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I know you are younger than me but maybe we can meet in Hawler in any time.. My uncle working in Erbil in Jordan consulate But If you ask about me you will find I am the one who is Jordanian and studying in Erbil.. Maybe we can be a freind 💚

Ok you can speak arabic i know arabic well and how old are you?
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I'm the anonymous, I'm Jordanian too. We should stop thinking that we're not good enough, every country has good and bad people. Anyway, Dina may Allah protect your family, your father have saved a soul❤ And you keep helping people by volunteering, he raised you to be a great person like him❤❣❣❣❣

With all respect ♥️.. Thank u!
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A Jordanian. If you noticed i said in the first question that "i wish". Just as a wish Fatima. 😂 And i wish too if i can talk with her to know her more or from the begining. 😊 Should i ask her to talk later? Just to talk..

Hi there, I never talked to a Jordanian I believe :'D nice to meet u here sir 👋
U see I was right, we have a similar background, some other nationalities are less likely to "wish" marrying a stranger, trust me :'D
If she leaves a chance to be talked to that'd be alright to ask, but let's assume for a second she has a similar ask.fm account to mine :'D u see her bio, no Facebook or WhatsApp, it implies she doesn't want to have private chats with strangers, assuming she's similar to me. :'D
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Yes i dont good at speak english but my words is clear so u can reply in my word if u want to reply anything else dont reply

imtmiissa’s Profile Photo• I.M •
You can improve your English by practicing.
You're Jordanian dude, if you're not good at English just speak your mother tongue!
English it not a freaking prestige, it's a goddamn language.
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بعرف بعرف بس مش زي الخازوق اللي انا فيه ???? ولك الطريق الصحراوي لحاله قصه ف كيف الدراسة وماجستير ولا فيزيا كمان قال خليني ساكت لالطم هسا المهم نصيحتي يا بنتي ادرسي ادرسي بكرة بتخلصي جامعة وبترتاحي ( هاي كذبة برضو نفس كذبة التوجيهي ) we are Jordanian people forget any thing about rest

طريقي صحرا زي طريقك
انها الهاشميه ?✌?
I already forgot that ?
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As a Jordanian, Arab, Muslim girl, what do you think is the best way for a guy to approach a girl and talk to her without violating the cultural norms?

Let me put a Jordanian and Arab girls aside, actually the most important thing about islam norms is that men and women have rules to approach to each others.

Indeed!! Two third Syrian and one third Jordanian you must be a good cook.... Sleeping is my game as well, but i love it the most after being awake late... Mine besides sleeping are soccer and Video games these what I have in mind at the moment

Nice? there are some common things between us?
So what are u doing in ur life

Originally from Jordan, but I live in America right now. I moved here when I was young and stayed here

Ana brdo baba Jordanian bs emi Lebanon
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Jordanian ❤ ❄ 13\9\1999 ❄ Eng To Be إن في الحياة فترات انتقالية لا يمكن اجتيازها دون أن يموت شيء بداخلك ! أُردنُ يا أُردنُّ يا حَـبيبي ♡ Jerash https://temaav.sarahah.com/ #Baba #💜 #Faisaly #💙 #🇯🇴 #ايلول🍂 #هلا_مدريد⚽🏆 #فيصلاويه💙

شو يعني هيك؟ عامل كوبي للبيو تبعي 🐸🐸

I have passed by your wall You are beautiful young lady with nice hijab Your answers are decisive that's an advantage But may I ask where did you come from?

Thank you..
Well my identity is a bit mixed. I'm originally Palestinian. I was born in Abu dhabi, lived most my life in the U.S..until recently I've been living in Jordan, a country I've dabbled with during my younger years. By record I'm Jordanian and American.
Aaaaaaand scene. :P

Nvm l 3'ba2 li ga3d b9ir m3i bs ho so2al 3'bi wallah bs im just curious? Does your mother understand or speak Arabic? Or do you speak English or Chinese around the house o hek?

noeufalawneh’s Profile PhotoNouf Alawneh
Haha no I get that question a lot ? my mom, even tho studied Arabic at the Jordanian university, only speaks broken Arabic ? I peak Chinese with her and my Chinese relatives, Arabic with my dad and Arab relatives and English with my sister sometimes and online. Oh and idk why when I think I only think in English and talk to myself in English ?????
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- شو اسمج ؟ - كم عمرج ؟ - من وين ؟ - اي صف ؟ - اكلج المفضل ؟ - شرابج المفضل ؟ لونج المفضل ؟ اغنيتج المفضلة ؟ اسم شخص تحبينه ولد ؟ اسم شخص تحبينه بنت ؟ في مرة سويتي مشكلة و شو هي ؟ متى اخر مرة حصلتي كف ؟

Ali , 18years , Jordanian , senior 12’ , everything , blue

I was wondering if there is any legislation in the Jordan to encourage companies to employ women? In South Africa this is something the government is pushing for.

StephenInd’s Profile PhotoStephen Ind
The Jordanian constitution provides that the women have the right to work in all Jordanian companies.
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اه شوف .. سما ما بعرفها اول مرة بسمع فيها . انت شوف اشي موثوق وتكون شهادته معتمدة . لانه في كتير كليات شهاداتها حكي فاضي

سما للطيران شهادتها معتمده من جامعة مؤته وهيه افضل شهاده بالاردن ولخليج بس مشكلتها بالتوظيف بعد التخرج
يلي حكيتيلي عنها بحثت عنها اسمها
Royal jordanian air academy
ما بتحتاج ناجح توجيهي عادي

Yeah yeah, I meant that jordanian sounds like you're from another planet haha I worte it wrong.. but I know those places haha... still.. for me would be cool cuz, I've never been there

franmanny’s Profile PhotoFrancisco Manuel
And dont plan on going there cz i can guarantee u that u'll regret it lol .... thats why i'm saying i only like it bcz of my fam and friends ... i grew up there so i am used to seeing people with my tradition ... religion ... beliefs ... thats why i love my country ... in america its a bit different tho but i am fine with it

My quueeeeeeeen all the best for exam nedaaaa, hope that you score full marks for your exam,. Good luck queeen. ALL HAIL QUEEN NEDAA JORDANIAN BEAUTY, FIRST OF HER NAME, SUPER STRONG, QUEEN OF MIDDLE EAST, KHALEESI OF JORDANIAN SEA, BREAKER OF BOYS HEARTS, MOTHER OF DRAGONS.

Thank you so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Thats really awesome 😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Who ever you are, u r fuckin awesome 😍😍😍

I'm a Palestinian Jordanian, 30 years, i work as an aircraft maintenance engineer for the royal jordanian airlines, used to be a vocalist ( clean vocals ), play guitar occasionally, video games of course since i'm a guy :p much stereotype x)

Oh god, uh I expected you to be like 16 or sth 😂😂😂
That’s weird like most guys in your age listen to calm old music hahaha
And your job is so cool ❤️🙏🏻

Just Curious, do you identify more closely with your Moroccan Heritage than your Jordanian Heritage? Just wondering since I saw your Moroccan flag in the background

ChazSoDominicano’s Profile PhotoChad
Yes i see myself Moroccan more than Jordanian and idk why 😂 even people here in Jordan think that I’m different and and I’m closer to my mothers side more .

No body gives a single fuck if ur Australian /American / jordanian / mentally fucked up 😂😂😂 Jesus ... I promise u a couple of years from now when u read this again u will know da fuq im talkin 'bout 😂😂😂

Huh? then , why do you give a fuck?😂
jealousy is a disease but it's funny how guys are trying to reach me rather than girls , like seriously I'm impressed.
Believe me when you read what you sent me , believe it or not after a few seconds you'll realize who's mentally ill in here. 😍😌
I'm glad your username and family name is hidden cuz it's such a shame of having you on my page and I am not only American , Australian & Jordanian.I am originally from Palestine too. You can bark till the morning cuz my page is only for people that are upscale and high class. I am proudly proud to say that I am American , Australian and Jordanian cuz boyy , I'm LIMITED EDITION.😘
شـفـت اآلـححـســـــد بـعـيـــونـههـم يـتـــمـنـون طـيححـتـــنـآا|| يـآا عـيـــــوون آامـككـ #ححـــنـآا__آالـججـبـآل صــعـب نـطـيـحح

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اسئله جماعي ✋? 1-اسمك2-عمرك3-طولك4-وزنك5-لون عيونك6-مرتبط ولا سنجل7-جنسيتك8-بتحب او معجب او في حد ببالك9-صفات الشب/البنت يلي ببالك10-اشي بتحبه11-اشي بتكرهه12-اكله بتحبها13-اكله مستحيل تاكلها14-شغله بتحب تعملها كل يوم15-مفكر ترتبط بحدا من جنسيتك او ما بتفرق ❤❤

Ma bhmk
Mmm make up coffe rose perfume
Ashof mame w ashrb m3ha coffee
Ma btfr2

Name:______ Age:_______Birthday:_______ Eye color:________Nickname:________Best friend:__________Favorite Color:______ Hair Color_______ Favorite day______ favorite name of boy _______ favorite name of girl ______single_______where r u from _____ 😂🔥

Farah ,,, 19 ,,, 2/6/1998 ,,, ligth brown ,,, Sharairy ,,, SaKha'a ,,, ma fe loon mo7adad ,,, 5arobi ,,, Al 5amees ,,, jaad ,,, jolya w jwaan ,,, Yes ✋🏻 ,,, Jordanian ❤️

Because most of jordanian lads do nothing in there life ! They dont study or work . They are just messing around and they are faraway from manhood . Military training will make em' good humans i think

It's not about military training,
To be a man involves nothing but being mature dealing with life situation

Name:_____ from : _____ Age:_____ Birthday:_____ Eye color:____ Nickname:____Best friend:____ _ Favorite Color:_____ Hair Color____ Favorite day_____ favorite name of boy ___ favorite name of girl ____ u like play ____u like school ____ single or relationship

Ahmedabdelraouf95’s Profile PhotoAhmed Ibrahim
Mohammad , jordanian , 20 , 16/7 , dark brown , hakeem , my bro , black , dark brown , Tuesday , zain , leen , football, i don't , finally i'm single ✋️✌️

well can i ask a deep question ? mm you're living between to different cultures how do you manage to keep flying between two of them so you don't lose your Greece or the Jordanian Identity I mean as a culture issue .

It's a little hard to be honest! Because Jordanian people don't understand Greek personalities and Greek people don't understand my religion 😂 but my double personalities are no problem as long as my faith is as strong.. It's what defines me

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