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لو أن مرآتك تتحدث، ماذا ستقول لك؟

A7md_haroun’s Profile Photoهارون
Usually when I stand in front of a mirror the first thing I notice is the yellow hairs in my beard then I notice the white hair starting to appear on top of my head, then I look in my eyes and snap I start cursing and saying some motivational stuff like when are you going to f**in grow up, pure motivation if you ask me, I don't know if my mirror would be merciful and say you're good the way you are or it would just mirror my actions and start cursing at me as well

What do you think about it? https://youtube.com/shorts/3nm1ml0osw4?si=OPkmdqUmFQwNXPXP

الكيو ده اتبعت لي 3 مرات ومع اني مش بفتح لينكات ، الفضول خلاني افتحه بس مفتحش
لو صاحب الكيو يتكرم ويقولي ايه ده؟!

Why don't you create a Youtube channel? I'd like to listen to your voice. You're a nice woman, and you deserve attention.

jesssurez’s Profile PhotoHipólito Américo de Miranda
I did this before. I used to post videos to teach English on my YouTube channel, but someone stole my work and uploaded it under his name .

What's the most difficult decision you had to make? 🤔💭

n11shake’s Profile PhotoShake
Seriously . . . . . NEVER felt a difficult decision . . . .
(and I'm the oldest person on here! ~ "all those years" ~ )
~ many may have been the wrong ; but I live with the RIGHT decisions ~ the diable take the bad & I hope he chokes on the bone - I know he does! I can hear it coughing in his inverted tower . . .
Yes, I LIVE with the BEST . . . MY VIKI xxx
*all these years*
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri_3IGcjvGgigotamatch’s Video 173361298042 Ri_3IGcjvGgigotamatch’s Video 173361298042 Ri_3IGcjvGg
Whats the most difficult decision you had to make

What should my weekly diet look like? I need to experience more homemade baked casserole foods

I won't be able to provide much insight on a weekly diet, but I can suggest some dishes and you incorporate that into a scheduled diet.
•baked chicken
•marinated pork chops
•stuffed bell peppers
if you want something like a casserole, try shepherds pie. you can mix whatever you want but when we make it its mashed potatoes with ground meat, sweet peas, and corn topped off with shredded cheese.

are you scared about long covid? someone i know has been struggling w/ long covid since may 2021 and finally got diagnosed w/ dysautonomia/POTS. long covid is no joke, it's a lifelong condition that can f*ck up your nervous system and entire immune system and doctors still don't know how to treat it

No, I'm not really concerned about myself having it or anything. Just my kids bc I know someone who's kid went into a coma bc they had covid. Having it once really affected my lungs permanently (ik it doesn't help that I smoke before anyone comes @ me) & my sister STILL can't eat right or taste right 2 years later from when she had it. Obviously I don't want anything like that to come from it but I'm not going to worry about it until I need to either
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Jakie jest Twoje ulubione polskie przysłowie?

grzesio92’s Profile PhotoDON GREGOR
"Tyle (czegoś) lub się tyle czegoś nazbieralo co kot napłakał" np. Napadało tyle deszczcu co kot napłakał.
A co do kotów, to znowu przypaletal sie do mnie moj koci przyjaciel i wymiział sie o moją rękę :3
Następna sprawa widziałam dziś w sklepie ze sztuką taki jeden obraz i co ciekawe od razu pomyslałam o takiej jednej uzytkowniczce aska bo zauwazylam tam babeczke trzymającą kotka :3 i sobie myślę, Kotkowi Nadpłotkowi by się spodobało to i ja daje aprove it 🥰 haha ^^ z reztą teraz widze jeszcze dwa dodatkowe KOTleciki.
(Zdj se przybliżcie żeby dojrzec kotka.)
Jakie jest Twoje ulubione polskie przysłowie

لو أن مرآتك تتحدث، ماذا ستقول لك؟

A7md_haroun’s Profile Photoهارون
"Would you look at that.. ^_^
Remember when any tiny flaw you saw in your face used to make you frown? You smile now every time you face me even though your skin's not as clear as it always has been. And this is freaking progress, don't you think?
And these scars. Did you know I see them as battle scars? Don't hide them. They deserve some love; after all, they're your body's way of healing.
On a guy, you'd describe them as hot. Why not on you, too?
Speaking of hot.. I like what I see. Keep it up.
You're worth it. ♡"

Do you feel sad or feel real pitiful for people who are below your intelligence level and who don't shine as brightly as you do with your extensive and rich vocabulary?

No. Not every person is going to be as smart as another. What I find intolerable and asinine is when I suggest ways for these typee of people to become better, expand their vocabulary, etc. and they disregard it and continue to move forward in ignorance. Willful ignorance is what makes someone truly stupid, compared to someone who is merely badly uninformed.

How long did it take for your gemstones to be cut and returned to you? Have you ever cut a gemstone yourself?

An old gent in Hobart cuts my stones but only stones bigger than 1.6 carats it’s $40 a stone and takes him a week or so.
I can send smaller stones to Vietnam and get them cut for dollar a stone if I want to though ☺️

Which gemstone that you’ve collected is your favorite and why?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
The spinel is common as grass but no one cuts them. Spinel (top) is actually almost as hard as diamond and I& you found a purple one is nearly as expensive so even though from all my stones it’s not a fav it is one I would wear myself on a tie pin or cuff links
Which gemstone that youve collected is your favorite and why

Do you think pretty privilege is a thing, if so is it good or bad in your opinion?

Cecilia_Aurora’s Profile PhotoCecilia :)
I think it does exist but in some cases, I’d say it’s fair whereas in other cases it’s not (like in a situation where they have the mental capacity that’s needed in their workplace but are rejected due to their looks). If someone is very pretty but not equally as intelligent, then I guess being considered as pretty by the vast majority is something that they are good at whereas when it comes to their mental capacity, they might not be as lucky in that regard. If someone is pretty and they have brains then that’s a bonus. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way so even if someone isn’t blessed with “good looks” they must be blessed in some other way :)

What are some of the biggest assumptions/misconceptions people tend to have about your profession/field of study? How do you respond to it? 🙄😑

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I don’t know to be fair! People tend to not know about speech language pathology in the first place. 😂😅
But people think I mostly just play with kids, which is sort of true, but it’s always goal oriented and it’s tough work with lots of decision making!

NYC is weird, Rachel. They have all these islands and stuff. Manhattan Island, Staten Island, Roosevelt Island, Rikers Island, Fantasy Island, etc. It kinda reminds me of that country Hawaii where they invented the coconut. -Sage

Yes, please never come to NY Sage. It is too weird for you. Go to Hawaii and collect coconuts instead. Don’t hit your head on one. I’ll redirect the package of coins there.

Anything on your mind

millykhann’s Profile PhotoHeyitxmilly
we will always have men speak so much about how they are willing to fix the problem on their part and how well-informed they are & then losing their shit at giving any basic "reassurance or explaination or clearing any misinterpretation" with kindness or maybe more than one time labelling it as some sort of "ranmureedi" or a child's behavior. bro it's just the bare minimum or basic human decency you can do or should first start doing with people close to your circle without making it a big deal or glorifying it if you actually wanna see this world becoming a safe & liberating place for women on bigger levels honestly. men are same, one way or the other. sooner or later. benefiting freely from the system that was already constructed to benefit them. the privilege is insane actually.

https://ask.fm/masa537/answers/174073307347 - I'm talking about now 😇 I'd love to be able to fascinate you by showing I can take us back in time, but unfortunately, that's a luxury I don't have 🤪

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
Really i read that answer now again 😂😂 did i answer like that ! Omg 😂😂 i guess because i am watching some shows that talking about the ability of living in the past it really affected on my mind now 😂😂

I couldn't forget my ex after 2 years now, I was in love, even today right now I'm thinking about her. What is this?🤒

You cannot unlove someone. Loving someone is like concentrating all your energies on one point to love them... It's stronger than any external force you've ever experienced. And it's not necessary to end up with someone you truly love... people leave, and it happens. But don't waste your energy trying to unlove someone because it will turn into hate which will hurt even more... Just keep loving them, think of the good moments you've spent with them, smile, and live your life...
I couldnt forget my ex after 2 years now I was in love even today right now Im

What do you do when you're bored most times?

lamarwil’s Profile PhotoLamar Williams
Always ask myself "Whom do I expect to liven it up for me? "
Get out there and do something interesting!
It's not a rocket science !!
Set a goal.
Work on it everyday, every single day.
Fail. Fail. Fail.
Stand. Stand. Stand Again.
Health is real wealth.
Work on myself.
Love myself.
Once I start loving myself, my life won't be boring anymore.
We get life once. Just once!!

And when nobody wakes you up in the morning, and nobody waits for you at night, and when you can do whatever u want. What do you call it, freedom or loneliness?

It's both, a blessing and a curse.
However in the long run it will turn into a curse for sure because we are social creatures. Wanting to be loved, to love, to have family and friends is in our nature.
What's the point of freedom if you can't share those beautiful moments with anyone?
How do you want to live like that when you're feeling lonely after realising that you have no one to share a particular meme that you can relate to or that you think is funny?

Is it true that life would be boring if we didn't have any hardships?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
سؤال جميل
في استراليا ولا في سويسرا مش متذكرة الحقيقة بيتن...حروا لمجرد سبب تافه لأن حياتهم مثالية بدرجة كبيرة أنت متخيل؟ واحد يوصل للفكرة دي علشان اطرد من الشغل مثلاً أو مش عارف يلاقي تذكرة لفرقة بيحبها مثلاً!
تخيل معايا حياة من غير مشاكل بسبب الشغل أو دراسة أو الأهل
وحياتك كلها بمبي في بمبي وماشية مية مية ومفيش مشكلة تقدرك * مش من التقدير* لا يعني ترهقك تتعبك وتشغل بالك حياتك هتكون ماسخة ومالهاش طعم زي الطبيخ الماسخ كدا مفيش لا شطة ولا توابل تدي للأكلة طعم
المشاكل أو المصاعب في حياتنا بتغيرنا بتعرفنا ع نفسنا بشكل تاني وشكل مختلف هتعرفك بنفسك وأنت بتحاول تحل وتشوف نفسك حكيم ولا عبيط، بتعرفك مين حبيبك ومين يحبلك الخير ومين لا، بيعرفك مين الصاحب اللي يتصاحب وهكذا، بتعلمنا الصبر. :")

Is is true k ap yahan aisi harkatein krti theen?

Nope. I usually don't clean anyone's filthy mindset cz I ain't viper 😂.
When they can't get what they want from me , their obsession come out like this .
Ik who I'm and what I have done in my life. So most of the time i don't correct people sometimes I do. It depends ✌️

What makes you melt?

MalikShaheer’s Profile PhotoMclovin
حضور والا پہلی بات: یہ جان نکالنے کی باتیں ہوتی ہیں انہیں نکالا جاتا ہے ڈھونڈا جاتا ہے ایسے تھوڑا ہی دیوار پہ اشتہار چسپاں کر دیا جاتا ہے۔ دوسری بات: کالی کافی اگر بینز اچھے ہوں تو۔۔۔ it turns me on... 🤣
What makes you melt

I try leaving haram things but why i always come back to it

Jab koi insan 5 waqt namaz parhta hai, tab woh poora din wazu main rehta hai. Or jab insan wazu main houta hai uska koi haram kaam krnay ka dil nahin krta songs sunnay ka bhi nhin. I suggest you to offer all 5 prayers. And recite durood e pak. 😄 it will definitely help.

Hi! ( I don’t know what to ask so answer what you want 😅)

Someone told me that in order to save a dying rose from losing its last petal, you have to give it a fresh start. To save it from completely withering, you have to cut off the rotting parts to avoid further damage. You have to find where the dark spots sit and cut them from the root.
Sometimes, when the damage is too much, you are most likely to leave only a couple of stems leaving a stupid-looking rose displayed on your desk. At that point your eyes might sore with the sight of it, you might think of just throwing it away, to just give up on it. But when that point comes, remember that things doesn’t always have to make sense at the start. Growth doesn’t always look good especially in its early stages. If you want to save a rose, you have to be patient. Never get tired of moving its pot every morning for a gentle sunlight, to feed it with words of love and touch of care. Sometimes it may look like its helpless, no progress, and not worthy. But believe me, once new leaves and fresh buds start to appear, you’ll realize that it blooms a lot better that it did before. And for that, you’ll thank yourself for not giving up.
No matter how terrible it may look, don’t be afraid to cut off the rotting parts and start again. Soon enough, it’ll be all worth it.

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Hi  I dont know what to ask so answer what you want

Kya ideal leky srf novels mai exsist krty hain?

Having been through an era of loathing men and loving Jahan Sikander (who btw is a terrible red flag but that’s another story), I’ve realized that in order to love, you have to love the messy parts. It’s not always going to be happy good mornings and 12am cuddles. Sometimes, you’d go weeks into ugly fights where you hate each other. That’s where it gets tricky. You can’t have perfect, we carry our insecurities, our past, our scars, our worst shades into an intimate relationship. Perfection, then, is someone loving you through the uglies. That’s it. That’s all. Just someone who is in it for the happy days and the sad. Someone who’d rather stay up with you till 3am trying to fix the mess than run to find peace elsewhere. That’s where novels ruined reality for us.

My sister And I had a fight few minutes ago .she started it and make my arm numb and in return shook her fingers and her one finger broke. All the people in house blaming me and Idk what to do now situation is worst my dad left house she went for hospital. I know i did it in anger without intention

Accept your mistake, apologize to her and your family. I know she might have triggered you but it’s not the right time to fight over it

Toothache is one of the worst things and we've all experienced it at least once, what do you do to combat toothache and how do you comfort yourself or keep your mind off it?

LouiseDooley’s Profile PhotoOrion the Huntress
saturate a cotton bud in clove oil (from a chemist/pharmacist) - place in the cavity or centre top of the painful tooth , bite gently - keep it there . . . . the pain should vanish like magic .
lf no cotton buds ; roll a small piece of kitchen-roll loosely to petit pois size , place on centre of affected tooth , bite gently . . .
**beware of medics who scoff at this ~ your tooth, your agony ~ it works & is harmless, not a permanent solution , although the aggravated nerve has been known to calm down longer term after this first aid self treatment .....
*a very unsafe dentist*
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xBJERznOgAigotamatch’s Video 173327547514 2xBJERznOgAigotamatch’s Video 173327547514 2xBJERznOgA
Toothache is one of the worst things and weve all experienced it at least once

Whats the meaning of home to you ?

My home should be reassuring.
Where I feel the most comfortable with. Where I can show up without the fear of how others see me.
My home should be somewhere where I can both be my best and worst self. Where I can be comfortable to be just me. No changing of views just to fit the bigger world. No hiding of the messy parts of me,where I feel like I belong. Somewhere where I can speak and be heard. Where my presence is valued and my absence is noticed. Somewhere where my kitchen song is searched for when it hasn’t been heard in a while.
It's my safe space or person.. A shade during hot sunny days.. A shelter during storms. A hideout I can retreat to when the world gets too loud. My home should be where I can go when I need to breathe. Where I can rest, where I can cry and acknowledge every bit of how I feel.
Whether it’s a place or a person, my home should be something I can run to,not something I wanna run from.

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Whats the meaning of home to you

What advice would you give a person coming to live in your country? (Other than 'don't come' or 'leave as soon as possible' if you were gonna say that)

Lana_G_Hadeed’s Profile PhotoLana
Welcome to 🇸🇾
You should think more about this matter!
We have had war since 2011 till now.
Also, you can Google it to know more info about work , services and etc.
As a syrian, my dream is to travel abroad to achieve my goals and live a decent life.

Is it true that life would be boring if we didn't have any hardships?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
Allah gives your struggles and trials meaning. He uses them to grow you, to shape you, to make you a better person.
The hard times in your life may not be fun. But Allah can turn your problems into a miracle, and make your mess a masterpiece.
Don’t give up on your hardships and trust Allah to get you through them.

If you could change one thing about this world, what would it be?

AlvishaKhan’s Profile PhotoH.
تسکین دل محزوں نہ ہوئی وہ سعئ کرم فرما بھی گئے
اس سعئ کرم کو کیا کہیے بہلا بھی گئے تڑپا بھی گئے
اس محفل کیف و مستی میں اس انجمن عرفانی میں
سب جام بکف بیٹھے ہی رہے ہم پی بھی گئے چھلکا
بھی گئے

Share the name of your favorite movie/series/drama. And why is it your favorite? 🙂

usmanjunaid44808’s Profile PhotoUsman
I loved the series "The Originals" as it shows the complexed bond between siblings.
Parents might leave too soon and spouses come late in life but your siblings remain by your side most of the time and it indeed is A beautiful relationship ❤

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