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Do people from Britain dislike americans? I often see brits making fun and saying mean stuff about America

I do not know what the current attitudes of the Brits are toward Americans but I will say that America is more divided than I have ever seen and is in fact approaching the levels of anger and hatred not seen since our Civil War. We now have males pretending to be females and females pretending to be males and many so called well educated Americans now claim that biological males can get pregnant and deliver a baby.
I suppose anyone from another country observing American society and culture might conclude that Americans are clinically insane. I would agree that many Americans are delusional and completely detached from reality.

Tell us something you haven't told anyone else!

Ever since I were a kid, I've had the feeling that I'm not gonna live a long life/I'm gonna die soon and recently that feeling has been growing heavier and I keep getting this urge to write a diary or memoir or something and address my friends and family in it because they deserve to know how much I love and respect them and how I want them to always have the best in life but I'm too lazy and overwhelmed to actually write it down so every single night is just a time for me to worry about how I'd be leaving this world without all these people knowing the insane amount of love I have for them

Hey guys! I want to share my feelings coz I'm feeling nervous alot ...ok the thing is i have my economics exam on 23rd of june and i have only completed 4 chapters out of 23....i know that's insane many of you may tell me to go then study now...but dude I'm trying to study it's hard to grasp knowled

intella’s Profile PhotoAnant Sharma
So what else do you expect to hear other than study? Yes it is hard. Poore saal mein karna tha wo. Tum 4 din mein karne ki sochoge aur bologe ye to hard h, you made it that way. Pehle kya kar rahe the, ?

I actually feel bad for future generations.

At this point, there is no doubt in my mind that many young people will never own property or enjoy the liberty and freedoms that my generation (boomer) enjoyed. And yes, there is enough blame to go around for everyone, but I will say this: my parents generation (WWII) gave us a country that was well run, in great fiscal shape and had a society that believed in God and respected their country, their neighbors and their family. And now our country is destroyed. Instead, we argue with our neighbors and our families are broken and in many cases. fatherless.
We have been taught that men do not matter and are irrelevant. I think that one could argue that in Western democracies, God is dead. And that is precisely why western democracies are in decline and will ultimately fail.
The United States was created on the believe that We The People are ruled by God, not the government. And, in fact, if you look at the back of the dollar bill you will see the following phrase: "In God We Trust." In my opinion, the ruling class and the political class in America and in most western democracies no longer believe in God, and instead believe the following: "In Government We Trust."
This is, in my opinion, why the United States is no longer a great country. How is it possible to be "great" when you no longer believe in the existence of God and in fact reject God? It is not possible, and we are living through the consequences of such misguided and false ideologies and beliefs. And this is why I feel sorry for future generations. The rejection of God will result in unimaginable pain and suffering and will ultimately establish a tyranny of immense proportions that will will culminate in the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people around the world. And for what? Power?
What good is power and money when life and entire civilizations have been obliterated and wiped from the face of the earth? It's insane. Absolute and unmitigated insanity dominates and engulfs the western democracies!

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Write a review about your experience of motherhood ⭐

Motherhood is exhausting, its easy to feel like you cease to exist as a person because you're just "mum", and the constant mummyshaming, judgement and comparison from others is enough to drive you insane. But at the end of the day you get to cuddle up with your little squish, you get to watch them grow and learn, to be part of their journey, their safe space and comfort. To praise their achievements and kiss their grazed knees. To teach them and shape who they become. You're the first person they call when they need something, and as tiring as it is it's also a truly special honor.

When reading a book, do you ever let curiosity get the better of you and flip to the last page, just to see how the story ends?

astoldbyjoanna’s Profile PhotoJM
I have before I won't lie haha. Some chapters leave you on such a cliffhanger. And some I read, it was like every single chapter left on a cliffhanger and it drives me insane because I read incredibly slowly, so it takes eternity to get the relief I crave haha. So sometimes I just flipped to check things. And then continue to read where I was.

Ghost stories anyone? 💀

So this happened to my cousin’s mother-in-law. She had a son (29 yo) and one day he went missing. He left for his office in the morning but didn’t come back home, so they reported him missing. 2 days passed by and still there was no news of him. Meanwhile this entire time his family was looking for him desperately. So the mother-in-law (the guy’s mom) she thought they should look around in the nearest hospitals maybe he met with an accident on his way home. So they were in a car going around checking each hospital when all of a sudden their car abruptly came to a stop. The car won’t budge and everyone got out to check what the problem was. The engine and tires were fine, they couldn’t place what caused it to stop. Their car actually stopped in front of a morgue, the mother-in-law remembers that she heard her son’s voice he was saying “Mom, I’m here. I’m right here”
She thought she was going insane but she looked around and saw the morgue office. She asked her eldest son to go and check maybe God forbid his brother is in there. Everyone looked at her in surprise because they weren’t expecting him to be dead. They said he can’t be dead, there is no way he could be so they didn’t check in the morgue and left for the nearest hospital. A few days later the police notified the family that the guy’s body had been found in a morgue. And it was the same morgue where the mother heard her son’s voice….
and the strange part is when she heard his voice he had already been dead for 48 hours… he died on the morning he left for his office. He died right then and there on the spot. And his body was in that morgue since then. There is no explanation for how and why she heard his voice.
She narrated this story to me and I just can’t believe something like this happened to her. It’s been years since he’s passed away. But she still remember that incident like it happened yesterday.

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Have you ever lost your oldest friends? What happened?

I haven't shared this story before. When I was in preschool I had a friend named Anthony (not his real name). We were inseparable. When we were in middle school he was hit by a truck when riding his bike. He wasnt wearing a helmet and landed on his head. He had severe brain damage. The accident killed the friend I knew. He changed drastically in the coming months. He became extremely clingy, calling me multiple times a day. I told him to stop calling so much but it didn't stop. I remember the day I had to make the decision to cut him out of my life. I was at his birthday and he had several friends there I didn't know well, it was common knowledge that several of them were into drugs and my friend was acting strangely. After he started hanging with a bad crowd I decided to walk away. It was a tough choice, but it had to be done. Went to see THE LAST JEDI with one of my oldest friends, we grew up watching the movies together, saw all of the re-issues. For whatever reason, after we saw the movie, he stopped replying to the texts I sent. I kept wishing him happy birthday for a couple years because all the dates of all of my ex-classmate's birthdays are burned into me, and he really was my best friend for many years, and it meant a lot to me, that we could still remain close after 30 years of friendship---i tried to think of reasons why he stopped talking to me and it drove me insane. it feels like a tragic misunderstanding. but he was one of the smartest people i knew. i had so much respect for his art and sensibilities.
I lost contact with most of my good friends when I moved out of town after graduation from college. It's hard to stay close when thousands of miles separate everyone. When we did get together occasionally the connection we had when we were younger was long gone. It's sad but it's not unusual.
Back when I was about 4/5 years old I lost contact with an old friend of mine called Amber. She moved to Scotland I believe and since we didn't have any social media or anything of the sort at the time, we have lost contact. For some reason, 14/15 years later, I still wonder where Amber is now.
Just after his death we all sat down with his mom. She was very, very kind and told us all it wasn’t our fault. I hadn’t been on the mountain with him, but I still felt awful and guilty for several reasons. I’m 11 years out now, and I still think about it. On the anniversary of his death I write a letter or pour one out for him. About four years after his death I had my now fiancé (who was there) explain to me the extent of his injuries. I had blamed myself for not sending a “be safe” text to the whole group that morning. Apparently, no safety precaution besides him choosing to go slower would have saved him.
He has his legacies though. His family loves him still. He introduced me to my fiancé. Through him, I found the love of my life. His sister is doing great. Many of us mourners have tattoos that memorialize him, including me.

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Do you think it’s arrogant of people to always ask “what can I help you with”? What makes them automatically assume that its within their power to help? What if someone needs 1million? Could they help? If no, why’d they even ask?

For the reason that you state is why I never say things like: "what can I help you with?" Most of the time I assume that if someone needs my assistance they will ask me directly. Now with that said there have been times where I will insert myself into a situation because I either perceive it as an emergency or it is obvious that my brother or sister is struggling and needs help.
A few examples might shed some light on this subject.
Example#1 - I've stopped to help a woman change her flat tire.
Example#2 - I've stopped to help someone who ran out of gas.
Example#3 - I've seen a car flip over and I helped pull the driver out of the car to safety.
In each of these cases I stopped and asked a simple question: "Do you need help?"
I personally do not believe that asking one of my brothers and sisters if they need help, is wrong, immoral or unethical.
In fact, I value ALL human life and whenever I can help, I will do so. That does not mean that I will sell my house and empty my retirement accounts and give all of my wealth to those people who are suffering? Why? Because I still have family obligations and family members to feed and care for, not to mention bills. So the argument that I cannot offer assistance to someone in need unless I am prepared to forfeit all of my wealth is not only silly, it is insane and typical of arguments put forth by the regressive left and members of the woke cancel culture and cultural Marxist religion.

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I get so annoyed when a girl starts texting me and pressuring me with questions and plans 24-7. Is this what a relationship should be like? Because I wanted one but now I feel like im drowning. I constantly have to call on the phone, i have to have a go out plan…. it is driving me insane.

No a healthy relationship respects privacy and personal boundaries. Below is a reflection I wrote that addresses this issue. Enjoy!
"I'm Not Yours" by Alex
I'm not yours.
I am me.
Healthy relationships are defined by honesty, compassion, kindness, respect and independent dependence. One should never be co-opted from his own life and personal goals. Understanding, celebrating and respecting our inherent differences is essential to maintaining a successful relationship.

I’m so confused why people ignore and deny climate change???

I believe that most people acknowledge climate change as something that has been occurring for millions of years and before humans first appeared on this planet. Most people recognize that the weather changes, seasons change and many changes are cyclical in nature. What most people reject is the hysteria that the world is coming to an end in 2030 or that all humans are going to become extinct if we don't achieve the sustainability goals define by the United Nations agenda 2030 that mandates the earths population be reduced to 500 million by 2030. That goal is insane and no rational human being would ever accept the eradication of 7 billion humans to satisfy some arbitrary "sustainability goal" fabricated by the psychopathic members of the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization and United Nations, in an attempt to create a New World Order and One World Government funded by an international Climate tax.
p.s. since I have been alive, the world was supposed to end at least 3 times and yet I am still alive. So let us stop the climate hysteria and adopt a live and let live attitude instead of screaming at people, intimidating people and blaming people for something they have little, if any, control over.
If you want to blame something for the climate change, blame the sun. Yell and scream at the sun and then report back here in one year with the results of your scientific tests.
How effective were your tests?
Did the temperature decrease?
Did the temperature increase?
What was the standard deviation?
Did humans become extinct as predicted?
Why are humans still alive?
Why didn't the humans either catch on fire and die or melt and freeze to death?
What happened?
Is Florida under water as predicted?
Is Manhattan under water as predicted?
Is Cape Cod under water as predicted?
If you answered no, then explain why our coastal cities are not submerged.
Did all of the ice on the North Pole and South Pole melt as predicted?

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i was just wondering where you get your crystals from

I get them from a number of places!
Most have come from 2 local stores, one of which is an antique store!
Then others like my crystal points, etc have come from varying etsy stores! I make sure I'm ordering from UK based stores, otherwise shipping is insane lol
Then I got this beautiful Agate from HomeSense! They tend to get geodes and crystals from time to time! Normally selling them as bookends lol
i was just wondering where you get your crystals from

What would you do with $44 billion?

Jeez I can't even imagine! There would definitely be a fair chunk of charitable donations and sharing out that wealth amongst the poorest people. I'd also like to give grants to people to access private counselling and psychotherapy. I'd also be making sure my family were all financially secure and for my part I'd be booking a Mediterranean cruise, getting my garden landscapes and house done up, buying a new car and a hot tub. It's insane to think I'd have enough to do all I can think of that even if with even 1% of that! I personally think it is obscene any one person has this much money while others starve to death.
What would you do with 44 billion

I don't like anybody romantically lol What about you?

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoV3rs3 7
Remember that thing that I told you about like a month ago? It's all confirmed. I'm not insane. I still can't believe it happened. The separation is killing me. Wow. Big wow.
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I thought the riddle was clever. Without looking at the answer I could not figure it out. Then I look at the answer and think: "why didn't I figure that out?" Riddles drive me insane because I'm the type of guy that needs to be smacked on the side of the head with a 2x4 to realize it's a 2x4 :)

alexandermonroe397579’s Profile PhotoAlexander Monroe
Haha! Riddles are fun. Have you tried making up your own riddles though?😂 It's one of the games that I played with my brother when we're kids.

Do you think it's possible to have fun at a party centered around alcohol while sober?

Anything is possible.
The question is this: why would you want to attend a party where people are drinking in excess knowing what negative behaviors are associated with excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs?
I grew up in a family littered with mean and nasty alcoholics. There were many evenings when I literally had to scrape my drunk mother off the floor, with the help of my sister, and put her to bed. It wasn't pretty and I could provide many examples of the emotional and physical carnage caused by alcoholics and drug addicts just so they could have "fun."
Yea... fun at whose expense?
Who will the drunk hurt, insult, beat, injure, assault or rape tonight, right?
My philosophy concerning drugs and alcohol is simple but effective: "Just say no!" I DO NOT allow this type of behavior on my property nor do I tolerate it within my life. I will end my rant here; but, I have many more real stories I could add including stories about relatives who have spent years in prison for alcoholism, drug addiction and the violent and insane behaviors that are directly attributed to such addictions and self destructive behaviors.

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"You don't scare me, but you are making me seem insane."

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀ˊ⠀⚠️⠀ᴛ̛ʜ̕ᴇ̵ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏ͠ɢ ́ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴ̢ᴏ͜.̨⠀⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀❝D'awww, you’ll get my heart all gushy.❞

Can you name three composers you find worth recommending and listening?

So...when I listening to music I must have strong theme affililations. I must feel the way, and the atmosphere.
That's why most of artist and composers that I know and like are actually composers of film music.
You asked for composers, sooo...
I can really recommend you those three taht I think It's good to know and listen some of their tracks.
For the first great Greek composer MIKIS THEODORAKIS.
Do you know the Zorba? This guy composed Zorba music.
But I think the pearl, hidden treasure is LITANY I (LITANY II is also good, but first is a masterpiece).
Litany was composed in cooperation with Vasilis Saleas, and this co-op is awesome!
Get the link here. Without knowing of this track - Weeping eyes there's no entrance to Heaven. Remeber about it!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpNhkdbNPnIAbsaroka’s Video 170627315411 wpNhkdbNPnIAbsaroka’s Video 170627315411 wpNhkdbNPnI
Next...Gustavo Santaolalla. I'm addicted to his Ushuaia a la quiaca. Those theme comes from Diarios de motocicleta, Argentinian movie about journey.
Very clear, and transcendent kind of music.
I can recommend you more of Gustavo Santaolalla.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMSwgG4UOWoAbsaroka’s Video 170627315411 mMSwgG4UOWoAbsaroka’s Video 170627315411 mMSwgG4UOWo
For the last...I'm not sure if it's true but IMO but Ludwig Göransson now is the best known from those three, and kind of top artist in this topic. He composed music for The Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett.
(had also episode with Marvel tbh)
Mandalorian theme is absolutely insane, listen to it can give you enlightment....so help yourself and listen (because you want it).
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXp4GnC1Z3QAbsaroka’s Video 170627315411 xXp4GnC1Z3QAbsaroka’s Video 170627315411 xXp4GnC1Z3Q

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Absaroka’s Video 170627315411 wpNhkdbNPnIAbsaroka’s Video 170627315411 wpNhkdbNPnI

Why do u make Ur life complex!?

dictator_1059’s Profile PhotoThought snatcher
What a beautiful question it is. The intricacy begins when we gravitate towards the tangled and incomplete presumptions about the nature of life, our dreams and likings, which makes the canvas of insight vague. We don’t truly understand the significance of things until we face them or until we think realistically not emotionally about them. Nikola Tesla once said, ‘one must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane’.

keine frage, nur die bemerkung, dass 24 anmeldungen INSANE aber voll verdient sind! ich weiß gar nicht, die ‘konkurrenz’ ist bestimmt super krass, aber das motiviert so! ich freu mich echt auf die bilder und die konzepte und so sehr für dich, dass diese mega idee so gut ankommt💕

aaaah, ich weiß ja gar nicht was ich sagen soll 🥲 vielen dank für dieses wahnsinns feedback, habe mich mega gefreut!!!🥺❤ hat mich nach der miesen schicht wirklich aufgemuntert, danke dir für die lieben worte!!!💖

Which (do you think, or know) grows faster; Sitka Spruce or Leylandii (bi-generic: Cupressocyparis) ? - What do you think? - of the former, as a garden tree ! - insane ? (to annoy tree-hating neighbours!)

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
🌲 I’m not familiar with those specifically, but if they become very big trees I’d be careful. My brother’s had tree roots causing subsidence under his house walls and destroying the kitchen floor. Sorting it out involved (and still involves) months of work and fannying about with the local council, insurance companies, and various contractors, and the upheaval for their home and three kids is huge.
🌳 I recommend something smaller but dazzling, like a cherry blossom tree. They still grow fairly large and quickly and in blossom season they look amazing. (May even blow a pink carpet over the neighbour’s lawn, if the wind direction’s right? 😉)

Which (do you think, or know) grows faster; Sitka Spruce or Leylandii (bi-generic: Cupressocyparis) ? - What do you think? - of the former, as a garden tree ! - insane ? (to annoy tree-hating neighbours!)

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
Leyland cypress would probably be faster but neither are particularly fast to grow and can take 10 or more years to reach neighbour annoying heights. Personally I'd go with the Sitka spruce but only because it's more pretty and less space consuming in it's foliage.

Are immortals even alright with being immortal?

..Well..I know one of us who wishes they were mortal and I told him he was insane for thinking that way..*Life frowned* but..as far as I know, at least for our area, we are all fine with being immortal, except for one exception..but he doesn't count
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*fortunately he's too enraged to use his sword or dark fire, he's just lashing out with claws* "You think you can break me, just like everyone before you has tried-" *that's interrupted by claws down her back* "I am not weak, not anymore, I have a life that's MINE, and no one is taking it from me"

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*Life intercepts the claw going down her back by launching several golden flames into Shadow, neither of them are getting out of this unscathed unfortunately..*
*It was hard to see where the attacks were coming from in suck a dark area like that and she ends up taking quite a bit of hits being unable to read Shadows movements but she did strike back by launching flames around herself*
O-ow.. do you even hear yourself..!? Your acting insane! Nobody has said those things!

How’s Cayden doing?!? I miss updates about him! 🥺

He’s doing good! He’s getting super big. He’ll be a year and a half in two weeks which is just insane. He’s talking and understanding a lot of what we say nowadays. He loves planes, I took him to my dads hangar the other day to watch my dad take off and he absolutely loved it. Cayden also loves going to the park, loves picking flowers, going on “coffee dates” to starbucks, he loves reading his books every night. And he loves all foods like his Aunt Delly, he claims his favorite is “candy” that his Uncle Ry gives him even though he knows he’s not supposed to.. Ryland only does it to be the “favorite uncle”… and it works hahaha. Cayden’s just becoming more and more of a toddler and it’s so fun to watch him figure out life. I still can’t process the fact we have a toddler already but I’m trying to enjoy every moment because he’s only as little as he will ever be.

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Do you believe that certain people are made for each other? 💌 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ㄒ乇几卂匚丨ㄖㄩ丂 ㄒㄖ爪爪卂ㄚ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
It kind of really feels like that sometimes, yes! ❤️
It’s crazy how some people can be so fitting/on the same line with each other in general.
I consider myself one of the lucky ones. It’s insane how much my boyfriend and I are alike mentally and physically.
For example, we both got officially tested and we have the same IQ points, we both have a rare body condition, we basically have the same height lol.
But the most crazy part is that we also think alike. We often say the same things at the same time, have the same responses to things and we can tell each other what we want to do without actually telling it, just by sensing and knowing each other! 😄
Do you believe that certain people are made for each other

How would you describe yourself?

I am nothing special. I've had an odd life (who's isn't unique in some way?) but even with everything I've endured I don't think I'm anything special. Everyone deals with shitty people in their life at some point. Everyone knows what love is. Yeah I use my resources to help people in need but anyone in my position should. So I'm not anything special. Awesome! It's always really uncomfortable for most people since I'm so sweet and bubbly but am always talking about sex or something vulgar. I've been trying to get better with the language but so far it's not fucking happening.
Personality: VERY impulsive. Never mean to hurt anyone's feelings, but I don't always think about what I say. Love my friends with everything I got, very loyal to them. Can't really say I hate anyone. Sometimes a little too quick to forgive. Awesome sense of humor. Ask me to do something, and I'll do it in a heartbeat, normally saying, "Oh yeah, no problem." Order me to do something, and we have a bit of a problem. I don't like being ordered around. Love reading, movies, athletics, and steak.
Too smart to be likeable, too pretty to not be likeable, too ugly for hot people to like me, too dumb for smart people to like me... And overall, a total nerd.
A stoic fully aware that the next die-off is underway and there is nothing anybody can pay, do, or pray about to stop it.
Funny, creative, artistic (whether or not it seems like it) and somewhat narcissistic when alone.
Living my life, getting as much of it as I can.
I might hate myself more than life itself, but I always put other's needs before my own.
This dude likes to think he is insane. He is not. True, he has mild sociopathic tendencies but that's about all. He is socially awkward because he was bullied for a few years and was even weird before that. He sometimes shows the "I can't be wrong" attitude, that he probably got from his mother. He is smart but doesn't work hard at all. And he is way to dependant on his luck.
My friends are so supportive that answering this question would make me sound insufferably arrogant. Luckily, they'd also call me humble. The most common things I have been described as by my friends when introducing me to someone else is clever, sarcastic, very awkward, giver of good advice, nerdy, quiet, weird in a good way, kind and sarcastic (that seems to be my defining trait). As for cons I'm sure they'd describe me as extremely forgetful. I don't forget appointments/dates, but I'm ALWAYS forgetting things like my wallet, my jacket, my weed, my keys... it's an annoyance I'm sure. I also have a tendency to want to 'always be right' from what a few of my ex gfs always complained about.
Distant, aloof, intelligent, lazy, disturbing, quiet, and open minded.
Intelligent, confident, lazy, brutally honest, good-looking, humble, calm, cool to be around, mostly a good person but can be extremely rude depending on how much he likes the person he's interacting with.

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Do you ever have dreams that feel so real and you're disappointed when you wake up that it was just a dream?

Unfortunately, at this stage of my life, my dreams are not worth remembering. However, as a teenager, I can remember some of my dreams in vivid detail. One of my favorite dreams was when I was an eagle and flew all around the world visiting all of the famous cities, lakes, oceans, mountains and streams. Of course it was a great disappointment to awake while flapping your arms in bed and thinking: "am I insane?" And then thanking God that nobody saw me flapping my arms. Can you even imagine trying to explain to your parents or siblings why you flap your arms while sleeping? lol

What is the purpose of art in society?

Art is a form of expression that humans use to interpret and describe their reality by projecting and transferring feelings, thoughts and perceptions onto some form of media that can be appreciated primarily through our visual and auditory senses. For me, art is a Celestial Symphony whose primary function is to prevent us from going insane by providing beauty, structure, form and meaning to our lives and thus, a reason to live.

What's your idea of a perfect life for you?

Probably streaming and making a living off of it. Enough that I don't have to worry about myself financially. A loving wife (would be cool if she was into streaming/gaming as well), maybe some kids someday. Family to be a part of my life. Actual friends to do stuff with sometimes. Traveling a bit, going to conventions. Oh, and being able to attend at least every Patriot home game. Would love to not be anxious about stuff. I feel like once I get to a point where I'm really happy, maybe it'll just go away, but who knows. I feel like the constant nagging of my family over different things I've chosen to do or not to do in my life so far just broke me. That on top of the general uncertainty of the future, and my overall unhappiness with my life situation make all of that seem like a distant dream. Living with my (most recent) ex (in a universe where he still wants to be with me). We have a good sized apartment and a cat and a pug. I'm working at a non profit specializing in adult education/literacy. I'm far enough from my family that they don't drive me insane but close enough to still be...close. My debts are paid off and I have a solid chunk of savings.
Living someplace warm, in a house with a yard so I can get like three HUGE dogs. With someone I love. And having money enough not to worry too much about things, but not so much that it becomes a stress in itself. And lots and lots of free time on my hands which I could use for travel and hobbies.
Loving people surrounding me, a job I love (Working on that, gonna be a tough one), and enough money to not have to worry about money.
Working as a world renowned programming/web developer freelancer with enough money for multiple houses in different environments (Beach, urban, suburban, country) that I can casually switch living at throughout the year with a vacation private island that I can spend a few months a year on hunting deer with my bow & arrow while riding my biggest wolf of the pack. And at the moment, I'll know I made it.

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What's your favorite dinosaur?or do you have one?

I have 2. Velociraptor and diplodocus :)
Velociraptors just fascinate me in general with their piercing claws and potential hunting patterns. Their speed would have been insane! Plus not gonna lie... Blue from the Jurassic World movies added to why they're a favourite xD
As for diplodocus, they're just so damn cute! I fell in love with them when I saw The Land Before Time, and have just loved them ever since :3
Whats your favorite dinosauror do you have one
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