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Hai un profilo Instagram molto in vista e cerchi collaborazioni scrivi al 3500972949 analizzeremo il vostro account e vi contatteremo.

Nel caso vi faccio contattare io dalla guardia di finanza va bene? Non si sa mai di questi tempi. Sai come si dice fidarsi 癡 bene, non fidarsi mai 癡 sempre meglio.

Que te agrada de los narcos ?

Ya cayeron otros 20 Sinaloas 歹 Tambi矇n 氣梗仆 ya tomo todo Rafah牠n mi Instagram algunos ponen la foto de Rafah que tiene 27 millones pero los elimino de mis followers o dejo de seguir Ucrania hoy 綾 acabo a varios convoys Rusos de tantos videos no entrar穩a
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Se scrivo ad una persona su Instagram che possibilit ho di conoscere questa persona? Secondo te?

Meglio da vero credimi. Per quello anche mi sono tolto tutti gli altri social. Per quanto riguarda me.
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:::runs into temple, knocks over altar, spills zucchini juice on grand master's apron::: "Liar! U said I would learn the secret of getting a date with Rachel if I did everything u said! She's still being mean to me!" :::bends ceremonial sword, throws it at Lecks::: I am so angited, Racheeel! -Sage

He even tracked me down on the new Instagram account and asked me to date. I cant escape the dude. 不不不

Um den WtmD-Hype wieder aufleben zu lassen (und ganz im Sinne von Sei), wie stehen eure Ocs zu Social Media und wie sieht deren Instagram feed aus?

reversereaction_s Profile Photoreversedreamer
Ich hab mich sehr 羹ber die Frage gefreut, vielen Dank daf羹r <3 Liv steht recht neutral zu dem Thema social media. Sie besitzt durchaus einen instagram account, postet da aber vielleicht jedes halbe Jahr mal ein Bild, eins muss man ihr dabei allerdings lassen: sie legt groen Wert auf die sthetik. Apropos sthetik, Pinterest ist mit Spotify ihre meist benutzte App und sie hatte definitiv einen kompletten Hochzeitsordner, in dem sie Inspiration f羹r ihre Traumhochzeit mit Caspian gesammelt hat (bitte helft dem armen M瓣dchen lmao!). Ansonsten treibt sie sich auch gerne auf Tiktok herum, wobei ihre fyp vor allem aus Buchempfehlungen besteht. Dennoch legt sie keinen groen Wert auf ihre eigene social media Pr瓣senz und ist sogar ein wenig kamerascheu.
Um den WtmDHype wieder aufleben zu lassen und ganz im Sinne von Sei wie stehen

Um den WtmD-Hype wieder aufleben zu lassen (und ganz im Sinne von Sei), wie stehen eure Ocs zu Social Media und wie sieht deren Instagram feed aus?

reversereaction_s Profile Photoreversedreamer
Danke f羹r die Frage! Tats瓣chlich ist Vi da etwas altmodisch, er besitzt Social Media ausschlielich um andere Leute zu stalken. Er selbst posted wenig bis gar nicht und alle Accounts sind (unter anderem aus Backstory Gr羹nden) privat. Generell ist er relativ unm繹glich zu erreichen, Vin ist einer dieser schlimmen Menschen, die man tats瓣chlich am besten anruft, oder ihnen einen Termin zum Treffen schreibt dann scheint er die Nachrichten pl繹tzlich zeitnah zu sehen.

堧 塈堻堶 塈堛塈堥媢 塈堻堛塈

堧堹堭 媟 堹 堸 奡堙 堻堛 奡堮媯 媢塈 Instagram 堧奡堧堛 堶堻塈堥 堧堿 塈媟堥堜 堨媯堭塈堭 媢 堧 堧堛 堶堻塈堥 堧堛塈媯 堥 媢 堥媢堹 堻塈堛 塈塈媟堜 媢堹堛 堧 堧堛 堶堻塈堥 媢堛 堧奡堭 堶堛 塈堶婺堜 堨塈 媯堭堜 塈堶堹堜 媯堜 堳 堳堥堛塈.

zwillingsflamme 儭 erstelle und poste f羹r gyuri und chaejin jeweils ein "fake" instagram Profil :D Part 2

- Studied korean language and literature, graduated 3 years ago. Worked at a huge news firm for a year, but hated it, so she free-lanced for a bit
- published her first book a year ago. Recently published her second book and it's a huge success, making waves all across South Korea.
- All her books are about questioning and challenging conformist societies where individualism is frowned upon and usually disregarded as an act of rebellion, in one form or another.
- is an advocate/activist, especially for women's issues, lgbtq+ rights and against toxic masculinity.
- an art lover, loves to visit museums. Has a weird obsession with the painting 'wanderer above the sea of fog'.
- rumour has it she recently met her high school sweetheart, Baekhyun, again and they are now slowly but surely rekindling their love.

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zwillingsflamme  erstelle und poste f羹r gyuri und chaejin jeweils ein fake

zwillingsflamme 儭 erstelle und poste f羹r gyuri und chaejin jeweils ein "fake" instagram profil :D

lynoe_s Profile Photolynoe
Also wir haben mal ein Modern Day AU daraus gemacht. Hope that's fine :'D insta-edit credits an meine beste Freundin, die sehr viel Spa hatte, daran zu arbeiten
- was in a car accident when she was a teenager that left her with amnesia for a short while. The mental struggles still haunts her and ultimately are the reason for her interest in psychology.
- is in her last year of her master's programme.
- Loves to take pictures. She captures every moment she possible can, because she is afraid to forget.
- has a second instagram account, just for trips with friends. Loves to travel.
- her hobby is journaling and yes, she has a whole arsenal of journals already.
- is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend kihyun
- always forgets her passwords, so kihyun and baekhyun, her best friend, know them as well now, just in case.
- has gold fishes as pets. Don't worry, their actual tank is being cleaned right now so the bowl it is.

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zwillingsflamme  erstelle und poste f羹r gyuri und chaejin jeweils ein fake

How long have you been using social media for and how has your relationship with it evolved over the years?

lostinedens Profile PhotoLost in Eden Ⅹ售T
I have been using social media since about 2009 and if you count the Nintendo DS Lite chatroom as social media then probably since 2006, lol.
At around 2015, I was really focused on likes (on Instagram). Nowadays I just post what I like! I dont post as often anymore though.
Ive always been very careful with what I say on the internet, so that hasnt changed.
Ive always seen social media as fun, but never as something important.
How long have you been using social media for and how has your relationship with

Was social media a part of your childhood?

lostinedens Profile PhotoLost in Eden Ⅹ售T
It was not. Social media was around during my preteen and early teens, albeit it was still in its infancy. I am fairly certain that myspace and facebook were around but seeing how I was about ten years old at the time, I wasn't allowed to use them.
Instead, my first experiences of socializing on the internet occurred on gaming websites and art/anime/music forums, which I suppose you could argue are also social media in and of themselves. To me though, they've always felt very different from one another.
I didn't end up joining 'social media' as we know it today 'til I was around seventeen, when I opened a facebook account. I joined instagram a couple of years later, shortly before I turned twenty. Somewhere in down the line I also made a twitter and a youtube channel, both of which are deactivated now.
To summarise: no, social media wasn't a part of my childhood (not until the very end) and in a way, I'm glad that it wasn't. It's easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others online and I think, if I'd had social media in my young teens, it would've had a catastrophic effect on my already rather fragile self-esteem.
I'm glad I got to avoid all of that... For the most part, at least.

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Deleting it ain't going to stop me now and you lying on me tomorrow morning I post every humiliating video and picture of you kids on Facebook and Instagram and tag your friends in it I'm going to pay you back motherly humiliating you like you've done me. You got my word on that.

How can I delete your question from the entire site? 不 Youre gaslighting me so Ask removed it. I have never taken any videos hun, so wrong person. Also we dont have FB and IG. Go for it. 不

Have you ever been blocked by multiple people in a day?

FreshICYGirls Profile PhotoBe Yourself Always
No, but I have been blocked by some of my peers from high school without even giving them a good reason to do that. I remember telling this girl who tried helping me with my social anxiety sophomore year of high school that Ill always be there for her if she ever needs anything, she ended up blocking me afterwards. I reached out by asking a question about her Snapchat story post and didnt even harass her or do anything that I recall worthy of being blocked for but thats what ended up happening. Another time, I reached out to a guy from my high school on Snapchat to ask him a question about another girl that he happened to be close to so I could get in touch with her and he immediately blocked me without even reading the message I sent. My other peers havent blocked me online but when I request to follow them on Instagram, they usually leave me on requested. As you can tell, its clear that my peers didnt think too fondly of me and the door for the start of a friendship was closed from the start.

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郋邾郕郋 赲郅: 赲迮郅 訄郅訇郋邾 Billie Eilish. 苤郅訄郅邽? 訄/迮? 郕訄郕邽迮-郋 郈迮郇邽, 郕郋郋迮 郱訄郅邽? 訄赲邽 郅邽 迮 赲郋迮赲郋 赲 迮郅郋邾? 邾郋迠迮 郋 赲迮 "邾" 郱?

icandoitbetters Profile Photo13-邿 邾迮, 郕郋郋郋迣郋 郇迮
郈郋郅郋邾 邾迮迮 郋郇訄 迡郋訇訄赲邽郅訄 赲迮 赲郋邽 郈郋迡郈邽邽郕郋赲 赲 郈邽郋郕 訇郅邽郱郕邽 迡郱迮邿 赲 Instagram. 邽邾 訄邾訄 郋郇訄 郈郋-郈迮迠郇迮邾 郋郅郅郋赲邽郅訄 0儭 郅迡迮邿. 郋 赲訄邾 郈邽邾迮 迠迮郇郕郋迮 赲郱訄邽邾郇郋邽. 虼, 郕郋郇迮郇郋 郇訄迮郇 迮邿 郕訄郕邽迮-郋 苠訄訄 邽郱 苠, 苤赲迮郕邽 郇郋迣郋郋郕邽 邽 訄郱郇迮, 郈郋 迮 邾郇迮郇邽 迮迮郋郇迮 郅迡邽郕邽, 迣郅訄赲郇郋迮, 郋訇 郈郅訄邽郅邽 郱訄 迮 郈迮郇邽.
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迡郇訄郕郋, 訄郱 郈郋郅迮 訄郇郋郇訄 赲郋迮迣郋 郇郋赲郋迣郋 迡邽邿郇郋迣郋 訄郅訇郋邾訄, 赲郋迡 郕郋郋郋迣郋 郋郋郅 郇迮郕郋郅郕郋 迡郇迮邿 郇訄郱訄迡, 訄邽郕訄 郋邽邽郅訄 郈邽郋郕 "Close Friends" 赲 IG.
邿郅邽 郈郋郅邽郅訄, 郋 邽 郋迮郅訄 郈郋郅邽, 郈郋郋邾 迮邽郅訄 郇訄郈郅迮赲訄 郇訄 赲郋 訄迡邽郋邽, 郋赲迮邽郅訄 郈郋迡郋訇邽 郋訇迡訄 郕郱郋邽郱邾訄, 邽郱訇訄赲邽郅訄 郋 郇迮郇迠郇 郅迡迮邿. 苤迡迮郅訄郅訄 迮郕郅訄邾, 郈郋邾郋迮郅邽, 迡迮郅訄郅邽 郈迮迡郱訄郕訄郱 郇訄 訄郅訇郋邾, 郇 赲, 迮郈迮 郕y邾 郕訄邽迮!
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迮迣郋 郱訄 3儭 迡郇 邽郅邽郕訄 郈郋邾郋 郋邿 邾迮訄郇邽郕邽 郕郋郅邽迮赲郋 郈郋迡郈邽邽郕郋赲 赲郋郅郋 郇訄 6儭 邾邽郅郅邽郋郇郋赲 迣郅郈迮郕, 訄 "郱迮郅迮郇迮" 郋邽 迮郅邽郱郋邾 邽 迮邿郕郋赲郋邿 迡迠訇郋邿 郈郋 迮邿 迡迮郇 邾郋迠郇郋 赲邽迡迮 赲 郅迮郇迮.
迮, 郇迮 郅訄郅 BE, 郇郋 郱郇訄 郋 迮 郋郇郋迮郇邽邽 郕 郈郅訄迣邽訄: https://youtu.be/mtHg7kfkBUUvezhnovetss Video 174263934132 mtHg7kfkBUUvezhnovetss Video 174263934132 mtHg7kfkBUU
衪邽郕訄 赲郈邽郅訄 郈迮郇 赲 2儭0儭1儭7儭, 訄 邽郅郅邽 郋郅郕郋 赲 2儭0儭1儭8儭 迣郋迡.

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郋邾郕郋 赲郅 赲迮郅 訄郅訇郋邾 Billie Eilish 苤郅訄郅邽 訄迮  郕訄郕邽迮郋 郈迮郇邽 郕郋郋迮

Sister Methula had another relapse? Dafuq is her problem this time? Are we "Joshua" again? 不 > (her) "I don't keep up with them!" > (also her) "They're talking about me!" Nah, totally not delusional or paranoid. No, not at all. 不 Lettuce spray for a speedy recovery. Again. 不不不

talionislexxs Profile PhotoLex Talionis
She went psycho last night. Disabled her account when asked about reporting my Instagram. Then went full Sage on anon. Has multiple IGs and FBs, says is not on any social media. 不不不不不不

Come faccio a farmi scrivere da un ragazzoo? Ci incontriamo tutti i sabati sera in un club e mi guarda sempre, siamo vicini di casa (ma non sono convinta che lo sappia perch矇 abbiamo orari diversi e non ci incontriamo mai)lui mi segue su Instagram e guarda tutte le storie ma non mi scrive, aiutatemi

E scrivi tu! Nel 2024 ancora a chiedere come farsi notare da un ragazzo, per farsi contattare, quando basterebbe dire we ciccio ti va di uscire insieme?

Du kommst sehr sympathisch und cool r羹ber . W瓣r Mega cool einmal deine Stimme h繹ren zu d羹rfen d羹rfte ich dir f羹r eine Sprachnachricht von dir einfach mal Freundlich in Instagram schreiben ?

Danke f羹rs Kompliment aber nein, mein Instagram ist nach wie vor privat f羹r Fremde. Mein Telegram Account Namen gibt es jetzt auch nur noch auf Anfrage.

+Dime algo que te haya hecho feliz esta semana.

ChrisBomers Profile Photo;il mio nome
/Estuve hablando con una amiga de Chile en instagram que vengo conociendo por all獺 en la plataforma de Twitch nos pusimos al d穩a en unas cosas, y pasado unos segundos hab穩a notado que hab穩a cambiado foto de perfil de ella junto con un cierto famoso cosplayer, cosa que se me hizo bonito y le coment矇 "Oye, te stalkee un poco y vi que te tomaste foto con Taryn Cosplayer" y fue ah穩 que me coment籀 como fue todo, y no te voy a mentir que leerle y escuchar sus audios con tanta emoci籀n me hizo el d穩a era cosa de imaginar y emocionarme mucho; cr矇eme que cuando digo que el escuchar a mis amistades cont獺ndome sus cosas me hace feliz. Para mi sorpresa me dijo: Pero no te liberas de m穩, te tengo sorpresa yo como "Esp矇rate, c籀mo as穩?" El mensaje que me mand籀 se envi籀 como tipo spoiler que cuando lo abr穩 qued矇 en shock y era un saludo personalizado de dicho cosplayer, juro que estaba llorando de la felicidad, no me lo esperaba.

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Only you can answer this question. Disadvantages of being attractive?

saadniazi61s Profile PhotoSAAD NIAZI.
1. You get A LOT OF Instagram msgs
2. You get A LOT OF Snapchat "added you''
3. People stare you a lot
4. There are always boys eyes glancing you
5. Somewhere someone fights with another boy for you, and you don't even know that lol
6. This one is VERY DISADVANTAGED. Everyone thinks that you have a boyfriend thus no one proposes you
7. People think they will be rejected because you are "too good" or beyond their level.
8. People think you show off
9. People don't believe that you are real. They think you just "make up" about your aunthiencity because if someone is beautiful, usually she should be in pride.

Uma garota me seguiu no instagram e depois mandou um "oii com meu nome", passei 2 dias para responder, ap籀s seguir ela, a mesm parou de me seguir.. mandei mensgens p/ela, mas ignorou, ent瓊o dei um blck nela. Ap籀s ela v礙 meu pai, correu at矇 ele perguntando por mim.. eu n瓊o entendo mais nada? O que 矇?

UsurioToms Profile PhotoDopamina
O psiquismo humano 矇 complexo. Ela deve ter achado que voc礙 n瓊o queria saber dela e conclu穩do que voc礙 n瓊o era bom para ela, de modo que o rejeitou. Depois foi pensando e viu que tinha feito uma besteira e se arrependeu. Dispa-se de seu orgulho ferido e d礙 chance ao amor, que 矇 o que mais importa na vida. Muito mais do que o orgulho ou, at矇 mesmo, a honra. Como seria fraterno o mundo em que todos n瓊o se aferrassem a um orgulho ferido e, por amor, perdoassem.

塈 堶塈堭 塈塈塈堛 塈 堥堛媢 instagram accounts 堥堥 媢堹 奡堭 堛堬 媯堭 媢堹 堛媢 奡 堻塈 堥塈堥塈 塈堛 堻 媟堥

塈 堨 塈奡堜 塈 堶堹 媢 堶塈堿堜 堥堛堻媢堹 奡 堥媔塈 塈 堶堹!! 奡塈 堨塈 堧堹塈堜 堛堳 媟堜 堶婺塈堛 塈堥 塈 堥堭 塈 塈堛堳 堹塈 堭堶 堥 媢塈堹 塈 堥堭塈堶堛!

Alguna vez se os ha escapado alg繳n nude en Instagram?

C籀mo que escapado???
No se escapan los nudes.
Primero tienes que ponerte en pose, buscar el 獺ngulo, la luz, hacer la foto, y luego decidir enviarla.
Los nudes no se escapan, se decide mandarlos.
De todas formas, no. No se me ha "escapado" ning繳n nude LOL

Come si fa a mettere il link per Instagram dove ti posso fare le domande anonime ?

Non ti bastano quelle anonime di ask? Al masssimo fai una piccola ricerca e magari puoi scoprirlo. A me non interessa.

Wie stehen 潃儭漎 allgemein zur PR Arbeit? Mu man sie zu Formaten wie grill the grid, Team (Instagram, YouTube) Content und Co. zwingen oder haben sie sogar Freude daran?

milchbaers Profile Photomaterialki
WIT: Das ist wirklich alles nicht so sein Ding. Ja, wenn das Team ihn fragt dann macht er sowas auch, aber sonst bleibt er lieber bei klassischen Interviews und l瓣sst den Rest seinen Teamkollegen machen. (Das heit aber nicht, dass er sich keine M羹he gibt, wenn er denn was PR-m瓣iges macht!)
SEN: Akila liebt den ganzen PR-Kram. Tiktok-Videos drehen, auf Instagram sein ganzes Leben posten, bei Grill the Grid Mist erz瓣hlen...liebt er, manchmal vergisst er dabei sogar ein bisschen dass er ja EIGENTLICH hier ist um schnelle Autos in der Gegend rumzufahren.
潃儭 VDH: Heineken hat jetzt nicht die gr繹te Social-Media-Pr瓣senz, aber wenn dem Content Manager mal was einf瓣llt, dass macht Felix da schon mit. Grill the Grid sowieso, ein wenig Pers繹nlichkeit in die Kamera zeigen, auch wenn das gerne mal damit endet, dass er als ein kleiner Besserwisser r羹berkommt (was aber eigentlich ganz positiv ist). :D
漎 ONO: Jaja, die alte Rampensau. Ono f瓣hrt schon l瓣nger mit als es dieses ganze PR-Zeug gibt, aber als damals damit angefangen wurde war er ganz vorne mit dabei das langzeitig zu etablieren. Dabei ist er weniger TikTok-Filmchen-Dreher, sondern eher ber羹chtigter Twitterer. (X-er?...klingt anr羹chig) Und das ist nur auf seinem OFFIZIELLEN Account, wenn die Leute w羹ssten was er auf seinen Burner-Accounts so treibt...(ja, dem Mann ist ohne Rennen langweilig, sue him)

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Whoever asked that was probably the one who got her banned. Idiots

Asked me what? About having Instagram and Facebook? I really dont think I would be banned immediately in one day if someone reported but what do I know? I am beginning to put pieces together on the person or people involved but thats a private matter between myself and closest friends. If I find out for sure who did it though you can bet your @ss that Ill out them, among other things. Some of those other things are already in the works because regardless, these people are sketchy af. 胼湛荔

What would you do? Woman of your dreams (whom you have never met in person but you have her instagram) blocks you and threatens you with legal action if you keep messaging her. BUT you know she is woman of your dreams. To continue messages or give up?

"Woman of your DREAMS".... Give up, You think she's "The One" you haven't even met her yet.... I met someone on here years ago.... Turned into a living nightmare for 4 damn years

Where's Sage?? What has he been doing through all this?? He disappeared around this time yesterday

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Something interesting is that I was specifically asked on here yesterday if I use Instagram and Facebook. I told them its linked on my website. Then hours later someone sent another message saying my Facebook wasnt working and thats how I found out that it was all banned.

Sim, eu sei. A sua n瓊o tem mas no meme era cada uma fazendo mais pose, caras e bocas, mil filtros, etc... e dizia que estava natural. Kkkkkkkk

verdade kkkkk no Instagram 矇 o q mais tem, cheios de cirurgia est矇tico ybm.Agora maquiada eu t繫 . Kkkk
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Damn did you have your photos and stuff backed up?

That was my backup. Ive never posted anything even remotely s*xual or in violation of anything so I never thought Id have this issue. Some of the stuff Ive seen on Instagram with women shaking with @ss and so much inappropriate things and I get banned?! For photography and selfies of my frickin face? Im so upset. No working phone numbers. Nothing.

3) Bots and algorithms do not recognize context or satire and everything is taken literally. As of now, AI is still very primitive. Definitions of terms are rarely (if ever) updated. That is why so many innocuous terms are nuked automatically. I doubt Ask has a single human on the payroll as a mod.

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I barely even post words on Instagram. Its only my photography, selfies and some AI. I dont know how anything could be confused for child exploitation.

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