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What's your favorite thing to eat?

delicious dishes…. and meals
was a time especially in my childhood …. when i ate only Italian
🍽🌹 🇮🇹 dishes….
if i went to a restaurant with my beautiful mom only Italian….
i was absolutely loved …. and still love lasagna….
then the cuisine of Europe….english tea….
time for tea with the queen….☕️ 🌹 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Mexican quesadilla….🍽 🇲🇽
of course USA….
delicious dishes of USA 🇺🇸
I’m only hinting 🕸❤️a little
Whats your favorite thing to eat

Livi, someone used the word “chiaroscuro” in conversation AND BOY WAS I IMPRESSED! 😂 I had to look it up, it’s a great word! I’m assuming, as an artist, you wouldn’t have needed to?

Hahah, that is a very impressive term indeed!! As vocab goes, I definitely would have thought the same as you! 😂
I have heard of the term, but I did do a quick google in case I was wrong; I’ve heard it before in reference to cinematography (namely film noirs), for the dramatic juxtaposition of light and shadow. That and if you know a little Italian, it quite literally translates to “light dark”, which is what I thought of first! :)
Either way, it’s very cool - I’m tempted to use the word more often too! ☺️✨

What food do you most often order to-go?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoHombre Salvaje
I most often have pizza! One of my favorites are kebab pizza. It's basically unique to Sweden which is weird since it's a very unholy mix of Italian and Turkish cuisine but I certainly don't mind 😋 It's like the ultimate hangover food Haha
(Not my picture)
What food do you most often order togo

Since issue ni hangat diperdebatkan di Twitter, nak tanya pendapat korang lak. What you think pasal orang yang mencari partner yang pandai cakap Bhs Inggeris? Adakah kepandaian berbahasa Inggeris menentukan keputusan korang dalam mencari pasangan? Kalau ya, kenapa?

What do i think? I dont. Ikut dia lah partner dia. Who am i to judge- idk. Pref orang masing masing.
Ya sebab aku pun macam tu, only aku tak cari English sahaja lah. Aku cari all three, Melayu English and Arab. Nah, aku cari Melayu je. Cuma sebab pendedahan tu ada, jadi boleh kata I expect you to master all three lah. Takde lah master, learning is a lifelong process. Plus, kang pandai dari aku kang aku merajuk gahah. Paling tak, cukup kalau aku do grammatical errors, you can correct me. Kalau tak dua dua salah. And uslub tu takkan ada masalah sebab faham sentence structure for all three. And i can freely use لغة ما i feel like using.
And one thing to note, sebenarnya its kepandaian berbahasa. Full stop. Bukannya soal bahasa apa. Dah aku tahu tiga tu, tiga tu lah yang aku cari. I mean if i were to be an Italian then id be searching for someone i could call amore and dia would feel that word to the highest level of what the word suggest. Tiber nak jadi Italian. Sedap apa panggil amore. Hahah. Bunyi macam Kelantanese word pun ada. Amore. Amore? Amore! Hshshsh.
Kenapa, you ask? Well its quite easy and straightforward. Bahasa ni medium perasaan kau. Bahasa is what makes up life. Lect aku kata, لو لا اللغة، ما في الحياة. And tak perlu lect aku kata macam tu pun, memang aku and semua orang pun connect with language. Kalau tak tak payah lah ada sign language. Kalau tak tak ada lah body language. So like. Entah. It plays roles.
So sebenarnya its kepandaian berbahasa. Dia punya level of linguistic intelligence yang aku treasure. Biasanya emotional intelligence akan ada sekali.
English tu happen to be there je. Kalau our next go to language dekat Malaysia ni Japanese ke en, then Japanese itd be.
But ofc, kita hanya mampu merancang, berusaha dan berdoa.

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Your favourite dish of winters🐇

AroojA2020’s Profile Photo
I am obsessed with my hand biryani ,fajita pasta , Italian mix herb pasta ,carobonara pasta ,bologonese pasta ,marinara sauce pasta ,chapli kabab,seekh kabab ,tacos,steaks,stir fry chicken with favourite vegetable combination spinach and sauces
In sweet gajar ka halwa in ghee, basic vanilla pudding with caramelised sugar

Someone took a slice of my cheesecake, I hope you know this means WAR!

when I was in college, my next door neighbor in my apartment building was very Italian and his mom always sent great food. I used to wiggle my credit card in the door lock until it let me in and eat his leftovers

Ever noticed, every single odd number has a letter "E", in it?

In Spanish uno and cinco
In Italian uno
In German fünf
In French un ,trois and cinq they don't have letter E
And when written in Numeric value of course none of them 'll have letter E 🙃
Don't believe everything u 're told😁

List two pet peeves.

anonstar17654’s Profile Photoanonstar17654
belonging to a country, or something native, or something in the native country.. uggrh! Well, I'm not. My parents are from different places, and I am an emigrant. I really don't know what it's like to grow up in just one culture and be a patriot.
When people expect you to be able to do everything at once. Like, if you're talking to them in Italian or there's a physics textbook on the table, then they expect you to know it perfectly. It's as if there is no intermediate stage for them, when you study and you need practice like air.

Обожаю такой кофе. Советую

Lisichka_553’s Profile PhotoLisichka
На вкус и цвет, как говорится...
Но я бы даже пробовать не стал этот "Italian blend" производимый в какой-то промзоне в питерском Мурино и продающийся в "Светофоре" за сто рублей...
Да и судя по отзывам в интернете, с этим "кофе" всё очень плохо...🥴
/🕊️14.09.2022, Ср., 6ч. 19 мин., 🕊️/
Обожаю такой кофе Советую

Aren't you just full of surprises! Do you often make Tteokbokki? (Ever tried it with green onions, round fish cakes and boiled eggs?)

U literally just mentioned its ingredients 🙄
Without them, it's like makin' pizza without the crust or cheese and facing an Italian guy 😂

If you refuse to sleep at lunchtime, can you be accused of resisting daytime rest?

Deep_Six666’s Profile PhotoKERRIGAN
Very complicated, I remember that the Italian Constitution provides for the nap / afternoon rest, the penalties for offenders are really serious !!!
If you refuse to sleep at lunchtime can you be accused of resisting daytime rest

What is your favourite food to cook?

Thank you so much for posting this! I visited India a few years ago and I got a cold while I was there and some awesome and sweet little old Gujarati ladies found out I was sick and fed this stuff to me. They tried to tell me the recipe at the time, but I couldn't remember it later and didn't know what it was called to look it up again!
Meatball sandwich. I'm not very good at cooking and I don't eat very many different things. I mix 97% lean ground beef with bread crumbs, cook those on medium heat. Add prego meat sauce, cook on high for 5-10 mins, put 2 slices of provolone cheese on a french roll, add meatballs and bake on broil until cheese melts. It's quick, easy, and taste delicious
Enchiladas. I make spicy red sauce, then put that in the fridge. When hungry I heat up three corn tortillas, put in mozzarella and any veggies or leftover meat, roll them, put sauce on them, then microwave for two minutes.
Tourtière. It's a québécois meat pie. I use a lard crust (recipe from the Tenderflake package), ground pork, mashed potato, and spices. Do the google, most of the recipes are pretty good. There are regional variations that don't use ground pork, but I prefer it.
My favorite dish to cook is Bolognese. My favorite recipe here . I just love taking my time in the kitchen sometimes and this is a great recipe to spend an afternoon on. In the past I've used different meat blends (can't always find ground veal, I've used just beef/pork, beef/turkey, I've even made a version with only minced chicken) and typically use bacon in place of pancetta. I've had it with a lot of different pastas, but my favorite so far has been shells (like velveeta mac). Although it's one of those really traditional Italian pasta sauces, I've put a handful of spins on it and it comes out great every time.
I kind of just wing it when it comes to food measurements and it always turns out fine for me somehow. The lasagna is basically layers of the noodle, spicy tomato pesto sauce, bell peppers, mushrooms, chicken, spicy italian sausage, a ricotta/mascarpone/parmesan cheese mix and then topped with a mozz/parm/asiago cheese mix, parsley and chili pepper flakes. Woo boy.

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How do I add a “man’s touch” to my home?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoGlinda
Toilet lid…both lids are down. @AnitaakaMabel leaving it up means a roll of tp can fall in while swapping it out!
All the stuff on her walls goes away. It is replaced by (few) items like a framed movie/rock band poster (I once had a poster of Boorman’s Excalibur in Italian). Knick knacks/figurines are replaced by sports memorabilia. Furniture is not fancy but functional. One item is a big fat recliner with foot rest where one can recline and even nap.
If enough space/money then a game room with tv for sports viewing, pool table (maybe foosball).
The ultimate item would be a life size T-800 endoskeleton. Awesome! @Applepop needs one for our commune.
Oh, coasters are ones from breweries.
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What's the most thing you like about where you live?

AsMaaGaDo97’s Profile PhotoAsmaa
Toys corner
From left to right:
* Hal Mug: for using sea water in fracturing operation 1st time in KSA
* Oil sample (Arab light)
* Barca Mug
* Blade isolate: btw this one of the lightest form of it is source. Never makes you feel full.
* My guilty pleasure: Nicotene pouch I enjoy every now and then.
* AC Milan mug: received from my brother aftet they just won the Italian league.
* Another source of whey that I haven't tried yet.
* Water flavouring: I always got it for free for buying my supplments. Obviously it is accumalting!
* Vita D and pre workout
* Dark choclate 70%
* last but not least pull ups device for lazy morning days
Whats the most thing you like about where you live

Do you miss something and/or somebody right now? If so, who and/or what is it? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ †êñå¢ï𵧠†ðmm奙 ▩ ♚ ☻
My beautiful nanaw 🥰😇🥹 I take after her (my daddy’s side) and our Italian side 🥰☺️ I grew up with the best of BOTH worlds 😇😊☺️ I miss sooo many others also but my nanaw a lot lately 🥺
Do you miss something andor somebody right now If so who andor what is it

Jak kanapka to z czym?

Tysiaczek111’s Profile PhotoМэтью
Wszystko zależy od tego na co mam ochotę w danym momencie, najczęściej jest to masło, szynka, ser, pomidor. Jeśli chodzi o nieco bardziej wypasione kanapki np. takie z Subwaya, to wybór padał na tzw. Spicy Italian (salami) z sałatą, pomidorem, prażoną cebulką i majonezem albo ta BLT (z boczkiem) i podobna kombinacja.

I don't want to sound mean but may God protect all of us from gingerness and gives us good freckles free skin and thick Italian eyebrows.

I am not sure how to respond to this message. Being Italian I can attest to the thick Italian eyebrows.
You forgot to mention the thick Italian hair growing from the ears and nostrils. lol :)

I don't want to sound mean, really but may God protect everyone from gingerness and give everyone a freckles free skin and thick Italian eyebrows.

"i don't want to sound mean but here's a discriminatory thought that i probably should have kept to myself."
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oh, i meant if bullying was common in general, not if you were personally bullied. do you think some ppl demonize social media unfairly? i was bullied as a kid and didnt have many friends. but i had met alot of great, supportive friends through social media that otherwise i would've never met.

Ok,,,now I understand. Yes bullying was very common because people were not very accepting of people who were different. Keep in mind that most communities tended to be either Irish or Italian in the community where I lived. So in extreme cases you would have two Catholic churches i.e. one for Catholics and one for the Irish. For many years Irish and Italians were discouraged from dating or marrying. Italians viewed the Irish men as drunks while the Irish viewed Italians as criminals in the mafia.
With time these tensions did fade away but I still remember these behaviors as seen through the eyes of a child.
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Have you ever been to a family reunion? If so, how was it? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ †êñå¢ï𵧠†ðmm奙 ▩ ♚ ☻
Rubric "Questions and answers"
Рубрика " Вопросы и ответы"
1. Yes, my friend, for example, she married her husband 3 times, I thought I had an Italian family, while everyone was alive and well, but she doesn’t have it, divorce and sign with her husband 3 damn times
Да у моей подруги например, она 3 раза выходила замуж за своего мужа, я думала у меня итальянская семья, пока все были живы и здоровы, так нет это у нее, 3 чертовых раза разводиться и расписываться со своим мужем
2. In the shaggy year I was robbed and I fell asleep in the police station, it was exhausting and 6.00 a.m.
В лохматом году меня ограбили и я уснула в полицейском участке, это было утомительно и 6.00 утра
3. Myself first of all, I can say that this is for my man, but alas, he is not there and I am free, because I have to agree on trust, my family and close friends
Себя в первую очередь, вот могу сказать что это своему мужчине, но увы его нет и я свободна, потому что сойтись я должна на доверии, своей семье и близким друзьям
4. to whom I am dear, so I should be remembered by my existence
кому я дорога, тем запомниться должна я запомниться своим существованием

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Have you ever been to a family reunion If so how was it

Italian or american food? Which one wohld u rather have if you cohld only eat one and not the other.

hmm…. choice again ….?!
i’m a gourmet anonymous….love only really delicious food….
🌹🍽 love kitchen both countries
not everything….but a lot of ….
and very whimsical about food…. and capricious….do not eat a lot of things….
will depend from the desire ….
on that day ….. what i want in that day….
i don’t like or or ….

Have you ever made pizza at home? What kind of toppings do you like to have when you make them yourself? 🍕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Sure! My family is part Italian, so homemade pizza is definitely a thing I'm familiar with :D Personally, I like mine best with 1) fennel, buffallo mozzarella and lemon zest, or 2) kidney beans, corn, onion, a little bit of cheese, and either tomato or bbq sauce. Not the Italian classics my ancestors would probably approve of, but definitely my go-to versions 😂
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