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🌸 good morning & happy saturday! i hope everyone has a productive, yet relaxing, weekend. use this space to tell everyone what you've accomplish lately.

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh ☠ ;
I hope you’re having a lovely weekend Leigh! Sorry I’ve only just got round to responding to this 🌸
I haven’t accomplished anything major lately, but luckily my bosses for both jobs seem to be really happy with me atm and have communicated this a few times in the last week, which is a nice boost! It’s rare to get praise, so it feels like an accomplishment that I must be doing something right - it makes the hustle and juggling both of the jobs feel worth it :)

Are 18/19 year old parents considered teen moms? if they're an adult but still a teen?

No. It actually makes me really mad when people claim they were a teen mom just bc they were pregnant at 18/19.....I was juggling high school, kids and a job and I got so much negativity & shxt for it and still do. It's an entirely different struggle. Young parent yes, teen parent no.
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Zodiac sign that the life like about for just immature compared to avoid in pictures?

♊︎ Playful and intellectually curious, Gemini is constantly juggling a variety of passions, hobbies, careers, and friend groups. They are the social butterflies of the zodiac ♊︎

Do you often feel unappreciated?

krrice’s Profile PhotoKevin R Rice
I do. I think that goes with the territory of being a parent and caregiver though. It’s hard sometimes juggling a million things at once and feeling so much weight on your shoulders. I always just say, This too shall pass.

Tita, I’m curious po hehe. What did your 18th year in life look like for you? Idk if it’s just me .. or quarantine lol.. Pero I felt more pain, cried so much more and stuff but I like to think of it as growth although masaket siya 😅 Ikaw tita? How did you journey during that time period of urs po?

Oh my god, 18. I was a professor's secret side chick (what a scandal, oh and I didn't know I was gay yet) in between juggling school (I was in my third year, or first year vet school proper), managing my hormones, and trying really hard to be an adult when I really was a child. It was definitely an emotional and impulsive time, and if not for some street smarts and a commitment to safe sex, I would have been in big trouble. :D

I'm approaching my 30s. Is it too late to go abroad, take a second degree there, and change careers? It's a little depressing to see programs for study abroad with the age 30 limit. It makes me feel like I'm too late to try and swap.

It's never too late! And that decision is going to change your life for the better. You will learn so many things. And um, any program that has an age limit is a bad school. There are no limits to education. It's nice to see a second degree and a new career as a plan, but first you need to figure out your logistics. How will you go abroad, and using what visa (if required)? How will you support yourself? You may want to establish yourself first and get a job before starting school, as juggling the two will be very difficult if you don't have a huge nest egg to finance the change. Create a budget with your plan. Anything is possible with the right planning and motivation. Congratulations! Come back when you've made the move!

🤹🏻‍♀️ Have you ever heard of flow arts? — It‘s a general term used to describe the intersection of a variety of movement-based disciplines including dance, juggling, fire-spinning, and object manipulation. — I‘m really fascinated by it and wanna try hooping myself 🤗 Opinions on flow arts?

zy_cv’s Profile PhotoManu
Ive never heard of it tbh but i know juggling and hooping and i definitely cant do but i have faith that you can
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مؤمن، انا بقالي ٣ سنين في حالة خمول تام بجرب اتفرج على فيلم ماعرفش اركز وعيني وكأنها هتزغلل كدة مع ان بصري كويس، بحاول اقرأ ماعرفش اركز والي اقرأه مش بفتكره حتى وطول الوقت دماغي فاضية مش بفكر في حاجة دماغي في حالة جمود ، بحاول اعمل اي حاجة مش بعرف خالص وكأني معاق انا مش عارف ايه مشكلتي

أنا كنت كدة في التلات سنين بتوع ثانوي، و بعيدًا عن النصائح الخاصة بخصوص أنك تستشير طبيب نفساني أو تأكل كويس أو تغير عاداتك، هاخد المخاطرة و هقولك حاجتين:
1- أنك في الغالب منزوع بس من خريطة تمنحك الشعور بالاندماج في الحياة على المسار اليومي بحيث تصل لشيء بناء على جهدك اليومي، و أنا بتكلم عن الخريطة دي في مستواها الميثولوجي لا الحياتيّ، لأني لاحظت أن في تناسب طردي بين سوء مزاج نوعية من الناس و الابتعادي عن خريطة ميثولوجية للمعنى. و يونج اتكلم عن كدة في الآتي:
“Among the so-called neurotics of our day there are a good many who in other ages would not have been neurotic-that is, divided against themselves. If they had lived in a period and in a milieu in which man was still linked by myth with the world of the ancestors, and thus with nature truly experienced and not merely seen from outside, they would have been spared this division with themselves.
I am speaking of those who cannot tolerate the loss of myth and who can neither find a way to a merely exterior world, to the world as seen by science, nor rest satisfied with an intellectual juggling with words, which has nothing whatsoever to do with wisdom.”
2- أنت محتاج تتصل مع ناس على مستوى عميق، مش مجرد التعامل معهم كعكاز لحالتك النفسية اليومية، و الصراحة بؤمن أن سببين رئيسيين من تفشي الاكتئاب بين المراهقين هما:
أ- Loneliness epidemic:https://podcasts.google.com/?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9yc3MuYXJ0MTkuY29tL2ZyZWFrb25vbWljcy1yYWRpbw&episode=MjA3ZTAxMTctMGU5MS00MmMwLThjNzYtYWI2ZDAxOGE3YWMy
ب- غياب مصدر تشجيع أبوي، شئت أم أبيت، نادرًا لما تلاقي شخص يقدر يعيش من غير نموذج مثاليّ، و الغرض من النموذج المثالي مش اتباعه بالحرف، لكن الشيء المشترك بين النماذج المثالية المتمثلة في أشخاص مختلفة بيديك رسالة عما ترجوه. :https://youtu.be/y7Z3CoTgFMAMomenMoeen’s Video 161084305848 y7Z3CoTgFMAMomenMoeen’s Video 161084305848 y7Z3CoTgFMA
أنا حاليًا لسة مش في صورة أقدر أقول عن طريقها أني تخطيت ما تمر به تمامًا، لكن مقارنة بيني حاليًا و بيني في ثانوي: أنا في مرحلة جيدة جدًا، بل و كمان محظوظ بتحسُّس ما أقوله، و قادر على تحديد مشاكل كتير على منوال زمني ثابت.
ما تشعر به حيال ما أقوله؟

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MomenMoeen’s Video 161084305848 y7Z3CoTgFMAMomenMoeen’s Video 161084305848 y7Z3CoTgFMA
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You want a surprise, eh? *The Clown laughs maniacally as he suddenly starts juggling pipe bombs* Speak of the devil and he shall appear!~

ClownishGrin’s Profile PhotoJ O K E R
*is covered with a batcape* Well, I'm pretty sure devil doesn't look like you. *come closer and start attacking*
You want a surprise eh The Clown laughs maniacally as he suddenly starts
+7 answers in: “"Let's turn that frown around!~" *F O L L O W E D*”

What things do you do when there's nothing to do? (asking cause I'm at an 8 hour shift rn and have nothing to do! lol)

Nitrogen5’s Profile Photo°•Donovan•°
Build houses on sims. Make stuffed animals. Work on art projects. Read, meditate, write, go for a walk. It depends. If I have space and won't be disturbing any one I will often break out my juggling balls. I love it when there's nothing to do. I wish i had a day where there was nothing I had to do.

I’ve been watching The OA, a show which starts with a stranger teaching a small group of people weird, rapid synchronised Tai-Chi like movements to open portals to parallel dimensions. What’s the weirdest thing anyone’s offered to show you or tried to teach you/convince you of?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
My brothers tries to teach me all sorts of things
- Guitar
- Juggling
- Skating
He even convinced me to was 100+ episodes of Bayblade and Dragon Ball Z with him haha

hai salken! seru banget baca askfm kamu. Btw, bisa jelasin contoh fungsi Si dan Ni ga? aku sering Mistyped sebagai ISTJ or INTJ. idk who i am :/ thank you :)

Makasih sudah baca, padahal saya vakum lama.
Si-concrete experience yang disimoan dalam sub conscious atau memory, bergerak karena pengalaman dan pernah dicoba, alhasil secara behaviour Si ini membuat orang berprilaku orang yg hati2, ga suka coba2 dan ambil resiko
Ya nilai-nilai budaya, keluarga, jd fokus utama buat ibdividu yg menjunjung tinggi fungsi ini, dalam konteks agama Si ini pengikut yg text book, ngga mau menafsirkan dan mengkonversi sama konteks zaman
Ni- insights, philosophical aspect of things dan esensinya, future oriented dan melampaui budaya atau pengalaman.
Secara perilaku, ya orang yg visioner, selalu mencari pembaharuan makna, mempertanyakan kaidah hidup, fokus ke depan dan selalu mempertanyakan apa yg sudah tersurat.
Kalo di agama, ya mengkaji suratan yg ada dan mencari nilai esensi melebihin muatan aturanya doang.
Ketukar Ni dan Si ga otomatis bikin kamu juggling antara ISTJ dan INTJ juga sih, fungsi yg lain akan sangat menentukan.

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When members (male and female) of muslim organizations at university or else meet up to discuss and plan future events, is this even permissible?

It may be permissible depending on the people involved and the environment it's in. It's like asking about permissibility of juggling with fire sticks. It is your responsibility to not burn yourself or get someone else burned.
As for "Is this even permissible?",
That's what you say when you hear about a new double patty burger with a fried egg and beef bacon at your favourite restaurant.
Or when your friend tells you that you can exchange cheat sheets in the final exam.
Or snoring dark chocolate powder.
However, when asking a serious question about a religious ruling, try to be more formal, and don't impose a bias in the question.
Remember that your intention should be to find what God Almighty wants from you, so that you can do it.
Next time try to ask like this: what is the ruling..., or what do you say regarding...
Barakallahu feekum

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Advise on how to respond to associates/friends who make me feel as if I'm not accomplishing as much bc I don't have kids to juggle? they r super moms/career women. I have a career too but I get jabs that make me feel like I have it easier( more free time/sleep etc) bc I'm kid free.

Speak up for yourself. Tell them plainly how you feel. They are supposed to be our friends. Their job is to uplift, not take jabs.
"Um. It's not okay to take jabs at me because I've made different life choices. Respect mine like I do yours..."
Also, you do have it easier. Juggling a kid ain't no joke. They're jealous of your free time/ options not to fully present all the time.""

Put gmn si biar luas pergaulannya? Aku sebenernya ga pemalu orgnya, tapi emg sibuk sih gabisa kebanyakan jalan2 atau ikut kegiatan ini-itu karena kuliahku bnr2 nyita waktu kaya sekolah. Tapi aku bosen hang out sm org yg itu2 aja, dan gmn ya caranya biar banyak temen?

sissssss baru kuliah doang. bisa kok dibagi waktunya. kalo mau luas pergaluan ya banyakin kegiatan sana sini aja juggling prioritas sesuka hati. pas lo udah terbiasa sama ngurusin banyak hal sekaligus giliran lo gabut hidup lo bakalan kosong banget gitu rasanya, dan gue yakin lo bakalan craving for more activities. gue di london pernah ngejalanin kuliah, disertasi, internship, plus part time di 2 tempat, freelance, sama ngurusin projects dan volunteer all at once. megap-megap banget bagi waktunya. tapi kalo lo nyusun skala prioritasnya bener dan lo bisa tegas sama diri lo masalah bagi waktu harusnya bisa bisa aja sih. ini aja gue baru ngerasa 'hidup' lagi setelah balik indo gara-gara udah punya kesibukan lagi, tanpa melupakan waktu untuk me time atau bersosialisasi sama temen-temen dan keluarga.

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OMGGGG 😍 😍 I just can't stop stalking you ❤👑 Damn look at you mahn ❤ how can you be so fucking Cute your face is just like a barbie mahn I'm lacking of words after seeing your Profile 👑❤ You're totally a bestfriend material 💋 I wish we could talk😭❤

You guys are all too cute man. I'm so sorry I've been really inactive lately. Juggling with work and studies.

I'm good thanks!😄 Yeah that's hard! Do you wish you could spend days just writing without work to distract you?🙈How're you juggling 2 stories?😶😲😰

Ddfangirl’s Profile PhotoRaine Loire
Good! I absolutely wish that, but I've booked a holiday in Malaysia and I plan to spend most of the time writing :) I've probably been concentrating more on GTI recently because that's where the inspiration has been, but hoping to upload a new Decoy chapter soon!

Pernah ngga ada di situasi yang bener2 ngga ada gairah buat ngelakuin apa apa? Dan gmn caranya supaya akhirnya bangkit trus semangat lagi? Terima kasih..🙇

kerjain dikit-dikit. sumpah. udah 3 mingguan kali aku gak produktif. terus aku pake aplikasi to don't list dari appstore, jadi aku mulai ngedisiplinin diri aku buat ngerjain one thing at a time gitu karena biasanya aku malah nyicil banyak project sekaligus dan akhirnya malah jadi pusing sendiri. walaupun relatively ngerjain jadi agak lebih lama (karena aku kalo udah mentok bener-bener gak bisa ngerjain, blank aja gitu), tapi hasilnya justru jadi lebih maksimal karena aku musatin semua pikiran aku di hal itu doang. sedangkan dulu aku juggling antara banyak project sekaligus dan akhirnya capek sendiri. yang penting semangat aja dan ada kemauan untuk bergerak dan nyelesein hal-hal yang harus kamu kerjain.

I've been struggeling with the Falco vs Marth match up recently, I have been told I don't play aggressively enough and that I need to put more pressure on Marth. Do you have any tips on what to think about while applying pressure to Marth? Do you have any VODs I could study to learn more?

Undoubtedly one of my weaker matchup due to the lack of Marths in Socal, but I’m slowly starting to understand it and honestly Druggedfox kind of change how I look at this matchup recently.

So here’s the thing. Marth CAN play this matchup with fairly little risks and without going in too much. Dash back is just such a low risk high reward option in that you can’t really DIRECTLY punish it and if you mistakenly go in when he dashes back and he gets a pivot grab, then he can get the whole stock. In addition to this, take laser -> Fair / Utilt / Fsmash / Ftilt depending on % can also be high reward options and if you aren’t playing aggressively or looking for these options it’s easy to just let Marth get away with it, and suddenly he’s throwing out extremely threatening options repeatedly with very little risk. Sure you can hit him with quite a few lasers but it becomes hard to win when you’re piling on damage from lasers while he’s threatening BIG damage with every option he throws out.

My solution used to be to laser -> dash dance to very proactively punish Marth for throwing out defensive options, and to try to kind of slowly take space with laser -> dash dance or just play patient vs dash back until Marth feels compelled to move forward or throw out a move. Catching Marth’s dash forward with a Dair feels amazing and so does wiff punishing a Fair with Nair.

Druggedfox however says that the matchup is mostly laser based. 2 Lasers shot as fast as possible don’t even give Marth the time to dash attack, which is huge. Marth cannot threaten lasers from far away. He can’t full hop at you like Fox can. Powershield is his only option and you can often just sh over it while shooting lasers or just act quickly out of it and be ready anyways. For this reason, laser as fast as possible is better than laser -> shield to mixup timing and threaten to PS the PS.

The other weakness Marth has is the lack of good roll and spotdodge, which makes him susceptible to laser -> grab. This coincides well with the fact that Uthrow almost always gets a follow up and even if it doesn’t, juggling Marth is amazing since he’s very bad at coming down. So laser as fast as possible, punish dash back with approaching laser, corner him, then threaten laser grab when you get close. Another thing to note is that approaching laser is also threatening a hit. Laser -> shine or laser -> grab are basically true combos so you can approaching laser to cover both dash back and shield or dash forward for example (at the right spacing.) Every now and then mix in laser -> dash dance to proactively punish him throwing out a defensive option but if he doesn’t, accept that you’ve lost this neutral interaction and now look to re-establish laser control, because when you don’t have lasers our you’re just playing the ground game with Marth which is ultimately losing.

I don't have great video suggestions and I'm sure there's more to talk about, watch MAngo for PPMD vs m2k and good luck!

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Junho just mentioned he was sick a few months ago, prob from exhaustion, and now he's back to juggling 7 concerts and a drama lol. Being his fan is also exhausting lol

I was thinking about this earlier, too. This guy... I know he likes being busy, and his drive is something I really admire as his fan, but it does make one worry, doesn't it? Especially because he was sick not too long ago. He'll probably get more rest once it's his time to enlist compared to now, you know? lol :(
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What to do when the only friendships I maintain are with people through the internet that can´t reply always because of time zones and I´m having a bad time juggling school and mental health? And I can´t meet new people because the outside makes me nervous but being alone makes me sad?

I can't really help you too much here :c Like I want to say, you should ALWAYS prioritize your real life concerns over the internet, and try to adjust socially, but idk everyones a little different. Just know you should try to plan out your time more, and have effective time management skills IF you want to handle long distance friendships and school work. While you do that, you should try to adjust to socializing IRL too, because friends there will help you SOOO much in the long run. I'm sure you're a sweet person, so you'll find a few people who'll really click with you <3
Just remember, I'm not saying internet friends are bad, because look at me and my twitter friends haha. Just know your priorities and when too much of something might be bad. Balance your life out, its in your hands okay? You got this

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hi kelly, i need your advice! i've been promoted to higher chinese, but i realized how hard it is; i'm debating on rejecting my teacher's offer. but then, this opportunity gives me a 成就感 (if you get what i mean HAHA). please help me, thank you so much!!

firstly congrats!!! 😊 i'm undeniably horrid at chinese, but i'll talk about taking up hcl generically. the fact that you are able to be promoted to hcl proves you do have what it takes to manage chinese as a language and that's really great, cause once u have that ability u can p much do anything :-) so i'd say that juggling the subject won't be a struggle for u at all. however, please please please don't accept the offer for the sake of a 成就感 hahaha trust me i know what u mean!!!!! that sense of accomplishment and being put on a pedestal is one of the best things to feel as a student but from experience, it's very short lived. however, what won't be short lived is the regret that will follow if u do something you're unenthusiastic about. sooner or later you'll start to feel that it's a chore but by then it'll be too late ya! this was a dilemma that i personally faced when i had to choose between trip sci/double sci double humans, but i ultimately went with the latter because i know that in life, geog and lit are really what makes me happier. if u really do enjoy chinese and wish to study a more advanced version of the syllabus then go ahead by all means!!! i have confidence in u that u have what it takes :) 👌💓☺ no matter what ur decision is i hope i helped in some way and that u will eventually be happy and at peace with it!!!

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After a small silent break Nico took his phone out and clicked on a video of himself. She couldn't help but laugh. "That's .. good. Nico that's impressive. You wanted to work at a circus ?" Tasha said with a bright smile. "I always struggled at juggling as a child. I gave up at some point."

tobemydarling’s Profile PhotoMiss Romanoff (Hiatus)
"Lewis Chalanged Me. Actually Mercedes Challenged him and Then It Was My Turn " he smiled
"I Think I'm Going To Sleep " he whispered closing his eyes again
He didn't lower his bed
He needed rest not sleep
He saw things differently

Hey D, close friend who's like a sister graduates undergrad in 10 days and wants to celebrate. Her celebration also falls on the same day of BF's birthday. Have been asking him about plans for almost a month now and told him I planned on juggling my time to celebrate with the both of them but he's

"Re: Grad and BF's Birthday. he's being really assy and emotional about what his plans are and is saying he doesn't know how much time I'll have to spend with him. I said my plans are contingent upon what he'd like to do for his birthday and he says go be with your friends. Am I wrong for doing so?"
He's being difficult. Who knows why? It's probably completely irrational. If you don't celebrate with him and only go with your friend, you will never hear the end of it.
Create a plan for the day since he can't decide. Tell him what it is and what time you are available. If he doesn't like what you plan, he can plan something else during the time you are available, but you have a hard out at XYZ time to celebrate with your sister-friend.

Every beautiful star you see in the sky; full of light and shine, seemingly peace and calm, is a burning ball of pain, flaming tons of vibrant fire in hush. You know not what the star goes through to appear the way it is, people know not what you've been or are going through, yet, they judge! Mr.A

Oh also I did two good deeds today!! A saw a lad playing the ukulele and singing n was like okay I have to give him some money and he was so adamant and wouldn't accept it so I bought him a hot chocolate with whipped cream n marshmallows and the smile on his face OH MY GOD I FELT SO GOOD. AND THEN I saw a homeless man with his dog sitting outside by the road and this man was juggling but he kept dropping the balls and they would run into the road and he'd get so muddled oh my so I went to get the one that rolled away and then gave him all the change in my purse and petted his dog and wished him a merry Christmas and then ran away to catch up with my family but it made me feel good omg.
Every beautiful star you see in the sky full of light and shine seemingly peace

Salam. Hi anna! So, how did you make moneyyyy? Envy sangatni you can travel anywhere and everywhere. Mind to share the tips or cerita? :')

srabmn’s Profile PhotoFlexi
Waalaikumussalam. I've been working for years. I also run a few businesses & I have other part time jobs as well. Basically juggling from job to job to job to study hahaha. Restless tapi Alhamdulillah, selagi ada rezeki & selagi mampu nak bekerja. Anna okay je.
Bab travel tu, normally Anna main hentam je beli tiket kalau Anna rasa tiket murah. Nak pergi nanti baru Anna fikir benda lain lain tu haha. Anna memang yolo.
Nak murah rezeki, kita kena jadi pemurah. Rajin belanja orang, rajin sedekah, jangan kedekut dengan parents, share ilmu etc. insha Allah walau tak banyak, akan ada je rezeki tu :)

I proposed a girl and she said she wants time....u being girl...can you help me out...of what can I do to make it more better...coz your answers are very much genuine and nice plz can you help me out dear?

Hi! Well I cannot assure you that my perception will be of utmost help to you but I will give it a try. If you really have feelings for the supposed girl and want to culminate it into a serious sort of fling, I suggest you go according to your gut. Girls, when ask for time, the reasons can be endless. It might be a past abusive relationship which unables her to trust someone again. Or she might want to concentrate on other spheres of her life than the one you insinuate. She might be juggling her feelings between two guys and needs time to consider who it is actually. Or it is also a polite way to say that I am not interested. You have to go by your gut and figure out what the reason is. Be a gentleman and be there for her if she needs you as a friend. Dont burden her with your expectations of a relationship. Having said that, dont lose your self esteem and tread the waters carefully. Have a nice chat with her and see if you can get her to open up for starters.
I hope I could be of a bit of help.
Have a nice day?

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RE: what if I met someone while still w/my bf. Caught feelings for new person...emotional connection but both agree I need to make a decision of who I want to be with. I step away from both to get clarity.New person is where I'm happy. I'd end it w/bf. Start w/new person. Is this the wrong way?

Then you emotionally cheated, and left BF for the new dude. It's better than just staying and juggling both and dragging it out. But it ain't "right", per se. I mean, would you be cool if your new guy met someone else while with you, forged an emotional connection, then left to be with her?

setuju sm jawaban buat anon td. aku (cewe) nikah dulu baru S2 dan itu berat bgt apalagi kl udh pny anak. mesti bisa ngurus rumah tangga plus kuliah, baru bisa tidur setelah anak tidur, jam tidur yg sedikiiit bgt krn harus juggling role sbg istri, ibu, dan mhs. kl bisa ulang waktu aku bakal S2 dl sih

andiramana’s Profile PhotoAndira Mana
Setelah menikah, akan muncul tumpukan kewajiban sebagai suami/istri.
Itu fakta.
Dan melakukan itu semua sambil S2, adalah hal yang sangat berat.

Halo kak, boleh tau skrg lagi baca buku apa? Trus udah baca buku The Selection nya Kiera Cass blm kak? Minta review singkatnya kak kalo udah hehe??

Juggling five books at once:
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - Junot Díaz
Just Kids - Patti Smith
How Proust Can Change Your Life - Alain de Botton
Delta of Venus - Anaïs Nin
Corat-Coret di Toilet - Eka Kurniawan
And yes, I've read The Selection back in 2014 when I was so into YA. It was okay. The storyline wasn't very engaging to me so I ended up giving it 3 stars on Goodreads.
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JJ is right. You are doing a terrific job of juggling communications and comforting Michaels family, etc. Now you know what he had to go through assuming all the band responsibilities, the mass visits to Galesburg, to name a few. You learned from the best. I wish I could be there to give ya a break

kevin_quinn1’s Profile PhotoKevin Quinn
Yeah, I learned from the very, very best and I'm not done learning from him yet. Natural born leader. Thank you for those really kind thoughts. You may be Godzilla but you have a Godzilla-size heart. I sure wish you could come out here but your father is only doing what he thinks is best for you. Don't put a dent in your relationship. I hope that my mom and dad won't change their mind to let me stay here because I simply have no choice. I know that they will read this and I beg them to not force me disobey them. This is a special case. I miss you Kevin. You have the number to this goofy TracFon and I would welcome a call from you any hour of the day or night. Teddy and Bryce are coming in the next couple of days which will be cool.

There's only four months left of 2016, what have you done up until this point? Did you have any goals set that you've managed to achieve? Are there any goals you have left to achieve the next four months?

youcuntx’s Profile PhotoJ.
is it bad that this actually made me panic slightly because it feels like 2016 just started ?? what the hell happened to the time.
idk, 2016 started off really badly for me health wise. tbh it's all been a blur since then, i've just been working nonstop and juggling that with maintaining my health and all of the extra social obligations in between. i haven't had much time to myself, but i'm hoping that changes within the next few months once i start to accumulate PTO again.
as for goals, i want to do things for myself without the fear of judgment. i want to go on a fucking vacation. i wish i could be more spontaneous but it's basically impossible because of my schedule haha.
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What's the craziest, weirdest or otherwise most deviant act that you've ever witnessed another person engaged in?

I'm not too big on calling other people 'crazy', and the word 'deviant' has lost all meaning to me outside of the statistical context. Weird, however, I've seen some weird stuff.
If we're limiting this to things I've seen people do in person, that really cuts out some of the most outlandish examples, but my brothers have given me some excellent windows into social circles I'd otherwise never see. The one that sticks out in my memory right now (I suppose the availability heuristic is the best tool for this kind of question) is an attempted nightclub pickup I witnessed when I was around 14. What was I doing in a nightclub at 14? At around that time in my life, managing nightclubs was my oldest brother Neville's main vocation (this is just before he got into federal customs work), and around this time he ran a nightclub in the same Western Suburbs area that my parents lived in. So I would visit sometimes, tagging along with the brother above me, Dean.
On this particular night, the dance floor was a packed, sweaty mess, so a lot of the overt pick-up attempts had scattered away to other parts of the club (this may have been before overt ass-grinding became the phenomena it was when I was a young man). A very stacked asian woman, wearing what I could best describe as a bathing suit with a small skirt over it, was holding court at a corner of the bar, clearly juggling the pick-up attempts of at least 3 white guys. The air was thick with desperation, and while I couldn't hear what they were saying, the small finger points implied the guys were mostly trying to curry favour by dissing each other. They had enough hair gel between them to fill a bucket.
Anyway, one of the guys was quite red in the face. I assumed he was losing the diss-war, and the lady's prodigious indoor sunglasses were pointed away from him at a right angle. Then it happened... He tossed back what was left of his drink, and then smashed the glass against the corner of his own forehead.
Everyone understandably recoiled from this, the man opposite him standing as if he were convinced a fight were about to start. The people around them had stopped speaking and were staring, his head was bleeding pretty badly, but... He was just looking at the woman and talking, as if in his mind he had planned to do this casually, and impress everyone with how nonchalant he was about it. No one was having it.
The woman was showing him her palms, and was clearly distressed. Other women who must've been her friends floated around her, fearing what he might do next. The bartender was behind him, raising his voice trying to get his attention. So committed was he to whatever his plan was, he kept trying to ignore it and play it off as no big deal. In a minute or so, my brother and one of the bouncers had to escort him out. An ambulance had been called. My brother insisted that desperate men do things like that sometimes.
Sometimes, when I see guys going off the deep end online, I remember that man's face.

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kak boleh minta saranya ga? hehe aku sebenernya ga terlalu bermasalah sama cara berkomunikasi sama orang banyak dan ya fine2 aja sih honestly. tp aku punya ketakutan tersendiri kalo pas masuk dunia kuliah, tkt aku ga punya bamyak relasi dan malah jadi mahasiswa yang kupu-kupu(kuliah pulang) doang.

halo, maaf telat seminggu jawabnya. Dari dua pertanyaan yang kamu kasih. aku pikir kamu sudah paham harus ngapain. Saranku bakalan sama kayak rencana kamu, jadi kayaknya gak bisa ngomong banyak-banyak deh, hahaha.
Yang perlu diingat sih boleh-boleh aja "kecanduan" berorganisasi dan aktif di kampus selama kamu kuliah, tapi harus ingat ya tujuan kamu kuliah itu buat belajar jadi IPK tetap harus jadi prioritas. Do whatever you can to keep yours good enough to satisfy both you and your parents. As for your communication skills, personally speaking ㅡ bakal terlatih secara otomatis kok kalau kamu terbiasa kerja dalam tim.
Jangan jahat sama diri sendiri. Dengerin badan kamu, jangan terus-terusan diforsir. Kesannya sepele ya tapi sesungguhnya kesehatan adalah kunci utama biar kamu bisa juggling antara kuliah & kegiatan kampus secara bersamaan. Hehehe.
Good luck 🌹✨

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I'm living only with my mother now (Ibu udah tua banget). As I'm getting older, gue jadi sibuk sama kerjaan gue dan pacar. For now, most of the time I can't take care of my mother. I'm thinking about putting her into Panti but it kinda makes me feel... jahat but it's for the good. What do you think?

I see that you have gotten so many negative comments ("egois lu" "tega amat"..) from most users.
Dan mungkin itu karena semuanya orang Indonesia ya, dimana orang tua itu selalu dianggap lebih daripada diri kamu sendiri (Makanya kan bisa dianggap egois kalo lebih mementingkan hidup sendiri...)
Here's something new: your life should NOT revolve around your parents. It's your fucking life not theirs.
Aku tau banget kok masalah kamu... My mom for example is 1000% against Panti Jompo (Indonesian view af).
But do I want to take her in when she's older?
(maybe if my mom was really cool and I had an amazing relationship with her, things would be different tapi aku balik ke Jakarta 3 minggu aja udah perang Dunia ke 3 so no thanks)
My grandparents on the other hand, have no problem kalau nanti masuk Panti Jompo Saat udah ga bisa rawat diri sendiri. Mereka malah ga mau ngerepotin anak2nya dan di Panti Jompo ya lebih enak daripada di rumah sendirian doang. Mending ada temen.
So, If you actually like your mom living with you, coba cari suster/perawat first untuk bantu2, if that doesn't work, consider the home. If you get married then DEFINITELY go to the home. I find living with parents when married cringeworthy.
In Europe home for elderly are so common and there are very good ones with a lot of programmes and beautiful facilities, so if you can find a good one then why the hell not?
People in Indonesia think homes are equal to abandoning you parents, when in truth they are probably cared for better there than you ever can while juggling a job, bills, your partner and YOUR future.

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Hi kak anna, may i ask if u dont mind. Are you tired of juggling in between ur carrier and also studies? Bcs u seem so cool in multitasking in between those two!

Hi! Gila tak penat! Haha
There was this one time masa tu tengah final kot tak ingat but tomorrow exam, that night my friends and I were packing products for my customers sampai pagi. It was hectic sebab beratus barang kena bungkus. So glad I had them though.
It's really tiring tapi it's worth it. I don't really go for the money, this is true. I like the satisfaction, the thrill & experience, the feeling when my customers give me positive feedbacks on how much they like the products I'm selling. Dia macam achievement tau.
Other careers pun sama jugak. I love the experience so I won't give up any of it.
Tapi to be good at multitasking, you always have to know your priorities. That's how you will be able to manage your time wisely! :)

Why does the side chick/other woman hate the main chick so much? Like I don't get it. The main chick has done nothing wrong to the side chick. I see so many side chicks determined to ruin not only relationships but embarrass/humiliate the main chick publicly in the process. But why?

She wants her position and can't get it. It's all misdirected anger. The main chick isn't the problem; the man who is juggling them both is.
Hurting Main Chick, who the guy puts first, is also a way of hurting the guy. Andddd, a Main Chick aware of a Side Chick often thinks she is better than her for being Main. The Side Chick blasting/hurting her is a way to remind her she's no better and they're both involved in the same messy situation.
Ugh. Explaining the psychology of that made my head hurt. Two women competing for a sorry ass man who really only cares about himself is a waste of pretty.

What's your unfair advantage (things that you have built, learned, or owned that are not easily copied by others)?

I began speed reading at the age of 12 in middle school. My parents were tight on money, so I didn't have many choices of age-appropriate entertainments. I frequently borrowed my classmate's romance novels (and by romance I mean softcore, vanilla porn). One day, my mother totally fumed when she found one on my desk. She warned me not to read those books again.
That was when I learned my lesson: I should read those books real quick so I wouldn't need to bring them home. So I read them in every spare time I have in school, which was never very long. It was not easy at first, but I read faster and faster everyday.
It's rather an embarassing story, but now, as the result, I can speed read and I don't need much time to study. This competitive advantage had helped me juggling with my job and my postgrad study.

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I feel like in the last two weeks there have been at least 5 Jimquisitions you could be doing on various subjects. I feel like at some point you will have two hire a permanent assistant (mostly to cover for Chips fuck ups) and make two episodes a week to keep up with the industry at this rate.

Chris U
Ha, yeah. If I wasn't juggling loads of other work and dealing with the pain problem, I'd shoot for more second-of-the-week shows. Definitely a lot of interesting topics coming up lately.

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