di itinadhana” Kasi kung mahal niyo isa’t isa Ipagpapatuloy niyo kung ano yung nasimulan niyo na

What if minahal niyo lang ang isa't isa pero may nagbago na? You can't force someone to stay inlove lalo na kung may ginawa talagang mali yung isa or may nag fell out of love na talaga. Alis na lang kaysa maging toxic relationship.

Vysvetlite mi prečo jedno také krásne dievča o ktoré by sa chalani pobili chodí so strašne škaredým chalanom

Krasa je relativna co je pre niekoho krasne nemusi byt aj pre ostatnych. A navyse ked si s niekym inlove a pozries sa na neho je to to najkrajsie co vidis. A mozno len nieje povrchny kokotko ako "niekto" lol

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