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Everyone says December udass kr deta h. True?how do u feel?

beads9870’s Profile PhotoNoor
Whatever you dreamt, whatever you knew
Everything was a lie, none of it true
Forget the promises, forget what you know
Whatever it takes, keep hurting to grow.
Kill all the memories, or just try to at least;
Miss your head, when you shoot the beast.
I know! I know! It hurts to remember
The sweet November, the lonely December
Remember, remember,
that miserable December,
Remember! Remember!
Everyone who was a member!
In ruining your life, forgiving them never,
Be the fire that burns, gives them a trev
Let the scars remind you, pain for forever,
And let your eyes bleed for ever and ever...

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why here i hope it’s happening all over the world but i am talking about pakistani new generation (majority) they dont want to talk about morals values ethics etiquettes or living with a purpose etc,did you feel it or not?

Well, Pakistan me and even in west people usually focus on survival instinct and self preservation In a bigger picture. Obviously we can't generalize but majority in this case. Tou questions like, what's our life philosophy and the reason of human creation and stuff, we don't usually focus on these questions.
Ab baat ati he manners and etiquettes ki tou these things have a strong impact of culture and religion. Kuch cheezain same hoti hen cross culturally aur kuch cheezain bohot different hoti hen even in different sub-cultures of same country and same goes for religion. Tou sab se pehli cheez tou ye k we need to develop more acceptance towards different cultures, religions and ethnicities. May be aik cheez mere culture me theek ho (eg: giving tips to waiters In USA) lekin dosre culture me ghalat samjhi jati ho (giving tips to waiters in South Korea). So sab se pehle tou differences ko accept krna seekhain even if they are 101% against your own cultural ethics and manners.
Baki dosri baat ye k even in cases jahan pr koi cultural gap ka issue nahi he and someone in literal terms lacks manner and etiquette and is not even ready to bring a change in it tou this is problematic. Tbh, we as a society hate introspection. Hame dosre ki buraiyan, dosre ki ghaltian, dosre ki vulnerabilities, dosre ki weakness, dosre ki anxieties k bare me sab pata hota he lekin hum apni zaat ka analysis nahi krte, apne bare me jan'ne ki koshish nahi krte. Is ki aik waja ye bhi he k almost no one is ready to accept k hamara bhi koi trait toxic ho sakta he, it's not always the other person's fault. Toxic trait ka mtlab ye nahi k hum koi bure insan hen, sab me kuch na kuch toxic traits hote hen. Hum aik adat ki base pr poora banda judge nahi kr sakte lekin as a society tou hum judgemental hen is liye log na hi ye accept krte hen k they lack manners na hi they're ready to talk about it.

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currentobsession’s Profile Photo✧【 ⋆ ETKIN 】
── ⠀ She ⠀could ⠀not ⠀imagine ⠀a ⠀universe, ⠀no ⠀matter ⠀how ⠀many ⠀dimensions ⠀there ⠀were,without ⠀him ⠀in ⠀it.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀「 https://justpaste.it/warinmyname__ExF

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If you were to sleep in a bunk bed, would you prefer to sleep on the bottom bunk or the top bunk? Why would you choose this one? 🛏️ 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Ͳҽղąçìօմʂ Ͳօʍʍąվ™ ✌ ♚ ☻
I tried both of them. I didn't like the bottom, because I always feared the top will fall on me, so I couldn't sleep
But I didn't like a top as well because I need to go bathroom often, and the bed and the stairs always give off creepy voices, which will wake everyone in no time
Though when I was a child, I liked the top better, because it was a "cool" thing to have a bunk bed and even cooler if u had the top side.
The bottom side always creeped out...

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@ does this thing still work 🌚

ArabiaYousaf’s Profile PhotoAraiba
I wonder what made you doubt it? Just because it's an old thing?? Well it works, just because it's an old thing.
~Shakespeare lite xD
Khair me abhi 11 hazar answers pe heran horha tha ke dekha apke to 15 hazar se upr answers hain 😱 Ap logon ne agr kisi sawal ka jawab nah bhi dena ho to kiya post kr ke batate ho? 😂
Apke naam ko pronounce krne me bohat confusion hai. Hm ne areeba naam to suna hua hai, pr apka naam Araiba hai, lekin profile me username arabia likha hai 🤦🏻‍♂️😅
Baqi apki profile se kafi vintage kisam ki vibes aati hain. Aik to isliye keh ap kafi time se hain Ask pe, dusra rahi sahi kasar apke displays poori kr dete hain 😁

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I don't want to get married I think career is more important for me but my parents want me to get married what should I do?

Choose your career. Because one day it won’t wake up and decide that it doesn’t love you anymore.
Try to convince your parents about that because at the end of the day you’re the only one having your back.

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Why do you think we are here on this planet? Do you believe we are actually emulations or small physical manifestations of the larger universe and cosmos? Why or why not?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoLucas
I've always liked the idea of this entire world being a simulation. Given our location in the Solar System, that only seems to further that belief. If we're any closer to the Sun we'd burn. If we're any further away from the Sun we'd freeze. Our Moon is close enough that we don't have erratic tides. It just seems... perfect. Almost as if this was all planned out.
Not to mention the fact we're the only proven forms of life. Out of ALL the places in our universe, surely, there must be some form of life out there, and there could be. We just may never know it. That thought alone is mindboggling. If we're alone, then we have all of this to ourselves. If we're not alone, then where are they? Why are they there?
Which then leads us to the next question -- why are we here? Hell, nobody knows. We're born to die. Might as well enjoy this life for what it is. Life's short enough as it is. One minute we're 20, then we're 120. Time flies when we have fun.

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Doti_00’s Profile PhotoʚBEMBAɞ
CD Singel, CD Vinyl, CD Album and Wounded Heart Clothing
Hi, you are no longer alone from Croatia, and everyone loves me, but I'm sorry about other countries, I'm sorry, I didn't have time to release it.
In due time and how many more Americans are writing about it all
But we are working on it as soon as possible.
In the meantime, you can order anything from this site
And then it will all go in perhaps in 2022
www.libormilian.com and other shops, TV shows, news and Radio stations.

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1.💋)+(🍃🌸.. That you don't like to do and you have to do it even if you don't want to??..💜LoV3💙.. Que No te Gusta hacer y tienes que hacerlo aunque No quieras??..🌸🍃

ysk88burbujita88’s Profile Photoπ^÷PrincesS÷^π
Actualmente MALVIVIR 😳💔
2.💋)+(🍃🌸.. You do some things because of what they will say or because you want to do it??..💜LoV3💙.. Haces Algunas cosas por el que dirán o porque tú quieres hacerlo..?..🌸🍃 @ysk88burbujita88
5.💋)+(.. 🌸🍃.. I will love you all the life it sounds beautiful but how real do you think it is??.. 💜LoV3💙.. Te amaré toda la Vida suena Hermoso pero que tan real crees que es??..🍃🌸 @ysk88burbujita88
3.💋)+(🍃🌻.. How do you feel when you are compared to someone else??..💜LoV3💙.. Cómo te sientes cuando te comparan con otra Persona??..🌻🍃
4.+💋))..🍃🍁.. Because sometimes we want to Run when we haven't learned to crawl yet??.. ((free interpretation))️.. 💜LoV3💙.. Porque a veces queremos Correr cuando aún no hemos aprendido a Gatear?? .. ((interpretación libre))..🍁🍃

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Welches Genre vertretet ihr am Liebsten bei euren Plays?

FakeVZQuestioner’s Profile Photo✘ ask FakeVZ ✘
I learned it from my mother. How to complicate, manipulate my brothers. They‘re on my best side, 'til they got around on the east side. Then they get on my beast side. Well, I know sh-it to make a potion from all of this. I can teach you witchcraft, how to make a man cry. I can walk you through that if you don't know how. I can teach you 'bout witchcraft, gotta love 'em with your bags packed. We can make 'em hurt, just say the word.

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Welches Genre vertretet ihr am Liebsten bei euren Plays

What has always puzzled you about women?

I personally wonder why they're seemingly (In my experience) not as willing to go out and find a guy to talk to. It just seems like most prefer guys to come to them first and people like me who are shy, will never walk up to them and so it just is a weird dynamic.
Well what is so special about you? Why should a woman go out on a limb and approach you? Imagine every day when you leave your house people just offer you free pizza. A lot of the pizza isn't that great, and really there is way more pizza than you really can or want to eat. Now if you can pretty much always have pizza whenever you want because people will always offer it to you, why would you go and ask someone who didn't for their pizza unless it was clearly amazing? I mean it's like why go and ask someone who didn't offer you pizza for a slice of papa's johns when people are trying to give you papa johns all god damn day? You're only seeing it from your perspective, though. Women get hit on so much that they're actually usually sick of it. Why would you go out of your way to do the approaching when you get that much attention?
I once knew a chick that was very aware of the fact that she really thrived on male attention and almost needed it to feel validated. Do all girls know this? Do some know but they resent the fact so they tell themselves it's not true?
The big thing i find most puzzling is that there are people out there who find women so mystifying. There really isn't anything too different, behaviourally speaking, from men.

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Qu'est ce qui t'a toujours intrigué

What they look like when they're walking alone and thinking. Some women have a slightly worried expression while they walk on the sidewalk. Some women will smile at you, which is good, but then look down again. I like the women that are too busy to notice you because they're fixated on a squirrel eating a pizza in a tree.
I (male) once (as a teen) was at a water park with my brother. We were on a tube ride and an attractive girl was floating near us. I cracked a few jokes with my brother that she heard (and smiled at) and made some brief small talk with her. Later when my brother and I were having lunch, he went off to the restroom and I sat at our table alone, thinking about the girl I had seen earlier. Then, she walks by me and makes eye contact with me with the most beautiful smile. It was so stunning and I was so amazed but what just happened that I just sat there in awe remembering that captivating gaze. I never saw her again, but that face and smile have stuck with me since it a happened.
As a happily married man I'm taking attraction out of the situation. But even so I'm not usually drawn to conservative types. I'm more interested in subtle hints of individualism. The kind of style that says 'I don't need to stand out to be different'. That's not always easy to see, but when I notice something, could be a piece of jewellery or hair style, I find that will sometimes say a lot about the person. And to be honest it goes for both sexes. A little goes a long way for me.
College girls especially have horrible habits with this. Usually very closed off to everyone that's not in their immediate social group. Just observing people out at the bars leaves me wondering how they meet people when they go out. Very unattractive and off-putting.
Wow, I don't know why you seem to be getting blasted for this preference. Everyone else is posting their personal preferences and nobody bats an eye, but for some reason they get offended because somebody doesn't like tattoos? I prefer a girl without ink as well. To me, it is more about the purity of being tattoo free. In my mind, a tattoo on a girl prevents her from ever being completely naked.
There's just an overwhelming amount of evidence that she ran away. She told everyone she was going out of town for a death in the family, though no one in her family had passed. She picked up accident report statements before she was in the accident. She packed everything she owned overnight. She looked into renting a condo out of town. She begged accident witnesses to not call the cops. She took all identifying information out of the car. She was gone by the time the police arrived on the scene of the accident. She never used her credit cards after the incident ever again. If I wanted to disappear, I'd do a lot of the same things.

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What is it that is so annoying about overly sincere people?

I think if you feel genuine sincerity, it is a nice quality. But if you feel that it could be faked, that is irritating. Or if you think the person is just “too nice” which could be seen as weak by someone who doesn’t value that, they will consider it annoying and even pick on that person. I think a lot of that stuff actually reveals more about the person who is annoyed, vs the one who seems too nice. But I have been annoyed if I felt the person was faking it, or not facing reality. I would feel like that person is living in a dream world and not being able to see when they’re taken advantage of, etc.... It brings home how cynical I am. I'm envious of how these people carry themselves.
People who spend a majority of their lives crafting a persona for themselves or someone else, feel extremely unsafe when someone genuine challenges that mold they've spent so long crafting. Eventually, they try to make the genuine person feel like they're wrong or bad for doing so...when in reality they themselves have screwed themselves over and remain in permanent denial over it.
Sometimes you don't want to hear the truth because it can hurt... Alot.

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How long have you had your childhood stuffed animal for?

One of my aunt's made me a "pound puppy" back when they were really popular (youngsters look it up). She made 3, one for me and my 2 brothers. They were all unique so to a little kid this was way cool. I still have it 35 years later. The plastic nose broke off but other than that it still in good shape. It's an antique now in storage.
My parents used to give me a stuffed animal for every holiday. When I was 2 they gave me a stuffed dog for Valentine’s Day. I carried it everywhere and slept with it till I was 9. His name was Bosko-Sepia (Bosko from the old cartoon, Sepia from a Crayola crayon, I just liked the word sepia lol). My mom secretly packed him in my things when I went to college. Almost 36 years later, Bosko-Sepia lives on my bed, next to my pillow. His head flops around, one of his ears is almost torn off and he’s been sewed up a couple of times. If my house burned down, he is one of the things I would grab.
Kept the panda plush that his family bought for him on Christmas back when he was 2 years old. 42 years later and he still has it, even when he moved out of his dad's place. Now it just sits at the very corner of his drawer/desk behind a non-functioning desk computer. Surprisingly still intact after all those years. But I find it adorable and slightly amusing when guys still keep their childhood stuffed animals, even if only a few years or decades has gone by. Cuz in most cases I've seen, they would usually hide them away or get embarrassed over it being visible when someone comes over. The small stuffed bear my best friend gave me when I moved from the US. The bunny from when I first got into anime. The miny beanie stuffed whale from when my family visited a zoo. The bigger teddy bear from when I graduated high school.(My class went to a mall together and I bought it at a toy store) The oldest is the mini whale, which I've had since I was 8.
I have some family in Australia (don't personally know them, my late grandfather did but we live in Brazil so I guess I'll never know) and they sent my mom a kangaroo which was passed down to me, still in great condition and will be passed down to my children too. I don’t get very sentimental with childhood stuff but it felt very wrong to just throw them away. They spent many years protecting me from getting my foot grabbed by the monster under the bed, the least I owe them is a dignified retirement.
I had a collection of beautiful teddy bears my dad used to get me when he went on business trips. These days they belong to my kids. The first one I got, which I used to sleep with, is the least appealing to them because the fur is somewhat matted, but they enjoy cuddling with all of the teddy bears.

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Did you keep your childhood stuffed animal? If so what is it and what’s the story behind it, if not what happened to it?

I got a Disney Pluto doll for Christmas one year when I was 2. I do not remember getting it but there are pictures. I still have him but he is in really rough shape. His tail is gone, his eyes are also missing and his fur is now faded. I gave it to my wife to repair him as she can repair him. I found another one in the early 2000s that I was planning on using for parts but it is too good so I keep that one. That one is currently next to my bed. I physically can’t sleep with him (can’t fall asleep if I am touching something) but he does stay with me.
Not a stuffed animal. A blanket. Apparently I've had it my whole life. There's pictures of 2 month old me wrapped up in it. It used to be red with bears on it. Now it's lost all its color, the teddy bears are gone and it's just a white rag. I used to get upset and cry to days when I lost it, so to keep me quiet, my parents cut it in two. I lost the other half but I still have my half. I still sleep with it every night. I'm 20 so I guess that's not all that long
I'm 21 now and I gave most of my stuffed animals away when we moved to our new house a few years ago, i had like 2 large plastic containers full of them. When we were getting ready to load everything in a trailer to drop it off at the dump and thrift store there was this one cheetah that i just couldn't get myself to throw away so i took that one out. I think I've had it since I was 6 or 7 when we went to the zoo, i don't really have any special memories attached to it something but it just felt wrong to let go off it. It had been sitting in a bag on the attic for the last 2.5 years and for a few more years in a box in my old house so it's not quite as soft as it once was but it's in good condition overall. I've taken him out of storage a cot months ago in a mental break down as i just needed something to hold on too and since then i fall asleep with it in my arms for most of the nights. There's a bunny that I've had since I was a baby. I only know this because there's a picture of me holding her as a baby. She's still in pretty good condition too. Her fur's a little more faded than it was when I was a baby but no major damage. She's been my sister's bunny for far longer than she's been mine at this point though I went to an amusement park when I was 4, and my parents got me a blue dog plushie. He's still in good condition too minus some missing fur and I named him Blue/Bloo after Blue's Clues. I also have a giraffe that my brother brought home and gave to my sister and I during the summer after freshman year of high school. I kept him around and he got me through some tough moments in high school. He hasn't been around nearly as long as the other 2 so he's in almost the exact same condition as when I got him. Again, he's with my sister now but there have been times where I just wanted to take him and hug him when things get tough.

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كيف انتهى النزاع بداخلك؟

m_shehawy’s Profile PhotoEL SHEHAWY+2
I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. He taught me that if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it, and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be.🤎🦩

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Recently i’ve had a breakup and its mentally and emotionally breaking me. Can anyone help me?

First of all seek help from Allah to give u enough courage to pass this phase. Secondly, share your thoughts and feelings with your closest friend and try not to tell everybody coz some people just increase tha pain by saying 'humne to pehle hi kaha tha katega and all that'. It'll take time ofc then you'll be okay. Try to stay away from them by not checking their old msgs and pics etc. First 6-7 days will be really difficult for u then In shaaAllah with time you'll cope up with it. As time is the biggest healer.

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