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when you have already explained to them what hurts you the most, but they still keep doing it.

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What's there to explain?
What hurts humans is usually mutual to all humans.
What hurts a person? Being lied to, not being included, not being seen, being ignored despite all efforts, being bad mouthed by those loved the most, its like your friendship, your faith in them, your feelings, emotions, sincerity, it's all one sided, the other person doesn't consider you a human, let alone, a friend.
Jo apny lye bura lgta hai, wo dosry k lye bhi to bura lgna chahiye.

Tell me something you love. May it be something you love to do... or a hobby.. a person.. thing. Something you love.

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My pooch! She means everything to me and has helped my mental health so much. She's also stressed me out with her behaviour but let's not talk about that part hahaha. I keep fit because of her, she makes me laugh all the time, she makes me happy and she's so loyal as a companion. I'd honestly be lost without her!
Tell me something you love May it be something you love to do or a hobby a
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Did you have a childhood pet growing up? If so what were their names

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Yes, we had a golden retriever named Angel. She was nearly the same age as me. I think she was 1? Year older then me. Then we had Libby. A Maine Coon cat. Black and white. Beautiful cat. She lived a long time too. Miss them both. Best pets you could ever have. Sad they only live 8 to 16 to 20 years. Some. :( Wanna keep my whole lifetime. All good. We learn from it. Makes us stronger in the end.

What are some deep conversations you like to have what are the topics

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I usually talk about myself while also trying to get to know the individual(s) that I’m talking to and the conversations that I tend to have with them are about our previous life experiences and our likes/dislikes. It doesn’t always get too deep since I hardly ever talk to others in person these days so when I do talk to someone in person, we tend to talk about superficial topics or we are at the getting to know each other phase. The conversation gets deeper if I feel comfortable around them and they feel comfortable too. I don’t like small talk anyways so I usually don’t have them unless the person I’m interacting with wants to keep their distance and they aren’t willing to open up.

Im married, i love my husband. But i don't know why, i still can't forget my ex......... pdahal dia dah kahwin. Aku pun sama. But why? Kenapa asyik terfikir, teringat, terkenang. Serabut kadang kadang. Ada ke pill yang boleh hilangkan memori? I want. I feel bad :(

Distance yourself from your ex. Don't keep up with his life, focus on yourself and your marriage. Don't feed your rindu tu, nanti makin teruk.
Saya pun pening la macam mana mau jawabnya. Saya jenis yang cepat move on hahaha
Tapi itu la anon, marriage is a huge commitment. This is just a small distraction, tambah pula ex kamu tu sudah kahwin. Kalau kau kacau juga dia memang kau jahat la non. Jangan kacau yaaa
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What do you usually do during a blackout? 🕯️🔦

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I talk to my family members and use my phone’s light or a candle to see my surroundings. Blackouts usually don’t last very long where I live so I don’t have to find ways to keep myself preoccupied the whole time. If it were to last for a few hours, I’d probably go to sleep.

Why don't the serious and apparently "sober" personalities on Ask stop using it if they find everything on it "lame" and "boring". Ironically, these people have a problem with every single shoutout that they reply to. Whyyyy? xD

If a dog is barking right in front of you, would you start barking back??? Nahi naa, so please keep ignoring them ...

What is the most valuable trait in a person? (Examples: intelligence, kindness, integrity, courage, morality, etc.)

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
Angelina Jolie once said :
"I have never understood why some people are lucky enough to be born with the chance that I had, to have this path in life.
And why across the world there’s a woman just like me, with the same abilities and the same desires, same work ethic and love for her family, who would most likely make better films, and better speeches — only she sits in a refugee camp.
She has no voice.
She worries about what her children will eat, how to keep them safe, and if they’ll ever be allowed to return home.
I don’t know why this is my life and that’s hers.
I don’t understand that, but I will do as my mother asked, and I will do the best I can with this life to be of use.
To stand here today means that I did as she asked, and if she were alive she’d be very proud, so thank you for that."
(Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award acceptance speech at The Academy’s 2013 Governors Awards.)

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What is the most valuable trait in a person Examples intelligence kindness

How easily scared are you? 😨

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I'm not easily scared. How many times will I keep getting rejected after the first date, tho? Lol. I got rejected 2 weeks ago by a 50 year old something man. Then another last week. And now who knows if I'm going to get rejected this week. I'm so used to it that I don't care anymore. Is naturally 😂
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How do you spend your leisure time?

Saira019’s Profile PhotoSaira.
I think my life would have been better if there were no greys for me, just black and white. No I don't want to understand people anymore, make up reasons in my mind for the choices they make. I don't want to keep both the good and the bad memories of people having to decide which one weighs more. I can't do the maths anymore.

Do you believe in "fake it, till you make it" ?

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I don’t think it works unless you truly want to become the kind of person you aspire to be like. I tried to do that with my anxiety but it didn’t work, most likely because I was still very much worried about what people might think about me and I let my thoughts dictate my actions. If you let your actions take precedence over your thoughts, then perhaps it’ll work. Also, if you have a fixed mindset rather than a growth mindset, you’ll probably find yourself stuck in the same place without much change. For example, you can fake confidence all you want but if you keep telling yourself that you don’t matter and that you look like a fool in public, you’ll probably never be self confident due to your negative thoughts that hold you back. It’s more about training your brain to think more positively and/or letting your actions speak louder than your thoughts.

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When you have friends that don’t get along, what’s your approach to keeping peace? Do you mediate, keep your mouth shut and listen, or advise parties separately while maintaining the confidence of what each party told you?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
I'm happy to lend a listening ear if a friend comes to me needing to vent about someone else’s actions, but that is about as much as I’m willing to do. As a rule, I try not to involve myself in others' conflicts. Having been on both sides of this exact situation one too many times, I've unfortunately learned the hard way that absolutely nothing gets resolved unless people actually talk to each other. In fact, things usually just get messier once someone else gets involved.
So, as harsh as it may sound, if a friend came and asked me if I’d be willing to have a word with someone else for them, my answer would have to be no. If confronting the other person by themselves makes them anxious then I may offer to stay in the room with them, for moral support– but I’d keep my mouth closed and stay out of the conversation.
It's not my place to fight other people’s battles for them.

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Congrats @lewishmilton , you deserve it 🏆
Gutted to retire so early and a tough pill to swallow at our home race, but another win for the team shows the progress we're making. We'll keep getting stronger 💪
Congrats lewishmilton  you deserve it 

Gutted to retire so early and a tough

> nothing but i only share personal things with someone deserving - I know you do but does Sage ever understand you? 🤣 > oh no! did he duplicate again? - I'm afraid so. Spawn Toriola. 🤣 > i might not keep the fb - This is what I like about you. Post secret pictures of you deleting Faceboomer. 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
He doesn’t understand. He’s not fuctional and he’s always angited. What do u like about Spawn Toriola? He’s so mean. He goes through a lot. Yeah, but I think that u like some other things about me too. 😁🤣💗

بعنوان ما تغلطش غلطتي ابعت نصيحة وغلطة استفاد منها ..

جايه في وقتها الحقيقه قررت افتح الابلكيشن أصيح علي حاجه و ارجع less active تاني المهم، keep Ur life silent بجد متتكلميش عن أحلامك ،حجات مخططه ليها أو حتي خطوات ماشيه فيها غير لما تتم .. متتكلميش عن علاقتك مع ربنا نهائي ، أهدافك لنفسك خطواتك في حياتك متعلنيش عنها غير لما تكمل ،قربي لربنا و بلاش ثقه زياده و الأمان التام حياتك تبقي safe zone و خليكي دائمًا بين ناس شبهك بتحبك تحب ليكي الخير و النجاح دائماً تشجعك و تبقي واثقه فيكي small circle تبقي comfortable zone وشكراً عيشي لنفسك و أهدافك وحياتك واسعي تكوني رايقه و أبعدي عن أي تشتت سواء كان من ناس حواليكي أو أماكن أشخاص مش شبهك اتعبي عشان توصلي ولما توصلي تكوني فخوره بنفسك_ وقت الفراغ لا" حاولي تشغلي نفسك بحجات كتير هتحبي نفسك أكتر لما تبقي شخص productive وهتبقي طاقتك حلوه powerful لنفسك و هتحققي السعاده فعلاً في كل حياتك لما تعملي كده!♥️♥️

> i have 16 friends, all of which i’ve known irl at some point - That's 16 too many. Delete and block. 🤣 > but i know plenty of people here can’t stand me either - Gee, I totally don't know what that's like. 🤣 > you know all my secrets - I know everything. 🤣 :::cancels police::: 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
I’m honestly surprised I know that many people enough to add. There’s still a few requests out too. 🤣 I might not keep the FB. I don’t know why I do things sometimes. I don’t want to talk to most of these people. 🤣 Yeah, yeah, I know that you know everything. You always do. 😁🤣💗

What is the maximum number of layers of clothing you had to wear to keep warm?

I go out near nud3 in the snow. I have no problems with the cold and I don’t like bulky layers or overheating. If I’m walking around somewhere in the winter, I am likely to take my jacket off.

Are you growing apart from some of your ask fm friends?

It’s not that I’m growing apart from them but more like I’m not a priority to some of those I consider a friend on here. I’ve tried getting closer to certain individuals on here just because we have mutual friends but I gave up on that since the interest in befriending them was one sided. I’m kind of distant myself so it makes sense if they choose to keep their distance from me too and I just have to stop taking their lack of interest in talking to me too personally. I’m loyal but not the kind of friend who will talk to their friends on a daily basis unless I have something I’d like to say to them so that confuses some people sometimes. It would be amazing if my friendships stayed the same regardless of how often I kept in touch with friends but that’s not how life works.

I want to pursue my career outside Pakistan because of good opportunities and it's a dream too but there's a sweetest guy who has sent a proposal for me but cuz of his job we'll have to stay in Pakistan! Now I'm in a fix whether to pursue my dream or live with him as I fear regrets in both senerios

Istekhara is your solution, girl. Don't expect snakes/monsters/dreams, just expect things to work out for you in a way that Allah would have wanted them to.
For this, you need to keep the question clear in your head and focus ONLYYY on YES/NO as the answer.
Don't do it for a particular number of days or time, just keep doing it until things start falling into place.

How do you move on from failures?

gawnferal’s Profile Photohudیٰ
I learn from them, every failure teaches us something great about us and human mind. We're all humans, we're bound to fail but what matters is how we get up and start again. When you keep working, everything falls into place but when you constantly think about your failures and what ifs, you get stuck in a miserable place.

Would you say you're an organized person? I am not, I am terribly chaotic with my things, and I never find a darn thing when I need it. I really need to change that.

I’m not. The only thing that’s close being organized when it comes to me is the fact that I kept most of the clothes I packed in boxes in their boxes even after I moved with my family about 2 years ago. My desk is cluttered at the moment and most of my clothes aren’t separated and placed in their drawers or hung up in the closets. I couldn’t find where my socks went but recently found a few pairs in the box of clothes that I keep next to my bed.

Are you a middle child, first child, or the youngest? Has that influenced your personality?

nousernameavailable31645’s Profile Photo♠phlegmatic♣
I’m the oldest child and I think it didn’t do much to influence my personality tbh. I’m not very independent and as responsible as some might expect the oldest child to be and also not the most mature but between my younger brother and I, I am the more mature one. I tend to keep to myself more and feel content on my own so maybe that’s due to being the oldest child and the way I grew up. I’m thinking it could be because I got used to being lonely from a young age since I didn’t have any friends until I was about 5 or any siblings either and even later on, I still wasn’t good at making friends. It’s good to not have any older siblings that are controlling/tells me what to do but, I’ve been told that I need someone who takes the lead and guides me in life since I’m not the best at taking care of myself when left alone. I hardly ever cook for myself or take the initiative and find a part time job in the meantime, even tho I’m free and have the time to work. Caring about what people possibly think of me too much and dealing with OCD for years has made it hard for me to “play my role” as the first child so that could be why I’m not as independent as my younger brother is. I have a little sister too (she’s the youngest) and she’s more outgoing than my brother and I 😁

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How do you deal with, you know, [vaguely gestures around] everything?

gawnferal’s Profile Photohudیٰ
It's funny how life throws so many different situations at us, each needing its own unique approach. Yet, we often try to apply the most recent lesson we learned to all of them. When that doesn't work, we come up with a new theory and use it for everything. Then we wonder why things keep going wrong. Strange, right?

Mention one toxic trait about you.

I call this one of my biggest ones, that I don't leave nor abandon people no matter how painful it is to stay in that particular relationship. I will give you multiple chances to change for the better and try my very best to save us. things can get toxic all they want and I will still choose to stay. I will keep fighting for that relationship-tell you what, and where, and how things are getting messy already and will still find ways on how to fix it. I just dont give up easily just that and It will tire me out, but once you have never done anything to prove that you are deserving of the pain and struggles I am willing to take for you, then it is over, that would be the time that I will consider things done for the both of us cause I am such a lover by heart, but I am never meant for something that would let me abandon my own
sanity. 🌻

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Do you think there's more harassment and bullying on this app than other social media apps, due to people having the option to be anon?

Definitely. I’ve never had a problem anywhere else except for in the early days of the internet and I was kinda annoying and attention seeking back then anyway. Still nothing compared to here where I really just keep to myself.

Why love is so painful 😣

faresmokhtar924’s Profile PhotoFares Mokhtar
Sometimes things that are valuable cause the most pain. Did you know that it’s actually better to keep moving in pain, than to sit or lay down? It creates endorphins and decreases pain. I recommend you do your best to move forward. What happens after that will let you know everything you need to know.
Why love is so painful

How will you live over time do you think you can keep loving two?

I understand
what are you talk about and about who you talk
if i understand right of corse…
i don’t know who you are and why you think so
but when situation
like this happens
or you think that situation like this… maybe it’s not true …
man must show that he the best
and on me not working any
make me jealous or show me or hinting me and etc
i want joy and happiness.
my love story .
my man actions.
want talk … talk with me.
without unnecessary
women or men…
because when man have girlfriend for me it’s like

actions shows everything.
i see what i see
( i don’t want understand any
why or any secret reason)
i look at what happens with me
i could be only one.
and more
i absolutely feel that my man never just never
will not make me feel that i’m
not only only one.
we both must be only one
for each other.
want to say …say want to do
but with me. for me…
only beautiful actions about me.
why i need to explain it!
it’s so obvious.
i absolutely serious…if i said i don’t like or don’t need
it’s absolutely true.
and it’s not important you celebrity
( because both a celebrity)
and million girls or women ready
be yours
i don’t care about
at first you are my man …
(will my man)
for me important
what you do about me.
or will
that how i feel.
and all my secret records
or etc
i just must to show how i feel
how i …no even it’s not about want
i never want something
what will not be mine.
i show … my visions…
you show yours
i not use men… and if men use women to show me something for me it’s like
he show what he show .
no about i understand it’s about me
me anonymous… what about is about me.
another languages i don’t understand… and don’t want understand… because i want to be …make happy
and be most happiest girl.

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Do you feel like social media has a positive or negative effect on how realistic our expectations are in life? For example, how we view travel, success, relationships, and physical appearance?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
One thing I've learned.
You can make close friends, even love someone deeply.
You're used to talk to them everyday, but then one day, they will leave.
I'm still not used to that, and thinking about it, makes me kind of sad.
It differs from my real life.
I always keep contact with my friends, people that I care about.
I don't have this idea, that one day they'd be gone.
Unless for a dramatic reason.
Do you feel like social media has a positive or negative effect on how realistic

What’s something interesting you’ve learned of/about recently? 💁

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Lately, I have been reading a lot about wine-making, and the process of making your own wine from home. My fiancé and I often like to go berry-picking during the summer months and we decided that this year, rather than using those berries to make jam or putting them in cakes, we'd try our hand at making strawberry wine!
I'm quite excited, though also a tiny bit nervous. Even though I've done my research, it's a tad nerve wracking doing something new for the first time.
I'll keep you all posted and let you know how it goes! 😊🍷

How do you cope with feelings of jealousy?

lostineden’s Profile PhotoLost in Eden •°•☆
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I'll be open about it and see how people react about it because people who stay reassured that there is no need to be jealous about something, continue to be present and consistent in their communication with me, while people, who lack those characteristics usually leave me in the dark, with my feelings. And If they do, there is no further need for me to keep them in my life.

How do you keep going when you feel like nothing is worth it anymore?

boyaxp’s Profile Photozein.ftm
Ask urself how many steps u do every day.
U 'll figure out that u don’t count ur steps,u only start counting when it starts hurting, when u feel pain, cause that’s when it really matters ,So don't tell me that nothing is worth it cuz that's not the truth !
In my darkest moments , I close my eyes. I don't even have to think hard. Realize there's only me and Allah.
I pray for strength, and I know He hears me.
I know even the weakest, most feeble prayer, God hears.
One thing to remember is that what u 're feeling isn't unique and u aren't alone in it.More people 're going through what u 're going through than u realize and there 're also more people that needs and appreciate ur strength than u realize.
Even if no one sees u or feels u, Allah is always there.
Gotta move on ,not to dea.th. Maybe the old version dies.Then u accept the new u.

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Tell me a sad fact about yourself.

thatmissingirl’s Profile Photoregrettable child
I have a problem where I get more sleep and feel hungrier when I'm stressed. I just had lunch, but I'm feeling hungry and sleepy again. I have very important work pending for the past three days, but because of the stress, I have a headache and feel very sleepy. I keep falling asleep repeatedly. This always happens when I'm stressed, or if I try to stay awake, I feel hungry again. It's just for the taste, I need to eat something.

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