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Hey! I opened my askfm after 9 months can someone ask me some interesting questions? Please be kind.🦋

Hello welcome back♥️ i dont know what to ask you bec im not rlly good with this question thingy but i hope your day turns out to be great and all of your wishes come true, if there’s anything disturbing the peace of your mind may you get the strength to let it all go and let your heart feel lighter again♥️ May you get sunshine on the coldest days God bless you
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What about you? How do you think a world inhabited by clones of you would look like? 😝😁

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, for one thing, the beauty industry would be like the biggest industry in the world, as everyone would be obsessed with hair, makeup, skin care, clothing, etc… Also, everyone would be wearing dresses all the time.
People would be constantly full of creative ideas, and you’d find them writing, painting, drawing, or coming up with some crazy storyline for their Sims game. And since one of my main love languages is gift giving, I bet the world would be full of people coming up with unique gifts to surprise each other with!
However, I would say the medical field would struggle A LOT to keep up and provide proper care for everyone, if they required as much medical intervention as I do. It’d also be crazy expensive to do so.
And literally everyone would just be stumbling around all the time, cause I’m incredibly clumsy and I trip over my own feet a lot. 😂
Also, I bet, like your world, there would need to be a lot more electricity as I both play video games, and am on my phone or computer an awful lot. And resources would be running out quickly.
The last thing I think would be rather… interesting about a world full of my clone is, the population wouldn’t be growing at all 😆 Cause I’m asexual, so there’d be no reproduction of any kind happening. Which, not gonna lie, would be better for the planet, but also, it sounds apocalyptic cause that’s the polar opposite of our current world.

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What about you How do you think a world inhabited by clones of you would look

What is your favourite holiday till today? 🗺

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It's without a single doubt the big trip I made to parts of Asia and Australia in late 2018 🤩 It was one and half month long and got to visit four different countries!
🇯🇵: First we were in Tokyo for a week, got to experience the neon lit streets there, various shinto and buddhist temples and how different the culture was in general. With the weird ads playing in the subway and whole districts dedicated to anime and gaming. We also ate at a local noodle place and got some funny looks while struggling to eat with chopsticks.
🇭🇲: Then we went on to Australia, where we spent the largest chunk of the trip. We travelled along the whole east coast from Melbourne in the south to Cairns in the north. Got to see many cool animals in the wild such as koalas, kangaroos, penguins, dingos... heck, I even got to swim with a wild sea turtle when I was freediving in the Great Barrier Reef, which was a dream come true for me! We did many other fun things while we were there, like competing in a swim run at Bondi beach where you had to carry an inflated duck while also wearing flippers on your feet.
🇸🇬: After that we went Singapore for a few days. Got to see some of the cool architecture there such as the Gardens By The Bay and saw a bunch of wild monkeys and even a flying lemur when we walked in a small forested park. Also got drenched in true monsoon rain, which made me realize I shouldn't complain about Swedish weather.
🇨🇳: Lastly we went to Shanghai, also for a few days. You could say it was very... interesting Haha We did dodge a few bullets when it comes to scammers since we had read up on the tricks they use. We also couldn't really use the internet there cause of the way China blocks internet traffic. The central city was very cool though with the big skyscrapers and the old town really made you feel like you were back in ancient China.
I'll never forget the time I spend there on the opposite side of the world, it was a true trip of a lifetime 💙

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What is your favourite holiday till today

do you ever feel invisible to the rest of the world too?

Because I care about myself and I do not need positive feedback from other people to feed my ego or to sustain my sense of self-love or self-worth. The idea of being invisible is as foreign to me as the perceived sense of loneliness.
I enjoy solitude and therefore, I am never lonely.
I never perceive myself as being worthless and as a result, I never feel invisible.
When I am being ignored, I simply wander off and partake in activities that I enjoy whether alone or with other people who I find interesting i.e. intelligent, creative, emotionally stable and kind. If that is not possible, I go off by myself and have a myriad of hobbies and interests to entertain myself and focus my attention upon without ever resorting to feeling "invisible." You might say that I am intellectually, emotionally and physically self sufficient. So what other people think, say or do is of no interest or consequence to me unless their behavior somehow directly affects me and then I will respond as appropriate and with the required physical or intellectual force required to subdue and neutralize the threat.

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This app has really died away since I last used it, why do you still use it?

I still get quite a lot of personal questions, and I enjoy answering questions in general. I also use this app as like a little diary, where I can write down my thoughts and feelings without feeling judged. Even though a lot of people have unfortunately left, there's still a small handful of people on here I really get along with and appreciate. I like reading their answers as I find them interesting, and I like to know what's going on in their lives and how they're doing. 🙂
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If you enjoy video games, what kind of games do you usually look for/prefer? (You can also name some) 🙂 Is it more important for you that the game is relaxing or intense?

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I am more of a "modder" than a "gamer" but I do like a few game franchises: Grand Theft Auto, Mafia, Saints Row, Just Cause, Fallout and some "open-world" titles. They can be pretty intense and there is a great deal of mayhem. Earlier Mafia games and remakes / remasters had very interesting stories too, which is always a plus. 👍
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnLUex_eXbgtalionislexx’s Video 169972366899 fnLUex_eXbgtalionislexx’s Video 169972366899 fnLUex_eXbg

If you enjoy video games, what kind of games do you usually look for/prefer? (You can also name some) 🙂 Is it more important for you that the game is relaxing or intense?

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I like every game with a good story so I don't focus on genres in general but try to give every game at least a chance of 10 minutes to prove an interesting plotline to me. But as you can story is most important, so story-driven games are usually my go-to such as; Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Life is Strange and so on.

Почему такой разброс от международных отношений до искусствоведения?

Потому что мне интересно и то и другое 🧚🏼‍♀️
Я, например, сейчас выступаю в роли консультанта к тому о русском художнике (пока не могу говорить фамилию) (работаю в архивах с документами) и это very interesting
Люблю посещать выставки и галереи
А международные отношения - это наследственная линия так сказать 😹

Ich bin gelangweilt vom Leben, immer eintönig, aufstehen, arbeiten, essen, schlafen

Everyone more or less lives that way. Don't be afraid of that. Instead of fear, think about new hobbies. Become interesting for yourself

Do you like to watch wildlife documentaries? I find them interesting, I love reading about them, but I can't watch them really. I'm too sensitive, I can't stand seeing a deer being mauled by lions and stuff like that. I love to see animals in cute and lovely contexts only.

Oh god, this is exactly like me! I do like to watch wildlife documentaries, but if anything like that came on I would just skip past it. I know it's nature, but I'm so sensitive to it. I don't like to see any living being hurt. ☹️

Do you like to watch wildlife documentaries? I find them interesting, I love reading about them, but I can't watch them really. I'm too sensitive, I can't stand seeing a deer being mauled by lions and stuff like that. I love to see animals in cute and lovely contexts only.

I feel the same way as you do - it’s the only reason I seldom watch them. I adore animals and the natural world, but as you say, do I really want to watch a baby antelope get abandoned by it’s mother because it has a lame leg, to only then watch it eventually get captured (and worse) by a predator? No not really, it’s too upsetting 😅

Do you like to watch wildlife documentaries? I find them interesting, I love reading about them, but I can't watch them really. I'm too sensitive, I can't stand seeing a deer being mauled by lions and stuff like that. I love to see animals in cute and lovely contexts only.

Oh my dude, don't move to the countryside 😅 It's one of the "laws" out here - where you have livestock, you get dead stock. Illness happens, the elements happen, predators happen. You can't save them all.

Do you like to watch wildlife documentaries? I find them interesting, I love reading about them, but I can't watch them really. I'm too sensitive, I can't stand seeing a deer being mauled by lions and stuff like that. I love to see animals in cute and lovely contexts only.

I enjoy all aspects of wildlife documentaries because when I observe animals in the wild it provides insight into various human behavior that is very similar to the behavior found within the animal kingdom.

Do you like to watch wildlife documentaries? I find them interesting, I love reading about them, but I can't watch them really. I'm too sensitive, I can't stand seeing a deer being mauled by lions and stuff like that. I love to see animals in cute and lovely contexts only.

I do :)
I tend to watch David Attenborough documentaries! They're full of lovely filmography of animals, but not so much the circle of life.
But in general I find nature and wildlife documentaries fascinating :3
Do you like to watch wildlife documentaries I find them interesting I love

How to connect with people when u feel like everything u say is uninteresting :/

U gotta stop thinking of yourself as something to entertain people. Instead of trying to say interesting things, just to ask people questions about themselves and their life! People who genuinely want to connect don't care if you have a ton of "interesting" things to say, they just wanna hear about you and your life. Everyone has their own unique personality and story and no one has ever heard the same one from someone else. Give yourself more credit.

Is cursive writing obsolete?

Yes. My daughter is 15 and in high school. The public schools that she has attended no longer teach cursive writing. Do you know what else children are not taught? How to read a traditional analog clock. Young people can recognize and interpret the output of a digital clock but have great difficulty reading a clock consisting of an hour and minute hand which, in my opinion, is dreadful. Personally, I find analog clocks interesting from both a mathematical perspective and from a navigational viewpoint. For example, if I see something off in the distance say an eagle and I say: "look at the eagle at 11 o'clock, boomers know exactly where to look. If you make the same declaration to a person under the age of 30, they have no idea what you are talking about because they cannot visualize where 11 o'clock is relative to space. So their understanding and interpretation of space and time is severely compromised, in my opinion.

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"Maybe, that would be interesting, I could lend some of my books, I need them back undamaged mind you." *he nods in acknowledgement when @DontcallmeSans arrives*

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You might not wanna hand'em to me then, my Death touch can destroy stuff like that.. I do my best to try and control it but..it doesn't always work..*Reaper then looks over to Geno* you could hand'em to the other bookworm *he winks to signal he's joking*
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Ever happened to you k you wanted acha bahir ka khana or app order krain or Foodpanda wale baasi khana dy jain ..😬

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Huzoor e wala coincidentally apan happens to be a conventionally adaptive chef and a superior one, off course... I cook normal food but in a regular yum way... Lets say chicken or beaf or just meat... So whenever i feel like eating something yum i always have boneless meat inside my freezer... Smaller quantities, usually just smaller chunks half a kilo or so... Mostly all three of generic meats... So i take it out, and find all the available food in shape of fruits and veggies and herbs and spices nectars and pulps... And sauces obviously... And i cook for myself but mostly for everyone... So if someone of my friends have enjoyed my hand made karahi, i mostly cook veal, thats my most fav meat... And chicken, i love my ways like how do i make chicken taste more interesting... And fish yeah i don't mind cooking cuz i dont mind eating... And i am totally just not a meat lover i'm telling you... I cook so fuckin awesome veggies like for instance aaloo... No i'm not calling it on you but you know what... if i am not diabetic already, somebody please feed me on aaloo and chanay for my life and make you yours forever 😂🤣😂🤣😂 so yeah i can feed myself on eggs and rice in way that i might give myself another mechillin star ❇️ on that too later 😂 but i usually have snacks fuck i am so high i have started talking to you... 😂🤣😂🤣😂 #420

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Lately I've been watching a lot of Stand-up comedy and I found out that I was getting more easily creative when it comes to jokes. Are you influenced to be more creative when you are exposed to other people's art?

That’s interesting, but also makes a lot of sense! But definitely, in response to your question, I try to surround myself with as much art as possible, so by following predominantly artists on Instagram and by working in the market. Being surrounded by so many creatives there, who have had such varied careers within the arts is inspiring. They’re the only folk I can chat to about art now that I’ve left uni, so I really value having them as friends and as connections to the arts :)

Have you had any experience of taking care of elderly people? Whether you worked in elderly care or in your personal life. How did / do you find it? 🧓

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Not really. I've always been scаred of caring work, because I'm afrаid I can't cope and I don't know what to do in some unusual cases. And the old people here are mostly very independent, many work until they diе and will never go to a elderly care. Some resort to suicidе in order not to strаin relatives, while others periodically or permanently live in the hоspital, there are also those who say nothing to anyone and simply diе alоne.
When my grandpa was ill, I also came to visit him, but dad and grandma did the main work. I just translated his words to them because they didn't really understand his speech after the paralуsis. Usually we played chess or he asked me to tell him what was interesting at school or what the weather was like outside (he couldn't walk to the window). He was very upset that he was causing so much inconvenience, so he cut the special tubes.

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R u guys getting weird anonymous questions like from an ex or something claiming that you abandoned them or so?

And for fun I have been answering as though we know each other. It is an interesting exercise in helping to develop your writing skills. I know it sounds silly, but sometimes these strange questions incite me to write and so I write. :)

This girl from school said I’ll never be a model how can I show her she wrong?

If you want to be a model, educate yourself about modeling, study modeling and position yourself to hang out with people who work in that business. What I would NOT do is worry about what other people, such as the girl from school, think, say or do because that only creates anxiety and fear and distracts from your goals and objectives.
When I was in high school I played guitar in a rock band and was always subjected to hateful criticism from other musicians who were envious that I was performing and earning money while they were not. I learned early on to ignore such people and 40 years later I still play guitar and graduated from Berklee College of Music. And do you want to know something interesting, those "musicians" who insulted me, no longer play the guitar or perform in bands.
The moral of this story is to follow your dreams and put forth the effort required to prepare yourself for success. And when preparation meets opportunity, you will be able to walk through that door of opportunity and enjoy a successful career doing what you love to do.

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Thanks for the update, Grap. Have you had any repeated episodes or was it just that one time?

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Just one. It was more weird than scary. I don't phase easily in a crisis. Just went and made coffee and it went away. Meant to tell you - got a DNA test under way. I know I won't be related to you! Promised myself to do that for years - now is the time. Might be interesting.

هل تمتلك معلومة جديدة لم تكن تعلمها من قبل يمكنك مشاركتها ؟!

I didn’t know that one can practice hypnosis on themselves, I’m currently reading this book that’s explaining everything about self hypnotizing and it’s really interesting

What's your opinion on marriage?

Its beautiful. But I think many of us are out there making promises that we cannot keep. A whole different conversation is to what extent mahogany works, it’s fair to say it works for some and not for others. That’s a whole other can of worms 😅😂
I think many people get divorced not because there’s a lack of love, I mean sometimes that’s true. Sometimes it’s true that people don’t give each other enough love and don’t act as a team and there are problems with that. I think for a lot of people it’s a lack of desire that leads and creates those weird moments in relationships where sometimes people cheat or maybe it’s not going as far as cheating but they realise they’re having all of these thoughts that they’re not proud of. Maybe they just have to leave because they think that there’s something wrong with them ‘cause they’re bored.
Someone at work was basically saying all his kids have left for uni and it’s just him and his wife so how do they keep it fresh. There’s a great quote by Proust when he says I think it’s the journey of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes but in seeing with new eyes. Interesting when it’s applied to relationships because you better get good at seeing with new eyes. The landscape can change ‘cause that person their job is to make themselves less predicable - you don’t do that by playing hard to get but what you do is you grow, you develop new skills, learn new things, you develop yourself in ways that keep your partner guessing about you ‘cause they’re like wow I have to keep up ‘cause they keep evolving. That in itself you can start to desire your partner more ‘cause you feel like you know them a little less. Not ‘cause
they’re hiding things from you but ‘cause they’re developing. When someone develops and grows you’re like wow I don’t know this side of you and it sparks attraction again. There’s that whole thing but I said to this guy, everyone’s gonna tell you that now your kids have gone you have all this time to spend together but I said the problem is you’re gonna have nothing to talk about. You’ve said it all, you’ve been together this whole time, I said I think you should use this time to spend some time apart like she go on holiday and you go on holiday and then come back and tell each other about it. Like have some space so that when you come back together there’s a little mystery to it. It will be scary, this is why people get very emotional about this and they get very upset ‘cause they’re like what do you mean get to know my partner less, what do you mean spend time apart we’re supposed to be like THIS 😂 but what they don’t realise is you never know your partner as well as you think you do so the idea that you’re like this and you know everything about them is a complete illusion and secondly, you doing that is death to the relationship so if you really care and if you really are a team, you’ll be able to trust each other but you’ll be able to give each other space to create that desire again.

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U know interesting fact, the third reich was the first to introduce the first anti smoking campaign of its time. They branded it as a genetic poison, which eventually would corrupt the German blood

No wonder the globalist hate the third reich so much, they banned pornography, communist literature and hated drugs and chemicals. Pornography was a Jewish thing, Christian cultures didn’t allow it before the 1920s. Which is definitely a cultural weapon since surprise surprise Israel doesn’t allow it and yet the Zionist-Jewish Swiss founders directly owned the western porn industry at that time. However the German stance on drugs is somewhat contradictory since they were happy to drug all their soldiers on crystal meth but I suppose sacrifices must be made in times of war

I am not attractive and I'm not funny or interesting to talk to at all so I understand why friends don't want me but I still want friends. Is there any hope for me or should I just accept being alone?

"Audacious Journey" by Alex
What is consequential does not die, but clarifies and provides the light that will guide us through storms illuminating the obstacles that await us, on this audacious journey called life.

When you're having a bad day what do you do to make yourself feel better?

TruexPp’s Profile PhotoNeptune ム
I think despite anything the trick lies in one's own head , tht is where the real distinguishing factor happen .. and sadly no matter what u do sometimes if there is not a chance for a change in ur mind it wont happen ..
Anyhow , there isnt much u can do about it i guess other thn hanging out with friends & a company u like ; play some soccer or PlayStation if u r into those stuff like me ..
Read , watch a movie or an interesting series .. talk about what is bothering u with in a trust worthy environment ..
Go in a thrilling & a crazy experience ..
But nothin is as good as surrounding urself with love , i think those who r surrounded with real love can go through anything in life .. :"

What would you say to yourself if you look in the mirror?

Aurora3363’s Profile PhotoNamiqah
"Your stare makes people uncomfortable." Kinda a reminder.
I have 'hunter eyes'. When I look around at people, I do this thing called a predatory stare. It is said that people who do this are actually sizing up the person they're looking at, as how a predator looks at its prey, analyzing it. I learned that there are two types of eyes on people: hunter eyes and prey eyes. Mine appears to be hunter eyes. There's also these things called 'yin sanpaku eyes' and 'yang sanpaku eyes'.
U should read about these, kinda interesting. However, I don't believe in the so-called belief that yin/yang sanpaku eyes defines our personalities, the same way I don't believe horoscope personalities. Just look up 'hunter/prey eyes' or 'yin/yang sanpaku'. You'd learn something about your facial features, about yourself.
Below is an image of hunter eyes (left) and prey eyes (right).

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What would you say to yourself if you look in the mirror

What are some ways to teach responsibility to the young ones?

Parents can lead by example, offer clear instructions, reward good behavior / efforts, make menial chores interesting when possible, abstain from making ultimatums and focus more on the child's effort than the result. To embrace responsibility, it must be appealing.
What are some ways to teach responsibility to the young ones

Thank you so much for the likes and coins. Hope you're well and safe. Stay awesome and beautiful 🌻

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Awee you're welcome, Aisyah. I truly like your page. Thank you for sharing interesting stuffs, like it's my first time hearing about cockroach milk haha. Did you know that it needs atleast 400 roaches to fill a shot glass with its milk, and that the pregnant mother and its baby have to get killed?🤧 Awee have a great day! You're amazing💖🌸

What's interesting about you

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To be sincerely honest in my humble opinion without being sentimental of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view and without hiding any thoughts in my mind and without lies,to the actual truth with my clear open mind and clean heart,expressing what ever is embedded inside me for a long time which I didn't say just because I was nervous.But Today, by gathering all the courage and motivation, I just want to say that I actually feel and think that I have absolutely nothing to say.

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