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Do you still watch Disney movies if you're an adult ..... And not just because you have to for the kids ...Im looking for the ones still singing along to every word of every song lol

MidnightxMadness’s Profile PhotoMidnightxKiss
At times I do yes, not always and not as soon they come out but I generally do end up watching and enjoying them ✅

Hej! Mogłabym prosić o podesłanie paru emotek? Z góry dziękuję i przepraszam za spam. Miłego wieczoru 🌙

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Miłego wieczoru!
Annie Camden:''Well, it's not the teaching really. It's being around kids. You know how much I've always loved having children in my life, working with them, helping them. You know, in a couple of years, Sam and David... they'll be in school. Ruthie's doing great, Simon's in high school, Robbie and Lucy are in college, Mary's in New York and Matt's going off to medical school, So our kids need me, but they don't need me. If I teach every year, I'll have a new batch of kids who I'll need to help the way I helped our kids. It's the perfect job for me. All I have to do is take what I've been doing at home for the last 20 years and put it in the classroom. I can do it. I think I'll be good at it."
Hej Mogłabym prosić o podesłanie paru emotek Z góry dziękuję i przepraszam za

How'd you describe your habits in general? Are they good or bad? 🚿🚰🏃‍♂️💤

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Getting better! I haven't smoked a single cigarette in almost 3 weeks & I don't drink. I cut down on soda a lot. I'm still drinking 1-2 a day but I was at like 6 a day lol, with how insanely tired i've been I need the caffeine. Getting more or less 8hrs of sleep at night & kinda trying to eat better than I used to. So while i'm not perfect by any means i'm making progress towards healthier habits lol. I've always had excellent hygiene habits & generally try to keep my home clean. Hard with 5 kids & 2 other adults tho lol
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Boys is question for you but girls you can answer too If the one you love has hypertension and she needs to take pills every day She can be cured, but she needs surgery and if she gets pregnant is huge risk to her health Would you marry her?

yeah i would just not have babies with her and support her however i can. simple!
it’s not like i’m dying to have kids anyway

What do you think women fail to realize that is actually hard for men?

We don't have emotional support. We can't call up a guy friend, cry to him, ask him to tell us everything is going to be ok, and give us a hug. People assume we're predators when we're around kids, especially if they're not the same race. This one might cause some trouble and surprise, but we are constantly unwanted, rejected, and outright feared, just for existing. Society forces us to not speak up for women constantly attacking us. As a man, you have absolutely no implicit value. Men are not seen as having any sense of valuable identity, beauty, or character. The absence of romance. Yes, ladies, we do like romance and WANT YOU THINK OF US ROMANTICALLY! Buy us that damn box of chocolate, too. Y'all already know we've been conditioned since birth to not express our emotions, and if we do, it's deeply frowned upon and sometimes gets physically harmed. We're not allowed to be sensitive and show weakness even when it's called for. How incredibly stressed out we are and that we're not allowed to speak about the physical and mental torture we are often put through at work. It may come as a shock, but we get sexually harassed too. I can not tell you how many times I have been sexually harassed and assaulted by women and men and not be able to speak out about it. There is so much that women don't know about men, and I barely touched the surface.

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Есть ли у Вас любимая песня??Бывало ли такое, что Вы переслушивали одну и туже песню весь день??Поделитесь списком любимых песен ✨

вот мои ульты мои лидеры по количеству прослушиваний лучшие создания человеческие эвер
sabaton — carolus rex
• а теперь представьте, что со мной было, когда я услышала её живьём; сказать, что я к xepaм copвала голос на строчке "i was chosen by heaven", — промолчать так же, как я после концерта две недели
stray kids — the tortoise and the hare
stray kids — slump (english ver.)
stray kids — stop
макsим — как летать
muse — space dementia
avatar — bloody angel
oneus — luna
annisokay — stfu
ateez — deja vu
atl — на щите
i prevail — bow down
asking alexandria — all due respect
disturbed — the night
oxxxymiron — нон-фикшн
звери — рома, извини

Do you allow your kids or daughter to have pets?

I am *HUGE* on animals. I think they're the perfect way to teach a kid responsibility, trust, compassion, respect, patience, and hard work, especially since I'm a farmer. I do live in town atm, so the only animals that are at the house are our dogs and a cat Gabbie got Ellis. I would prefer if the cat was at her place, but Ellis is normally with me. The only animals I do not allow in my house are fish and reptiles.

Does mental illness run in your family and if so which ones?

Oh yeah. My kids don't stand a chance. They may not be in therapy right now, but they definitely will be in the future. Bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, prsonality, and eating disorders. As for the other mental illnesses my relatives struggle with, I believe they're caused by environment vs. genetics.

От какой песни у тебя мурашки по коже?

leraimn’s Profile Photoleraimn
Так, ну вот мой персональный мурашечный завод, который буквально превращает меня в плёнку-пупырку.
ONEUS — Same Scent
GFRIEND — Fallin' Light
League of Legends, Cailin Russo, Chrissy Costanza — Phoenix
Mushmellow — Country Song
Mushmellow — Stefania’s Sacrifice
Пикник — Египтянин
Пикник — Сияние
ONEWE — Montage_
Lee Know, Hyunjin, Felix — Taste
BTS — Louder than bombs
Solence — In the Dark
Алексей Румянцев — Я передумал
Вот эти помимо мурашек вызывают ещё и слёзы. Каждый. Гpёбaный. Раз.
Stray Kids — Winter Falls
BTS — Spring Day
А эти миксуют в сердце дикий коктейль из иcтepики и любви. И в объяснении не нуждаются.
Stray Kids — #LoveSTAY
Stray Kids — You Can STAY

Is there anything that you’re pretty sure you’ll like for the rest of your life?

we are not about love…. not about him….🕸❤️
or our future kids … or our life
ok …?!
anonymous because it’s in my blood
and i don’t want to repeat it
i’m about another things
fashion….beautiful things…
beautiful things….
and i don’t like simple people or simple things….
the simple can be the attitude towards people…. from very very deep person
but not person himself….
i’m beautiful girl with rare green eyes….💚💚
and really beautiful people understand me….
when you are born beautiful you
you look at the world differently….
plus i’m magical girl….

do you think kids should learn about gender identity?

MikeCiavato’s Profile PhotoBekai
No child ever had a gender confusion ~
~ until "freak-evil-perverts" - - fukkt with their consciousness developement
- not to be confused sexuality -
- there was no s.i. - i.d. confusion -
~ yeah , the 'rainbow' freaks should be tipped into the pit
do you think kids should learn about gender identity

Full time dad during 6-8 am to 4:30- 5pm drive to work, work starts 6:30pm get home around 1-3 am. 6 nights a week. Is it fair I asked my partner if I can have 4-6 hrs to my self one day a week ?

oof, that's rough buddy. you have my sympathies.
i mean, if your partner gets a lot more free time than you do, it's absolutely fair to ask to even that out; they're being selfish otherwise, if not straight up controlling.
i understand that might not be the case, though, as you may both work long hours. if so, you need to look into alternatives for your kid/s, at least once a week: daycare, family, friends, etc. it'll do wonders for both of you (especially you) and your relationship, as well as for the kids. if you can't afford a daycare centre, there may be less expensive options available in your area, like family daycare.
good luck! ♡

Why did you have children?

The first one wasn't by choice, and the second one was. I wanted to start a family with my ex fiancée. It was something we both talked about for years, and eventually, it felt like the right time to start. My kids are my absolute everything and are a blessing. They're one of the best teachers a parent can have.

Sometimes you just need a single word of validation.

Don't seek approval. This may be the toughest suggestion for you to follow -- and the most important. Whether you're a teenager seeking approval from your peers, a middle-aged parent seeking the approval of your kids, or a man or woman seeking the approval of a partner, it all amounts to the same thing. You're giving your personal power away every time you seek validation from someone else for who you are.
T. J. MacGregor
Sometimes you just need a single word of validation

Por tu papel de Ámbar en Soy Luna, ganaste numerosos premios Kids' Choice Awards como 'Villano favorito'. ¿Qué tan difícil o emocionante fue interpretar a un villano para ti?

Me encantó recibir este premio, cada vez que lo recibí, porque es un premio donde la gente vota y sentir el apoyo y el calor de ellos siempre es algo muy bonito que no me preocupa, nunca me cansaré de agradecerles. En lo personal, cuando era pequeña siempre me gustaron los malos y estoy feliz de haber podido encarnar a una y que la gente la quisiera y simpatizara tanto.

*Lux makes a sound of happiness as she runs over and hugs her mom, her little brother Starcross toddles along behind her, also joining the hug when he reaches them* Happy Birthday Mommy! *She hands Dream a drawing of their family that clearly both she and Starcross worked on*

StarsOfDreams’s Profile PhotoLux
*Dream kneels down to wrap their two kids in a hug, the smile on his face is one of a mind at ease, as opposed to the forced happiness he often portrays to the world. He gives each of them a clink on the skull*
Thank you so much, both of you. All I really needed for my birthday though was the two of you here with me
Lux makes a sound of happiness as she runs over and hugs her mom her little

Patrocinado por adidas.

Mi resumen del año no son más que los motivos que he encontrado para sobrevivir. Es curioso, cuando me he puesto a reflexionar sobre esto, ninguno es una persona.
¿Con qué me he encontrado este año que me ha merecido la pena?
- Novela: A Little Life. Me dejó un vacío considerable cuando la acabé. Lo mejor que he leído en mucho tiempo. Me sentí dolorosamente identificada con una historia que no pretende en ningún momento agradar ni difuminar lo que puede ser el dolor existencial.
- Cómic/Novela Gráfica: Todo lo de Zerocalcare. Absolutamente todo. Ver reflejada parte de mi complejidad en unas hojas de papel llenas de dibujo es irónicamente satisfactorio.
- Serie: (1)Animación adulta, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. Solo quiero pasar los días pensando sobre lo que pienso de ella. (2) Sentimentalismo barato que me encanta también: Snowdrop, 2521, Descendants of the sun.
- Película: (1) Forgotten por la sorpresa (2) American Graffiti porque cualquier cosa que meramente toque el concepto del paso del tiempo y crecer me tiene ganada.
- Corto: Caradecaballo
- Poesía: Los trabajos sin Hércules.
- Canción: (1)A Ras del Suelo- Envidia Kotxina (2) Wonderland-Ateez
- Letra: Any-Stray Kids “No es esto ni eso”
- Podcast: The Wild Project, los de Pedro Baños, Arturo Pérez-Reverte y Juan Soto Ivars.
- Programa de televisión: Planeta Calleja con Ángel León. El chef del mar. Es indescriptible la admiración que siento hacia ese hombre y la envidia que me da su pasión.
- Especia: Sumac
- Comida: Calabaza. En todas sus formas.
- Bebida: Rooibos Halloween (Con calaza y clavo)

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English urdu pashto sindhi kashmiri punjabi french spanish arabic turkish.

there is this one girl on twitter who is constantly ranting every minute about how much she hates studying for her embryology exam and now this upper limb lower limb chapter, mtlb agar medicine parhna itna hee zehr lagta hai tou why the f are u even doing it??? just effing DROPOUT lmao. there are hundreds of paki kids who are dying to be a doc, but aren't too privileged to become one.

Is it okay to date someone your friend already dated? Or are they forever off-limits?

Context: it varies depending on how long ago they split up, how serious the relationship was and Wether any harm was done to the friend by said ex. For example, if your friends wife/husband left them and their 3 kids 2 months ago, definitely a nono. On the other hand, a two week fling 5 years ago where no harm was caused, I don't really see an issue.

If they were really going to reboot Austin and ally, do you have any ideas of how you think the show should contuine?

We’ve always joked about doing a more explicit side of A&A hahaha I don’t know for sure what the storyline would be if we did do that but it was just an idea we’ve always had. I do think realistically if we were to do a reboot it would be more about their lives outside of music and more about raising their kids and living life being married and figuring out all the ins and outs of life together while watching their kids grow up. I’d be happy with however the producers portray the reboot though and it’s exciting to think about it possibly happening. We’ve been in the talks about it for quite some time ;)

If they were really going to reboot Austin and ally, would you do it and do you have any ideas of how you think the show should contuine?

yes and i personally think it should still be all about austin, ally, dez and trish like the old show but with their kids included. i know in the finale it showed that the characters got married and had kids of their own but if there was a reboot i’d like to see how their life is with their kids and to especially watch them grow up from going to school and then off to college. it would be really cool and maybe their kids could have their own relationships too, i think it would be really interesting to see.

Let’s say you’re at dinner with the kids, is it okay to give them weed brownies for dessert? If it’s legal and you can eat it, why can’t they?

Well that depends on how old the kids are. If they’re old enough to smoke weed or whatever, sure but if they’re underage, then hell no.

Welche Fächer gehören in der Schule abgeschafft?

Nicht abgeschafft, aber die Grenzen aufgeweicht. Total altmodisch unser Schulsystem mit der strikten Trennung von Fächern und Lehrplänen. Die Realität ist interdisziplinär und wo anders, zB Skandinavien oder englischsprachige Länder, haben sie das schon lange begriffen. Unterricht könnte viel mehr in Module aufgeteilt und projektbasiert sein. Das hat so viel Potential. Lässt man Kids das Thema Amazonas erarbeiten, ist Geschichte, Biologie, Geografie, Wirtschaft und Philosophie dabei. Die Zusammenhänge verstehen. Das wäre so wichtig und würde denke ich auch mehr Spaß machen.

Guten Morgen. Wenn man es möchte und einer neben dir dich vom Herzen unterstützt, dann klappt es sicher. 😁👍 Toi Toi Toi Unsere Kids wollten kein Russisch in der Schule, die Tochter hatte Französisch und der Sohn gar keine Sprache. Jetzt möchte er Abi machen aber da braucht man eine Sprache. 🤪😆

id77852424’s Profile PhotoМарина *kein VIP*
Ich gebe aufjedenfall mein Bestes... 🥰🍀Oh, dann mal gutes gelingen deinem Sohn... 😄👍 Bei uns musste man Englisch lernen und später kam noch Französisch dazu... 🙈Latein oder Spanisch war als Wahlfach angeboten... Eine Freundin von mir ging auf eine Waldorfschule, dort wurde russisch angeboten, fand ich echt cool!

What do you miss the most atm? 👉🏻

beads9870’s Profile PhotoNoor
my mamu who was my best friend & so close to me, i love you mamu today tomorrow & forever life is not the same since the day you left
nani doesn't sleep whole night
your sisters cry whole day
your brother doesn't eat anything
your kids are traumatized
your young & beautiful wife is silent
we are not the same since the day you have gone

How do you celebrate Christmas where you live? Do you have any regional foods, traditions etc.? 🎄🎁

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My kids wake me up ridiculously early and we open presents and then I let them snack on candy and play with their presents all day. And usually put their bigger presents together for them & open them lol. Didn't have to the last 2 Christmases bc Joe but this year ill be back to it lol

if a woman is in her early 30s and hasn't had a child yet, do you think she'll never be a parent? at around 30, biologically speaking, your body gradually begins getting old, which means your reproductive system too. that is why docs say the risk of pregnancy increases after 30.

Plenty of women have kids over the age of 30,and plenty will lead perfectly happy and fulfilled loves without kids 🤷🏻‍♀️

How do you celebrate Christmas where you live? Do you have any regional foods, traditions etc.? 🎄🎁

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Hi, Tobbe 🙂
Yes, we do have traditions and specific food we are cooking for Christmas. One of my favourite traditions is Christmas carols. https://youtu.be/eLxSMaLq_qoscreams6’s Video 171409078239 eLxSMaLq_qoscreams6’s Video 171409078239 eLxSMaLq_qo
We cannot practice this in the UK, but back home kids and adults on Christmas Eve go from house to house and they sing carols on. Then they have to be rewarded with fruits or money for prosperity and health. We practice this for New Year's Eve too.
As for food, I will attach a picture. 🥰
How do you celebrate Christmas where you live Do you have any regional foods

How do you celebrate Christmas where you live? Do you have any regional foods, traditions etc.? 🎄🎁

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
In China ppl don't celebrate it as majority is either atheists or Buddhists (and very few Muslims).
In Ukraine due to government decision we celebrate it 25th of December and 7th of January (caused by different calendars used by Catholics and Orthodox churches).
Ppl (mainly kids) normally sing songs called 'kolyadka' and 'schedrivka' and visit homes of other ppl. If they visit you give them smth sweet. The moat famous schedrivka is...Carol of the Bells, originally written by Ukrainian composer Leontovych based on that Ukrainian folk song. Song was translated and adapted to EN when composer immigrated.
Other than that, we spend time with families or go to church

Hast du Angst vor dem Tod? Oder mehr Angst davor was danach passiert?

Weder noch. Der Tod gehört zum Leben dazu und was danach kommt, wenn überhaupt, wird man dann sehen wenn es soweit ist... Aber ich hoffe, dass ich noch seeehr viele Jahre leben werde und meine Kids beim groß werden zusehen darf und unterstützen kann, bis mich der Tod, hoffentlich schnell und schmerzlos, holt... 🙏❤️

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